Saturday, January 05, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #12

August 21, 2018

Video Music Awards

This B- list rapper who has a much higher on the list celebrity girlfriend who is not even close to being the highest listed celebrity in her own family was thought to be suffering a seizure at an after party last night because of his sizzurp use.

Lil Xan/Noah Cyrus

Blind Items Revealed #11

August 21, 2018

Video Music Awards

Speaking of drugs, this foreign born A list rapper almost got into two altercations because her drug induce paranoia made her think people were talking about her. They were, but only to remark to themselves how she was wasted out of her mind.

Nicki Minaj

Blind Items Revealed #10

August 21, 2018

Video Music Awards

Well, if everyone didn't know before last night, they all know now about the actor's crack addiction. It is out of control. Everyone was also commenting at an after party that our actor was getting rebuffed by his singer girlfriend much more than when the cameras were on them during the show.

Pete Davidson/Ariana Grande

Blind Items Revealed #9

August 21, 2018

Video Music Awards

This one named former A list singer got cut off by the network when she started talking about her big truth about singing songs the A list everything in her mind has always taken credit for.

Ashanti/Jennifer Lopez

Blind Items Revealed #8

August 13, 2018

Teen Choice Awards

This barely legal A- list former Disney actress went to the awards thinking she would get to accept an award with her former co-stars. Apparently producers forcibly kept her from going on stage though after her co-stars said they would walk off the stage if she went with them. Our actress handled it like a pro and will probably be garnering some real awards for her new hit almost television show.

Ronni Hawk/On My Block

Blind Items Revealed #7

July 30, 2018

This former almost A- list mostly movie actress turned escort who thinks she is all that because some laundering money coke head chose to launder money through her really treated this foreign born former A- list mostly television actress from a hit almost network television show that is now defunct badly when they ran into each other out of the country. I mean really really treated her poorly and it was totally uncalled for.

Lindsay Lohan/Nina Dobrev

Blind Items Revealed #6

July 30, 2018

This former A list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee and saw his career go to the crapper because of his general all around a-hole behavior was being his usual self to a hooker he hired for the night while out of the country.

Adrien Brody

Blind Items Revealed #5

July 26, 2018

This B+ list reality star from a very popular bar style show loves to tell people she is sober, but she isn't. She loves to be high and mighty, but she drinks almost every night.

Lala Kent/Vanderpump Rules (she has started publicly drinking again, because the hiding it and hypocrisy was too much) 

Blind Items Revealed #4

July 17, 2018

According to this one named singer, this celebrity/businessperson/frequent Tweeter gets a little out of hand when he is coming down from one of his coke benders.

Grimes/Elon Musk

Blind Items Revealed #3

July 14, 2018

In front of at least three other people, this B list celebrity offspring of someone lower on the list than the offspring suggested she and her A list boyfriend make a sex tape because "it would make everyone crazy." They already have a "friend" who takes their picture when the couple is in bed together or naked to have a record for the future. This is getting strange.

Hailey Baldwin/Justin Bieber

Blind Items Revealed #2

July 13, 2018

This very large married actor is probably A- list. Still waiting on the huge box office popcorn superhero movie to be released to take him completely away from the television character that made him famous, he continues to constantly cheat on his wife. Apparently he also has no problems with the person he is cheating on also being married or having a boyfriend which is causing issues.

Jason Momoa

Blind Items Revealed #1

July 12, 2018

This foreign born A- list mostly movie actress is doing the Europe premiere a night thing for her new movie. She thought her foreign born A- list actor boyfriend would go with her. Nope. He is taking advantage of the time apart to rekindle with an ex and a college student he met at a Nando's.

Lily James/Matt Smith

Friday, January 04, 2019

Blind Item #14

At least she gets outside the house during the day, but there have been dead bodies that look more healthy than this A- list model/celebrity offspring of really low on the list celebrities. Don't do drugs. 

Blind Item #13

I don't know if this reality star offspring/future/current sugar baby who is kind of a reality star herself wants to hookup with this permanent A list rapper/actor or just hang out with his barely there celebrity daughter who she basically stalks nonstop to the point it is kind of embarrassing. 

Blind Item #12

This foreign born A- list dual threat actress who lots of you forget still does television is having trouble getting any role on camera that does not involve a franchise. No one wants to hire her. Apparently they only see her for one type role now when they used to always have her in mind for roles that were a little more sexy or rom com like. Her significant other has a jealous streak and so those offers have basically disappeared.

Blind Item #11

This former reality star turned Oscar nominee/winner turned reality star is currently dating the guy that has previously "dated" that southern Housewife and also that foreign born permanent A+ list model with the temper who last I checked was still enamored with the guy. Hope she doesn't cross paths with the actress. Remember that time the guy she loved but had her beaten up started dating someone from the model's own reality show. This couldn't be worse than that. Probably.

Blind Item #10

This A list dual threat actress swears to me that her A list ex never used to make them pray before they had sex. Apparently he makes his current partner though. You could just try Viagra???? Oh, a baby. That would be another guess. Stopping premature ejaculation so she can finish???? I will go with the baby thing. The others don't really seem prayer worthy.

Blind Item #9

She should have stayed off social media. The producers of this almost network show that is not a superhero show are ticked off at this A- list actress on the show who will drop to B- list once it ends or she gets booted off. You do not insult fans. Oh, you might think it was just insulting haters. Nope, they also got mad because she was bragging about her wealth which is a big no no. She already had a really bad Q score and this is going to make it worse.

Blind Items Revealed #5

December 29, 2018

Even the blogger and the A list singer/A- list actress realize the fake feud thing was something people were not buying and just gave up any pretense of it last night.

Perez Hilton/Lady GaGa

Four For Friday - That's Messed Up

You know what is messed up? When you find out the father of one of the children of this A- list mostly movie actor (#1) all of you know was actually fathered by one of the actor best friends. Want to know what is more messed up? The actor's best friend is an actor. (#2). Something more messed up? The father of the baby is a relative of the mother. Even worse? The current actress girlfriends of #1 and #2 know and don't care. (#3 & #4).

Your Turn

Pick any category for the Golden Globes this Sunday that you know for sure in your mind you know who/what is going to win. Then, come back and check on Monday if you are right.

Blind Items Revealed #4

December 29, 2018

This former A+ list singer turned woman beating A- list singer is being accused of raping a woman at a recent party. She has not gone to the police because she is trying to reach a financial settlement.

Chris Brown

Blind Items Revealed #3

December 28, 2018

Another canceled show due to drugs for this A list singer who had a noteworthy 2018. It makes you wonder how many shows on the upcoming tour will be canceled.

Ariana Grande

Blind Items Revealed #2

December 28, 2018

Our favorite foreign born one hit wonder made the news, but she was going to make a blind item anyway because of what she did with a guy in the same country she made news. Apparently he hired her for the night and they had dinner. He has a helicopter and on the way from the restaurant to his high rise they had sex in his helicopter. They were supposed to spend the night together, but apparently she was disappointing so when the helicopter landed, he got out but had the pilot take her back to her hotel.

Iggy Azalea

Blind Item #8

This permanent A+ list comedian/former actor is trying to stop the release of a recording of a conversation from about a decade ago where he says things that would probably instantly end his career.

Blind Item #7

While her A list mom is dying, this B- list celebrity offspring us using that as an excuse to not only use again, but embrace using. It is pretty sad to watch.

Blind Items Revealed #1

December 27, 2018

Don't believe the hype. This permanent A- list mostly television actor from an iconic role on an iconic show is not holding up a reboot of the show. There will not be a reboot. No matter how much money is thrown at the group, it is not going to happen. I mean, I guess if they were offered $10M an episode it could happen, but that won't happen.

Matthew Perry/Friends

Blind Item #6

This foreign born former A+ list model knows she won't get anything but a slap on the wrist because she knows too many secrets about the rich and powerful in her country. Now, I suppose they could kill her to keep her quiet, but a slap on the wrist is the most likely outcome.

Blind Item #5

This permanent A list rapper with seemingly feels like dozens of children and a sizzurp issue said this week that he would be happy to participate in a documentary about his kind of boss/one named producer who forced our rapper to lose his virginity at 11 to an older woman. 

