Saturday, November 09, 2013

Blind Item #3

This at the time about 30 year old B-/C+ list mostly television actress who is generally in the B range depending if she has a show on the air or not took the virginity of this at the time 16 year old A list mostly television actor who still has A list name recognition. It happened when she guest starred on his show.

Blind Item #2

This B list comedian/actor/reality star has a wife who has always wanted to be a porn star. Well, she has the looks for it and has not done much acting in awhile. Anyway she is trying to convince her husband to distribute some of the private porns they have made at home. She wants every one to see her having sex. Her husband still has a good career so has been saying no but he always ends up doing what she says.

Blind Item #1

This at the time under 18 year old pre-Twilight days actress had an affair with this B- list mostly movie actor and it broke up his marriage to this A list mostly movie actress wife. Not Kristen Stewart.

Blind Items Revealed

February 5, 2007

Going from one extreme to another. This actress who was on everyone's lips a few years ago, is back and going stronger than ever. She is extremely tall and some say overly aggressive towards men. Her relationships have not lasted because she LOVES to be in control. Her latest conquest has nothing to do with love and everything to do with a part she wants. The fact that he is smaller than her and loves to be dominated by her is just a plus in her book. If you think Angelina and Billy Bob were odd with their blood, then what this actress collects will really make you shudder.

Leelee Sobieski

Blind Items Revealed

February 5, 2007

Just because prostitution is legal in certain parts of Nevada does not really excuse or explain what this 80's A list actor was doing propositioning models to spend some time with him in his hotel room recently. Our actor was at an event which featured women hosts and presenters and was too lazy to try and just hit on them. Instead he went up to each model and offered them $5000 to spend the night with him. Most were just disgusted at the offer, but it seems as if our actor finally found two who were willing to spend the night with this loved everywhere but here actor.

The Hoff

Blind Items Revealed

February 2, 2007

Like father like son. Different careers in the entertainment business. One more known as an actor and the other a performer, but their mating habits are identical. The father could not spell fidelity or find someone even half his age. The son dates plenty of women who are his own age. The problem is that his wife does not know he is dating them.

Alan and Robin Thicke (It is crazy how long he has been cheating)

Blind Items Revealed

February 1, 2007

These two have a Texas connection which should help you out.

This A list actress wants to be married only once which is why she is working so hard at saving a marriage that is becoming one problem after another. Always hesitant to marry, and famous for just having boyfriends, this actress finally took the plunge. The plunge though was not what she was expecting. Always publicity shy, her husband's past actions are forcing her into the public eye much more than she would like. It seems as if her husband did not tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth when they were dating and his past mistakes and relationships are coming back to haunt him and our actress. She wants it to all go away, but new problems surface everyday. As things grow more tense, they are spending less time together, and the feeling is that is not if they will split up, but when.

Sandra Bullock/Jesse James

Blind Items Revealed

January 31, 2007

This award winning A-list actor has been in and out of numerous relationships this past year. His current girlfriend thinks she is the one because of what he has been saying to her in private and in public. What she doesn't know is that when he has been doing interviews for his latest film and has been alone, he has been passing out a phone number to ladies that catch his eye. When they call the number they get one of his assistants. The assistant then schedules a time for the actor and woman to get together for an extended "interview." These extended interviews are one of the reasons the actor's recent marriage did not work out.

Eddie Murphy (I was way more lenient with the word award back then)

Blind Items Revealed

January 12, 2007

Hit television shows and hit movies, a new dream husband. This B list actress thought she had it all. She thought she knew the guy she was marrying, but it turns out he kept something very secret from her and might as well have been a stranger. When they were dating she always thought it was cute that he wanted to wait until marriage before living together. The reason he did not want to though was his drug problem. Going home everyday allowed to him to medicate until they got married. When they got married he would wait until she left for work, and then get his fix. One day she came home early and his secret was out. She made him go to rehab and he readily agreed. When he came out, everything was fine for a few months but he relapsed. Not wanting to give up and believing that marriage is for life, she made him go to rehab again. Since his release in the last year, she has taken him everywhere including work. Instead of take your daughter to work day, she has made it take your husband everywhere you go. People not close to her assume it is because they are in love. The reality is she does not trust him or want him out of her sight. So far so good, but how long can she be a babysitter to her husband instead of a wife?

