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You would think JFK would have regular, consistent wireless service, but noooooo. Anyway, in case you are interested, here are two more segments of the Kim Kardashian and Ray-J videos.

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Four For Friday

One of these is from Fashion Week, but you will have to guess which one.

Do not forget that one week from today I will reveal some of those troubling blind items for you. Some you have already guessed, and some you have not. There may even be a shocker or two as well.

Speaking of shockers, this A-list film actress may not always be the perfect wife everyone thinks she is. When her husband is away -- and he has been away several times in the past year -- she has enjoyed a torrid romance with her personal trainer. Originally, this trainer was hired to help her burn off stress, but not pounds, just doing old fashioned exercise. Seeing each other several times a week has kept the stress levels down, but lately it has been a much different kind of exercise. Each of them knows it is a fling, but the trainer has already started sharing details with friends and clients. How long will it be before hubby finds out (and the rest of the world, too)?

It is not only the men in Hollywood who like to have more than one flame burning at a time. This B-list film actress with fairly hopeless aspirations to be A-list keeps at least two guys each in LA and NYC. What started out as just liking one guy from each city has progressed into something more. She still keeps those two around for safety, but what she really enjoys is something a little more wild. Our actress enjoys guys who have been in recent relationships. There are only two requirements: they must have been in a big enough relationship where being seen with them will give her some publicity, AND she must have heard something about how they are good in bed or very well endowed.

This B-list actor will basically work for food. OK, so maybe that makes him C-list, but he was in one of my all-time favorites, so I want to make him a B. But he was a jerk in that movie and in real life, so back to C he goes. Anyway, while filming his latest Tori Spelling-specialty, he met this actress who thought our actor was cute and he was divorced and thus worthy of a date or two. After the first date, she really thought this could be something nice. Then someone on the set warned her about why our actor got divorced. Whoops! No more dates and a really cold shoulder. When they had lines together or had to kiss, it was sterile and clinical. He really is thinking of only working overseas, because the women in Hollywood have him pegged and no one who knows the full story of his divorce wants to work with our actor.

This permanent male television reality personality is married and shouts it from the rooftops. Problem is, he would rather be married to a man than to his wife.

I am on my way back to LA for the Grammys and will have a full report for everyone on Monday.

Donatella Versace thinks Hilary Clinton is a little butch. I honestly don't care. I just always look for an excuse to play a little Maya Rudolph as Donatella Versace.

Have a favorite rapper? Someone you love in the hip hop world? Well if they are a man and they dated former MTV producer Terrance Dean, they better watch out. In his upcoming book, Mr. Dean tells all and spills all about some of the biggest names in hop hop and rap and which ones are gay.

Did Cassie and Diddy have sex? Is this the answer to a blind item?

See, I love Tori Spelling and her garage sale was fun. (well when I went two days before and saw what was going to be sold, that was fun) Honestly though, I would much rather go to Sharon Osbourne's garage sale this weekend. I am sure there will be lots more designer things to sell than Tori had, plus I bet you will find some things that she will just put out there that no one expects, but will be sure to shock and awe. So, if you are in LA this weekend and the Grammys do not sound exciting enough, then give me a call and lets head out to Sharon's garage sale. If nothing else, we will find some new clothes for Kayla Coxx.
Everything about Paris Hilton is fake, except for the herpes of course. She is so fake that she has recently tried to pass of a new dog as the famous Tinkerbell which appeared with her on The Simple Life and as far as I know, did not have herpes. My guess is that she says, I need a dog for tonight. Someone go get me a chihuahua and make sure you call it Tinkerbell. At the end of the night, she discards the dog until she needs one for another performance. Sounds kind of like the same way she goes through women and men. But what about the monkey and the ferret? Do you think Paris has a gerbil?

I really do not feel like writing about Anna Nicole Smith today. There is so much information out there, and I am sure you can read and watch all you want without any links from me. I am going to try and lighten the mood today and give you an alternative to the tragedy and morbidity.

