Saturday, September 27, 2014

Blind Item #9

This foreign born B list actress/model/host turned escort/host had to pay a $25K fine after she was caught having sex with someone to whom she was not married. It was either that or face arrest and deportation. That was more than she made for the weekend. Heard she is about to lose her regular gig because she keeps leaving early every week to meet men and then comes back late on Mondays.

Blind Item #8

This Academy Award winning actress is working out six to seven hours a day for the past two weeks. That can only mean one thing. She broke up with her boyfriend. They don't make sizes for how small she is and she has to get everything custom fit when she starts exercising like this. 

Blind Item #7

This B list rapper has been making the most of the time that this B list reality star is alone at home with her family gone. His goal is to marry her or at least get her pregnant because he is completely out of money and just had his flashy car repossessed. 

Blind Items Revealed

March 20, 2014

This A list tweener missed a week of work on her show. It was not planned and the show had to be rewritten. She says she had other commitments. If those commitments included a week long bender, then yes, it was another commitment.

Ariana Grande

Blind Items Revealed

March 20, 2014

This A list in her mind everything but actually a B list in everything but diva-ness has been having a few meetings with this former A+ list entertainer(athlete) who has a girlfriend but is looking to change to someone more media friendly. The entertainer has had some difficulties and wants to keep himself in the news. She is more than willing. She does like to alternate and it is his type's turn.

Jennifer Lopez/Alex Rodriguez

Blind Item #6

This almost A list mostly television and movie actress is still technically married. The whispers were they split because he cheated. It turns out though he was with a woman, but so was our actress. She is about to come out.

Blind Item #5

This B list celebrity/reality star saw his long time marriage crumble after he started hooking up with someone on his show that is four months out of high school. 

Blind Items Revealed

March 20, 2014

This A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee is used to getting what she wants all the time. Not known for diva behavior or anything, she is very nice all of the time. While enrolling her child in pre-school she was told that her first choice was not available. Why? The actress had decided to not work with a certain director. That director's wife is the admissions director for the school. Huh. Funny thing. The actress signed on to do a movie with the director a few weeks later.

Amy Adams

Blind Items Revealed

March 20, 2014

This former A+ list mostly movie actor had to actually get down on his knees and beg his girlfriend to come back to him. He also had to start giving her more money and apparently they might even get married too because she left him for several weeks. The actor has never found anyone who is willing to put up with all of his kinks like this woman and he is desperate to keep her. She knows this and deserves every bit of what the actor is paying her. I don't know how she does it.

Eddie Murphy

Blind Item #4

While doing press for his new movie, this technically still married A list mostly movie actor was asked about his kids. He said they are fine but he hasn't spoken to any of them in months because his new girlfriend says they are the past and she is his future. 

Can The Hackers Ruin Jennifer Lawrence's Career?

Another round of celebrity photos were released by hackers today. In each of the three big releases, Jennifer Lawrence has played a huge part. She has appeared in all three photo hacks and today an additional 55 naked photos of her were released which brings her total to nearly 300. That is a very large number of photos and apparently there are hundreds more of her still to be released along with movies. Most of the celebrities involved have suffered a day or two of outrage and embarrassment but have moved on and honestly, I think most of it will be forgotten. Jennifer Lawrence is different though. She had an image she tried to maintain that saw her get cast in big box office films and Academy Award type films that led to her reputation as a serious actress who has trouble not falling on big nights. She has generally been scandal free. None of this is her fault. The hackers broke a lot of laws and managed to access all of her photos. The problem she faces is that there are just so many of them and they just keep coming in wave after wave for just about a month. With more to come and now with her high profile coupling with Chris Martin, I wonder if she will get offered the same parts and roles. Does a producer or studio want to work with her knowing there could be other photos or something else leaked? A sex tape right when she is promoting some $200M movie. A lot of studios might decide to take a pass next time they hear her name.

Blind Items Revealed

June 10, 2014

This former B list mostly television actor from two very hit shows and who also moonlighted as a singer doesn't have sex with his much younger girlfriend any longer. She tells friends that she always has to orally service the actor and that is it. He also tells her during the act how lucky she is and that he could fins anyone to replace her at any time.

