Saturday, November 30, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #6

November 20, 2019

This not quite old enough to drink who probably wouldn't, even if he could, sometime reality star is about to be connected to the huge scandal going down in his family because he didn't move out soon enough. That will be the end of his dream career for at least the next several years.

Jedidiah Duggar

Blind Items Revealed #5

November 19, 2019

If you look into not just one, but two of the shell companies investing in a new design business, you will find the footprint of the celebrity CEO. He is either smitten or making a deal with the devil.

Emma Coronel Aispuro/Elon Musk

Blind Item #8

Speaking of young porn stars, this wealthy foreign born C list celebrity who all of you know for who he used to be married to has been hanging out with this B+ list actor who is also more famous for who he was married to than his acting career. The two guys have been holding drug and porn star orgies. Their only rule is the women can't be over 21. 

Blind Item #7

The PR people of the disgraced news anchor are sending out woe is me articles to be written about the former anchor. Meanwhile, he has been hooking up with a not even old to drink porn star.

Blind Item #6

This permanent A list actress who starred in an iconic role in an iconic show wouldn't care at all if her long ago actor husband was dating an actress which he isn't. The tabloids love to fan fic their way to this couple reuniting. 

Blind Item #5 - Reader Blind

This deceased actor was primarily known for two roles - A small but pivotal part in one of the biggest, most well known films of all time and a character he played on a popular sitcom that had a short-lived spin-off. Comedians joked about his age and mortality a lot.

When his beloved second wife dead, the grief stricken actor kept her body in his apartment for several weeks until his offspring from his first marriage forced him to give the corpse to the authorities. 

Blind Items Revealed #4

November 20, 2019

Lets see if the magazine that names the wealthiest does a little napkin math and realizes that the reality star with the lucrative side gig is nowhere close to being a billionaire even if the value of the company is correct, which it isn't. The good news is a lot of this goes from private to public in the next quarterly report.

Forbes/Kylie Jenner

Blind Items Revealed #3

November 20, 2019

One of the most hated Bachelors ever keeps trying to make it look like he is dating this B+ list mostly television actress who, not that long ago had her very own almost network show. She is not having it though and his latest PR stunt is probably not the best move.  Despite her love of promotional photos, she is famously private.

Nick Viall/Rachel Bilson

Blind Items Revealed #2

November 19, 2019

After the love fest two weeks ago, it was more of the same in person this time on the set of this pay cable show. The former network A- list co-stars hanging out for everyone to see. They just don't spend really any time apart at all.

Kerry Washington/Tony Goldwyn/Insecure

Blind Items Revealed #1

November 19, 2019

The acquitted killer has been reaching out through intermediaries because of the things I have been saying about her movie and the way she makes her money. She thinks they will all go away if I keep calling her out for them.

Casey Anthony

Blind Item #4

The former A+ list mostly movie actor intentionally missed a legal deadline knowing he could get a lengthy extension in a trail date. The lawsuit between the actor and his ex will be settled long before there is a trial. They both are lining up huge projects that would have them filming during anticipated trial dates.

Blind Item #3

This still very wealthy celebrity/reality star with equally low on the list offspring and exes, thinks he can slip one by investigators, but the feds are going to look through everything in his latest gambit and this will be much worse than if he had just paid the fine in the first place and done what he was ordered to do.

Blind Item #2

The A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner didn't exactly deny that he was being used as a patsy by ecological organizations using self generated disasters as money grabs from the wealthy.

Blind Item #1

This pseudo celebrity offspring might have gone along with the one named rapper/prolific baby maker on his trip, but also had to watch him sample some yachting samples offered to him by his hosts.

Friday, November 29, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #25 - Anniversary Month

June 5, 2019

I had a very brief almost in passing conversation with this former A-/B+ list actress who at one time everyone in the country knew. She has been acting since she was a teen and has a brand new show which has ads everywhere. She was on her way to an interview and was about to get into a car when we spotted each other. Quick hug and asked her if she knew anything new about one of her former co-stars turned producer and his plans or one of her other former co-stars and his plans. She said to go ask a mutual friend about well worn and to use those exact words. With that, she was gone.

So, I reached out to this mutual friend who I hadn't known had a connection to either of the former co-stars of the actress. The mutual friend didn't, but had a roommate who was hired on a fairly frequent basis by the more well known former co-star to meet at hotel suites or production offices where she would engage in various activities designed to arouse someone with a foot fetish until that person reached completion so to speak. Invariably, many of these were filmed, but not showing any faces. She asked about them and it turns out that this actor turned producer said he had a collection of hundreds of scenes including many actresses who worked for him and that he had joined forces with this A list director who had a similar collection to work on editing them together into a three hour video.

Robin Givens/Dan Schneider/Quentin Tarantino

Blind Items Revealed #24 - Anniversary Month

March 14, 2017

One group of readers will love this blind and another group will just click the next button. Those of you who are on board, will really love this one. After this MTV reality star made her first stop in LA at a house for the second straight time, I started asking about it. Previously I thought it was just a guy who produced porn. He does produce porn, a lot of in fact. He also is a pimp in the sense he will connect porn stars with people who can afford to date them and then take a little cut. Anyway, one of his biggest money makers is selling drugs to celebrities. Yes, our reality star wanted to do porn. Yes, she was told it would have to be with a partner because she wouldn't pass talent testing at that time. Yes, he was happy to sell her drugs to last for her visit. So, each time she has returned to town she has made the trek to the dealer. Her order has grown exponentially each time. Not only is she using pretty heavily now after a short break, but her significant other is up to his eyeballs in addiction and he spends her money like water when it comes to buying drugs.

Out of town and with a huge supply of drugs to get them through three days they head to their hotel. One of the people I know at the hotel said all was quiet at check in and even up to four hours after check in. It was then, that things began to go downhill in a hurry. The noise complaints were first. First, from the room next door, then the room beneath them. At this point it was just loud music and a video game being played at a volume of 100. Apparently the couple started watching porn and had the volume up on that to 100.

The front desk called and the noise quieted down. For a few hours. Later that night there was arguing and screaming and furniture being tossed around. That, according to the room's neighbors who called to complain once again. Oh, a side note. It was 4am.

The "star" has red marks all over her neck and arms and even face when she emerged the next day. Her significant other was there with his arm around her neck. They started looking at some brochures in the lobby and he grabbed her to kiss her. When she tried to pull away he grabbed her even harder and stuck both his hands down her pants from behind. When she resisted again, he grabbed her face and shoved his tongue down her throat. She pushed him away.

Later in the day, when they came back, she was begging him to please forgive her and promised to buy him the boat he wanted if he would just forgive her. That night was more of the same in the room. Noise complaints and partying. The time was close to dawn. For the next 24 hours, no one left the room. There was no noise. Not a peep. My spy was at her house when she heard there had been no noise for almost an entire day and evening and actually said to herself and her roommate that she wouldn't be surprised if the pair had died of an overdose.

Nope. They emerged the next day and were the happiest they had been since checking in. It was like none of the past few days had happened. Five hours later they were back. Having paid another trip to the dealer, they bought enough to last two weeks. It has been downhill from there. Fights and broken furniture. Pipes and the remnants of plastic wrapped needles. The stench in the room was apparently overpowering and might never be the same. At one point, our "star" had a bloody lip and looked like she had been slapped on that side of the face from the mouth to the eye. They spent thousands of dollars on room service and complained because their employer had only agreed to pick up $500 of the total.

Jenelle Evans/David Eason

Blind Items Revealed #23 - Anniversary Month

August 25, 2016

Knowing her could definitely get you killed. Maybe even by her. If you were sleeping with her back when this happened, then you did end up dead. This actor was A- list when he died. He is probably A+ list in everyone's memory though. He publicly had an actress girlfriend, but he was also regularly having sex with this at the time A-/B+ list singer/musician who also acted. The singer was married at the time. Her husband also ended up dead. The crazy thing is her husband introduced her to her lover because of their mutual friend who was an A+ list singer at the time. If you want to add even more spice to this whole thing, the singer, who is openly gay but was not at the time was having a fling with an at the time A list mostly movie actor who is still firmly rooted in the closet and still A list. That actor was having a fling with the boss of the now dead husband and spilling pillow secrets which almost got the dead husband dropped from the record label where he was signed.

