Friday, March 09, 2007

Four For Friday

One thing before we start. Trent from Pink Is The New Blog was on a plane that had to make an emergency landing in the middle of the Mojave desert. The reason for this was a fire in the cockpit. I am glad that Trent and all of the other passengers and crew are safe.

#1 Which B list actor was not warmly received when he inserted himself into another actor's big night and stole much of the publicity from the actor and the project?

#2 What moron thought Kim Kardashian would make a great host for a workout video? Was it the same moron who said she should host the show at her store? Whoops. That's not really blind is it?

#3 Do you remember this blind item from two months ago?

This actress has had her ups and downs and been big and small in her television and film career. On her current hit show, all of the cast and crew have tried to play cupid, but to no avail. Although she was recognized in the past, nothing prepared her for what she is going through now. Previously, even when on a popular show she was able to be with her female lovers in public, but that is no longer possible. Instead she goes on a blind date with a guy and finds something wrong. She then delays as long as possible before being set up again. She longs for her old life where she did not have to hide. She used to have a long distance beard but that ended when her relationship with her ex girlfriend ended. She wants to come out but is afraid despite the fact that real life and fiction are not always so different.

***She is having to go through this cycle again because people always ask who she is dating. She is even using a very popular tactic which everyone recognizes for what it is.***

#4 This A List actor at least in his mind and the way he acts is a little nervous these days. Turns out that his body which he displays with pride may have been the product of a little chemical help. Seems he used the same pharmacy as many of the athletes now getting into trouble and is afraid his name will also show up on the list and be made public.

Because you deserve a bonus if you watched that workout video

#5 You remember this blind item from last week's FFF?

A marriage that everyone thought was headed to divorce years ago because of bad boy behavior is actually heading to divorce now because of drug use and violence. His wife has always denied it in the past and been a big supporter of this bad boy. BUT that is all about to change and will become public knowledge very soon.

***If he makes it another week without being arrested for drug use or ending up in rehab, everyone who knows him will be shocked.***

Ryan Reynolds Jessica Biel Caption

"Umm Ryan. I'm pregnant. I'm so worried. My career has been going well and I just don't know what to do. I work out twenty times a day and being pregnant is going to ruin that. You know that Alanis is going to make like 3 CD's about this relationship and I am going to look like the biggest bitch in the world. Also, Ryan, what the hell is that in your hair? You look like an idiot."

Kindness Plug

This one is from bionic bunny. Now that nickname makes much more sense. As always the words are hers.

I support the HOUSE RABBIT SOCIETY and BUNNYLUV (in van nuys), which are charitable, no-kill shelters for unwanted, mistreated, abandoned, etc., etc. rabbits.

With Easter coming up, many families buy those cute little bunnies not realizing how much care they actually need. Once the children tire of them, they often "release" them into the wild, where they are unable to find food or shelter.

At any rate, there's a wonderful group of people who are also trying to educate people with a great idea:

"This Easter, why not make a CHOCOLATE bunny or a cuddly stuffed toy instead?"

It's a good campaign, for a good cause. I realize that gossip sites may not be the best place to post, but its where I hang out. I would greatly appreciate it!

bionic bunny

So Was It $3500 A Person Or $3500 A Photo Because That Is One Big Family

You would think it would be much less humiliating to just go on tour with your family. You would make much more money and everyone would go. Even me. But these photos are just creeping me out.

Not Much Difference Between The Wax Version And The Real Version Of Jessica Simpson

You Would Never Know Kate Moss Was A Mother And A Co-Dependent Drug Addict Who Keeps Getting Work Like Her Boyfriend Keeps Getting Out Of Jail


The Kim Kardashian tape is going to go on sale. It is going on sale March 21st and of course another clip will be released prior to that. If any more previews and clips come out, we will have seen the whole tape. Kim Kardashian and her manager?????? met with Vivid but no agreement was reached.

