Friday, August 12, 2011

Random Photos Part Two

Congratulations to Melanie Moore who is the winner of So You Think You Can Dance.
Angelina Jolie gets ready to take a helicopter.
No coffee for Ashley Olsen? This is a first.
Al Pacino is Phil Spector. Apparently the movie is going to say that Phil is innocent.
Christina Ricci is filming Pan Am. I still cannot decide if this is going to be any good.
David Beckham must have eaten a large meal. Is that a gut?
Daniel Craig in London with
Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig's butt.
Gisele Bundchen and her son in Costa Rica.
Congratulations to The Go Go's who finally get a star.
Halle Berry got that resume from a random woman on the street.
Two days in a row for Jennifer Love Hewitt. This has to be a first.
Also hanging out with Jennifer were Angus Jones and Ariel Winter.

Random Photos Part One

Two parts today.

The new Conan The Barbarian, Jason Momoa celebrates with his girlfriend Lisa Bonet and her daughter Zoe Kravitz and then later
gets kissed by Rose McGowan while he gropes Rachel Nichols. He is kind of like the old Conan.
Meanwhile, someone definitely not Conan like, Tom Arnold was there.
Judd Nelson hanging out with Tanna Frederick.
Kristen Stewart in W
The best Lady GaGa has looked in a year.
Miranda Cosgrove's tour bus after getting hit by a semi.
Miley Cyrus filming her new movie.
Pauly D getting a lap dance from Britney Spears.
Congratulations to Ricki Lake who got engaged.
Yeardley Smith should get more admiration. Great actress.

Your Turn

Have you ever died in your dreams? Is it possible? I have not, but others have told me they have. I did not think it was possible. Do you ever have a dream that has repeated itself many times over the years?

John Stamos & Bob Saget Love To Cuddle

I think the title says it all.

Ted C Blind Item

Gorgeous, charming, curvy Carmelita Salami-Climber isn't a chick you'd normally feel sorry for. Jealousy is usually what one feels when watching Carmelita on the boob tube and reading about her in one of those endless fashion articles that are churned out about the babe.

But lately, Carm's very few close pals (she has thousands of acquaintances) are telling her to run from her man before...

They end up marrying!

See, Ms. Salami-Climber's buds are dead certain they've got this latest BF of Carm's pegged: That he's (a) more interested in the fame that comes from dating Carmelita than actually dating Carmelita, (b) definitely interested in the money that will be generated by continuing to be glued to Carmelita's side and (c) suspicious, sexually.

Uh, that last category is more of a hunch than anything specifically observed—but Carm's close GFs are a bit shocked at how anxious her guy is to join their regular gossip sessions.

I know straight men gossip and all, but, man, usually with each other, right, not other gals?

Regardless, the point is Salami-Climber's tight bunch is doing its damndest to talk Carm out of spending the rest of her life with her man—which is what she's telling them all she wants to do. And trust, Carmelita's well-meaning amigas are not holding back. They really don't think the dude's the one for her, and they're blasting this message to her as fiercely as they can.

But so far, Carmelita isn't having it. He is her prince, as far as she's concerned.

(Regardless if the prince might want another prince.)

And It Ain't: Selena Gomez, Mila Kunis, Cameron Diaz

Bridget Jones 3 Is Happening

For those of you who have missed Bridget Jones and Mark Darcy and Daniel Cleaver then you will have a chance to see them again. Entertainment Weekly is reporting that the third installment will begin shooting soon. The plot is going to be something like Bridget and Mark cannot have kids and here comes Daniel to save the day. Uh huh. I remember writing about this last year and I thought the hang ups were schedules and the fact that Renee Zellweger did not want to gain the weight again. You know, to get to a healthy weight.

