Monday, December 31, 2007

Blind Item Reveals

August 17, 2007

#1 In front of Yamashiro last night, this female singer who was wearing even less than in her music videos was doing everything but taking off the rest of her clothes in order to get a music producer to take her for a "ride" in his brand new red Bentley. Her approach consisted of much bending over (clearly showing what she was bringing to the party), using two fingers and her tongue to suck on a mint, and clearly explaining how important fresh breath was in her life. Her fellow female band member looked really uncomfortable and the producer ultimately turned down the offer. The two singers left in a very cheap rental car but not before they stiffed the valet. When the singer's was asked by her fellow band member why she wasn't tipping the valet, the singer was heard saying, "looking at my body should be tip enough."

#2 This former A list action star was recently out in public and no one was paying any attention to him. He whispered something to his son, who then shouted out, "look, it's ______." Soon there was a crowd around the fading star but he claimed he was too busy for any autographs.

#3 This B list film actor used to be famous for who he was with and now just can't get any respect. Recently he tried to get into a nightclub by moving to the front of the line. Neither doorman recognized him and was told to to the end of the line. He then pulled out his cell and called some of his friends inside the club to come get him in. After explaining for 15 minutes who he was there was still not entry. Then one of the friends mentioned the ex and the doormen opened the ropes immediately.

#1 - Shannon Bex/ JR Rotem
#2 - Sylvester Stallone
#3 - Ryan Phillipe

Blind Item Reveals

August 16, 2007 (for photos)

Anyway, the subject of this blind item is in all the pictures. The reason why I have gathered you here today are the umbrellas you can see in the third photo. Two guys each with an umbrella. Their job was to rush out in between takes and shade our former B+ film star and always a hit with eh ladies, or at least he likes to think so.

Our actor along with almost everyone else in the scene is wearing business attire. Today is hot in LA and everyone looked miserable but what can you do? Our actor on the other hand wanted his umbrellas immediately after each take. This is how it went.
Director - Cut
Actor - Umbrellas where are the umbrellas?
Enter two guys with the largest umbrellas you have seen
Actor - That's just not fast enough guys. I need those umbrellas quicker
Director - Action
Director - Cut
Actor - Where the hell are those umbrellas? I want to see you guys running out here.
Director - Action
Director - Cut
Actor - Dammit didn't anyone tell you how to open an umbrella. Yes, you got out here faster, but you need to have that thing open or get it open within seconds. It's burning up out here.
Of course all the other people in the scene didn't get to move at all except back to their original positions which were all exposed to the hot sun.

James Woods - Shark

Blind Item Reveals

August 9, 2007

#1 Despite their appearances together on recent talk shows and their public comments to the contrary, these two actors really don't like each other and what you see in public and what goes on in private are two very different things.

Chris Tucker / Jackie Chan

Blind Item Reveals

August 3, 2007

#4 What boy band group broke up not because of creative differences, but because one of the singers got tired of the sexual advances and lifestyle of one of the other singers. (No, it's not N'Sync)

New Edition

It is also a big hint for #2 for that same day's blind items.

Blind Item Reveals

August 2, 2007

#2 There is an A- film actress filming a movie with a B+ actress and they haven't spoken an unnecessary word to each other on the set of their latest movie. Seems the two don't see eye to eye on many issues and can't stand each other. The last straw was that the A- actress felt that the B+ actress was hijacking the movie by threatening to not do the part unless she got more money and perks than the A- actress. The B+ actress told everyone that she was the better actress, and definitely worth more to the film. The B+ actress didn't get the extra dough, but made a bad relationship even worse.

Scarlett Johansson / Penelope Cruz

Blind Item Reveals

July 27, 2007

#2 The funny thing is this B list couple are going to stores together and buying things for his boyfriend's home not his home or her home as they want everyone to believe.

#3 I'm not really one for royalty blind items because I don't know any, but I do know that recently there was some royalty that hit the OC hard. (you can take that however you want, but I don't think they were physically hanging out at Laguna Beach.)

#2 - Rachel Bilson/Hayden Christensen
#3 - Prince Harry and Mischa Barton

Blind Item Reveals

July 18, 2007

#1 Which two related musicians disappointed hundreds of fans by bailing out of a movie watching party? The reason? While being interviewed on stage one of the musicians was given a basket with filled with items for a baby. The aggrieved musician then cussed on the air and in front of the all the fans there to see him. He walked off the stage and didn't look back. So I'm guessing a baby shower is out of the question.