We knew Charlie Sheen liked the ladies and liked them over and over again, or until his money ran out. It also turns out that Mr. Sheen enjoys women when they are only pretending to be women. What? You mean Charlie Sheen loves him some tranny loving? Yes, he does according to a new video produced by Heidi Fleiss and Charlie's favorite tranny Kayla Coxx. Is Charlie on the video you ask? Well, yes he is, and I am sure he is loving the day he met Heidi Fleiss and his favorite tranny. Do you think he ever hooked up with Marilyn or Boy George? They sure were in LA often in the early 90's when Mr. Sheen was at his craziest.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Legal Ramifications of Anna Nicole Smith's death--This is assuming CA law controls which is really uncertain right now.
#1 If Anna died without a will, then everything would go to her daughter, UNLESS she and Howard K Stern were legally married.

#2 If she and Howard K Stern were married, and there was not a will, then one half of the estate would go to Howard and the other half to her daughter.

Here are some possible issues-

#1 If Howard believed he married Anna Nicole Smith, but in actuality did not, he could still be afforded the rights of what is known as a putative spouse.

#2 Inherited property is separate property which means that even if she was legally married, the money Anna was receiving from her deceased husband can all be left to her daughter if she provided for her daughter in the will.

#3 Mr. Birkhead is NOT entitled to any money even if he is the father, and would probably not be able to touch any of his daughter's money except for Health, Education and Welfare. HEW would be her necessary expenses. In this kind of situation, that money will be tremendous and Mr. Birkhead will no doubt live large, but HE will not actually own anything.

#4 Even IF Mr. Birkhead is judged to be the father, he would not automatically gain custody of his daughter. The court would decide who would be the best parent of those who petition the court.

#5 Her son's death should not have any effect on this proceeding.

#6 The money she is going to get from her deceased husband is still in litigation. The fact that her adversary in that proceeding is also dead will mean that it will be an estate vs estate battle.

DISCLAIMER - The Information is not intended to constitute, and does not constitute, legal advice. Moreover, the Information is not intended to constitute, and does not constitute, a solicitation for the formation of an attorney-client relationship; no attorney-client relationship is created through your use or viewing of the Blog. Anyone reading the Information should not act on it without first seeking legal counsel. Further, the Information is general in nature, and may not apply to particular factual or legal circumstances.

So this guy wants to ask his girlfriend to marry him. Like all guys, being the romantic people we are, he buys time on her favorite television show Veronica Mars. Then like all guys who always know exactly what to do to make a woman smile and cry at the same time, he tapes her reaction to the commercial.

So, the video is romantic and is a counterbalance to yesterday's kinky sex. I would hate to ruin the moment. However, this is one step away from watching Titanic or The Ya-Ya Sisterhood, so I need to do something. So, I will say just one snarky, man law, type thing. What was the excuse he used to bring out the video camera during her show? "Hey honey let's pretend we are Kim and Ray-J. I have a six pack of beer and a plastic sheet"

Something new for the first blind item of the day--

I have NO idea who this is. Alison e-mailed me this and asked me who it is. I do not have a clue, but I think there are enough hints to figure it out. I will say that the agent who came from California COULD be Scott Boras.

JANUARY 24--An Illinois man tried to extort a six-figure payment from an unnamed "professional athlete," claiming that his daughter was impregnated by the athlete shortly after they met late last year at a St. Louis nightclub, according to federal investigators. An FBI affidavit alleges that George Edwards, 48, met with a friend of the pro athlete--who is only identified as "P.A."--and reported that his daughter Laura was pregnant and "wanted money."

The athlete's friend then offered "several thousand dollars to have George and Laura, then 22, leave P.A. alone," wrote FBI Agent Dustin Sorrells. Soon, one of the athlete's sports agents was negotiating with George Edwards to pay $25,000 to "obtain a DNA test to establish paternity." If the child was the athlete's, he was prepared to pay Laura Edwards an additional $125,000.

In January, a second agent for the athlete traveled from California to St. Louis to deliver the $25,000 payment to George Edwards. Days later, Edwards called the agent and claimed that Laura had suffered a miscarriage, but that he still wanted the $125,000 payment. And if he didn't get the money, Edwards warned, he would file a legal claim against the athlete and "make P.A.'s affair with Laura public."

I twas at this point that the athlete and his agents apparently first contacted the FBI. In a subsequent monitored phone call, when the second agent agreed to the $125,000 hush money payment, Edwards repeatedly assured him that, in return, he "would not notify the Associated Press, the Sporting News or any other media outlet either directly or through his attorney."