Ben Affleck/Jennifer Garner

Blind Items Revealed

January 10, 2007

Anyway, so at lunch yesterday. Popular place, but nothing outrageous or pretentious about it. A few celebrities were there and this particular B actor(movie and television) was in a corner being friendly with his date. VERY friendly. The kind of friendly where you know that this is date 1 or 2. The kind of friendly where she did not bother to wear much on top or bottom. The kind of friendly where this was just the start of something that was going to continue long into the afternoon. They were definitely getting their groove on. I had no reason to suspect what was going to happen next because I did not know he was married. I just thought he was enjoying being someone. A waiter interrupted their groping/petting at one point to whisper something into the actor’s ear which was unintelligible. However, he stood up quickly and said "My wife?" He grabbed the girl, pulled her up from her chair and dragged her out the back door of the place in about 15 seconds. I really did not think someone could move that fast. At about the time the laughter died around us, a woman I did not recognize, but presumably is his wife came through the front door with two of her friends, and the entire place, en masse kind of shifted to look, looked, and then went back to what they were doing. Only in LA.

David Boreanaz

Blind Items Revealed

December 23, 2008

Do you remember the A list film actor who was almost caught by his wife when he was spending time with his girlfriend at the family ski cabin? Well, it turns out that since that crazy incident, he and his wife have reached an agreement. Now our actor spends the week before Christmas with the girlfriend and the rest of the holidays with his wife and family. As for the rest of the year, it is pretty much about 50/50 also. This would shock the hell out of his fans.

Denzel Washington

Blind Items Revealed

November 14, 2007

Anyway, another item from the road. This solo male Top 40/hip hop/ #1 songs/ singer was filming as video last year and came up with a unique casting format. The video was about 3 minutes long and the singer broke it up into 12, 15 second segments. Each aspiring actress was asked how many segments she wanted to be in. All of them invariably said 12. They were told it would not be a problem as long as they had sex with 12 guys. Each segment meant one guy to f**k. All of them except for one balked at doing all 12 guys. She is in the entire video. Although there were no other takers for all 12, when you see the video and use a stopwatch, you can see how many guys they did do. Every woman in the video did at least one guy with most doing two or three. Our singer was #12 for the woman who made it that far. She was the only one he was with.

Lil Wayne

Friday, November 08, 2013

Random Photos Part Five

The top spot today goes to Anastacia who got an award for increasing awareness of breast cancer. She is amazing.

Britney Spears in yet another faded pair of sweats.
I'm pretty sure Cee Lo has sexually assaulted more women in this group than any other.
Christina Ricci in a new photo shoot.
Courtney Stodden off to meet with potential pimps.
Charlize Theron takes her son for frozen yogurt. Once again I wasn't invited.
Elle Fanning and the shoes she never removes.
Emmy Rosssum goes for the school girl look.
Nathan Sykes and Ariana Grande make out in a restaurant.

Random Photos Part Four

Ginnifer Goodwin and her boyfriend Josh Dallas. He really should have grown up to be a porn star or pro wrestler.

The cast of Glee filming the Bad Santa episode. Not really but it would be way more fun.
The Goopster got paid to turn on some lights in Paris.
Get a new men's store to open in Beverly Hills and you get guys like Gavin Rossdale there to say hi to
Ed Norton and Jeremy Renner.
Joe Manganiello and Jim Parsons were there.
Joe Jonas took time off from his busy do nothing schedule to be there to hang out with
Gerard Butler.
And Zelda Williams had all the men to herself.

Random Photos Part Three

Congratulations to Gene Simmons for his award for working so much with veterans. Shannon Tweed and their daughter showed up too.

Congratulations to this woman who is the one who photographed Justin Bieber in bed. naked photos of her are all over the internet now and Justin Bieber is
crapping his pants he is so worried.
The Hammbone is back.
Even Jenny McCarthy loves the return of the Hammbone and the banishing off all underwear in Jon Hamm's life.
Alicia Keys and Swizz Twizz Beatz with one of his children.
Padma Lakshmi was there too.
Kristen Bell on the set of her new show.
Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise are still in South Africa.

