Friday, November 06, 2009

Four For Friday

#1 & 2 - This C list television and movie actress has had quite the ride the past few years. She is probably as famous for one of her past relationships as she is for her acting. Anyway she used to be on a fairly hit cable show until two things happened. The producers of the show got tired of having their B+ list star of the show having sex with her and the star was starting to smoke too much meth with her to the point that nothing was getting done except the pair of them having sex and smoking meth.

#3 & 4- Apparently this former B list movie actor and now probably a C, although with close to A name recognition has been scrambling because his beard relationship with his C list movie actress could be sinking quickly. The reason? Our actor thought he was on a private beach when he decided to lay out naked with his boyfriend. The next thing he knew, there were groups of tourists from a nearby hotel walking by and he is scared that someone recognized him and took pictures.

Random Photos Part One

They should just rename the Latin Grammy Awards the Calle 13 Awards. They cleaned up as you can tell.
Our very own Adrianna Costa was out and about last night.
She was at the same event as Amy Adams and a host of others.
Alicia Keys and Alejandro Sanz.
With each passing year it is getting harder and harder to see Benicio del Toro's eyes.
Courteney Cox on the set of her tv show.
Colin Firth solo.
And Colin Firth with Tom Ford.
Emily Blunt without her shadow John Krasinski.
Ellen finally gets her cover of O.
Enrique Iglesias looks really good here.
Eva Longoria with some very big hair last night.
Feist - Toronto
I can't decide if I like what Ginnifer Goodwin is wearing.
Face lift for Harry Hamlin?
The ridiculously good looking couple of the day award goes to Jenson Button and Jessica Michibata.
Jennie Garth doing some charity work for Clothes Off Our Back. A great organization.
Jon Hamm in high school. (courtesy of ONTD)
The woman who gets everyone out for Clothes Off Our Backs, Jane Kaczmarek.
Alec Baldwin and Julianne Moore shooting 30 Rock.
Congratulations to my boys from Reik.
Berlin and Germany might not like 30 Rock, but they will line up en masse for
Miranda Cosgrove.
Minnie Driver says she can't wait to have more kids.
Do you get the feeling that Pamela Anderson just goes wherever someone puts a check in her hand?
The two most likely guys in Hollywood to go to a strip club, Robert Evans and Brett Ratner.
Oh Rick Springfield what have you done?
Sarah Jessica Parker in Elle.
I will say this for Sienna Miller. She does actually walk her dog herself and doesn't get someone to do it for her.
Not the best look for Tyra Banks.
Teri Polo looks amazing.
And then The Saturdays crashed to the ground in a pile of broken heels.
Long time no see Victor Garber.

Steak & Chardonnay?

You really, really know that Josh Duhamel is in some serious trouble when you hear a story like this. Kneepads has a little blurb about Josh & Fergie's first date together since the stripper scandal. It turns out they went to a steak place in Atlanta called Chops. They each had steak and Chardonnay. Seriously? Who in the f**k orders Chardonnay with steak? I tell you who does. A diva singer who feels like it and wants her meat eating, stripper loving husband to do exactly what she wants.

Forget a burgundy or other red wine, Fergie wanted Chardonnay and Josh was sitting right there next to her drinking it up. When a man isn't even allowed to order the wine or beverage he wants and instead is drinking exactly what his wife or girlfriend wants, you know he is in some serious trouble.

Waiter: Could I start you off with something to drink?
Fergie: I would love a Chardonnay
Waiter: And for you sir?
Josh: Oh, Chardonnay sounds perfect.
Waiter: Have you been in the dog house long sir?

Your Turn

Today I thought I would ask all of you about the one thing in life you regret. I guess you could also make it something like the one thing you would change if you could go back and do it all over again.

Morgan Harrington Search

If you happen to live close to the Charlottesville, Virginia area and don't have anything to do this weekend, I hope you will consider joining in the search for Morgan Harrington. On October 17, Morgan was at a Metallica concert and she stepped outside to have a cigarette. While she was outside she realized she had left her ticket inside. Security wouldn't let her back in without it and so she called her friends inside the show and said she would get a ride home.

I'm not sure why they didn't bring her a ticket, but in any event that was the last anyone has seen of Morgan. Her parents have offered a $100K reward for her safe return or information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible. Metallica has also contributed $50K to the fund.

This weekend there is a huge search being organized to see if they can find her.

Here is the link to the website and what you can do to help.

James Gandolfini Has Temper Issues

I thought last year when James Gandolfini punched a fan who wanted an autograph that perhaps James needed some anger management classes or to attend some real therapy. Well, after this incident last weekend, I know he needs something. A photographer who is not a pap, but was doing some work for Guest Of A Guest which is very innocuous happened to spot Gandolfini walking into a store. Well, Gandolfini who must have a nose for cameras approached the photographer and for no reason at all punched the guy.

There is no excuse for that behavior. None. I hope the guy presses charges. I have not heard of Gandolfini apologizing or admitting that he is an a-hole of epic proportions.

James Gandolfini Assaults photographer from Guest of a Guest on Vimeo.

Miss England Gets In A Fight And Loses Her Title

When Rachel Christie won Miss England earlier this year she said that she wanted to be a role model to all of the girls in England. Well, apparently the way to do that is by getting into a fight in a bar and punching another beauty queen. Rachel Christie was stripped of her title today and will not be competing in the Miss World pageant after she punched Miss Manchester in the face.