Blind Item #4

Let me know if anyone sees any Tweet or post on Insta about a flight being turned back because of a fish allergy which the pilot announced was the reason. I can't find one and to me, if I was a passenger, I sure would be posting that. Is this Housewife wanting more attention? 

Blind Item #3

Yes, that was this closeted A- list probable Academy Award winner/nominee making out with another guy in a Palm Springs bar last night.

Blind Item #2

The problem with the strategy for this closeted supposed professional at this type thing is this. You have to slowly introduce a new woman in your life and eventually the tabloids say girlfriend. You can't just leak to the tabloids you have a girlfriend, especially, if they have never seen you with her before. It just all looks planted and fake when you do that. Don't worry, I won't bill you for the pro tip. Oh, and just so you know. The A+ list reality star hated your Christmas gift.

Blind Item #1

This permanent A list rapper was never going to contribute to that docu series about the singing child molester/child rapist. It would have shed a light on what our rapper was doing and to whom and it isn't pretty.

Thursday, January 03, 2019

Blind Item #14

This former A/A- list actress all of you know who has been in the business since before she could talk, but doesn't really act any longer is being cheated on by her husband which nobody really saw coming. 

Blind Item #13

Why yes, that was this former A+ list singer turned A- lister who also got fired from reality television and her significant other at that famous nudist spa outside Palm Springs. They had about five women all over the couple at any one time.

Blind Item #12

Producers are hoping this A-/B+ list mostly television actress from an ABC comedy can make it to the end of the season before she hits rehab. It will be close. There are contingency plans to write her out of the final month to six weeks of the season.

Blind Item #11

This married southeast Housewife has been seeing a much older man who she really would like to be with permanently and is afraid he will dump her if she does not make a move now. The thing is, a move now will make her look like a horrible person.

Blind Item #10

I have written before about employees of one of the companies of this celebrity CEO tunneling beneath the border to smuggle drugs. It looks like it is going on again, but this time the police and DHS are on to it.

Blind Item #9 - Mr. X

He's finally getting called to the carpet. This A-list actor and comic is going on an apology tour for some old remarks he made. He originally wanted to start the tour on that alliterate talk show host's show, because she was one of the first people to defend him. But his PR people panicked and ordered that he will go on that show hosted by that funny lady or else his career won't recover. He begrudgingly said yes. More proof that the latter host caters to the PR people of her guests. She won't treat him with kid gloves however, she will probably lecture him about how wrong he was, blah blah blah. Will he get his old job back? I don't know. But I'm sure he'll get a Kneepads cover, because the same conglomerate is in charge of both that magazine and the show he's going on.

Blind Items Revealed #5

September 18, 2018

Emmy Awards

This A- list dual threat actress was telling people last night that she was quitting her hit network show and wants the writers to get rid of her so she can never change her mind.

Taraji P Henson

Today's Blind Items - The Thief

This is not some Lindsay Lohan stealing a fur coat or a pair of earrings thing while you are not looking. I do though, often wonder how many items she ultimately stole in her klepto career. It surely wasn't the number that was reported or discussed. My guess it was probably a multiple of ten of that, because you can't tell me the only times she did it were the times she was busted. There must have been successes too. It isn't like she has stopped, but this is not about her. We are talking next level here. We are talking the size and scope of a Kardashian Paris robbery type situation and it is all masterminded by someone who is a celebrity themselves. Oh, most of you know who he is because you are gossip aficionados. To anyone other than you though, no one would have a clue. Well, I take that back. The portion of the world where he supposedly makes his living would know who he is and they are probably not the biggest gossip fans. Other than that, no one.

He comes from a celebrity family in the sense that he and his family frequently deal, work and interact with celebrities. Their level of interaction is at the highest level of celebrity. Primarily they interact with European royalty and celebrity. Everyone thinks the family is worth a great deal of money. They deal with a lot of money, but that does not translate to riches of their own. Are they comfortable? Yes. Do they have the same wealth of the celebrities with whom they interact? No. It is even less so for our thief who relies on others to pick up dinner checks and who has not felt the trickle down effects from his family.

It was several years ago that our thief, who is well versed on what is worth money and easily flipped for money that he began to take careful note of homes and yachts of celebrity. He is not someone who goes in to a place in the dead of night and breaks locks. He is a thief who will make several visits to a home or yacht for parties or as a guest for a week and sees where cameras are and how efficient everyone is. He looks to see if it could be blamed on someone else, perhaps a crew member. He looks to see if the owners care about it or even know about the items he wishes to purloin. For each of these visits, he always has a date. He prides himself on well known European models or actresses who provide another level of distraction. They don't know what he is doing as he takes an item here or an item there. He never strikes the same place twice and he has never had help, until now. Our thief, who has taken millions of dollars worth of items over the years, now has someone to help him gain access to places even his other companions could not. This particular companion is very well known and is in high demand as an A lister. She also knows a great deal of secrets about many of the elite being robbed because they have had illicit affairs with her they would not want known. It is another reason, they would remain tight lipped in case they did catch on to the identity of the thief. The thing is, she is impatient and wants more and more. The thrill of a job gets her adrenaline rushing. Our thief takes his time and is content with three or four thefts a year. Our A lister would prefer three or four per month. That is how you get caught.

Your Turn

What is the worst movie you saw last year? It doesn't have to be in the theatre. Just any movie you saw and said that was crap.

Blind Items Revealed #4

September 18, 2018

Emmy Awards

One of the producers of the show was livid because these two B+ list actors from a very hit long running television show hated being there and told everyone they hated being there but had the producers over a barrel. They treated everyone like crap and made outrageous demands and they will never be invited back.

Colin Jost/Michael Che

Blind Items Revealed #3

December 27, 2018

The friends of this B list singer who gets to be A list when this group reunites are telling her to stay far away from any reunion with her now ex-boyfriend. Even the permanent A lister put her two cents in which is something she doesn't usually do.

Michelle Williams/Chad Johnson/Beyonce

Blind Items Revealed #2

November 8, 2018

Apparently the A+ list reality star is using a surrogate again. This time she is having another boy. You know, I wonder if her husband even knows. Apparently the initialed network knows but is waiting for permission to tell the world.

Kim Kardashian (and she announced it yesterday, including that the baby is a boy)

Blind Item #8

It is always such a complicated, almost hour long procedure every single time this closeted A+ list mostly movie actor goes out with his long time male lover. They ca dine together, but cannot be seen entering or exiting together and they only have dinner at places that discourage photography inside restaurants. It would be so much easier to just come out.

Blind Item #7

There is a lot of buzz that a member of this foreign based all female group had sex with one of the decision makers at this promotion company which is how they secured such a high billing at a big concert, despite not much output to secure that high of a billing. 

Blind Items Revealed #1

December 27, 2018

This disgraced former A- list mostly movie actor has already made a deal with prosecutors that he will serve no jail time for his latest offense.

Kevin Spacey

Blind Item #6

This permanent A list singer was barred by his actress significant other from seeing his ex as she lay dying. There is no way the actress was going to take a chance on anything breaking the spell like hold she has over him and his life.

Blind Item #5

have you noticed the sheer volume of celebrities working in this one genre of entertainment/place of employment who have had photos "hacked," that create tons of buzz. Not every leak, but the vast majority of them are just part of the whole package. Stories are created all the time for the genre, and this just adds to it. Have you noticed that no one has ever been arrested or charged for any of these leaks, which is different from other leaks of different celebrities. 

Blind Item #4

I don't know how much money this former A list singer/permanent child molester paid the parents of this one named former A- list singer, but it must have been a big check to have them spew what they know are untruths. Everyone who was around back in the day knows the one named singer was way underage when she started having sex with the child molester. For them to deny it, just shows they have been bought off or have the biggest pair of blinders on ever.

Blind Item #3

Unlike some other relatives, this alliterate former actress turned A+ list celebrity wants a certain designation for her offspring and won't settle for anything else. 

Blind Item #2

When you combine drugs, a predisposition for domestic violence, jealousy and a girlfriend who supplements her income through entertaining men at her home, it is a recipe for disaster. It wouldn't shock me if this A- list reality star from multiple reality efforts gets some jail time for his recent actions.

Blind Item #1

This family, including the A list mogul/wannabe rapper are trying to make sure some information about the death of someone close to the rapper omits a few lines they don't think are really relevant. They are pushing hard because, if included would lead to a lot of questions.

Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Reader Photos

I stumbled upon these three photos while going through a bunch of emails after I had already posted Reader Photos yesterday. There was no way I was not going to let them also feel some love.

Blind Item #14

For someone who struggled a lot with addiction, it is interesting this former A+/A list mostly movie actress not only does the wine thing, but is also an owner of a pot farm.

Blind Item #13

This former A+ list athlete/cheat is using his new business venture to sign up a bunch of unknown fighters to ridiculously one side contracts but not doing anything for them except letting them train for 50% off. 

Blind Item #12

This A- list dual threat actress from a middling television show gets her other dual threat on stage where she is one of the best and has been awarded for it too. She is cheating on her husband with someone she is working with. 

Blind Item #11

This former A+ list reality star who I think wants her old fame back and wants to be on network television again did her best to hook up with the significant other of this A-/B+ list mostly movie actress who is a celebrity offspring of a former A+ lister and close enough to an offspring of this other former A+ lister who is still probably A- list after many many many decades in the business.

Blind Item #10

You will notice that in a war with several trolls, this A- list mostly television actress from multiple hit shows under the same corporate umbrella didn't deny one of things of which was accused to lose weight. My guess is that she specifically asked her doctor for them, knowing what the side effect would be.

Blind Item #9

Considering they are secretly married, things are going to be a little more dicey in a split between this former A+/A list singer from back in the day turned reality star and her one named producer/significant other.

Blind Items Revealed #5

September 18, 2018

Emmy Awards

A producer last night was telling a story about a date he had with this foreign born A- list mostly television actress who was a winner/nominee last night. They had a couple of dates and everything was great. On the third or fourth date, she offered to make dinner. He went to her house and she spent the first hour sitting there sharpening kitchen knives and asking him how long he could stay. He said he ate and got out of there and then ghosted her.

Michelle Dockery

Today's Blind Items - Lawless

I'm not sure if I can find it, but shortly after I started the site, I wrote about a singer who owned a trailer park and each trailer was being used as a grow site for pot. Considering the person I am writing about today is also a singer, this time of a permanent A list group who is in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, perhaps he knew the other person. This not just using trailers to grow. It is in Northern California. It is close to the coast to avoid any chance, or at least reduce the chance of being consumed by fire. It is 20 minutes from any kind of major road, and 30-45 from any kind of major town with a grocery store. It is perfect for the people who live there because none of them are up to any good. The singer doesn't like to talk about it because all he does is collect the rent, and a little taste. The way things work in California in these types of communities is you pay for a space. That's it. The landlord has no other obligations. Because the rents in an out of the way place like that are low, around $200 they are usually paid in cash. Often the case is that someone who is not afraid of violence is the one who collects the rent from each site. Often, they will live for free and take a cut of what they collect to make sure enforcement efforts are strong.

This little outpost of about 150 sites makes the singer a nice little steady income. Unlike many other owners, he reports all of the rental income he receives. What he doesn't report is the percentage he receives from the various enterprises going on at the sites. There is meth, but apparently only one person who is experienced at cooking it is allowed. There are a couple that are used as fencing locations and another couple that are safe houses for motorcycle gang members. There is one that is a strip club which is next door to one used as a brothel. It is amazing the kind of illicit businesses you can put into a double wide. Because it is so far from a grocery, there is a grocery store in one that charges normal prices because of a beating that occurred when it first opened with prices commensurate with being out in the middle of nowhere. The singer doesn't like to talk about any of it, but generates enough from his percentage that it exceeds royalties he receives from several of the band's records. You know, I titled this Lawless, but that is one thing that is crazy about the place. Sure, there are fistfights and there is one trailer that is used as a bar, but the rule is only fists. No feet and no weapons in a fight. There really is no violence because they don't want the police to show up for anything. 

Your Turn

What is the one resolution you made that you really want to keep?

Blind Items Revealed #4

December 26, 2018

Apparently this former A- list singer/reality star/movie actress/mogul is diabetic.

Jessica Simpson/gestational diabetes

Blind Items Revealed #3

December 26, 2018

There is so much effort to get this A list talk show co-host from her long time job that it is a wonder there is any energy left to actually do the show.

Kelly Ripa

Blind Items Revealed #2

December 25, 2018

This reality star from a cable channel that used to show music videos recently proposed but I am confused because there are multiple women who said they have had sex with him since Thanksgiving.

Safaree Samuels

Blind Item #8

This A- list singer/actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee sexually assaulted a housekeeper at a villa where he is staying out of the country. He blamed it on being wasted.

Blind Item #7

One of the problems with this televised NYE show that crashed and burned is that one of the hosts was doing their best to try and sleep with a production assistant and didn't much care about anything other than that.

Blind Items Revealed #1

December 25, 2018

This foreign born former A+ list tweener has been using friends to try and contact his ex again. His new wife cannot be pleased because some of the friends he is using are her friends first and are sharing the requests with her.

Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez/Hailey Baldwin

Blind Item #6

Is hooking up dating? I mean this A list singer might not be dating this year, but she has been hooking up with at least two people on a fairly regular basis. But yes, she is not "dating" either one of them.

Blind Item #5

This foreign born former A list model turned B+ list actress all of you know definitely shared a bedroom with her nephew on a recent vacation.

Blind Item #4

This back in the day A list frequent duet maker turned prisoner turned singer has always been bi. The thing is, he likes to pretend people don't know it. This past week he ended up with a guy who the day before had been with this permanent A list celebrity all of you know and is currently single and if reports are correct, also HIV+.

Blind Item #3

This foreign born A/A- list singer who is way more popular now that she left the group she was in and ultimately destroyed by her leaving has been showing support for the long time underage rapist/child porn maker who is a former A+ list singer.

Blind Item #2

Those former co-stars from a long running hit network show which was not on ABC are not even disguising the fact they want to be with each other 24/7 despite each having significant others.

Blind Item #1

Our celebrity CEO is running out of tricks up his sleeve.  He had big plans for that new car model. It was supposed to be a lot less expensive when originally promised. Instead, it was only somewhat less expensive, and the quality is terrible. People are finding that out, and there is nothing he can do about it.

Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone and thanks again for another great year. I have the best readers on the planet and is what keeps me coming back every single day. There were times back in 2017 when I was getting hacked on an almost daily basis that I would get so frustrated at not being able to post because it was hacked or the site had crashed or whatever code didn't work. I kept going though and then made the switch back to Blogger about 14 months ago. It is where it all began and where it belongs. The site has never been flashy or about that. The site is for readers/sleuths who like hearing dirt and solving mysteries. Thank you for reading every day and commenting and emailing and posting on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram. Thank you for embracing the podcast and listening to me 7 days a week or close to it anyway. I couldn't do any of this without all of you, and of course a lot of spies too.

Here are some links and some other people who have really helped this year whether they realize it or not on the site and/or the podcast.

Mr. X who not only writes some of his own blinds, but is a never ending source of great tips.
John Doe
Gabe Hoffman
The Morning Toast
True crime expert Jen
The Ringer

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Blind Items Revealed #48

July 31, 2018

I don't think it will be that tough to figure out the main subject in the blind, but it is a story I have been wanting to write for a few years now. I always tend to want to write it this time of the year. To make it more puzzle friendly, I am including some of the people that were on the sidelines during this period.

When I met her, I knew who she was, but really just as someone who enjoyed her previous record when I heard it, and would have told her if I had run into her. I thought that record was brash and really expected nothing less in real life from someone who made that kind of record. The thing was though, when I first met her she was 180 degrees from that.

I almost never met her. I'm trying to think of some other way I would have met her if not for that weekend, and I don't think we would have crossed paths. I tried to think of every possible way to get out of going to where I did meet her. You know, where all it would have taken is one gust of wind and I would have pulled out. I don't like heat. I hate it in fact. Some of the greatest feelings I have had in life were when I was hot and planted myself in front of an air conditioner. Who remembers those moments? Me, that's who.

Things were different for this particular event back then. Very different. I do remember making a call to this foreign born former A list singer group/solo in my 120 Minutes kind of world (SO) and landed two tickets for a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time friend of the site who I would still do anything for because she wanted to see her at the time favorite band. When I got the tickets, I of course told the former A lister that the long time friend of the site considered SO to be her favorite singer ever.

