Saturday, July 21, 2012

Blind Item #1

What Real Housewives wife has gloriously backstabbed her fellow co-star by sleeping with her husband. The thing is these two housewives are actually friends so it is a true back stabbing. Of course he is sleeping with lots of other people too, but the wife just keeps living in her fairyland with lots of unicorns and pixie dust when it comes to him.

Dancing Policeman

See, you can be a policeman and still have fun as this one in London who was entertaining people waiting for the Olympic torch to pass by.

Blind Items Revealed

June 29, 2012

What former A list female movie star best known for one very famous role who has crashed down to a C as she has got older sent back three bodyguards on her recent trip because they did not measure up to her attractiveness standards. She won't be seen with any men she is paying for unless they are going to look good next to her. If they are willing to spend the night and have some fun off the clock, then so much the better. The fact that she has a boyfriend is irrelevant. She might be paying him too.

Sharon Stone

Bar Owner Sells Pregnancy Tests To Stop Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

A bar owner in Minnesota was convinced by one of his friends to install a pregnancy test dispenser in the women's bathroom at the bar because he thinks it will stop fetal alcohol syndrome by making women who think they might be pregnant from having a drink. I'm not sure if that is going to really work. Do you think it would stop you? Your significant other?

Fred Willard Has Been Arrested For Lewd Conduct Before

According to the LA Times, Fred Willard has been arrested before for lewd conduct. Of course, back then he was not as quite well known and there was no internet, so no one knew. Fred was arrested in 1990 which means that he has probably doing it frequently between 1990 and last week and his explanations that it is a misunderstanding does not hold as much water. Meanwhile, prosecutors say they are willing to make a deal for no jail time if he goes to counseling. I would hope he would get no jail time considering how little jail time Lindsay Lohan got for doing something that could actually hurt someone. Does this mean he is going to have to register as a sex offender?

Colorado Gunman And His Apartment

It amazes me that with all of the bomb experts in the world and all the experience they have with bombs and booby traps, that one guy can basically force the evacuation of multiple buildings for possibly several days because no one is sure exactly how to disarm the bombs. When James Holmes left his apartment building to go on his rampage, he did so with his apartment booby trapped and techno music playing really loud. He was probably hoping someone would knock on the door or break in to get it turned off or some police would be called and they would break in and it would explode. This kind of reminds me of the situation in Speed. The booby trapped house. The explosion. The death. One guy can change so much. From now on, there probably will be no more masks or costumes for movies. Metal detectors will be installed. Bags will be searched. More police and security will be at each theatre.

Mariah Carey & Carrie Underwood Star In New Version Of Musical Chairs

I have said it before and I will say it again. I think it is a really bad idea for producers of talent shows to blow a ton of money on the judges. That is not what made American Idol or its ilk successful in the first place. All this judge hiring is simply an elongated version of stunt casting which you see every sweeps period in television. A guest star to really make you watch. Watching one episode of the slutty pumpkin is not the same though as an entire season of Mariah Carey and Carrie Underwood each getting paid $17M simply because you don't think your show is good enough to stand on its own. For that kind of money, Mariah and Carrie should perform two songs each week and the contestants should sing in the background and at the end of each episode, someone is randomly picked to go home in an elaborate game of musical chairs. The music played will be samples of Mariah & Carrie's greatest hits and Mariah and Carrie will be used to judge how nimble or quick the contestants are at getting to a chair when the music stops. Ryan will still be the announcer, but Randy will be converted to a DJ and will be known from now on as DJRJ.

Tara Reid Hospitalzed

The abuse has finally caught up to Tara Reid. Tara has been hospitalized in Nice for acute pancreatitis. Apparently that is when you drink so much your body starts eating away at your pancreas. Tara will probably need a new liver now. I hope she gets better, but I think all of us could see this coming. You can't drink for as many years as she has been drinking at the rate she has been drinking and doing everything else to her body she has been doing and not expect any consequences.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Random Photos Part Three

Tom Davis - RIP
Bethenny Frankel and Jason out for a walk.
Blake Lively goes casual for Gossip Girl.
The first bra has been discovered. It is from the 1400's.
Claire Danes shows off her baby bump.
A rare pap shot of Ciara.
Christina Milian looking amazing. Probably happy to hear The Game cheats on more than just her.
Halle Berry looks to be fully recovered.
Jordin Sparks shows off her 50 pound weight loss.

