Saturday, May 18, 2013

Real Or Not?

This exercise video has been getting lots of buzz. Not so much for the workout or the exercises, but for the man who appears sitting on a toilet twice in the first 30 seconds of the video. Staged? Real and an accident?

Blind Items Revealed

October 19, 2012

Ever wonder why these two reality judges hate each other? It is because the female judge threw herself at the male reality judge and being who he is, he had sex with her. He never mentioned it again. She wanted more. He said she was good for 15 or 20 minutes, but could never spend longer than that with her.

Adam Levine & Christina Aguilera

Blind Items Revealed

October 22, 2012

What celebrity mom who is more famous for the A lister she married than any other possible reason finally got time to spend with her kids alone. It was also the first time she was not being watched by a sober coach. She spent the hour with her kids in front of the television and drinking two bottles of vodka. When the time came to pick up the kids our mom was passed out on the floor and the kids still watching television.

Brooke Mueller

Blind Items Revealed

October 24, 2012

This A list all movie actress is filming her latest movie outside the country after a recent breakup. So far she has refused to eat any food that she does not recognize, or that is not from America. She also has complained about her accommodations and has been moved four times to try and make her happy. She has yelled at the crew constantly and thinks every guy who talks to her is hitting on her and has decreed that only people who have speaking scenes with her are actually allowed to speak to her.

Scarlett Johansson

Blind Items Revealed

October 25, 2012

This A list celebrity in the rest of the world and probably a B- or C+ here in the States ran into her ex about two months ago. The ex that basically tortured her on a daily basis. Apparently this ex who is an actor made the moves on his ex and assumed she would be willing to have one night of fun. Well, he assumed wrong and she got the e-mail address of his current A list actress girlfriend and told her what happened, but the actress accused her of making moves on her man. "Look at the history" is what the A list celebrity wrote back.

Kylie Minogue/Olivier Martinez/Halle Berry

Blind Items Revealed

November 13, 2012

These two actresses have never got alone. Like ever. Like a Taylor Swift song ever. The problem is they were stuck together for years and had to pretend to like each other at least for the press. Now that is winding up and the full fury has begun. This almost A list movie actress sent a bunch of texts and left voice mails calling her co-star and B- list actress just about every name you can think of because the B- list actress had the nerve to talk about the almost A lister in public in what the almost A lister thought of as talking smack. It was talking smack and the B- lister told the almost A lister to f**k off and that no one will care about her or her f**king moodiness or diva-ness in a year and that no one ever liked her. They just sucked up because they didn't want to get replaced.

Kristen Stewart & Ashley Greene

Everyone Says Beyonce Is Pregnant

When Russell Simmons says congratulations on being pregnant, then I guess you are pregnant. I feel like Russell knows everything. I feel this way because since he sleeps with one model a week, I am pretty sure he hears everything because if they are sleeping with him for a week it means they are probably sleeping with someone else for a week and one or more of them has probably hooked up with Jay-Z and some of his friends so if Russell says congrats, then I guess Beyonce really is pregnant or her surrogate is. I think it will be really easy to tell if she is for real this time because she will Tweet selfies of her pregnant belly. Then everyone will know for sure that the last one was a fake. Also, don't you think that Tamar Braxton would know? I think she would and she said Beyonce;'s first pregnancy was fake.

Blind Items Revealed

November 16, 2012

This Victoria's Secret model is not one of the big names of the company, but she did walk in their recent fashion show. At a party last night she was drinking heavily among other things and took a butter knife and slashed her throat in front of everyone leaving a huge gash and blood pouring down her body and she just wiped it off and kept partying.