Anyway, SO was supposed to perform in LA two nights before her show and I had plans to go and hit whatever booze she ordered in her rider. She canceled her show though and we decided to do dinner instead. The thing about SO is that I understand her so much better the more I drink. She says I use it as an excuse to drink more. Probably. My drunken self got ahead of my common sense and I agreed to go see her perform. The only reason is because she was going a day ahead of time, so no traffic and she had a place to stay where I could crash for a couple nights. How was I going to get back home was something I should have thought about, but didn't.

So, I went and I sweated a lot. It was during the hottest part of that day during soundcheck that I first met the subject of our blind. Let us call her TD. Unlike what most of you might think about TD, she was incredibly shy when I first met her. SO introduced her to me. After a brief hello, SO left us alone while she went and did some press or drank tea with honey or something. It was just myself and TD. Felt like 20 minutes but it was about a minute before she said "It's f**king hot isn't it?" Only she said it in an accent that made it come out something like, "f************king hot in it." I laughed. Out loud. Hard. She laughed that I laughed and smiled this huge 10,000 watt smile.

TD wasn't famous back then. People knew her and her biggest song ever was out, but no one was buying it. No one was playing it. She got the gig courtesy of the record label that pushed for her and a management company that combined her with someone else. I promised SO I would stay sober until she finished her show because she said I needed to or she wouldn't let me crash back at her place. The night before, there had been a little too much drinking on my part. I agreed. I saw TD a few times that night after she performed and she popped up at the place where SO was crashing. I told TD if she was ever in LA to give me a call and gave her my number.

I never expected to hear from her again. I was wrong. It was not quite two months later she called me and said she was in town and said she needed a place to crash because her arrangements were not working for her. Those arrangements were a really nice hotel suite. The problem was she was trying to hide from her boyfriend at the time because he found out she hooked up with this permanent A list rapper who ALL of you know and who all of you knew then and who NONE of you would ever suspect of hooking up with TD. Let us call him RE-MIX.

TD says she called a couple other people, but those people all knew the boyfriend. She needed someone no one knew. So, she came over. I gave up my futon and there she slept. The next day she was pretty manic and out of sorts. There was a lot of smoking. A whole lot of lighting the next cigarette with the one before it. She did ask me to go to the event where she was performing. I thought she was asking out of guilt, but when we went to lunch I could tell she meant it. That laugh of hers was crazy. I remember even that day, no one came up to her and asked her for anything. No photos. No autographs. Nothing.

I went to the event and did see this former bubblegum pop singer turned actress try to hide the fact she was hooking up with her then co-star who was relatively unknown at the time and is now probably A/A- list depending on his big of a fan you are of the defunct network hit. She was also seeing a celebrity and some old guy and didn't want anyone to know she was seeing all these guys because she thought it was bad for her image.

I remember seeing this at the time A- list actress who is probably a little lower now, but still crappy at acting doing some lines of blow at an after party.

I never even spoke to TD again that day after dropping her off. Nothing from her at all until three months later when she was back in town and once again asking to crash on my futon because once again she was hiding from people. I gathered she liked having places where no one could find her from labels to management to agents to boyfriends. For two days straight she hung out with my family and watched television until all hours. She loved infomercials. There were a couple concerts thrown in but for the most part it was television and beer and chain smoking.

It was during those two days that we started talking about movies and she said she always wanted to be in a movie. A mysterious character. She could be a singer, but she wanted to be someone who was the key to everything. It had to be a drama. She wanted to to be the piece to bring it all together and wanted to use an American accent. She could do it really well. I jokingly told her we should try and shoot a scene. She said we should. She was serious. A week later we were in a northern city and she sang a song which she never sang before or since which she thought was the perfect movie song of all time. She then did about a half page of dialogue which she nailed in one take. I sent her the DVD of her performance and for months she said she watched it every day. She got into a fight a few months after with her boyfriend and he broke it. She said it was the most she ever cried because she always had that dream. I offered to send her another copy but she didn't want it. That was our last conversation for the final three years of her life.

SO - Bjork
TD - Amy Winehouse
Mandy Moore/Zachary Levi
RE MIX - Jay Z
Tara Reid

Blind Items Revealed #47

November 26, 2018

Many decades ago there was a famous UFO author/researcher/filmmaker who also remarkably enough also was the creator of a long lasting children's show that is still referenced today. He wrote it and wrote the music and was quite the polar opposite from his UFO passion. Apparently someone in the government was a fan of the show and when he realized what the creator's main passion was decided to help him out. He gave the creator access to all of the government UFO files and film footage in order to film a documentary. At some point, a higher up found out what was going on but decided it would cause more of a stink to stop everything, so they let it proceed - with one caveat. The film footage the government was going to allow him to use and which he had seen was not going to be allowed in the movie. It basically killed any chance the documentary would be a success because the whole premise of it was leading up to the footage which apparently was jaw dropping.

Fast forward a decade and the creator reconnects with a movie producer. This producer has done some things, but is mainly known for being the sibling of a permanent A++ list director who at the time was an A+ list director but still fairly new to the business. The UFO guy and the A+ list director had worked on a film together a few years earlier where our UFO guy told some tales, but the director really didn't believe it all. Anyway, the UFO guy and the producer reconnect and start working on a movie that was so cheap it shared a set with a movie that featured the exact same plot line with different actors filmed a few years earlier. The thing is though, the UFO guy told the producer the same stories he had told the director a few years earlier. This time though, he dropped a bombshell. He had made a copy of the film the government gave him to use. He had taken a film camera and secretly filmed the scene when it was showing on a screen from a projector manned by a military officer.

Our UFO guys shows the footage to the producer who then gets her sibling to view it. The director decides he is going to use the footage in a new movie he is set to make. The government finds out about the footage and cuts a deal with the director. They will give him access to things he can use in all his films whether it is money or technology or ideas the government is working on. He can see the prototypes and incorporate them into his movies. It is why he has always focused on science and the future and aliens and the paranormal in addition to family fare. Apparently as part of the deal, he does have a copy of that footage. A clear copy.

Robert Emenegger/Anne Spielberg/Steven Spielberg

Blind Items Revealed #46

September 27, 2018

A little bit of a rant that will try to be blind. Look, I know that this A list reality star made her fame by having a sex tape released. She has created generational wealth for her family and siblings by making a porn. The thing is though, she was legal. Her partner was legal. I don't think she stresses it enough and I don't think her significant other stresses it enough. There is an entire generation of tweens and teens out there that think if they hook up with someone famous, they too can be like the reality star or whichever of the siblings they idolize,

The reality star needs to put her foot down when it comes to her significant other. Over the past three months he has not only publicly supported multiple child molesters and sexual assaulters, but given them work and fretted he had not supported them enough. We already knew how he was helping the convicted child molester get work and get publicity and turning a blind eye when more underage girls were bought around. Based on what the rapper did in the past, the significant other must have known what was likely to happen to those two girls. What isn't known is if the significant other witnessed it and said nothing or just talked himself into the fact they might be legal.

I don't know where the parents of those two girls are. Maybe they don't care or maybe they don't know. I do know there are parents of this Disney actress who is way underage but was having sex with the killed rapper (who regularly beat women) and his friend who were basically preying on her. She is now being preyed on by another man. I say man and she is underage and in this case her parents don't care because she is making money.

That first friend of the deceased she was raped by is accused of raping another two women. Who supports him and defends him? The significant other of the reality star. The reality star who likes to pretend she stands for women and stands for female empowerment. I don't see it. I don;t see it at all. The rapist being defended by her significant other is also trying to have sex with a 16 year old girl even though he is under fire for the previous rapes. Where is the mother to the 16 year old? Right there with the 16 year old making sure she says the right thing to the rapist so he will want her and want to be with her. The mom is doing the same thing with another half dozen rappers/producers for her own gain and she sees the profit potential for her daughter never mind the costs to her mind or body or future.

This has to stop. The reality star needs to stand up to her significant other and say what he is doing is not right. By not doing so, she is enabling. She is showing all the young women out there in the world who look up to her and her siblings that this kind of behavior is OK. It isn't. She can't control what her significant other says, but she can call him out when he says or acts or condones this type of behavior. I will get to Drake another day. Oh, and I'm coming for you too Chris Stokes.

