Friday, November 26, 2010

Brendan Fraser's Broadway Debut Lasts A Week

Brendan Fraser waited his whole life to appear on Broadway. He got his wish last Sunday and by this Sunday it will be over. His play, Elling, about two released mental patients in Norway received decent reviews but was playing to empty houses this week and losing money fast. So, it will close after just nine performances.

Also closing really early is Patrick Stewart's play which also starred TR Knight. No one was bothering to show up at their play either. I think sometimes people think that just be throwing any name up on the marquee that you will sell it out. I think this is true for a day or two, but if the play is not good then people will stay away. Oh, unless it is Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig and they could probably say anything and people will still come.

Heidi Fleiss' Home Catches On Fire

So, is it Heidi Fleiss' home catches on fire, or catches fire? It seems like either would work and for some reason it is bothering me. As any regular reader knows, grammar rules are not at the top of my list, but for some reason this was one catches my interest.

Anyway, yesterday morning, Heidi's house was severely damaged because her chimney lacked a spark arrestor. So, when a fire started in the chimney it moved to other parts of the house. Heidi managed to save all of her birds and other animals but would not talk to news reporters. Also, the fire department has not confirmed Heidi's tale of how the fire started. Hopefully she was not freebasing or something early Thanksgiving morning.

It Wouldn't Be A Holiday Without Tila Tequila

So, what do you talk about the day after Thanksgiving when all the celebs are in a turkey coma? Well, it is the time when all the D listers get to have their say. Enter Tila Tequila. Tila is basically saying the same thing she has said anytime she gets the spotlight or a flashlight, or any kind of light she can pretend is focused on her.

She tells Radar that she has a new love interest. She won't say if it is male or female which means she probably does not know. Of course, Tila wants a family. She has a name picked out but won't share in case any of you steal it. Apparently there has never been a child in the world named this name. Welcome to the world, Fgrtlfugrheulikde. Works for a boy or girl, although I'm pretty sure someone in Iceland probably beat her to it.

Michael Brea Didn't Kill His Mom - Killed Demon Inside Her

Michael Brea, the guy who once appeared on an Ugly Betty episode, gave an interview to The NY Daily News. Why? Who knows? He was probably listening to the same voices that told him to kill his mom. Excuse me, not his mom, the demon inside his mom.

"I was sleeping in my bedroom. God came above my bed and reached his arm to me. I said, 'God, is my time on earth over?' I heard a voice say, 'Yes Michael, today is your last day.'

The next day he went home after work and found his mom cooking chickens in a pot. Michael decided it was not dinner, but black magic. I have no idea what he would think bout a KFC. When she asked him to help, Michael said she spoke with a demonic voice so he went to go get his sword.

"I asked, 'Do you believe in God?' She said, 'No, Michael no,' and began screaming. I began slashing her like this."

I can't believe the guy just opened up and told this. I hope he gets the help he needs, but I also hope he never gets out.

BuzzFoto Blind Item

Someday this elderly A-list-in-his-day Actor is going to make some treasure hunters very happy. It is said that he is very paranoid about bankers and accountants and goes two or three times a year to the Las Vegas desert to bury his fortune in a secret spot in the ground. A source reports the man has been doing this for years and the man still gets syndication checks, plus a little new work here and there.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

I will be taking tomorrow off. Hell, at this point I am so drunk I feel like I am taking today off. I did blog right? Note to self. NyQuil and tequila makes you loopy. Depending on the hangover, I will be posting a little or a lot on Friday but will be thinking of all of you regardless. To show that I am all about the love I have included pictures of a traditional Thanksgiving feasts and a vegan one. I hope that whatever you are doing this weekend, that you have fun, eat a lot, try to get along with your families and don't stab anyone when you head out for Black Friday.

I'm thankful for all of you and wish I had the time to go to each of your houses to say it personally. Oh, and to steal a turkey leg. My mom has got the entire house smelling so good that I know there is no way that all the pies are making it to tomorrow. In fact, I can hear my dad upstairs and he is already stating his case why he should be allowed to taste test a pumpkin pie. He can have it. I want that chocolate pecan pie my mom has cooling right now.

