Friday, March 20, 2009

Four For Friday - With Some Kindness

I don't have four kindness items to fill up the entire four, but I felt like doing some this week, so included with the regular awful stuff are some very pleasant ones as well.

#1 - Kindness - This C list actress/ sometime singer with A list name recognition has moved from tween television to movies. On a recent cross country flight she was sitting in a First Class seat with one of her friends when a woman came on board who was carrying an infant, and had a toddler with her as well. While the woman was standing in the aisle waiting to proceed, our actress started talking to her and before you know it, the actress and her friend moved to the back of the plane and gave the woman their two First Class seats. Oh, as an added kicker, the actress had a middle seat for the entire flight from LA to New York and never complained.

#2 & #3 - Both of these award winning actors are A list. #2 is an A list movie actor, while #3 got his start in movies, and is now an A list television actor. Oh. Both of them are married as well. And both of them also have child(ren). Three or four times a year they get invited to a porno shoot by one of their mutual friends. When they get there though, it is not about watching, it is about each taking a turn with every actress on the set.

#4 - Kindness - This married B list primarily television actress was on one of the most popular television shows of all time. Although she doesn't always seem like it from the outside, she actually has a very warm heart. When she found out her long time housekeeper was working two jobs in order to be able to provide for four nieces and nephews that had recently moved in with her, our actress not only gave her housekeeper a huge raise, but bought her a new mini-van to drive everyone around and paid for the rent on a new place to live for an entire year.

Random Photos Part Two

Billy Joel & Elton John get the top spot in this section. It was close though. Fleetwood Mac is a little lower and their music is just about as good.
"Hi. Would you like to be #4 today?"
"Hi. Would you like to be #5 today?"
I know it's hard to see, but the tall dude in the middle is Ben Affleck.
Two of my favorites. Bill Irwin and Nathan Lane.
Christie Brinkley looks incredible.
Courteney Cox on the set of her new television show.
Remember that crush you used to have on Corey Haim?
I love Dave Foley. Now of course I will be forced to watch Kids In The Hall episodes all night.
I'm looking, and still don't see any signs of infection or Ebola on Doug Reinhardt. Give it time.
Fleetwood Mac - New York
Probably one of the biggest smiles ever from Gwen Stefani.
Hugh Jackman is actually not getting coffee. Shocker.
That is one big jacket John Goodman has on.
So, there hasn't been a huge fuss over Joe Jonas and his "Asian" photo. I think it is probably because he looks like he is putting on his makeup.
Kevin Federline, his girlfriend and a cake with candles that I'm guessing are going to be painful to blow out.
I guess Tom decided he liked the boy look better.
Kevin James then proceeded to break dance.
This was the most flattering photo of Kathleen Turner I could find. It still kind of looks like Alexis Arquette in Wedding Singer, but it can't be helped.
Lili Taylor will always be one of my favorites.

Random Photos Part One

Had to put Jamie Pressly on the top of this section. That's right, I said section. There is going to be a Random Photos Part Two today. There are just too many for one post. Anyway, this is the best I think she has ever looked and the photo of her as a girl on the cover of her book is great.
Not looking quite as good are Matthew Broderick and Steven Weber.
Maria Bello on the other hand looks lovely.
Mick Fleetwood looks great for his age, especially if you consider the years on the road and partying.
More blasts from the past. Marlo Thomas and Phil Donahue.
Some things never change. Marisa Tomei and her crazy hair.
We now return to the continuing saga of Natalie Portman and her dog.
The one and only Paul Haggis.
One of your favorites is definitely Patrick Wilson. Here he is with his pregnant wife Dagmara.
Do you think Rachel Dratch is still bitter about being kicked off 30 Rock?
It must be Friday, because I am looking at Rose McGowan and don't hate her right this second. I'm sure that feeling will pass.
I don't know if I have ever seen Spike Lee out with his entire family.
Stephanie March uses the couch in an interesting way.
John Turturro goes for the more normal route.
While Judith Light plays it a little sexy. That couch had a busy day.
The best looking man in show business. Taye Diggs. If only he would let me date his wife.
Thomas Ian Nichols and his wife DJ Colette.
I'm guessing that making Tiny Lister angry is not a good thing.
At this point, Tori's bag weighs more than she does.
Apparently Zac Efron was in the car, but didn't want to pump the gas. Vanessa was driving, but still, as a guy, I just feel like I should be the one to pump the gas.

