Friday, July 30, 2010

Four For Friday

#1 & #2 - This former B list comedy actor and now a C on a good day was at a party with some actresses from a foreign country. He went up to one and started giving her a line about how he could help her career and basically hitting on her nonstop. The actress, a B+ television star in England told our actor that if he was her best hope for breaking into America that she would quit the business. She also told him how much she made the year before which is about four times what our loser actor earned.

#1 - actor
#2 - actress ( I know it is hard. She did do the show that everyone in England does)

#3 & #4 - This almost almost former A lister on television from a very hit show who is now just a very tall C list television and movie actress got really drunk a few weeks ago and destroyed her agent's house. Surprisingly though, even though she has not worked much, caused about $20K in damage in the house he did not drop her as a client. Could be because she is sleeping with his married boss.

#3 - actress
#4 - television show

Random Photos Part Four

Why does everyone look so sad today? Ashley Olsen, you made the top spot. Smile.
Black Eyed Peas - New York
I guess this is Billy Ray Cyrus' tough guy look.
Tomorrow is the big day. I bet for $5M she won't be going to the wedding in a cab.
What is the best way to celebrate your 21st birthday if you are not in Vegas? How about a vodka bar in Russia. Daniel Radcliffe seems to be enjoying it.
A lot.
Apparently Carrie Underwood got married. Wants you to see her ring.
Emily Blunt said in the interview accompanying this heavily airbrushed photo that she hates being airbrushed.
Ed Westwick is not a big fan of good posture.
Halle Berry and Oliver Martinez filming in South Africa.
Holly Madison shows how much money it would take for most people to want to sleep with Hugh Hefner.

Random Photos Part Three

Ileana Douglas shows off her IKEA fetish to James Denton.

And it looks like she made the clothes from things she bought at IKEA too. Is that duct tape?
People lining up in Australia for the iPhone4.
Jessica Alba in France.
Jessica Biel will be your cruise director.
And Jennifer Garner teases her daughter with a water bottle. I kid.
Jason Sudekis looks embarrassed to be seen with January Jones.

Random Photos Part Two

Long, long time no see John Pankow. Great to see him.
Apparently the cupcakes in Toronto are not good enough for Katie Holmes so she ordered some from this place in New York and had them flown to her.
Kellan Lutz awkwardly meets his fans in LA.
Kelly Osbourne looks like she is going to cry. Probably noticed she was wearing UGGS when it is a thousand degrees outside.
The Keith Richards family.
Reminds me of when I was way younger and my mom was still smoking. Nothing like watching dropping ashes fall into your food.
Massive Attack - Incheon, South Korea
Madonna directing a scene in her movie. With a cigarette?
This is Mick Hucknall. So, your joke could have something to do with not holding back the years or simply pink instead of simply red.
Matt LeBlanc confessed yesterday he dyed his hair during the entire run of Friends.
This is Monica Seles but I didn't even recognize her.

Random Photos Part One

Four parts today.

Congratulations to Mark Wahlberg on his star. Why do I get the feeling this is how Entourage will finally end.
RATT - Los Angeles
Rebecca Gayheart looks really sad.
So, I have decided that if given the choice I would rather hang out with Solange than Beyonce. Although, if Jay-Z came along, then I could probably put up with Beyonce for a few minutes.
Samuel L Jackson should sell a line of clothes that will work on the red carpet and the golf course because he is on one and looks like he is ready for the other.
So, do all these vitis to jail mean that when Lindsay gets out of rehab she and Sam Ronson are going to be a couple again?
Tiki Barber showed his face in public and with his girlfriend.
Speaking of girlfriends, this is not Tara Reid's girlfriend, but hey, a bartender can be your best friend.
Oh, and the guy at the next table too. I would hate to see what this table would look like if she had not gone to rehab.
Not sure exactly why Vince Neil would get an award except for maybe most DUI arrests by a rock star.
X Factor in Australia. Natalie Imbruglia got a job. Oh, and also Ronan Keating who supposedly got back with his wife after she forgave him for being a constant cheater during their marriage. The other two people are Kyle Sandilands and Guy Sebastian.