The Hoff

Blind Items Revealed

March 21, 2014

#1- Ben Affleck spent about five minutes in this movie but it didn't keep him from making a bet with this A list mostly movie actor that he could hook up with the only female lead in the movie in the two days he spent filming. The bet was Ben had to hook up during filming and not after. Ben managed to do it by the end of the first day.

Matt Damon/Shannon Elizabeth

Blind Item #3

Life has been hard for this former A list singer turned actress turned do whichever makes her money at that moment. All the years of drugs and booze were on full display the other night. She was sober, but couldn't hold a cigarette still to light it and had trouble keeping her fork from shaking to the point she could get food in her mouth. It was really sad. Apparently when she does drink she doesn't have those issues, so she always has a tough choice to make.

Blind Item #2

This B list mostly movie actress is one of the least successful actresses I know who is still A+ list when it comes to name recognition and is loved by the vast majority of people asked. She recently moved cross country because her married producer boyfriend wouldn't leave his wife. She was tired of hiding and pretending. Then he left his wife so our actress now is going to move back and all that goes with it but he still wants to keep everything secret until they have a few months together under their belt. She should agree because fans are going to hate her if they find out she is a part of this home wrecking process.

Blind Item #1

Not only did this A list designer not extend an invitation to the reality couple terrorizing Paris, but he also forbade anyone bringing them as a guest and let it be known any person who did would be barred forever. As much as his predecessor loved attention, the head of this label abhors it.

The Ryan Phillippe Candle Curse

I fully expect to listen to Coast to Coast at some point this week and hear an entire program devoted to the Candle Curse of Ryan Phillippe. If you have slept with Ryan Phillippe you need to rid yourselves of all candles in your apartment or house immediately. Don't waste time. Do it now. If he gave any to you, then you you should probably dunk them in a bucket of water and carefully take them to your nearest dark forest and dig a hole and bury them in there only to be seen again many years later when a young girl digs it up and brings them home and the curse begins again.

It was not that long ago that Ryan Phillippe had a little one night stand with Ashley Greene. Sure, he has a girlfriend, but no one would know and they were going to her place and no paps had seen them so it was all good. Then Ashley lit a candle and her rented condo got torched and some neighboring condos damaged. It was reported that Ryan was there.

Earlier this week and entire building was set ablaze after Alexis Knapp lit a candle in her condo. The fire damage was so extensive that the entire building is considered uninhabitable. Alexis Knapp is the mother of Ryan Phillippe's baby. You remember the story. They dated for one second. She got pregnant and they broke up but he did show up for the birth. The question is, did he give her candles as a gift or is it justhis presence around candles that causes the curse.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Random Photos Part Five

Samuel L Jackson singing karaoke gets the top spot.
Britney Spears smiles like she sings.
And again
And again
And again.
Chris Martin spends another day barefoot on the beach. I almost wrote bareback.
Chloe Moretz has a PUH.
Chris Pratt getting ready to host SNL tomorrow night.
David Arquette matches his belt tot what his girlfriend is wearing.

Random Photos Part Four

Derek Jeter had a fairy tale ending for a last at bat in Yankee Stadium. It is about the only hit he got all season.
Demi Lovato in Denver.
Eva Longoria leaves LA one day after getting here.
Gerard Butler supervises the work of his girlfriend while he stares at her butt.
The George Clooney wedding prep is underway. George is on the scene with his bride to be.
Matt Damon and his wife are there with
Ellen Barkin and
George's cousin Miguel Ferrer.
The pap boats are all there too.

Random Photos Part Three

Ashley Greene looks around while putting things in her car.
Helen Mirren on the set of her new movie.
Josh Hutcherson gets ready for the Hunger Games blitz about to start again.
Justin Timberlake and what I bet you think was going to be a Jessica Biel joke.
Nope. Jessica is half a world away just like always.
Kat Graham looking amazing at an event with
Dave Annable.
Katie Holmes was at the premiere of a movie in NYC that also
had Brooke Shields make an appearance.

Random Photos Part Two

Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg celebrating their love in Vegas.
Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett out together.
Lissa Rinna is a new Real Housewife while
Kyle Richards is an original RHBH. Apparently they don't like each other.
An angry Jennifer Lopez out with a big valet tipping Leah Remini.
Anthony Anderson at Letterman last night.
Nicole Cage does make his sex life unusual.
Naya Rivera out to lunch.
Now we know one of the reasons Paris Hilton is so messed up. Playboy Bunny at 8 for Halloween.

