Saturday, February 22, 2014

Blind Item #7

This former A list singer is now more reality star than anything else. She spent some of her limited funds on several different identities which she uses to buy prescription pills. There is rarely a time during the day where she is not popping a pill.

Blind Item #6

This former A+ list rapper/celeb thinks things will be different now that he is moving in a new direction. Everything will be the same because the guy he got all his rhymes from was killed two years ago and our former A+lister can't do it on his own.

Blind Items Revealed

November 29, 2013

This A list celebrity/diva uses box wine poured into empty $25,000 bottles she drinks herself. She makes her guests think they are getting her special stash of wine.

Barbra Streisand

Blind Item #5

This A list mostly movie actress who used to be A+ and is an Academy Award winner gave an interview to an obscure foreign publication. She thought it would be great to show she cared about people in other parts of the world and at one point during the interview said that she once had sex with this A+ list celeb/rapper. The thing is her timeline didn't mesh and she would have been married when it happened. Her publicist didn't catch it until a week later when listening to the tape an assistant made during the interview. Our actress got the magazine to remove the one paragraph from the story but is the cover person for the issue and had to pose for photos rather than just sending in some to be used.

Blind Item #4

This A+list celebrity was at lunch yesterday and had a meltdown. It started with her eating her food with her hands and then she started talking to herself and the next thing you know it was the shortest lunch on record and everyone got out of there.

Blind Items Revealed

November 29, 2013

This Academy Award winning actress is probably a B lister despite her acting talent and acclaim. She doesn't go for publicity which keeps her lower on the list than her talent deserves. Right now she is dating a guy and tells her friends that she sticks with him because everyone says he is great. She says he is far too dramatic and needy for her and that there are no sparks at all. She dreads having sex with the guy because she says it's like being at work and she is forced to act like it is amazing when in reality he is boring and vanilla. She likes spice. Scarlett J should introduce her to some guys she knows.

Hilary Swank

Blind Items Revealed

November 28, 2013

This actor stays out of the limelight. He certainly isn't perfect and has been in this space for some less auspicious reasons in the past but today he is celebrated for his kindness and generosity and for bringing Thanksgiving to thousands of families who might otherwise not have a special day today. He also tries to make sure that all families have a warm meal everyday of the year and not just the holidays. He doesn't do much in the Los Angeles area. He donates some time and money but he focuses on his hometown and the surrounding communities and has spent close to a million dollars to make sure that food banks in his home state are all supplied with food and necessities for those who need it and has donated thousands of turkeys and unwrapped gifts to try and make the holidays better for those less fortunate. It all started for the B- list television and movie actor who got his fame on television a few years ago when his family came calling for some help. His family and others had gone through a rough episode and he helped them and saw the effect it had on those people and wanted to do more so he has been slowly increasing what he does and what he can do and has tried to not only donate money but also his time and tried to get his friends to do the same in their own hometowns. The great thing about it is this actor stays quiet about it even though it would make him look amazing. You have to admire that.

Josh Duhamel

Blind Item #3

This star of a FOX show that will be around awhile longer had a little surgery to fix her nose after some nose candy issues. While doing that she also had some other work done and she looks completely different than two years ago and forced crew on her show to shoot her from completely different angles so people would at least somewhat recognize her.

Blind Item #2

This SI model who seemed to be everywhere last year spent the first part of the week hooking up with her back on again boyfriend and the end of the week last week spending the night in the hotel room of her ex. Both are celebrities but two entirely different professions.

Blind Items Revealed

November 28, 2013

This former A list tweener made a few women angry at a strip club when he told them they should service him for free because of who he is. The fact that he had several people standing around him in a circle to protect him from prying cameras freaked out the women and none of them would even give the guy a lap dance because it was as if they were giving it to five people.

Justin Bieber

Blind Items Revealed

November 28, 2013

This B list celebrity/singer from a band who is arguably the most famous member of the band because of a famous groupie is lucky to be alive. He says he has stopped drinking but this week he got hammered and ended up falling over his balcony at a resort almost twenty feet but landed on his back in a big bush and did nothing but knock the wind out of himself.

Max George from The Wanted/ Lindsay Lohan

Blind Items Revealed- Kindness

November 28, 2013

This A list singer/rapper/celebrity who is proud of certain aspects of her body made this week great for some people. She had five homeless families of four brought to a concert she was playing and gave them all backstage love and all the food they could eat and then after the show took them back to her hotel and got each family a suite for the night and $5000 in cash each. Pretty sweet of her. I don't know if she is doing it in every city she is visiting or not.

Nicki Minaj

Blind Item #1

This former A+list mostly movie actor who had a run of movies that raced to the top of the box office a little over a decade ago is now probably a B lister but he will always have A list name recognition. Aging and cranky, the actor was out to dinner the other night and brought his own wine. Several bottles. At the end of the night he got the bill and saw the corkage fee the place charged. He argued over the $50 charge on his $500 tab. The restaurant wouldn't budge and our actor walked out of the place without paying the charge and told them they could sue him. He didn't tip either.

