Friday, July 15, 2011

Random Photos Part Four

Roberts Blossom - RIP
Angelina Jolie brings the eldest girls to Los Angeles.
Amanda Seyfried taking out her dog.
Shocker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amy Winehouse has taken off her ballet slippers.
Christie Brinkley almost flashes the world, but
this fan is only too happy to help.
Colin Farrell talks to his son about child safety and then
it looks like he puts him in the front seat? I must be wrong right?
AnnaLynne McCord and her way older boyfriend, Dominic Purcell.

Random Photos Part Three

Ed Helms hangs out with a very pregnant Jenna Fischer at the premiere of her new movie.
Rainn Wilson and Creed Bratton also showed up. It is always so strange to see Creed looking normal. He is brilliant.
Eli Roth makes his moves on Kelly Brook and
then celebrates in the water. Kind of like Tom Cruise on Oprah's couch, but with more of a Broadway feel.
Forrest Whitaker gets his kiss on with his wife Keisha.
Huh, I really thought Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez broke up.
Helen Mirren after a night out with Russell Brand.
I think the term hot mess is way overused. Not in this case with Courtney Love.
Hilary Swank in Italy.
January Jones has exchanged her drinking for yoga. I think she goes like three times a day.

Random Photos Part Two

Justin Timberlake was in Cancun with Mila Kunis who now is on again with the Marine.
The always cheerful, Kirstie Alley. It must be all that extra auditing from being caught smoking.
Ke$ha's assistant needs to learn how to do the whole blocking the face move better. Right now it looks like she is trying to catch a fly.
K-Fed shows what a class act he is by smoking in front of his pregnant girlfriend.
Kristen Stewart gets into an accident with a Jennifer Love Hewitt look-alike.
And then cleans out her car for the tow truck guy.
That is a lot of red on Nicole Kidman.
Lindsay Lohan works on a music video. No, she is not singing, thank goodness.
She then goose steps home in an attempt to look sexy for Jesse James.

Random Photos Part One

Four parts today. Well, I had to make up for yesterday.

I can't really imagine anything much worse than watching Miley Cyrus eat something.
Oh wait, yes, there is. Waiting for her to burp.
All of the Olsen women in one picture. This could be their Christmas card.
The largest pot plantation ever found. 300 acres. I know what you are thinking. Throw some glass around that thing, light a match and charge $5000 admission for one huge hot box party.
Ryan Gosling gets in the Christmas spirit with his reindeer impression followed by
him making fun of Rudolph's nose.
Rosie Huntington Whiteley looks pretty pleased with herself in Osaka.
Rihanna kisses herself in the car window.
Rumer has been stealing from her mom's closet again. That 83' Van Halen shirt. Is that when Demi took on the whole band? No, wait, that would have been in '82. I kid. See, Tallulah knows I am kidding. Look at that smile.
Selma Blair moves into her 13 month of pregnancy.

Your Turn

If you had to choose, would you pick a cat or a dog?

This Is Winning

Courtney & Doug Speak

Good Morning America had an interview with Doug Hutchison and Courtney Stodden and I have to say that it still creeps me out. Yes, she looks older than 16, but she is 16 and he is 51! He could literally be her grandfather and if this were a Teen Mom thing, he could be her great grandfather. You have to watch this. Seriously.

Ted C Blind Item

Paulie Pecker certainly doesn't get as much attention as the other folks on his funny boob-tube series. Which is a skanky shame, ‘cause while they all land the big-time tabloid covers for their incredibly Vice-lite behavior, Paulie's out there committing some hilariously horny crap.

Take, for instance, P.P.'s latest escapade at a swanky Hollywood hotel, where he had taken a broad he was hoping to bed. Paulie wasn't just DTF tho, he was also...

Hammered drunk.

Which isn't too shocking, actually—we know Paulie and his pals can booze with the best of ‘em—but P2 seemed to be sporting extra-thick beer goggles on this par-tick night.

An onlooker described Pecker's cougarific "date" as mucho older and just as plastered as Paulie, with what little clothes she was wearing already coming off when the twosome popped into the lobby.

Unfortch, the hotel was all booked up. Paulie pulled the usual "do you know who I am?" B.S. and then tried slipping some cash to the staff, but he and his lady friend were still denied a room. The drunk duo finally gave up, but while they waited for a cab to come collect them, decided they just couldn't control themselves any longer.

Yep, they started going at it right there in the lobby.

The hotel workers and a few other guests checking in were not so pleasantly surprised to see Paulie's gal straddle him as the two started making out and pulling each other's clothes off. Body parts, lots of ‘em, were exposed.

