Friday, December 05, 2008

Four For Friday

#1 - This just confirms that this A list supermodel is in fact, an idiot. Our supermodel was seen making out and groping with some random guy in the corner of a party while her zillionaire boyfriend was nowhere to be seen.

#2 & #3 - This happy couple has been in this spot before, but now it seems as if they might not be a happy couple for much longer. Today must be idiot day, but this A list female singer and her celebrity husband are on the brink of divorce because our celebrity can't keep his pants zipped. Apparently he has been hitting the road and hitting on anything, male or female that has been crossing his path. His explanations and lies are wearing thin. This would be an even bigger idiot move than #1 up above. (Not Xtina)

#4 - This male teen star from a very hit 1990's television comedy is now doing gay porn to make a living. He was definitely on the cover of some teen magazines back in the 90's.

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

Clint Eastwood gets the top spot today. Primarily he is getting it because the other possible candidates today have already been in the top spot and I can't remember if Clint ever has. Plus, he is like 100 and still looks great.
Adele - London
Aretha Franklin - New York City
So, I was on a flight last week and I could have sworn Ally Sheedy was sitting there. I was going to say something witty and then I saw the kids traveling with her and I said that isn't Ally. Not that funny, I know, but it is a mildly amusing anecdote that sounds frikking hilarious when you are half in the bag. Oh, and must not forget Jennifer Coolidge.
Ben Affleck has lost some weight. Even with his Silent Bob coat on he looks thin.
Billy Zane always looks kind of creepy to me. I had an argyle sweater like that once. Note to everyone. Fat men and argyle sweaters are not flattering. Especially with belly showing.
Speaking of belly showing, Cindy Crawford is showing a little skin here.
Not as much skin as Susie Feldman likes to show though. Pretty soon she is going to find someone more famous and rich than Corey and he will go bye bye. Now, I'm thinking of SNL and buh bye.
It really isn't fair that someone can be as good looking as Cheyenne Jackson and not even be the best looking guy in the photos.
How long have Elisabeth Shue and Davis Guggenheim been married?
It's about time for Danny Masterson and Bijou Phillips to get married.
And the newly divorced Dylan McDermott. I only put him in here because you like him. With him divorced it will mean less opportunity for me to see Shiva.
Now that Hilary Duff has a new album coming out she emerges from her hiding.
Love the glasses on Isla Fisher's baby.
The random photo of the day goes to Jane Kaczmarek and JJ Abrams.
Jaime King and Rosario Dawson. I like this photo.
I can't remember if Josie Maran has been in the photos before.
Jurnee Smollett gets to be in the photos because she added me as a friend on Facebook.
No wedding ring today for Kate Beckinsale. Interesting.
Tell me again why Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are dating.
Have you noticed that since Lily Allen gave up public drinking she has kept herself out of the tabloids. Amazing what some self discipline will do for your image.
Aaaah. The one and only Loretta Swit.
It has been several months since Marcia Cross has been in the photos.
Michelle Trachtenberg will be returning to Gossip Girl so don't worry.
Marlo Thomas does so much for St. Jude's. It really is amazing.
Speaking of wedding rings. Didn't Noa Tishby just get married?
OJ gets 33 years today. Will probably serve 17.5 years which most likely means he will die in jail.
The second most random photo of the day. Glen Close and Oprah.
Rick Fox looks terrible. He has aged like twenty years the past few months.
Reader Photo #1
And Reader Photo #2
Probably my favorite photo of the day.
Shawn Marion and Dwayne Wade. Hey Dwayne. Andre 3000 called and wants his sweater back.
This is not the same Suzanne Shaw from earlier in the year. Has she had some work done?

The best looking guy in show business. Taye Diggs.
So who hear thinks Tatum O'Neal is sober in this photo?
In my opinion Twiggy was the original super model.

Your Turn

In this week's edition, I will let all of you ponder the question of a lifetime. How do you eat an oreo? When I eat one I take off one end and scrape out the filling first. But, I know there are probably many of you out there who just eat it one bite at a time to get filling in every bite. Oh, and does Hydrox still exist? And who in the hell came up with a name that sounds like a chemical anyway? Yes, they probably are chemicals, but do you need to call it one?

Daily Mirror Blind Item

Which well-built actor has been bought a bra for Christmas by a disgruntled ex as a dig about his moobs?

No Means No

I guess Boy George has learned the hard way that no means so. George was found guilty of one count of false imprisonment for handcuffing the escort he had hired to George's bed. Apparently this was because they guy had not want to have sex with George right when he laid eyes on him. The escort then got beat with a chain while handcuffed. I'm guessing George thought all of that was included in the price of admission so to speak. A jury thought otherwise.

Have you seen George lately? He is not exactly the picture of perfection. I think that anyone who makes their living as an escort must hate the idea of having to perform a sexual act with someone who is distasteful to them personally. I mean there is only so much that money can do to hide the fact that you are going to have sex with someone you would not even give the time of day to out in the real world.