Kim Kardashian/Ray J/Kanye West
Convicted sex offender - Texashi69
Disney actress - Skai Jackson
Killed rapper - XXXTentacion
Friend - A$AP Bari

Blind Items Revealed #45

September 18, 2018

Emmy Awards

I think everyone was afraid this permanent A list comedian was going to overdose last night or hear that he was found dead this morning. He was popping oxy like candy. He could barely form any kind of coherent sentences and just drank gallons of water and popped the pills.

Dave Chappelle

Blind Items Revealed #44 - Kindness

September 18, 2018

Emmy Awards

This A-/B+ list mostly movie actress is still in her very late teens. She has been acting since she was a kid and has had some roles in some very big movies. She even was the star of her own movie. She is going to have a huge rest of 2018 and 2019. She will probably see A list very soon. This might seem small but shows what kind of person she is. Last night at a party, she found a cell phone. The owner of the phone called and said it would take about 30 minutes to get back to where the phone was. Our actress postponed her plans for the next party and waited about 45 minutes to make sure the owner got their phone back.

Joey King

Blind Items Revealed #43

September 18, 2018

Emmy Awards

Apparently this A+ list show runner went to an exclusive party at the disgraced director's house to celebrate both their big days. I'm guessing it was not such a fun day for the party favors.

Ryan Murphy/Bryan Singer

Blind Items Revealed #42

September 18, 2018

Emmy Awards

After that horrific experience during last year's award season, this barely old enough to drive alliterate B list mostly television actress from a hit almost show tried to avoid any interactions with men. Last year, I wrote about how several much older men had cornered her at various times and pawed and groped her.

Sadie Sink

Blind Items Revealed #41

September 18, 2018

Emmy Awards

This is a messy circle. So, this A- list mostly television actor from a very hit network show says he has been texting/sexting his former co-star from that same network from back in the day. That actress is A-/B+ list and cheated on her significant other so much he dumped her. Then, she moved on with a guy different than the one she cheated with. Now, apparently she is with that other guy but says she has feelings for our actor. He says he doesn't care one way or the other but the sexting and sex is great.

Milo Ventimiglia/Hayden Panettiere/Wladimir Klitschko

Blind Items Revealed #40

September 5, 2018

I don't think he has been in contact with her, but someone reminded this former tweener turned A- list singer/bad actress about all the footage that was shot of her naked doing all kinds of things which would be "leaked" if she says anything negative about a certain permanent A lister.

Selena Gomez/Woody Allen

Blind Items Revealed #39

August 30, 2018

This is not super Old Hollywood. If it involves television, than maybe it just back back in the day rather than Old Hollywood. She was definitely popular through her tween and teen years but those were also the years that she blamed for ruing the rest of her life and every relationship she had. It also left her childless.

She got her big break when she was 11 or 12. Right in the tween sweet spot. She came in as a replacement on one of the biggest daytime shows in television. It was a television show which the studio used more for pleasing investors than any real money from advertisers on the show. For two years, our actress was passed around to older men as a way to get them to invest in the bigger company which was going through a financial squeeze because of a very very very big investment. At that time, it had yet to pay off like it has today.

She was just one of the dozen or so that were passed around. The main star was the only one who was not passed around because she was the personal play toy of the man everyone called by one name. He made sure through her good and bad years that she worked as much as she wanted and he provided her six figure checks twice a year to help her live her best life.

Anyway, back to the subject of her blind. One of the men brutally raped and beat her because he said she wasn't trying her best. Umm, she was 13 maybe at that time and he was probably 50. He beat her so badly that she was fired from the show and suffered damage to her body that wouldn't ever allow her to have kids.

Fast forward a few years. She was probably 15 at that time and was on another hit show. This time there were no men passing her around. She loved being on the show. It was also at that time she got introduced to a permanent A+++ lister. He always liked his girlfriends young. He must have been in his mid to late 20's and was at that point an A lister. He saw her on the show and the next thing you know they were together. They split though when he found out she had been raped. He considered her damaged goods. He also started talking about it to other industry friends and within a couple years when her run on the show ended, she couldn't get any more work and she never really acted again.

Cheryl Holdridge/Mickey Mouse Club/Leave It To Beaver/Elvis Presley/Annette Funicello

Blind Items Revealed #37

December 28, 2018

Think back to the biggest violent Rock Deaths of the last few decades and one will probably stand out.

This is NOT that death. But think within a decade or so. Same coast, different style, different music, different weapon.

Like the big death, conspiracy theories abounded about possible foul play. Focusing on someone close to The Late Musician. These theories are both convincing and enduring.

What they don’t tell you is that this theory is perpetuated and supported online still after all these years by certain family members of The Late Musician. It is very much in their best interest to keep these conspiracies active and growing because it directs attention away from information that might make them look culpable in other, more indirect ways, for his untimely and tragic death.

Due to the litigious nature of these people, confidants, biographers and journalists have only been able to hint at the nightmare childhood The Late Musician endured. Not only abuse from a close family member but at the hands of others with the full knowledge and enabling of said family member. He wasn’t the only one who was hurt either.  The Late Musician spoke about this often and unambiguously,  off the record, shortly before his death. His next record was going to explicitly tell all.

The family member contacted him again, repeatedly. It contributed to a slide into paranoia, shame and despair.

If friends (or family) of The Late Musician even look like they might make accusations of the #metoo variety the lawyers will quickly put an end to them. The worst part is that they use the profits from his music to do this. People are silenced almost before they can open their mouths.

It will , perhaps, come to light one day in the future. I hope so. He was a sweet human being and  no one deserves what he went through.

Elliott Smith

Blind Items Revealed #36

December 12, 2018

This aging A list mostly movie actor is someone you all know to be a terrible person.  His many years of horribly abusing his multiple wives and children are legendary.  He was nominated for multiple awards, but never won.  Back in the day, this actor was cast in the lead role of a film, during which he raped a 14 year old girl.  The girl was the director’s daughter.  She didn’t want to see her father’s film fall apart in scandal, so she never told anybody.

Ryan O'Neal

Blind Items Revealed #35

December 11, 2018

This A-list movie / television actor has enjoyed a very long career.  He is an Academy Award winner / nominee for an iconic role you all recognize.   A little over 2 decades ago, this actor molested a girl who was barely a teen.  He wrote a pretty large check to the victim’s family to avoid criminal charges.  Despite this, our actor has continued his career in Hollywood.  Nobody in Hollywood had any problem with putting our actor on many productions filled with underage teens and tweens.  Molesting a very underage girl didn’t even cause a blip.

Edward J Olmos

Blind Items Revealed #34

December 5, 2018

Everyone remembers this permanent A list celebrity who did a turn in reality late in life as some type of gregarious larger than life celebrity. He was that, but people forget that he also tried to sell a magazine a few decades ago that sexualized tweens and teens. It didn't last long, but not because there was not demand. It is because people were afraid to carry the magazine in stores because of how it depicted these tweens and teens.

People also forget how he anonymously wrote a review in the magazine that made him famous giving a rave review to a book. In that review he said, "Last year, the Puritan press generated a national burst of pious outrage over child pornography, the abuse of minors at the hands of callous X-rated film makers, pimps and worse. Behind the campaign was the notion that children need to be protected from all forms of sexuality until they reach an age when they can fully appreciate the subtle nuances of guilt and shame that make sex such a bummer for many adults."

It is also a book that glorifies incest and suggests that babies as young as six months are ready for sex. It also says that incest should be embraced and not rejected in society. That if you start very early with your female children they can grow into "notably erotic young women."

Hugh Hefner

Blind Items Revealed #33

November 20, 2018

Over the last couple months, what seems like the last remaining insider in the NXIVM scandal has basically shut down communication with everyone including me. What were fairly frequent emails has turned into infrequent screeds and links to positive thinking news articles and message boards. Then, two nights ago, that changed when the insider was ticked off. Lies, lies lies was the subject line and for two paragraphs, the insider described multiple times that the former almost network actress forced women to have sex with her and then would hold them while the leader had sex with the woman. Other times, the leader would force our actress to have sex with another woman in front of him an would give instructions. If the instructions were not carried out, the actress would make the other woman do as she was told. On multiple occasions, the other woman was the celebrity offspring of this actress. In addition, our insider said that if the actress thought someone was not doing a good enough job of pleasing her or the leader she would subject the woman to hours of instruction which was confinement and isolation and denial of food until they became more compliant. If there was a woman that the leader really wanted to have sex with but was not being compliant, the actress would force feed her drugs, often addictive drugs to get them hooked. If the addiction would get out of control, the subject would be put an isolation and forced to go cold turkey for days. This cycle would often play out multiple times.

