Friday, July 09, 2010

Four For Friday - With Some Kindness

#1 & #2 This Academy Award nominee/winner was filming a movie in a town where she heard about a little girl being hit by a car and the driver running away. The little girl suffered significant brain damage and her parents started a site to keep people updated on what happened. This is what our actress wrote on the site.

TUESDAY, JUNE 8, 2010 7:50 AM, PDT
Dear Sarah and David and Laura---
I have so enjoyed starting my days reading your updates, written so beautifully and with such love. I am thrilled to hear you have come thru your final surgery with flying colors....but that was to be expected with an extraordinary girl like you! Today I begin my last week of shooting ___________. Saying goodbye won't be easy but it's been an incredibly journey, one marked most profoundly by a young girl I have never met....YOU> Thank you for inspiring me and so many......I guess I don't have to tell you to GO GIRL....because no one needs to tell Sarah, she's already begun. What a story, what a family, what a remarkable young woman.
Be WELL. Be Happy. Be creative and never, 'Normal'!
With Love,_________________

#1 - Actress
#2 - Movie she was filming

#3- This American Idol Top 5 runnerup and all around great guy was at a singing competition recently to act as judge and encouragement for the contestants. One of the contestants was a huge fan of his and was shocked and excited when he came out onto the stage and started shaking hands. Tears in her eyes and everything. After his encouragement which included plugging his show at a local club that night, he left the stage with the contestants. Backstage, he gave her a hug and talked with her a bit before she had to go back out and sing. When she was being interviewed, she kept saying how nervous she was with him watching her backstage and she hopes she does well for him. Unfortunately there was better talent and she lost. Now normally, after the "celebrity encouragement," they leave before the competition even begins, but he stayed. And, upon hearing she lost and would be free that night, he invited her and her family to his show with free tickets and backstage VIP passes. The girl was so surprised she began to cry.

#4 - This male, married, A list, mostly movie actor, but famous for television was at a party recently when he was confronted by a female model. It turns out the actor had sex with the model a few times and blown her off and changed his phone number and there the model was confronting him about he just screwed her and left. Lucky for the actor, his wife was not there, but 50 other people were there and heard every word.

Mel Gibson - Audio Of First Hate Call With The N Word

Two minutes of hate. Lots more than just the excerpts we had previously read.

Random Photos Part Four

I don't know how jerkwad Ashton Kutcher made it on top, but here he is.
I'm thinking this is fake laughing with Andy Samberg and Jeremy Piven.
Bebe - Madrid
Bill Wyman playing ping pong. Random.
I like the toned down version of Christina Aguilera much better. She should stick with it.
Cat Deeley has taken up the cause of the hat.
Cristiano Ronaldo and his painted toenails.
Dominic Cooper at an after party.
The first pictures of Danni Minogue's baby and she didn't try and sell them. Good for her.
All week I have been bringing you Fashion Week disasters, but I saved the best for last. Have you always wondered where the bearded ladies in circus midways get their clothes? Now you know.

It is like they are all going to end up on bunk beds in black outfits.
The man responsible, Patrick Mohr. No relation to Jay Mohr Cox.

Random Photos Part Three

The celebrities keep multiplying at Fashion Week.
Yeah, like The Goopster would ever have a mess.
Love the flamingo.
Joseph Gordon Levitt at an Inception party.
Mini Glee reunion. Jane Lynch and Chris Colfer.
Jennifer Lopez at a photoshoot yesterday.
Marc Anthony was probably giving her advice. Goodness he is skinny. I would love to see him next to Tori Spelling.
Jason Priestly and his wife in Rome.
Jackson Rathbone keeps plugging that Last Airbender movie.
Jessica Simpson doing some shopping in Capri. 30th birthday coming up. She went on vacation with her boyfriend. You know, because after six weeks dating, you need an Italian vacation.
Looks like Justin Timberlake has been working out this summer.
Snooki finds a pillow on the red carpet.
Kristen Bell and Sophia Bush. Yes, Dax was there and so was Austin Nichols.

Random Photos Part Two

Kate Gosselin and the worst hair extensions this side of Britney Spears.
One way to hide them. Meanwhile, her kids are dying of thirst but Kate is hydrated.
The Le Bon's. Simon and Yasmin.
Lady GaGa - New York
I kept waiting for Kanye to interrupt Lebron's special last night.
Nick Jonas and Lucie Jones in London.
The looks like sex picture of the day. Mario helps his lady friend into the car.
That is my size of margarita.
Not interested.
Michelle Branch - Los Angeles.
Mischa Barton got a gig in St. Tropez. Good for her.
Mystery Jets - London
Nuns throwing gang signs.
Orlando Bloom picked up Miranda Kerr at the airport. Very nice of him.

Random Photos Part One

Four parts today.

Peaches Geldof back in London and at least dressing up a little.
The Princess and a whole bunch of military.
So, is Piers Morgan really replacing Larry King?
Piper Perabo does not look all there.
Russell Brand filming Arthur.
Helen Mirren is also in the movie.
Who knew Snoop could paint?
Stephen Dorff is in pretty good shape.
Even Sofia Coppola seems to think so.
Salma Hayek and her daughter and step daughter at Disneyland.
Sting's daughter stops and does the robot on the street.
I would let Tamara Falco cook for me anytime.
This probably should have gone at the top. Tony Sirico is always the first guy who says yes to anything involving injured military personnel.
Want this violin? Got $18M?


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