Random Photos Part Two

Probably the best pap shot of Kristen Stewart I have seen in a long time.
Ashton Kutcher really does look like Steve Jobs.
Katie Holmes is all smiles in New York. Free at last.
There is a Lohan growing in that stomach.
No Lohan for Kendra Wilkinson.
Adam Levine heads to Nevada.
Lindsay Lohan shows that she can act in her sleep.
Minka Kelly and her dog who reminds me of someone.

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

Judging by how happy Mel Gibson is in this photo, he is either back drinking again or found some Jewish people to scream at.
I'm hoping this is the result of a gust of wind and not the dress itself for Nicole Scherzinger.
Project Runway is back. Pretty good last night.
Russell Brand is a follower of the Britney Spears school of footwear.
Good for Rachel Bilson and her reusable bags. I always forget mine in the car.
Reese Witherspoon back in LA after filming her latest movie.
Ashley Tisdale dragged these jeans from the 80's.
Looks like Teri Hatcher and her daughter made a new friend.
Vanessa Hudgens and her boyfriend work out.

Will Ferrell And Zach Galifiankis At Wrigley Field

Blind Item #1

This A+ list all movie actress has been out of the public eye for about a month. She had some botched plastic surgery to her face and had to have a procedure to correct it. She is going to be ok now, but she was a mess for a few weeks.

An Australian Hurdler Wants You To Get In The Olympic Mood

Jenelle Evans Back With Kieffer Delp

There is no one better suited for a rebound than your drug addicted, unemployed, homeless, ex-boyfriend so of course Jenelle Evans decided to get back together with Kieffer Delp. Keeping tabs on Jenelle Evans is like having your very own Jerry Springer experience. It really does not get any better than this. Yes, I know her claim to fame is Teen Mom, but think about all the real Jenelle Evans out there in the world and this is a chance to actually watch them through her. She says they have both turned over a new leaf. Yeah, they turned it over thinking they could either smoke it or use it as wrapping paper.

Four For Friday - Kindness

It's Friday again, which of course means announcements. Tomorrow will be a Saturday reveal as I dig something out from the archives. I would love for you to follow me on Twitter and you can find the bird thing over there-------->. Be safe this weekend. I fear that this whole Colorado shooting is going to spawn some ridiculous copycat. I want to see you all back here safe.

I wanted to tell you today about an Emmy nominated actress. She has been in the business for what seems like forever, but she is still young. She has done movies and television and is a great actress. Solid B+/A- list. Everyone knows her. Through one of her recent co-stars, she got involved with a group of people who help injured soldiers and their families. She met a group of injured soldiers who had lost limbs and heard they didn't have enough money to always get the bast prosthetic limbs. There was also the matter of transporting families to where the soldiers were hospitalized. Our actress not only has donated $2M to this cause, but also leased 10 apartments that are within walking distance of one of the hospitals where returning soldiers are sent. All of the apartments are fully furnished and each family is allowed to stay up to two months in the apartments free of charge so they can be close to their loved ones. As a new unit becomes vacant in the complex, she rents out another and has encouraged all her co-stars to help out. So far, they have done a tremendous amount and none of them have asked for or sought any publicity for their actions. She might not always look happy, but this actress, has definitely made me smile and now I know, I will never utter a bad word or slight about her again.

Your Turn

Gun control. For or against?

Fred Willard Fired From PBS Job - All A Big Misunderstanding

I really can't wait to hear what the big misunderstanding is that Fred Willard is claiming happened to him when he was caught with his genitals exposed in an adult movie theatre. Maybe he ate a big meal and loosened his belt and then the police burst in. Maybe he likes to save that extra few seconds of actually unzipping his pants in the restroom and does it an advance. Whatever the explanation, I'm sure it will be a fun one. I don't actually care what he was doing. I mean what do you think happens inside an adult movie theatre that is showing a triple feature of XXX movies. If you go in there, I think you can expect someone is doing something they shouldn't be doing. Whatever the reason, PBS still decided to fire Willard from his job hosting a pickers type show and ordered affiliates not to air any episodes with him in it.

National Enquirer Blind Item

THIS eccentric, two-time Oscar nominee loves to sweat it out at yoga, but he has such bad body odor that fellow clients at the popular L.A. studio are bending over backward to avoid the stinky star. Who is he?