Sara Bronfman/Allison Mack/India Oxenberg

Blind Items Revealed #32

August 2, 2018

I'm not sure if she even knows it, but this former A- list mostly television actress from a hit cable show that is now defunct has some photos out there she probably does not want distributed the way they are. Our actress, who has had trouble getting any work other than a bit part or two since the show went off the air is making money doing promo photos. In case you are new to the party, these are photos which are supposedly "random" and "pap like" where your favorite star who needs some money is photographed in a store holding a product looking as if they are about to purchase the product. Sometimes they are done in hotel rooms or apartments. This is one of those cases. Our actress was convinced to almost get naked for the product and went through different sexy looks. Apparently while she was mixing and matching and showing more than she thought, photos were being snapped which are now being looked at by a lot of people. No one is sure how they got out and the photographer at the shoot is not being blamed for it, but someone was snapping some pictures at the same time and there is very little left to the imagination.

Ashley Benson

Blind Items Revealed #31

September 12, 2018

Another one is a common phrase heard in the office of a firm hired to investigate this pretty much former producer. They were hired by the parent company to find out what kind of liability in dollar terms the company could be on the line for. The company wasn't concerned about the well being of the actresses or what they experienced on set. In fact, they have been trying, with the help of the investigators to get the actresses to sign away any all rights to sue or discuss anything that went on during productions.

Another one refers to what an investigator says when they find a new person who is reporting abuse on the set. It is usually said several times a day. Dozens of them have signed their life away for a few bucks and a promise to call them if any acting opportunities come up. One person, has not signed. In fact, she recently rebuffed efforts to sign anything and has taken the opportunity to step out again. She is emboldened and wants to tell the world her story. In the past, she would have done it one Tweet at a time. Now, she plans on a news magazine show to tell her story and finally break open what the world has been waiting for. Who ever knew, she would be our hero.

Amanda Bynes

Blind Items Revealed #30

September 25, 2018

This former A- list mostly television actress from a now defunct hit network show is certainly enjoying the start to her fall. No more sneaking around to that vacant trailer with her former co-star they used for the purpose with everyone on the cast and crew knowing it wasn't to read lines. Now, they meet at his place and no one is the wiser.

Kerry Washington/Tony Goldwyn

Blind Items Revealed #29

September 25, 2018

I like the way this tipster told the story, so am leaving it as is.

Quite a few years ago. Fashion week. New York. Was party hopping with a buddy of mine who was a DJ. He was looking to network, I just wanted to enjoy the free drinks and the celebrities.

We hit this invite only party pretty late at night. The atmosphere was like something out of one of those old Hollywood movies. You could just tell everyone there was “someone”.  I was a chain smoker at the time and I immediately grabbed a drink, and ran off to the balcony to smoke.

The view from that balcony was indescribable. I just soaked in the wide panoramic view of the cities skyline while I enjoyed my cigarette and gin and tonic. Amazing view. Amazing moment.

I turned around to head back in to the party and I saw someone. “Where do I know them from?” I kept thinking to myself. “I KNOW that person from somewhere”. And then it hit me who they were. I was standing face to face with one of the biggest celebrities on the planet.

Feeling confident with all of the drinks I had been consuming throughout the night, I decided I would go talk to them. And I would mess with them.

“Hey, you’re from that big show on TV, right?” The typical “tell me something I don’t know, buddy” eye roll was the only response I received from the celebrity. “I personally think shows like yours are pointless and a waste of time but my friends are BIG fans!!” The celebrity smiled and appeared intrigued. “Big fans of mine, you say?”

“HUGE fans! They are excited for the new season. You guys are shooting in Italy, right?”. The celebrity then got a very confused look on their face. “Italy? Unless you know something I don’t, I think you are mistaken...”.  I was going to let it go at this point, but I could tell the celebrity was oddly intrigued so I continued.

“Yeah, they’re sending you to Italy.. you, the whole crew.. Pauly D, The Situation...”. The celebrity burst out in a roar of laughter for what felt like a few minutes and said “very clever... VERY clever..nobody has EVER used that approach to me before..” the celebrity was smiling from ear to ear.

I then acknowledged the celebrity by name and said I was just messing around. The celebrity told me I had a mischievous grin on my face and they sensed I was up to something when I came over. I told them that they looked bored so I figured I would go over and see if I can get a laugh.

“You did... and thank you for that” the celebrity replied. We spoke for another 15 minutes or so until my friend came back to get me to hit another party. The celebrity was incredibly nice, incredibly down to earth and to this day, and despite things written about them, I have nothing but good things to say about this person.

“Well, see you around, kiddo” I said to the celebrity. And off in the night my friend and I went to our next party and our next adventure...

Kim Kardashian

Blind Items Revealed #28

September 24, 2018

Guess The Athlete

This athlete is not at the pinnacle of their sport. This athlete is not well known. This athlete will never be the best in their sport. This athlete is about to become a major name and cross over star.

How can that be? This athlete is one of the most genetically gifted people walking the planet and is extremely marketable. The higher ups in their respective sport know this and higher ups at every major sports apparel companies know this. Hollywood people know this. At the end of the day, sports is a money game. And this athlete is going to make a lot of people a lot of money in the next few years. This athlete will seemingly come out of nowhere, and then be everywhere. And the higher ups will be laughing their way to the bank.

Fatima Diame

Blind Items Revealed #27

Guess The Athlete

September 24, 2018

This athlete also has a massive ego. This athlete also is one of the best in their respective sport. And this athlete also is about to be shown they are not above the sport.

You see, this athlete is right on the cusp of reaching the pinnacle in their sport. Massive payday, marketing opportunities and championships await. But this athlete is about to be in for a rude awakening. This athlete is about to be reminded that it is very unwise to get a bigger ego than the higher ups. Having a bad attitude and being generally disliked by everyone in your sport will not help the situation either. The big payday, marketing opportunities and championships are not in this athletes future.

Bryce Harper

Blind Items Revealed #26

Guess The Athlete

September 24, 2018

There was a meeting recently in regards to this athlete and their ego. This athlete is at their peak and one of the best in their respective sport. One may say they’re one of the best EVER in their respective sport. The higher ups spoke with the athlete and voiced their concerns on this athletes ego. Tone it down, or you will be made an example of. The athlete agreed and then proceeded to disregard the concerns of the higher ups. This, was not a wise decision. There was an event recently in which this athlete competed, and was fully expected to win. This athlete came prepared and fully expected to win. This athlete performed very well and fully expected to win. This athlete did not win. The message was delivered very clearly to the athlete.

Phil Heath

Blind Items Revealed #25

August 11, 2018

It was not that long ago that this former AD cobbled together $850K from a bunch of boosters to pay off a grad student. Why would a grad student get an $850K payout? Well, perhaps it had something to do with the affair she was having with the head coach of the team. A married head coach. A married A+ list head coach.

When the wife of the coach discovered this, she went and had an affair of her own with a personal trainer before going all Angela Bassett minus the flames. She did throw all of the clothes of the coach on the front lawn. He tried to cover all of it up by faking a near death illness before writing a big check to his wife to stay married to him and quit his job for a fresh start which doesn't seem to be working out all that well for them. Apparently it is a good thing there are no drug tests for coaches too. At least back then, it would have been an issue.

Jeremy Foley/Urban Meyer/Florida Gators/Ohio State Buckeyes

Blind Items Revealed #24

November 13, 2018

Back in the day, when this property was first acquired, the permanent A++ list celebrity who acquired it decided he was going to build an underground recording studio because he thought the sound would be completely different than a normal studio. Sounds kind of crafty to me and he never really struck me as someone who considered the whole thing a craft. Anyway, the hole was dug about 300-400 yards from the main house. The interior was built out, but the recording studio was never completed. It was basically just a 1,000 square foot unfinished basement all by itself.