Random Photos Part One

Five parts today.

Reese Witherspoon out in NYC promoting her new movie. Probably had a glass of wine or two.
Amber Rose went out last night with Nick Simmons. Yeah, the son of Gene Simmons.
Shia LaBeouf continues his latest art exhibition. Watching him run in circles in Amsterdam.
Punky Brewster and her own little Punky's.
From Punky to Snooki who showed off her baby and maternity ward fashion sense. Yeah, it is Zoomba pants with the crotch cut out.
Sadie Robertson and Mark Ballas get some lunch while
Val makes a fan's day.
Tom Cruise on the set of Mission Impossible 5 looking very Jim Carrey-ish.
Timbaland and Usher both throwing up scissors. Does this make them scissor sisters?

Blind Item #10

This A list movie/television actor says he is married to his actress significant other but they are not legally married because they never made it legal in this country. Now she is pressing him to make it legal, but he is kind of wish washy about it.

Word Sneak With Chris Pratt

Blind Item #9

This B list celebrity married to a former singer turned actress turned singer turned actress who used to be A list as a singer a decade ago is back on heroin in a big way and apparently his wife has no clue because they don't spend very much time together any longer.

Off Topic

So, Scandal huh?

Blind Items Revealed

March 21, 2014

#4- Catherine Zeta Jones and this former A+ list mostly comic movie actor who was just getting started on the television show that would make him famous and several others not named SNL. They met at a party and she says he lasted for what seemed like a week straight.

Jim Carrey

Four For Friday- Traditional

I can't believe it is already the last Friday before October. It seems like it was a blink ago that it was the morning of New Years and now when the calendar rolls to October another one will be staring at me right in the face. Well, once I get past the Halloween stuff in every store that seems to corral me into some kind of pumpkin and hay bale maze. Are we really spending that much more now on Halloween? Anyway, I will be here all weekend and would love for you to stop on by and say hi. If you would like to follow me on Twitter I am @entylawyer

#1 - This is classic Hollywood decision making. If you are this former A list mostly television actress from a very long running network show that has not done much since it ended but still have A list name recognition, you don't make a public decision until you know the private decision. Her marriage is over, BUT she really wants another season of her reality show. If producers say she should film it with her husband, then she will. If they say she should date on the show then it will be bye bye to her husband.

#2 - The husband of this A list singer who got her start in a special way has been in this space before and has spent a lot of time in the recording studio with his new project. She is young and blonde and they have been making use of the bedroom at the studio. Our A lister is blind to his cheating. Again.

#3- This is not a hookup I envisioned at any point but John Mayer is hooking up with this B- list mostly television actress who has A+ list name recognition for her looks and her ex-husband. She also did Playboy.

#4 - This celebrity offspring of a celebrity and an actress can't seem to get an acting break but wants to be famous. She seems to be going down the road of infamous fame like her dad. Our celebrity made a sex tape with a former A list singer old enough to be her father and who is the dad of one of her best friends.

Your Turn

Is your type too much or never enough?

Blind Items Revealed

January 26, 2014

This female American Idol finalist/winner with B list name recognition despite her accomplishment better watch out for her significant other. He sure has been seeing that tall blonde Victoria's Secret model a lot recently. He calls them casting sessions. Uh huh.

Jordin Sparks/Jason Derulo

Blind Items Revealed

March 23, 2014

This still in her teens B list reality star from an A list reality show had sex with this old enough to be her father perv photographer who can't stop bragging about it.

Kendall Jenner/Terry Richardson

Blind Items Revealed

May 7, 2014

This B+ list performer (singer) has a B+ list celebrity significant other. She is actually more famous than her boyfriend, but he is the one with a brighter future. Anyway, she thinks he is crazy in love with her, but there are several strippers around town who would disagree with her. Our B+ lister spends lots of time with his strippers and his girlfriend is never mentioned.

Jordin Sparks/Jason Derulo

Blind Item #8- Kindness

On a recent flight, this former A list tweener actor who is now a B+/A- list mostly movie actor who has had some issues had a flight attendant faint right in front of his seat. The actor jumped up and was the first to help and gave up his seat for her and because it was a full flight had to stand for almost two hours until she felt well enough to get up and go back to a jump seat.

