Saturday, April 14, 2012

More Fail Videos

This is supposed to be the best 18 fail videos ever on You Tube. It is a great video but I think they are missing some really good ones.

Blind Items Revealed

September 23, 2011

#1 - This foreign born actress/model who always seems to stay in the spotlight without actually doing much other than occasionally dating a celebrity spends most of her time now hustling rich guys to take her out. She is hoping to land a big fish, but most get tired of her after a few days because of the financial demands she puts on them right from the beginning. Definitely going to be revealed.

Sophie Monk

Lindsay Lohan Now Says Maybe She Was Not At Home Watching Television

Ever since this drama happened last week about whether Lindsay Lohan beat some woman at The Standard Hotel, Lindsay has been repeatedly saying she was st home watching television that night and there is no way it could have been her. It has been like a mantra. Now all of a sudden after the third person has filed a report corroborating the woman's story and the police are about to interview Lindsay about the whole thing her story has changed ever so slightly. It has gone from, "we are going to sue this woman because Lindsay wasn't even there," to, "Umm, we are going to wait until the police finish their reports before commenting further." Turns out Lindsay can't keep her days straight. You would think that nights she does not go out would be firmly implanted in her mind because they are so rare. I also wonder if there is something on that video and Lindsay knew she was going to be screwed.

Eden Wood Has Her Own Show

I guess Eden Wood has not retired after all. Well, maybe from beauty pageants although if you pay a substantial fee she will show up at the pageant. Anyway, Logo is airing a new series following Eden and her mom and her agent and it starts on Monday. To me this is telling moms that if they dress their daughters to the edge of decency and cause as much drama as possible that they too might get a show for themselves. I'm sure there are some of these pageants moms that do this for fun and for a learning experience for their kids, but I think the vast majority are hoping for what Eden got. I think the show Toddlers & Tiaras kind of brought that to the forefront and you see each season getting more outrageous as it takes more and more to stand out from the other parents who are willing to go lower and lower towards the gutter every season.

Robin Gibb Is In A Coma

Robin Gibb has been fighting and fighting for the past year to stay alive and beat liver and colon cancer but doctors are reporting that the Bee Gees singer is now in a coma and may only have a few days left to live. I'm not a death watch kind of guy but I thought it couldn't hurt to put some good feelings out there for the guy and his family. What could it hurt?

Taylor Armstrong Begs Producers To Keep Her Job As Real Housewife

You want to see someone who will do absolutely anything to keep her job then look no further than Taylor Armstrong. I think she is convinced that if she stays on Real Housewives long enough that somehow the world will fall in love with her and she can be a brand and sell things and be a Kardashian. Not going to happen. As much as I don't like the Kardashians people do like them and there is just not kind of like from anyone for Taylor Armstrong. Radar reported yesterday that producers were going to slowly phase Taylor out and she lost her mind. She has no other income other than the money she and her husband managed to squirrel away and hide. Its not like publishers are clamoring for another book. There is just nothing likable about her. If she caused trouble in a good way then it would be interesting. She doesn't though. She doesn't have that quality that makes you want to watch her be a villain. You just want her to be off the screen the entire time she is on it.

The Secret Service Got Their Freak On

An advance team of US Secret Service agents got into trouble because at least one of them did something with a hooker he shouldn't have done. I doubt the agency would recall 12 agents from the field if one of them had sex with a hooker so you get the feeling something else happened and that it was probably pretty bad. 12 agents is a lot of agents to get into trouble. Maybe one agent showed the hooker where the President would be sleeping or they had sex in that bed and the other agents made sure all the video gear was working properly while it was going on. It's the government so the truth may or may not come out but I bet it is really interesting. Do you think the hooker was killed and they all covered it up? Maybe she tried to shake him down for more money and the next thing she knew 12 Secret Service agents were there with guns.