He shoved his face in her boobs for some motorboat action and she shoved her hand down his pants and things were really heating up as the clothes came off. Which is when Paulie's hump buddy decided that they should slip away to the bathroom to finish the deed.

Cue the hotel staff, who kindly told Paulie and his pal they needed to hit the road. Which they did.

And It Ain't: John Krasinski, Ty Burrell, Rob Lowe

Remember This Woman?

I think it was last year I wrote about the woman above who was the largest woman to ever give birth. I guess that should be largest person, because the only men I have heard of giving birth have been really skinny. Well, it turns out there are many many people who find this woman sexy. Yep, the same people who think there really are celebrity star whackers. Speaking of which what happened to Randy Quaid, he has been quiet lately.

Anyway, this woman charges $20 a month for people to watch her on a webcam all day. Yes, for just pennies a day you too can watch this woman eat and eat and eat. She eats 15,000 calories a day. Her goal is to become the world's largest woman. You know what? I think I discussed this before when I wrote about her giving birth, but what kind of future is she giving her kids? Seriously, she is trying to kill herself, doing it publicly and her kids must know she is doing this, so what kind of lessons are they learning? If you were a parent and tried to kill yourself in a more traditional way, would Child Protective Services maybe take your kids for awhile? Well, how come they don't investigate this woman? She is doing this on purpose. I guess you could compare it to smoking because that is also probably killing yourself slowly, and they do not take away your kids for that.

Oh, and in case you are wondering how much she makes via webcam? About $100K a year. I know, and no traffic to get to work!

Four For Friday - Actually 6

#1 - This actress is probably a B-. You would all know her, but whenever she gets a lead in something it always fails. In supporting roles though it seems like she is in every movie and television show. She is everywhere. She is also getting a little bit older. That does not mean she is not still gorgeous, because she is. Apparently though, she loves her teens though because the guy she was spotted making out with and grabbing his ass, just turned 18. Hey, it's legal and it is not like a guy would not do the same thing.

#2 & #3 - How would you like to be married to someone for a few years and have sex only a handful of times. Well, that is exactly the type of marriage a former A list movie actress and Academy Award winner/nominee has with her celebrity husband. They do always seem a little strained. Maybe a quickie would help.

#4 & #5 & #6- This A list singer recently broke up with her celebrity boyfriend because she was cheating on him and he found out. Hey, it happens and probably not blind item worthy. However, it is who she was cheating on him with that caused all the drama. Lets just say the entire world would freak out if they knew this singer was having sex with this other singer. Oh yeah, this will be revealed. Don't you worry about that.

Weston Cage Shows Off His Martial Arts Skills

So, last night, Weston Cage and his wife Nikki Williams managed to make it through dinner without Tweeting about it, getting arrested, throwing anything at each other, threatening each other or drinking. Of course the fact that Weston's mom (or as he likes to call her, Christina Fulton)was there probably helped too. Who calls their mom by their full name? As you can see, Weston has shaved his head, his wife still does not look pregnant, and he likes to stay prepared in case anyone attacks him in West Hollywood. Who knew you could smoke and do moves like that at the same time?

Brooke Mueller Goes Into Withdrawals - Gets Kicked Off Plane

Apparently Brooke Mueller cannot make it very long without drugs anymore. I mean like she is down to a few hours at this point. Because Brooke has a hard life and needed a vacation, she decided to fly from Los Angeles to Cancun earlier this week. Well, she made it to the airport, fortified herself with a few drinks, propositioned a couple of guys at the lounge and then got on the plane. It was at that point where she lost it. Her side of the story is she told the flight attendant she had to puke, but since the plane had already started moving, the flight attendant told her to wait. Brooke then demanded to be let off the plane. She was.

A passenger on the flight says Brooke was yelling and cussing at the flight attendants and they kicked her off the plane. Since no police were involved, it is tough to tell. I would lean towards Brooke's version of events because no police were called. I think if Brooke had ended up in Cancun she would have killed herself with drugs. She is out of control and using drugs in a foreign country is a whole different proposition. Drugs are cut differently in other places and can be much more pure.

Suicide Or Payback?

Rebecca Nalepa was found hanging from a second floor balcony with her hands and feet bound. Although it kind of looks like a suicide, police officers in San Diego think something more sinister is at play. Really? You mean because how the hell did she hang herself if her arms and legs were both bound and manage to tie herself to the second story balcony?

Rebecca was the live in girlfriend of a corporate big shot in San Diego named Jonah Shacknai. Apparently two days earlier she had been watching the 6 year old son of Jonah when the boy tumbled down the huge grand staircase of the house and was pretty badly injured.

