Saturday, October 11, 2014

Blind Items Revealed

July 5, 2014

This aging foreign born A list mostly movie actor was being his usual creepy self at Wimbledon the other day when he hung out in a bar at the site and hit on every college student he could find until one agreed to go home with him.

Hugh Grant

Mr. X Blind Items Revealed

July 5, 2014

Which Oscar winning character actress once said in an interview that this now deceased A++ list fellow Oscar winner whom she knew before they were famous had a penchant for dressing up in drag?

Rita Moreno/Marlon Brando

Mr. X Blind Items Revealed

July 5, 2014

Which permanent A++ list diva and her actor husband have been living separately for the past few months?

Barbra Streisand/James Brolin

Mr. X Blind Items Revealed

July 5, 2014

What "singer" uses at least 3 dance doubles for her current gig?

Britney Spears

Blind Item #8

This multiple Emmy nominee/winning actress is known for her serial relationships and since she is single right now she decided she needed to not be single and landed this married director who shot her most recent movie. The director has had multiple actress wives and now looks like there may be another one.

Blind Item #7

This A- list celebrity is about to drop back to B+ despite her multiple reality shows and other shows and even her other endeavors. She doesn't have anything on the air right now. She also is having some financial issues so doesn't want her boy toy seen in public by her wealthy financial backer who wants to marry our celebrity. 

Mr. X Blind Items Revealed

July 5, 2014

Which '60s blonde TV actress who dabbled in film has turned into the real life Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? She's dressing up as the character that made her famous and it's not even Halloween yet.

Barbara Eden

Mr.X Blind Items Revealed

July 5, 2014

Which A-list rapper cancelled a gig at a UK music festival because he went on a binge drinking spree and nearly wound up in the hospital because of it?


Blind Item #6

This B+ list mostly movie actor probably used to be A-. He is an Academy Award winner/nominee and has dated an extremely wide range of celebrity. Right now though he is cheating on his power player wife even though he has described it as a perfect marriage. I guess it is not that perfect.

Blind Item #5

This B list reality star on a long running hit network reality show has been talking smack about a co-worker to get her fired because our reality star would like to be the only female in her position.

Blind Item #4

This married B list talk show has a female assistant that he actually doesn't have sex with. Shocking I know, but he uses her when he goes to clubs to go up to women to see who will be interested so he does not have to do it himself or take the chance of getting busted. She does his dirty work for him.

Blind Item #3

This former A- list mostly television actress from a hit network show that now barely works is getting quite the reputation at the school of her kid(s). Apparently she is hooking up with dads at the school whether they are single or married. 

Blind Item #2

This B- list celebrity offspring/former reality star has been cut off by her permanent A list father after he watched security footage of her at one of his houses doing lines of coke with several other people, all of whom were naked.

Misty Upham Is Missing

August: Osage County and Django Unchained actress Misty Upham is missing and her family is convinced she is going to attempt to kill herself. They reported her missing this week after no one saw her since Sunday when she told her dad she was going to visit friends. Police say there have been four suicide calls in the past year to her home, and they also got one the day Misty disappeared, but no one was home when they got there. The family said her last words to them were that they would not have to worry about her any more. Apparently she recently changed her medications and had been acting strange. Wouldn't you want to talk to her doctor about that? If you see someone who has to take meds and when the meds are changed and they start to act erratically, that would be a big trigger for me. 

Blind Item #1

This married foreign born former A+ list mostly television actor from a long running hit network show has been locked down by his wife since his show ended. He has had her everywhere with him after he got busted by a family member with a hooker in the house. Well, this week, with his wife letting him travel on his own, it was hookers all over again. Apparently, lots of them. For three days, when he was not working, he was having sex.

Amanda Bynes Placed On 5150 Hold

The villain from the Britney Spears meltdown has returned in true Hollywood fashion and saved the day for now with Amanda Bynes. When Amanda's parents saw that Amanda and Sam Lufti were communicating, they contacted Sam. He managed to convince Amanda to fly to LA. He got her on the plane by promising to help her sue her parents and that he had a lawyer lined up in Pasadena. Amanda went with him to Pasadena to what she thought was an office, but turned out to be a hospital where doctors quickly placed Amanda on a 5150 hold. During the period she is on a 5150 hold, her parents will obtain another conservatorship. It had to be done, and I can't believe Sam Lufti is the guy who made it happen. 

Friday, October 10, 2014

Random Photos Part Five

Brooke Shields does a Kidman on a red carpet.
Bella Thorne celebrating her 17th birthday.
Elle Fanning certainly seems happy.
Eva Longoria hosted and event for her foundation.
Melanie Griffith and
Terry Crews showed up.
William H Macy always turns up for Eva.
Evan Ross continues to display strange style while out with Ashlee Simpson.
Halle Berry has the smile of a woman who has split with her cheating husband.

Random Photos Part Four

Harry Styles gives up on shoes, but is not ready to go full barefoot. His feet are shy.
Iggy Azaela heads out of LA.
A very sender Isla Fisher, despite her tiny baby bump.
At the same party, Kate Mara did not have a baby bump or hold the perfume.
Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed continue to make daily pap runs. Nikki's idea.
Angelina Jolie is now an honorary Dame.
Jessica Chastain and
Dianna Agron picked up a couple of bucks shilling for Piaget.
Natalie Dormer is usually above that kind of thing but, hey she needs to worry about life after Game Of Thrones. There are only so many Comic Cons to attend.