In more nudity related news, there are more pics of Antonella Barba on the internet. The website says they are all new, but I think only two are. Enjoy them while they last because I am sure she will never do anything like that again. OK, I tried to type that with a straight face, but who are we kidding. I really do think she should hold out for Playboy and not just go straight to Girls Gone Wild or that DVD Porn Host thing she was offered.

Star Magazine and popbytes discuss whether my favorite lesbian Portia de Rossi is suffering a relapse of her eating disorder. Honestly, I think Ellen would make sure she didn't.

In Touch reveals what caused Lily-Rose's illness and also how Lane Garrison did not enter a plea yesterday which is REALLY unusual and honestly a stand up move by Lane. I think the judge agreed which is why bail was about half what it should have been.

Hey K-Fed. Your Soon To Be Ex-Wife Is In Rehab. What Are You Going To Do Next?

"Hi, I am Keven Federline. Whatever goodwill I keep earning by being the great dad and being there for Britney, I keep burning through just as fast. First there is the birthday party. I am only asking 25K and hey, you get to take pictures of me and other D list stars. I know some people say I shouldn't be going to Vegas with the kids. But hey, that is how their dad rolls. I know that wrestling thing did not work out exactly and my CD and tour were not quite top ten, but I have the best idea now. I am pitching my own reality show which will include my two sons. It is about a bachelor (that's me) and his two toddler sons with an out of control ex-wife who is a pop-star. Wow. I just can't figure out how to exploit this situation any further. Maybe I could make sure the kids were the focus and I could get Shar's kids over here and I could show the world that I am the greatest."

Andy Roddick Caption Of The Day

What Is Andy Roddick Thinking?
(a) OMG, I should never have left Mandy Moore. BUT, I know she is happy in that fake relationship with DJ AM.
(b)Maybe sleeping with Paris Hilton was not the best idea I have ever had.

(c) OMG, I am so bored. I wonder if anyone has ever done a tennis jack.

(d)Maybe if I pull on it, everyone in the locker room won't laugh because it is so small.
(e)Doing the pee-pee dance.

Salma Hayek Pregnant and Anonymous Guessed It Before Everyone

Yes, Salma Hayek is pregnant and engaged to a man who looks old enough to be her father. Of course since he is the CEO of the company which owns Gucci and Yves St. Laurent you can learn to live with those attributes. But when everyone was discussing what starlet maybe pregnant and doing blow (which Salma would not do) our own anonymous had this to say.

Anonymous said...
Salma Hayek was looking really pregnant in the last pic I saw of her ...
2:21 PM

So, anonymous broke the story first. In that famous photo of Salma I think everyone thought she looked huge but that she had just made a horrendous fashion choice. Her hair was everywhere and that outfit was curtains which were cut to make clothes. This is even more surprising when your future husband can call Gucci and say hey, find something for my lady. Of course he would say it in French and Salma would be speaking in Spanish and then Ed Norton would call and say she was mine first. So, there could be mix ups.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Eddie Van Halen Update

Eddie Van Halen has entered rehab. Notice in his statement how he alludes to the fact that this reunion tour may not happen even when he gets out. I hope everything works out for the best for Eddie and the tour.

Lily-Rose Update From People Magazine

Johnny Depp's daughter is doing much better.

Today's Blind Items


Last weekend at the poker tournament this B list actress who has been in two hit shows back to back was all kindness. An elderly man was getting up from his table and was struggling to get all of his chips together and his belongings while also keeping his balance. While this was going on, a group of four 20 something guys were playing grab ass with each other and just being asses in general ran into the elderly man. Our actress rushed to give aid to the elderly man whose chips and belongings had scattered beneath tables and chairs while at the same time unleashing a string of obscenities at the gang of four. When she unleashed her verbal tirade, it also caused the other players at the man's table to stop ignoring the situation and start helping. The gang of four looked sheepish and embarrassed but still did not help. The other players and our actress gathered the chips and belongings of the elderly man and our actress helped him to his feet and the other side of the casino where he was meeting his ride home. She stayed with him until she was sure he was fine and had cashed in his winnings.

