Friday, June 06, 2008

Four For Friday

#1 - What foreign born actor who is a regular on a hit network drama and is filming a top popcorn flick right now uses a social networking site to hit on underage females?

#2 - Has anyone else noticed how this A list actor spends as much time apart from his C list girlfriend as possible. Sure they take photos together and they definitely do have a relationship, but it doesn't change the fact that he would rather spend time with his male significant other. (Not Jake G)

#3 - This walk on actress wanted to be on another episode of a hit cable drama. She took her case to the male stars of the show and asked for their help. She got another episode, but only after she took on three of the stars simultaneously. To their credit, a few of the stars said no and didn't take part.

#4 - This A list director and his B list female star took up right where they left off from their last set romance. I'm sure her boyfriend will be thrilled.

Your Turn

I had something all planned for Your Turn and then I read a comment from someone in yesterday's Random Photos about them being undressed visually by Margaret Cho. Kinda. Then I did the whole Clint Eastwood post and it reminded me of something. So, I thought to myself everyone has at least one good celebrity story. You know, the one you always tell at parties or wish you had told so people would invite you back.

So, this one was a few years ago. I think Clint wasn't mayor of Carmel anymore, but it was not too long after that. I was attending a wedding which was not one of my own for a change in the area and decided I wanted to play golf at Pebble Beach. Thought I was going to need a miracle to play. No tee time so I decided to start calling people. Didn't work. I did however show up and there was a last minute cancellation so the whole asking for favors and pulling the do you know who I represent thing wasn't necessary.

It is really early in the morning. Like 6am after a bachelor party the night before. I'm a little hungover, but not going to miss this chance. I'm just kind of resting on my bag, taking a nap while waiting to start when behind me comes the voice.

"Had a long night did you?" Clint Eastwood at 6am on a hangover. Fun. Oh, but it gets better. For the next four hours I was in Clint's group and I was basically his whipping boy.

Every bad shot I hit was commented on by Clint. It was because I had a lazy swing or I was out of shape or hungover or liberal or conservative. Just went on and on. I know he was just having fun with me, but still, after four hours it is a bit grating.

At the end of it all he did shake my hand and said he hoped we would play again. Sorry Clint. That isn't going to happen.

OK, so that story was kind of long. It could be much shorter, like this one from a few weeks ago.

Me: Hi, what's your name?
Josie: Josie.
Me: You look really familiar.
Josie:Well, I used to be on Charles In Charge.
Me: Oh, you were the plain one. Damn you are hot as hell now.
Josie:Uh, yeah. Nice meeting you

See, very simple.

I also thought I would give a plug to some reader blogs that I enjoy.

Trix has a great one going with and her vintage porn. Nice. Seriously. Vintage porn is really fun to look at.

Jax has the funniest picture of a half naked fat guy on her site that will make you die laughing.

Another reader site that cracks me up is and one that scares me because I know she reads the site every day is

Random Photos Part One - With A Reader Photo

Betty White starts us off today. This is the most amazing woman ever. I saw today that Golden Girls is being honored at the TV Land Awards this year which is well deserved. If you have not seen Betty White on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, you need to go to YouTube and just start watching. Incredibly funny.
Hockey players are always welcome here in the photos. This time it is Brendan Shanahan.
I watched Little Miss Sunshine again the other night so when I saw that Abigail Breslin was in the news today and already exploiting her fame for money like a good actress I just had to throw her in here.
The most common side effects of VIAGRA are headache, facial flushing, and upset stomach. I think Jimmy Fallon will read the label next time.