The reality is the 12 guys were drunk and they refused to pay so she called the cops. Apparently the fact they were drunk and had sex with hookers is ok, it is the fact they drew attention to themselves that is bad.

Ryan O'Neal Has Cancer

I feel like Ryan O'Neal made an announcement about he has prostate cancer simply so people would be nice to him and not bring up the fact that he is a total tool and has been a total tool for his entire life and is one of the top 5 worst celebrity parents of all time. I'm just waiting to put him higher on that list, but right now above him are some celebrities who have had sex with their kids so you kind of have to leave them higher. So far, Ryan only made his kids watch him have sex and got them addicted to drugs. Oh, he did hit on Tatum so that is close. I think Tatum should write another book and really just let everything out and every story she has ever heard about her dad. I'm sure it would be pretty good. Anyway Ryan says he is going to make a full recovery so why even announce it in the first place other than to get sympathy. Not going to get it here.

Angelina Jolie Goes Back To High School - Gets Promise Ring

Apparently Angelina Jolie doesn't really like people making fun of her dress and leg anymore which of course everyone had already stopped. Angelina got Brad Pitt to officially be engaged to her except it is not really even an engagement. Oh sure, his rep says it is because Angelina told him to say it was. Here is the quote. "It is a promise for the future and their kids are very happy. There’s no date set at this time." Tell me how that is different from the promise ring from high school. You know, the one that cost $20 and made you feel like you were an adult. All this is doing is trying to get some publicity. Jennifer Aniston has been on massive amounts of covers the past two weeks. Of course they all say she is pregnant, but there she is looking at you when you stand in the checkout line. Not that Angelina stands in a checkout line, but she has her workers bring them to her with their tithes.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Random Photos Part Three

Liza Minelli gets the top spot because she is Liza. Plus, she has the headband thing going which is her tribute to Karate Kid 3. She wants no part of the first or second one.
Beyonce actually looks really good here.
So does Chris Evans.
And one more just for good measure. He is not a bad looking guy.
Dr. Who being filmed in New York. I think this is where Amy gets killed off.
Filming in London set to look like Paris is Les Mis. That is Eddie Redmayne.
Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield wear matching sunglasses on a cloudy day.
Maybe Emma Watson sold the sunglasses to them.

Random Photos Part Two

Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie share their first family photo on Twitter. Tried to sell it, but no one would buy it.
Hayden P tries to catch a basketball on her nose like a seal. Yeah, that is not going to work out well.
Jessie J channels Will Smith from 1985.
Jennifer Lopez before Idol and
after Idol.
Kiefer Sutherland was on hand to judge the 3rd annual get drunk and knock over a Christmas tree festival. Minimum of ten drinks required.
Lana Del Rey gives the side eye to someone wearing a Slash shirt.
Lourdes looks just like Madonna from 40 years ago.
And here is Madonna now. Not too bad really.

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

Penelope Cruz was in Rome to promote a new Woody Allen movie and
Woody actually showed up. So did Alec Baldwin who brought his girlfriend with him and found his stalker in his suitcase.
Robert DeNiro in Tahiti.
Rose McGowan showed off the latest in test pattern fashions.
Not as crazy, but still an interesting dress worn by Illeana Douglas at the same event.
Jennifer Grey was also there with her dad but stuck to simple black.
You know, out of everyone who was on The OC, Benjamin McKenzie might be doing the best.
Ricky Martin dressed up for his Evita role.
Sandra Bullock and Louis have replaced Jessica Alba and Honor as my favorite celebrity parent duo.

Tina Fey Is Really Good At Catchphrase

Ted C Blind Item

You certainly all remember Harriet Talons, right? Our Blind Vice maven was just inducted into monikered infamy and is already back for another round of d-r-a-m-a. Would you expect anything less from someone wanted killed off her own show?

Well, apparently, horrible Harriet isn't as confident in her job security as we think she should be, because the boob-tube broad has been secretly trying to book another gig...ya know, just in case!