No Jackass to go with this, but a hint to one. Do you remember this jackass?
***Update***No matter how much you spin it and think everyone is believing your happy tale, you are still an ass. Not just in this situation but in so many others as well. You have great publicists who make everything seem to go away, but eventually your temper will get the best of you.

Do you remember this blind item from two months ago?

This British actress and her current boyfriend are always photographed in public groping and making out. She tries hard to show that she is all woman and that she loves boys. The problem is that even when they are out and about, no one really believes it. He is hot for her, but she always looks as if it is the last thing on her mind no matter how much they mug for the cameras. In private he doesn’t even get a whiff of her perfume. When they started dating he thought it would be true love. Actually though it has been a nightmare because she will not let him break it off. She has an image to live up to. What it means for him though is that everyone thinks he is dating her so she turns the girls from him away, although she is watching them when they walk away.

***So now that he finally managed to escape her death grip, she is on the hunt for a new show boy (better than beard) but everyone knows the score in the UK so she is coming to LA and hoping to find someone who hates kissing her as much as she hates kissing him.***

This blind item also needs to be updated.

This fading so fast cable reality star just does not want to let go. Not content to sit on the beach or watch OC reruns on Fox, he instead likes to go to places where he knows teenagers flock and where he will still be recognized and adored. His latest trick is to go to fast food restaurants in the mall and channeling Eric Roberts in Star 80 convinces the barely legal females that he can make them a star. Invariably, he invites them back to his place, has his way with them and has them pose for photos he promises to submit to Playboy. The girls never hear from him again, but have heard from his friends who also want a personal show after viewing the photos.

***So, one reality star headed to jail. Will our fading star be keeping him company? One of his recent conquests was 17 and not the 18 she originally claimed. Our fading star is really sweating this and has totally given up his game because his parents had to bail him out with some financial assistance to keep everything quiet.***

Gwen and Gavin Are Just Like Any Other Parents--Mom Looks Harried and Dad Is Fat And Balding

Hey at least Gavin is not wearing sweatpants. As much crap as I have given them I actually think they make good parents and try really hard. Now that I have been nice Gwen, get No Doubt back together and stop being so selfish.

Hey! What Is That Under Your Dress? aka Jeremy Piven's Date

See, Jeremy Piven would have you believe that he identified the attractive woman hitting on him as a transsexual early on in the conversation. He would not want anyone to think that he discovered it later when it would be more difficult to explain and to extricate yourself from a tricky situation. This would be especially true if many people saw you leaving with said transsexual after you told those same people you thought she was hot. But of course he nipped it in the bud so to speak and did not do anything with her. Uh huh. BTW, the fact that I am using Eva Longoria's photo with Jeremy in a posting about transsexuals does not in fact make me think that Eva is a transsexual or even looks like a transsexual. Her makeup accentuates her femininity and in no way makes her appear to be a woman who used to be a man. I just want to make it clear that this photo was the first photo of Jeremy I found. Well actually the sixth. But I hate that photo with him and Lindsay Lohan and there are some with his shirt off and that doesn't quite make that transsexual point. Or maybe it does.

The One Time Where Photoshop Does Not Quite Work

Should I feel bad that I like the photo of her in the tub though? That she kind of looks sexy? Naaah. Just think Hawaii and it will all fade away.

Links That Will Make You Go Hmmmm and K-Fed Messes Up Just When We Were Lovin' Him

Do you remember how K-Fed or one of his friends would always sell stories to the tabloids while he was married to Britney for a little extra money? Well he is back at it again. Not selling stories, but trying to get press coverage for his 29th birthday party. He wants $25K for basically nothing that the press cannot get for free. Come on Kevin you were doing good.