I know they are getting paid for the act but I also think no still means no even in that kind of situation. George will be sentenced on January 16th.

Yeah Tom That's What She Was Going To Do

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes get all gushy about each other in the NY Times Magazine this week. When they do finally get divorced all this gushiness is going to even seem more ridiculous than it does now. Katie only manages to slip in 423 amazings to describe Tom. She must have been tired or something.

Basically it is just one big love fest. The kind we have been used to since Tom jumped on the couch or Katie went on Letterman and began her downward spiral. She doesn't have time to notice anything about the world or what is going on it though because she is "far too busy being a mom and an actress in a play everyday." Yeah, she looks busy. What with all that help taking care of the baby and the three hours she spends over at the theatre every night.

The most priceless quote? Came from Tommy himself. "I knew I wanted to marry Kate when I met her," he says. "After our very first date, I was sure. At one point, I thought she was going to ask me to marry her first and I cut her off by changing the subject. I wanted to ask her."

Yeah, Tom she was just dying to ask you to marry her. If it were in fact true, then I am sure Tom would have talked to her about it by now and the quote would have read differently to include the fact she was really going to ask him.

A. Reader Takes Issue With The Grammy Nominations

Dear Grammy Pickers,

Hi, me again. I know it's been awhile but you'll happy to know that I've finally recovered from that devastating blow that was the 1990 Grammy's. I've decided to give you the benefit of the doubt and believe that your omission of the ultimate boy band Nelson and their hit "(Can't Live Without Your) Love and Affection," really was a simple oversight, as you explained. Though I'd be lying if I said I don't feel you are to blame for the band's demise and current popularity on the Royal Caribbean cruise ship circuit. I could continue but my therapist tells me it's better not to dwell on the past.

I woke up this morning with the intent to keep looking forward, continuing to take it a day at a time in hopes of preserving our already fragile relationship. Unfortunately, those dreams were broken faster than a paparazzi camera by Kanye with your announcement of the nominees in this year's Best New Artist Category. Adele? Good choice. Duffy? Love her. But I can only hope it's the fault of one too many egg nogs at the holiday party that somehow allowed the Jonas Brothers onto that list.

The Jonas Brothers. What, is the average age of the group of you that decides on this category age twelve? (Let's hope not or the amount of egg nog you are consuming is a bigger problem than I thought) You explain the qualifications for deciding on the category as this, "For a new artist who releases, during the Eligibility Year, the first recording which establishes the public identity of that artist." Ignoring the fact that this year's release was the THIRD album the JuJu Bes released (the first coming out in 2006, a whopping TWO YEARS before they were nominated as "new" artists), may I ask what it was that convinced you this album was "The One" for the Jingle Bells? Was it the earth shattering lyrics from their digital download hit, "Burnin Up": "I'm slippin into the lava/ And I'ma tryin to keep from goin under/ Baby you turn the temperature hotter/ Cuz I'm burnin up, burnin up for you baby?" Yeah, because nothing rhymes with "lava" like "I'ma!" Or perhaps their brilliant incorporation of modern day technology into the timeless tales of heartache like on "S.O.S": "So this is where the story ends/a conversation on IM." Wow. Just….wow. You're right. Songwriters like Paul McCartney and Eric Clapton could learn a thing or two about staying relevant in today's marketplace from these kids!

I don't think anyone, minus the thirteen year old girl who lives next door to me and probably won't lose her virginity til she's 35, bless her heart, would hold these boys in the same esteem as past category winners such as Bobby Darin, Carly Simon, The Carpenters, and…oh I don't know…THE BEATLES. Come on guys. It was a good one. I'll admit. You had me. Ha Ha. But April Fool's Day isn't for another few months and the only people who could consider this nomination an early Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa gift are going to be forgotten right about…… It's not too late to fill that hole in my heart that you left when giving Nelson the shaft. And hey, I hear Royal Caribbean is hiring…..

Still loving Matthew and Gunnar,

A. Reader

The Best Blog Ever

You will never guess who has started her very own blog. Well, actually since you saw the photo above, you probably have. Mischa Barton has her very own spot in cyberspace now and I will be a frequent visitor. In her very first post, Mischa takes on the tabloids because they assumed she was dating someone who she really isn't. I don't think she really cares they got the story wrong despite her protestations. I think what ticks her off is that she was relegated to some back page in the magazine where no one would be able to see her and had her dating a guy no one had heard of before.

Since there is only one blog entry it is tough to see if she is going to keep up with this or not. One thing is certain though. She is trying to sell the hell out of her bags and headbands. She devotes a lot of space to selling, but not too much to writing.

Oh, and it appears she doesn't have very many fans who are aware of her site yet. Or she doesn't have very many fans. Despite the post being online for almost two days she only has 13 comments. But the 13 comments are priceless. It is worth your time to read them.

