Saturday, March 23, 2013

This Beyonce Documentary Would Have Been So Much Better

Blind Items revealed

November 13, 2012

Producers of this very very hit television show are extremely worried. Their A list star needs rehab desperately but they really want to finish shooting the show for this season first. When the actor shows up for work they try and get as much finished as they can as quickly as they can and have even made alternative scripts in case the actor does not make it through shooting before heading for rehab. I can't imagine how they would be able to write out his character. It is his show.

Charlie Sheen (at the time this was written, the show was doing really well - now, not so much)

Dax Shephard Pays Tribute To His Dad

If you have some time today, you should take a few minutes and read the blog post that Dax Shepard wrote about his father who passed away at the end of the year. Except for the comments everyone left for I Do The Robot after her loss, this is probably the best thing I have read all week. You can read it here.

Blind Items Revealed

November 11, 2012

What former A++ list all movie actor and Academy Award winner/nominee and now still probably a B+ with extra points taken off for being an ass spent most of last night hitting on women in their teens. In fact, he would ask their ages and if they were out of their teens the, man old enough to be their grandfather would move on to the next. In the end, despite his perviness and him being almost three times their age, he got lots of phone numbers and as he said six months of one night stands.

Mel Gibson

Ashley Greene Loses Her Dog & Condo To Fire

Never ever leave a candle burning somewhere unattended. Ashley Greene learned that the hard way as her condo caught on fire yesterday when a candle caught a sofa on fire and burned her entire place down. One of her two dogs, died in the fire. At the time of the fire, Ashley and her boyfriend (presumably Ryan Phillippe, if not, then she also had some splainin' to do about that) were in bed together and her brother was in another bedroom. The two guys tried to get the dogs out, but one did die. Three people were injured in the fire.

Blind Item #2

This former A list mostly movie actor and now still a solid B who works anywhere when he can get it has always been a ladies man. Never bothered before about being married and cheating, he still isn't. His wife (for now) has decided to believe he has reformed but he hasn't. Give him a drink or three and he will still end up in the bed of someone else.

Rihanna Needs Rehab

I have said it before and I will say it again. Rihanna needs rehab. Yesterday was a prime example of why she needs it. For four hours she left a group of 2500 kids waiting for her appearance. Four hours. In those four hours, someone called to say she would be late twice. First she was supposed to be a few minutes late and then two hours late. She was four hours late to a performance that she had given away as part of a contest to  a school that made her the best video. When she finally arrived, she spent a grand total of 16 minutes at the school and said she was sorry for being late. That was it. She blamed traffic. Uh huh. What she should blame is the fact that she is pretty much useless everyday after all night partying until about 3 or 4 in the afternoon. This is when she wakes up. I think the only time she is not actually partying is when she is on stage or teaching a certain B- list comedic actor about the art of pegging. Well, she is probably wasted then too.

Blind Item #1

It was probably not a good idea for this former B+/A- list mostly movie actress who is now a shell of that person to start dating her current boyfriend. Our actress has always had a hard time saying no to drugs and since her boyfriend is all about heroin, this will probably not turn out well. Our actress has only ever snorted it. He prefers needles. Will she?

The Goopster Needs To Find The Real World - $450K For Essentials

You know what is really sad about Gwyneth Paltrow's continued decline into Marie Antoinette land? A few things really. She is probably turning her kids into spoiled brats with eating disorders. It also shows that she does not listen to anyone in the world over the past few years who have told her to dial things back a bit so that she can be more liked by people not in the 1%. She has ignored them all and if anything, has gone even more to the edge and showed that she only really likes you or wants to know you if you are rich. Secretly I think she looks down on Jay-Z and Beyonce because they did not grow up rich. Same with Chris martin. They are acceptable though because, well, they are famous and no one wants to hang out with her anyway. One time the Goopster hung out with Cameron Diaz in the last year. Show me any other photo where Gwyneth was out with anyone other than Jay-Z and Beyonce. You can't because no one likes her. In her latest newsletter she advises people that they have to spend $450K on their spring clothes. These are your essentials. These are not even luxuries. If you don't have these, you are dead to her. Oh good. I was wondering what I would need to do to be dead to her.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Random Photos Part Three

Now Bethenny Frankel is wearing a hat like Elizabeth Banks did yesterday. I guess the 20's are making a comeback.

