Friday, January 21, 2011

Your Turn

This week, we were having an interesting discussion about going back in time. The question was basically what point in time would you go back to and start over again, or are you pretty happy with the way things turned out? You would still know what you know now, but, you have to live your life from that point you go back to. Do you think things would turn out differently?

Too Much Information

Nadya Suleman was found yesterday and of course people asked her about her fetish video. She says she was grossed out by the whole thing and that it was just supposed to be a spoof of her porn offers. Huh? Like a Funny Or Die thing? It did not seem that way. I think she got paid for doing it but is worried about Child Protective Services so is saying she is grossed out now.

She also said that she has not had sex in 11 years. Although I know she did IVF for the octuplets, didn't some guy come out when the babies were born and say that Nadya used to have him come over when she was ovulating to try and get her pregnant? Did they use a turkey baster?

Mexican Pop Singer Arrested For Rape

You probably have not been following the case of Mexican pop singer Kalimba, but it is a pretty interesting case. The hugely popular singer was arrested in Mexico yesterday after being deported from the United States. The singer, who once voiced Simba for The Spanish version of Lion King, is accused of raping a 17 year old girl back on December 19th. The next thing you know, Kalimba was in the United States hiding from everyone. Well, Kalimba's people say he was in the US on a business trip. Uh huh. Anyway, police in Texas caught up with him and he was deported.

Lindsay Accuser Refuses To Cooperate - Supposed To Get $25K From Lindsay

Radar is reporting that the former employee of the Betty Ford Center who accused Lindsay Lohan of being drunk and assaulting her, accepted $25K from Lindsay and her people after agreeing to not cooperate with police.

The only thing is the payment never materialized. You mean Lindsay the thief went back on her word? Shocker! Apparently, Dawn Holland, the accuser wanted the money upfront, but Lindsay wanted to pay it over monthly installments. So, yesterday Dawn fired her attorney. She has hired a new lawyer now and after all the lawyers get done collecting fees, Dawn is not going to have much left of that $25K.

Ted C Blind Item

Oh King Schlong! How happy you're about to make many of your groupies all over the world, when they find out that high profile relationship you're in don't mean a thang.

See, King is king for a reason. He's charming, knows how to command a room, and is good looking in that yeah, I know I'm the s--t kind of way.

So, it only makes sense he found an equally yummy counterpart whom he has flaunted all over the world.

But does she know where her man's penis plays when she's away?

Lots of places, really, but one girl she might be super pissed about her man shagging is a well-known L.A. party chick who has bedded the likes of one Shafterella Shoshtein's boy bitches, Super Duper-Cooper, and the bisexual star who gave Crescent Kumquat herpes.

Don't you just love the one degree of Blind Vice separation in this town?

Anyhoo, party honey was pulling her phone out and showing all kinds of dirty texts that King Schlong was sending her while he was supposedly with his pretty babe.

"She's so stupid," quipped the preening slut about King's main gal. "He cheats on her all the time. But he's good in bed and hot, so I don't feel bad about it."

It's true, King Schlong has his moniker for a reason. He's quite royally equipped.

And it's only a matter of time before that gorgeous babe of his catches him putting his jewels where they don't belong—and calls it off.

Clearly, it's what the eternal bachelor is aiming for.

And It Ain't: Joel Madden, Kanye West, Johnny Depp

Jennifer Aniston To Rehab?

The National Enquirer decided to go ahead and turn Jennifer Aniston's drinking into some kind of needs to go to rehab article. They talk about all the booze she likes and how she likes to party so to them it means she needs rehab. Meh. I think she is someone who likes to drink and likes to have fun. I mean she needs to do something while chain smoking her Merit cigarettes.

Do you think it is possible that an article about Jen needing to go to rehab could still have an Angelina Jolie spin to it? Well, of course. They say that when Jen drinks she starts trashing Angelina and complaining about how Brad is no longer in her life. Please. I will say this. If Jennifer did go to rehab, the tabloids would all rush to include Angelina in the headlines and how Brad will rush to her side and the idiots at OK! would probably try and have her pregnant or something while in rehab. You know, from a bedside visit of Brad.