Oh, and I almost forgot. It is picture sharing time again. Send photos of yourself for Random Photos and then I will post them all on January 1 on big reveal day. Send them to

If you read this far, I think you deserve something a little special. Shhhh. Don't tell anyone. That Gossip Queen blind item from today, well the A list name recognition one is an ice skater. Just between us. The Gossip Queen told me both of them and honestly I had not heard of one of them, but the ice skater is HUGE.

Today's Blind Items

This squeaky clean, late night talk show host is cheating on his wife. If you thought the Letterman thing was explosive, you have not seen anything yet.

Random Photos Part Two

As is the custom,. the winner of DWTS gets the top spot. Derek Hough may have lost Cheryl Cole, but he will not let go of that trophy. Great job Jennifer Grey.
Coming in third and making the most money off future deals is Bristol Palin.
Amy Adams doing some press for her new movie.
Leah is now a ward of the state while the State of Tennessee decides if Gary Shirley provides a safe place to live. Leah is still living with Gary while that investigation proceeds.
Christian Bale says the next Batman movie will be his last. Instead he is going to focus on his new future as a contestant in head and facial hair tournaments.
Cameron Diaz and A-Rod on his boat.
Colin Firth better win Best Actor at the Academy Awards for The King's Speech.
If he does win, Courtney Love will get naked. Wait, she would probably do that anyway.
Michelle Williams and Dominic Cooper.
Ed Westwick and a friend at a Knicks game.
Would love to see Gladys Knight at The Apollo.
Paps in front of and behind Helena Christensen. I don't think I would even recognize her.
Jimmy Fallon gets ready for the Macy's parade.
Jennifer Jason Leigh filed for divorce. Didn't she just have a baby with this guy?
Jay Leno finally gave credit where credit was due after stealing a Taylor Swift montage from a blogger on Monday.
Jessica Simpson looks pretty good here.
Congrats to John Travolta and Kelly Preston on the birth of their son Benjamin.

Random Photos Part One

Two parts today.

The first time Prince William saw Kate Middleton was at this fashion show in University when she wore this dress. The dress is supposed to fetch $150K when it goes up for auction.
Kate Winslet back to the school run and being followed by paps to see if she finds another guy.
Leighton Meester in Madrid for Herbal Essences. I wonder if she washed her hair with it prior to the shoot or just said she did. If they paid me, I would bathe in it. Just sayin'.
Mel B and a friend at dinner.
That's not inappropriate at all. What would you do if this was your significant other getting butt groped?
Michael Douglas looks great. Not Romancing The Stone great, but great.
Meanwhile, Catherine Zeta Jones found her pants rolled up in a ball in the corner, but wore them anyway.
Padma and her grandfather boyfriend.
"This is my private plane, so unless you are walking home, I suggest you let me on first."
That is a lot of security.
Sarah Ferguson shows off her dance moves.
Twilight photo of the day. Taylor Lautner.
Oh, and Ashley Greene too. Is she still hooking up with that Jonas Brother?
Trent Reznor all cleaned up.
Willow Smith wore a knock off to the American Music Awards. Mother Of London was not happy.

Gossip Queen - Blind Item

What retired athlete who is married to a retired athlete with A-list name recognition is currently cheating? I've seen video.

Another Reason To Love Canada

On this day before Thanksgiving, Canada has given us something all to be thankful for which is that we can watch Christmas Vacation this weekend and not have to worry about feeling bad that Randy Quaid is dead while we are laughing at his antics.

Today, Randy was on his way into a refugee hearing and said, "I feel good. If it wasn't for Canada's refugee laws my wife and I would be dead."

Apparently there is some magical poutine force field that keeps star whackers from entering Canada. While there, unlike in the United States, the Quaids can roam about freely throughout West Vancouver and look for houses in which to claim as their own.

His admissibility hearing was postponed until December 22nd, but investigators have basically filled a truck with all of the records of his ongoing criminal investigations. Maybe if he is deported to the United States he can bathe himself in some maple syrup, wrap himself in maple leaves and sing the theme from Hockey Night In Canada to keep himself safe while in the United States, eh.

Axl Rose Hates Slash - Sues Activision

Axl Rose would like all of you to forget that Guns N Roses absolutely sucks now. He would like you to also erase your memory and think of the Guns N Roses that was good as a product that only included Axl. He sang, played guitar and bass, and then would run around and also play drums. Versatile guy that Axl.