Your Turn

The death of Natasha Richardson this week made me realize how precious life is and how you never know when exactly it will be taken from you. But, what if you did know? What if you knew you had 30 days to live. Assume that you can do anything you want health wise for those 30 days, how would you choose to spend those days? What would you do? Would you treat the time as 30 days without consequences? Would you treat it as 30 days to get everything in you had missed? Would you spend the 30 days entirely with friends and family? Would you even tell them? So many possibilities with this one. As always, feel free to comment anonymously.

Daily Mirror Blind Item

Which actor's clinging girlfriend is nicknamed SWF - Single White Female - by his friends because of her crazy obsessive compulsive behavious? She won't let him talk to other females...of gay men!

**Note from me** I don't change any words or fix any spelling errors in blind items in case they are clues. I don't know if they meant these two errors or not.

She Might Face Charges? ***Warning - It's Awful But Does Have Happy Ending***

On a Pacific Blue flight yesterday from Samoa to New Zealand, a woman gave birth on the plane. Now, this is not the first time in recorded history this has happened. What makes this unusual is that no one noticed she gave birth. The 30 year old woman went into the bathroom on the plane, gave birth to the baby and then went back to her seat. Sounds happy doesn't it? It does until I tell you that she went back to her seat without the baby. Yep. She decided to leave the baby in the trash on the plane. No one actually noticed it in there until about an hour after the plane landed and the cleaning crew discovered it.

The good news in all of this is that the baby is fine. The woman was caught because she was waiting in the terminal for another flight. She was also the only woman in the airport wearing bloody clothes. The police took her to the hospital, where she underwent some surgery and is now in the hospital with her baby.

Now, the big stink in all of this is not that the woman abandoned the baby in the trash, the outrage seems to be directed at the airline for letting her on the plane at all in such an advanced state of labor. I don't know how the airlines can stop her. Apparently they asked every pregnant person how far along they are. What more can you do other than that? Have them bring a doctor's note stating how far along they are. How is that any business of the airline?

Meanwhile, the woman, might face charges, but it is unlikely. Unlikely? WTF? She left the baby in the trash and was taking a flight to a different country and she might face charges? I understand reuniting the mom with the baby, but do you really want the mom to be in charge of that baby's life? She already was once, and didn't do a good job.

Remember, this isn't a teenager afraid of her parents. This is a 30 year old woman who did this. She better face some charges.

America Young - Groupidity Part 10

So this is my favorite episode. Eric Campbell the writer makes another appearance, but Vanessa and David really get a chance to shine! In it I give a shout to my friend's movie, Labou, that comes out in DVD in May. See if you can find it!

GROUPIDITY Ep 10 - W.O.W.!! from Groupidity on Vimeo.

Forigve Me For I Am About To Sin

I have been so good and have not mentioned Lindsay Lohan by name in quite some time and this is an exception to the ban, and not a lifting of the ban. I have enjoyed not talking about her fights or posting her photos and I think the world is a better place for it. I'm proud of myself for ignoring the whole warrant situation and the broken window during the fight, but I have to vent now.

Lindsay is on the cover of Nylon this month for their tenth anniversary issue. She is Teri Garr and that magazine is Letterman for all the times that Lindsay has been on the cover and in its pages.

Anyway, in the interview she blames the tabloids for ruining her career. Ummm. Is she serious? Lindsay Lohan is responsible for ruining Lindsay's career. Sure, you can throw some Michael and some Dina and some effed up parenting into that if you want. I will give you that, but there is no way the tabloids did it. Did the tabloids make her go to rehab three times with another on the way soon? Did the tabloids make her late for work or miss work or days shooting? Did the tabloids make her drink or do drugs or chase down her assistant in a stolen SUV? Did the tabloids make her be a diva on the Ugly Betty set? Did the tabloids give her the shortest temper known to man?