Apparently Miss Manchester used to date Miss England's current boyfriend. Miss Manchester showed Miss England a dirty text the boyfriend sent and then Miss England punched her in the face a few times.

Rachel Christie is also an Olympic athlete and hopes to represent England in the 2012 Olympics. Oh, and her sport isn't boxing. Go figure.

Rihanna On Good Morning America

Rihanna was back on Good Morning America this morning and will be on 20/20 tonight. Today's installment is much more interesting than yesterday's installment. Today Rihanna says she still loves Chris Brown. She doesn't actually talk about taking him back which is what she supposedly talks about tonight. She does describe what happened in the car that night back in February though and it is worth the five minutes of your time.

Hilary Swank Says Chad Lowe Will Be Her BFF

Why is that the the person doing the breaking up is always the one who says this kind of thing. "It's really such a part of the past, it's over now, so there's no sense in diving back into that. He'll always be one of my best friends." That was Hilary Swank talking about ho she feels about Chad Lowe. I noticed that Chad Lowe hasn't come out with any similar statement or said anything nice to Hilary or about Hilary. It is always the people doing the breaking up who have these great things to say about the ex, and never imagining for one second that they might have crushed the heart and spirit of the ex by their actions.

So what if you cheat on someone, they will always be your best friend. Really? Did you ask your ex about that? Now granted there are lots of exes who remain close and over time, the wounds heal and people can become friends again. Best friends though? I think Hilary is just trying to make herself look good because she knows she was the person who did the breaking up.

Meanwhile I can see Chad's new girlfriend Kim with whom he has a child asking him, "Have you been talking to her? Why is she calling you her best friend? I thought I was your best friend." So, if you are the one who does the breaking up, do everyone a favor and keep whatever you have to say inside.

Kevin Federline Gets His Girlfriend Victoria Prince Pregnant

Kevin Federline is giving Lil Wayne a run for his money. Kevin is showing the world once again that his sperm cannot be stopped and that if you date him longer than a week he will make you a mom. The National Enquirer is reporting that Kevin Federline has impregnated Victoria Prince. Victoria started sharing the news with her friends in the middle of October.

This would be baby number 5 for Kevin and this is one he will have to do the paying for. That would be 3 he is doing the paying on and 2 he is getting paid for. It looks like he needs to convince Britney to have one more so he can even this thing back up. The last thing he wants is too many kids he has to pay for because then he might have to actually get a job or something.

What Do You Think?

US Weekly brought in some doctors to ask whether Katie Holmes should still be feeding Suri from a bottle. The picture above was taken Wednesday and Suri is at least 3. I say at least 3, because she might just be a wee bit older.

Anyway, one doctor said that Suri should have been off the bottle by 9 months and using a sippy cup or straw by one. To me that seems a bit quick. Again though, I am asking you because I am ignorant when it comes to these things. The other doctor they interviewed said it was fine as long as she wasn't using it for hours and that it might just be an emotional security device. The doctor did say they need to find a device though that doesn't cause cavities. Three years old and a bottle does seem too old especially if you are putting formula in there.

I'm more freaked out by that look from Katie. Has anyone noticed that she has changed over the past six months or so. She doesn't look as passive or as tranquilized as she has in the past and I think she might be a full on convert. She gets to leave the house more by herself and doesn't look scared anymore. Just my two cents.

New Laws In Australia Because Of Britney Spears

With Britney Spears taking over Australia for the next few weeks there has been a lot of buzz about the fact that Britney doesn't actually sing during her shows. Well, the buzz has grown so loud that the Minister of Fair Trading is thinking of enacting new requirements which would force bands to disclose whether they were singing live or not and that a disclaimer will be put on all tickets.

The Minister doesn't seem to think much of Britney or the fact that she doesn't sing live. "Let's be clear -- live means live. If you are spending up to 200 dollars, I think you deserve better than a film clip."

I do think it is more than a film clip. It is a show with pre-recorded music. I don't think the disclaimer will actually stop anyone from going but it would force bands to fess up if they are lip syncing.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Today's Blind Items

This former B list television actress and now C list movie actress has been single for awhile. Maybe not for long though. At a recent event, our actress was supposed to walk the runway at a fashion show. When her time to walk approached, no one could find her. People were running around looking for her. They finally found her, umm, in her dressing room in the midst of full on sex. When told she needed to be on stage that second, she jumped up, pulled down her dress and walked the runway.

Random Photos Part Two

Backstreet Boys & Jonas Brothers in the same photo. Moms and their daughters can scream at the same time.
See that look on Anne Heche's face? That is the look that should scare the ever living hell out of James Tupper. Seriously.
Beyonce - Berlin
The US Weekly lets kiss some ass and see if she will give us an exclusive picture of Britney
And the reality.
Cameron Diaz never met a joint she didn't like.
This picture with James Marsden was the widest her eyes got all night.
Cory Monteith makes his first solo appearance in the photos. Not like a solo appearance like Carrie Prejean apparently had with herself on tape, but a solo appearance nonetheless.
Charlize Theron & Viggo.
Charlize with her mom.
Diana Ross. I will let you make your own comments.
Fairuza Balk in a wtf is she wearing outfit.
The winner though of the wtf is she wearing outfit goes to Mel B who decided that pants just are not important.
Does anyone else think that perhaps Eva Mendes might need a repeat visit to rehab? She has been looking off lately.
Foo Fighters - Berlin
Green Day and Katy Perry.
Hayden P in Elle.
We had one angle from Jimmy Fallon yesterday but I thought you might want to look at his junk.


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