Joel & Benji Madden

Blind Item Reveals

July 16, 2007

Some very interesting news. It seems that this certain A list body with the B list resume has been sticking with her guy after everyone thought that all was said and done because they got married. Not recently and no one even in the family is the wiser. They did it on a lark, but now at least she understands that in order to get out of it, people are going to find out she was in it in the first place. He's just happy to be married to her. I know when you read the first line you think it's very obvious, but it's not.

Jessica Alba/Cash Warren

Note: I'm not sure why I wrote the line about the obvious, but not.

Blind Item Reveals

July 13, 2007

#2 This parasite was seen giving a lap dance to a record producer you don't want to cross. A photo was taken of the incident and immediately the record producer's thugs grabbed the camera, took the memory card out and gave the camera back to the photographer.

#3 This A list actor is already very tired of his fairly new wife. The problem is his fans expect him to be a certain way and getting divorced from the mother of your child(ren) is not something they want to see. So, he puts on a happy face and tries to find other people to act as a buffer.

#2 - Paris Hilton / Suge Knight
#3 - Ben Affleck

Blind Item Reveals

July 11, 2007

So this A list couple has been divorced for some time now. Each have moved on as divorced couples tend to do. My five ex-wives are grateful everyday they don't have to see me and the monthly checks I'm forced to send them keep them in Laboutin's and me in a basement. Anyway, there really was no reason given for the divorce. Just one day it was over. Out of the blue so to speak. Turns out that perhaps the lady in all of this was not really quite the lady we all thought. It's not that her husband minded because he really didn't. The problem was that our wife wasn't as discreet as perhaps she should have been and a huge secret was about to be revealed which neither the husband or wife really wanted. Seems that maybe the other man in this wife's life was not just some random guy off the street, but someone much closer. Each had their own reasons for keeping everything a secret. The wife really was happy being married to the husband which is why there were very few fireworks and instead just a resigned disappointment that she wasn't going to get to stay. The wife violated a rule and has slowly been eliminated from any contact with the ex and the ex's family.

Nicole Kidman

Blind Items Revealed

July 10, 2007

#2 What washed up reality diva/naked photo taking/gold digging wife was supposed to spend a week in Vegas with her unappreciated staff? After 6 hours of bitching, she gave them 5 minutes to pack up and head back to LA. The assistant complained and was fired then and there and told to figure out her own way back to LA. Everyone else returned with the Queen who let them all know they were lucky to be working for her.

Shanna Moakler

Blind Item Reveals

This is going to be a slow process so just because you see one or two, don't expect them to all come flooding out at once.

Monday July 2, 2007

This publicity hungry male record producer #1____________tried to get his hooks into #2_____________ when she was vulnerable, and then when that didn't work out tried his hand at teenager #3_______________. Since she made him pay to be seen in public with her, our producer has been laying low. Last week he showed up on the set of this former teen queen's#4_________________ new music video and is trying to convince the world they are a couple.

1. JR Rotem
2. Britney Spears
3. Hayden Panettiere
4. Ashley Tisdale

You Think Marc Anthony Is Going To Be Quiet?

Everyone today is buzzing about how Jennifer Lopez is going to have a traditional Scientology birth. You know the one I'm talking about where, John Travolta and Tom Cruise come to your room and do the hula hoop, followed by Jada Pinkett Smith reading selected passages from L. Ron Hubbard. All the while, the mother isn't supposed to utter a sound or will be whipped by Leah Remini.

I don't know the view of Jennifer Lopez when it comes to Scientology, but I do know that there is no way it will be a Scientology quiet birth. If you think that her jitterbug of a husband and alleged father of the child is going to be quiet during the birth then you just don't know your Marc Anthony. There will be music playing during the entire birth. Marc's Greatest Hits (it's short, but out there) followed by hour after hour after hour of Marc performing live right there in the hospital room with frequent dedications to his wife and the nurses and all the rest of the staff he invites in to listen to him perform. During labor, to take Jennifer's mind off of the pain he will no doubt ask her to perform a duet with him or re-enact a scene from their film. Of course all of it will be captured on video and no doubt sold to the world as Marc And Jen Live with a world tour to follow.