A- list actor who died: River Phoenix
Actress girlfriend: Samantha Mathis
A-/B+ list singer/musician: Courtney Love
Husband who ended up dead: Kurt Cobain
Mutual friend: Michael Stipe
A list actor: 
Boss: David Geffen

Blind Items Revealed #22 - Anniversary Month

June 16, 2016

Even though there are hundreds of great stories about producers and showrunner's I rarely write about them unless they also involve some celebrity because it's hard to describe a showrunner to a point where you could even garner a guess. This story was so crazy though that I had to write about it. The show is an almost television show. Did really well so it was renewed for another season with some conditions. The studio wanted it to be less depressing. Honestly, that was probably a pretty good note. They also wanted production to move at a little faster pace. The showrunner said sure and shooting began. Except that it didn't really begin.

Our showrunner, instead of speeding things up was actually running things even more slowly. Entire days of filming were wasted because of the sets he was having built. Massive sets from scratch built in public places that were taking days to build instead of hours. The scripts were no less depressing and if anything, were even more of a downer than the previous season. This led to a confrontation between the studio and the showrunner. After lots of yelling and screaming, things seemed to have been worked out. Nope.

Our showrunner just kept doing what they had been doing. So, after another week of this, the studio started e-mailing the showrunner. No response. Calling. No response. texting. No response. That left other members of the production team to deliver all of the messages which put the team on edge. Then, the suits came to town again to talk personally to our showrunner but he barricaded himself in a room on the set which was inside a television studio. He stayed there for eight hours refusing to come out. Finally he emerged, but only because he had to use the restroom. He was escorted off the set and fired from the show.

A replacement was brought in, but the showrunner had destroyed so many files about the show it took a long time before everything could be pieced back together as close to the original way as possible.

Frank Spotnitz/The Man In The High Castle

Blind Items Revealed #21 - Anniversary Month

March 1, 2019

Back in the day there was a murder. It involved an actor who was probably B+ list at the time, but everyone knew him. Solid character actor. Everyone knew he did it, but kept giving him work. Not as much, but enough to keep him going. The actor ended up killing himself right before the police were going to arrest him again after new evidence was given to them. What was the new evidence? A witness to the murder. One who had stayed silent for several years about the murder because the person thought they would be charged too. For years after the murder, the witness had huge drinking and drug issues because of it. The stress was killing them so they finally went to the police. How had this person been a witness? She had been there the night of the killing having sex with the actor. Who is the witness? A B+ list actress who was more famous then, but all of you know. All of you.

Robert Pastorelli/Charemon Jonovich/Natasha Lyonne

Blind Items Revealed #20 - Anniversary Month

January 29, 2016

This foreign born B- list mostly movie actor is only this high because he did win an Academy Award. Without it he would be at D list by now. He was kind of a one movie wonder. During that big award season he ticked off studios right and left with a huge diva attitude only matched by his actress wife. They paraded through town going to event after event demanding more and more things and even had a rider they had their agent present before they would agree to an appearance. He complained about the studios while at the same time asking studios to pay him $20M to act and direct in a new movie. Still, though, he was hot so they gave him a big budget movie to act and direct in. Total bomb. Horrible. The studios though, didn't care. They were so happy to have an excuse to never talk to him or work with him again. He and his wife have never worked in Hollywood again.

Roberto Benigni/Nicoletta Braschi/"Life Is Beautiful"/"Pinocchio"

Blind Items Revealed #19 - Anniversary Month

June 10, 2016

This female rapper was headed to A list when she was killed. The thing is, the right person has never been caught for her murder. Oh, sure there has been someone who confessed to taking part in the killings, but there were no consequences for that confession. In addition, in this city, if you have enough cash, you can make just about any crime have a non existent investigation. The person behind the killings was also the person in charge of her career. Apparently he wanted her dead for a few reasons. One, she was hooking up with people other than himself and he didn't appreciate that. Second, she wanted to move on to another person who she thought would take her career to another level. Third, she knew about his drug dealing and money laundering being done at monster levels. He thought if she left to go with someone else that she might spill the secrets. So, he had her killed and then went to her funeral. She did actually spill her secrets. She left behind some diaries which her husband found when he got out of jail. He tried to make some quick cash extorting the killer. Instead, he wound up dead too.

Magnolia Shorty
Confessed: Gregory "Rabbit" Stewart
Husband: Carl Bridgewater
Controlled her career: Birdman
Wanted to move on to: Lil Wayne

Blind Items Revealed #18 - Anniversary Month

April 20, 2017

Usually when a couple of artists get together and make some magic and that magic turns out to be a hit, then everyone is the greatest of friends. Usually. When this one named singer agreed to do something with a barely known duo she negotiated herself quite the deal. The duo just assumed they would have the same deal they had with everyone else they worked with. Nope. When the project they worked on turned out to be a massive hit, the now A list duo went looking for their money only to find out it was going to be a fraction of what they were expecting. They accused the singer of being greedy and she said they were the ones to agree to the deal. One of our duo literally spent 24 straight hours texting the singer and I'm not sure there was a nice text in that 24 hour time period. There were certainly some words said which I have never uttered, but he did. It was basically a rant sent out one text at a time. He even publicly trashed her which was basically the end of any kind of relationship. This guy from the duo is known to be a jerk to just about anyone he meets. Fans, executives, promoters. They are all waiting for him to fall and are not going to help him up.

Halsey/The Chainsmokers/Andrew Taggart

Blind Items Revealed #17 - Anniversary Month

March 9, 2017

This A list band has been around for quite a while and their fame and recognition in particular have increased over the past decade. Back in the day, these guys were just like every other wannabe band. Relegated to a garage in a not so safe neighborhood that was so dangerous they had to lock the garage even while they were playing for fear someone would break in and rob them while they were playing.

These guys were much like other bands just starting out who go on and on about their craft and not interested in making money. The whole usual thing about just wanting to make music for the people. Trying to light a spark among the few loyal fans who came to see them perform at a steady stream of the worst clubs in earth, they encouraged fans to record the shows and spread the tapes around to other potential fans.

These guys were great and very underground. One of the members of this band, who I will call Mr. S, was, quite simply, a musical genius. It was his creative vision, talent and refusal to compromise that was responsible for the band's early breakthroughs. Unfortunately, though, there was another band member who was very jealous of Mr. S and his creativity. I'll call this guy Mr. M. He was (and is) a monumental jerk- and contrary to the underground reputation of the band, was hungry for fame and wealth from day one. He did a good job at hiding it though, and played along with the band's narrative, but greed and power were always primary his mind.

Part of Mr. M's jealousy towards Mr. S was also centered around Mr. S's girlfriend. She was also an extremely talented artist and was well liked by pretty much everyone in their early scene. The story that has circulated around for years is that Mr. M also had feelings for this woman. Very strong feelings --you know-- it's the classic story. When Mr. M confessed his feelings to this woman, she basically told him to f**k off. She hated him and had no idea why he would even feel that way about her since she made her hatred of him pretty plain to him as often as possible.

This rejection lead to even more issues between Mr. S and Mr. M.  Mr. M demanded a bigger piece of the pie for things he only minimally contributed to and also tried to sabotage a lot of Mr. S's creative process. And the problem is that Mr. S., being the sensitive and creative personality type, just was not good at fighting back against Mr. M. Not a good situation. Anyway, right around the time that this band had one of it's first commercial successes, something bad happened to Mr. S. The official story floating around about the incident has been consistent for years, but there have always been questions about what actually happened. The questions mostly center around Mr. M and his actions at the time of this incident, but since the situation took place such a long time ago, we'll probably never really know the whole story.

People in the band's circle generally believe Mr. M was responsible. After this incident with Mr. S, the band became even more commercially and financially successful which became the primary motivating factor for the band. The band has completely discarded their prior ideals and have also stopped caring about their fans. Sadly, their fans have no idea how much the band members really loathe them. Some of the band's early fans, though, have figured out how disingenuous these guys have become and no longer support them.

Many other fans though continue to believe the band will remain true to their roots. That myth could very well be shattered very soon. Mr. M has demanded a lot of money for a tour that is being planned, which will translate into some seriously astronomical ticket prices for fans. Even more interesting, is that rumors are flying that the band will be using backing tracks for the first time on this tour as well. With many pop stars these days, this is the norm-- but with this band, it would have to be hidden from fans and promoters at all costs. So not only would concert-goers be paying a huge price to see these guys live, but some of the stuff they perform might very well be canned tracks. What Mr. M doesn't know though is that some of the band's crew are getting sick and tired of the crappy treatment they've received as a result of the band's greed, and in particular, hate Mr. M. So it would not surprise me if there was an on-purpose "glitch" at a large show with one of the backing tracks. Since everyone has a smart phone to record audio and video of concerts these days, this will spell disaster for this band and their fan base when this is exposed. The other problem is that some of the crew are also rumored to have Mr. M on tape saying some very politically incorrect things. If this also gets released, it will also expose the fact that the band's narrative is nowhere near what they want people to think it is either. Public relations disaster.