The next night, there was a huge party in the house which overlooks the beach on Coronado island in San Diego. The very next morning after the party is when Jonah's brother found the body hanging, cut it down and called police. The woman was alive when he cut her down but she was unable to survive. The question is who did it, and why? Party guest? Jonah? Jonah's brother? Or was it actually suicide?

The Dirty Dancing Is Not What Bothers Me

The NY Post has an item today about Taylor Armstrong. I'm guessing they got the story from eyewitnesses and did not need to hack any phones or search bank accounts to get the information. Anyway, they said that Real Housewife, Taylor Armstrong was all over Hell's Kitchen chef Seth Levine. I can see that. Taylor is not exactly the happiest married woman in the world. Her husband was probably at home and I think Taylor has way more fun away from home than we think. Taylor's reps denied it. Whatever. You save your denials for the stories when someone says Taylor did something wrong after dinner, you know when she went back to her hotel.

Anyway, what bothers me most about all of this is this line from the article.
"Patron Dina Lohan told Armstrong, 'You better take care of him,' as she left the lounge, and Armstrong obliged."

Umm, Dina Lohan was there? I bet she heard Taylor was being followed by cameras and had to be seen on camera. Dina is probably ticked off that she has not been invited to be on Real Housewives. Can you imagine having to eat dinner with Dina? I guess Dina is upset also that she did not get to take care of Seth. Hell, for an extra $50, she probably would have thrown in Lindsay and a complimentary line of coke.

Good News And Bad News For Chris Colfer

Yesterday, Chris Colfer found out he was nominated for an Emmy Award. He also found out he was being let go from Glee after next season. Apparently though Ryan Murphy pulled his usual ass hat moves and decided he would make a big splash publicly and not bother to tell any of the affected cast members before he blabbed. Chris says he learned he was going to be let go on Twitter. See, yesterday, I said a couple of nice things about Ryan and now have to take them all back. Who does that to people? Oh yeah, a guy who has an ego bigger than almost any human alive. This guy wants to be the star and he probably hates it that he is not in front of the camera becoming one so tries to get as much attention for himself as he can. Whether it is ticking off bands across the world who refuse to give him music or not even bothering to tell an actor they are going to be let go, Ryan Murphy just wants everything about him.

BuzzFoto Blind Item

A big trend in Hollywood right now are celebrity sex toy parties (sort of like tupperware parties) where people gather at someone’s house, have treats and buy the latest sex toys on the market. This B list television actress spent over three grand at a party she attended this week.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Retirement Community + Michael Buble Equals Fun

A Thursday Your Turn

I saw today that Miranda Kerr said her son's middle name of Christopher is in honor of her high school boyfriend who died. They had been dating two years when he died and Miranda said she would name her son after him in some way. Would you name your child after an ex girlfriend or boyfriend?

Kim & Kris Set A Wedding Date

You know, it is not quite as fast as the engagement Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian had, but then again they only had a few weeks to get a wedding in prior to the end of filming for the show. This time, Kim Kardashian had a month or two to get ready, so that she and Kris can get married for the season finale of the show. Actually they will probably try and make it some kind of special thing to try and get people to watch, which is becoming harder and harder. I wonder what the Kardashians will be forced to do when no one is watching their shows. Oh sure, I figure before Ryan Seacrest and E! throw in the towel completely I will have to suffer through one season of a Kim & Kris show and when they all break up with their guys there will be one season somewhere down the road. Kyle and Kendall will probably get a show at some point, but the end is near my friends. The end is near. Oh, yeah the marriage. August 20th. Sorry if that day is your anniversary or birthday which is now tainted forever.

Prince Albert Needs To Learn To Lie Better

So, after some spokes person for Monaco denied the fact that Albert and Charlene spent their honeymoon apart, more evidence came to light, so the spokespeople admitted they did spend the honeymoon apart. Why? Well, apparently Albert was attending some kind of conference in one part of the city and did not want to spend his time in early morning traffic so he stayed at one hotel, while Charlene stayed at another. OK. Fine. Then why didn't Charlene stay at the hotel near the conference? Just give it up already Albert and go back to f**king tourists who come to town and having babies with them. I can't believe how much unprotected sex this guy is having. Oh, I wonder if that is why Charlene left. Not just because of the cheating and the multiple babies, but I wonder if Albert gave her the gift that keeps on giving.

Oh, and while I really liked her wedding dress, his outfit looks like something a valet would wear. Do they have a military in Monaco, or is this just something he thought would make him look more regal?


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