Breathtaking. Have I used that word lately? Well Iman is certainly that and more.
I always give Tom Cruise crap for wearing his My Three Sons type clothes to the park, and he deserves it. Gwen Stefani isn't exactly dressed for the park, but somehow it just seems natural on her and so it is right. The hair on the kid isn't even close to right though.
Debra Messing on the set of her new television show.
Chris Brown - New York

Kellie Pickler - Nashville
I'm guessing Kimora Lee Simmons is trying to be sexy with this look. I don't see the sexiness, but what I do see is lovely chocolate goodness that is going to waste because you know she isn't going to eat it.
The official press materials for Jessica Simpson now refer to her as, get this. Wait for it. A musician and singer with musician listed first. Playing the triangle like a Partridge doesn't count and it kind of sucks to actual musicians who can actually play an instrument that she is calling herself that.
Julia Roberts headed in to see Dave. Ten years ago when she would go on Dave there really was not better television. She was the perfect guest for that show.
Ja Rule & Ashanti - New York

Sometimes the Princess seems so lifelike. How do they do that?

I had no idea who Martha Higareda was until I looked her up. I just put her in here because there are not too many photos today, and hey, she is on a magazine cover and I love obscurity. Turns out though she was in a film with a friend of mine.
And look. She has a fan.
Lykke Li - London
By request here is Luke Bryan.

I have had them both separately. Not actually had mind you in the sense of having as in naked and sweating, but had as in I have had them both in the photos this week, but not together. It seems like it is actually kind of rare when they do take a photo together. Amy Poehler looks great as usual and Will Arnett always has that look like he knows something we don't, which is probably true.

The looks like a Herbal Essences commercial photo of the day.
The Jonas Brothers - London
Our lovely reader photo of the day.
They didn't walk the red carpet together, but the worst kept secret of celebrity coupledom did finally allow themselves to be photographed together. Abbie Cornish looks so different with the dark hair and Ryan looks like Ryan. Does Abbie look pregnant to anyone other than me?

Shania Twain Makes Me Ill

Most of the time when a woman gets cheated on by a guy the whole world immediately feels for the woman and the guy is the scum of the earth. Shania Twain must be wondering what in her publicity hatched scheme is going wrong with her version of the wife betrayed. No one seems to care, and everyone seems to think that if is true, that Mutt should have probably done it years ago.

So, with the world not joining her misery and certainly seeing no spike in album sales, Shania speaks. Surprisingly she didn't speak to Kneepads, although they did quote everything she said on her website like it was engraved on stone tablets. As far as I know, Kneepads is the only magazine that printed it.

The long and short of it is that Shania knows that you know that she has been going through a rough time and that she would not be able to get through it without the e-mails and letters and words of encouragement from all her fans. I would guess that she hasn't read a damn thing from anyone except her manager, agent and publicist. It is such a crock.

She says that she is only going to speak in the future through her music which she wants to share with all of us. You can translate that to mean she wants you to pony up $20 to hear her warble about her pain and agony. Lucky for us. If you want to see the full extent of her words, and see the magic of airbrushing on her site, then click here.

Tatum O'Neal Day 5

I don't know how I can do it. I don't know how the French blogger did it. Each day blogging about Tatum O'Neal. You would think it would be easy to write about someone every day. I mean there are people who write about one person for years on end like the President of a country. So, what is so hard about it? Well, Tatum isn't very newsworthy on a regular basis. You kind of have to dig.

So, in order to keep the streak alive I made phone calls and asked around and found out that Tatum doesn't like pepperoni on her pizza. Is she a vegetarian? I could work with that. The person didn't know if she was a vegetarian, just that she was allergic or something when it came to pepperoni. This must have been really difficult for her at the local crack house when ordering pizza.

"Make mine without pepperoni" comes the cry from the rear of the house.
"Who was that?"
"You know, the chick that always brings her gold statue here with her."

Pepperoni wasn't going to be enough. The French were going to win and then I saw this little tidbit I had never seen before. Oh, I knew about the dad and Melanie thing, but this one I had never seen before. When Tatum was 12, Melanie Griffith, then 17, decided that Tatum needed some education on sex and all the different kinds of sex to be had. Instead of going to the library, Melanie took Tatum to an orgy where she made Tatum watch Melanie get it on with a variety of people as well as having Tatum watch others.

To make this little field trip even more special was the fact that people were smoking opium like cigarettes. The record is quiet on whether Tatum just watched or did more at this orgy, but it sure does explain a bunch about how she became what she did. I think she has actually done pretty well for herself all things considered.