Cara Delevingne

Courtney Stodden's Mom Is So Proud Of Her Daughter's Sex Tape

I know when you think of a Courtney Stodden sex tape, the first thought that comes through your mind is that there is no way in your life that you want to see Doug Hutchison have sex with Courtney. Never fear, Courtney goes solo in the tape while Doug probably filmed it and thought about gladiator movies. Courtney says the tape is personal and will never see the light of day, but, then why did she film it the day after she turned 18? So she can sell it obviously. Her mom was asked about the tape and said she could not be more proud of her daughter. What is the deal with parents of celebrities? Are they so desperate for any kind of associated fame or money that they have lost perspective on how this makes them look? What kind of parent is proud that their kids make porn? That their fame is because of porn?

Friday, May 17, 2013

Random Photos Part Four

Congratulations to Candice Glover who worked and worked for three years and finally achieved her goal of winning American Idol. Now she will fade into obscurity.

Amanda Bynes is Jesus.
Courtney Stodden tries to look like Marilyn and ends up looking like a poodle.
Emma Watson in W.
Andrew Garfield takes time off from Spiderman to walk his dog.
Gisele Bundchen probably has a dog walker.
I'm not sure if Halle Berry even has a dog.
Jaime King shows off her baby bump.
Jennifer Lopez wanted to be a gymnast or loves S&M.
Jane Lynch opened on Broadway yesterday. I heard she was great. She is in the umpteenth version of Annie.

Random Photos Part Three - Cannes

Freida Pinto

Emma Watson
Karen Gillan
Georgia May Jagger
The cast and director of The Bling Ring
Zhang Ziyi
Berenice Bejo
Robin Wright
Nicole Kidman
Rooney Mara

Random Photos Part Two

Kevin Federline has worn the exact same outfit for ten years. Every day.

Kelsey Grammer and his wife after dinner. He sure does go out a lot more than he ever did with Camille. Trying to find work I guess.
Kim Kardashian says she will go on tour with Kanye West and the baby. Really thinks he is going to want that huh.
Lea Michele is thrilled to be recognized.
Michelle Williams carries her own suitcase. The guy should help.
Yes, that is Paris Hilton with an open mouth kissing her boyfriend and humping him at a club.
You know you should wear a belt when you have to hold up your pants all night Rihanna.
We can all assume that Reese Witherspoon made that call on her cell phone after she came to a complete stop.
Zoe Saldana shows how flexible she is.

Random Photos Part One

Four parts today.

Sandra Bullock chases after her son.

Sharon Stone does her fake smile for the paps at the airport.
Sofia Vergara at a USA upfront with
Ariel Winter.
Tamar Braxton seems like she is going out everyday now that she is pregnant. She was at the American Idol finale with
Nicki Minaj and
Anthony Hopkins.
The banana stand showed up in Times Square with Will Arnett and Jason Bateman manning it.

Does Riding In A Shopping Cart Ever Turn Out Well?

Blind Item #6

The FBI is investigating this former almost A list reality star about some business activities she has been involved in for the past two years. This is what you get for hanging around shady people.

Simpton Abbey

Blind Item #5

This B list Academy award winner/nominee mostly movie actress fainted a Cannes, not once or twice, but four times in the span of 24 hours. She says it is because of the traveling and the heat. The real reason is she eats once a week, maybe twice, and has been battling an eating disorder and lately has been losing that battle.

Justin Bieber Has To Pay For His Monkey

Remind me again why Justin Bieber thought it would be a great idea to get a monkey. When he reaches puberty and is not selling any records anymore and the only venues he plays generally have the word casino in their title, he will probably wonder how he could have squandered all of his money. One of the reasons is by buying a ridiculous number of cars considering he can only drive one at a time. The other is by buying a monkey and then abandoning it in Munich when it had to be quarantined. Now the German government wants Bieber to pay for the care of the monkey for the past two months. Bieber just says to pass the monkey off to a zoo, you know, because they wanted a monkey they didn't ask for and would love to take care of it for the next 20 years because some spoiled brat didn't think ahead.