Ted C Blind Item

There's a relentlessly infamous, many-talented star whose love life has been pretty notorious as of late. And for this reason alone, folks seem to have lost sense of the woman's far more dangerous goings-on: her drug intake. It's huge.

And like many reformed sisters in this chemically enhanced town, our mystery gal has tried to go cold turkey many times before. Never took, of course, even though she screamed to any tabloid that would listen that it did. Is it any wonder, then, that...

Morgan Mayhem is back in action, having advanced from the plain-Jane proclivities of booze and dope and coke? Yep, don't you know it, Morgan's right back where any addict goes, straight down: to smoking crystal meth.


M.M.'s beyond paranoid these days, too (at clubs, online, at events, never at a gig, natch, as the bitch is hardly working anymore), as is a common effect from crystal use. Her bodyguards know the drill, too, as they work double and triple shifts to make sure us commoners don't approach the strung-out babe in public, 'cause they know folks will know the drill once they have an interaction with her.

Too late. Morgan went off on some babes, including some who just happen to dish regularly at the Awful Truth. Bitch couldn't have been more methed out if she was playing Amy Winehouse in some kind of bad Lifetime job.

By the by, a psych teacher who used to work at a cushy, beachy drying-out tank teaches at LMU now. She was doing a whole segment about drugs and how they affect you, etc. She showed a picture of Morgan as an example of physical effects from using meth.

Now that's infamous. Not to mention pathetic, in the most academic sense of the word.

And It Ain't: Ashley Olsen, Whitney Houston, Courtney Love

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Today's Blind Items

This barely serviceable singer from a barely serviceable group does have B+ name recognition while the group itself has probably A+ name recognition. Anyway, our singer has been throwing quite a few tantrums lately including walking off stage well before the set is over. Mostly these are because of her drug habit. Coke and meth are her drugs of choice. The bigger problem is that our singer is convinced that her significant other who is many times richer will take care of her if she gets kicked out of the group. Maybe, but some of the other girls he has been cheating with may not agree with her viewpoint.

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

The top spot today goes to a long time reader who took this photo. As always I think if you take the time to send it to me and you are a reader it should go on the top. Thanks Shoko.

Oasis - Guadalajara, Mexico
Want to know who is dragging Amanda Bynes by the hand?
This guy.
Adrian Grenier looks much better without the beard. Looks a little wasted, but good.
Has Amy Irving ever been in the photos? She should have. I'm sorry for that.
Aventura - New York
Here's a marketing idea. Get a whole bunch of bananas and hope people show up.
Barbara Bush is now channeling Melissa Rivers.
BB King - Los Angeles
So, if you are Britney Spears and take your kids to FAO, I guess you need to have your bodyguard do all the carrying. Wouldn't want to get to close to your son or anything.
Not the best photo of Christina Aguilera. Good photo for someone dressed in drag as Christina Aguilera though.
Celine Dion - Los Angeles
I love how Chloe Kardashian thinks of herself as a star.
I love Camryn Manheim.
Dikembe Mutombo is very, very tall.
Enrique Iglesias, not so much.
Foo Fighters - Los Angeles
A little Latin flavor with Freddy Rodriguez and John Leguizamo.
Gary Oldman looks much better here than he has lately when I have posted his photo.
A first time appearance for Hart Bochner.
Getting tired of Hugh Jackman yet?
Meadow and Turtle. Feel like I'm watching the Discovery Channel.
Well since I had Ralph Fiennes earlier in the week, I guess it makes sense to have Joseph Fiennes in the photos.
That's a really big toothbrush.
This poor kid is probably going to dislike Jennie Garth for a very long time.
First time appearance for Jay Hernandez.
Not the first time for John Mayer.
I didn't think it was possible to look like an ass just sitting down, but Justin Timberlake has proved me wrong.
Kristen Chenoweth looks great.
I liked Kate Winslet much better yesterday. This doesn't even look like her.
Mariah Carey - Los Angeles
Michael Douglas and Ben Shenkman on the set of their new film.
I'm guessing Mary Kate stole that jacket from Chris Robinson.
The Princess actually looks happy.
Note to Robin Antin. Make sure you don't let the cameras too close.
One of my favorite tree lighting ceremonies. Rockefeller Center.
Always have room for the Karate Kid.
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2 &3
You can tell by looking at Suri's shoes they have never touched the ground. When does she ever walk?
Would not have figured Stephen Dorff for a Parliament guy.
Sanjay Gupta and Lucy Liu.
I know I'm late but I finally got around to watching Run Fatboy Run. Hilarious. So, now I guess I have to be nice to David Schwimmer. Naaah. But I can be nice to Simon Pegg.
Smokey Robinson and Natalie Cole.
I'm sure there was a reason Tea Leoni was going to for the hair sticking up look but I haven't figured out what it is yet.
Taylor Swift should have got a Grammy nomination.


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