About three weeks ago over dinner with his actress girlfriend, this former A+ list tween actor told her some of the stories he heard about what happened down in that recording studio. Our actor never went down there and when he asked about it, the permanent A++ lister said it wasn't a place for him, our actor to go. The things relayed to the girlfriend were so disturbing that she actually called the police to ask if they could investigate it. She is still waiting for a call back and doesn't know if anything is being done.

Michael Jackson/Macaulay Culkin

Blind Items Revealed #23

September 24, 2018

Over the years these two have kept to the pact they made that fateful night so long ago. They both know what happened and are the only two people alive who know what was said and done prior to the night that changed their lives forever. One of those people is a permanent A- list mostly movie actor. He is an Academy Award winner/nominee. As was the case that night, like many other nights, the actor took up his friend of the offer of a threesome with the friend and the friend's wife. They always chose to do such things away from prying eyes. No hotels, no spies leaking to papers or the studios. Nope. They were far away. Apparently, the wife of the friend, wanted some more time with our A- list actor. Alone. Our actor, who was married at the time, agreed. The thing is though, the friend, who also happens to be an actor took exception to it. He knew his wife was going to leave him and suspected she was going to leave him for the A- list actor. No woman was going to leave him and he killed her.

Both actors agreed to stay quiet. Until now. Our A- list actor heard that his friend from so long ago threw the A- list actor under the bus to police which is why he has been so aggressive in the press as of late. He thinks he is going to get away with it. Our A- list actor has a trick up his sleeve though. He has a letter from the husband to the wife threatening to kill her if she ever leaves him again. Apparently the wife had left for several weeks before deciding to come back about two months before the death.

Christopher Walken/Natalie Wood/Robert Wagner

Blind Items Revealed #22

July 9, 2018

If you are doing anything shady in the word of international commerce/espionage or know some secret that could be deadly to others, here is a pro-tip. Do not go to France. Sure, there might be nerve agents in the UK, but since November of last year, there have been a good half dozen deaths in France of high profile people that never even get a cursory look or even worse, are never mentioned again after the initial news report. Go back to November when I first started talking about it and look. Now? It just so happens that a guy who knows all the same secrets as that beyond wealthy guy back in November gets killed this past week. Oh sure, they can call it what they want, but there will be no followup at all. Why do you think that our favorite former A list syndicated actress suddenly stopped living there, or at least in any fixed residence. She gave up all plans to open any kind of business there. She knows the people being killed. She has spent some one on one time with at least two, including the first to go last November. He always had a thing for her and was a long time benefactor.

Pamela Anderson

Blind Items Revealed #21

August 20, 2018

This A list mostly movie actor who all of you know has a drug problem. It is probably going to get worse. His dealer got arrested so he reached out to these back in the day A listers who don't act any longer. They put him in touch with their dealer. That dealer takes very special care of them because they have been going to him for almost 15 years. The problem is that he doesn't really care about any of his other customers and has been responsible for the death of at least four celebrities and countless others.

#1 - Academy Award winning actor
#2 - Foreign born A list mostly movie actor
#3 - C list reality star
#4 - C+ list singer from an entertainment family

#1 - Johnny Depp
#2 - Philip Seymour Hoffman
#3 - Lyric McHenry
#4 - Leslie Carter

Blind Items Revealed #20

August 18, 2018

This former A+ list rapper who sometimes acts offered a woman $10K to hang out but told her she had to bring her five year old daughter with her. Our rapper wanted to take some pictures with the daughter.

50 Cent

Blind Items Revealed #19

August 9, 2018

This former A list mostly television actress from a very hit, very long running now defunct network show turned writer/producer/actress and reality judge walked out of a one on one press availability yesterday when the reporter asked her about her continued support and under the table employment of a former A list comedian, now disgraced.

Amy Poehler/Parks And Recreation/Louis C.K.

Blind Items Revealed #18

August 23, 2018

Everyone knows they exist. That is not a secret. Well, I mean, it is a secret to most people but not the participants or those close to them. This is not a hidden camera thing. The battle over these tapes has been going on for just about two decades. What do the tapes contain? Lots of sex and a whole lot of coke. For the first few years after the recordings were made, this A list politician tried to acquire them from his best friend who also happened to make the recordings. The best friend made the recordings of himself and his ex-girlfriend who now was the girlfriend of the politician. The girlfriend wanted them so the politician tried to get them. He was probably going to get them until the new girlfriend of the best friend intervened. She said they might come in handy down the road. She was certainly prescient. They are worth millions now to the right buyer. There is a new person in this world though who has no idea the recordings exist and it would be a major bomb dropping if they got out. For the first time in a long time, the original group is talking about them again and trying to make a deal. My guess is there will be no deal. Way too valuable.

Gavin Newsom/Billy Getty

Blind Items Revealed #17

October 18, 2018

"Want to know the record for most complaints against one person?" That was the question posed to me by this studio employee while we were talking about Me Too and sexual harassment claims. Of course I wanted to know.

The employee, who is definitely in a position to know gave me the name. How many I asked. The response was 146 complaints. Those are only the ones where people actually came forward and complained. There were probably hundreds more. This show was out of control. The thing is that the entire main cast were all in on it. Tons of the crew were too. They felt like it was part of the theme of the show and it was authentic if they did it. The show was a big cable hit for many years. It ended a couple of years back.

So, the person with all the complaints was on the show sometimes. He was on it more often than he was credited. He didn't really care about being on the show. He liked what he did behind the scenes on the show. His best friend in life was the big boss of the show. Probably how he got to stay on the show long after he should have been fired.

One of the ways he would make a ton of money and garner a lot of complaints was to hire porn stars to come to the set. He would pay them $50-60 to stand around in lingerie. Sometimes they would be in shots and sometimes they would just be milling around. Then, during breaks, they would hook up with the cast and crew and our subject would get a cut of whatever the porn stars earned.

Another way he would generate a lot of complaints would be to bring women who were recently incarcerated or in rehab to the set. He would bring a half dozen at a time and these were women who really needed that pay you got being an extra. The only way they would get the gig though is if they blew this guy or one of the other cast or crew that wanted to be serviced. They needed the money and would do it.

As the show went on, he was given more and power to the point he was doing almost all of the background casting which just increased his power and the things he did. He came up with a name for the women he used and abused. He called them crow eaters.

After nearing the 150 complaint mark, he was finally fired from the show. So, yeah, when you think things are being cleaned up? They aren't.

Jim Veneziano/Kurt Sutter/Sons Of Anarchy

Blind Items Revealed #16

October 10, 2018

American Music Awards

Asking anyone to keep them straight is hard. One half of this duo had a date with him. Next to him. Apparently this ex of the foreign born former A+ list tweener started hitting on our a-hole singer right in front of the date. When the date started to complain, our singer said something along the line of, "Do you see who is standing in front of us. If I have the chance to f**k her tonight, I will take my chances with our relationship." So, yeah.

Alex Pall/The Chainsmokers/Chantel Jeffries/Justin Bieber

Blind Items Revealed #15

October 10, 2018

American Music Awards

An interesting story being shared last night by this west coast Housewife. Apparently, despite the jinx effect, she was going to get a second season. Then, her ostensible boss intervened and called in some favors and the show went bye bye. The boss wanted her all for himself.

Kyle Richards/Alicia Silverstone (jinx)/American Woman/Andy Cohen

Blind Items Revealed #14

November 28, 2018

Was she a big named actress? No, but she never really had a chance to hit it big. She was starting out and she landed a huge part right out of the gate. Not big, but in a very big movie. That is the kind of credit that looks great when you are going into castings. At the time she was beginning her acting career, she also was dating this permanent A list musician/songwriter. Even back then, which is a couple decades ago he was still permanent A list. He has been in and out of the news the past year or so. Our permanent A lister has always had a temper and has always exhibited behavior that is violent when drunk, and specifically towards women. In other words, this is not a guy you want to date or be with. The thing is though, when you are who he is and are in the permanent A list group he was in and out of, women don't see or hear that. They should. It was more difficult to hear about it back then because of a lack of social media and what not. Anyway, our actress was dating him and he had too much to drink at a party. He shouldn't have been walking, let alone driving. Our actress was in the passenger seat when our singer totaled the car. The actress nearly died at the scene and then again at the hospital. She was permanently disfigured from the accident. Our actor never faced any charges. None of this ever made the news. The actress never worked again and, in return for a very very large settlement is not allowed to discuss the events of the night or her relationship with the singer/songwriter/musician. He is also not allowed to discuss it, but I really wish a reporter would at least give it a shot. He ruined the life of someone and has never had to answer for it.