Forrest Gump gets a sequel. Forrest has lost his money and his Jenny, but he still has Captain Dan. He also gets to meet Tom Hanks.

James Tupper says he did not have sex with Anne Heche until both of their marriages were over. Uh huh.

Timbaland and Justin Timberlake want to work on new Britney Spears album.

ANS cause of death determined but will not be released until the police finish their own investigation. I think it was OJ.

Hilary Duff gets even. Better start thinking of some songs for your sister now.

Eddie Van Halen's drinking ruined the reunion for all of us. Thanks Eddie.

Lane Garrison To Be Charged With Vehicular Manslaughter

Lane Garrison of 'Prison Break' fame will voluntarily surrender today at 130pm in order to be formally charged with vehicular manslaughter. The charge arises from his December car accident which killed his 17 year old passenger. The passenger was a male high school student named Vahagn Setian. At the time of his arrest, Garrison's blood alcohol level was .20 which is more than twice the legal limit of .08 allowed in California. Witnesses have also stated that Garrison was doing lines of cocaine and downed several shots of vodka before getting behind the wheel. Garrison was on the way to the store to get more vodka when the deadly crash occurred. Garrison faces a maximum of 6 years behind bars. Garrison potentially faced more time behind bars, but for some AWFUL reason, the DA chose to not charge Garrison with gross negligence. Honestly, I do not know what would ever constitute gross negligence if this doesn't. Bail will probably be set at $200,000.

Johnny Depp's Daughter Seriously Ill

Johnny Depp's daughter was rushed to a London hospital nine days ago and is in very serious condition. Both Johnny and his girlfriend Vanessa Paradis have spent the last nine days by his daughter Lily-Rose's bedside. Lily Rose is just seven years old. Gossip is fun, but this is not. No one should have to see their child suffer or lay in a hospital bed. Hopefully she will make a full recovery very soon. The newspaper that is reporting the story is keeping the illness and the location a secret from the public, and Johnny's publicists had no comment. The photo above is from 2005.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Today's Blind Items

Do you remember the blind item about the pap who was staking out a house looking for one special photo? Well there have been some developments. First, the boyfriend and girlfriend have married. I ran into the pap's assistant the other day and he said that about 5 or 6 weeks ago, the now wife left for a few days and the pap got the shot he wanted. It took him months of waiting but he got the money shot. He tried to sell it to a US magazine and they did not want to touch it. He then went to a UK magazine and they offered him a tremendous amount of money, but not the kind of money that makes up for months of waiting. So, using the UK offer as leverage he decided to offer the photo for sale to the husband. They have discussed a price but nothing finalized yet. If the sale does not go final, then UK it is.

Do you remember this blind item from a few months ago?

One of my favorite actresses is finding that the road to seriousness is tough when you are not serious yourself. This actress who has been in A-List movies and has had an A list career without the payoff has begun to try her hand at producing. The only problem is that during her latest film she spent more time in the bathroom doing lines of coke then remembering the lines in her part. In the last few months she had assured everyone that she was clean and sober and an angel all over again. Two years ago her career almost came crashing to a halt because no one would hire her. She cleaned up and has been working and had more in the works. But just like her last few relationships, the projects are disappearing fast. She has always been gorgeous and talented, but because of the drugs and booze always one step away from becoming an acting footnote.

***Update***She has basically sold herself out to the highest bidder now. Found a rich guy and let him be the financial backer for her producing and all of her living expenses and in return she will be his actress girlfriend that can still make the pap follow her sometimes.

**New Today**

In a similar vein these two actresses are competing to be the new trophy girlfriend of this aging tycoon. He is always seen in the company of beautiful women because it is a part of his job. Always willing to provide favors for those women who are nice to him, he provides special favors to the actress who pleases him most. He had a long-term "situation" recently end. He has two women competing for the role of trophy. One is an 80's teen actress who shared the screen with some pretty women. The other is an exotic actress we have come to love; at least in the gossip world.