Four For Friday - He Is Getting Worse

Friday today and the start of a three day weekend for everyone in Canada for Victoria Day. Kind of cool to have a holiday named after you if you are Victoria, but what about the rest of the people. Don't they feel shafted? There is no Tom day or Sarah day. No Bacon day for sure. It would be really crazy if they only gave you the day off if you are named Victoria. Everyone in the country would name their kid Victoria. I will of course, be here all weekend and will have blind items to reveal tomorrow and Sunday. If you would like to follow me on Twitter I am @entylawyer.

This A list mostly movie actor has been in this space before. He has a well documented temper and well documented fetishes that I have highlighted in this space before and in certain cases, revealed. What were some mild, twisted sexual games he used to play, are turning into some dangerous acts where someone could get killed. His ex-girlfriend has started to talk about how the actor had transformed in the few years she had known him. He started off as a nice guy and then as his drinking and drugging got worse, it started to affect his brain. She said that it affected him even on the days when he did not drink or do drugs and that she often feared for her life and would hide at friend's houses because she literally was scared. Now his rages have turned sexual and she said that he sent her videos of what he has been doing with his current actress girlfriend and how there is blood everywhere in one of the videos and that they have gone on trips to other countries and she thinks they have hired women in those countries who are willing to participate in his sex fantasies. She says that he used to share them with her, but she always refused to be a part of anything more than just being with him. It was because of his sex addictions and needs that they broke up.

Your Turn

With this weekend marking the start of summer in Canada and next weekend here in the States, I thought I would ask everyone what their favorite childhood vacation was or their worst.

Blind Item #4

This B list male celebrity if you like that kind of performance, and a D if you don't had a visit recently. Well, actually our celebrity and his live in B list celebrity with A list name recognition had a visitor. It turns out that one of the people that the B/D list celebrity had been cheating with has got herself in the family way. It will be very interesting to see if our celebrity couple are seen together at a big event this weekend where he is expected to attend.

American Baking Competition Judges Have Affair

There is a show called The American baking Competition. It is a spinoff of a British show. The judge from the British version, Paul Hollywood, was brought over to be a judge on the American version and in the short time he was filming it with Marcela Valladolid the two started having an affair and now Paul has left his wife of 15 years. The couple has an 11 year old son. Hollywood has not released a statement other than to say that he and his wife are splitting.

Five Minutes Of David Beckham Photos

I know many of you will miss seeing David Beckham playing soccer, but for many of you, your disappointment is offset by the fact that it will give him more time to run around without his shirt on. For those of you who are in that group, I give you five minutes worth of photos where David is not wearing much and when he is wearing clothes, he is showing off his Hammbone.

Blind Item #3

This B-/C+ mostly television actress from a hit premium cable show was announced as a presenter for this award show. After she was announced she asked for $50,000 to show up at the show. She thought she could get it because they had announced her. She was wrong. The producers told her they would have her replacement by the next day. Our actress backed down.

Woman Places Her Child For Adoption On Craigslist

A woman in Houston is pregnant. Because she is pregnant she can't take her depression medication. Because she can't take it, she got depressed and posted on ad on Craiglist looking for a good home for her three year old son. After people reported the ad, the police got involved and discovered who posted the ad and arrested the woman and charged her with advertising for placement of a child. It is surprisingly, not a very serious crime and is just a misdemeanor. The child is with his father, but there is no indication as to what will happen to the baby she is carrying. In the ad she said she was a single mom, so presumably there are different fathers for each of the kids and she is not with either of them. The mom said she never had any intention of giving up her child and was just having a rough day.

Blind Item #2

"I love hanging out with ___________ (A list celebrity/athlete who everyone in the world knows) because when he is around I get some great p**sy. Really classy stuff, unlike what I usually get from my groupies. He and I have shared a lot over the years." B+ list singer with A list name recognition talking about how he can't wait to see the A list celebrity this weekend.

Amber Heard & Johnny Depp Engaged?