By wearing this outfit, I am convinced that Bar Refaeli can make anything look good.
Charlize Theron on the set of her new television show.
Carnie Wilson shops and eats at the same time.
Ellen and Portia show off their matching haircuts.
Elin Nordegren and her twin sister. "No babe. It's the Ambien. I had no idea I had wandered into your sister's bed. You two look so much alike." - Tiger Woods.
Farrah Abraham right before getting pulled over for DUI.
Faith Hill and Tim McGraw and their family see Windsor castle.
Heather Graham does the 30 second smile with Julie Bowen.

Random Photos Part Two

Jessica Alba says owning her own company is way more challenging than acting. Not more challenging then watching her act.

Speaking of Jessica's that are tough to watch on screen, Jessica Biel was out shopping yesterday.
Jennifer Hudson at an Amy Winehouse tribute concert.
World's tallest building. Outside. On an antenna support. No thanks.
Jude Law and Ruth Wilson go out to dinner.
Kelly Osbourne tells Joan Rivers what she wants for Christmas.
Kat von D and Deadmau5 try a Lady And The Tramp move at lunch.
Kate Winslet and her husband head home from the theatre.
Apparently Lindsay Lohan has just seen Charlie Sheen's scarred and battered peen on the set of Scary Movie 5.

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

Lisa Vanderpump gets a little cheeky at DWTS rehearsals.

Apparently there is a dress code to play with Mariah Carey's kids.
I sometimes wonder what Mary Kate Olsen will look like when she is 80 and if it will differ much from this.
Ashley Greene hides her face in shame as she goes on a date with Ryan Phillippe.
Rachel Weisz tells the world what she would do if she catches Daniel Craig cheating.
Sammi and Ronnie still together. Right after this they got in a fight and promised the would never see each other again. Made up five minutes later.
Hello Thandie Newton.
Tori Spelling out shopping.
Venus Williams kisses her boyfriend. Kind of awkward looking.

This Guy Hates Snowmen

Kiefer Sutherland had his Christmas tree moment and this guy has multiple snowmen moments.

Blind Item #7

This female A+ list celebrity is being accused by an ex boyfriend of sending dead flowers weekly to the home of his current girlfriend.

Disney Princess Meets Spring Breakers

Blind Item #6

This actor who keeps getting treated like an A lister with all of his lead movie roles but has the talent of a C lister was doing pretty well with his ladies man reputation. He had a girlfriend. He didn't want you to know it, but if you asked him point blank he would not deny it. Six months. Going well until she went shopping and he went down to the front desk of the hotel to get a new key made. Started talking with the clerk and she volunteered to make sure it worked for him. Back to the room and naked in a matter of minutes. Hello girlfriend. Didn't expect you back so soon. Single again.

Blind Item #5

This former A list mostly movie actor has seen his career stall after being in some very big movies. He will tell you it is because there are no good roles for him. The fact is, he has dropped to B- because he is a pain to work with, not a very good actor and his graduation from only booze to booze and coke is making him a big liability. He does not shower much either.

Four For Friday - She Is Not Shy

It is Friday. We just passed the first day of Spring and are almost a quarter of the way through the year already. Taxes are almost due and you are a little behind on your spring cleaning and your bracket picks suck. But hey, at least I will be here blogging all weekend as I crash and burn in my 34 different brackets.  There will be reveals too. Speaking of reveals, I am edging closer to 20K followers on Twitter and revealing a very juicy blind item. If you would like to follow me, I am @entylawyer

