Friday, June 10, 2011

Four For Friday - Reality

I have been waiting until I had four good reality show items. These are not reality shows you have never heard of. These are shows and reality stars that are popular.

#1 - This Real Housewife from the East is not only sleeping with one of the crew, he is also supplying her with prescription drugs that are not hers.

#2 - Two of the women on this sport themed show, spend more time in bed with each other than their husbands.

#3 - This married Survivor big star got one of his fellow contestants pregnant.

#4 - This male reality star on a big cable show, not only cheats on his significant other (who is also a big reality star on the same show), every chance he gets, but throws it in her face and dares her to leave.

Random Photos Part Three

Bradley Cooper got the top spot today. Not sure why, but, meh, he will do.
Ben Kingsley gets loved on by his fourth wife while he scans the crowd looking for number 5.
I know I said it before, but Demi Moore looks great lately and it is because Ashton is not with her. Oh, and yes, of course the million dollars worth of plastic surgery.
Meanwhile, Demi Lovato has her assistant carry her tabloids.
Elle Fanning looking way older than 13 in this shoot.
Fergie and Natasha Bedingfield before a concert canceled by weather in New York.
Holly Madison shows off the newest craze in rides. Synchronized YMCA riding.
Meanwhile, a ringless Debra Messing hangs out with Mariska Hargitay and their respective kids.

Random Photos Part Two

I can almost hear the guy behind Jessica Alba saying, "How you doing?" Bet he told all his friends at work this morning about how he and Jessica hung out.
Speaking of hanging out, Jennifer Garner does so with some kids in a field. Not exactly like Children Of The Corn though.
January Jones in her horse riding clothes.
Jwowww does the whole Romeo and Juliet thing.
I believe that is a pack of smokes in Kirstie Alley's hand. I thought Scientology frowned on that which is why Katie Holmes won't smoke in public anymore.
She will however show off her gray hairs.
Could Kate Middleton lose any more weight?
Lady GaGa on Germany's Next Top Model.
Michelle Rodriguez still on vacation. Now she is in Spain.

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

Three parts today.

This is the first time I have seen this photo of Nic Cage when he showed up after Weston got beat up and was being taken to the hospital. He got there quick.
Delta Goodrem and Nick Jonas in Bali. He does realize that she slept with the guy who had babies with Kerry Katona right?
Speaking of things I would rather not see. Is he biting Pamela Anderson's lip?
Hey Lakers fans. You know how Pau Gasol was all messed up and played like crap because his girlfriend dumped him? Well they are back together again.
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2 (with Evan Dando)
Selma Blair adopted a new dog. Might as well go for the dog/baby combo.
Apparently L'Wren Scott is either very tall or Sarah Jessica Parker is really tiny.
Stephanie Tyler, Steven's twin sister.

Your Turn

I was going to go with a discussion the Goopster brought up about homosexuality and the Bible, but decided instead to focus on the Russell Crowe rant about circumcision being barbaric. Yes or no?

The Ultimate Dating Profile

It's probably a set up, but it is hilarious.

Hey Jake Pavelka - You Have A Real Job

Most of the time I do not begrudge anyone who wants to try and extend their 15 minutes of fame or try to earn a living doing reality television. It is your life, the economy is never going to get better and if someone is willing to pay you to be on television, then go for it. Most of the time the people doing this have no other sources of income and were trying to be actors or singers or in the business anyway.

That all goes out the window with this Jake Pavelka guy. Not only is not he being honest with himself, but that is an entirely different subject for a different time, the guy had/has a real job as an airline pilot. He was already making six figures a year in a job that is coveted and tough to get. The only reason he is doing any of this is because he likes being famous. The trouble is he is not good at it. Most people given this many opportunities would have stuck by now. He has not because no one really likes him and can smell the desperation a mile away.

The picture above is from his first date with Jackie Gordon for Bachelor Pad. To really hammer home those ABC/Disney connections they went to El Capitan which is owned by Disney and saw a Disney movie and then probably went and had dome food at the ice cream place next door also owned by Disney. To end the night, they each had Mickey's face tattooed to their chests in honor of him continuing to give them a weekly paycheck when most people would have to actually do something to make money.