Random Photos Part Two

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West take the baby out while Kanye continues to postpone concerts.

Kellan Lutz in Germany showing off his new hair color.
Kendra Wilkinson and her Rorschach test dress.
Kate Walsh steps out of the leather but is still into the whole western thing right now.
Miley Cyrus is in Amsterdam and never wants to leave.
Nicki Minaj shows off her stroll collection from K-Mart.
Natalie Portman at some party that also brought out
Jessica Biel and
Leelee Sobieski. I love her.

Random Photos Part One

Five parts today.

Prince William in a community theatre version of Fletch.

Prince Harry appears to have found a coat about ten sizes too big.
Rebecca Romijn on her way to a cattle drive.
Robin Thicke in Berlin.
Selena Gomez in Flaunt magazine. You know the guy is using this as his profile photo.
Emile Hirsch all wrinkled for an event honoring Selena's Flaunt cover.
Fred Armisen and his girlfriend were also there.
Tyra Banks is in China showing them why she should never be trusted for fashion advice.
Gary Shirley spent the time Amber Portwood was in jail sampling every buffet in North America.

Blind Item #10

This always A list female super model who has added more media to her resume has been banned from ever working for a designer because his favorite new female muse says she was basically raped by the super model after a party.

Blind Item #9

This B list mostly television actor from two hit back to back shows had taken a year break from cheating on his wife after being busted but the new cast member to his long running show has him back doing what he knows and hoping she doesn't bust him.

Chuck E. Cheese Or Prison?

Blind Item #8

"I know I was awful in the movie but at this point I care more about the paychecks and staying in front of the camera than anything else."

Former A list mostly movie actress who is still A-/B+ and an Academy Award winner.

Off Topic

I did the math the other day and think I have averaged eating a donut a day since I was born.

Blind Items Revealed

January 17, 2008

Who would have thought that the death of a Japanese tycoon could have an effect on a Hollywood marriage. About two months ago a Japanese tycoon died. About two weeks ago the husband of our gorgeous, foreign born, B list film actress answered the phone to discover that the tycoon had left his actress wife almost $5M in his will. The husband had never heard of the guy and assumed there had been some mistake. Yes, his wife was a famous actress but no one just leaves that much money to someone they have never met. Well, when he mentioned it to this wife he could tell she did know the tycoon. How did she know him and what made him leave his wife $5M? Turns out that the wife had met the tycoon when she was just starting out in the business and had spent some time with him on several occasions. When I say spending time, I think you know what I am getting at. Apparently our actress must have left quite an impression with her interpersonal skills. The husband wasn't really that upset about his wife's past. He may have been more so if he knew that she had seen the tycoon once or twice after her marriage.

Catherine Zeta Jones

Four For Friday - The Crazy Threesome

It is Friday today and a three day weekend for much of the world is ahead. We are also less than three weeks until Thanksgiving and I admit to already watching Christmas movies. I will be here all weekend blogging and passing out blind items and reveals and any breaking news. If you would like to follow me on Twitter that would be lovely. I am @entylawyer

This is the most quiet threesome that has existed. Apparently it has been going on for over a decade but I just heard about it for the first time in the past few weeks. I always knew that the couple involved in this was into swapping but the third they bring in is not someone I would have expected despite his Lothario reputation.

The couple is A list when it comes to acting talent. Mostly movies. List wise though they are both B, one of them permanently. She has always been one of those people who seem to be shy and quiet on the outside but is a freak when you get her alone. Her significant other has always floated between men and women although he prefers women most of the time.

The third is also an A list mostly movie actor who once hit on the actress and she offered a threesome. The actor agreed because he had heard the stories of the actress too and wanted a chance with her and was willing to do pretty much anything even though he was married at the time. Over the years the threesome has been on and off and they try to see each other for extended fun of several weeks at least every other year. The actress has gone outside the threesome a few times with the A list actor but is very reluctant because he can sometimes be papped and she never is and she likes her quiet reputation.

