Friday, August 03, 2007

Four For Friday

On that cameo from yesterday, you need to be thinking international.

#1 What greasy guy keeps mooching off other people. In this latest incident the greased one convinced a regular guy to go to Vegas saying he would pay him back when they got there for anything regular guy spent. Greasy said though that regular guy probably wouldn't have to spend a dime once they got there because greasy was hooked up. Well after three days of partying and promises greasy disappeared leaving our regular guy about $5000 in the hole.

#2 The final straw for the wife of this A list film actor was when a party was being held at the couple's home and a friend at the party walked in on our actor and this former teen singing group/solo sensation laying on a bed making out and half undressed. It wasn't the first time, but it was the last in that house as a divorce was filed soon after.

#3 What laid back bachelor celebrity couldn't withstand the onslaught of this B list succubus and left his date to make her own way home while he and the B lister went to his place?

#4 What boy band group broke up not because of creative differences, but because one of the singers got tired of the sexual advances and lifestyle of one of the other singers. (No, it's not N'Sync)

The Friday Nudity Party And Other Links

Madonna's naked Polaroids, used panties and sex letters come back to bite her in the ass. (dlisted)

Johnny Depp goes over to the "Dark" side. (Celebitchy)

All the tabloid covers so you know what to look for quickly at the checkout line. (CelebritySmack)

A bunch of almost naked and naked guys. I can't even begin to detail how NSFW this site is.

I also found a little something for "some" while he's dreaming of being Jessica Simpson's date. Again, totally NSFW. I've never heard of Roxanne Galla, but I think you'll like her "some."

Random Photos Part One

Mena Suvari goes for the Britney look. I wonder if she did herself.
I'm not going to speculate as to why Marisa Tomei needs to look at drama books, but...
I think the bag with the skulls is a nice touch.
Rob Schneider in another Adam Sandler movie. I hope he brought his kneepads to thank Adam properly for giving him a career.
If you are filthy stinking rich and need a date, Uma is your lady.
Bruce and Scout out alone for the evening.

I'm shocked that some British tabloid didn't do an up close and personal with Courtney's leg because it looks nasty even from a distance.
I believe Victor Garber was the only guest when Ben and Jen got married.
So when Nicole says she's eating every hour, I guess it means she takes a bite of a Subway sandwich every hour?
Seriously Matt. Get an entourage, you are embarrassing yourself.
Although they looked like they just had some boring singer sex, Nicollette Sheridan and Michael Bolton are actually emerging from Koi. No doubt all the diners next to Michael were complaining about stray chest hairs in their sushi.
One of my favorite couples in LA. The actor and party planner extraordinaire Keith Collins and Jill-Michele Melean who is one of the funniest people around.

Eddie Murphy Is Not A Good Role Model

I was looking at the photos of Mel B and Nicole Murphy having lunch yesterday and it dawned on me that although the media has given Eddie a hard time about the Mel B situation, no one has stopped to count that Eddie Murphy has abandoned six kids that we know about. He had five with Nicole and immediately after leaving her knocked up Mel B and as soon as she got pregnant made for the exit door. I hope Tracey Edmonds has her tubes tied because Eddie loves making the kids but is out the door when it matters most to stay.

We give K-Fed a hard time so we should be really piling on Eddie.

Music News And Photos

Pearl Jam - The Vic Theatre - Chicago

Rush - Shoreline Amphitheater - Mountain View, CA
The Police - Madison Square Garden - New York
Arlo Guthrie - Damrosch Park Bandshell - New York

ASH - The Metro - Sydney
Squeeze - fuse Studios - New York
A review of the Pearl Jam concert from the above concert in Chicago.

3am Blind Item

Which singer asked all of his new band members to sleep with him as a form of initation.
The men and women in question politely declined...

Lindsay Lohan Outtakes From Elle Magazine

Amy Winehouse To Be On The Cover Of Vogue

I don't know what they are thinking. Yes, anyone can be photoshopped and made look half decent and I'm sure Amy will look good or even great. BUT, everyone in the world knows she's not what the photo shoot will show. The one bright spot is that the photos were taken at the same time she was getting married in Miami and I seem to recall she was less drunk than normal that week. Right after the wedding she went back to being the cracked out alcoholic we've all grown to love, but right before the wedding she seemed ok.

I think this is Anna Wintour's way of showing she actually knows what's going on in the world. We already know she hates blogs, doesn't let people eat in the office, but she sure knows a 60's throwback with a beehive and missing teeth is the in thing right now and she's going to make sure that the world knows she knows it.

