Saturday, May 26, 2007

More On Lindsay's DUI Citation

Here is the video of Lindsay immediately after the accident. I'm not seeing the injury, but hey I'm a skeptical guy. The video also shows her night prior to the accident.

During an afternoon press conference, the police said they found a usable amount of cocaine in the car. None was found on Lindsay. Wow can you believe it? Coke? I'm shocked. And not on her either? Well considering the cops found her at the hospital, I would hope she didn't have any on her. Let's see if her two friends fall on a sword or stick the sword in Lindsay.

Photo courtesy of dlisted

I Thought She Said She Didn't Drink Anymore-aka Lindsay Lohan Cited For DUI

The scary thing is she almost got away with it. It was a one car accident and was reported to police by 911. I guess Lindsay wasn't the only one out at 530am. Normal people were starting their day while Lindsay allegedly drove drunk, injured herself and endangered her two passengers. 242 empty water bottles were recovered from the car. Okay, so I made that last part up.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Four For Friday-Memorial Day Style or Victoria Day or Whatever Day Your Country Honors Their Heroes

All of the following happened on Memorial Day. Okay, well maybe not.

1. Which Actor/Wannabe Rockstar wore surgical gloves during a meet and greet session with fans?

2. Which large breasted long-time, but not too old B list soon to be A list network television actress (remember the definition) pissed off about 20 people at Starbucks by returning her coffee concoction 5 times because it didn't taste right, wasn't prepared right, wasn't hot enough, didn't smell right and she changed her mind. Each time she complained she forced herself to the front of the line of people and demanded immediate attention.

3. When this A list NBC actor gets bored he goes car shopping. He loves going for test drives and will often spend 2-3 hours at a dealer test driving vehicles to get "just the right one." He then either bails because he's late for a meeting with his agent or he demands the car of his choice for free. Either way he leaves angry sales people in his wake wherever he goes.

4. Talk about a tightwad, this former teen heartthrob movie actor and now usually an ensemble television actor is not someone you want to be behind in line at a grocery store. This actor who still has plenty of money obviously also has plenty of time. He has been known to take three hours strolling the aisles of a grocery store comparing prices and checking his coupons. Not just two or three coupons mind you, but hundreds and hundreds which he then sorts through at the checkout line. A good point for him is that he is aware that he is taking a great deal of time and thus is very friendly to the cashier and to all the people in line behind him, but it still can take 20 minutes to get him checked out.


I know you may think the above are boring so how about this one. This actress/singer tries to portray a very good girl image. So everyone was amazed when she got drunk the other night at a club and let herself be groped, fondled and kissed in a corner by two guys at the same time. She was doing some groping of her own and led one of the two guys back to the VIP section by his belt loop.

Random Photos Part 2

Beyonce takes being a webcam girl to a whole new level.
You know I was going to have at least one photo of Gilligan.

I don;t want to beat a dead horse. But, how long have they been engaged?

I won't even ask for spousal support when we divorce.
Dreaming of Austin or wild monkey love with Reese?

It's like being at a dance and being left in the corner all alone.
Kelly Preston demonstrates a new Scientology ritual on her kids. They look thrilled.

Matthew seems like he's trying really hard to prove he's a guy here.
Scarlett for Louis Vuitton. I just wish she would be for Ent.
photos courtesy of mavrixonline, flynet, and towleroad.

Keira Knightley In Vogue Magazine

Read the article here.

Random Photos Part One

"You can get off your knees now."
Angelina shows off her Denise Richards impression.

Basically in the shots after this they forgot they were not in a hotel room and just got down to business right there.
Carson Kressley starts his new job on Tuesday.

Diana DeGarmo isn't 16 and chubby anymore. Damn. I'm getting kind of a Kim Kardashian vibe from her.

Sometimes I wish I woke up earlier. This is one of those times.

I miss the Cranberries.

Transsexual porn star.

Might as well do it with all the grandmothers in Hollywood.

Does anyone really care if she's pregnant or not?

This belongs in a Valentine's Day photo set.

It's been like two months. Djimon Hounsou must follow orders really well.

This is why Maria Menounos shows up everywhere.

More Links

Untouchables prequel won't include Nicolas Cage. Just as long as it doesn't have Kevin Costner I'm all for it.

Lindsay's new album is "urban pop." Whatever you want to call it, it will still be crap. Maybe not quite Paris Hilton crap but very close.

DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince are reuniting for a new album.

This is why Clive Davis was fired from CBS. Well this and some crazy accounting.

You know it's a slow news day when I'm linking to a Blake Lewis interview. Please oh please send someone to rehab right now.

Juvenile Diabetes Research Gala --aka Is Anyone Under 60 Allowed?

Jesus. For a second I thought Pat Robertson was doing Annette Bening.
Ed Begley Jr is wearing entirely recycled clothes and his wife is made up entirely of recycled blow-up dolls. That is dedication to the environment. Looks like he might be recycling some extra socks too if you know what I mean.

Sidney Poitier looks like he is about 40. I love this actor and the man.

Michael just wishes he had some of this.

When I was about 8 or 9 I washed Sugar Ray Leonard's car and he gave me $20. I don't know why I washed it and don't recall exactly how I came to be washing it. All I know was it was the first time I ever saw a $20 bill in my hand.

"Mr. Burns, you don't mind if I take your wife to a private "prayer" session do you?"