Random Photos Part Three

Jamie Chung was at NY Comic Con with George Clooney while
Jaime King hit up some kind of makeup event that was going on at the same time as another makeup event.
Chrissy Teigen chose the Jaime King makeup event.
Natasha Lyonne and
Jordana Brewster were also on board.
Jennifer Lopez after dinner last night.
Adam Rodriguez, Matt Bomer and Joe Manganiello play touch football on the beach.
At another makeup event, Lily Allen and
Cat Deeley hung out before Kris Jenner tried to dry hump the lipstick prop.

Random Photos Part Two

Kelsey Grammer and his new stache out to dinner with his wife in London.
Also in London, but not wearing a stache is Lindsay Lohan. She would if someone paid her to though.
Megan Fox has a hat and an umbrella. In the sun. Kind of seems like too much.
Nicole Richie at the premiere of another season of her show.
A very rare sighting of Athina Onassis.
Pamela Anderson uses her hand to make her dress ride a little higher.
Rihanna in yet another airport.
Sarah Hyland minus her new bodyguard.
Toni Collette and Drew Barrymore hug it out.

Random Photos Part One

Five parts today.

Matthew Broderick has a new play that premiered last night, so he had a rare appearance with his wife, Sarah Jessica Parker.
Marisa Tomei was there and sober.
Anna Wintour showed up with part of a dead animal on her shoulders.
Long time no see Lori Petty.
Sienna Miller got papped with her her wet from a trip to the salon. Drying it cost extra.
Sofia Vergara continues the new trend of colorful leggings.
Taylor Swift wore pants for the first time in months while in London.
A very rare pap shot of Taylor Schilling.
Rose McGowan has moved from Liza to Judy in her look.

Blind Item #10

This foreign born A list singer who was A+list for an album is being cheated on by her significant other who has been hooking up with the ex he cheated on with our singer.

Some Jan Hooks And Phil Hartman Love

Blind Item #9

This married former A list mostly television actor was part of one of the biggest shows in television history. He says he owes all his success to his acting coach/C-list actor so the actor sets him up with actresses he meets on sets who have money for classes and are also willing to have sex with the coach. 

Off Topic

Yeah, I haven't slept yet because of American Horror Story.

Blind Items Revealed

May 10, 2014

This B- list actress gets really high on the list for someone who does not star in that many movies or television shows. It is just what she does, she does well, and has really high name recognition. She is also not as nice as it seems. If you can do something for her then she will love you for as long as it takes to get it done. Then you are pushed to the side until she needs you again. The persona that she created where she pretends to be sickly sweet is being tested because of the recent demands for her time. She yells frequently and is being a huge diva and has walked out of several interviews when she thought the questions were not what she considered to be good. Good in her mind is people complimenting her the entire time and not asking anything other than in a form where it compliments her.

Kristin Chenoweth

Four For Friday - Traditionalhen

I always like the day 1010. Nice and easy and computer geeks probably love it too. Things for Columbus Day have got so bad that most banks are now open. You know your holiday needs some beefing up if you don;'t have greeting cards and the banks are open. In Canada. I know this is the start of your holiday season with Thanksgiving and I want you to know that I'm jealous that you get first dibs on turkey. Have a safe weekend and if you want to stop by over the weekend, I will be hanging around and blogging away. If you want to follow me on Twitter, I am @entylawyer

#1 - This A list Academy Award winning actress told producers they would be out of luck if they wanted her to promote her new movie if her B list co-star would be there. He treated her like crap on the set of their movie when she refused his advances.

#2 - This do everything celebrity who is currently on a reality show after stints doing everything dumped her boyfriend when he didn't give her the kind of publicity she thought she should get. Now she is modeling herself after Chelsea Handler and the way she got to the top. Please no talk shows from her.

#3 - This Disney tweener from a very popular show turned movie actress has given her old boyfriend another chance but he hasn't stopped hooking up with the tweener's best friend every chance they get.

#4-This former A+ list celebrity at a time before there was the internet is B list now and an actress. She was talking this week about the time this A list director molested her when she was very young and working for him.

Your Turn

Favorite horror movie. Was it the one that scared you the most?

Blind Items Revealed

May 8, 2014

At an event the other night, this spy was part of a group of six that included this A list mostly movie actor and his A list mostly movie actress girlfriend. The spy was appalled at the way the actor treated the actress. When he was talking if she tried to interrupt or say something he would tell her to be quiet because he was talking. When she didn't want to go outside so he could smoke he told her that she had to and she went. It was just one thing after another all night and the actress seemed to be oblivious to the fact that she was being treated like crap.

Sean Penn/Charlize Theron

Blind Items Revealed

May 7, 2014

This former A+ list mostly movie actress was hammered at a recent event where she was speaking. Probably not the best place or time to be drunk.

Julia Roberts/sister's funeral.