You know Amy probably didn't shower before the shoot so the clothes were probably not reusable, but unless the shoot consisted entirely of tank tops and shorts, I don't think Amy kept them.

Jessica Simpson Signed Up For A Dating Service

All I know is that she signed up for the dating service, I don't know if it is one of the online ones and she is going to be their spokesperson and make some dough and go on a token date with an average guy, or if more likely she signed up with an exclusive service which will hook her up with an older guy who likes to call her his little girl.

SWF 27 looks 37 seeks guy who is looking for a woman who is as dumb as a box of rocks but has real good looking breasts and dyed hair. Very close to my family especially my dad. Dad will be with us all the time. (Yes, even then silly. He likes to keep a very close eye on me.) I'm starting my fourth career as I failed at music and movies. I did pretty good on television but then screwed that up by failing at marriage. I don't really drink that much because if you can imagine a dumb, blonde, bimbo type then you understand why I don't need to drink. The last few times I drank I woke up with Bam Margera, Dane Cook, and some guy who's hosting his own cruise vacation. Love to cook, just not any good at it. Love to shop, especially for dogs and other things I don't need. Can be whiny and a bit of a spoiled brat, but Daddy just says I'm special.

Hollywood's Next Gen-Men From Vanity Fair

Shia LaBeouf

Zac Efron
Kevin Zegers

Michael Pitt
Paul Dano
Steven Strait

Ben Foster
Charlie Cox
Channing Tatum
Eddie Redmayne
Henry Cavill

Ted C. Blind Item

Oh, I know what all you hets (at least the majority of you straight ones) think. You unshowered types think butt-play is for the boy-on-boy crowd, only. Oh, how very wrong-a-rooney you are.

Take Harkness Hose, for ince. We were gabbing ‘bout his terribly naughty, enormously pleasing mattress activities with one Princess Gold-Zinger a few weeks ago (One Slut Fits All Blind Vice), remember? Of course you do. Well, H2 is at it again, online, as I feared he’d be. Don’t these public figures realize they’re going to be friggin’ recognized once they do the in-person deed they’ve just sent a gazillion emails to set up?

Ah, well, I guess an engorged member has its privileges—like idiocy.

Back to H.H.: He’s hardly being true to the Princess, as everybody and his goss-lovin' mama knew would happen. But it’s not just the doggin' round that I’m reporting for this taboo tuchus installment, it’s the accoutrement with which H-babe (who, by the by, has hideous coiffure and clothing tastes) came a-callin' to his latest e-lover. Pull out the licorice-flavored lube, lovahs, and get ready:

“Even though he desperately needs a stylist and more hair transplants,” a recent conquest of H.H. relayed, privately, just to yours truly, “when the boy combs his hair and gets naked…POW!” Cowabunga-kinky, love it! But why the pow-points, exactly, I inquired, like the good little dangler digger I happen to be.

“Oh, the boy knows his way around the back end,” answered Harkness’ latest electronically arranged Juliet. “Seriously, the boy is a great f--k,” the body-to-body blabber informed moi—both with his own toys as well as the artificially made variety.

My very own own little celeb Deep Throat (or should I call her Deep, uh, never mind) assures me that Princess, too, likes this sexual alternative nooky, who knew? Actually, I did! Jeez, how many gals am I gonna have to end up, as it were, writing these kind of Vices about, huh?

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Another Reminder For Drums Inside Your Chest

Best Of Contemporary American Poets Series Vol. 1 "The Drums Inside Your Chest" Benefiting the Los Angeles Chapter of the American Heart Association

August 4th, the Brentwood theatre presents the Best of Contemporary American Poets Series, Volume 1, "The Drums Inside Your Chest" – the first in a distinctive series of live performances showcasing the most exciting, innovative and moving poetry in America, today. Hosted by magician Rob Zabrecki, this one-time engagement features poets: Amber Tamblyn, Beau Sia, Bucky Sinister, Mindy Nettifee, Derrick Brown, Buddy Wakefield and Jeffrey McDaniel.

Gathered together from the diverse literary scene that has evolved out of Slam Poetry over the past 15 years, these poets are each unique in style and unforgettable in performance. "The Drums Inside Your Chest" provides a rare opportunity to see and hear them all together. It promises to be a spine-tingling, chest-wrenching, gut-busting and profoundly entertaining night – poetico-spiritual revival for the modern romantic and the urban cynic, alike.

The evening begins at 8:00 pm and a short cocktail hour follows the performances, during which audience members have the opportunity to meet the poets. Proceeds benefit the Los Angeles Chapter of the American Heart Association.

Tickets are $15, and can be purchased here


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