Ted C Blind Item

Brood-Zilla Clump-Butt is so prime-time prancing on thin ice, and no, this is not a blind item about anybody on Dancing with the Stars—think I’ve already done enough plus-size derriere digging on that boob-tube offering. Agreed? Sure ya do, which is why we're zeroing in on one of the country’s other hottest offerings…

How to Happy Up Your Household! You all do watch every week, don’t you? Well, I don’t, but that’s certainly not enough to keep me from reporting the following:

Brood-Zilla, host of said offering (which appears on cable or network, hmmm, I wonder which?), is scoring myriad fan-backed points for her winning ways on camera making families bond ‘n’ beautify within themselves. It’s all so touching I could puke, and quite frankly, the only thing saving me from such is the delish scoop that Brood-Zilla is turning into a veritable broom-riding be-yotch who’s getting so friggin’ corpulent not even a luxury broom built for Star Jones-Reynolds, circa the pre-wedding years, could support her.

“She’s gone way up in her size,” snipped a Household source, who’s fed up with Brood-Zilla’s overly demanding ways on set. And he’s not the only one. Other Household-ers and insiders are starting to sass supreme with scuttlebutt about the big ‘tude terrible:

“The only thing bigger than her ass is her head,” bitched back another Household vet, “which is getting horribly out of control—she’s simply a nightmare and the biggest bitch I’ve ever worked with, and that’s saying something.”

Unfortunately for these TV toilers (at various levels on the fairly popular show), Ms. Clump-Butt doesn’t look to be getting any nice-it-up notes from the show’s top brass, as ratings are good. But, uh, if I were Ms. C.B., I wouldn’t exactly inhale the craft services table when I waddled near it.

‘Cause the (edible) knives are out.

Morning Links

Well I can think of lots of better ways to start off the morning, but here are some clips from Lindsay Lohan's new movie I Know Who Killed Me. These particular clips are her scenes from the strip club where she works and scenes from a stalker's point of view. As far as I know they are safe for work. I didn't really feel like watching them myself but in the screencaps she appears to be clothed much more than she is in real life.

Paula Abdul maybe didn't trip over her dog. Maybe she threw something and it broke and cut her nose. I don't know how that explains the busted toe. It doesn't really matter but since American Idol is done for this season she needs to keep her name in the news somehow. I kind of expect a few more of these incidents until the new season starts. I actually think she should think about having sex with the contestants because that scandal was way more fun. Oooooh. Sanjaya. Nice.

No one could possibly believe that Jessica Simpson wrote this, understand this, read this or even spell it. If you think she wrote this, then she should be able to get up and read it as well. Imagine her reading it out loud and you know she just can't do it.

Justin's in love with Jessica Biel. When you are at home in bed alone at night, everyone is in love with Jessica Biel. Doesn't make her love you back.

Dean McDermott's ex speaks to People. It's actually pretty interesting but the only reason she's talking to them is she is trying to sell a tv series and an anthology of essays. And lookie there. People published an excerpt from one of the essays. Well cheaper than actually paying her.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Today's Blind Items

Feel like something spicy? Well this married/not married but definitely with a significant other (can't make it too easy) A-List film star with a movie in the yearly top ten 2 out of the last five years decided he wanted a little escort fun but didn't trust anyone in LA to keep quiet. So our brilliant actor takes a bus filled with similar minded men (like you can trust a bunch of drunk guys to keep a secret) down to Tijuana a few weeks ago. With a handful of Viagra and a wallet stuffed with cash our actor went to four different houses of ill repute where he sampled the local adult industry up close and personal. He threw around money like a drunken sailor on shore leave and got himself so hammered that he even ended up very briefly with a very convincing transsexual. One grope saw our actor running out of there in a hurry so I guess we know he's straight. He had such a good time with one of the ladies that he made a special trip back down to TJ just two days later with two of his new bus pals to spend time with her and is now working on a plan to move her up to LA so she can be there for him as needed.

Random Photos

Britney actually looks, dare I say it? Pretty.

photo courtesy of flynet

Billy Zane has been engaged for how long now?

photo courtesy of mavrixchatter

It didn't take Calum too long to find someone else did it?

photo courtesy of infdaily

Charlie Sheen with the kids and the new girlfriend.

Elle Macpherson still looks amazing.

Nicole Richie. Not so much.

I'm sure Goldie Hawn has a wonderful explanation for the sunglasses.

I just can't get enough Mickey.

Even More Links

Keira Knightley won $6K in a libel suit.

Charles Manson was denied parole again. Why does he even keep trying?
Ashleigh Banfield was too busy working to worry about going into labor.

A fourth and maybe fifth Pirates of The Caribbean.

Michael Jackson wants $200M for a Las Vegas show.

You still have time to enter to win a seat at JK Rowling's reading of the final Harry Potter book.

Matt Damon is done portraying Jason Bourne.

More Ocean's Thirteen--Premiere Which Just Started

She came in last and was worth the wait.

Andy Garcia looks pissed that he didn't get the memo about the black tux and bow tie for the stars.

Hey at least her hair is pulled back.

For once I can say I really wish I had been there to see this red carpet.
A great photo although George might think about a whitening product for those teeth.

Hey I remember you. Barely.


"Okay Ms. Barkin, I'm going to turn your head to the left now."

Only Jean-Paul Gaultier could pull this look off.

At the risk of making everyone in Australia mad, this is not the best look for Kylie.

I swear I'm going to have an entire post devoted to Mickey Rourke. I can't get enough of this guy.

Incredible dress.
ZX would kill me if I didn't post Paulo Coelho.
Now I get Petra Nemcova and James Blunt is kicking himself.


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