This actress is A list. Definite. Not a question about it and she has A+ name recognition. Mostly television. She is a little goofy. No question about that. When someone has stars on the ceiling of her bedroom because she likes to see them light up her room at her age, you have to wonder if she had the chance to ever fully embrace adulthood.  She may try to act innocent or give the impression that she has not messed around with entire crews before, but she has. Guys who you think would not stand a chance with this actress get her phone number. They can text her and call her and flirt with her and if you make her laugh then you have a pretty good chance of getting to sleep with her. She likes to have a contest of sorts on the shows she has worked on and also garnered a serious flirt and play reputation once when she guest starred on this long time hit network show. The entire cast of men on the show got one week to flirt with her and do their best to get her attention, but when that end of the week party happened, there was only one guy who got to take her back to her hotel. Looking at him, you think to yourself that the B list actor/celebrity/comedian she picked was kind of an odd choice, but again it goes back to making her laugh. They dated all of one night. She is not known for her long term relationships.

Your Turn

Paper or plastic? If it is paper do you need handles? Do you bring your own bag? How often do you forget it?

Blind Item #4

Back in the day this B-/C+ list mostly movie actor would try his hardest to get his A- list significant other to do swaps with other couples. She rarely complied. It turns out he has no such issues with his current significant other. She is up for anything and everything and at least once a week they either swap with a couple or have a threesome.

Queer Eye For The Straight Guy

Ten years ago, Bravo was a channel that showed highlights from operas around the world and movies with subtitles. That is pretty much all it showed which is how it got its name. Then they decided to try a reality show just for kicks. It was called Queer Eye For The Straight Guy. If not for that show, I doubt we would have seen any of the shows that now dominate Bravo's lineup. Queer Eye was so popular that NBC would show the episodes just to make sure that people without cable could catch the episodes. It burned hot and fast and Bravo over saturated the heck out of it because they had nothing else to show and it was such a monster hit. It disappeared almost as fast as it showed up. Now, it is coming back. At least for one show. The 10th anniversary show.

Too Short Tries To Evade Arrest

When Too Short got pulled over in a DUI stop and at one point tried to make a break for it, it was all caught on film. His lawyer says the police were treating him unfairly which is why he ran. Police say that he was trying to run because of the DUI and because he was in possession of drugs.

Blind Item #3

This former A list celebrity has learned to do the true celebrity diet. Snorting Adderall. I'm sure she will come out and say how she lost it by eating right and exercising and coming up with some crap diet plan to put in the issue but it has been Adderall and booze.

Matthew McConaughey Says Lance Armstrong Is Not A Liar

I'm not sure what planet Matthew McConaughey lives on other than the kind where shirts are not usually worn and Magic Mike gets a sequel, but in said world, Lance Armstrong is also not a liar. In an interview with Details magazine, Matthew says about Armstrong, "He told a lie. he is not a liar." When you tell the world a million times that you did not do something and fool the public and companies who are paying you and ruin lives because of your failure to come clean, I would say you are a liar, rather than just a person who told a lie. Matthew says that he is happy for Lance and thinks everything is great now that Lance has come clean.

Blind Item #2

This hit network comedy had to rewrite some scenes earlier this week because the young B- list mostly television actress who was set to star in the scene could not stop grinding her teeth because of her need for a coke fix. She kept insisting she was fine but it was painful to watch so the writers quickly wrote someone else in.

Malcolm Jamal Warner Dumps Regina King

In a move that caught Regina King completely off guard, Malcolm Jamal Warner dumped her after two years of dating and almost that amount of time living together because "he wasn't feeling it anymore." (Try Viagra). He kicked them out of the house. Predictably, Malcolm blamed Cockroach and then had to hear an earful from Cliff about it over subs in the living room which he then gave to Malcolm when Claire arrived home from her conference sooner than expected. Cliff tried to make himself invisible using his sweater as camouflage  but eventually he was caught when Denise made too much noise having sex with a guy from Hillman and Cliff made a run for it.

Regina has a son from a previous relationship.

Blind Item #1

This B list celebrity has had some issues with sex in the past. To make sure there are no complications, when a woman agrees to go to bed with him he conjures up an agreement that she signs and also is videotaped agreeing to have sex with the celebrity.