Blind Items Revealed

June 13, 2013

This A list celebrity was out of the spotlight for three days because of an incident at home. It seems as if she was passed an unauthorized cell phone and was using it to make contact with someone who has been out of her life for a few years now. That person is now shopping stories to the tabloids about what she told him. If you believe the guy, it is crazy stuff. Our celebrity was basically grounded.

Britney Spears/Sam Lufti

Blind Item #8

This former A list mostly movie actor turned drug addicted pervy B list actor has spent all of the money his son came into a few years ago. The son has no idea. 

Blind Item #7

This former B list talk show host turned celebrity was at an event the other night and was asking everyone for an investment in her new project which doesn't even exist. It is how she is making her living now and she spends all the money on keeping up her lifestyle.

Malala Yousafzai Wins Nobel Peace Prize At 17

When I was 17, I was a stupid teenager who spent most of his time thinking of new ways to get drunk and party without my parents finding out. Malala Yousafzai is 17 and just won the Nobel Peace Prize. She is sharing the award with Kailash Satyarthi, but Malala is an inspiration and someone that all people should look up to and provides hope that you can grow up and not want to emulate Kim Kardashian or think that is someone who has it all. Malala began speaking out about the rights of women when she was just 11 years old. She was fed up with the way she was treated at school because she was female and the opportunities denied to her in a Taliban controlled area of Pakistan. Six years ago she survived a gunshot to the head when someone from the Taliban boarded her school bus and shot her. She was saved by British doctors who were in her town and flown to England where she still lives and attends school and still speaks out for the rights of women when it comes to education. 

Blind Item #6

Short on money, this former indie director/actor who has one big project to his name which sucked, but got his name out there is selling a sex tape of his former actress girlfriend who is B list and can't seem to get a show of her own to stick after some success as part of an ensemble.

Blind Item #5

This former almost A list comic movie actor who has returned to to his performer roots and this B list mostly movie actor who has looked the same and never gone above or below B list for the past two decades made a spectacle of themselves the other night with how they treated women at a party. As they got more drunk they egged each other on to see who could get a woman to do even more just because the women wanted a chance to be with them. It was definitely some of the sleaziest stuff I have heard about in awhile.

Blind Item #4

This A- list talk show host is making waves behind the scenes to keep his supposed celebrity/actress friend from getting a certain job she covets. He wants her where she can make him the most money. 

Amanda Bynes Threatens To Sue Every Tabloid And Has A Microchip In Her Head

Amanda Bynes needs help and there are some rumblings that her parents, whom she hates are thinking about reestablishing their conservatorship over her. In a series of Twitter rants, Amanda says she is going to sue In Touch for their interview with her they published this week. That was the interview where she said she is engaged to the bait salesman and they are going to move to New York City and have a bunch of boys because she would be jealous if she had girls. Well, in that interview she also told In Touch she has a microchip in her brain which lets everyone read her thoughts. Amanda says the magazine made her look crazy and she is not insane because she is really smart. I think you can be both. She also plans on suing Star for calling her crazy and is going to be on the cover of People when she gets married. Amanda says she has already hired a lawyer in NYC and this just gets worse every day. It is just a repeat of her last episodes except this time no one wants to step up and try and get her better. I really feel for her and really wish she would start taking her meds again and just realize she needs help. 

Blind Item #3

This A- list mostly comic movie actress is not looking forward to promoting her new movie because she hates her female co-star. Our A- lister took on the role because it was different than her usual fare but also because the foreign born A- list male lead who is best known for his pay cable role dated our actress a few times leading up to shooting. Once shooting began though and the no name co-star other lead appeared, our actor dumped the comic actress and started hooking up with the no namer.

Blind Item #2

This former B list actor turned celebrity turned current reality star told friends that his still fairly newlywed wife is giving him a hard time because she wants some of the attention he is getting now and that any solo reality show he lands after his current project, better include her because she feels like she can be a star. Yeah, I think that is the reason she married him in the first place.

Blind Item #1

This married B- list mostly movie actress who keeps getting work despite her less than stellar personality and bad performances loves to talk about how she spends hours thinking of just the right gift for friends but her former assistant says that she was told to just pull something from a closet of gift bags from swag suits the actress has been in and give something form the stockpile that our actress has already cherry picked for the best stuff.

Katy Perry Will Be Your Super Bowl Halftime Performer

Promising on ESPN this weekend that she would never pay to play the Super Bowl which the NFL apparently wanted, she nonetheless secured the gig and will be performing in front of an estimated television audience of over 120M people. Not a bad job if you can get it. Rihanna had been rumored to get the job but with the whole controversy of her song getting pulled because she had been the victim of domestic violence, she was apparently ticked off with not only CBS, but the entire NFL and didn't have any desire to play. The problem with the NFL wanting acts to pay to play is that they need someone who is going to keep viewers around during the 30 minute plus halftime show. The singers or bands they want are not the type who need to pay because they already sell millions of records and make millions of dollars every time they perform. Plus, who can really monetarily quantify the boost in record sales or airplay or increased people attending shows. What we will get is probably a medley of shits combined with three or four really quick costume changes and probably nothing at all controversial which is what the NFL wants. 


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