I Love Craig David's Publicists

I barely remember Craig David but he does have some great publicists. Craig was recently accused of trolling for women on MySpace. I don't see what the big deal is about that and I didn't realize that MySpace trolling was limited to people who are not considered celebrities. At what point are you allowed to troll? When you drop to D list? When your show ends? It is not really clear.

Anyway, Taylor Ray Lewis who I thought played for the Baltimore Ravens, but is actually a supermodel told the bastion of truth News of the World that David begged her for sex after sending her a message on the social networking site.

Lewis said: "I ignored his messages for ages because, even though they came from a site called Craigdavidpersonal, I couldn't believe a star like him would have to go on MySpace to meet girls."

So I guess Lewis is basically saying she is a nobody because she is a supermodel and on the site, but she herself needed the site to hook up with guys.

Lewis said she had dinner with him and then he invited her back to his place to watch a movie in the bedroom. Nice.

Lewis commented: "We went into his bedroom to watch a film, but when we laid down he started kissing me. I was a little bit scared as he was the first person I had been with since I met my husband six years ago.

That is such crap. She hadn't been with anyone in six years and then two hours after meeting Craig she was in his room having sex with him. Probably she meant to say that Craig was the first person she had been with that day.

"But once we started having sex it was a real let down. It seemed like he just wanted to get it over with. I was not really enjoying it. I began to think ‘what am I doing here?'

"Afterwards he went out of the room and got dressed. I felt ashamed and said I had to go. He just said 'OK. I'll text you'. That was it."

The model added: "Other friends told me they had received messages from him asking them on a date. Now I feel so embarrassed."

She should feel embarrassed that she had to earn $100 by selling this lame ass story.

The best part though is the response from Craig's publicists. "Representatives of the singer have denied the allegations that he uses MySpace to meet women but did not deny he had dated Lewis."

It is such a nice quote. They deny that he uses MySpace to meet women, but he didn't use it to meet women, he used it only to meet one woman.

You Have To Have Sex To Get Pregnant

When the Daily Mail came out and said Nicole Kidman was pregnant, I didn't doubt them, I just wondered how she got pregnant without having sex. In my mind I was picturing Keith Urban shooting off across the room and Nicole trying to catch it or using some type of baster. Then I realized that would be too messy. Do you think Nicole Kidman has ever got messy in her life? Ever not been in control of the situation? I just cannot imagine Nicole Kidman having sex. I know she said she had a miscarriage, but no one actually ever said that the miscarriage was the result of having sex. This is why she and Tom Cruise were the perfect couple for each other. She probably came up to him on Days Of Thunder and asked if he would be interested in a business proposition. Attorneys worked it out, and then a few years later adopt one child, and then another. They maybe tried the invitro route, and that didn't work, hence the miscarriage.

When Tom's career started to falter, he needed someone new and fresh, so end of contract. See ya.

So whenever you hear about these Nicole Kidman pregnancy rumors I would discount them. I think she will get pregnant eventually, but it will not be with Keith. It will be with some rich old guy who she is with after she gets rid of Keith. The only reason Keith has lasted this long is she doesn't want to be the woman who forced him back on the bottle. Another thing to ponder when you think of Nicole Kidman. How does she continue to make such high salaries for her films even though they always tank. When is the last time you wanted to see a film because she was in it. I avoid films she is in, but somehow the studios keep paying her inflated salary.

Blind Item Update

Because I know some of you are waiting with bated breath, I will tell you right now that the blind items to be revealed will be revealed tonight at some point. I would tell you exactly what time,if I knew the time, but it will be late this evening Pacific Time. So instead of making you wait all day and growing impatient, just wanted you to be aware now.

NY Daily News Blind Item

Which supposedly rehabbed star has been stealing minibar bottles from her friends' hotel rooms to stash in her purse for a quick fix?

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Miley Cyrus Sleepover Photos

Everyone all over the internet is making a big deal out of these Miley Cyrus sleepover photos. Are they racy or indications of some lesbian inclinations? Are their clothes off? Hell no. It's just two girls goofing off and eating candy. What should disturb everyone is the fact that no matter what you are doing or who you think you can trust, if you are a celebrity, you really can't. Whoever took these photos was obviously a friend of one of the two girls, yet it didn't stop them from selling the photos or distributing them on the internet. You think they will be invited to the next sleepover? I don't think so either. If you want to see Miley in her new bikini, click here. If you want to see her April 2008 photos and almost nip slip, then click here, and it also has links to all her other sexy photos. To see her topless photos, click here.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Jamie Lynn Spears Gives First Interview Since Pregnancy Announcement

Four For Friday

Next week when I do some reveals, there will also be at least one update and clarification which I know you will want to read. Definitely.

