Friday, February 11, 2011

Random Photos Part Three

Peggy Rea - RIP
Avril Lavigne in Italian Vanity Fair.
Brad Pitt wandering the streets of LA.
Courteney Cox was not really wandering as much as she was limping with her cane.
Alex Rodriguez and Cameron Diaz look at houses in Miami.
Chelsea Handler and her new best friend Jenny McCarthy.
Charlie Sheen shows off his drug stained teeth at a don't do drugs speech at UCLA.
A Fashion Week fail.

Random Photos Part Two

Ed Helms and Anne Heche at another Cedar Rapids screening.
Interesting combination. Sarah Silverman and Eva Mendes.
Hilary Swank and The Fighter director at a party honoring the movie.
Jessica Alba and ping pong? Is that a baby bump?
This is a baby bump for sure on Jewel.
The always amazing Joan Jett.
Is that an engagement ring on Meg Ryan's finger?
Who knew Drew Barrymore had so much love for John Travolta?
Kate Middleton ventured out for lunch so everyone has to talk about what she wore.
Of course it would have been more interesting if Kate wore pajamas like Leo here.

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

Lori Loughlin at a party last night looking great.
Not looking so great and almost unrecognizable is Madonna.
Michael Buble - Brisbane
Michelle Rodriguez and Ne-Yo at a Grammy rehearsal.
People have said Paris is lifting weights. I don't know if I see it. Not that I want to look too close.
Patti Smith and Jakob Dylan.
Rachel Uchitel is being invited to things?!?
Tom Arnold is still alive. Is he currently married?
Married for a long time now are Tobey Maguire and Jennifer Meyer.
Annette Bening, Warren Beatty and Martin Short.

Your Turn

Last weekend I heard an interview with Matthew Morrison from Glee where he said the only time he ever signs autographs for people or takes his picture with people is when it is an event or something where he is doing something business wise. Other than that he is a no guy. I find this awful. If you are lucky enough to become an actor on a hit show and are earning more in a week than people do in a year for doing absolutely nothing and it is all based on people watching your show, I think you owe it to your fans to always say yes. I don't care if I was in the bathroom, if someone wants an autograph I would be willing to do it. He and Lea Michele must get along like gangbusters. So, what about you? If you were a star, what would your autograph and photo limitations be?

Ke$ha Spends Thousands Of Dollars On Glitter Every Month

I knew going in that reading the Ke$ha interview in Vanity Fair would probably be painful and that I might not survive. I did it though because I knew that I owed it to all of you to suffer so you would not have to. It turns out though she is not a bad interview. Awful lyrics but not a bad interview. She is not afraid to drop f bombs and other choice words which always makes for a much better read than if she was just spewing platitudes everywhere. She is honest about the fact she wanted to be nominated for a Grammy. She loves Labyrinth and is a huge Bowie and Muppets fan. All good things in the scheme of liking a person.

At one point the interviewer asks how much Ke$ha spends on glitter each month and she said that her bill runs to several thousand dollars each month. Can you imagine having so much money where you can blow rent money on glitter? She says though that glitter is important to her and she wants to choke the world on glitter and then take over the world. Hey, at least she has ambitions.

Koo Stark Goes On Welfare

Back in the day, the Royal Family in England was just as big of a fascination as it is today. It might have even been more so because of Diana. Well, at about the same time Diana was set to become The Princess Of Wales, Charles' younger brother Andrew was sowing his wild oats. Oh and how he sowed. This guy was everywhere. If there had been the internet and TMZ back then, he would have made the top story everyday. Well, back then his number one girlfriend and the person everyone thought would be his wife was Koo Stark. She would be at the palace and she was the gorgeous person everyone thought was perfect. Well, as you know Andrew married Sarah instead and Koo became someone who the press would photograph every now and again just to see how she was carrying on. Now it turns out she is broke and is about to apply for welfare. Amazing how things change over the course of a few years and a what if discussion if she had married Andrew.

Kelsey Goes Cheap For His Daughter's Wedding

While Kelsey Grammer forked over $50M so he could marry his current girlfriend and is spending almost another $500K on the wedding itself, Kelsey went cheap for his daughter's wedding. Well, maybe it was her idea. Anyway, Kelsey's daughter Spencer just got married this morning in New York City at City Hall. Total cost of wedding? Under $100. If it was Spencer's idea then great for her. This is a woman who could probably have any size wedding with any amount of money spent but she chose to go the City Hall route. Hopefully Kelsey bought them a house or at least picked up the lunch check as a wedding gift. Street meat for everyone!! Does this mean Spencer can be on Housewives now?

Elizabeth Taylor Fighting For Her Life?

Didn't I mention something earlier this week about how the only publicity Elizabeth Taylor usually gets is when a tabloid publishes one of their fighting for her life stories. Well, a few days later and the vision comes true. The Enquirer says that Elizabeth was rushed to the hospital earlier this week and is suffering from internal bleeding. They also say that her kids are by her side. I have no doubt the kids are there, but they would be there even if she was not dying. Supposedly Elizabeth is still in the hospital and is in critical condition. Elizabeth has been through these kinds of things countless times and I hope she sticks around for the next 20 years. Plus I cannot stand the thought that her most recent interview was with Kim Kardashian which means if Elizabeth dies, people will seek out Kim for her comments and will just get more fame out of it.

Get well Dame Elizabeth.