Your Turn

Sephora pulled a lipstick from their shelves from the Kat Von D line. Putting aside the wonderment of why Sephora would give Kat Von D space on their shelves they pulled the lipstick because of complaints about the name which is Celebutard. Offensive?

Blind Items Revealed

November 7, 2007

This B list television actor on a very hit drama was out last Friday night at a club. The thing is that it is a gay club, and as he was leaving with his male friend they got jumped by some assholes and our actor was beat up pretty good. The actor's friend wanted to call the cops and report the hate crime, but our actor said no because it would come out that he was at the club and focus on the fact that it was a gay club and he has the world convinced right now that he is 100% straight and that is how he wants it. They did accept some help from some other patrons who came out of the club shortly thereafter. Maybe they shouldn't have even accepted that, because it is one of those patrons that has been spilling the beans on the who and where of this.

Wentworth Miller

Blind Items Almost Revealed

February 18, 2008

These A+ list female film actresses (when I say A+, there is no wishy washy, they are A+) are really different, but they do have one very big thing in common. A woman. That's right. While one of the A+ listers is no stranger to women, the other A+ lister is, or would have the world believe she is. However, each of our A+ listers separately spent several months with a woman who must be magnificent or beautiful or extremely talented in the bedroom to attract the interest of these A+ listers. The only thing these two A+ listers have in common is the huge amount of money they get for making films. The fact that these two completely different personalities and looks could both fall for the same woman just boggles the mind. That, and the fact that at least one of the A+ listers has never shown a propensity to spend time with the same team. This one blew me away.

I previously revealed one of the women to be Angelina Jolie. The reason I am bringing this up now is because there are rumors that the other actress is going to be outed by the woman during the process of a lawsuit. The woman does not want to but might be forced to depending on the questions that are asked. Our unrevealed actress is still A+ and is still paid a ton of money.

Blind Item #7

This former A list mostly movie actor who is an aging a-hole of a B-/C+ lister wherever he can find work pays for hookers using his son's money.

Blind Item #6- Easy Easy Easy

This C list mostly movie actress says she does not know how crazy rumors get started about her with a certain A list mostly movie actor and every thing in the tabloids about her is a lie. Uh huh. So how come when you were giving the information and photos to the tabloids it was not a lie but when it gets way bigger than you thought it would then it becomes a lie.

Blind Item #5

This former B- list mostly television actor who was on a hit show that ended quite some time ago now does very little for a living. He has a show but doesn't have to do much. Anyway he was drunk at a party this past week with a woman on either knee and was telling the group that he took the anal virginity of this A+ list celebrity/singer while she was engaged to her current celebrity husband.

Blind Item #4

This A list celebrity/model told as many women as she could to not hook up with the wannabe reality star who is famous for being an offspring and related for now to other offspring. He was working an event and telling people who he was and our model would follow behind and told the women that the wannabe had a small peen and an STD. Apparently the model's friend was once thrown out of a house with no clothes on by the wannabe reality star so she took the chance to get back at him.

Annual MV Clue

It is that time of the year. Another year has flown by and this week marks seven years since I first figured out how Blogger worked and hit publish for the first time. Almost 30,000 posts later and hundreds of thousands of comments I still like to go back to that first blind item that people still discuss. MV. If you have not read it yet, you can read the original 2006 blind right here.

I have a couple of new clues to offer this year.

She has been on a very popular CBS sitcom.
She has been on Saturday Night Live more than once.

Blind Item #3

This underage female singer who is moving very close to the A list range and is seemingly everywhere right now hooked up this week with a much older controversial female singer. The underage singer is a huge fan and had a huge crush.

Blind Item #2

This HBO actress on a very hit show for the network was at a party that was very quiet and boring and she decided she wanted to liven things up so she went outside and came back in topless and walked around the room twice like that just to get a reaction from people. No one even noticed until she was in the middle of lap two.

Blind Item #1

This openly gay B list mostly movie actor who seems to make his living off one role would probably be surprised that whenever he goes out of town his boyfriend puts himself on the market and does some escorting. Actually our actor might not be that surprised since that is how he found his boyfriend in the first place.