Ke$ha Does Have A Father

My tolerance for Ke$ha ended about six months ago. Not even pictures of her naked and sexually satisfied can ease the pain she causes me every time I hear that f**king Your Love Is My Drug song. I hate it. I hate my life when I hear it. I hate the sick bastards who decided the she needed to have that high pitch giggle at the end of the song and the program directors who decide that I need to hear the song every 15 minutes.

Anyway, apparently Ke$ha has spun some kind of story about how she did not know who her father was and she never met him and that not knowing her dad is does not bother her and has made her a better artist. Well, Star has an interview with Ke$ha's dad who was involved in her life on a consistent basis until she was almost 20. Pictures, cards, letters, and then when she hit it big, she stopped talking to him cold turkey. Hey, at least he does not have to hear her sing that damn song in person.

The Jake & Taylor Thing Is Interesting

I don't really care about Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift, but what I do find interesting is that Jake flew across the country to take Taylor out for dinner. It seems that whatever they had whether real or not is over, so why fly across the country? What was so important they had to do it in person instead of via a phone call or something. It happened on Wednesday night so wouldn't it have made more sense to hang out at the Golden Globes together on Sunday night? You know, make a week out of it or something.

Real Housewives - Beverly Hills

Wait, Kyle stole Kim's house? WTF? If you are like me, I was pretty bored last night watching the show. I actually could not believe they stretched it out for an additional 15 minutes. I was like just bring on the reunion show so we can see some fighting. The only thing worth watching in the show was the last five minutes when Kyle and Kim got into it. So, Kim is an alcoholic who lost her home to Kyle's husband but he sends her money every month. That was my conclusion after the whole stole my house thing. I would like to hear that explained, but we will probably never get an answer to that one. There is obviously a lot of history between the Richards sisters. Do you think Kathy is messed up too?

Camille looked genuinely sad, but I think the Mrs. Grammer thing was probably made up. It is not like Kelsey just got the apartment a week ago. They have had it a long time and Camille has been there lots and lots. I think a lot of her scenes were playing up to us a little bit and to get our sympathy. "I believe in my heart it is a woman." Huh? She thought Kelsey left her for a guy didn't she?

At this point I have to think that next season is going to be really boring. Don't think so? Did you think the first hour of last night's show was riveting? Yeah, well get ready for a whole season of that.

BuzzFoto Blind Item

This Latin actress wants her publicist to only set her up with ‘white guys.’ Although she has someone she has been in love with since childhood who is Latin, she thinks that dating a Latin man won’t help her image as much as a white one will. She will put her career in front of her relationships at all costs and has broken the heart of her childhood sweetheart.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Today's Blind Items

This almost A list always foreign born movie actor was dining at a restaurant two nights ago with his B list movie actress significant other. When our actor saw who was serving them, our actor told his significant other they could ask for another waiter because it turns out our actor had slept with the waiter. His significant other replied, "Oh, its ok, I slept with him too."

Random Photos Part Three

Rob Reiner and Norman Lear in the same photo? And kissing it out? Top spot for sure.

Angelina Jolie shows Pax the wonders of this thing the rest of us call a grocery store.
AnnaLynne McCord making out with a dog. Kind of like her dates.
If Janet Jackson and Chaz Bono had a love child, it would be Bruno Mars.
Colin Firth in London tonight.
Darius Rucker still having a career shows he works really hard.
David Spade before and
after. Nice cleavage.
Katie Holmes. Always the happy one.

Random Photos Part Two

Elisabetta Canalis walking the dogs. Her boyfriend, George Clooney has revealed he caught malaria while in the Sudan.
Gisele Bundchen in the snow in Boston.
Greta Gerwig and a very flowery dress.
The cast of Green Hornet can't wait to get to the free sake.
Heather Graham and Carrie Brownstein.
So what happens in ten years when Hrithik Rosan is not so Situation-y?
Speaking of Jersey Shore, Terrell Owens was making some time with Sammi.
Jude Law wandering the streets of London.
Jason Mraz at an Elton John event.

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

Instead of January Jones love, Jason Sudekis hangs out with Fred Armisen and Kyle MacLachlan.
Jay Z watching the Nets play.
Khloe Kardashian in YRB.
Kim Kardashian sending love messages to her boyfriend while he plays. I bet he didn't do it back. Whatever, as soon as the television season wraps up so will the relationship.
Kat Von D showing off her ring for the first time.
Apparently Spain has a Miss and Mister.
Martha Stewart looks all recovered from her injury.
At least Steve Harvey's books are good. Needs a better fake smile though.
Tea Leoni doing the solo thing on the red carpet.