Of course we all know that is not true and that Slash and the rest of the band were the impetus behind the success and not Axl's overinflated self importance, ego or really bad hair.

Axl is suing Activision, the makers of the popular video games, Guitar Hero, because, well, they had the nerve to include Slash on the cover of the game after Axl thought they had promised they wouldn't. Axl says he only licensed Welcome To The Jungle and Sweet Child O' Mine after the company agreed to not include Slash.

Well, the company included Slash and Axl cried like the f**king baby he is and got his lawyers to file a lawsuit claiming $20M in damages. Face it Axl. You have been nothing since you decided that you were the band. Nothing. I have seen you live since the days of Guns N Roses and you suck. If you were a real man, you would confront your shortcomings and realize that if not for Slash and the other members of the band, you would be sitting in your parents' garage telling everyone how you were going to make it big one day.

Note to Axl. The game is called Guitar Hero, not Off Key Wish I Still Had Some Talent Lead Singer Hero.

Floyd Mayweather Jr Accused Of Assault - Again

In January Floyd Mayweather Jr is due in court on charges that he assaulted the mother of three of his kids. Well, more than just assault. Actually some very serious felony charges. Oh, and police are investigating whether to charge Mayweather with battery because earlier this month he is accused of poking a security guard at a mall because the guard had the nerve to give Mayweather a parking ticket. Now, comes a report that on Monday, Mayweather tried to run off the road a man who used to work for Mayweather and was shot by another employee of Mayweather back in 2009.

The man, Quincey Williams, says he was driving down the road when Mayweather made a u-turn in his Bentley and tried to force Wlliams' car off the road. Williams managed to avoid contact and Mayweather sped off.

Mayweather has been charged and/or convicted in many other assault and battery cases throughout the years. I wonder if he and Charlie Sheen are friends.

Eddie Munster Again

With Miley Cyrus not getting into any trouble the first two days of her being 18 and the Thanksgiving long weekend making even the worst stars behave, it seems as if there is nothing left to do but to talk about Eddie Munster again. When we last heard from Eddie, he had checked himself into rehab and was trying to straighten out his life. Well, after a week of rehab he felt he was ready to take on the world again and according to Radar, he almost overdosed when he left rehab.

So, his family staged an intervention and Eddie has been put into a $25K a week rehab facility. Since, Eddie has no insurance and his family does not have that much money, the rehab facility is providing the treatment to Eddie gratis. You like that? A little French today? Huh? Yeah, yeah, I am drinking. Kind of sad that I am talking about drinking in a post about a guy going to rehab. Probably not in the best taste.

Kate Gosselin Is In Her Own Little World

Sometimes Kate Gosselin reminds me of the little kid who runs around with their hands covering their ears shouting, "I can't hear you," repeatedly because if you can't hear what is being said then it must not be true or will not happen. For some reason unknown to anyone, Entertainment Tonight decided they were going to make Kate their Skating With The Stars correspondent because Kate knows so much about skating???? Seriously?? Maybe it was because she has some experience in one of these type shows looking like an idiot so she could relate to the rest of the cast.

Anyway, as part of her duties as correspondent she had to sit down with Mary Hart and be asked about her kids and show. Mary asked Kate if her kids had been expelled. The whole entire world knows they have been expelled. Apparently the news is being kept away from Kate though because she said, "Two of my children, no, are being tutored at home, with a teacher who is working closely with our kindergarten teachers in school, doing the identical curriculum." Uh huh. She says the pressure of the divorce was getting to them so they are better off at home for now than at school.

Kate was then asked about her show Twist of Kate which the entire world knows is never coming back, but Kate says, "We're sort of still trying to shape it [into] what it needs to be and what is going to be fun. So no, not canceled." I'm actually surprised Mary Hart did not start crying from laughing so hard at these answers.

Kanye West Has More Words For Taylor Swift

Instead of an encore to his show last night, Kanye West decided that he was going to give a little speech or rant about Taylor Swift. At first blush it looks like he is trashing her and I guess in a sense he is, but at the same time I think he is comparing her to himself, by saying that he rode the Katrina comments to gain himself a lot of publicity and never really addressed what he said until the past few months.