Ashlee Simpson Intervention

The family and friends of Ashlee Simpson has been planning an intervention for the former singer and reality star because she has been getting progressively worse over the past year and shows no signs of wanting to get help for substance abuse problems despite the need for it. Apparently Ashlee entered rehab for a few hours earlier this year and went through the check in process before leaving shortly after saying she wasn't ready. Since that time things have not got better and she is partying almost every night.

Apparently she is talking a lot about recording a new album but can't find the time and she is also spending less time with her son than she used to and before this gets even worse the family is trying to set up an intervention to get her some help. Apparently her new boyfriend has not been included in the discussions and some family members think he is making things worse than they already were.

Rumer Willis And Jayson Blair Have Split

In the news you are least likely to care about today or any other day Rumer Willis and Jayson Blair have split after a year. Jayson's friends said he couldn't do it but he managed to survive a year with Rumer Willis and won the bet. No, there was no bet but I bet lots of people think there was a bet involved or he wanted to meet someone famous like Bruce Willis or Demi Moore. Rumer is a very nice person but the two never seemed to be a match. She is really focused on her career which keeps getting boosts from producers who do hope Bruce will say yes to something if they keep putting her daughter in things.

In other news you really don't care about today every celebrity alive is either recording an album, selling perfume, has a clothing line or just had sex with someone who is way above their looks.

Alec Baldwin Testifies In Stalker Trial Next Week

Next week will be put up or shut up time for Alec Baldwin. He has always claimed that his long time stalker Genevieve Sabourin was introduced to him by a mutual friend and that they met twice purely on a professional basis. I am still trying to wrap my head around why he would meet with her for professional reasons considering she was always a minor actress and had no other involvement with movies. It has been my expressed opinion here since day one of all this that Alec and Genevieve had sex on both occasions and that she started stalking Alec after the sex. She probably thought it meant something and he didn't.

The interesting thing here is that Alec told his story to a police officer so if he now testifies that he had sex with Genevieve then he is admitting he lied to the police which is a crime. I think he never thought it would get this far and there would be a restraining order and the woman would be out of his life. Alec also told Hilaria he never had sex with Genevieve. I am anxious to hear what he has to say on the stand and also what "business" he had with the former actress.

Levi Johnston Owes $65,000 In Back Child Support

Levi Johnston should be grateful he doesn't live in California or he would be in jail right now. The former wannabe reality star and baby daddy to Bristol Palin's kid is currently trying to get that amount reduced by asking a court to let him see his son half the time. Right now he barely sees his son and has to pay a lot of child support. Does the guy even make $65,000 a year? How does he owe so much? Oh yeah, the idiot got nailed while he was selling stories to tabloids and getting a couple of big checks from reality shows. When those dried up he didn't ask for a modification and went ahead and had another baby with another woman and allegedly even got another woman pregnant who he doesn't speak to any longer.

Levi says he wants to pay the back child support and I guess it will take him about ten years to pay it off unless he can get Bristol to agree to another reality show. I don't think he can get one on his own.

Tom Cruise Admits Katie Holmes Is A SP And Nicole Kidman Hasn't Seen Kids Since Divorce

If you have some time today you should head over to Radar who has e-mails and pages from the deposition of Tom Cruise in his lawsuit against In Touch which claimed he abandoned Suri. This is why he should have settled long before the deposition or not even filed suit. He is not going to win and he has proven every point people have argued about families being split by Scientology. In the deposition he admits Katie Holmes is a SP and that Scientology played a big part in the couple's divorce. He also admitted that Nicole Kidman has never seen Isabella and Connor since the couple got divorced. Nicole has always claimed she sees them infrequently and talks to them and this basically calls her a liar. The reason she can't see them? She is a SP so the kids can't have any contact with her.

One thing Tom's people say in some e-mails which shows you how celebrities work is that Katie lets the paps know she is leaving her building which is why when she first got divorced they would be there on the days she was looking good and absent on days when she wasn't. I have no doubts she called them because it is what celebrities do. When you see a celebrity getting papped in their own neighborhood or walking into a business directly after getting out of their car they called. Sure, if it is a night and a popular place then there might be a pap or two or the pumpkin patch all the celebrities go to there are paps waiting there the whole day but for the most part they are doing the calling themselves.


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