Ashlee Wants To Party - Not Be Married

One theory to the Ashlee Simpson Pete Wentz divorce went something like this. Ashlee liked hanging around with Pete when they were boyfriend and girlfriend. The guy was edgy and had said he even made out with guys. He was something far removed from her conservative father and when Ashlee got pregnant they decided to get married. Apparently though, it was only their son that even kept them together this long. The theory continues that Pete was trying to do the right thing and cut way back on band stuff and touring to try and make it work. At the same time he was cutting back, Ashlee was seeing her career go into a tailspin and has never recovered. Pete is always about working and family and Ashlee wanted nothing more than to party and to go out every night.

The one flaw in this theory is that Ashlee said in her court papers she wants primary physical custody and that Pete should just get some visitation. I think part of that is because she wants huge child support and spousal support payments. I also think that she will hire a fleet of nannies and continue to go out every night much like she did the week prior to filing for divorce.

Lindsay Lohan Dress Sells Out

It probably was not the most appropriate thing to wear to court, but the tight white dress Lindsay Lohan wore to court the other day is turning out to be very popular. So popular in fact that the company who makes it and sells it for $575 is just about sold out. It is sold out everywhere online. The only place you can get the design called Glavis is from the designer herself. Who names a dress Glavis? I am just wondering if Lindsay got a piece of the action. It is the only reason I can think of why she would wear it.

Meanwhile, her lawyer has confirmed that if Lindsay is assured no jail time she will cop a plea to the felony grand theft charge. So, then does that mean Lindsay did steal the necklace even though yesterday she said she would never steal anything? I'm confused.

Ted C Blind Item

Relationships are hard, nobody know that more than I do, as I divorced last year. Certainly one big reason why I started smoking again (a habit I will no doubt kick, yet again. It's hideous!). So, it's with more than a bit of sympathy I present to you the sad, sad tale of Vicky Vamp-Void, a gal who knows her way around cocaine far better than she does how to make a successful marriage (or career?) work.

Gosh, and there was such hope for cute Vicky, back when she met her sweet, hot man, who some said was even cuter than Vick!

However, not long ago, Vicky and her guy (who's really a pretty fun dude) made a major change to their relationship:

They decided to get the law involved. Out went their pretty free-spirited living arrangement, and in came rules, traditions and California state laws regarding their domestic situation, which ended up totally cramping the young couple, who were very laid back and quite chill before all this.

Therefore, Vicky's back to her bad habits, which she had avoided while with her man. She's recently been hitting the club-and-party scene with abandon, drunkenly snorting blow whenever and wherever she can. And really, the chick is a total mess; she doesn't even always get it up her nostrils—and the white stuff ends up all over some stained shag carpet, or somebody's shoulder, for all the horrified looky-loos to gasp at.

And to be honest, we're really not certain if Vicky's fellow debauched partiers are more aghast at the waste of cocaine or the callous disregard for whoever may be watching.

But the point is, with only a modicum of talent to fall back on and a man who she's decided she really wants nothing to do with, Vicky's momentary blissful moment of healthy living and a more promising career, seem forever dashed...Certainly at this Lindsay-Lohan-type rate, we have to say.

And It Ain't: Scarlett Johansson, Camille Grammer, Courteney Cox

At Least We Will Find Out If Miley Is Funny

Saturday Night Live has broken down. Not only are they going to let Chris Brown perform this weekend, but now they have gone and invited Miley Cyrus to host. Unlike some musical guests, she will not be singing which is great for the world, but they are going to let her have 90 minutes to show whether she is funny. Just off the top of my head, I have found that musicians tend to be much better hosts than lots of actors. I don't know if it is because we expect less, or if they are used to thinking on their feet but they are generally good.

I expect a lot of gum chewing, tattoo sketches and Miley spending a lot of time as close to naked as SNL can get away with. In my mind I am banning the show for the next few weeks because of their Chris Brown decision. Maybe, just maybe I will give them a chance when Miley hosts. I think a scene where she has sex with Mickey Mouse could be fun too.

BuzzFoto Blind Item

This recently out of the closest entertainer made headlines for announcing he is a proud gay man. It must be an exciting time for him because he has had plenty of sex with women, but never a man. He’s nervous about the experience and has trouble approaching men and has yet to even go on a date! We wish him well!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Today's Blind Items

This married lead on one of the crime initial shows on CBS spends every hour of his lunch break in his trailer with a different stripper each day. Sometimes when he is feeling generous he invites in members of the crew for lap dances which our actor pays for.

Random Photos Part Four

Patti LaBelle rocking the runway gets top spot.
Al Gore talks about his new television show which will feature Al traveling the world looking for the best rub and tugs.
It seems a little unfair that Alex Pettyfer can be this good looking.
Blake Lively at some Fashion Week thing.
Bill Murray makes his annual AT&T appearance.
Andy Garcia and Kevin Costner also are playing.
Bella Thorne at the premiere of her new movie.
Colin Firth and his wife enjoying some champagne.
Chloe Moretz looking much older than her age.
Mike Fisher was traded to Nashville. Now Carrie has no excuse not to see him.
The newly engaged Dianna Agron.

Random Photos Part Three

Dave Attell - New York
Yesterday, David Beckham helped
this man when his car broke down. David pulled over and helped push this guy's car out of the way of traffic.
Demi Moore and Salma Hayek shopping in Paris.
Yesterday was the Heart Truth's Red Dress show and featured Eve and
Camila Alves and
Dita von Teese and
Denise Richards and
Suzanne Somers and
a 70 year old Linda Gray. Wow.


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