The worst nightmare for Winona Ryder right now would be for Johnny Depp to be engaged. Winona is trying to convince the world that the two can be a couple so she can get some press and attention. She was having decent luck until a couple of weeks ago when the Johnny Depp holding hands with Amber Heard photo surfaced. Now there are reports that Johnny and Amber are engaged. I really doubt that. Amber is not press shy or anything shy and I'm pretty sure she would tell the world almost as soon as it happened. It might not be a press release, but Amber is VERY good at showing her life off through photos. You know when Amber is with someone. When she switches girlfriends she lets it be known through photos.

Blind Item #1

This almost A list mostly television actor is not really A list, but his name recognition is so high that it seems he should be A list. Anyway, he is making an appearance next weekend and he was not all that interested in the money they offered. Nope. What he wanted included were five women who will do whatever he wants for the entire weekend without him having to pay for them.

Mariah Carey Lip Synchs Her American Idol Performance

Everyone in the world knows Jennifer Lopez is going to lip synch. It is what she does. I doubt Jennifer has ever actually sang live. I think she probably has a backing track for her shower. Mariah Carey on the other hand can actually sing. She used to be able to sing well. Maybe she can't anymore. I can't think of an explanation where someone who sat a judges table all season and judged people who were not allowed to lip synch, gets up and then lip synchs. There is no explanation. None. She has sung those songs a million times. She has done that same medley a million times. It was supposed to be the ultimate singer showing the American Idol cast how they should sound, but she failed and did so miserably.

Brooke Mueller Has Overdosed Six Times In The Past Two Years

You know how Brooke Mueller has been saying to the world how much she has been sober the past two years? Well, not the entire time, but a great deal of the time she was saying she was sober. Turns out she was not really ever sober and Radar says that in the past two years, while having custody of her children she has overdosed six times. Six. That works out to once every four months she overdoses. Not gets high or uses drugs, but overdoses. With custody of her kids. And she can't figure out why child services wanted to take them from her. Six.

Farrah Abraham Is Not Pregnant - Found Out On Television Show

I pride myself on knowing most television shows, no matter how small and will usually watch at least one episode just so I can talk a little about it if pressed. I have never heard of The Test, but apparently it is a show you go on when you don't know if you are pregnant or not. Yeah, talk about a show about nothing. "Umm, I have not had my period in five months and have gained 20 pounds and something is kicking inside me. I thought I would come on this show and take a test to see if I am pregnant."

Farrah Abraham went on and took a test and it was negative. She also said she never took the test she was photographed buying, presumably because she could find no one who was willing to buy photos of her peeing on a stick.

Michael Lohan Wants Lindsay Lohan To Switch Rehab Centers

Considering that Michael Lohan never does anything that Michael Lohan does not benefit Michael Lohan, I think we can all be pretty sure that when he wants Lindsay Lohan to move from Betty Ford to some rehab place in Florida he is doing so to get her closer to him and because he probably is getting a referral fee for himself. Michael says it is because Betty Ford is a 30 day center and it makes no sense for Lindsay to do the same program three times. Well, she has already done rehab about 10 times, so maybe an extra three times would be good for her. Seriously, does he think no one has ever stayed at Betty Ford longer than 30 days? if you have the money you could move in there if you wanted.

Kai The Hitchhiker Arrested For Murder

Earlier this year, Kai the hitchhiker made a name for himself after he saved the life of a utility employee by wielding the hatchet he carries with him as he moves around the country. Yesterday he was arrested and charged with the murder of a lawyer in New Jersey who police say was beaten to death. Kai says that he was drugged and sexually assaulted by the man who he met in Times Square over the weekend.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Random Photos Part Four

Bradley Cooper in curlers gets the top spot.

Brad Pitt - still sexy?
Christina Aguilera has lost a ton of weight, although she has never been afraid to show off her body no matter her size.
Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy.
Long time no see Parker Posey on a red carpet.
Jennifer Lopez in NYC.
Mila Kunis eats but refuses to share with Ashton Kutcher.
I barely recognized Keira Knightley.


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