I Love Mr. Bean

Rowan Atkinson reprises his role as Mr. Bean in 'Mr. Bean's Holiday' which is due out in September. These were from a photo call yesterday in Sydney.

Party Happy Starlet Who Is Maybe Pregnant And Doing Blow

In response to a comment from kiki, I thought I would fill you in on four possibilities. The only four party happy starlets I know who are maybe pregnant are:
Christina Aguilera - BUT she was publicly drinking the other night, and so she is not pregnant.
Jessica Biel - Her publicist says she got sick recently due to jet lag. Uh huh. JB's most recent photo is below.
Lindsay Lohan - Check out the photo below for the baby bump.
Sarah Michelle Gellar - not really party happy, and she does not seem to be the motherly type.

Ricky Martin Is Not Gay

****UPDATE****So, I am guessing these are old pics from your comments, but they made me laugh.**** See, RickyMartin is doing pushups to show his friend how the missionary position works. Totally NOT gay.

NSFW Mariah Carey With Very Little Makeup And No Photoshop

This is a photo of Mariah Carey on the set of her new movie, Glitter II.

Links To Numb Your Mind, Or You Can Buy The New Lindsay Lohan Books On CD

OJ thinks he is Dannielynn's dad. ANS I really hope you did not hook up with OJ. It is hard to tell in the article if OJ is joking, but he is definitely sick and twisted.

Jake Gyllenhaal has touched at least one pair of breasts.

Green Day is in the new Simpsons movie?

Lindsay Lohan dyed her hair blonde. Because it took so long, and she wanted the world to see it, she bought the photographers pizza while they waited for her.

Jennifer Aniston is quitting cigarettes and caffeine. Unfortunately for Perez though she has not quit suing people. Check out the way US uses the first two words in the headline. That way dig programs might only pick up the words Aniston Adopts. Clever bastards aren't they?

Robbie Williams Does Not Care Much For Rehab Either

I really think it must be something they put in the water that makes all these stars run from rehab. Robbie left rehab and then went out clubbing with friends here in LA. The article calls them mates which translates to guys. BUT, remember if you so much as insinuate that Robbie is gay he will sue you. Therefore, you call them mates. Everyone knows they are guys but could also be women. Robbie also enjoys scribbling on his knuckles. I guess he did not get the Britney memo though. Pssst, Robbie. Ummm, Britney's were just pen. You got a tattoo you idiot.

Britney Is Either About To Die Or Doing Quite Well In Rehab

Well one of the tabloids must be right. Right? I choose to believe she is actually doing great because she only has to focus on getting well and not worry about anything else. Plus she will probably get to have a sleepover with Brooke Shields when she gets out. They will have lots of fun swapping stories about Tom Cruise and just laugh the night away knowing that poor Katie is pretending to be asleep to keep Tom on the other side of the bed. Of course she may actually sleep in a separate twin bed in the corner. There really is no way of knowing but they will talk and laugh about it all. BUT, I digress. EXTRA (Extra, Extra) is claiming that Britney is crying herself to sleep at night and they are using another tabloid as a source. Wow. Now that is some good reporting.

Now, if you are an X17 fan they are happy to report that Britney is doing fine and has got a really good wig. Here are some more pics of Britney in rehab and a brief story from X17.

I Don't Know For A Fact There Are Drugs Involved, But It Is More Than A Seinfeld Obsession

Kirsten Dunst has set mankind back by 100 years with this dancing. Also, are those scabs all over her legs or am I seeing things? I know her hand sign is the in thing to do in Hawaii, but in this case I think it actually means that she is going to do both of those guys at once. I could be wrong of course, but they seem to think they have a shot. Why else would they want to hang out with her?