Blind Item #7

This celebrity offspring of a reality star is making a name for herself. She is hooking up with a former A list tweener but little does she know that her younger sister, while drunk at a party earlier this year hooked up with the former tweener too.

$1M For Amber Rose

Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa were barely married a year but she is going to collect $1M under the terms of their pre-nup. That is a lot of money for not being with a guy very long. I wonder if she would have received that much if it had been two or three months. What she wouldn't have received was child support which she will now which should make her total that much higher. She is asking for spousal support, but she probably won't get it, but I bet she ends up getting $10-15K a month for the next 18 years for their child, maybe even more. Then of course there will be all that money Nick Cannon probably promised her that she will get for reality shows and whatever else. I just hope he doesn't convince her she can sing or something like that. A season or two of a reality show would be much more preferable than her giving lots of interviews about how she is going to record and it has been a lifelong dream and blah blah blah. 

Blind Item #6

There is already trouble in paradise for this B list acting couple who have not been married very long and were really quiet when they did. They have two issues. He cheats on her and she is about eight weeks pregnant.

Blind Item #5

This A+ list rapper had a party thrown in his honor this week and didn't want his celebrity girlfriend there because he knew what was going to happen. She insisted though and was witness to him kissing and groping strippers and other women who wanted to be with him. He told his girlfriend that she wanted to be there and he wasn't going to change who he is for her. Apparently she was "indifferent" about it all.

Blind Item #4

He is married but that hasn't stopped her before. This B list celebrity turned reality star was all over this almost A+ list mostly movie actor who is very good looking. She wouldn't leave him alone at an event where he was without his wife. He cheats too but wanted no part of the trouble that comes with this person. I guess she is ready to trade in her husband for someone who has a career and fame she can use to her advantage.

Kim And Kanye Booed At Fashion Week

A general exception to my rule of no Kim Kardashian and Kanye West coverage is when they are booed or do something that makes them look awful. I take great pride and joy in the press of Paris for booing Kimye yesterday at the Lanvin show. Apparently Kimye operate on their own timetable and that timetable was 40 minutes after the show was scheduled to start. The designer should have just gone ahead, but waited until Kimye arrived and they were lustily booed by the press and Kanye almost went Kanye on them but kept himself to just yelling at them to be quiet. If I read one more story about how Kim was crushed by the paps the other day or knocked to the ground I will point them to the video that shows her just being jostled and pushed very briefly against a car. It is nothing worse than riding a train in New York at rush hour. Apparently though there are enough people in the tabloids who worship at the sausaged into too small shoes of Kim's feet that they want to make her a victim. Please. if there had not been paps there she would have cried and someday that will happen. I will cry that day too. Tears of joy that no one cares about the sex tape queen and egomaniac. 

Blind Item #3

This permanent A list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner hooked up with a woman who is even younger than his much younger girlfriend. The girlfriend keeps pressuring the actor to get married which he told her previously was a deal breaker. He is done with marriage.

Blind Item #2

Apparently this wife of a former A list mostly television actor from two long running network hits and a couple of misses too knew that her sex addicted husband would cheat on her given the chance so decided to keep things close to home. Their nanny just doesn't watch over the kids she also has sex with the husband with the full approval of the wife.

Blind Item #1

It has been one of the stranger product launches ever. A reporter who has been to two of the new line by this A+ list singer says that the press are handed a press packet which is normal and are allowed to take photos which is normal but are not allowed to ask any questions of the celebrity which is not normal at all and the policy is ruthlessly enforced by removing press who do try to ask questions.

Jordin Sparks And Jason Derulo Split - He Has Already Moved On

Apparently Jordin Sparks is crushed that her relationship with Jason Derulo didn't last forever. You could tell she was madly in love with the guy. Jason on the other hand seems to be fine with it and told a radio station in Minneapolis yesterday that everything was cool and there are lots of reports of him hooking up with women earlier this week and that every night has basically been a different woman. I guess he wants to make up for the lost time that he spent with Sparks over the past two plus years. Not that he was 100% faithful all of the time, but he is definitely seeing what is available now while Jordin listens to love songs and writes heartbreaking messages on Twitter and Instagram. The couple cited their schedules as the reason they split and they could never seem to find the time to spend together. 


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