He says that Taylor Swift has done the same thing with what Kanye did to her at the VMA's in the sense that she has used it and rode the wave of popularity that has come with it and has kept riding while not really ever coming out and directly responding to the comments and never actually speaking to Kanye. For a transcript of what he said, click here.

Jessica Simpson Says She Could Have Been Proposed To Before Nick & Vanessa

After blowing off David Letterman Monday night due to illness, cough cough, Jessica made it to Jimmy Fallon last night. While there she said that her soon to be husband actually bought the engagement ring about three weeks before he actually asked her to marry him. You know, three weeks, as in one week before Nick asked Vanessa to marry him. Kind of convenient isn't it? Jessica says that her boyfriend hid the ring in his shoe for the three weeks. During that time he spoke to Jessica's mom and dad and sister to advise them of his plans. I love Jimmy a lot, but I wanted him to ask some questions like if this Eric guy works and how he managed to scrape up $150K. I know I keep harping on that, but that is a lot of money for anyone, especially one who does not have a job.

Also, for a former NFL player he does not really eat like one. Jessica says that her boyfriend is a vegan so they are going to have some kind of tofu turkey. Listen, if you are a vegan or vegetarian, more power to you, but don't do the fake looking turkey thing, just enjoy some great vegetable dishes and do the rest of the sides. I have been to some homes in the past where they have the tofu shaped turkey and it just looks odd. Fry up some tofu and I will eat that, but soft tofu shaped into some gelatinous mass is not appealing at all.

BuzzFoto Blind Item

These celebrity BFF’s have a problem but only one of them knows it. Only one thinks they’re good friends, but the other is trying to extricate herself from the relationship but is really too nice to do it to her face. It’s bound to get out soon because we’re hearing about it.

Chuck Lorre Has Had Enough Charlie Sheen

It seems that even Chuck Lorre, the creator of Two And A Half Men, has also had it with Charlie Sheen. Lorre is famous for putting up vanity cards at the end of his show. They are usually hilarious and many is the time I moved the screen forward second by second just to see what he had to say.

Well, in the most recent episode of Two And A Half Men, this is what his vanity card said.


To Do List

Re-calibrate the line behind fiction and reality

Meditate using new mantra, "high ratings do not equate to high self-esteem"

Go to Al-Anon meeting

Stand in front of a mirror and practice saying "no comment"

Stand in front of a mirror and practice saying "as far as I know everything's terrific"

Write a country song entitled, "Hooker in the Closet." (Chorus: "There's a hooker in the closet, 'neath the monogrammed robes, don't know how she got there and I can't find my clothes. Officer Krupke, how are you tonight? I've misplaced my watch but I'm feeling alright.") Donate royalties to womens' shelter

Quit the business and teach creative writing at Cal State Bakersfield. Fresno?

Bite the hand that feeds you because you've had more than enough to eat

Hire a publicist to put a positive spin on this vanity card

Very interesting as he says to bite the hand that feeds you. Looks like he is getting sick and tried of Charlie Sheen too. Too bad they can't just fire him. (Thanks JM)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Today's Blind Items

These two married, but not to each other, national cable news anchors, not only share a network, they also share a bed as often as possible.

Random Photos Part Three

Susan Boyle - New York
Al Pacino gets ready to dance for the crowd.
Can I just tell you how much I love Anabella Sciorra. Amazing.
Billy Bob Thornton's plastic surgeon is not bad. Throw in some hair coloring and makeup and he looks ten years younger. Probably trying to disguise himself so he can get back inside Canada. Either that or he thinks the star whackers are after him too. I also think he has some
soul patch envy when it comes to Nikki Sixx.
Bo Derek and two bottles of booze. Not a bad night.
Randomness. Beyonce and Blake Lively.
Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor.
Christina's new guy's eyes are freaking me out.
Carla Gugino and The Rock are becoming this generations Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. Movie number two together completed.
Clive Owen. Definitely in the top ten of best looking actors.
David Duchovny and the newly dark haired Tea Leoni at David's new play.
So, of course Gillian showed up!!!
Ed Harris was there too.
Guy Laliberte aka Mr. Cirque de Soleil got a star yesterday.


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