#1 Which singer will not be invited back for Christmas anytime soon? Seems the prospective in-laws dislike diva behavior. Our singer was not a very gracious guest.

#2 This B list actress has bigger financial problems than we thought. Turns out for appearances she wants cash only and delivered directly to her. Not to her agents or her manager. Her manager hasn't been paid in ages and is threatening to sue.

#3 I told you previously that the two sisters have made up to some extent. I also told you it was a boyfriend of one that originally caused the rift. Well, the reason for the rift was the fact that the boyfriend got the less famous sister pregnant. Hence the reason for the breakup and... the abortion.

#4 This B list actor who is the star of an upcoming A list film might have some explaining to do to his long suffering wife. Seems that he is having a fling with his married with child co-star.

Random Photos Part One

This is the first time Allesandra Martinez has ever been on the site, but I certainly hope it isn't the last.
OK. Now that all the other news has settled down we can all enjoy Lily Allen's pregnancy, and everything that goes with it. As much as she drank, she must have gone through some serious withdrawals over the past month.
Dennis Hopper looks incredible. The guy is almost 72 years old. I didn't look this good when I was 22.
This is one of those photos I just love because of the combinations. I can't stand Carrie Underwood but there she is. Taylor Swift who is incredible is in the photo as well, but the big shout out goes to Kellie Pickler who came through and got me the most amazing Christmas gift and it wasn't even nude photos of her fake breasts. That would have been awkward since she doesn't know about the blog and I would have of course wanted to post them to show the world. And, I am sure Kellie gave out about a thousand presents for Christmas so don't worry if you think she reads the blog.
Carla Gugino somehow missed me this year on her Christmas gift giving list. Well there is always next year, and the year after. The sad thing is my first crush on her was because of a Pauly Shore movie. Do you think they slept together because that would ruin any fantasy ever. Pauly Shore twice in the same day. Wow. Besides Entourage this is the most work Pauly had had in years.
Chris Cornell in Brazil.
Vanessa Lemonjello spending money despite not having a j-o-b.
I think Neil Patrick Harris can do better than this guy. Seriously Neil. Find a guy without the man boobs.
Unlike most stars, I think Natalie Portman does actually read the newspapers she is photographed with.
Miley Cyrus looks more and more like her dad everyday. Better be saving up for some work Miley. But, on the plus side she isn't pregnant.
It doesn't matter what country she is in, Lindsay has gone Wino on us and refuses to change clothes. The people in Capri were subject to her new fashion outlook.

Football And Gossip

Hey New Orleans Saints fans. You still have a tiny chance to make it to the playoffs. Of course you have to win and have the Vikings and Redskins both lose to do it, but hey, at least you have a chance. One of the ways you can win this week is with Reggie Bush. Reggie is listed as questionable on the injury report. Well maybe if he had been back in New Orleans trying to get healthy and not aggravating his knee by walking around mall after mall and then banging the hell out of his girlfriend all week you might have improved your chances.

The photo above is Reggie Bush. I'm sure everyone recognizes he is with Kim Kardashian the most boring porn star who ever porned. (Not as good as the gayest gay who ever gayed, but you get the point) Reggie flew all the way from New Orleans to LA to spend time with his honey for Christmas. Nothing wrong with that. However if I were a Saints fan and there was just one game left and my star player spent an entire day walking around a mall and now says his knee is too sore to play, I might be a bit pissed. One game left and he can't wait one week to walk around a mall. I know she needs a little shopping to make her more receptive, but couldn't you have just stayed in a hot tub or ice bath and given her your credit card? OK, bad idea. She probably would have spent it all and then tried to get a credit limit increase. But still, there must have been some way to not make yourself look like you don't even care one bit about the Saints, their fans, or your fans.

There Ain't No Party Like A Mischa Barton Party

Mischa Barton is becoming one of my favorite celebrities. She has all the prerequisites. She thinks she is a much better actress than she actually is. She is not attractive unless photoshopped to death. She has a younger sister who is always good for something on a slow news day. She wears the most ridiculous outfits ever seen and she has been arrested. Plus, no one is really tired of her antics yet.