As part of the deal, Edwards was supposed to turn over"some recordings and photographs which presumably documented Laura's relationship with P.A.," the affidavit notes. George Edwards was arrested Monday and charged with extortion, a felony which carries a maximum of 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. He is in custody pending a detention hearing scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. Laura Edwards has not been charged.

Now, more from Fashion Week

This male news anchor had a comment about every guy he saw while at one show. Most of the comments were basically about adult activities he wanted to indulge in with the spied upon guys.

This high as a kite male rock star disappeared at an after party with this fashion icon's daughter. A follower of the couple said they shared two things in a bathroom stall. One was something white, and one involved removing some clothes.

This one makes my brain hurt. BUT, I am not sure this female member of a band even has a brain. When the runway portion of the show was over and everyone was getting ready to leave, she said, "When do the designers come out and explain their designs to the judges?"

Angelina and Brad Over? Dunzo? Finished?

From a National Enquirer cover, to a Norwegian website, this is what I have. I admit I do not read a word of Norwegian, but even I can make out some of the important words. It basically says there is trouble in paradise. All the media coverage and some other reasons which I cannot understand have caused the pair to drift apart.

You know it is a slow day when I am talking about car sales on E-Bay and Fox shows like I am some kind of PR ass kisser. So, because I feel dirty and ashamed I am going to do a couple of things. First, I am going to link you to an article which reveals the winner of I Love New York. Really, the good part is reading the comments on that site.

Second, I have decided next Friday the 16th will be another blind items revealed day. It should be even better than the last one. I think you deserve it because the posts this morning sucked. Maybe I can find a video of Parasite getting run over by a bus to make everyone smile.

If you are really into Fashion Week, then click on the blog The Quest For It. It is written by a friend of mine although I did not even know she was writing a blog until a few weeks ago. It really is VERY well done.

Survivor and Steven Spielberg Collide

Mark Burnett, the creator of Survivor and Steven Spielberg have created a show called On The Lot. 16 films over sixteen weeks. One winner walks away with a $1M film contract. If someone from this site submits a film, I will play the hell out of it here for you.

Kim Kardashian is suing to stop her sex tape from being released. What she is really doing is making sure she gets a cut. Right now, she is not getting one penny. Do not believe any of the stories about how she is embarrassed or humiliated or any of that. What she wants, now that it is public is MONEY. If she is so worried about being humiliated and embarrassed, she may want to make sure Game keeps their tape private. Did I say that?

If anyone is looking for a 1964 yellow Cadillac, Michael Madsen has one to sell. Why would anyone want to buy it? Well, it is the Cadillac from the film Reservoir Dogs. You know your career must be tanking or you have other things you are spending your money on when you have to auction off a gift from Quentin and you have not even reached 50. It is one thing to be in a nursing home and selling your Oscar so you can have some dignity at death. Michael even admits he is doing it to make some big cash. I am torn between wanting to bid and wanting Michael to only be offered like $10,000.

Wait a second. I think I saw a story a week ago that said it was utter crap. Where did I see that? Oh, here is the link.
I will also admit when I am totally wrong. Star Magazine is reporting that Evangeline Lilly and Dominic Monaghan are getting married. When I was at the Golden Globes, I thought there was no way in hell those two were getting married. So, if they do get married then I was WRONG, WRONG, WRONG and sorry you had to read it.

Fun at the O'Neal House
Let me get this straight. Ryan O'Neal goes over to Farrah Fawcett's house where they stumble and mumble through her birthday party barely understanding each other. While he is there, Redmond who is one of his sons, OD's on PCP. The paramedics are called, the son is revived and he refuses to go to the hospital. So Ryan decided he would rather spend time with Farrah then go home and see his maybe dead son? Then, after the paramedics leave, Griffin O'Neal ties up Redmond in the dog kennel and leaves him there.

Do you think Ryan O'Neal and Farrah Fawcett broke up because he used to tie her up in the dog kennel? I mean someone had to teach Griffin the trick of how to do it. I guess it is possible that it had never been done before. That somehow Griffin said to himself, I know, I am going to tie up Redmond by his neck in the dog kennel.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A little preview of Kim Kardashian and Ray-J. (NSFW) . If the film does not play, then click here and it will work.