You Don't Want To Go Against Zac Efron In Fear Factor vs The Dancing Swedish Policeman

After watching George Lopez last night, I am pretty sure that Zac Efron is the king of eating strange animals and insects. Season after season of contestants on Fear Factor should watch this to see how you can eat things not very appetizing, very quickly.

This policeman must love his ABBA. Or Ace Of Base. Or he made a late night bust and didn't tell anyone he helped himself.

Your Turn

With all the attention at Comic-Con last week it got me to thinking about super powers. When you were a child, and maybe even now, you probably imagined having super powers or if you are old enough, maybe being bionic. You know, when bionic meant some really crappy special effects with music. Aaah, I can still hear the sound in my head when Steve or Lindsey would do something bionic.

Anyway, if you could have a super power what would it be? I used to think flying, but as I get older and more cynical I don't think it would be that great. Sure, you could fly instead of sitting in traffic, but unless you are strong enough to carry someone, then are you going everywhere by yourself? Plus, when you landed, people would always ask you questions like, "Did you just fly here?" "What is flying like?" Oh, and "Can you give me a ride?" So, I think I am going to go with X-Ray vision. No one needs to know you have it, and I think it would probably never get old. So, what super power would you most like to have?

Ted C Blind Item

With those somewhat closeted chicks Terry Tush-Trade and Venetia Vag-O-Matic still lurking behind their closet doors, how very refreshing is it to see Jerry Menage-e-No at least peek out from behind hers! Sure, Jerry's no Ellen DeGeneres, for sure, but Jerry's certainly got folks thinking she's preppin' to come kinda out super soon.

See, there's a gal who's already pretty much friggin' out there, sexually, and Jerry's buds are convinced this is the woman she's emulating, PR-wise:

Jodie Foster.

You know, the woman who's never really said one way or another but who mentions her "girlfriend" in acceptance speeches, and such. Never sues when the rags say she's gay, etc. And that's going to be precisely Jerry's style, according to her chums:

"She's not hiding it, but she won't answer relationship questions. She would never do a showmance—just doesn't think it's anyone's business about her personal life."

Also, like Foster did (for a while, at least), J.M. believes in being true to her gal. The lucky babe was all over the set of Jerry's recent hit movie, Imagined Proposal, coming to visit "all the time," say other castmembers.

Added the fellow actors: "[Jerry] is super open about it with cast and crew, and doesn't hide it with friends. Everyone in her circle knows."

Fabulous! But here's hoping Jerry decides to ultimately not take the Foster route and actually come out? I mean, who was Jodie really kidding all those years?

Maybe Sarah Palin, but we would imagine that's probably about it.

It Ain't: Jodie Foster, Emma Roberts, Sofia Vergara

Jimmy Fallon Accused Of Sex Discrimination - What Do You Think?

This is not what you might think from the headline. Yes, Jimmy Fallon has had a sex discrimination lawsuit filed against him. But, the complaint is from a man. It turns out that Paul Tarascio, who worked for 14 years for Coco, stayed on when Jimmy Fallon started hosting Late Night. He says that he was demoted because Jimmy Fallon wanted a woman to be in charge and that Jimmy "preferred taking direction from a woman." He went on to say that he was demoted and that a lesser qualified woman was out in his job and that when he complained he was fired for fabricated performance reasons.

Now, this is an interesting discussion. Imagine if Paul were a woman and was replaced by a less qualified man. We would all be jumping up and down and saying that Jimmy should be ashamed and go on and on. Why is it that as I write this that I don't feel that outrage in this situation. Why is it that I believe Jimmy probably did fire this guy for performance reasons? Is it because reverse sexual discrimination is so rarely discussed?

Am I hypocritical? Who do you believe? Are you having the same mixed feelings?

Oksana Gives Interview To Radar - Says All The Tapes Were One Night

Oksana broke her silence and of course gave an interview to the website that has been providing the most financial support. In a video interview with Radar, Oksana would not really get into big specifics about the case because of the gag order the judge imposed. To me, this sounds like she still might get into trouble because she is kind of talking about the case.

She says that she recorded all the voice mails and conversations because she feared for her life that night. I, like I suspect many of you, thought the tapes were a series of calls over several days and nights or some other extended period. In fact, every tape we have heard is just from one night.