Good luck Tatum.

Daily Mirror Blind Item

Which Wag has banned her fella from going on holiday - for fear he will cheat?

The leggy babe in question has been stung before...

I'm Not Surprised He Was Interested

T.R. Knight has been giving a bunch of interviews over the past few weeks in advance of the first legal gay wedding ceremony here in California. At one point one of the questions was about his new boyfriend Mark Cornelson who if my math is correct is about 16 years younger than TR. Let's see. 35 - 19 = 16. Yep, which means that T.R. was driving when Mark was born. Cool.

I am okay with age differences, but think about this. You are in the hospital and you are 16 or 17 years old and you see an infant that has just been born, and say, "I'll see you in about 18 years." Kind of sick when you think about it like that.

Anyway, T.R. said yesterday that he was surprised his boyfriend was interested in him, especially given the age difference. Now, under normal circumstances this would probably be true, but T.R. is an actor, on a hit show, makes a decent living to say the least, and so perhaps Mark felt just a little more warm and fuzzy about the whole thing compared to if T.R., had been say a ditch digger.

Gay relationships or straight relationships, money and celebrity talk. I think what T.R. should be surprised about is if the relationship continues after the show and the huge paychecks stop. That to me would be a surprise. Again, as always I could be wrong and they could live a long and happy life together. You just know that Mark is counting down the days until marriage is legal so he can get himself half. Maybe. It could just be love.

Clint 1 - Spike 0

There are not many instances where I just provide a link and tell you to read the article, but in this case, you have to read the entire article to see what's what in this. If you would like the CDAN summary though, it goes like this. Spike Lee had a press conference in Cannes where he decided to play the race card with a number of directors including Clint Eastwood about how they did not include enough African Americans. Clint Eastwood basically told Spike that Spike was full of s**t.

This is not the first time Clint and Spike have got into a race fight. They previously disagreed on the Charlie Parker biopic when Spike felt it should have been directed by someone other than a white guy. I love Spike Lee films. I just think that sometimes people do too much provoking in an attempt to get a reaction, and not enough thinking about what the result of that provocation will be. Spike wants more minorities in films. Cool. So do I. The problem is that he chose the wrong films to argue his point and so then he looks like an idiot and the problem does not move any further towards a solution.

Mrs. Cunningham And Whores

I didn't really ever think I would talk about Marion Ross aka Mrs. Cunningham from Happy Days and whores in the same sentence, but it's a Friday and it's the summer time and so I can make allowances. Kind of like how the dress code at work loosens up on Fridays, especially in the summer to the point where by about mid-August people are coming to work in the same clothes they wore to the beach or the pool the day before. Then when Labor Day hits, the boss comes to his senses and everyone has to go back to conformity. Sucks doesn't it?

Well thank goodness for Marion Ross. She is like a breath of fresh air surrounded by Ben Gay. In an interview she gave for her latest film, she was asked what she thought about the new crop of celebrities. First Marion regaled us with stories of her celebrity heroes like Ingrid Bergman. Nice. OK, got Ingrid Bergman in your mind? Cool, lets continue.

"Now the model for young Hollywood is about dressing like a little whore. It’s tough. It’s sad. Don’t these people think about the future? Don’t they plan out a whole life? Even at my age, I’m planning my life."

Can I get an Amen? I will never watch Happy Days the same way again.

A Lindsay Lohan Bathroom Sex Story - With A Guy

I thought about using all kinds of funny headlines for this story, but then I realized that a nice straight forward tell it like it is headline would work even better. The problem is now it is not so simple because I have to clarify if it is with a guy or girl, or if she gets low enough on cash perhaps then she would be involved in one of those shows I have heard about down in Mexico or the Netherlands, or you know, other place. Not that I would actually visit any of those shows. OK, one time, maybe two.

Anyway, to get back to Lindsay having sex in a bathroom stall. Lets just say that she is now two degrees of separation from having sex with Bobby Brown or Whitney Houston. Yep. Lindsay and Bobby's son Landon got it on in a nightclub bathroom. And get this. He wants more of Lindsay but somehow can't get in touch.

