Friday, May 21, 2010

Four For Friday

#1 & #2 - I'm guessing this couple is more than just friends. Lets call them reality stars. Well, one is for sure a female reality star on an A list network reality show. The other, a male celebrity who has been on a reality show. Anyway, our male celebrity took our female to a party recently and was throwing $100's at her like they were nothing. He kept throwing until she agreed to umm, how shall I put this, get serviced orally right there at the party by another woman who didn't take nearly as much money for persuasion.

#1 - female
#2 - male

#3 & 4 & 5 - This C list actress daughter of a former male A list celebrity (now B) and a former B list actress (now a D) was found in a bathroom the other night passed out after trying heroin for the first time.

#3 - daughter
#4 - father
#5 - mother

Random Photos Part Five

Happy Victoria Day to all the Canadians out there. Yes, I know it is on Monday, but you probably won't be reading then, so I thought I would say it now. I wish your day fell on our Memorial Day so we could have one big North American poutine and hot dog party. Nothing like processed meats and french fries smothered in gravy.
It's like the 80's all over again. Valerie Harper and Linda Lavin.
AB Quintanilla, aka Selena's big brother.
This might be the first time I have seen Anna Kendrick at a club. Of course I would go to if they
had Tigers drinking from milk bottles and
naked women serving food and
being the table.
Still not a fan of AnnaLynne McCord, but at least she doesn't look as plastic here.
Aaron Paul and an obviously thrilled Jacqueline Novak.
Angel Reed makes a first time appearance.
See that look on Jay Z's face? See that smirk on Jada's face. One thing and one thing only. She just told him that she and Will had sex in his bed.
Different picture, same expression. He won't ever recover.
Chace Crawford hides his drink from CW President Dawn Ostroff.

Random Photos Part Four

Yeah, this is tough. But, if you really want to impress me, do it on the other side of the fence.
I hope the police are asking Cesar Millan to come listen to Paris Hilton's dogs.
Demi Lovato - New York
Ellen Pompeo actually looking relaxed.
This is Elsa Pataky. I would like to think if she were still dating Adrien Brody he would not have been wearing that brown RUN DMC pleather thing he was wearing the other day.
Estelle, Selita Ebanks, Whitney Port (How is that show still on) and Mario Cantone.
It must be hat day. Everyone is wearing one including Ed Westwick.
This is Flavio. You might not know who he is, but he is rich. Oh, and he is the baby daddy of Heidi Klum's first child. Anyway, he had his $25M yacht seized the other day while his wife and two month old baby were on board alone.
Glee - Los Angeles

Halle Berry strolling Los Angeles.
Hugh Jackman with his regular scruff.

Random Photos Part Three

One of the few times, Holly Madison wasn't asked to pose in a bikini or lingerie.
A group of good looking guys. Ian Somerhalder, Robert Buckley & Tom Welling.
It's times like these that I actually like Jennifer Lopez for a second.
Kate Hudson and Colin Egglesfield on the set of their new movie.
Now, I'm not so sure about the boob thing either.
Katherine Heigl in New York.
Kim Kardashian at some random thing that is probably throwing her money for being there.
Hmmm. Katie Price's ass and glamour. Not two things I would normally associate with each other.
Lady GaGa without all the stuff that makes her Lady GaGa.
Another event, another Scarlett J and Liev sighting.
Liv Tyler and her son. At least I hope it is her son and not some random kid she found somewhere.
Mariza - Lisbon

Random Photos Part Two

I think Madonna must have stolen this from Lambada, The Movie.
I love Malan Breton. You all know that. But, I am not sure why you need a professional stylist to have a combover.
I have been re-watching the first season of The Riches again this week. Let me tell you something. Minnie Driver doesn't get enough credit for being an amazing actress. Damn she is good.
Matt Damon gets an award from Save The Children. Meanwhile, Ann Curry kept asking him about working with Brad Pitt and if he has any extra locks of his hair for her.
Matt Goss in Vegas.
Meanwhile his ex, Daisy Fuentes, was in New York
I wish they would do a Saved By The Bell - How Life Didn't Turn Out So Rosy. You know, some are unemployed, some have five kids and a cheating husband. Fun stuff like that.
Maggie Q and a scary looking Shane West.
Vanessa Williams looks amazing. I might actually watch Desperate Housewives for her next season. Here she is with Michael Urie.
I always have Simon LeBon in the photos. Well, how about some Nick Rhodes.

Random Photos Part One

Five parts again today.

I have to say that I was kind of disappointed that OK Go didn't have some special trick for when they threw out the first pitch at the Dodgers game yesterday. No treadmills? No mousetrap?
Ozzy Osbourne demonstrates what he does every morning when he realizes he is still married to Sharon.
Padma and her billionaire boyfriend Ted Fortsmann. So, would you date a 70 year old if he was a billionaire?
The current Mrs. Rod Stewart was at an event with
a former Mrs. Rod Stewart, and they didn't even say hi.
The Queen headed into Westminster Abbey. I wonder if she has to pay that ridiculously high entrance fee.
Just think ladies. If you had met Russell last year you could have been on his daily conquest tally and been given a complimentary bathrobe for your efforts.
I thought it was Aaron Carter at first and then I realized it was Renee Zellweger. My bad.
I really miss Monk. Lucky for me, USA continues to show it 18 hours a day.
The Script - New York City


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