Todd Palin And The Hooker

Who knew that Al Gore and Todd Palin had so much in common. Apparently Todd Palin really enjoys getting massages, just like Al. Well, maybe not so much the massages, but just like Al, Todd seems to like what happens after the massage. According to a report in The Enquirer. Todd has been seen frequenting a massage parlor in Anchorage. The thing is that Todd might not have actually paid for the massages or the sex. The Enquirer uncovered documents that show the woman who was arrested in March for running a house of prostitution, provided free massages to someone on the staff of Sarah Palin. It was her contribution to the campaign. I mean who doesn't need a good rub and tug after they have been working on the campaign trail espousing good old fashioned family values.

Neighbors of the massage parlor called the police because of all the noises that emanated from the business which sounded like people having sex. Yes, including when Todd was there. I love sex scandals like this.

Johnny Depp As The Wizard Of Oz

Robert Downey Jr. has been dropping out of things right and left lately, and the latest victim is a prequel to The Wizard Of Oz. Apparently Disney's next choice is Johnny Depp. Can I see Johnny Depp as the Wizard? Yep, but I wonder if it will be like another version of Willie Wonka. It would probably have that same kind of feel. Oh, and also Alice In Wonderland. I was kind of looking forward to Robert Downey Jr playing the role because I think and this is just my opinion, that the Wizard is really not that nice of a guy and Robert Downey Jr would have that kind of attitude that maybe Johnny does not have. When Johnny plays these characters they all end up kind of looking the same. It is not that Depp is not a great actor because he is fabulous and has lots of range, it just seems like he has been doing a lot of this type of role lately. What he needs to do is try and find some small indie project and just do something totally different from what he has in the past five years.

Jesse James & Kat Von D Engaged

Well, it did not take long for Jesse James to move on from Sandra Bullock. Well, actually I guess he had been moving on from Sandra for a very long time before they finally made it official. I mean Sandra did not know Jesse had been moving on, but all the women he was sleeping with and attending Hitler Youth rallies with knew what was up. It was not even a year ago that Jesse was busted cheating and somehow in that short amount of time he has managed to find his "best friend," in Kat von D. Apparently this will be a long distance relationship. Jesse will continue living in Austin and sampling the various Eva Braun look-a-likes there while Kat Von D will remain in LA and get late night calls from Nikki Sixx. Oh, I am sure this will work out well. I wonder if Bombshell McGee will be the maid of honor.

Jon Gosselin Adds To The Unemployment Rate

So, remember that whole thing about how Jon Gosselin had a regular job now and was going to work every day and was no longer interested in the limelight. Well, he may still not be interested in the limelight but his job with Global Green is over. Apparently, Jon decided he could not be apart from his kids so quit the job he just barely started.

I think what happened is that he realized he was used to doing absolutely nothing and making stupid amounts of money for doing nothing. Sure, he had a domineering boss in Kate, but that is nothing like actually working a job and getting up early and not getting to wear your Ed Hardy collection every minute of the day. So, Jon up and quit. Unfortunately Jon there are not too many jobs where you can sit around, contribute nothing to the world and get paid for it. The good news though is there is an open job at Global Green.

Portia De Rossi Family Drama

I don't know if you have read Portia De Rossi's new book, but there is one really scandalous kind of tale in there. I am trying to remember if this has happened to anyone I know, and it seems like it would have, but I can't think of any right now. Anyway, back before Portia came out she was married to a guy. Well, at some point that guy started having an affair with Portia's brother's wife and the next thing you know he married her.

How did all of this come about? Well, while Portia was married, her brother and his wife moved into the same tiny apartment complex so the couples were always hanging around together.

"The fact that Renee would wear skimpy, lacy underwear clearly visible underneath her oversized, gaping overalls should have indicated to my brother and me that a personal partnership was also forming, but when Mel left me and Renee suddenly sabotaged her marriage to my brother to be with Mel, Brother and I were left idiotically scratching our heads in disbelief."

After that happened, Portia's brother moved in with Portia and they would get drunk every night talking about what had happened. Have any of you had this happen to you or know about a situation like this?