Spice Girls Reuniting For Closing Ceremonies

Victoria Beckham has finally agreed and The Spice Girls are set for one final performance to be held at the closing ceremonies of the London Olympics. This thing has been on and off again so much over the past year with everyone wanting to do the show except for Victoria. Now though, even she has agreed. The closing ceremonies will also have performances from George Michael and The Who. That is quite the combination. Oh, and Take That will also reunite one last time too. It is not like any of the members will actually do any real singing so I don't see what the holdup was. I think Victoria would just like to pretend that part of her life never existed.

The Jackson Siblings Need To Get A Job

I have to say that I expect this kind of nonsense from any of the Jackson 5, or even LaToya, but not Janet Jackson. Two years ago, three of the brothers, Janet and Rebbie all claimed that Michael's will was fake and that he wanted everything to go to all of his family and not just his kids and mom. Yeah, that's what he was thinking. He barely talked to any of them for years but he decided they were the ones he wanted to give his money to. Two years ago they lost every step of the way, but now they are back. back because they can't figure out a way to make money without getting a job. I think that Janet is helping them because she is the only other Jackson that has money and doesn't want to keep giving every other member of the family money for the rest of their lives and calculated this would be the cheaper option. Have any of these people just thought about going out and getting a job? I have never seen people work so hard at trying to do nothing to make money. I feel like this is going to be every member of N'Sync except Justin Timberlake in a few years.

Jessica Simpson Buys Pedometers For Her Weight Watchers Group

Jessica Simpson seems to be kicking up her weight loss a notch. There have been some rumors in the past week that she is only losing one pound a week. While that would be great for all of us, it is not enough for her to make her payout goal from the company. Well, it would have been if she had been losing that much from the beginning, but she had some setbacks. I think her buying pedometers for her group shows that she is finally committed to this thing, plus the Tweet that advertised her gift. You know, because you need to make sure you are telling people that you bought something for others.

"Just bought all the girls in my @weightwatchers group pedometers to track their steps. 10,000 steps a day = 5 miles! Let's step it up!" I had a pedometer once in one of my many efforts to lose weight. It worked just fine, but I was obsessed with it and would walk back and forth all the time just to watch the numbers increase. The problem is that when you are in an office there are a limited number of places one can walk and I found myself headed to vending machines or the refrigerator the most and it actually ended up costing me weight. I think if you were away from temptation or had more willpower than myself, which is none, then it would be something that can really help. So, how many steps do most people take in a day?

Another Dating Profile

It's Friday so what better day to share another dating profile. This winner comes from a reader who got a message from this guy. The only thing in the subject line were the words Law Enforcement.

Well, she had to click, and this is what was on his profile.


Side Note:

I am not looking for a forever, but I am looking for a nice long run and good friendship.

Nothing last forever. Even the coolest people ever never stay together with each other. Even if you manage to grow old, death will eventually catch up and you and your partner will be separated.

The more independent a person can be, the less they would need to stay with anybody, yet, it is always nice to share with another.

With the above said, I am looking to share an awesome friendship for a long run.

I am just a good boy. I am honest, loyal, drama free, and an awesome kisser.

Something important is that I do not want to make new babies. I don't mind going out with a mom, but I just don't want to make new kids..

Do you like Ceder Point? Jim Carey movies? The Detroit Science Museum? That would be freaking cool!!

My ideal girl to build an amazing friendship would be:

- Cute, sexy, gorgeous, super model type, a complete Goddess sex symbol, super hot!!!! (you get the idea)
- Smart / Intelligent.
- Confident. (--- this is part of being super hot, big hint there)
- Independent.

Yes, I have been on POF before, and here are some other important points:

1. I have a hard time being attracted to overweight ladies. Just putting it on a nice way its just not my deal.

2. My body type could qualify as slender or fit?? I don't know, so set it up as avarage but I am slender than most guys specially around my age...

In other news....

OMG. systolic blood pressure below 120.. I have never seen my systolic blood pressure that low since ever...

One day I will be rich, but that I gotta keep it down low cuz I dont want chicks for my money. I'd like to think they want me for my body instead.. and my super awesome personality..

I tend to think too fast and my fingers arent as fast of as my mind, so if you are reading something and it doesnt make sense... then I have an excuse...