Apparently Harriet is supremely nervous about her future—or so say people within her camp.

While we already told you Ms. Talons probably won't be canned from her juicy hit series anytime soon (or ever), she has caught whiff of the hostility directed her way and is worried that sooner or later her attitude may lead to her demise.

Hey, we're just shocked she had enough self-awareness to realize everyone thought her stuff actually did stink.

But instead of, we don't know, simply being nicer to her costars and hard-working crew, or being less of a diva at the office (that would make far too much sense), H.T. has been aggressively pushing her agents to find other work.

That way she'll stay one step ahead of any potential firing. We told you she was a crafty devil, didn't we?

Here's the thing: She can't find any jobs!

You might think producers would be eager beavers to book the seemingly so talented Harriet for their gig, but her pushy reputation precedes her. And no one wants to have Harriet's talons unleashed on their set, heaven forbid!

But really, can you blame them?!

AND IT AIN'T: Naya Rivera, Eva Longoria, Kristin Bauer

National Enquirer Blind Item

WHICH former ’90’s sitcom star-turned-Oscar winner has cut off her mom and refuses to let her see her grand­daughter? The actress is crazy about her dad and recently researched his family roots, but didn’t even bother looking into her mom’s ancestry!

Amanda Bynes Goes Drinking The Texts And Drives And Is A Mess

Lets face it. If there is one person other than Lindsay Lohan who should not be clubbing right now it is Amanda Bynes. Fresh off her DUI arrest last week and the next night being banned from The Standard, Amanda was back at it last night, although she did change her outfit from short short dress to short short shorts with her bra hanging out. Amanda decided that since she only barely hit the police car last week that she must be an excellent driver and could text and back up at the same time. Then she happened to hit the curb which is a good thing because she would have hit that wall for sure if not for hitting the curb.

Four For Friday - The Affair

As is the case every Friday, I like to remind everyone that I have a Twitter account and you can follow me right there---------------------> I say that, but I realize it could be up higher or lower to the right depending on when you see this. It is over there. I post blind items there that I don't put here and tend to post different photos and talk about things that interest me. Oh, and on the site over here every Saturday I reveal a blind item from the archives so hope you will come back tomorrow.

Franchise films are tricky places for relationships. A one off film leads to on set relationships which can destroy a marriage, but when you have to work with the same person repeatedly over the course of a couple of years plus the press trips and premieres and parties you can turn something that started off as sex and end up with so much more that can cause real damage. So, what happens when you have a married B- list actor who is suddenly thrust in front of all these young women and everyone is far from home. What started off as the best of intentions quickly went downhill as our married actor was joining some of the other actors at a strip club by the end of the first week away and had a hooker in week #2. It was in about week #3 that he met this B- list actress who is probably the best actress in the franchise, despite not really being a lead. Totally not his type and way too young but they hit it off. First just talking in between shots and then in their trailers and the next thing you know it was hooking up overnight and hoping his kids or wife would not call while he was with her. What started off as what he thought was just sex grew into something way more, but then filming ended and they went their separate ways.

Our actor though was hooked and in the next installment was actively looking for someone. The problem was he was too assertive and aggressive and it was a turnoff to the actresses he was hitting on plus they kept reminding him he was married. His first installment flame was off in her own little world, but she did introduce our actor to an actress in the movie who was barely 18 and in one of her first roles. They have been together ever since. She is just now getting out of her teens. It was pretty questionable whether or not their first under the sheets encounters were even legal and if her parents found out they would probably run screaming to the press or police or both. She keeps it a big secret from her parents. She has not worked that much since she hooked up with our actor because he keeps demanding more and more of her time, especially since he has so much of it now. Plus, now that part of his secret is out in the open he has been seeing other women too and enjoying being openly single. That would be great but he made promises to this teen and also she had a procedure done too which he said would not matter because they would have lots of other chances in life.

Your Turn

It has been awhile since I had a plug your own thing day on Your Turn so if you have something you want to sell or link to or talk about or share with the world, here is your chance.