Mr. S: Cliff Burton
Girlfriend: Audrey Kimball 
Mr. M: Lars Ulrich

Blind Items Revealed #16 - Anniversary Month

May 12, 2016

If you would like to see your hard earned money being used to fund the shopping, eating and drug habits of this former A list singer in a group and solo, then by all means, go ahead and give some money to his foundation. wherever he goes, this celebrity talks about the foundation and it does have noble goals. The thing is though, the goals are never going to happen. He just figured out a way for the public to finance his lifestyle because he has already burned through a ton of the money he inherited. He has yet to even provide any documentation that the foundation was properly set up but he is out there taking in money hand over fist. It is appalling. It is even more appalling when you consider who he is exploiting.

Bobby Brown

Blind Items Revealed #15 - Anniversary Month

December 21, 2018

This former A- list singer from a group back in the day has had a lot of downs in the intervening years. Over the years he has threatened to go public with a secret he shares with this permanent A list singer who isn't even the highest listed in that family. Whenever he threatens to say something, out A lister writes him a check and the guy goes away for a year or so. Not really a big deal to the singer at all. Sometimes other family members have to be paid off, but again, no big deal. Well, it has always been assumed by everyone outside the family and in for that matter that this is the only secret they have to hide. Apparently that is not the case. It turns out that this former A- lister knows that the permanent A lister used to be offered as a reward for family members by the father when the family members did something very noteworthy. Other members of the family were also offered up. Now, our former A- lister is trying to get a huge payday from this. He needs to be very careful, or he will end up dead. No one would blink an eye if he ended up killed because of all the trouble he gets into. He thinks it will be a big payday.

James DeBarge/Janet Jackson(child together)/Joe Jackson

Blind Items Revealed #14 - Anniversary Month

December 13, 2018

I find it ironic that the person he tried to frame for murder is actually the one that helped him become a star. Several decades ago now, there was a fairly popular late night show that was part of a late night lineup on a cable network that kind of faded away. One of the stars of this show was beloved and was set to be on to bigger and better things. The thing is though, one of his co-stars wanted the spotlight all to himself. What to do? Kill your co-star. So, he did. Before he did though, he arranged for his co-star to have an affair with the wife of this A list writer/director. So, when the star was murdered, the police immediately looked to the A list writer/director as the culprit which gave enough time for the murderer to hold a vigil at the crime scene and invited thousands of people to attend. Thousands didn't show up, but enough did to make any hope of ever getting evidence impossible. Later, the A list writer/director helped the murderer land his own show never knowing the truth.

"New Wave Theatre"/Peter Ivers/David Jove/Harold Ramis/"The Top"

Blind Items Revealed #13 - Anniversary Month

December 4, 2018

It is fairly rare that I write about this reality star. It has probably been years since I have. All of you know who the star is. You may never have watched the show, but I promise all of you know his name. I always knew he liked to party, but there are some stories coming out about him now that are just crazy. Once, his wife was trying to find him. Apparently our reality star was on a 48 hour drug and booze bender with some escorts. Our star passed out and the escorts stole everything they could. All of the drugs were gone as well as all of his cash and a watch the wife gave him. They also took his phone and extorted the reality star to purchase it back.

The fights the couple have are legendary and it is all because of the drinking and drugs and all of the women our star hooks up with. The fights were so intense that often production would have to shut down for a few days just because everyone in the family would be angry at each other after one of these bender/fights. It was not just yelling either which really caused havoc with production.

Duane "Dog" Chapman

Blind Items Revealed #12 - Anniversary Month

July 21, 2018

Over the past few months I wrote about the wife of this infamous A+ list drug dealer and her connections to the celebrity world in NYC who think it is all fun and games and cocktail parties when they see her or interact with her. She is treated almost like a party favor rather than someone who has the ability/connections to kill. That all changed this week. One of her relatives, who is now a very big deal in the drug world needed some surgery a few months ago. Life saving surgery. Our wife reached out to those in the know and this A list anchor who is the offspring of someone possibly even higher on the list gave her a name of someone who could help.

The relative used a fake name and came into the office with a security detachment of about a dozen people. The doctor was freaked out but the next day performed the surgery with several security in scrubs also in the room. After the surgery, the doctor called a law enforcement friend and told him what was going on. The friend was on vacation but said when he got back, he would look into it for the doctor. After a couple days, the patient was discharged and flew back to his own country. Several days after that, the friend of the doctor came back from vacation and went to the office of the doctor. He saw pictures of the patient and knew who it was right away. A very wanted man. They tried to get the doctor to get the patient back in the States for a followup visit several times but it never happened. A month later, the doctor was killed.

Emma Coronel Aispuro/Huma Abedin/Anderson Cooper (Gloria Vanderbilt)/Dr. Mark Hausknecht

Blind Items Revealed #11 - Anniversary Month

July 2, 2018

I thought about writing more about this foreign born former A list musician who was famous for buying tweens and teens from their parents to be used by him for a few weeks or months before he would sell them to other musicians or roadies and move on to the next, but I really hate that he is not in jail and when I write too much about him, I get really angry and think about all those female tweens and teens he raped for decades. His long time group mates didn't even care until he tried to rape their underage groupies and then he was gone. He is a sick f**k and takes delight in the fact he got away with it for so long. So, no, this is not about him, it is about someone else who likes to play the victim card even though he is the one at fault.

I don't know what lawyer all these musicians and singers were using back in the day, but the ones in the States found a nice easy way to buy tweens and teens directly from their parents who loved having cash in their pocket and I guess decided if their kids were going to run away, they might as well get a few bucks for them first. Can you imagine some guy coming up to you right now and offering to buy your underage daughter and gladly going through some legal mumbo jumbo so it all look on the up and up. It happened more often than you think just three or four decades ago.

This blind is about a permanent A list singer. A lot has been written about him and some has been written about this situation, but only told from his perspective, and not the perspective of the true victim. Somehow, our A lister would have you believe he is the victim. You know, that he was not raping some underage teen on a daily basis that he bought from her parents. He would have you believe that she was happy to be with him on a daily basis and that she loved when he would stay up snorting coke for days on end and shoving her out of the way so he could have sex with other underage teens and women that wanted to have sex with him.

When she got pregnant, he knew it would put a damper on his party life. There are some that say he tried to kill her when she got pregnant, just so he could keep on partying. I don't know if he was actually trying to kill her or if it was really a freebasing accident. Whatever it was, she felt scared enough that she was willing to do the previous unthinkable which was to terminate the pregnancy. Our singer likes to say he was devastated. Screw that. He already had someone else pregnant who liked to party with him and the singer did lines of coke during the abortion.

This guy has always only thought of himself. Just because he is famous, people make excuses for him. They make excuses for that permanent A lister who is in a group right now that is still A list and the time he raped a girl who was barely even a teen. He raped her multiple times, but people just keep fawning over the guy and blame it on the rock star lifestyle.

Bill Wyman/Steven Tyler/Anthony Kiedis

Blind Items Revealed #10 - Anniversary Month

August 15, 2018

He was there that night. No one knew that before. Oh sure, they knew he was in town, but not actually there there. It was a lead followed by the man simply known as The Investigator. Apparently he was hired by a life insurance company because of a policy taken out in the name of our deceased singer. That policy was for $15M. It was taken out about six months before the singer died. The beneficiary was someone very close to him. Apparently The Investigator discovered the singer was aware of the policy because he had a medical exam for it. Apparently, the singer thought the policy was just a $500K policy for covering short term expenses in the event of his death.

The insurance company has not paid the claim yet. They have been dragging their feet, but the beneficiary, after complaining for several months, suddenly got quiet. Too many complaints was leading to lots of questions. The Investigator was a Secret Service agent back in the day who focused solely on financial crimes. He knows what he is doing.

He has spoken to well over 50 people who were present that last day and night of life. The most important piece of evidence he discovered was also the most deadly. Earlier this Spring, he spent two hours talking to a former actress who is probably a B+ list celebrity now. She named a name of a person no one had thought to talk to before. That person was A list in their corner of what they did in the entertainment world and one of the best friends of the B+ lister.