Joey Fatone Blew Through His Money - Auctioning Off Stuff

Apparently Joey Fatone has gone through most of his N'Sync money. He has worked since then, a lot, so you would think he would have realized the trouble he was in and saved some of the stupid amount of money he received from the hosting gigs and club appearances. Things have become so bad for Joey that he is auctioning off all the items inside his home. Yeah, for all of you people who followed N'Sync when you were younger, now is your chance to own some piece of junk that Joey thought looked good in his house and is probably priced accordingly. When you have to sell everything in your house, then perhaps it would be a good idea to sell the actual house, and move into something smaller.

If only Justin Timberlake was having financial difficulties then the group would go out on tour. Why do you think NKOTB and Backstreet Boys went on tour? They ran through their money too and knew that all their fans have grown up and got real jobs and could afford to pay big bucks to see them sing some old songs while they attempt to perform some dance moves their aging bodies can no longer handle.

When you don't actually write the songs and are not generating new albums and going on tour, the money dries up very quickly.

NY Post Blind Items

Which aging royal was recently totally transfixed by Jennifer Aniston's cleavage as she dined with Justin Theroux at the Sunset Tower Hotel's Tower Bar? He was sitting with a group at a nearby table and so obviously staring at Aniston's breasts that other diners worried he would spill his soup. Aniston, meanwhile, stayed totally focused on her date .

Which socially connected New York artist began his career as cocaine dealer for his high-flying pals? Even the vials of coke he provided were artfully offered with mini-spoons, but he gets very tetchy if anyone mentions the dusty old days now.

The Casey Anthony Mystery Illness

Most of the day yesterday in the Casey Anthony trial was devoted to talking about the death of Caylee and how she was found. It was pretty gruesome stuff. Apparently Casey could not handle the details because court was adjourned early in the day because Casey suddenly came down with a mystery illness. She really did look like she was going to be sick, but she could have been practicing that for a few weeks. It makes her look like she could not have had anything to do with her daughter's death because she was so distraught.

Did the fact that the tape was wrapped so tightly that it held Caylee's jaw in place disturb anyone else? I mean in the sense that the Coroner said he had never seen that happen before. Ever. Is Casey strong enough to wrap the tape that tightly? Did she have help? It is kind of like the prosecution keeps leaving open these gaps of doubt that the defense just drives right through. Combine that with the acting job or bad food at lunch and maybe someone in the jury starts to have a little doubt. When you are talking about the death penalty, some people do not want to vote guilty unless it is 100% locked down.

E! Is Trying To Protect Their Investment

You know how TMZ has been pro Mel Gibson from day one of the whole Oksana thing? Doing everything in their power to help out the parent company protect their huge Mel Gibson library. Well, E! has gone the same route with the whole Kim Kardashian and whether she cheated mess. You have to understand this wedding is going to happen on their network. They had the engagement and they want the wedding. They want specials and to sell ads for a stupid amount of money because they think people will be stupid enough to watch. Unfortunately they are right.

So, to protect this gold mine, and to make sure the couple at least gets married even if they divorce a week later, which would be ok, because that would give them story lines for another season, E! will say or write nothing bad about Kim.

They have a piece up on their site which combines and interview with Khloe who said almost the exact words that Kim has said which means they were all coached. E!, not Khloe then went on to say the NFL player was crazy and trying to do everything in his power to get attention because he is starting a rap career and that Kim has sent out several letters from her lawyer.

There is not one word that is not totally pro Kim. Hey, look, I know you have an investment, but the byline is supposedly E! News. That is not news. It is a PR piece. It is an ad for the network. Please don't disguise it as news.

Estella Warren Charged With A List Of Crimes

Here is an interesting fact from the Estella Warren debacle last month. You know when she embarrassed a police station full of police by slipping out of her handcuffs and out the door while dead drunk? It turns out that since she had not been booked yet, that it does not count as an escape and she was not charged with that crime which would have been the biggest one against her.

The District Attorney charged Estella with drunk driving, resisting arrest, battery on a police officer and hit and run. If she were convicted on every charge her total maximum time in jail would be 2.5 years. So, in Los Angeles, that translates to about 60 days, but with good behavior, over crowding and a good lawyer, the County is going to make a deal with Estella where they will pay her not to go to jail and buy her a bottle of booze.

I think she is realistically looking at probation and some community service which she has plenty of time for. It is not like she is actually working. Well, working on movies. She does have a different kind of job.