Oh, and it gets worse. In the interview she says she would love to be in Alice In Wonderland and makes it seem like she was thisclose to getting the part that Anne Hathaway is playing. She is so full of crap. There is no way she would get near that production unless she was hanging around with Sam at the after party when Sam was working. This is the problem with Lindsay Lohan. Despite the fact that she is the biggest mess around, she does get lots of offers for employment. She really does, and they are not for porn. They are for indies where she would make $100K for a month's work but she won't take them. Why? Because in her head she is a huge star and a great actress. She isn't. I know all of you loved her in Mean Girls, but that is because it was Tina Fey who wrote the damn thing and Lindsay didn't have to stretch at all. Parent Trap? Freaky Friday? She was a kid playing a kid. She did fine, and if she would actually work in some of these indie films she might actually be good. She doesn't want that. She wants A list movies with A list stars.

"I'm talking to a lot of people right now," she says. "One is Sean Penn – I spoke to him again the other day. We're trying to get Seth Rogen for this project, but Seth won't call us back. So call us back, Seth, if you're reading this!"

I think what she is trying to say is that Seth won't call Lindsay back. As much as I would love to think Seth would blow off the a-hole known as Sean Penn, I don't think he would do that. Why would Seth be in anything with Lindsay Lohan? So he can get laid? There is no reason to choose a f**ked up has been actress when there are lots of others from which to choose.

Grow up Lindsay. Take responsibility for yourself. Go work for a living for awhile. If you don't like the tabloids, then move. Leave California. They won't follow you for long, and you won't have any excuses.

Elle Macpherson & Mischa Barton Is Not Glenn Close & Meryl Streep

At some point in this whole casting process for the new CW show Beautiful Life, I think it might be good idea if Ashton Kutcher actually decided to cast someone who can act. Elle Macpherson is gorgeous, a very nice person and she does great when you cast her in a role like she portrayed in Friends. However, if you give her anything more than that, you can tell that she is a model and not an actress. Just because she is a model, doesn't mean she can play a modeling agency owner on television. I know that sounds kind of stupid, but think about some doctor you know playing Dr. Derek Shepherd. It isn't the same.

The great thing about casting Elle, is that despite her lack of acting talent she is a much bigger star than Mischa Barton. I know that Mischa thought she was probably going to be the big star on the show, but it just didn't work out that way. I can already tell you that the two of them will not get along at all. They have completely opposite personalities and so even though the show will probably suck eggs, the off screen stuff should be very entertaining. If Mischa didn't need the money so desperately and a chance to make a comeback, I wouldn't put it past her to just drop out of the show. I know. It is more important for her to be the big star than to work.

DNfromMN - Movie Review - Sunshine Cleaning

Wide Release: 3/20/09

THE STORY: Rose (Amy Adams) and Norah (Emily Blunt) are down on their luck sisters. In High School, Rose had it all: head cheerleader, the quarterback, the admiration of the town. Now, Rose is a maid barely making it as a single parent. Norah is the family black sheep, she still lives with dad (Alan Arkin), she just can’t seem to keep a job or keep her life together. When a family issue comes up that Rose needs to cover financially, her cop boyfriend (Steve Zahn) suggests she start cleaning crime scenes after seeing the usual guy accept his $3,000 check.

Just after her 3rd Oscar nomination for playing yet another naïve innocent, Amy Adams finally goes somewhere a little deeper and darker. Personally, I’m glad to see her branch out, though Rose strays only a small bit from that. The story progresses as Rose learns after-the-fact about what she is and isn’t doing right as a crime-scene cleaner with the help of Winston (Clifton Collins, Jr.) the one-armed vacuum shop salesman. It makes sense though, if you started a business with no idea how to run a business would you really do everything correctly from the beginning? Hell, no. Amy Adams is so charming, just a light bulb of energy in a dark situation, and she’s us. She has the same problems we do: no money, dead-end job that you hate, family problems that she has no control over, etc.