The Investigator found out that this person spoke with the deceased singer alone for nearly an hour at about 6pm. They had a history together and trusted each other because of some experiences they shared in the past. The B+ lister also told The Investigator that the hour long conversation was a prelude to a meeting that was going to take place at breakfast the next day. The singer never made it. The B+ lister said the A lister told several people he was supposed to meet the singer the next morning to discuss something very important. Nothing other than that.

The B+ lister told several people she has spoken to The Investigator and that he was going to talk to the A lister about what was said. The meeting never happened. Instead, a day or two after the B+ list told people, the A lister was dead. Forced off the road and killed. What did he know? What was he going to meet the singer about? Someone knew there was going to be a meeting the next morning. That same someone knew he couldn't be allowed to meet with The Investigator.

Chris Cornell/Taylor Momsen/Kato Khandwala

Blind Items Revealed #9 - Old Hollywood - Anniversary Month

August 6, 2018

This beloved deceased permanent A list male star was one of the biggest predators in Hollywood.  We'll call him Mr. R.  Every female he worked with experienced some kind of predatory or inappropriate behavior from this person.  Because of the times and his power in the industry, it was impossible back in those days to stop him.  At least half a dozen actresses were alleged to have been assaulted, and there are probably more that did not share their experiences with anyone out of fear. His adoring fans had no idea.

One young actress (we'll call her Ms. L) was subjected to repeated assault attempts from Mr. R.  Our actress valiantly fought off Mr. R's advances on a film they made together and fortunately had family members on set who also helped shield her from being raped.  Our actor was so enraged that he could not get Ms. L alone during the making of this movie that in retaliation he did everything he could to make her miserable during filming.  Mr. R would kick her, pinch/slap her breasts while ridiculing her and would stomp on/smash her feet with his shoes in between and during takes. Eventually the nightmare of this movie ended, and Ms. L was finally able to get away from our actor, even though he issued parting threats that he'd find her someday and "finish the job".  Ms. L shared her horrifying experiences with a friend, also an A-list Hollywood actress we will call Ms. C.  Ms. C. also had a scary encounter with Mr. R (when she was a teenager) and was not surprised that the awful stories that had filtered out from crew about Mr. R's behavior on the movie were true.

Years went by, and Ms. C. was invited to attend an extremely important event, and was told that Mr. R was also going to be invited too. Mr. R was pretty much retired from the business by then, and was slated to be one of the honored guests at this gathering.  Ms. C had become an even more powerful celebrity in her own right by this time, so she immediately contacted the organizers with her concerns.  She stated that if Mr. R  was included in this event, she would publicly withdraw.  When she was asked why she so vehemently opposed his attendance at this event, she stated in no uncertain terms that Mr. R had attempted to rape her as a teen and had assaulted other actresses he'd worked with. This resulted in Mr. R being dropped immediately from the event and from any future events--and caused the story to spread like wildfire through the industry rumor mill.

Because of this, Mr. R figured out immediately what had taken place and was able to manipulate a mutual friend into giving him Ms. C's telephone number.  He wasted no time making a threatening phone call to her about his dis-invite to the event.  Ms. C was no shrinking violet and managed to record the call, turning the recording over to her lawyers right away.  One of Ms. C's lawyers had an extremely tough reputation and immediately contacted Mr. R's lawyers with a cease and desist order, threatening to take the recording public.  Since Ms. C was a such a mega-star by this time, there was no way that Mr. R was going to be able to explain this telephone threat if it was released to the public and he knew it.

Ms. C's legal team made a deal to destroy the tape (and keep quiet about it) in exchange for a large payout from Mr. R.-- which of course was paid immediately.  In spite of the gag order, Ms. C still discussed this saga with her close female friends, many of whom had been his targets.  Word spread about the incident and is still discussed by old-timers in the business.  And what about the settlement money?  Ms. C. arranged to have those funds anonymously donated to help establish several of the very first rape crisis centers in North America.

Mr. R: Gene Kelly
Ms. L: Debbie Reynolds
Movie: "Singin' in the Rain"
Ms. C: Elizabeth Taylor (uncredited cameo appearances by Gene Kelly in "Love Is Better Than Ever")

Blind Items Revealed #8 - Anniversary Month

September 17, 2018

What do you do when you have reached maximum saturation on your attempt to scam all your fans? You have to find new fans. With no chance of that happening in the numbers he needs to keep his spending habits afloat, he went and found a chump. A pawn if you will, A pawn who happens to have way more fans and fans that have not heard the donation message before.

The thing is, just like in most long cons, you have to have some kind of bait. The bait in this case is a never ending supply of drugs and sex with any gender he wants. It is limitless. He has to do nothing but make himself available for pictures and then the all important social media begging for money. Oh, sure, it will be framed that he wants to be a part of the crusade, but he only wants to be a part of it because he thinks there will be money in it for him too. There won't be. Oh sure, he was promised a whole bunch, but it will never be seen. He should run away right now, but he won't. He took that bait. Hard.

Corey Feldman/Aaron Carter

Blind Items Revealed #7 - Anniversary Month

September 28, 2018

This former A- list tween actress who was on a very very hit iconic tween show used to be an author. She wrote several self-published books. Her work was legendary within the company.

As background, when a manuscript was submitted, it went through an internal "Editorial Evaluation" where an in-house editor would give the manuscript an honest reading. Now, a long version of this is shared with the author to help the author shore up weak parts of the manuscript, and, dirty little secret, to sell the author additional editing and marketing services. (FYI, Self-Publishers NEVER make money on selling books to the public, it's the printing and marketing services that make them money.)

A brief overview of the EE would be placed in the internal iUniverse system under the author's name so that the production, editing, marketing and sales teams could access them to get an idea of what additional services they could sell to the author. These evaluations are not available to the author or to the public. These evaluations are either positive, neutral, or critical with the final write-off that the described book is for "friends and family only" which meant they weren’t worth the time to contact for services.

I probably read a couple thousand of these evaluations when I was there. None matched the greatness of the first evaluation of the former tween actress.

An internal e-mail made the rounds of her editorial evaluations.

This was the evaluation from the editor:

"This manuscript is horrendous. It is so awful, I am left wondering if the author was seriously trying to write a novel, or if this is a joke on her part to see if she will be able to get this published. For one, she makes up a lot of words, and many of the sentences don’t make a bit of sense. The punctuation is like nothing I’ve ever seen. It is apparent that the author has name recognition; however, publishing this manuscript would not only be an injustice to her fans, but it is my opinion that it would tarnish her reputation as a well-respected actress. I did my best to be tactful and provide the author with helpful information. Though my inclination was to X off every No column, I did manage to throw in a few Yes’s. However, these are very weak. I would have no objection if a decision is made to change them. It is my opinion that this manuscript would not currently benefit from any of the suggested services. Though, given the circumstances that the author is insistent this manuscript go to press, I would at the very least suggest a Content Edit and a Cover Copy Polish. This recommendation is more out of the desire to protect the IUniverse label than anything else."

This was the evaluation of her 2nd book:

"When the assignment instructions included the statement that "the author states that the comma use is a stylistic choice," I assumed (uh-oh) that it dealt with the serial comma. Hah! No ... it means the author uses a comma after EVERY word! Every, one, like, this.

We've already tried to dissuade the author from this style with her first book, so she should probably just move to publication."

Lark Voorhies

Blind Items Revealed #6 - Anniversary Month

September 4, 2018

Dear Parents/Potential Momagers &Dadagers,

I am going to tell you a little story. The warning is for parents with children who want to get them into show business. The rest of you will like it because this involves some big names who are in on the scam. Oh, it is a scam. A big scam.

There is a "manager" who targets kids for these scams. Why? Kids have parents who have money. Starving artists don't have money.

What this manager does is to sign up kids for their workshops. Of course you have to pay to attend these workshops. Many parents are leery of having to pay for things like this, but the manager has an answer for it. There is an animated movie set to be made. It is going to star this A- list mostly movie actress ALL of you know and her husband who is A list. They are going to be the voices. They know their names are being used for this, but have done nothing about it because apparently the mother of the manager "discovered" the actress. It has also been suggested that the mother of the actress makes some bucks from it too.

If you sign up for the workshop, not only are you learning some acting but you are helping to finance the movie and of course you will get a role. Nothing could be further from the truth. They have been running the scam for years and hundreds, if not thousands of people have given their money to these people.