Kardashian Trailer -

More from Fashion Week

This female television hostess is extremely popular with the general public, but this was not the case with the people at Fashion Week. No one wanted a photo with this sometimes controversial star. She was left by herself or with her publicist and agent who were along for the ride.

At least the people attending Fashion Week were civilized to the above mentioned hostess. No such discretion for this female reality star in attendance who was openly mocked and laughed at throughout the week. Despite having money, the people present decided class definitely did not go hand in hand with that money.

There were plenty of drugs to be found throughout the week, but for sheer volume consumed per person this sometime actress/sometime singer/sometime model definitely took home first prize. Witnessing her awesome use of coke in corners, bathrooms, backstage, and sometimes even in the open, there was just awe that this person was till alive, let alone even had a nose remaining.

Belinda Carlisle comes clean about her drug use while with The Go- Go's.

You know you are getting old when you cannot remember what lies you have told and to whom. Teri Hatcher has been quoted as saying she has used Botox and collagen. Now, in an interview she says she would never use such products or procedures. Pssssst. A little bit never hurt anyone. It is when you go overboard like Melanie Griffith that your world starts to spiral out of control.

This is a great article that basically lists everyone Olivier Martinez has ever slept with and all the women he cheated with while dating Kylie Minogue.

Of course if you are Kylie, you may want to not read it, or if you were a woman who thought Olivier only had eyes for you, or if you are an actress in Hollywood or anywhere in the world because they have you listed here as someone who slept with him. Also, sensitive pet owners may want to shy away from reading the article as well. Gotcha!!

Ever wanted to watch a golden shower? Now is your chance. Kim Kardashian and Ray-J's video is going to be distributed by Vivid who is one of the biggest players in adult films.
Starting February 28th you will be able to see one of Paris' friends doing something that not even Paris has manged to show on tape. Kim, you should be very proud. Now all the guys who dated her after Ray-J will be saying to themselves, "Damn. You mean I could have pissed on her and didn't?"Now, if that is not disgusting enough for you. Imagine Jordan Bratman naked. Turns out Jordan and Christina enjoy lazy Sundays in an entirely different kind of way than envisioned on SNL. They like being naked all day on Sundays. They come home from church and just let it all hang out. See, I would have to go with the watching the golden shower video rather than watching Jordan prance around naked. Yes, I could avert my eyes and see Christina Aguilera also naked and that would be fun. The problem is that I do not understand their relationship. I am convinced that one of them has to have a leash and collar on in the house and if it is Jordan, your eyes are going to wander back over to him. If you are the kind of person who enjoys watching rather than reading, the video of X-Tina discussing it with Ellen is below.

Nikki Reed (18) dumps the DJ and moves up to Ryan Phillipe. Ryan Phillipe on the other hand moves down in age so dramatically as to be bumping Joe Francis territory. The game is complete. Evan Rachel Wood (19) who is Nikki Reed's BFF started the boll rolling by getting a man in his 30's to leave his wife and run off with her. Now, the BFF also gets a man in her 30's. Did you get all that? Basically Nikki Reed and Evan Rachel Wood hatched a plan to make 30 year old men fall for them. Evan Rachel Wood sunk her fangs into Marilyn Manson while Nikki Reed used her barely legal charms to capture Ryan Phillipe. Left out in the carnage of middle age fantasies are Reese Witherspoon, Dita von Teese, and DJ Qualls.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Fashion Week in NYC is a busy time. People have been doing their best to make the blind items on this page. Let's not disappoint them.

This television actress who I have a big crush on was backstage after a show this week. She was confronted by a blind item revealed woman that if our actress ever wanted to give up men, she would love to be her first. Our actress gave a nervous chuckle and said her goodbyes.

This singer turned actress has caused lots of heads to turn. The normally slender singer/actress looks as if she has put on several pounds lately. Whispers around the tents are saying she is pregnant, but the father does not want to step up. Therefore our singer/actress is keeping it quiet and has not even decided whether or not to keep the baby.

This singer/sometimes actress also has caused her fair share of heads to be turned. In addition to her new breast augmentation is her new found love for all things Sapphic. Her bad luck with men has made her very receptive to all things women. And yes, I mean all things women.

This famous runner-up was heard asking several times why only women were hitting on her and no guys? Plenty of women came up to the still shy singer, but men barely acknowledged her, let alone tried to hit on her.