Bathrooms Can Be Hard To Find When You Are Drunk

It has been a long time since I heard a good where did you pee story while you were drunk. Because I am such a large guy it takes a lot to get me that drunk, but I will share that more than once I have been lost in a closet while searching for the bathroom simply because I was too drunk. Well, potential Olympic skier, Robert Vietze was on a recent Jet Blue flight and had a bit much to drink. Instead of making his way to the lavatory on the plane, Robert decided to make use of his seat and the leg of the 11 year old girl seated next to him. Yes, well as you can imagine, the girl's father was none to pleased about this and wanted to beat up Robert. If you can believe it, while all of this was going on some other passenger on the same flight got sick and started vomiting so the flight attendants certainly had their hands full cleaning everything.

Meanwhile, Robert says he is not going to apologize because he says he was drunk and did not realize he was using her leg as a urinal. He should apologize and the fact that he is 18 and that hammered on a flight makes me think an airport was serving him booze. He has been replaced on the US Ski team for now.

Brooke Hogan Shows Daddy Her Naked Pictures

If you are one of the few people in the world who do not think that Brooke and Hulk Hogan have an unnatural father daughter relationship, let me tell you what they did last night. Last night, in addition to the pictures above which would make anyone uncomfortable, Brooke also showed her dad her new series of naked photos. Hey, my guess is this is probably not the first time he has seen her naked in the past few years. This is a dad who drools while she is on a stripper pole, fondles the inside of her thighs with oil and married someone who looks like her twin. How many times has he slipped up and called her Brooke while having sex?

Four For Friday

#1 - What former Jersey Shore star offers private one on one parties for $5000 a night?

#2 - This foreign born multi-platinum selling R&B singer who is barely out of his teens was getting mobbed the other night by adoring female fans. What they did not realize is that he has been having an affair with a much older man for the past three years.

#3 - This A list movie actor who has always been close to his mother snapped on her last week. They were at a restaurant and started arguing over his latest romance and he got up and said, "What? Are you jealous? I'm not supporting you anymore and that starts with you finding your own way home. B**ch."

#4 & # 5- Which A list celebrity couple are having a "trial separation" while he is on tour?

Did You Know The Vatican Was In Florence?

Last night I watched Jersey Shore. The problem is last week I watched the first one and got sucked in so now will probably stick through the entire Italy season. Last week was worth it alone just to hear Snooki try and describe where Italy was located. Well, last night was once again a proud moment for the American educational system. I bet you had no idea the Vatican moved from Rome to Florence did you? Well, according to the entire cast of Jersey Shore it did. While walking past a church in Florence, one of them said. "Is that the Vatican?" A handful replied, yeah, it is and looks really beautiful." Oh, and then later, at lunch, they spot it again and this time offer the thought it was hand built by da Vinci.

Other random thoughts I had from the show are whether Jwoww has started taking drugs because she looks so different from last season and I do not mean that in a good way. Deena takes falling down drunk to a whole new level. I have never seen someone fall so much when they drink. For a big guy, Ronnie does not hold his liquor well either. He sweats so much when he drinks that I find it painful to look at him. No matter how often I watch the show it still shocks me to see how fast some woman is willing to go home and have sex with one of the guys knowing they are going to get thrown out right after the sex. Where is the self respect people? Is it worth two minutes on television for that?

I think the music is way better this season on the show and really liked two songs last night. One sounded Japanese, but considering the geography lessons learned last night, it probably makes sense. It was also right before the guys got in the love tub together, so maybe that is it. Anyway, it was someone called Kate Crash and the song was Sawago. Of course now that I have looked it up I see she is on Blackheart which probably explains why I like it. Anything to do with Joan Jett I am on board with. The other I really liked I can't remember the name of, but there was a third which stuck with me too and I caught it because they played it like three times. It was a group called Wallpaper but it embarrasses me to even write the title, #STUPiDFACEDD. Yeah, have to love that education system.

National Enquirer Blind Item

THE celebrity feud between this Grammy-winning singer and a former reality show darling, who’s now a TV personality, is getting so ugly that their handlers have told them both to give it a rest!
The name calling – usually about each other’s weight – has gotten so vicious that it’s driven one of the ladies to a booze relapse!