Jessica Biel/Justin Timberlake/MDM

Blind Items Revealed #5 - Anniversary Month

October 19, 2018

Oh, well you look at the deal this A- list mostly television actress from two very hit shows airing simultaneously has managed to achieve. Not only has she managed to get a sibling hired by the network show she is on, she is using that credit to steal money from even more parents.

You see, the sibling runs a "workshop" for young actors. It is a scam. It preys on parents who want to get their kids in the business. They use the name of our actress and her big hits to get people to pay money. That money is for "workshops," but never amounts to anything that was promised or implied to the parents about the success their kids will have. There is an organization that alerts parents to scams like this and has tried to warn people about the sibling scam. One specific organization that has been at the forefront of stopping them has been trashed everywhere online by a bot farm which was retained by the sibling and her partner. At the same time, the bot farm generates comments and articles on fake websites that praise the "workshops."

It is really distressing that the awful showrunner of the network hit is allowing this to go on with what looks like his approval.

A- list actress: Ariel Winter
Shows: "Modern Family" and "Sofia the First"
Sibling: Shanelle Workman
"Workshop": "Gray Studios" 
Organization: A Minor Consideration

Blind Items Revealed #4 - Anniversary Month

January 14, 2016

I have been working on this for a little while now. I was waiting for one other person to contribute their portion of events, but they have gone radio silent because of the threats of the family against him. Our actress is probably C list at this point. She (GH) used to be B list. Lets call her She had a nice little run with a hit pay cable show and some great movie appearances. Those all dried up though. Lets head back a few years though. when she was in high school she was always short of money. Her parents spent most of the money on booze and other addictions. So, she found out that some of the teachers at her private school would pay money to have sex with her. She then convinced another friend to join her and to move in together to get away from their respective homes. The friend actually became an actress too. A B+ list actress. Lets call her BD.

So, GH and BD are out in Hollywood and struggling so they turn to their old gig. They make a ton of money having sex and acting is just something fun they do in between. The other thing that happens is they both start taking drugs. A lot of drugs. It nearly killed BD, and still might. She has got her life back together and is actually acting again after basically being blacklisted because of her drug use. She is not proud she had to go casting couch to get back on her feet and get some roles, but the last few have been based on her acting and not her skill in bed.

GH? Well, the drugs affected her differently. Kind of a one note actress to begin with, the roles started to dry up and her constant drug use was not helping. She started to get this paranoia. One day she would be sweet and kind and the next day she would slash your tires or throw a brick through your window. One time she was not being sweet and kind when she went off on her drug dealer because he would not extend her any more credit. He had a gun out and she picked it up and emptied the clip in his living room. She told the guy she would shoot him next time and walked out of there with his gun. The guy didn't run after her because he was not sure if there were any more rounds in the gun.

She then drove to her then boyfriend's home who happened to be married and waited until he got home. She just sat in front of his house. When he got home she waved the gun at him and said they were going inside to wait for his wife and tell her what had been going on. She then said she expected him to leave his wife that night while she watched. He kept trying to convince her not to. At some point, a neighbor came over who had been watching the couple's small child and it did something to GH and she walked out. Still with the gun.

Later she used that gun, still without bullets to threaten her family into giving her money for drugs. When she went to go buy drugs though, she didn't want to use her regular deal. For obvious reasons. She had not dealt with them before. They were BD's regular suppliers. GH showed up and made it clear she had a gun which they took from her. She was so out of control they were going to kill her when they called BD who vouched for her. They sent her on her way minus any drugs, money or the gun.

Apparently, shortly after that event or maybe the same night, she went over to a new boyfriend's house and played some game where she tied him to the bed and then she went and got a knife from the kitchen and kept threatening to kill him unless he agreed to marry her. He agreed and during the ride to Vegas he stopped to get gas. She went to use the restroom and he left her behind to make her own way home.

GH: Paz de la Huerta
BD: Alexis Dziena 

Blind Items Revealed #3 - Anniversary Month

April 14, 2016

Early on in the nominating process, this organization which calls itself religious went all in on a candidate for President. This was their second attempt at trying to influence who becomes the next President. Just like in their first effort, their second was unsuccessful. Heck, it was a total bust. Despite basically paying for almost every expense through Super PACS and hard to track donations, the organization could not even get their candidate to register on the public's radar. To this day, even though it was this election cycle, you would be hard pressed to remember this man ran for President. And he was on the nationally televised debates too.

So, what to do? Instead of just propping up one candidate, the group has decided to go behind the scenes. It is what they do best. I don't think the candidate even has a clue they are doing what they are doing, but they are. First, they are funneling money into a Super PAC. Second, they are paying a tremendous amount of money to the person they first tried to install in office in the last cycle. She gets paid by the campaign already, but the organization is paying her hundreds of thousands of dollars each month so she can give her full-time efforts. They have also taken care of some recent family expenses. Not content to just have this person out there, they are also digging up dirt as only they can. Not on the candidates themselves, but the people who work for the campaign. Little stunts to get some organizing person in a state fired from their job. That sets back the whole process in that state. They also have talking heads who belong to their organization and they are giving talking points each day. This happens not only nationally, but also in local markets where the organization has members in the media. Spin things a little more towards their candidate. Ignore the others as much as you can. Tiny things that all add up. Coordinating all of this is a long time behind the scenes power guy who is the whip of the entire organization. Even the leader doesn't cross this guy. If you are just looking at one piece, you would never see it, but when you step back, you see it all working. Their whole purpose in all of this is to get more favorable legislation and tax breaks in the US, but to also get lower ranked appointees in the new government to get them recognized in other countries.

Scientology/Martin O'Malley(2nd attempt)/John McCain (1st attempt)/John Coale/Sarah Palin

Blind Items Revealed #2 - Anniversary Month

March 23, 2016

There is a new breed of stars out there who have more followers and make more money than many of the people who you watch on your television screens each night. One thing that doesn't make them different is they can be predators.

In this particular case, they can be even worse than any story about any actor you have heard. Because so many of these stars fly under the radar of tabloids or TMZ or paps, they get away with a whole lot more bad behavior. Disturbing behavior. Part of the problem is their fans tend to be younger. Teens for the most part. Think of these guys as boy banders but who do most of their interacting with fans over social media including videos.

One of the most popular YouTubers/Viners out there is young. His female fan base is even younger. If he posts anything on social media it is liked or retweeted or viewed up to 100K times in under an hour. That is a lot of influence. One of them has a thing he likes to do. He will follow random fans. The fans think the selections are random but they aren't. He scours through them looking for female teens that catch his eye. He then researches their interactions online about him. If he likes what he sees, he reaches out to them. Implores them to be quiet about what he is doing with them. He then sends out messages on Twitter he says are for them, but are in reality for the 20-30 teens he is playing with at any one time. He makes these in many cases underage teens undress and make videos for him. He never chats with them on cam but makes them do these things solo and then send everything to a DropBox account that is anonymous. On visits to their city he will hook up with them in person and have sex with them. Many of the teens he has sex with are underage but are willing to do anything to be with him. He is using his influence for evil. This has been going on for well over a year, if not almost two years.

While he was doing something mainstream not that long ago, he was juggling several of these teens all in one location. One, who was 16, got pregnant. He told her to get an abortion and to lie about who got her pregnant. She got the abortion. Once she did, he told her they should stop talking for awhile. Apparently she tried to commit suicide. The guy is awful. I'm not sure I have ever heard of someone so awful in the entertainment industry. The guy is destroying lives all while being lauded as this up and coming superstar who is going to change the face of entertainment.

Austin Jones (this blind and referring the tip for the blind to the FBI led to his arrest a few months after this. I had to wait until his conviction to post the reveal)

Blind Items Revealed #1 - Anniversary Month

January 25, 2016

If there is anyone in this world who probably wishes that Aloysius Pendergast was a real person it would be this foreign born director. Our direct was the next it director back in the day. He worked his way up from shorts to music videos to one of the best feature length movies incorporating music ever. It put him on the fast track to fame and fortune and big box office productions. Then, he went over the edge so to speak and it all went away.

While researching and writing what was supposed to be his first big box office production he was introduced to voodoo. From the second he learned about the religion, he was enraptured. He turned in the script he was writing to the studio and started to direct the big box office movie and then he was replaced.

It was just a few days into shooting but he was freaking everyone out. The movie was being filmed on a remote island occupied by an aboriginal tribe. They practiced something akin to voodoo and our director was fascinated. He had the tribe perform all types of rituals on the set and they were not just dancing and singing.