This is all from The Enquirer by the way.

"Me and Lindsay got really, really close. She followed me to the bathroom during a private party, and, well, we basically got together.

I think she knew who I was when she first saw me. We were just staring at each other and she walked by. I walked into the bathroom and she followed me in."

He added: "It didn't end badly, but it did end weird. I'm actually trying to get back in touch with her - really soon."

Have you seen Landon Brown? Good looking guy and to me looks nothing like Bobby. I know the kid wants to be famous and all, but I'm guessing Lindsay didn't so much as recognize him as just thought he would make for the best f**k she was going to find that hour.

DNfromMN - Movie Review - Kung Fu Panda

Release Date 6/6/08

The Story: Fat misfit is chosen by destiny to beat the big bad. AKA: Shrek in China or every Jack Black movie.

YAWN! I’m sure kids will love this movie. It has an underdog hero who is likable, self-deprecating, and uses his belly as an attack move.

I’m just tired of Jack Black’s shtick. I’m sick of the fat kid surpasses all despite suffering through all the jokes and pokes at his butt. I get the message, and I agree with it, but there has to be another way to tell this story. Oh, this one is in China using a Kung-fu fighting panda instead of Mexican wrestling. I had the same issue with Made of Honor; just because you changed your 3 required things in order to make it different enough from My Best Friend’s Wedding to not get sued, doesn’t make it a new movie.

This is a movie aimed at kids, with no winks to mom and dad. Shrek at least gave adults a few jokes to laugh at. Ratatouille was made for adults, but brought down a notch to let kids enjoy it. Toy Story brought out the nostalgia for our childhood and it was really about growing up.

I laughed maybe 3 times during KFP. I heard a few more laughs from the kids around me, but not many. There was applause, but no cheering; no one saying, ‘When can we see this again?’ It’s a mediocre movie. There was a lot of movement in the theater, which means the kids were restless and not fully engrossed.

There were two sequences that were well done. The major panda training was fun to watch. The rope bridge fight was also put together really well. Everything else, ho-hum.

What it’s Worth: If you have kids, I’m sorry: you’re going, there’s no choice. But definitely go during the day/during the week when it’s cheaper. I’m giving this a $2.50: it’s mediocre, you won’t feel it’s a complete waste of time, but you won’t leave wondering if the DVD will be out in time for December holidays (don’t worry, it will, and someone will buy it for your kid).

Ted C Blind Item

Pork-Me Pop-Off, a veritable newbie to the barracuda-infested world of boldface names and gossip slinging, is poised to overtake his more famous sibling, Slurpa, an expert at infamy and clandestine canoodling. Only Pork-Me doesn’t really realize the dubious media powers he holds, how naï very sweet!

See, Pork-Me, has had his troubles, too, just like Slurpa. He loves to be bad and lives to be loved, having never really been truly adored. And of course, it’s P.M.’s bad-boy ways that have begun to scratch and gnaw at Ms. Pop-Off’s notoriety, which she holds dearer than anyone or anything. This is not a joke in the least.

But Slurpa has just laughed laughed laughed at her sibling’s arguably pathetic attempts at upstaging her in the real-life episodes of Offspring Gone Wild, T-town’s regular chronicling of who’s acting up the best (and the most expensively). I’ll tell ya this much, though: She ain't gonna be chuckling much longer, as her current, rather tentative hold on the grizzly goss zeitgeist is about to change drastically, once it's revealed Pork-Me’s gal dumped him because she’s sick of him using her to hide something.

Like the fact that he’s gay.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Today's Blind Items

#1 - At this point this the only thing keeping this on and off screen couple from that NY teen show together are the cameras and the publicity they get for being together.