Ashlee Simpson Turning Into Sienna Miller

Ashlee Simpson must have learned a few new tricks from Pete Wentz because she sure is man hungry. Saturday night Ashlee was on the prowl. After being rebuffed by Ryan Phillipe because he was too busy posing for everyone she then set her sights on Chad Hugo of Neptunes fame. That is a much better choice Ashlee. Chad is worth much more than Ryan. Also, Ryan might be upset if you decided to leave him after a night or two of sex. It is okay for him to do that to women, but not the other way around. Now Ashlee's rep fumed that Ashlee and Chad were just hanging out and making a record together. Now, why would her rep fume? What is the big deal about a little Saturday night booty call?

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Today's Blind Items

At a recent wedding, this former flame did not show up because the new husband did not want him to be there. Seems as if he has caught his new bride and her former flame still sparking from time to time. He was willing to put up with it when they were single, but not now as a married couple.

Remember this blind item from a few weeks ago--

This sometime actress and I am being generous there. This sometime singer and I am being generous there. This woman who rides on the coattails of __________. That is much better. Anyway our actress/singer/leech has a new love. Well, she thinks he is a new love. To him, our actress/singer/leech is someone kind of cool to say he had sex with and you can close your eyes and kind of imagine___________. Anyway, she thinks it is love, and everyone else including__________ knows it is all about sex and nothing else.

A little update. Two actually. He recently told her that he wanted to invite another woman over and join them. She said no and told her friend (never do that) what he had said. Well she found out she missed him so she went back and agreed to do as he wanted. As for imagining__________, she has drawn the line in fulfilling that fantasy for him. She does allow the other person in the background so to speak.

Remember this blind item from a few weeks ago--

First going back to Clive's - This aging, non-musical, star got him some special hand loving right there at the dinner table. No one was around and they thought it was safe. Unfortunately for the loving couple, someone walked by RIGHT at the most inconvenient moment and made sure to share the news with everyone.

He has been in the news a lot lately. His girlfriend was shocked and embarrassed they were caught and told her friend (again, never do that), but he still got her to do it again at dinner last week.

Mary Poppins Marries And Divorces Mr. Banks Leaving Him Broke aka Heather Mills To Play Mary Poppins

In what would be the worst casting in all the world, Heather Mills is in talks to play Mary Poppins. Drawing on her experience as a porn star, Heather Mills will no doubt bring Mary Poppins to life in a way Julie Andrews never could. I think we all know Heather can act so that should not be a problem. She is learning how to dance. Whoops, that just lasted a day didn't it. Well she can sing right? Well, no, actually she can't. But she is a role model for kids and parents in this family musical right? Well, sure if the parents are sexually dysfunctional and happened to watch her how to videos I am sure they consider her a role model. Should be a fun production.

Good Doggie--ok, ok I can already read the comments-- Bad Doggie

Rachel Ray got bit by a dog. This, despite the fact that Rachel was walking her own pit bull. No word on whether the other bite marks left by her husband were also visible.

Airplane Sex? Check Sex In A Pool With 4 Girls? Check

Ralph Fiennes is just not shy about public sex or nudity. Just a few weeks after his mile high club fun, he was caught in a swimming pool with four naked women at 5am. While filming a movie in Bruges, Belgium, he and some other actors decided to get naked with the local ladies and then the neighbors complained. The parents of the girls are no doubt ashamed. However their shame should lessen when the UK tabloids start paying money for the stories. If you are looking to join Ralph's world sex tour in Bruges, there is a really nice Michelangelo sculpture there which I highly recommend. I believe it was his only sculpture to ever leave Italy during his lifetime.

The Sopranos Vanity Fair Cover

Yes, that is Drea de Matteo on James Gandolfini's lap. Here is a video of the photo shoot done by Annie Leibovitz.

Guess Now That Kirsten Dunst Was Caught In A Lie, She Will Just Keep Smoking, And Giving The Pap The Finger

Actually I think that pap were more interested in Kirsten's friend. Also, the book must belong to the friend because there is NO way that Kirsten Dunst is reading a Carl Sagan book.


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