There were sacrifices and painting with blood and a parade of animal skulls the actors had to walk through to perform their scenes. Panic calls went out by satellite phone. There was no internet service on that island and it would have been spotty in most places at that time period. Crew members barricaded themselves together because they were so terrified about what the director would try next.

As soon as the studio got someone to the set, our director was replaced. Instead of heading back home in disgrace, our director began living with the tribe. He lived with them for well over a year and stalked the production of the film. It is said he cursed the movie and if you look at the results on film and at the box office, I would agree.

It gets deeper than that though. It is said he cursed every star in the movie too. No one from the movie has ever had the career they had before the movie. The lead actress in the movie was so convinced she was cursed that she has spent her entire life since trying to figure out a way to reverse the curse and practices all types of witchcraft and other religions to break the spell. Two of the actors had been A list coming in to the movie. One was probably always going to be because of past work, but that movie shook him. He was never the same and only made a couple of crap movies before he died. Most of the time he kept himself locked in his home with armed guards standing outside his house and bedroom while he slept. Another lead actor has worked steadily but his chance at A+ listerdom crashed and burned the next year which he blamed on the curse.

Our actor also has spent the past years trying to lift the curse through a variety of religious practices. He went to Native Americans for help and did every kind of spiritual drug or ceremony they could think of but it didn't work. he spent a fortune trying to lift the curse. He switched religions but now is close to death and blames it on the director.

Our director? He is convinced there are zombies or at least people who can become zombies and he has traveled the world looking. He has been to the darkest parts of Africa and scoured South American tribes looking. He films it all and is convinced he will capture a zombie on film.

Director: Richard Stanley
Movie: "The Island of Dr. Moreau"
Replacement Director: John Frankenheimer
Lead actress: Fairuza Balk
Dead A list actor: Marlon Brando
Other lead actor: Val Kilmer

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #6

November 19, 2019

Lost in the minutiae of the entertainment business is a little behind the scenes maneuvering of a cabinet member who will someday return to the fold of the casting couch.

Steven Mnuchin/Movie studio consent decrees eliminated which will allow the studios to screw over movie theatres for the first time in six decades.

Blind Items Revealed #5

August 1, 2019

Pretty funny that the new wife of this political offspring has also been spotted on the arm of a Russian oligarch not even six or seven months ago.

Hunter Biden

Blind Item #8

While you celebrate Thanksgiving today, don't forget exactly a decade ago when the billionaire pedophile was hosted for the holiday and the companion he was given by his hosts for the night. It is a Thanksgiving she won't ever be able to erase from her mind. 

Blind Item #7

Glad to see that the media is finally looking into what I told you a couple of years ago. The murders committed by the founder of the cult who had his initials branded on women. 

Blind Item #6

The husband of this Housewife cleared one legal hurdle by writing a massive check. The thing is though, he still has a couple of other checks he is going to have to write to finally clear himself of this mess his greedy self brought upon him. 

Blind Item #5

The foreign born A- alliterate singer can't even keep her story straight about how she ended up outside looking in at the group that launched her career. She hasn't forgotten how to trash them though. A few years down the road when her solo career crashes and burns and she can't find any more fake boyfriends and needs a reunion tour to make it through her 30's, she is going to have a tough time making amends. 

Blind Items Revealed #4

November 19, 2019

I'm not sure the former A list singer with his own questionable lyrics and real life statements really wants the A+ lister revealing some of his secrets which he really wants to keep private. So, it was unusual that he took some shots at her this week.

John Mayer/Taylor Swift

Blind Items Revealed #3

November 19, 2019

As I told you a few weeks ago, this foreign born former actress turned reality star turned celebrity had not been seeing her infamous hookup because he was seeing someone else. He assured her all was done, but judging by the last minute cancellation, that seems to not necessarily be true.

Pamela Anderson/Julian Assange

Blind Items Revealed #2

November 19, 2019

The fact that this publication has not rolled over yet in a lawsuit on their home turf shows they have a much bigger leg to stand on than previously thought, in their fight with the alliterate royal.

Daily Mail/Meghan Markle

Blind Items Revealed #1

November 19, 2019

The problem when you have a highly publicized fake relationship is a party in the relationship who wants a hookup. The former A+ list tweener turned silent adult singer had t go into hiding to make that happen which then led everyone to believe she had split with her fake boyfriend.

Miley Cyrus/Cody Simpson

Blind Item #4

More cancellations for the permanent A++ lister because of record low ticket sales.

Blind Item #3

One of the reasons this singer of a former A-/B+ list band didn't want to discuss a recent violent incident at his house is because he knows he was being targeted. 

Blind Item #2

Don't believe the hype. With at a minimum five months away from any trial date, and probably closer to seven or eight, any trial preparation involving this alliterate actress would just add to the bill and not do any good. There is plenty of time for all of that as the trial date approaches. 

Blind Item #1

One of the advantages of having a publicist is you get to spin the breakup story to make it seem as if you walked away from your boyfriend, when in fact, he is the one who walked away. Another loss for the foreign born former A list singer turned B- lister who may or may not be the original. 

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Blind Item #12

This foreign born D list celebrity is probably regretting her love of D list celebrities. Her most recent ex owes a lot of people a lot of money and they are all looking towards the foreign born celebrity with vastly deep pockets to pay them off. Some of these people are not nice at all and have threatened a great deal of physical harm. They are going to have a tough time getting to her, but they can make things painful online and in phone calls/texts. 

Blind Item #11 - Reader Blind

While the ex-husband of this retired female athlete, who was at the very pinnacle of her sport a couple decades ago and was also barred from her sport for a period of time later, had a few things to say publicly up to and during divorce hearings, luckily for the athlete a settlement was negotiated and that was the end of his statements.

The retired athlete always had lots of different boyfriends and made no secret of the fact she liked to have sexual relations with many different men.  Her ex-husband had talked publicly of her being unfaithful with two different men and the fact she does not believe in monogamy in the period before a divorce was hammered out.

But now there are problems with the execution of the financial part of the settlement as the retired athlete has remarried.  The ex-husband has a lot more he could say. There was a lot more than two men and sometimes he was forced to witness this. One time, the athlete made him accompany her and watch as she was with six men all at once.

Blind Item #10 - Reader Blind

A recent documentary was being put together in a foreign country and hit the same problem area that another documentary did earlier this decade.  Both documentaries were about this beloved deceased comic actor who was in radio, TV, and movies with his biggest success coming in the latter. He was also successful in the USA where he was seen as an exaggerated example of a certain kind of character from his home country. One of his most famous movies involved a lot of other actors.

Both documentaries dug up two allegations of sexual assault both involving domestic servants. The second one occurred when the comic actor was already on his way to success and the woman reported it to the police but due to a combination of the actor’s status and the woman’s lower class nothing was done.

Blind Item #9 - Reader Blind

Two stories about this actress who plays a character in a current successful franchise that will soon have her own film.  She was married at one time to an actor who played two different comic book characters.

1.) At a promotional event not too long, the audience had a large number of Asians in it. Later, the actress who thought she was alone with her PA pulled her eyes sideways and made a stereotypical accent.  Several event crew personnel witnessed this.

2.) A few years ago, the actress was in a film about a person who acquires superhuman gifts.  The actress had bragged in the past about her scores on a certain exam so as part of the promotional efforts for this film, she took an IQ test. Her score was in the lower intelligence/below normal range.

Blind Items Revealed #5 - Anniversary Month

August 10, 2015

This B list mostly television actress/celebrity offspring from a hit pay cable show can't seem to find much work outside her show. She also can't stop seeing this guy she is cheating on her long term boyfriend with while making the boyfriend think he is the one driving them apart.

Allison Williams

Today's Blind Items - Making It All Better

A few years back, the careers of these two were going just fine. There is an actress who was probably A- list and she has been working fairly steadily for quite some time with at least two big hits. Then, you have an actor who was also working steadily at a level equal to or maybe just a touch beneath the actress. The problem they both faced was in their personal lives. Things were crashing all around them and they were doing what they wanted to do rather than what their handlers wanted them to do. When I say handlers, I don't mean their agents or managers, I mean the people who handled them on a daily basis in that celebrity sect.

I have written before about the actor and his penance for not dating someone who was approved and what his on again/off again girlfriend had to put up with because of his lack of back bone. I have not written as much about the A- list actress who was also in trouble. Her trouble came while filming a very popular show. She involved herself, accidentally or otherwise in a very volatile love triangle. Our actress got sexually involved with another actress on set without knowing the actress on set was involved with an actress from a completely different show. Why? Because everyone was in the closet and discreet, so no one knew anything. It wasn't like you could Google. When our A- lister found out, she became upset and shared that with people in the sect. It was volatile and could blow up and they couldn't have a steady earner not be earning.