Quamine Taylor Lives At Diddy's House For A Day

If you are going to stalk someone or break into a house like Sean Combs, you need to make the most of your time. Too often the stalker breaks into a house and is caught and sent to jail in a matter of minutes. Not so for Quamine Taylor. Quamine broke into Diddy's house in East Hampton and was there for a full 24 hours before getting arrested.

Quamine even set off an alarm at the house but convinced staff and security and the police he was a close friend of Diddy and they left!

It was not until the next day when a caretaker saw him that the police were called again and he was arrested. For those 24 hours though Quamine lived like a king. I can believe he might have bluffed the police, but how did he bluff the people who work for Diddy. Have they heard of a phone and calling the guy?

National Enquirer Blind Item

WHICH star has let all the Oscar buzz she received go straight to her head? The once-humble actress now has an out-of-control ego and her old friends are shocked at the special treatment she now demands – from them!

American Idol Judges Use Their Save

I have watched American Idol this season once or twice and it just so happens that one of the times I watched it was earlier this week. I did not know Jessica Sanchez was the be all and end all of the show and that everyone thought she was supposed to win because when I watched the show the other night I thought she deserved the low votes she apparently got. She would have been kicked off but the judges used their safety. Look, they can use their safety but if the voters don't like her it won't do any good because she will just be right back there next week. I understand why they have this safety thing but what does it matter? Jennifer Hudson got voted off when she probably shouldn't have but how has it affected her career? Exactly. So, who cares if you get voted off. It just allows you to start recording your record before everyone else.

Frances Bean Says Dave Grohl Never Hit On Her

There is no point in really talking about Courtney Love and her Twitter rants because she switches Twitter accounts all the time and most of them make no sense. Now, that being said, if you have the time and energy I could see turning her Tweets into a television show. If you put her rants in a show on HBO or somewhere where they would not be turned into sitcom mediocrity it could be pretty good. Of course then you would be giving Courtney more spotlight which is something she doesn't need. Courtney had accused Dave Grohl of hitting on her daughter and possibly having sex with her too. Dave said no and now Frances Bean says no and that Twitter should ban Courtney for life. Without these rants though, Courtney might explode with all the rage she has inside. You think the Bean likes her mom? How about this warm and loving Hallmark like statement.

While I'm generally silent on the affairs of my biological mother, her recent tirade has taken a gross turn. I have never been approached by Dave Grohl in more than a platonic way. I'm in a monogamous relationship and very happy. Twitter should ban my mother.

Kate Major & Michael Lohan Are Living Together Again

Michael Lohan and Kate Major probably consider themselves the Romeo & Juliet of their D list substance abused world. Apparently Kate Major called the police on Michael Lohan because he was banging on some salon window while Kate was having her hair done. Kate called the police but they were too late. Now, you would think that this is a typical harassment by Michael of Kate, but you would be wrong. Apparently the two of them are living together again and have been for awhile. They are doing this despite the fact that Michael was ordered to stay away from Kate and to never talk to her or see her again. He obviously thought living together was not specifically mentioned on that list so it was ok. Why on earth would they live together? The last time saw arrests, rehab and Michael jumping from a window to escape the police. Yeah, that is real healthy. Can you see how Lindsay never had a chance.

Mindy McCready Actually Has A Baby

Apparently Mindy McCready was pregnant when she said she was pregnant, but her guess that she was having twins was wrong and she had a baby boy named Zayne. I'm sure Zayne will have an interesting life and I actually worry about him and how much time he will get to see his mother. If you will recall, the last time we heard from Mindy she had kidnapped her other child and was found by police hiding in a closet with him and insisted she was doing nothing wrong. Mindy had lost custody of her other child because of all her arrest and drug abuse problems. Hopefully she has got them all worked out and is in a good place, because Zayne is going to need some stability and Mindy is not really a great example of it.