More tomorrow from Fashion Week

Eva Mendes says she is a cheap date and not that smart. Well we have two things in common, so next time I say hi, don't rush by me like I was a homeless guy with a sign.

Eminem and Kim Mathers engaged again? Of course the story comes from Akon, so take it for what it is worth. I must say though I am jealous of he and Tara Reid. So which is worse Kate and Pete or Eminem and Kim Mathers? See below for Akon and Tara.

I really do not want to go back and check, but I think it has been a few days since I mentioned Paris Hilton. I think the world is just a little happier because of it.

So, lets say I am invited to appear at a brand new McDonalds and paid $100,000 to do that. I then think to myself, I want all the food here all for myself and I am not going to pay for it. I then go around stuffing fries and pies into my mouth. One bite of a Big Mac here and just throw the Chicken Nuggets onto the ground because they are not hot enough. That would be a really asshole kind of thing to do. Well Eva "My head is sooooooooooooo big" Longoria had the same problem. No, she didn't appear at a McDonalds, although she will soon. "Hi, I am Jerry Mathers. This is Danny Bonaduce and Haley Joel Osment. Nice to meet you Eva. Do you know if there is going to be free food at this one?"

Eva was at Harrods and paid $100,000 to appear there. So, she thought to herself, I am going to do some shopping because I am sure they want to give me lots of free things. So she did $19,000 worth of shopping and was shocked when Harrods sent her a bill. Well considering five people showed up for the appearance, she is lucky they did not ask for their fee back. At McDonalds they will. Bonus points if you read the sign carefully.

Bam Margera got married. No word on whether Don Vito groped the new bride at the reception or made the other bridesmaids sit on his lap. So, do you think Don Vito got to watch Bam and Jessica?

I know I should just give up and not write one bad word about Jessica Simpson. Whenever I write something good, I get twenty e-mails saying how wonderful it is, blah, blah, blah. Whenever I write something bad about her, I get fifty e-mails calling me names that would make a sailor blush. BUT, I have just got to link to this article. I will hold back on commenting, but there are so many snarky things waiting to be said. As a compromise to all you Jessica lovers, I will use the photo here because it is much better than the drag queen ones from yesterday.

Josh Holloway from the show Lost likes the idea of sleeping with very large men and older women. No Jake G, or other traditionally sexy star for Josh, he wants his very large co-star Jorge Garcia. For seconds he will want a taste of Ralphie May or something more exotic like Horatio Sanz. As for his taste in older women, he says he fantasizes about Barbra Streisand, and I don't think he means it in a drag queen, spend $10,000 to see her in concert kind of way.

I posted some non-traditional photos of Josh for a couple of reasons. One, I have some photos of Jamie Lynn Sigler to post later today and don't want someone to say I am not helping out both sides. Also, knowing Ant, and knowing he is reading the post below, I thought I would give him something else to distract his mind.

So, Ant is a huge fan of the blog and is going to let us watch his seduction of Screech first hand. He also promises to let us know if Dr. Ian is begging Ross the Intern to introduce him to Jay Leno. Finally, in exchange for me running his entire demo reel, he is willing to tell us if Dr. Papageorgio (aka Dr. Linda Papadopoulos) has actually ever cussed, drank, not believed every story ever told her, or even knows Ant is gay.

I have to tell you I miss Maria Peer. She was the sexy, British hypnotist from the first season. I think she was let go because she was really friendly with all the guys on the show. I like to encourage that kind of behavior from my hypnotherapists and so was disappointed when she did not return.

So now, Ant's entire demo reel.

Anna Nicole getting sued

Wow, someone bought a diet product and did not lose as much weight as the spokesperson. Has that ever happened before? As much as well think Anna is a big accident waiting to happen, this lawsuit has no chance as long as it is a weight loss issue. Diet products hedge their bets more than a gossip columnist. Do I think Anna just used TrimSpa to get her new figure? Absolutely not. HOWEVER, every ad always says, results are not typical. I think she used TrimSpa, diet, exercise, surgery and Howard K Stern kissing her ass enough to melt off the pounds. The real question here is why a minor was using something like TrimSpa to lose weight anyway. I think the gimmicks should weight a few years after trying diet and exercise and not letting your kid eat anything they want in the first place.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Just because prostitution is legal in certain parts of Nevada does not really excuse or explain what this 80's A list actor was doing propositioning models to spend some time with him in his hotel room recently. Our actor was at an event which featured women hosts and presenters and was too lazy to try and just hit on them. Instead he went up to each model and offered them $5000 to spend the night with him. Most were just disgusted at the offer, but it seems as if our actor finally found two who were willing to spend the night with this loved everywhere but here actor.