What to do? Pair the actress and actor together and tell them to be a couple forever and that is what they have done. 

Your Turn

What time of day do you eat Thanksgiving dinner?

Blind Items Revealed #4

November 18, 2019

The A list everything in her mind didn't work for free. She took scale and a huge back end. If it had made zero dollars, it would have been working for very little money, but that is not what happened.

Jennifer Lopez/Hustlers

Blind Items Revealed #3

November 18, 2019

The foreign born singer isn't going anywhere. He hates the A+ lister. The thing is though, the A list doughnut licker has left before and is perfectly willing to leave again, which has the manager trying to calm things down.

Justin Bieber/Taylor Swift/Ariana Grande/Scooter Braun

Blind Items Revealed #2

November 18, 2019

About nine months ago, I told you the reality star with the lucrative side gig wanted to sell her big money maker because things she has introduced since have all pretty much bombed. Oh, and don't believe the price of the sale either and don't believe it all ends up in her pocket.

Kylie Jenner/Kylie Cosmetics

Blind Item #8

Speaking of network reality judges being replaced, this dancing one is reportedly teetering on the edge for remarks made during and now after the season about a contestant.

Blind Item #7

This once regular west coast Housewife who came back for a season as a guest not only brought in some shoes to have red bottoms painted on them that were not there previously, but then also wanted a discount on the work because she was on television. She didn't get it.

Blind Items Revealed #1

November 18, 2019

This foreign born reality star is having her bills paid for once again by her ex. Apparently that whole thing with the Teen Mom getting her work didn't pan out.

Larissa Dos Santos Lima/Farrah Abraham

Blind Item #6

This barely there celebrity offspring who tries really hard and has made it higher on the list than her famous parental unit was a mess this week. Talking about her husband she broke down and it was apparently really sad to see someone crying and doing coke at the same time.

Blind Item #5

Even though she was with her mom, this A- list celebrity offspring was being hit on in a serious way by the actor/singer who was being obnoxious as usual.

Blind Item #4

Organizers of an event last night were not thrilled that an offspring of the royal pedophile showed up. It took away from what the event was supposed to be an instead turned it into a scrum of paps and reporters trying to get photos and questions asked and answered. It was all good cover though for the foreign born dual threat A list actor to hit on some women and not be asked about his wife.

Blind Item #3

This foreign born former?? superhero who found himself another high school aged teen to be with recently is very excited to be filming with another underage teen on a movie set. He was pushing hard for the foreign born A- list actress to be brought on board.

Blind Item #2

The whole fake relationship thing between the foreign born actress and the former tweener would seem a whole lot more real if first thing in the morning it was obvious one side of the bed had not been used.

Blind Item #1

Even if a reunion did occur of the singing group, this former member who could actually sing, would probably bail on it for the network reality gig. It is too much money to pass up and she has no problems hooking up with the creator a few times to make his ego feel bigger.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Blind Item #12 - Reader Blind

This foreign born member of a permanent A+ band had a much quieter public profile than his cohorts in the band’s heyday.  After the band broke up, this virtuoso musician on more than one instrument did some recording but primarily has produced other artists and done session work.

In the band’s prime, he had an arrangement with his wife whom he is still married to. She was bi-sexual so if he wanted to fool around with a groupie, she had to be present so every encounter was a threesome.  She also sometimes picked out the girls.

Blind Item #11 - Reader Blind

It was a different time perhaps but nobody batted an eye when this foreign born deceased comic actor who was most famous for being part of a permanent A+ group of comic actors used to bring young East Asian boys to parties and other events. He was open both about his sexuality and his attraction to underage brown skinned partners.  

Blind Item #10 - Reader Blind

A surprise challenger for several prestigious annual book awards in a foreign country is a book by someone from the same country who had a very different artistic career.  He is/was part of a group whose peak was two+ decades ago.  The group stopped performing for awhile and he was active on his own before they got back together and are still performing now.  They had something to do with fabric and what they produced was inspired by a popular movement in the early 1970’s which produced several iconic artists.

This potential winner of book awards has written a couple very entertaining poetically worded accounts of his childhood and the early days of his career with the group.  The reviews have been uniformly positive which may be influencing the literati. 

Blind Item #9

The witch who masquerades as a singer had a three hour dinner at her hotel which is fine except the dinner started about an hour before she was supposed to be on stage. You can do the math. She doesn't care about her fans or anything other than herself. 

Blind Items Revealed #5 - Anniversary Month

September 30, 2015

This foreign born B list mostly movie actress has a brand new network show that is doing really well. While promoting the show she had a connection with this married tool of a talk show host. It has only been a few days since she did the show, but has met with him twice since then. I wonder if he would leave his wife for this one.

Priyanka Chopra/Mario Lopez

Today's Blind Items - The Ugly

Has anyone heard the truth about the heartless former network reality star who everyone believes just wants to dance and play their guitar but is actually a monster?

Well this married musician apparently has no boundaries when it comes to cheating or abuse and has no problem making it out alive because their significant other is either truly clueless while working hard for the money or just turns a blind eye because what can they do? After all they’re parents to some adorable kids and they have been married since their young love.

One of the musicians affairs lasted over the course of 2 years and 3 tours and actually began nice and slow one night during the network reality show while they were in LA for rehearsals with friendly conversation and discussing families and careers and general small talk. As you might have guessed things escalated quickly that night and the musician went to bed with a big smile on their face.

Over the course of the first tour the other person began falling slowly for the musician as they spoke to each other every day, several times a day, when the performer wasn’t on stage or doing promo and the musician assured the other person that to them they weren’t just another girl across the room. In between the playful banter and light talk their discussions were beautiful and wild and they had some deep meaningful conversations while of course sexting and disclosing secrets to one another they’d dare never tell anyone.

One of those secrets? The musician has a untreated porn and sex addiction and the other person found out they weren’t the musicians first extra-marital affair after all. None of that surprised the other person.

While the musician was on the road they kept in touch using a popular app that’s suppose to erase messages after they’ve been seen to make sure any proof of what was going on got lost but apparently the app didn’t do its job because the other person still has all the messages, photos and videos to prove it.

The musician eventually ‘confessed’ that although they loved their significant other and didn’t want to hurt them they were also in love with the other person and assured them there would never be anyone else because things were always better with them. Poor other person believed it blindfolded and the musician knew the other person saw a vision of love because it had become written all over their face.

During longer breaks in the tour schedule the musician would go home and completely ignore the other person except when telling them to leave them alone and that they loved them not. But then as soon as they would hit the road the musician would get in touch with the other person and in time things would start right back up between them because they just couldn’t stay away from each other and it continued this way for a while. But over the horizons were a few massive surprises for both of them.

The musician discovered they and their significant other were going to be parents again but they weren’t the only ones.

During that time a meeting between the musician and the other person took place in Vegas that resulted in something that didn’t stay in Vegas after the musician refused to obtain protection and it wasn’t an STD.

A pregnancy test revealed a baby was on the way for them as well and it was kept secret due to the musicians wholesome image and religious upbringing not to mention that whole pesky musician being married and already having a family thing.

Sadly there’s no sunshine in the rest of this story.

After a while the musicians goody two shoes persona began to come undone and the relationship became increasingly toxic as the mental and emotional abuse the musician inflicted upon the other person proved to be too much to take. So much so that the other person had a miscarriage and subsequently attempted suicide. The affair and aftermath left the other person broken and a shell of their former self and unable to turn the pages on the past while not being able to explain to family and friends what had actually spawned the downward spiral.

Recently the other person was diagnosed with a terminal form of cancer that is hereditary and they reached out to the musician in an attempt to seek closure and peace and maybe regain some of their humanity that was lost during the affair. The musician shamelessly blamed their porn addiction for their actions while claiming their significant other knew about everything.  But the significant other actually knows nothing of anything.

The musician attempted to apologize by offering the other person money “for treatment” of the cancer but it was actually an attempt at hush money because the other person didn’t need money for treatment. When the other person didn’t take the money because that’s not what they were after the musician blocked them on all social media and blocked them on iMessage and their number from calling their phone.

This devastated the other person more than anything else during the 2 year affair and it is when they resolved to let the truth be known about the musician and what happened between the two of them. 

Your Turn

Would you be willing to replace turkey as the meat on Thanksgiving?