Keven Federline Blames Britney Spears For His Bad Parenting

Neither Kevin Federline or Britney Spears is someone I would want to raise my kids. The Enquirer is reporting that Kevin & Britney's two kids as opposed to Kevin and Shar's kids or Kevin and Victoria's kids are out of control. Apparently they try to light everything and smoke it. They are always dry smoking cigarettes and have even managed to light them in the past and smoke them. They also stagger around the house like a drunk and ask for another shot.

Now, according to The Enquirer these behaviors happen at Britney's house so Kevin thinks she is a bad parent. Britney may in fact be a bad parent, and lets face it, she probably is, but that 20 minutes each day she is with them and takes them to Starbucks is good family bonding time.

Anyway, the kids live with K-Fed 95% of the time so they learned the behaviors from the chain smoking always drinking fool and just manage to get away with imitating his behaviors at Britney's house because the bodyguards don't want to watch the kids while Britney has her four medicated nap of the day.

After Ten Years Morgan Freeman Talks About His Step-Granddaughter

For the past ten years, Morgan Freeman and his step-granddaughter have had a relationship that has raised a lot of eyebrows. I mean lets face it. I think everyone pretty much assumes he has been having sex with her and that their relationship led to the divorce with his wife. In fact, I believe it was his wife who first brought it up and said it was a reason they split. That and the others, but the step-granddaughter was a part of it for sure. I guess someone wrote somewhere that Morgan was marrying her so after ten years of being together now Morgan says that he is not getting married and there is no relationship. Uh huh. So, your ex-wife had it all wrong? I think he came out and said something because he knew he was not getting married to the step-granddaughter so could deny that and maybe Morgan is seeing someone and she wanted a little reassurance that the 74 year old Morgan is not out there having sex with the 27 year old. Yes, you did your math right. Ten years ago he would have been 64 and she would have been 17. Scary stuff.

Nick Lachey Is Too Important For 98 Degrees Tour

Nick Lachey is like the Justin Timberlake of N'Sync except without the acting success or number one albums. For some reason the 98 Degrees tour that had 30 somethings looking forward to a night out to see their old flavor of the month band will not happen, at least with Nick Lachey. He says he is excited to see the excitement for the mini-tour but that he is just going to stay home and do nothing but wait for the baby. You would think he would be anxious to get out on the road and earn some money for the baby. He could make more working those 15 dates then he will working any of his other jobs for two years combined. Just because 98 Degrees was a distant third in the boy band hierarchy of N'Sync and Backstreet Boys, does not mean there are not people willing to spend good money to see them. I think he is just trying to forget those days which of course are the only reason he is famous so he should respect that. Plus, he needs to think of the other guys, including his brother who could use the cash too.

Jada Pinkett Smith Insists Nothing Is Wrong With Marriage

Jada Pinkett Smith gave an interview to the French Magazine, Gala about her marriage. Well, not really about her marriage, but of course it came up. She tells them her marriage to Will Smith is great and wonderful and that they have been picked on this year because it is their turn to be the celebrity couple picked on. You know how you can tell they are having marital problems? Nowhere in the entire interview does she talk about all the sex they have. That is a Jada staple. I wonder why they even bother to keep it together because no one cares if they divorce. Do you think it is a Scientology thing? If they split one of them will leave the church and will never get to see the kids again. That could be it.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Random Photos Part Three

This new Anne Hathaway still from Dark Knight are kind of cartoonish. Hard to see where the real stops and cartoon begins.
Charlize Theron over in Europe.
Al Pacino does his Scarface impression. Not as intimidating now.
Emma Watson filming her new movie being directed by Sofia Coppola.
The dress looks normal in the front but
seems to be missing a good portion of the back. Who would buy this? Other than Coco?
Hilary Duff gets some chicken.
Hayden P kisses her guy in Hawaii.
Jessica Biel returns to LA from Paris. Looks like no engagement ring.


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