Which former A list actor trying to make a recent comeback has added some extra lift to his lifts? This aging actor has always worn lifts in his shoes to at least give the impression that he is within shouting distance of 5'8". Now as he ages, he has added another inch or two to the lifts which has caused him to fall down on several recent press calls for his recent movie.

Going from one extreme to another. This actress who was on everyone's lips a few years ago, is back and going stronger than ever. She is extremely tall and some say overly aggressive towards men. Her relationships have not lasted because she LOVES to be in control. Her latest conquest has nothing to do with love and everything to do with a part she wants. The fact that he is smaller than her and loves to be dominated by her is just a plus in her book. If you think Angelina and Billy Bob were odd with their blood, then what this actress collects will really make you shudder.

Dave and Oprah. I could watch it all day.

I really want to be objective when it comes to Nick and Jessica, but this piece of garbage written by People seems to have been written by Jessica's PR people. I would say it had been written by Pimpa Joe but there are not enough sex references or any naked pics, so I think he was just somewhat involved.

Jessica was hurt that Nick saw people two or three weeks after their marriage ended. --Well he was probably more hurt that you were with people DURING the marriage.

People glimpsed her e-mail inbox and saw ten messages from John Mayer. So People got close enough to see her e-mail, and how convenient that John Mayer's name was so prominent in their glimpse.

Also she says she broke up with Nick because of the movie The Notebook. Well sure, you can get divorced for infidelity or finances or because of a movie. Sure, lots of people do that. "Honey, I know we have been married for fifty years, but I just saw Old School and it made me realize I wanted a divorce."

On a lighter note, here is a video of John Mayer going into the crowd to make out with a girl. OK, make out is a strong phrase. But who wants to bet there was tongue?

So explain to me why Kylie Minogue was the one being dumped in this relationship? Her boyfriend cheats on her with everything that moves, allegedly hit on Kylie's sister in front of Kylie and kept her Playboy pictorial out where everyone could see it, and yet he is the one doing the breaking up? This article talks about how he broke up with Kylie over the phone. At least it wasn't a text and he did have at least some kind of balls. BUT Kylie, come on, you should have kicked his ass to the curb a LONG time ago.

Ryan Phillipe says he is not the only person at fault in the breakup of his marriage. I agree. I think all the women he slept with should also be at fault. Ryan states that he is not guilty of all the things accused of in the tabloids, but does not actually deny cheating on Reese Witherspoon.

So, who remembers when Justin Timberlake got Punk'd? Remember when Ashton told him all his stuff was going to the IRS and JT called his mama and started crying? Well it turns out JT was stoned out of his mind.

Watch Andy Dick get thrown off Jimmy Kimmel for wanting to grope Ivanka Trump. I guess he just wanted to see if one of her new breasts is really higher than the other. Oh, and the adult beverage he was drinking may have contributed to his actions as well. Of course we are talking about Andy Dick.

Pimpa Joe must have had a new fantasy, because I do not have anything positive to say about this look. She really does look awful from head to toe and that lip looks like a Botox injection gone horribly wrong. The jeans look a little tight around an expanding waist line, and while seeing panties can be nice, I do not usually get that same warm and fuzzy feeling when I am looking at them head on over the top of jeans. While I am being bitchy, do you think someone could tell her to stand up straight?

I think the interesting questions to be asked in the Ryan O'Neal arrest are, (a) what is a 42 year old man doing still living at home, (b) what is Griffin O' Neal doing procreating, (c) why does a brief bio of Tatum O' Neal have to be included in the article, but if so, how come they do not mention that Ryan forced her to watch he and Melanie Griffith doing the nasty or allegedly even making her join in. See, that would be more relevant to a discussion of an arrest for assault, than the fact that she was in movies with him. As much as I think Ryan O'Neal is a jerk, I think Griffin is probably at least as worse if not more so.


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