Lindsay Buckingham/Cheri Caspari (Pretty Woman)

Blind Items Revealed #13

September 14, 2018

This iconic rock band, known for rumors and personal entanglements has topped themselves! The two Americans in this band, who joined as a couple with big dreams, have a tumultuous relationship.  Ironically, the male vocalist and guitarist was the only one the band wanted but he insisted he and his GF were a package deal when they joined the band 43 years ago.  His ethereal former girlfriend, who pursued a solo career in addition to her commitment to the band, was always obsessed with the male leader of another iconic band, recording with him and often taking the stage during his concerts. Though very friendly, the married Southern band leader never gave into her aggressive pressures to become a couple.

Heartbreakingly, the leader of this Southern Rock band died last fall.  This death seemed to bring about much angry entitlement in the singer.  She has been consumed with booting her ex from their band and replacing him with the lead guitarist from her dead friend’s band with whom she has written songs in the past.  She has a history of insisting on odd and eventually disastrous partnerships after someone close to her dies.  She was already angry with her ex  because, after years of refusing to create new music with the band,  the male singer and other female singer made an album together in 2017 naming it similar to the album she had made with her ex some 45 years ago.  The other two group members performed on the album too.  They did a brief tour which infuriated the singer.

Our singer  and her personal assistant who is known to have adversarial relationship with her ex, set about to gaslight him.  This resulted in a big fight in January during a very large award type show.  A week her ex was ousted in a landslide move and replaced with her dead friend’s mate.  Because the new band member is not known for his vocals, they crowded in another male singer.  The band set about to announce their new tour and tell the public her ex didn’t want to tour on their time table, thinking it would work because he declined to tour once during the late 80’s. The other female singer ( who has been with the band since 1970) was informed after the fact which she started on a TV interview related to the band’s lineup change.  This same band member threatened to quit soon afterwards if the band “didn’t make things right.”  She was begged to stay by the band’s founder and did so but is not happy with the situation.

The band didn’t count on were the leaks from their inner circle and their now ex-band member’s feisty young wife being very vocal about the real reason behind her husband’s departure.  They did not expect the fan backlash.   Especially from HER fans.

The now six member band is panicking because many aren’t buying the “he did not want to tour” line.  They do not want any backlash against their rock and roll ballerina because she is the most popular and known for her good witch persona.  They don’t want the public to know the real truth about this twirling singer because she is a main draw.

Making matters worse, the “new band” with the same name, just appeared on a daytime talk show with a lackluster performance and lots of criticism of no energy or chemistry in performing two of the songs from their classic 5 member line up.  Ticket sales to their tour are low and they are scrambling. I think they are in trouble!

Band: "Fleetwood Mac"
Male vocalist and guitarist/wife: Lindsey Buckingham/Kristen Messner
Former girlfriend: Stevie Nicks
Male leader of another iconic band: Tom Petty
Lead guitarist from her dead friend’s band: Mike Campbell ("Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers’)
Other male singer: Split Enz/Crowded House veteran Neil Finn
Male singer/other female singer album: Lindsey Buckingham/Christine McVie
Talk show appearance: "Ellen"

Blind Items Revealed #12

October 2, 2018

Over the past two years, this foreign born former A- list singer in his own country who was much lower here despite his name recognition has been responsible for the deaths of at least five women. These women would all be alive if they had not met him. He would meet them online or dating apps. He would get to know them and date them and sleep with them, which is scary enough when it comes to him. He would tell them he wanted to move on to the next step with them, but to do that, they had to share in his lifestyle. He wanted them to use heroin with him. Most said no and he broke up with them then and there. The ones who did stay are for the most part dead. There are two women who used it with him once or twice and then got away as quickly as they could.

Our singer gets them hooked and makes them do more and more to earn their fixes. When he gets bored, he gives them a little too much and they fade off to nothingness. How does he get away with it all? This is a guy who years ago sold himself to so many powerful men and knows all their secrets. Their world of privilege would come crashing down. So, the deaths are noted as accidental overdoses. They just all seem to have happened with our singer presiding over them.

Pete Doherty

Blind Items Revealed #11

December 11, 2018

As always, this former A- list singer/possible murderer didn't really think things through with her recent actions. Already, her new nemesis has all kinds of stories and recordings and photos that will slowly be leaked to the press. According to someone close to the awful excuse for a human being, he has recordings which could change the possible mentioned earlier to likely. Then of course there are the recordings of her threatening to take another life and the things she said about a family member prior to their reuniting. And after. It is hour after hour of receipts that will have her writing checks to the awful human for the rest of her life. It will also completely sever the relationship with a family member. Apparently there is even a recording where our former singer talks about seducing a former significant other of the family member.

Courtney Love/Sam Lutfi/Frances Bean Cobain

Blind Items Revealed #10

December 7, 2018

This permanent A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee has a secret. No, not the one where he cheated on his long suffering wife with a large number of women who seemingly decreased in age each year. The wife was finally kicked to the curb for one of them. So, not, not that secret. Instead, he has a much bigger one that happened way back in the day when he was just getting that big break. That one movie people still quote today. On the set for that movie were multiple tweens and young teens. Our actor would invite them out and then over to his new friend's house. The friend is a foreign born former A list mostly movie director who is a multiple Academy Award winner/nominee. There, the two of them would get the tweens and teens wasted and have sex with them before giving them cab fare home. Our A list director was busted for one of those teens. The reason the director was at the home of someone else was because our actor was using the director's house for a little orgy of tweens and teens. Our director felt he would never have been busted if he had been at his own home with the girl surrounded by others her age. Our actor agreed and has been sending money to the director and has paid for almost of all the legal bills for the director over the last four decades. Not Jack Nicholson.

Robert De Niro/Roman Polanski

Blind Items Revealed #9

November 6, 2018

I think maybe once or twice a year, I start a blind off by saying something to the point of my jaw dropped when I heard it. It doesn't happen often at all. The thing is though, I guess it really shouldn't have shocked me. Games in sports have been frequently fixed and if there is enough money involved, why couldn't something else be fixed. You would never have thought the entire McDonald's Monopoly game could be fixed for a decade, but it was. Too many security protocols in place. There are never too many if there is a lot of money to be made.

For a long time, bookmakers have taken bets on the results of certain award shows. One of the first few years there was online betting for a certain award show is when this all happened. It caught the online bookmakers by surprise when they finally realized what was going on. Instead of taking the bet off the board though, they quickly lowered the odds as fast as they could without giving away the fact they knew there was inside information somewhere. What they also did was make the favorite a longer shot which the general public then started betting because everyone knew it was going to win. Boy were they wrong.

Apparently to fix the result in this race actually only took the bribing of two people. That is it. The amount of money they were supposed to have been given is $500K each. They each received their upfront money of $250K, but nobody knows if they got the second half of the payment. Also, it isn't like they could go complain to someone if they didn't.

When the betting line opened for this particular award, the favorite was almost even money. That is pretty rare for this award. The second favorite was basically a long shot and opened in some places at 15/1 but most had it about 10/1. The people fixing this particular award were smart. Throughout the month of betting they did small bets. They did a lot of small bets, but nothing that would trigger any alarms. They managed to bet about $500K at this higher odds without ever betting more than $100 at a time. Meanwhile, so many people were betting on the favorite that neither line budged. Then, with three days left before the award, the fixers bet another $500K almost at once spread across the numerous sites that had wagers on the award. Alarms went off on all these sites and the decision they made was to dramatically lower the odds on this particular nominee while raising the odds on the favorite. The public had no idea what was going on They saw the nominee they knew was going to win suddenly looking way more attractive and they poured money into it. It was never going to be enough to cover the losses if the fixed nominee won, but it would certainly help.

Sure enough, the night of the show, everyone at home and at the show all had their jaw drop when this nominee won. The payouts totaled about $12.5M.

Crash beating Brokeback Mountain for Best Picture in 2006


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