Because she has no sense of shame and because she has no money, Mischa is not going to try and renegotiate her contract with Luxor. Therefore on December 29th Mischa will be hosting the grand opening of the CatHouse in Las Vegas. I'm guessing she must have been paid all of about $10,000 to be there, but when you are facing jail time and big legal bills for alleged drug use, possession and DUI, what better way to face those demons than by hosting a party which will allow you to enjoy the possibility of getting busted for all of them again. I know it will be hard to accomplish since she will probably be staying at the Luxor, but one can always pray for a miracle. It's not like she is the sharpest tool in the shed and if someone suggests going somewhere after the grand opening, I think we all can count on Mischa to grab the car keys first.

Do you think she will invite her sister?

Golden Globes Canceled?

On Thursday, Writers Guild strike coordinator Jeff Hermanson announced plans to picket the show, which would likely result in most celebrities shying away. No celebrity is going to walk through a cordon of picketing writers to attend an award show. With new talks not set to begin until January 7th at the earliest, that would only give negotiators a few days to work out an agreement prior to the January 13th telecast. Lucky for all of us, the AVN Awards which occur in Las Vegas on January 12th have no such problems. On that night the porn stars of the world will unite and I know it is hard to believe but most porn movies don't have WGA members writing for them. Shocker isn't it?

If the Golden Globes are canceled, then it would put even more pressure on both sides of the strike to get a deal done prior to the Academy Awards. Even if the Golden Globes telecast is canceled, the awards will be still given out. No doubt Pauly Shore will be there and will be happy to accept any and all awards on the behalf of the winners.

So far, the only show of any note which will go on as planned are the SAG Awards which was given a waiver by the WGA. Rumer Willis for one is praying that the Golden Globes airs because honestly, what are the odds that the HFPA can't find someone better looking than her next year to be Miss Golden Globes.

Valerie Begue Keeps Her Title

Until about an hour ago, I didn't even know who the hell Valerie Begue was. Turns out she is Miss France. She was crowned Miss France earlier this year and then some photos which she took three years ago were suddenly published this past week. The photos caused a huge uproar in France and almost cost her the title. Well, she is going to get to keep her title but will not get to compete for Miss World or Miss Universe and will just have to be happy being Miss France. I think the photos are controversial, but hardly worth losing a title over. Remember, this is the same country that had its President divorce his wife so he could hook up with a model half his age. The most controversial photo is the one above. The video below just repeats and repeats and repeats the entire set of photos. They are pretty much safe for work although you can see through a wet t-shirt a little and the cover of the magazine has some bare breasts which are hard to see unless you look really close. Like you will have to really get close to your screen and watch the video over and over and over to get any kind of good look.

When Did This Happen?

Milo Ventimiglia has confirmed that he is dating Heroes co-star Hayden Panettiere. Where was I? Did I pass out at my keyboard again? I'm sure everyone else has already seen this, but I was kind of in shock when I read it. Oh, wait a second. Now I see it is from In Touch. According to In Touch, Ventimiglia reportedly delivered a toast to Panettiere at a pre-Christmas party for the show in Los Angeles, telling colleagues that they were in a relationship.

An onlooker told In Touch Weekly: "He called her his girlfriend and said that he loved her." Ummm. I call BS. Oh, I think they might have with the operative word being might spent some time fooling around, but I don't see Milo standing up in front of everyone to make the announcement that Hayden is his girlfriend and that he loves her. That is the kind of thing for an engagement or something, not a girlfriend who could be gone in five minutes.

However, it is nice of In Touch to find me something to write about. I know most of you want this site to be Paris free in 2008. To do that, some other celebs are really going to have to step up their scandal game. I'm thinking a Denzel Washington and Oprah Winfrey affair would be nice. A Rachael Ray sex tape would be good for a week or two, and I can smell a Charlie Sheen breakdown coming. Meanwhile I guess this Hayden/Milo declaration of love will have to do.

Dad Choice -- Pimpa Joe Or Michael Lohan

While I was reading another truly obnoxious statement by Michael Lohan this morning I got to thinking about who would you rather have as your dad. If you had the choice would you rather have Michael Lohan or Pimpa Joe Simpson. I left out Thora Birch's dad because no one would ever want him.