Blind Items Revealed #4

November 18, 2019

Whether there was a raid or just a target letter directed at the reality family from the feds, it doesn't change the fact that at least one pre-teen distant family member was somehow living with the pedophile. It also doesn't change the fact that the family is deleting a ton of social media posts, turning off comments and trying to scrub any actions they did overseas as part of "charitable relief."

The Duggars/Josh Duggar

Blind Items Revealed #3

November 18, 2019

This sometime reality star/frequent yachter knew what she was doing when she got half naked this weekend on Instagram. Lots of high paying offers that weren't there a week ago.

Draya Michele

Blind Items Revealed #2

November 18, 2019

This aging a-hole celebrity offspring of a permanent A++ lister used a protest this weekend to try and hit on college students.

Robert F Kennedy Jr.

Blind Item #8

This A- list actress had nowhere to go and no one to see. She just wanted to stay inside all day and all week if given the choice. She wasn't though and was forced to go out and meet a pap so she could take photos showing off that wedding ring and that all was good on the home front. It was a big payday for the pap. Paid by the caller and paid for the sale. 

Blind Item #7

Why yes, that was the recently split west coast Housewife at an urgent care wondering aloud why there was no VIP section for people like herself. 

Blind Items Revealed #1

November 17, 2019

This disgraced producer is feeling himself again and his PR team is flooding articles and blinds written about him with people making positive comments about him.

Harvey Weinstein

Blind Item #6

The celebrity former spouse of the permanent A+/A list actor was at it again at an event this week. She was aggressively trying to find men who were interested in dating her. At one point she told a guy she would go home with him that night if he had some cash or could stop at an ATM. 

Blind Item #5

In a couple of weeks when the A- list singer who came out of nowhere in 2019 turns 18, the foreign born A+ list one named rapper/singer will probably stop talking to her, but for now they are very good "friends."

Blind Item #4

The source behind every positive story about the actor/singer/reality star/porn performer/porn producer is coming from his mom. The same mom who once had her credit card stolen and used by the A+ list reality star prior to the porn tape that made her and her family a household name. The tab was six figures. Somehow they never bring any of that up in tales of their past.

Blind Item #3

Why yes, that was the pseudo celebrity husband of the long time A list network actress smoking a crack pipe last week while the actress watched, but did not participate.

Blind Item #2

If you only read the state run media channel for the reality family, you would have thought a recent public performance was the greatest show ever. You would have thought people were healed and the dead raised. It turns out that it was a disaster, but that won't stop the former A+ lost rapper from trying again to find new ways to take more of people's money. If he is so anti-money, why didn't he do the show at cost? Hmmmm.

Blind Item #1

A judge from this network reality show learned what many others have before her. One of the creators of the show prefers at least one female judge to worship at his feet, if not sleep with him. She did neither, so her contract was not renewed.

Monday, November 25, 2019

Blind Item #12 - Reader Blind - Kindness

This deceased comedic actor was primarily famous for a comedy show that in its run introduced many great comedians and actors to the world.  He is especially known for two characters he did on the show that both had cartoons versions later.  He also appeared in movies and did a lot of voiceover work.

It doesn’t matter where this comic actor was during the holidays season.  Around Christmas, he could be found dressed up as Santa or perhaps as an elf or in some other costume handing out presents at an orphanage or other home for unwanted children. He did this like clockwork until the last couple of years when he was too sick to do this any longer then he sometimes had family members go in his stead.

Blind Item #11 - Reader Blind

This deceased actor was making a movie on another continent.  This was a follow-up to a very successful film he made that had something to do with a mode of transport and became a cultural phenomenon.

At this point in his life, the actor was very strung-out and was notorious for his ingestion of substances.  During the filming of this movie which went over deadline and budget, he partook in some dark pleasures offered by the locals.

One that he especially enjoyed was the consumption of human flesh which he did one night at a ritual.  In fact, he would over the years even after he was sober and until his death from time to time purchase this on the black market and indulge this cannibalistic desire. 

Blind Item #10 - Reader Blind

Many decades ago this actor and actress worked on a film together.

The actress was most famous for a later TV show in which she starred with a  relative by marriage who is now deceased.  The Oscar nominated actor who is deceased starred in many westerns and crime thrillers as the strong square jawed hero but is probably most famous for a couple villainous roles - His first major film in which he played an over the top psycho and a later film which was an ensemble.

In her autobiography, the actress wrote that she fell in love with the actor during the shooting of their film but it was one sided and platonic only. This is not at all true. In fact they had a torrid affair that eventually ended up with the actress getting pregnant. Both were married to other people but the actor in particular did not want to leave his wife.

The actress had the baby. Her older bi-sexual first husband was actually quite understanding as he had a very kinky sex life and stayed with her through it. Once the baby who was a boy was born, it was raised by some relatives of the actor in the state he was originally from. In later years, the son, who has since passed away, had only brief encounters with his mother but the actor did have a warm relationship with him. 

Blind Item #9

This A- list mostly made for tv movie actress who started off back when she was a teen and has a very long list of credits almost got busted with the guy she was cheating with on her husband. The husband caught her and they split. No one has seen the guy. She is being very careful which leads one to speculate whether he is still married.

Blind Items Revealed #5 - Anniversary Month

September 25, 2019

This probable Academy Award nominee this year was doing so many drugs this week with his actress wife that people wondered if she was trying to kill him. One night the actor wanted to go home but the actress insisted they do a few more lines and then again and again.

Johnny Depp/Amber Heard

Today's Blind Items - Laundering For Porn

In addition to all of the other federal crimes this sprawling reality family is facing, some of which are horrific, are all of the money laundering/embezzling/failure to report on taxes charges at least four of the family face. They took all sorts of payments under the table or didn't report them and spent them on strippers and escorts, not just for sex, but also paying for rent and other expenses. It is unknown if they were using them solely for themselves or were also hiring them out for added income. The latter seems likely considering the agencies doing a great deal of the investigations and what they do. The patriarch of the family is involved and several other men in the family, including one who has been in trouble before.

Your Turn

Is Thanksgiving or Christmas better?

Blind Items Revealed #4

November 17, 2019

Whenever you see this former member of an all female singing group turned reality judge with someone less famous/wealthy than her, she is doing it for publicity. With the possibility of a reboot, she wants to keep the light shining on herself, so she found a willing minor celebrity from a reality show.

Nicole Scherzinger/Thom Evans

Blind Items Revealed #3

November 15, 2019

This foreign born A- list singer isn't bailing on a gig because she would have to pay back the advance and it is a lot of money she wants to keep.

Ellie Goulding (Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving Day performance sponsored by Salvation Army who she opposes)

Blind Items Revealed #2

November 16, 2019

The celebrity who made her fame by marrying turn porn star turned reality star might want you to think the boyfriend on the show is the boyfriend on real life, but that is not the guy she is sleeping with several times each week.

Courtney Stodden

Blind Item #8 - American Music Awards

This foreign born A list singer in the fake relationship was telling people last night that his agent is thisclose to getting a remake of Grease going and that our foreign born singer would star with his girlfriend. I think his agent is blowing a lot of smoke up his butt.

Blind Item #7 - American Music Awards

The PR team for this A- list singer/bad actress is spinning like crazy that this was a flare up of her disease that caused last night's disaster. So, with that disease, are you allowed to smoke? No, but she chain smokes. Are you allowed to booze it up? No, but she does. Are you allowed to take drugs? No, but out singer/bad actress does. Besides being messed up last night, she didn't have her ghost singer helping her out like she does on every last record she has ever made. 

Blind Items Revealed #1

November 16, 2019

The PR people of the child molesting director have started being aggressive in their defense of him so he can mount some type of comeback. They have sent me multiple emails over the past two weeks under different names, but generally use the same argument which also shows it is all coordinated.

Woody Allen

Blind Item #6 - American Music Awards

Speaking of drugs, this foreign born alliterate A- list singer was all about them too last night. 

Blind Item #5 - American Music Awards

This one named singer not named Halsey, but who was at the same level as Halsey a few years back before slowly sliding down the list, was wasted out of her mind on coke and something else. It wasn't just a straight coke wastedness. 

Blind Item #4 - American Music Awards

Considering she has one hit in the last decade, with a whole lot of flops thrown in, it was kind of surprising how diva like she was and how her people kept referring to the former A+ list singer as Ms. _______________. I think they wanted people to stop calling her by her first name, but that was ignored. The diva thing was over the top. She didn't have enough hits to be this much of a diva.


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