She says she did not know if she would survive the night so wanted some kind of record in case she died.

She says she did not try and extort any money from Mel Gibson and that all those stories about her doing it are just lies. She also says that she wants Mel to be good to their daughter and that Timothy Dalton is a great dad to their son and has been a tremendous help to her son and to her.

Jessica Biel Wants Us To Feel Sorry For Her

Jessica Biel was in England promoting The A-Team and went on a radio show to talk about that and while there she also talked about how she lives paycheck to paycheck too. Huh? She talks about how when she was younger she did not worry about money, but now that she is an adult she has things to pay for like a car and insurance and so she worries.

"Since I was so young when I started I didn't think about (money). I just liked it, it was fun. But as I got older and started to become an adult and then had to get a car and have to pay for insurance and all those things... it's a huge worry."

And then she starts talking about how she has not worked all year and won't work until September and she makes it seem like she is destitute or something.

"For example, I haven't worked at all this year. I haven't made a film so I haven't had a pay check and I won't do anything until September and I don't know if I'll do anything after. It's always up in the air constantly. My life is very much a question mark when the next pay check is coming in and even when it seems like you make enough money, you sometimes don't know when the next check is coming in."

Umm, last I checked, Jessica made multi-millions for each bomb of a movie some idiot casts her in. I don't care if she ever works again because just the interest from what she has already made is more per year than 99% of the people of the world make each year. It is tough to feel sorry for her not knowing where her next paycheck is coming from when she makes millions for not doing much of anything.

Janet Charlton Says Jake Gyllenhaal Is Not Gay - Smokes Pot Or Something Else Without Nicotine

Janet Charlton, who used to write for Star, and now has her own website which is pretty good when I remember to look at it has a story up about why Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon broke up. First, Janet tells us not just once, but twice in about two paragraphs that Jake is not gay. Get that out of your head. According to Janet, Jake is not gay. He and Austin Nichols are just very good friends. Totally platonic.

OK. Now that we have that straight, Janet says the reason Jake and Reese broke up was that he would not stop smoking. Like all the time he would smoke. Constantly. She also says that what he was smoking does not have nicotine in it. So, that leaves us with pot, meth, crack, and a couple of other substances which are even more destructive. Apparently Reese did not enjoy the example that Jake was setting for the kids. Umm, yeah, Janet made it seem like Jake was doing this in front of the kids. Not cool Jake. I don't care what you do in your private time. I really don't. However, if you are smoking pot or something else, I don't think you should be doing it in front of kids.

Kim Kardashian Has A Sex Tape Copycat

For all of you who think that people who want to get famous will not take the Kim Kardashian route or they will realize it is wrong or want to work hard and become famous the traditional way, here is the first person I have seen who admits they are making a sex tape in order to get famous and used Kim Kardashian's name in the admission. Oh, and this person probably did not need to go this route to get into movies or television but they did it anyway because it is quicker and easier. Have some sex, film it and you get your own television show.

Laurence Fishburne's daughter Montana has a sex tape coming out at the end of August. It was not stolen. She knew what she was doing and told TMZ, "I've watched how successful Kim Kardashian became and I think a lot of it was due to the release of her sex tape."

So, Montana could have gone the same route as Eva Amurri or Mamie Gummer or Rumer Willis or Jaden Smith and got some parts solely on her dad's name and moved up the ladder. But nope. Sex tape. I bet there are thousands of women out there who are thinking the same thing. They can be just like Kim Kardashian. All they have to do is make a sex tape with someone kind of famous and they will make it big and get a tv show and commercials and endorsements. And then, they can bring along their no talent brothers and sisters (half ones not included) who can live in the afterglow of a sex tape.

Dina Lohan Does It Again

I am way too lazy to look this up, but someone who has some time or knows, could you tell me what Dina Lohan did before Lindsay Lohan was old enough to start making money for Dina. Did she actually ever have to go out and earn a buck? Anything? Any job that involved actually doing something for someone. No, not that., Get your minds out of the gutter. OK, I will admit I thought about that too.