FAQ Section:

Q. I noticed that you don't drink on your profile. Do you mind if I drink?

A. Baby, feel free to slam all the drinks you want. I would be more than glad to be your designated driver and I promise I will try not to take too much advantage of you. :)

Q. My body is not like a super model. Would you still like me?

A. No, I only date hot super model types. (-- that was sarcasm btw...)

Q. I see you are non-religious. Are you going to give me a hard time because I am a Christian?

A. No (-- that wasn't sarcasm.)

Q. Do you like kids?

A. Yes, I like kids. They are fun and I don't mind hanging out with them. I just don't want to make new kids.

Q. You sound like a badass. Are you mean?

A. No, I am actually a sweet type of guy, so I have been told.

Q. Why don't you have a girlfriend?

A. If I only would have the answer of that one.

Q. My profile says I am in Michigan, but I am actually traveling through Europe right now. Do you still want to chat?

A. No.

Q. I am in Africa and I need some money to get out of my hotel. Would you help me?

A. No.

Q. Do you like ice cream?

A. Yes, I looove ice cream. Let's get some.

Great Clue In Jon Benet Ramsey Case

Yesterday I saw a headline about some new information in the Jon Bent Ramsey case, but I didn't really pay attention to it. Then, last night with nothing better to do I decided to read it and I have to say that it is a fascinating piece of information. I know the guy is trying to sell a book, but James Kolar makes a very good argument that the killer of Jon bent was someone inside the house. How does he prove that? Apparently there was an intact spider web in the window supposedly used by the intruder. Pretty tough to get through a window without disturbing the spider web. Plus, there is a toy that Jon Benet had which matches the abrasions found on her body and that it, and not a stun gun is responsible for her injuries. I just don't know at this point what to think. The case is so old and unless her dad decides to share something he hasn't before then I don't know what we will ever find out.

Brooks Ayers Demands An Apology From 20/20 - Says He Is Not A Deadbeat Dad

I am not a fan of Vicki Gunvalson or her boyfriend Brooks Ayers. I'm actually shocked that Vicki has even managed to find a boyfriend because in all the years I have watched RHOC, I'm not sure I have ever seen her smile. Oh, I'm sure she has. I mean people have died who have been on the show or perhaps there were some other times she smiled too. Injuries. That sort of thing. Anyway, 20/20 aired a segment on brooks and called him a deadbeat dad. They interviewed the mother of one of his children who made the claims. Now Brooks has hired an attorney. Brooks is going to be out of luck. Brooks' attorney says they are in negotiations with 20/20 and that they want an apology or they are going to sue. Nothing is going to happen. The baby mama says Brooks didn't pay any of the bills of the birth. His lawyer does not deny it and just says it is all part of a child custody fight. Brooks is just trying to make himself look good. Very hard to do.

Katie Holmes Heads To Broadway

Showing everyone that if at first you don't succeed, try try again, Katie Holmes is headed to Broadway again. In 2008 she tried Broadway when she co-starred in All My Sons. In that one she was at the height of marriagedom to Tom Cruise and got blown off the stage by John Lithgow and Dianne Wiest. This play will have Katie living at home with her parents when her brother moves in with a missing wife and a lot of money. The thing about acting on stage is if you suck, people can see it right away. There are no second takes or 23 like in movies. Good for her for trying.

Dark Knight Rises Fans Killed At Screening - Paris Premiere Canceled

A midnight screening of Dark Knight Rises in Denver turned into a shooting gallery as a 24 year old man who was heavily armed and wearing a bullet proof vest killed 12 people and wounded at least 50, including a six year old girl and a three month old infant. The shooter was captured without incident. Because of what has happened, the Paris premiere has been canceled as well as all interviews by the cast for the foreseeable future. That is a very quick response by Warner Brothers and think it is the right move. You can't have people celebrating a movie opening and being glib while you have all this tragedy related to it in another part of the world.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Random Photos Part Three

Beyonce shows off her new braids and Blue Ivy.
Chloe Moretz eating some frozen yogurt in Toronto.
David Arquette takes his daughter shopping.
Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway and Christian Bale at the Dark Knight premiere in London.
Marion Cotillard at the after party.
Prince Harry was there and so was
his new girlfriend, even though they left separately.
Elizabeth Olsen finally gets a day off from shooting her movie.

Random Photos Part Two

George Clooney shows Stacy Keibler's dad around Lake Como.
Jake Gyllenhaal looks like he has been hitting the gym.
Jimmy Kimmel and Kerry Washington woke up early to announce the Emmy nominations.
Keira Knightley, Hailee Steinfeld and Mark Ruffalo all take a break on the set of their new movie.
Kate Middleton doing something Olympicy.
Shawn Holley and her most famous client pose for The Hollywood Reporter.
Miley Cyrus practices wearing wedding dresses? It's the only excuse for this dress that I can think of.
Miranda Kerr takes Flynn for a walk.


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