Therein lies the problem to Sunshine Cleaning’s lack of commercial success. In this economy, when everyone is needing to pare back, choose their entertainment wisely, why spend $10 on a movie ticket that is only going to remind you of how much of your own life is in the toilet. I’m here to tell you, Sunshine Cleaning does not give you a happy ending. Uplifting, maybe; happy, not so much. You might like this movie, I did, but it did leave me feeling a little down.

Like Amy Adams, Emily Blunt plays the opposite of what we’ve seen her, but not too far away. Still a bit scattered, but due to a lack of direction, not because of stress. All emotion, she has trouble disengaging from the job. She worries about the family of those injured at the crime scenes. She might be you, your sister, or your best friend: the person in your life who unintentionally self-sabotages and has no luck. Again, do you want to be reminded of this on your rare treat out of the house? Maybe you don’t want to, but the Norahs of the world are often forgotten, and seeing her story play out might give you that bump to call up the friend who needs a babysitter, a night out, or a home-cooked meal.

While I wouldn’t recommend Sunshine Cleaning to everybody, I think it’s worth seeing if you want to sit and talk with friends about where your lives sit right now. It’s a story for what we’re all going through right now, and opens it up for discussion. Maybe you’re a Rose, maybe you’re a Norah (or maybe you’re their dad), but everyone needs to vent and commiserate every now and again.

WHAT IT’S WORTH: Depends on your mood. I think it’s worth a rental, but not full price. See it at the cheapy theater. So I’ll say $4 (that’s rental price near me anyway). It won’t change your life, but it might re-open your eyes for a little while. I will warn you, the opening scene is a bit rough to watch (set up for the first crime scene). There is only one severed body part, but a good bit of blood (and human waste), so not for the squeamish.

Another Fake Celebrity Rehab Story

Kelly Osbourne did the whole People Magazine thing this week. I think all of us knew Kelly went into rehab about six weeks ago, but none of us noticed that she got out about two weeks ago. So, of course that had to be remedied. She needs everyone to know so she found a magazine willing to give her a few hundred words to explain why she was in rehab and how she is 100% clean now for the first time in her life.

Have you ever noticed that celebrities always say that. Kelly was in rehab in 2004 and 2005 but says this is the first time she has been clean. I bet if we go find some interviews from back then she said the same damn thing. I know she said something last year when she was taking care of Amy Winehouse.

I hate how stars seem to only go to rehab for alcohol and painkillers. Kelly is no different. In the interview she says she got hooked on liquid Vicodin at 13 after having surgery. Apparently 11 years and 3 trips to rehab didn't cure it? Please. That is such a crock. They always want you to think it was an accident or it was the fault of a doctor. Kelly Osbourne didn't go to rehab for just Vicodin and it is another way that celebrities make "everyday people" feel as if they are inferior. Stars never go to rehab for heroin or cocaine or crack or meth. I know. You are saying, yes they do. You want to know when they do go for that stuff? When they got arrested for possessing it. Otherwise it is alcohol and painkillers.

It is such a crock and it isn't like Kelly Osbourne admitting why she went to rehab is going to affect her career. Who cares about why she went. Just tell us the truth. Ozzy would. I'm not meaning to pick on Kelly. I'm just using her as an example of how celebrities try and pretend to be something they are not. It is the same with the photoshopping, airbrushing, and plastic surgery.

Ted C Blind Item

Double cocaine-addiction alert, babes!

But first off, gotta say it's a brutal Biz out here in Hollywood. Instead of keeping up with the Joneses, you have to keep up with the Richie's. Thin will unfortunately always be in because every actor's worst nightmare is Jessica Simpson's last couple of months.

Meet Slurina Thigh-Disaster and Bart Farts-a-Lot. No relation between these two, except that they share the same nasty diet trick: nose candy. Yep, Slur and Bar are two of the more recent stars to shed their extra fluff, and we're not talking Jenny Craig here folks.

More like coke. Mountains of coke. See, Slurina's legs (and other appendages) are a disaster not because of her chunks, rather they seriously aren't there anymore. It's like they've disappeared or something.

Ever since that pic Slurina did a while back called Crimson Scorpio, for which she lost a shocking amount of weight, many folks have wondered where the hell that new figure came from. The same place where a lotta of T-town, stick-thin starlets like to get their stall on.