Snooki Is Pregnant Again

The NY Post is reporting that Snooki is pregnant with her second child. The former Jersey Shore star needed a hook to get another show and a new pregnancy would probably do it for her. In the article it also says that she wants to get married and the theme of her wedding be Great Gatsby. I'm guessing she wants the Leonardo DiCaprio version rather than the Robert Redford version. I'm guessing she has no idea who Robert Redford is and don't even get me started whether she knows it was a book before any of the movies. If you ask her who F. Scott Fitzgerald is her first guess is going to be a clothing designer and her second guess will probably be Vice-President.

Justin Bieber Offered Plea Deal In DUI Case

Not only is the US now the loser in the bet to keep Justin Bieber he got some other good news yesterday too. As I predicted, he has been offered a plea deal in his Miami DUI case. TMZ is reporting that prosecutors have offered to reduce the charges down to reckless driving. Bieber would have to complete some community service which would turn into a joke as soon as his fans find out where he is serving the time. The one sticking point is that he would have to submit to random drug tests for the next six months. That might be something he doesn't want to agree to because he would have to stop smoking pot and drinking sizzurp and that is pretty much how he spends his time. Look for his attorneys to try and get that reduced to a month or two.

Brooke Burke Dumped As Dancing With The Stars Co-Host

Brooke Burke has been teaching exercise classes part-time. It now appears she can move that to full-time if she wants because she has been dumped as co-host of Dancing With The Stars. Brooke has co-hosted the show since she won the competition back in season 7. She says that she was shocked to be fired from the job but the ratings decline of the show after the past couple of seasons necessitated the move. Knowing ABC they will probably try and find some former Bachelor contestant to move into the co-host slot. Last season the producers moved the program from twice weekly to once a week and there were not many other changes they could make except to change hosts or judges.

Charlotte Dawson Has Died

One of Australia’s most popular television identities, Charlotte Dawson, has been found dead at the age of 47 after a long history of depression. Dawson was a judge for many seasons on Australia’s Next Top Model was an influential anti-bullying and health campaigner.  The star, who was had been hospitalized at least twice after suicide attempts in recent years, had a public history of depression.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Random Photos Part Five

Garrick Utley - RIP

Katie Holmes busted while smoking.
Bradley Cooper coming out of his hotel.
Britney Spears going on a shopping spree at Michael's. Lots and lots of glue.
Carnie Wilson does her Sharknado acting impression.
At the same event were Rita Wilson and
Mike Love with John Stamos
Chrissy Teigen with John Legend and Michael Symon.
Kate Upton was at the same party.
Gigi Hadid was there too.

Random Photos Part Four

Duck Dynasty and Jimmy Kimmel.

Diane Kruger speaks Spanish. Presumably.
Alice Eve after lunch with a new guy.
Harry Styles is back in Los Angeles.
Mark McGrath shows off his acting skills with Ian Ziering.
This fake shark stood in for Tara Reid. No one noticed.
Jennifer Garner and her son.
Jennifer Lopez is doing a lot more things solo lately.
Kate Bosworth after a doctor appointment.
Lady GaGa is an Elvis snowflake.

Random Photos Part Three - Circus

Jenny McCarthy and her son enjoying $25 popcorn.

Tracy Anderson will probably sell a work out video based on this and Gwyneth will sell it on GOOP for $199.99
Chris Noth
Jill Hennessy
Bethenny Frankel
AnnaSophia Robb
Bridget Moynahan and her son.

Random Photos Part Two

Liv Tyler won't stand for any more acorns dropping on her car from this tree.

Melanie Griffith after traveling to Vancouver.
Matthew M and Camilla Alves hit the road again.
Nick Cannon promoting America's Got Talent with
Mel B.
Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber after a parent teacher conference.
Paris Hilton is making a new video.
Padma Lakshmi wearing the fur of an animal I have never seen.
It looks like a Pac-Man game come to life but I like what Rita Ora is wearing.

Blind Item #10

This B list reality show personality is A list if you are home during the day. He has never been in a blind before. Married, our B lister has a reputation with the hookers in his area as someone you definitely don't want to have sex with because he is way too large.

Random Photos Part One

Five parts today.

Reese Witherspoon seems to be lately dressing like she wants a spot in Town And Country Magazine.

A previously unreleased photo of Alexander Skarsgard in his South Pole trek.
Trying to compete in the ab showing contest is Ryan Lochte.
When you get groped by a fan as Sarah Hyland was, you get police, security and your boyfriend with you before
filming your scene.
Sarah Jessica Parker and her kids and one of her nannies.
Sharon Stone filming in Vancouver.
Usher and his hat. Pharrell has obviously started something.
Vanessa Hudgens shows off her ballet award. or it could be a gift for Taylor Swift.


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