Anyway, Dina went and visited Lindsay in jail yesterday and decided to talk to the press after. When Dina talks to the press, everyone wants to listen because she can't help herself. She sounds like a self absorbed idiot who thinks she is better than anyone else. Why? Because she found a daughter to sponge off? That makes her better?

So, Dina spoke for one minute and came up with these two gems.

"She doesn't have cell phone privileges, that's absurd. She doesn't even have a pillow to sleep on."

Is she supposed to have a pillow? It is jail. It is not a hotel. If she wants a pillow tell her not to go to jail. It gets so much better though. Here is where you just wish you could confront her one on one.

"I talk to her through glass. There's a phone and we put her on speaker but I can't even hug my daughter...She's treated like a common criminal."

Umm, lady. She is a common criminal. That is why she is in jail. Should she be treated better because she is Lindsay Lohan? Should she be able to have something none of the other common criminals have? Why should she be treated better than everyone else? I wish I was better with words so I could describe the vitriol and animosity I have towards this woman. I am shocked that she and Michael Lohan managed to possibly have one or two normal children. This could be because they were neglected so they could spend time with Ali and Lindsay so they were left with better care providers.

Three Days Of The Idol. Oh, And Some Scientology

I can't believe I am actually going to talk about American Idol for three consecutive days. The only way I would have ever thought that possible is if Randy, Paula, Simon and Ryan all took turns with each other and it was caught on tape.

So, when the week began you had Randy, Kara and Ellen. Now, on Friday, Ellen is gone which I did not see coming at all and Kara was fired, so at least I got one right. So, that would leave Randy as the sole judge. That would be fine but you could guess what he was going to say. First singer would be dawg and awright. The second singer would be pitchy. Third singer would be dawg and awright and so on. Every once in awhile he would stand up or say he just wasn't feelin' it, but it would definitely grow repetitive.

I think I would prefer one judge to what it looks like it is shaping up to be. It looks like for sure that one of the judges is Jennifer Lopez. It makes sense because she has no career, and like Paula can't sing worth a crap so she might as well judge people on their singing. The only difference is that Paula was sweet and friendly and a dingbat and Jennifer is cold and calculating and everyone will be given a complimentary stress test backstage while Marc Anthony haunts the hallways smoking cigarettes and looking for his next "singing partner."

One report says that Steven Tyler will be joining the judging panel. That would be a good fit, but I am telling you Nigel Lythgoe has a huge ego and loves seeing himself on television. Until I see Steven on that panel, I think Nigel will be the third.

BuzzFoto Blind Item

This singer is creating a stir by cheating on her man with a D List MTV star. She met him at some event and was enamored with his ‘charm.’ The two have been hooking up every chance they get and haven’t been too discreet. Hopefully we’ll get a photo soon!

Not Christina Aguilera.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Today's Blind Items - Bad Drug Behavior

Both of these people have been in this spot before and each has contributed to the bad drug behavior blinds in the past. This time though they have teamed up for one epic bad drug behavior blind. We have one C+/B- list actress on a hit network show. Well, almost a network. She teamed up with this very attractive female celebrity at a party the other night. Not content to snorting blow of the tables, they took all the flowers out of a square glass vase, threw them on the floor, then started doing lines off the vase. They thought that was a great idea and moved to the next table and did it again. Oh, and there were people sitting at each of these tables. Didn't even phase them. When they got to the third table, and did their throwing the flowers on the floor trick, they finally were asked to leave. By whom? Not security, but the head of the almost network our actress works for. Brilliant.

Random Photos Part Four

Devo - Atlanta
Bryan Cranston breaks bad with John Slattery.
Cameron Diaz entering the SUV of Alex Rodriguez.
I thought about doing this once. Then luckily for everyone I passed out.
Why exactly is Countess Luann in this photo?
Most of the desperate housewives.
Have not had Donnie Wahlberg in the photos for awhile.
Ewan McGregor hanging out with Chace Crawford.
50 Cent all dressed up.
I guess there was a challenge involving a sheet.
Umm, ok. Sure.
Wow. How did she make that?
A first time appearance for James Badge Dale.
I think Jennifer Espositio has about ten different combinations in this outfit.


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