Michael spoke to Extra yesterday. Oh, they didn't call him. He called Extra. See no one actually gives a crap about Michael and so he has to interject himself whenever possible. Specifically he offered up his support to the Spears family. I'm sure he will be their spokesperson by the end of next week. He also offered up the gem that Lindsay and Adrian Grenier are only friends and that she was only at his place for an hour last week drinking water. Allegedly he gave this answer in response to a question from Extra. My guess is that he said something about it first and they prompted him for more.

Here's the thing with Michael you get a pure asshole who can't get along with his ex and would just ignore his kids if they didn't make any money. If he couldn't make a living and get famous off his kids, they would be lucky to here from him except at Christmas. While Pimpa might like to watch his daughters, Michael seems like the kind who want to join in.

Pimpa is harmless. He is a perv and he makes lots of stupid decisions as a manager, but ONLY when it comes to things involving his daughters. He needs to stop managing them because he cannot delineate between personal and professional with them. No manager would have ever let that movie open. They also wouldn't try and stage such obvious publicity ploys.

Pimpa does a really good job when he is not emotionally attached to the project. Women's Murder Club is an example of this. The show probably should have been canceled, but instead he turned into something that (a) still has some episodes left (b) is being renewed (c) and is one of the highest rated new shows.

As much crap as I give Pimpa, and I'm not going to stop, I know that at if I were his child he would at least care about me, and if I didn't want to "sing" or "act" he would still care about me. Michael on the other hand would probably forget my name and move on to the next kid.

Sean And Robin Done - Where's Madonna?

You don't think that somewhere in her heart Madonna is getting ready to boot Guy Ritchie to the curb? Even though Sean Penn will probably be over at Eve's house quicker than you can say Mr. Hand, you know Madonna wants one more chance. She might indicate otherwise, but look for Madonna to start spending lots more time in Los Angeles. I don't think Sean will want anything to do with her, but you know Madonna does. When Sean got married to Robin in 1996, Madonna went to bed for a month. I also don't think she went alone but instead took a procession of people to bed to fill that lonely month. The only time Madonna wasn't a cold heartless person was when she was with Sean. So maybe she wants to get her heart back and Sean at the same time.

Normally I don't really comment on divorcing couples unless it is someone I know or there is something salacious about it. I do know that I am going to have to go through the blind items because there are a few that may come out should the divorce proceedings become public.

Robin Wright Penn is truly one of the great people in LA and I think this will be great for her. She has been in a shadow for far too long now and this will allow her to move on and grow and be able to breathe. It can really be confining and restrictive being married to Sean Penn. Even more so in some ways than being married to Tom Cruise because you get the feeling that anyone can kick Tom Cruise's ass.

Hollywood Nightclubs Will Never Learn

Despite the fact that at least three clubs and/or restaurants are being sued in LA for allowing minors to drink, and in the case of Lindsay Lohan allegedly letting her leave drunk and then causing property damage, LA clubs are still loathe to turn away underage celebrities or refuse them drinks. According to Fox News, Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron were seen sipping martinis at Lola's. Last I checked Vanessa is like 19 and Zac is 20. Last I checked the drinking age in California is 21.

So what Lola's is saying to the rest of the world is "hey we know the drinking age is 21, and that is a law passed by the State of California. We know we could lose our liquor license if anyone ever finds out which would cause all of our employees to be fired and cause damage and disruption in their lives. We know we are endangering all the rest of the citizens of California when these two minors leave our restaurant and drive away. We also know if they get into an accident and kill someone after they leave here, our company will be responsible. But you know what? It doesn't matter. They are celebrities and so we are afraid to lose their business. They might tell other celebrities about getting refused a drink, and then we would only have regular customers at our place."

Daily Mirror Blind Item

Which star was caught by his missus trying to chat up another bird at a nightclub?

He wasn't so smooth when his girfriend just waltzed off and left him...

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Today's Blind Items

#1 You know that required physical from yesterday? Reason for the physical? Abortion. Father? Unknown.

#2 This stage mom has been around and in the tabloids herself. She is currently married but not for long. Seems her husband found out about his wife, the B list actor/host and his celebrity girlfriend who enjoy spending time with each other often, and generally without clothes. The husband might have been okay with just that, but when the trio started dropping hints about including the teenager of the couple, a divorce was inevitable.