Ted C Blind Item

Shafterella Shoshstein and Cruella St. Shackles really should make a movie together. After all, these two mega-manipulators are made for each other!

A new version of Thelma & Louise, maybe? Nah, a remake of Black Swan would be better, with Shafterella playing the crafty Natalie Portman part, and Cruella going for Winona Ryder's tragic, aging diva character.

But, dolls, we are way off topic here, which is to report that real-life power manipulator Shafterella has been corralling her friends to...

Do her dirty work for her.

Now, it's no surprise that Ms. S.—whose multi-talents apparently extend behind the camera, as well—has been demanding that those who are employed by her do her nasty bidding for years. This is pretty much legend. Whether it's been dropping friends, movies or lunch dates, those not-nice tasks have always been left to those on Shafterella's payroll—all so Shafty can plead innocence if ever confronted and proclaim, "Why I had no idea they did that..."

But S2's gotten so used to the Teflon way of life, she's now started to get her friends—as well as her man—in on the act, having them send messages of preachy recrimination to those who displease Shafterella (trust us, the list is looong).

Hmmm. Is this the reason Shafty's coterie of BFFs is not quite what it once was? And is that the reason Ms. Shoshstein's been putting a few too many away lately? Oh my, the nasty domino gossip effect just keeps going on and on—it's all too yummy for words!

Just don't let Shafty catch you talking about any of this, or she'll send one of her humorless and unattractive mouthpieces (whether paid or not, Shafty always makes it a point to surround herself with less pretty people, always has) to tear you a new a-hole!

Bitch knows the right devil messenger service to use!

AND IT AIN'T: Nicole Kidman, Cindy Crawford, Christina Aguilera

Tracy Morgan Says He Would Kill Gay Son

Not exactly going to be a big Pride weekend for Tracy Morgan I guess. Unlike The Goopster who wrote a long pro-gay piece in GOOP this week, Tracy Morgan went an entirely different direction at a concert this week at The Ryman in Nashville. He said during the show that if his son ever came home and told him that he was gay he would kill him. He also described how he would kill his son and if his son talked to him in a high pitch voice he would stab him to death.

Tracy went on to say he didn't care if he made people mad with his statement because if a guy can take a d**k up the ass, then they can take a joke. Apparently several people walked out of his show at that point. The Ryman went so far as to release a statement apologizing for what Tracy said. I think Tracy might be protesting a little too much because maybe he has feelings for the same sex and does not know how to deal with those feelings. It was a very a-hole move and I hope he apologizes and takes it out of his act.

Thanks Meg.

BuzzFoto Blind Item

This HBO actor allegedly likes to visit brothels in Thailand when he travels abroad. And we’re talking the kind that employs really shady practices like human trafficking. The rumor is that he is aware of the injustices, and really just doesn’t care.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Today's Blind Items - Quick Hits

#1 - This B list television actor on a huge NBC hit, had his mom fire his agent because he was too scared to do it on his own.

#2 - This B- movie actress who has dated one of the biggest stars on the planet has started a new regimen that her shaman says will be good for her. What is it? Drinking blood from a combination of animals everyday. Craaaaazy. Of course she has always been a bit kooky.

Random Photos Part Three

Trouble, the $12M dog has died.
Christie Brinkley, her daughter, and one huge bow.
Elle Fanning grows up by the second.
Doesn't Pete look happier when Ashlee is not around?
Kate Capshaw gives a little noogie to her husband.
Tom Cruise looking very puffy.
Josh Holloway showing up at the Super 8 premiere was a no brainer because his boy
JJ Abrams directed it.
Even Conan showed up in his very very bright blue shirt.

Random Photos Part Two - CMT Awards

It seems to me that Kristin Chenoweth just shows up at random awards shows all the time. She does Broadway and award show red carpets.
Nicole Kidman must have been missing Christmas because she is wearing a Christmas tree skirt.
Sheryl Crow started off the night like this but ended up
flashing the world when she got up.
Ron White cracks me up. Here he is with Colt Ford.
Apparently people like Shania or Vegas does. She is going to make a bazillion dollars when she starts playing there next year.
Hayley Williams
Is Justin Bieber wearing makeup? Here he is with Lauren Alaina.
You know Rick Schroder is not wearing any makeup.
Sara Evans and Ludacris in his western wear.


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