#2 - This one is long and involved, but is interesting. Lets get the people out of the way first. Singer/Female/always has been Top 40 along with her celebrity male friend. So apparently our singer decided she wanted a baby and her current guy of the moment was not giving it to her. So, she and her friend hatched a plan and established a base at a hotel room in San Diego. Lots of military guys in San Diego and they thought that would work best. Posted an ad on Craigslist for guys who wanted to help a woman conceive. The suitors were interviewed by the celebrity male for someone who looked as close as possible to her current boyfriend and someone was picked. At this point, before the female singer could follow through she decided that maybe she and her boyfriend were getting serious and so the pair called the whole thing off. What I can't figure out is whether or not she was going to be pregnant by someone unknown or if she was going to try and pass the baby off as belonging to her boyfriend. The suitors had no idea who the singer was, and were not even told she was a celebrity. To them, she was just a woman who wanted to get pregnant. If you are asking yourself how the potential suitor would not have figured out who it is, you would need to know the celebrity male. He would make sure. As far as I know she has kept quiet about the whole thing. It is the celebrity male who can't keep his mouth shut.

Random Photos Part One - With A Reader Photo

Amarie - Los Angeles
So from L to R you have Alison Kelly, Laura Bennett, and Sweet Pea. I think those 14 kids Laura has have finally pushed her off the deep end.
I think it is the new girlfriend which is making Adrian Grenier keep the beard off, and if you notice, practically freshly shaved each day. Ahh what guys won't do for women when we first start dating. It's after that first few months that we start trying to go back to our old ways.
I just have always found myself strangely attracted to Erika Christensen.

While I am sure many of you are attracted to David Beckham and find nothing strange about it.
Catherine Deneuve at the funeral of Yves St. Laurent.
As you can see the people of France turned out in huge numbers for the funeral.
OK, so did I miss the boat on this one? Two days in a row Aimee Osborne has allowed herself to be photographed with Kate Sumner. Am I reading more into this then I should? I for one am stumped. I haven't heard anything. Nothing, nada, zilch.

I have always, always, always been a big fan of Ileana Douglas but this outfit is just not working at all.
In case you have wondered what Mrs. Ramsay looks like.
From all the e-mails I got the first time I posted Gilles Marini, I decided that it would be best if I put him in a second time this week.
Fern Mallis looks amazing. I know, I know, none of you know who she is, but hey I do and a little sucking up never hurts. Ever.
When not acting, Fairuza Balk has turned to serial killing to pass away the hours.

Lauren Hutton certainly wants to be noticed. I would say she succeeded.

Kelly Rowland in Sydney. While there she said that if there is a reunion of Destiny's Child it would be a secret until the last possible moment. To me that says maybe.
Katy Perry - New York
Forget about the one on the left. The one on the right is Andrea McArdle. The original Annie. 30th Anniversary. Can you believe it?
It doesn't appear as if time has made Kara Janx any sweeter.

I promise Molly that the next time, you will be back on top where you belong.

I think the reason Melina Kanakaredes doesn't make into the photos very often might have something to do with her name. You try and type it.
It has been too long since I sat down and watched all of Margaret Cho's stand up specials. Nothing like getting bombed out of my mind and watching Margaret for a few hours.
It's Malan Breton!! I didn't realize he was quite that tall or Nikki Blonsky quite that small.
I don't think Liv Tyler has had a bad day since the divorce. Wow she is happy lately.

I think Padma Lakshmi is gorgeous, but lately it just doesn't seem like she is looking like it.

The question I have is where did the baby come from?
Considering all the rumors about Michael Strahan, I think this is an interesting choice for Nicole Murphy.
N.E.R.D - Los Angeles
Metro Station - New York

Since every other blog hates Rachel Zoe, I thought I would go the other way. I mean everyone needs a friend right?
Our reader photo of the day. To make sure you all like her she decided to include Cameron Mathison.
Rocco DiSpirito looks really good. Love that suit.
Two of my favorite people. Ted Danson and Rosario Dawson. As Rosario is discovering though, if you ask Ted about the environment, you may as well put up a chair because you are going to be there awhile.

Vanessa Amorosi - Perth

This will be the one and only time Tila Tequila makes an appearance here. I just don't get the hype. She looks like a troll.
The Tron Guy on the other hand is welcome everyday.
A guy who never takes a bad photo. Tyson Beckford.
Last but certainly not least. Love Ted Allen.


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