Random Photos Part One

Jessica Alba almost looks nice now that she is pregnant. Cash is still an asshole and is that Steve Nash walking with them? It sure looks like him but I can't imagine that he is friends with Cash. I thought he had more class than that.
Somewhere under all that fur is Goldie Hawn. Until I grew too heavy I really enjoyed skiing. What I don't miss though is being on vacation and looking as cold and miserable as Kate Hudson does in this photo. Of course much of that misery she brought in herself so maybe it is not just the cold.
The problem I see with Katie Holmes down the road is that when she finally does turn 40 everyone of us is going to think she is already 60. No more photos of Katie Holmes coming out of stores in 2008. No more photos of her walking down the street with Suri. Yes to pictures of her kicking Tom Cruise right in the balls. Assuming she can find them of course.
"One for you and one for me." I know. I am a horrible person and will go to hell I am sure. No, Jennifer Love Hewitt isn't fat, but I just couldn't help myself. I also don't care if she is pregnant although a shotgun wedding would explain lots of things.
"Mommy. Where's Daddy? I haven't seen him with you in a long time."
Johnny Depp for your pleasure.
And because I'm a nice guy I will throw one more of him in for you. Sorry for the Tim Burton part, but I know some of you really don't mind at all if he was around also.
Tracy is now performing under the name Doogie Howser to avoid the Black Crusaders.
Love Ralphie May, but when someone weighs as much as me, it is time to think about gastric bypass. Seriously, you need to stick around Ralphie and you aren't going to be around very long like this.
If you are ever in LA, you have to call the Improv and find out if Ron Jeremy is performing that night. And no, I'm not talking about a live porn show. The guy really is funny.
Not so funny is the way Melanie Griffith continues to transform into a caricature of herself. Hopefully Dakota is doing great after her rehab stint. Spending time with Melanie is probably not the best way to give up wanting to drink though.
This is about as good as Keanu Reeves has looked in a long time so this must be from the set of a film.

Julia Stiles Deserves Some Love

You know how I am about stars doing good for others but making sure everyone notices they are doing it. I'm happy they are bringing attention to the cause, but also hate how they are only doing it to further their career and not out of a sense of doing it just to do it. Julia Stiles got a little blurb in the NY Daily News for something she did this year, but I think it needs to be said that not only does Julia do this at Christmas, she does it every three or four months.

Every piece of clothing that Julia gets free, and most of the ones she doesn't ends up at The Bottomless Closet. This is truly one of the great organizations. What they do is to provide business attire for women who cannot afford to buy it. A woman who has been homeless and just started her first job can't go out and buy new clothes or even used clothes for her new job. What Bottomless Closet does is provide business attire to women who cannot afford it and hopes when they succeed they will return the favor.

Obviously Julia gets lots of clothes that are useful to the program. She also realizes that she is not the same size as many of the women in the program and therefore makes a conscious effort to get additional sizes from the companies that provide her free clothes. When she busy her own clothes, she often buys another exact set to give away and is very good also at shaming stores into giving her extra clothes for the program.

Julia doesn't ask for any credit for doing this and doesn't seek attention for her cause. She does it because she cares about doing good, just to do good.

Matthew Fox From Entertainment Weekly

Matthew Fox of Lost in Entertainment Weekly.

National Enquirer Says Jennifer Aniston Is Pregnant

Is Jennifer Aniston pregnant? I don't know and honestly I don't care. I'm tired of her and her neurotic behavior. She spends so much time with the Arquettes that I am beginning to think Courteney Cox went gay on us and David Arquette just sits there and watches and whittles. I know, but in my imagination David seems like a whittler. I could co go with model airplane builder or glue sniffer as alternatives if you think those would be better. The photos above were taken on December 24th. I don't know when the Enquirer published, but I do know they used a two month old photo from that movie set where Jen looked more haggish than usual.

The one thing besides the big bulge in this outfit is the fact that Jennifer's thighs seem much larger than normal and she is smiling. Jen smiling is more rare than a laugh on the Carson Daly show. She actually is smiling and red faced and I don't think it is just the booze. Well if she is pregnant I hope it isn't any booze. Just ice tea, but of course it would have to be decaffeinated ice tea. Maybe she just drank milk. She could have just been happy because the Arquettes actually talked to her for the first time in a month. If anyone knows if Jen is pregnant it is going to be David, Courteney, or Brad Pitt's mom. No one else. Not even the guy who got her pregnant probably knows unless of course it is David, then he probably knows because she told him. But no one else.


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