Jennifer Lopez Loves Chris Brown

Nothing is more important to Jennifer Lopez than Jennifer Lopez. Yesterday she posted a photo of herself loving up on Chris Brown who she brought in to help with her next album by providing songs and guest vocals and deciding that battered women come in a distant second to Jennifer making some money selling records and hearing herself on the radio again. I feel like, but am too lazy to look up that Jennifer has spoken out against domestic violence in the past and may have even started a foundation to help battered women. It just goes to show you that when it comes to making money and keeping your fame, you are perfectly willing to pose with the devil. Also comes in Kris Jenner flavor.

There is No Joe Jonas Sex Tape

All day yesterday there rumors that a Joe Jonas sex tape existed and it showed Joe Jonas with his current girlfriend and Joe was drunk and stoned and carefully placing his chastity bracelet on the nightstand before deciding to leave his socks on. Yes, if there was a sex tape, I am pretty sure both of those things would have happened. he seems like a socks on kind of guy. Remember, if a guy has sex with you and leaves his socks on he does not respect you and is planning on leaving as quickly as possible after he finishes. Yes, feel free to stop reading the story for a second and look at your man standing next to the bed rushing to get his clothes on before he is "late." Are his socks already on?

Jennifer Capriati Formally Charged With Valentine's Day Battery

Even though this is the second time in as many weeks I have written about Jennifer Capriati, it still feels so fresh. I love having someone to talk about other than the regulars and someone who appears to have the ability and propensity for stalking and battery that she may be around for decades to come. Yesterday, Jennifer was formally charged with battery after punching her ex in the gym at the chest. If she had put on boxing gloves first she could have called it exercise. As for the stalking? It was only two days worth of stalking. I really don't think it should be considered stalking until you reach the three month mark. I could have avoided a lot of restraining orders with that limit in place.

Lindsay Lohan - World Traveler

Lindsay Lohan generally confines her traveling to places which are convenient for those who give her gifts. To make it easier on herself, she has moved to New York since the men she entertains often are visiting the city anyway, it saves Lindsay and trip to Europe or the Middle East to say hello to the men. We already knew that Lindsay was going to play herself on Anger Management. That could almost sound dirty if you read it quickly. She also is going to spend a week or two in Brazil because that is just an untapped market for her and would be a good stepping stone into the South American friends with gifts program. I also think if Lindsay does go to Brazil that you might as well go ahead and reserve a hospital room ahead of time because that is where she will end up.

Amanda Bynes Sure Does Love Drake

Despite the fact that Amanda Bynes spends most of her day following a different guy around, she obviously has a special place in her vagina for Drake. Yes, the always laugh a minute actress who would probably be under the care of a physician right now if she had a normal family and friend life, made one of the most interesting Tweets you will ever read. It is pictured above. I guess Drake knows who to call if he is ever lonely and in need of murdering a vagina. Wouldn't you have loved to been sitting next to Amanda when she came up with this thought and then decided the entire planet needed to know it with her.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Random Photos Part Three

In a few years from now, will we look back and laugh at how Amanda Bynes was acting or will this be considered innocent compared to what she is doing then?

Beyonce for H&M. When will she and David Beckham model together?
Christina Aguilera shows off her weight loss at her old Voice gig.
Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert.
I believ that Usher was going for some type of cowboy superhero combination here.
Look how short Joel Madden is compared to Delta Goodrem and Seal,
Another day in China and another photo of David Beckham kicking a ball in a suit.
Drew Barrymore and her husband head out of town.
Dina Eastwood going solo at an event.

Random Photos Part Two

Elizabeth Banks goes old school with her hat.

Elle Fanning is in a very good mood for Jimmy Kimmel.
Fergie and her baby bump after doing Good Morning America.
Jessica Chastain shows off Jessica Chastain in Paris.
Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt at a Mad Men party.
Jenny McCarthy teaches a man to eat. Always helpful that Jenny.
Kate Upton wearing more clothes than I have seen on her in awhile.
Liam Hemsworth arrives back in LAX.
Lindsey Vonn does Basic Instinct.


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