Ronni Chasen Snowjob Almost Official

Apparently the Beverly Hills Police have decided the Ronni Chasen murder case can be closed. People have stopped asking questions and no one seems to care anymore, so they might as well close it. The Hollywood Reporter was told that the ballistics in the gun used in the suicide of Harold Martin Smith proved the same gun was used to kill Ronni Chasen. Of course the police don't have to prove that in court so who is to know. I don't care how much they try and hammer this story, I will never believe it. I just don't see some homeless guy riding a bike out into the middle of nowhere and waiting to rob someone and then killing them. How was he going to rob her? This is such crap. If you stop to think about it for one minute you will come up with twenty things that make no sense at all. I so wish that guy was still alive because I really would love to hear his side of the story. Tell me again about how he says he was paid for it. Why would he make that up?

American Idol

So, I watched the first night. I figured I would give it a shot, just to see what the new season was like. Last season I did not even have to watch to know it was truly awful. This year promises to be better. I don't know if I will watch it every week, but Steven Tyler may make me change my mind. I love a guy who drops f bombs every couple of seconds. In a good way though, not in a mean, patronizing Gordon Ramsay kind of way.

He is definitely not a Simon Cowell. He actually seems like he is having fun, while Simon always seemed like he was counting the minutes until he could have his next cigarette and take a look at his moobs in the mirror.

Jennifer Lopez? I did not hate her. Did not love her either. I think she is a maybe so far. She has good chemistry with Steven, but I get the feeling she is struggling to contain her diva-ness and the only thing holding her back is the thought that this show is her last chance to make any kind of career. Her movies and songs suck, and this is the final roll of the dice. I just don't want to have to watch the inevitable Marc & J-Lo duet that will surely happen at some point this season.

Can you imagine Simon singing along with contestants? Steven is happy to.

The Happiest Mug Shot Ever

I don't know what drugs Judson Birza was on when he was arrested for being under the influence, but they must be really good. Judson, who won Survivor Nicaragua, was arrested yesterday afternoon when police stopped him for skateboarding in the street. He was acting funny so they did a field sobriety test and he was arrested. They probably would have let him go without arresting him, but he also had an outstanding DUI warrant and probation violations. His bail was set at $37,000, so hopefully he still has some of that million bucks left. At least he was not driving.

BuzzFoto Blind Item

This A List actress not in a celebrity relationship sometimes turns men off with her silly antics in the bedroom. She enjoys really tacky, really cheesy sex toys. She thinks she’s being naughty with her leopard-print furry handcuffs and her edible underwear, but most of the men leave rolling their eyes.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Today's Blind Items

Last night a party, this former B list television actor and now a guy who just screams cooties and sleaze when you look at him, was doing his usual pick up game. Well, he got the phone number of one woman and was chatting her up and telling her she is amazing and can't wait to spend time with her. Really pouring it on. Later she walks up to him when he is getting the number of another woman and he tells her, "Oh, I found someone better, but I will still call you when I need something quick."

Yesterday's Blind Item

This former A list tweener actress and now someone we seem to be stuck with for a few more years was recently filming a movie. One of her co-stars is a lesbian and the two started talking about it. At one point our tweener was talking about how it was wrong and blah blah and then next thing you know she is asking her co-star if she would be willing to experiment with her.

Random Photos Part Two

Sargent Shriver - RIP
Jane Leeves, Wendie Malick and a hidden Valerie Bertinelli help celebrate Betty White's 89th birthday.
Camilla Belle and Alexa Vega at the premiere of their new movie which no one will go see.
David Beckham's kids meet their sports hero other than dad, Shaun White.
The Murphy family. Nicole who went through all her money, and two of his daughters.
Holly Madison said yesterday she met her new boyfriend on Twitter. Yeah, I am thrilled too.
Javier Bardem walking his dog in Venice Beach.
Jerry O'Connell and Rebecca Romijn do the whole matchy thing on their bike ride.
And the little girl cut off Jennifer Garner's finger.
The unbrushed Katie Holmes.
Kim Kardashian and Kourtney headed into Letterman.
Did LeAnn Rimes do something to her face?
Miranda Kerr and her new baby, Flynn. Orlando took the photo.


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