Weird, too, 'cause Ms. Thigh-Disaster used to be a bit on the plumper side, but always so healthy. Result of hew new figure: More roles, yeah, but she's also getting a rep for making vulgar scenes due to her constantly jumpy nature, regardless of whatever celebratory occasion she may find herself in. But she just can't get enough of this white stuff.

So unlike Bart:

This guy is most decidedly not a fan of the nose devil. In fact, he really doesn't like it at all. But he was forced to lose his happy poundage and didn't know what else to do...or snort. People like to laugh at a chubby actor, but won't swoon over one. He's told friends that coke is the "only thing" that will make him stop eating. So he does as much as he can to curb his appetite. Gross.

Jeez, what ever happened to some good ol' fashion diet and exercise?

And it ain't: Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie, Jessica Simpson

And it also ain't: Brendan Fraser, Jason Segal, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Today's Blind Items

This one is a shocker. This married, aging, Academy Award winning/nominated actor who is probably C list if you look at what he does now, but would probably only ever appear above the title has had a 15 year habit that is finally beginning to surface. It seems that our married star enjoys certain sexual acts that are certainly not what one would call normal. Always with a woman, but they involve him being on the receiving end of yeah, how can I put this delicately. I really can't. Let's just say he enjoys showers that really don't involve water coming out of a pipe. He also enjoys toys being used on him. Anyway, enough of the sordid aspects. It seems that for the past 15 years our actor has used the same professional who was the model of discretion. She retired at the end of the year, and since then our actor has tried out the services of three or four other professionals who don't have that same level of discretion and have been blabbing all over town about our actor's crazy fetishes.

Random Photos Part One

I know I already did a post on the death of Natasha Richardson last night, but it just seemed wrong to not include her in the photos, so she leads us off today. RIP.
Apparently Alicia Keys would like the photographer to call her, or perhaps they are playing rock, paper, scissors.
There will be lost of photos from The Office today as there was an evening with The Office held last night. Angela Kinsey starts it off.
Followed by BJ Novak. I don't think he gets enough credit for his performance in Season 4. His transformation throughout the season was really, really good.
Cuba Gooding Jr., just doesn't look all that great. Maybe he was sick or something.
Charles Manson as of yesterday. Still looks scary as hell doesn't he?
Not as scary as the string or wire that Channing Tatum seems to be using as some kind of jock strap.
Emma Watson and her brother Alex.
Now that Fred Durst is a director, he seems to have matured a lot. Notice I said seems.
Honestly. I have no clue what Jessica Alba was thinking. I don't really know fashion, but it seems to me that Jessica is on a one woman crusade to bring back the 80's. Go back and look at her photos over the past six months, and then go watch Fast Times At Ridgemont High.
I can't pronounce the name of her new book, but since it is Joy Behar we are talking about here, I'm sure it is really funny.
The always lovely Jenna Fischer.
Apparently lots of people have the same photo of John Krasinski they want signed.
John C. Reilly on the set of his new movie.
I've decided that if I ran into Kate Bosworth on the street I wouldn't recognize her. She just looks too much like everyone else.
Kate Miller-Heidke - Perth
I think the three people behind Lisa are in charge of her career.
Which is why she has to resort to this to find work.
Not having any trouble finding work is Michael Sheen who is standing next to Lorraine Stewart.
Probably my favorite character on The Office except for Rashida who is rarely on anymore. I love Mindy Kaling.
It's really dark outside, and they look awful hanging off her dress, but I guess Michelle Rodriguez just couldn't leave her sunglasses home.
Nicole looks really cute here. I don't think I have ever referred to her as cute. Do guys say cute? Oh, yeah we do. We say someone is cute when we want to be nice, but don't really want to date your 2nd cousin with the lazy eye.
I don't know if Oscar Nunez has been in the photos before.
Yes, after a long absence, Ryan Gosling returns to the photos.
And it has been so long, I gave him to you twice.
Rainn Wilson. What else can you say?
I guess you could say, I hope he doesn't end up with the career or looks of Tom Green. Although Tom did sleep with Drew Barrymore so there must be something there. Did he have sex with Monica Lewinski also?


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