Mad Men Is Killing Off The Rest Of AMC's Shows

Apparently AMC does not have as much money as the rest of the networks. Despite the huge payday Netflix presented Mad Men when they bought the rights to the show exclusively, there is just not enough money to give to other AMC shows like Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead. The show runner for The Walking Dead got fired because he kept fighting for his show and more money for his show. The show runner for Breaking Bad is also in danger of getting fired because he wants more money for his show. Instead of getting more money though, the programs have had to stay the same or even lose money because Mad Men is sucking every drop of money from AMC.

This is all according to the show runner of Sons Of Anarchy who is not a big fan of the show runner of Mad Men. He says that Matthew Weiner held AMC hostage for more money and AMC finally broke down and gave it to him leaving very little for their other hit shows.

In a series of Tweets, Kurt Sutter of Sons Of Anarchy said, "why darabont got fired - weiner. he held AMC hostage, broke their bank, budgets were slashed, s**t rolled down hill onto gilligan and frank. No one else wants to f*cking say it, but the greed of mad men is killing the other two best shows on tv -- breaking bad and walking dead."

Gary Shirley Loves Strippers

Whenever I watch Teen Mom, which is really too frequently for an adult, I always find myself chuckling at the episodes where the couple or mom say to themselves they need to find a job and proceed to go apply for some minimum wage job. You never actually see them working at any of these jobs though. Not because cameras are not allowed in, but because they really do not need them. They make way more money for a few weeks on MTV than they would in two years working most of the jobs for which they are applying.

Now, that is not to say it will last very long after the cameras go away, especially if you are Gary Shirley. Gary must have himself confused with someone who makes way more than he does and also confused with someone attractive. Gary spent time in a Miami and while there decided to hit up a strip club. For 11 hours, Gary threw away almost $5,000 on lap dances and booze. Who spends 11 hours in a strip club?

BuzzFoto Blind Item

This married C List actor with kids from a hit network show is so addicted to pain meds that he took his young child on a drug run with him. His guilt got the best of him because as he approached the dealer, he told him he couldn’t go through with the transaction. The dealer then revealed himself as an undercover agent and would have arrested the star if he had made a purchase.

Jani Lane Has Died

Jani Lane, the former lead singer of the metal rock band Warrant, has died in Los Angeles. He was 47.

Officer Sara Faden says Lane's body was found Thursday in a Woodland Hills hotel. She had no immediate information on the cause or circumstances of his death.

He joined Warrant in 1984 and wrote such hits as "Heaven," ''Down Boys" and "Cherry Pie."

He left behind two daughters. This is one of those cases where you could see it coming. Jani just could never get quite right and was always slipping. He kept trying until the end, but it just was not meant to be.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Random Photos Part Three

Melissa McCarthy gets the top spot because she is having one heck of a year and shows that talent should win out.
Blake Lively tells Leighton Meester all about how she is going to keep Leo forever. Uh huh.
Curtis Stone learns how to make quesadillas.
The best David Arquette has looked in years.
Not so much for Diane Kruger.
Jaime Pressly has never met a tanning salon that she didn't love while
Michelle Trachtenberg and Emma Roberts have never seen the sun.
Apparently Ellen Wroe loves Emma Bell and
the feeling is mutual.

Random Photos Part Two

It's the Duff sisters. Haylie really should get that growth on her neck looked at.
Jennifer Love Hewitt takes time off from making out with reality stars.
Jon Tenney and Kyra Sedgwick promoting The Closer.
Lindsay Lohan decided she needed some attention, so flashes her breasts.
Classy isn't she?
Matt Bomer is looking pretty good here.
Michael Lohan and his future restraining order of the day.
Nadia Bjorlin at the latest Final Destination premiere.
Keeping with the daytime theme, here are Diedre Hall and Drake Hogestyn.


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