Friday, August 06, 2010

Four For Friday

#1 #2 & #3- This C list movie actress who used to be right on the verge of A list at one time has been in this space before. After a short break she has restarted her S&M service for the discerning celebrities. One of her new employees is a favorite of this A list celebutard who is married to a B+/A- list movie actress. The reason she is a favorite? Looks like his wife, but does things his wife does not.

#1 - C list movie actress
#2 - Celebutard
#3 - B+/A- movie actress

#4 & #5 - This B- movie actor is a very good looking guy. Well most people think he is. I think he looks like he takes steroids. Anyway. His celebutante wife is usually stuck to his side like glue. One day she wasn't though and he came home with the gift that keeps on giving. She will never ever leave him though because she worked and worked to get him to marry her after a string of other celebrity relationships did not quite get her to the altar.

#4 - Actor
#5 - Wife

Random Photos Part Four

Top spot today goes to William H. Macy and Robert Bella because Colin Fitz Lives is finally being released!!
Alicia Keys is spending her vacation with her husband, Queen Latifah and Queen Latifah's trainer.
Spartacus himself Andy Whitfield.
Lyz sent me the pictures of this fabulous dish involving hot dogs, bacon and burgers. Love it. The turtle part does kind of freak me out a bit.
Bridget Marquardt on a red carpet without her boyfriend. First time in a long time.
Britney on her daily outing to get something to drink. Her entire day revolves around these trips.
Despite being truly awful in the new Woody Allen movie, CSI has hired Carla Bruni for an episode.
Cheryl Cole at The Grove.
Carla Gugino and Rosario Dawson do some work for Voto Latino.
David Arquette does his Borat impression.
Someone said today the only difference between Derek Jeter and Tiger Woods is that Tiger was married.
WTF happened to Dean's eye?
And Tori's makeup?

Random Photos Part Three

One of my favorite people, Ernie Hudson.
Someone must have tipped off the paps really quickly to get Caroline Giuliani in handcuffs being led from the store where she allegedly shoplifted.
And after coming out of jail.
The serious one Giovanni Ribisi.
Gwen Stefani can't seem to find Gavin.
There he is doing the family whistle.
If it is August it must be time for Harrods to bring out the Santa Claus globe.
Seal and Heidi Klum and more vacation pictures.
Oh how I wish that Iman was calling me.
Ian Ziering without his wife. Don't worry they were together two weeks ago.
I have never been able to hold a cell phone like that. Jessica Alba can.
Jacinda Barrett and Gabriel Macht.
Doesn't it look like James Caan is on his knees? Bigger chairs people.

Random Photos Part Two

John Legend - New York City
Jude Law and Sienna Miller continue their vacation.
Jason Statham in Berlin today and
Paris yesterday.
Justin Timberlake filming his new movie.
How does Luke Wilson to get his eyebrows to go like that? Here he is with Kevin Pollak.
Kelly Preston going on a plane not being flown by John.
Kelly Ripa in New York.
I miss seeing Lynn Collins on True Blood.
Congratulations to Marco Antonio Solis on his star. Great location. Only two blocks from an In-N-Out.
Might want to check those makeup lines Mickey.
Michelle Williams filming her new movie.

Random Photos Part One

Four parts today.

You know, it is not Sarah Ferguson getting her toes sucked, but Prince Andrew does seem to be enjoying time with his friend who does not appear to be much older than his daughters.
Comparing breast size.
Some kind of torture and grape game.
This is a piranha pedicure.
I really really hope they are not reusing the same pair everyday.
The Real Housewives DC minus the evil one who decided to have her own premiere party.
Sorry jax, but Robbie Williams is getting married Saturday.
And Renee goes from a size A to DD in about two days.
Soundgarden - Chicago
The Roots - New York City
Usher at an aquarium in Atlanta.
Long time no see on a red carpet, Wes Bentley.
Wycleaf Jean in Haiti.


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