Saturday, January 13, 2024

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Blind Item #8

There were not just plans to hook up with the sister of the one he is with, this A- list musician made it happen many years ago. He is another member of the two or more club. 

Blind Item #7

Speaking of couples, I told you several months ago about the former late night actor hooking up with this yachter who is also a victim of an A- list actor who used to be married to an A+ list actress. The mainstream media is finally realizing the actor and yachter are  a couple.

Blind Item #6

Speaking of things don't just happen for a reason, the accused sexual assaulter/serial beater of women actor who is A- list had some recent news. His former victim/current significant other is being sued for being just as bad as the actor is.

Blind Item #5

When the last guy who was in charge of the news network awful things happened to women. Now, he is trying to buy it which is why more stories like the reporter who used to date the EGO winner and the sexual harassment she endured from the alliterate host will be common again.

Blind Items Revealed #4

January 6, 2024

Has the streaming service spread the wealth out enough to get the A+ list actor a Golden Globe? They think so. 

Netflix/Bradley Cooper (They didn't)

Blind Items Revealed #3

January 6, 2024

Speaking of athlete's wives, the wife of this A list NFL QB is not welcome back at a hotel she recently visited. Apparently, she was beyond rude to the staff and treated them like crap.

Brittany Mahomes/Patrick Mahomes

Blind Items Revealed #2

January 6, 2024

The on again off again wife of this musician/celebrity offspring derives most of her income from being a Dominatrix. 

Marieangela King/Elijah Blue/Cher

Blind Items Revealed #1

January 6, 2024

The casino couldn't even give tickets away and get people interested in seeing this former A list singer perform. Hence, the postponement due to illness, while they strategize. 

Christina Aguilera

Blind Item #4

Many might say the flowering financial institution was a little over the edge discussing the celebrity CEO and egg harvesting, but he does own several fertility clinics, so is she that far off?

Blind Item #3

This barely there celebrity has been in this space before and doesn't really like the A+ list singer. She is really close to the situation and says the singer is trying to set up the barely there celebrity and her husband to take the fall when the relationship ends between the singer and her current boyfriend. People are already going after the barely there celebrity online for doing absolutely nothing.

Blind Item #2

Speaking of splits, this foreign born superhero knows he and the one named actress have split. He is just trying to salvage it before anything official gets out.

Blind Item #1

The former husband of the "singer" is already using photos taken with this A+/A list actor for his business even though the actor had no idea who the ex was.

Friday, January 12, 2024

Blind Item #13

You know a primary candidate is about to lose if they trot out a VP pick to campaign with them. Someone is planning on doing that next Tuesday if they do poorly on Monday.

Blind Item #12

This foreign born actor is A+ list in his country and known throughout the world. Even that probably won't save him from a "suicide" after criticizing the police and government in his country.

Blind Item #11

This probable now former superhero was at an after party after a big event this week and started hooking up with a woman in front of everyone and then asked if anyone wanted to join in. It was awkward.

Blind Item #10

This A list offspring of an A lister has been battling some life threatening illnesses which is why he has not been seen much in the past year.

Blind Item #9

This married A list dual threat actor is an Oscar winner. He and the hard to spell model have run into each other quite often the past few weeks.

Blind Items Revealed #5

January 5, 2024

This back in the day A list three named actress is writing a book that will blow up this permanent A+ list mostly movie actor.

Lara Flynn Boyle/Jack Nicholson

Four For Friday - The Recruiter

This long time agent specialized in signing talent right when they were about to explode. He would steal them from their first agent. Often, he would use sex to close the deal. He would find out the actor's favorite actress and the agent would then send over the actress to complete the deal.

#1 - This actress/reality star often gets naked. She was used as bait for this A list franchise actor/serial sexual assaulter.

#2 - This A list actor with at least one franchise to his name was signed for five bottles of Pappy Van Winkle. The agent was horrified later to learn the actor mixed it with Diet Coke.

#3 - This A list singer kept saying no and then no and then no again. The the agent discovered he loved this actress who has been rumored to have slept with a former A++ lister. That sealed the deal.

#4 - This happily married to a woman A- lister is a multiple Oscar winner/nominee. To sign him, the agent got a very well known male porn actor to spend a couple of evenings with the actor. 

Your Turn

What is the coldest outside temperature you have been in yourself?

Blind Items Revealed #4

January 5, 2024

This studio used its own network to start the rehabilitation process for the prime minister actor. Looks like they want him to still be a superhero.

Disney/ABC/Jonathan Majors/Marvel

Blind Items Revealed #3

January 4, 2024

Hopefully, somewhere in the documents will be how the royal paid off his debt by offering up one of his children.

Prince Andrew/Jeffrey Epstein

Blind Items Revealed #2

January 4, 2024

This foreign born former A list athlete was always going to be an early exit from the first big event of the season. Now, she might even bail prior to it beginning.

Naomi Osaka/Australian Open

Blind Item #8

I told you a couple of months ago this A list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee had quietly split with her husband. This week, she confirmed it by not wearing her ring in public at a big event.

Blind Item #7

This business networking site keeps its head in the sand about what kind of hookups are going on between its members, it just likes all the extra fees from signups.

Blind Items Revealed #1

January 4, 2024

When the internet stops discussing you (one named A/A- list actress) for a few weeks, then stop following everyone on Instagram and then people will talk about you for hours and wonder why you did it. It is such a thirst move.


Blind Item #6

Is the new single from the new album good? Not really. However, that doesn't mean a thing. For the next 11 months, we will be forced into seeing her/listening to her every five minutes. There are many hundreds of millions of dollars at stake. 

Blind Item #5

It is not all that shocking that this wine actor who made his A- list actress girlfriend perform real sex acts on him during a movie, is at it again. It also isn't a shocker that he would team up with the actor/serial sexual assaulter from an acting family to be part of the project. Who is giving them financing for this? Do those people get first choice of victims?

Blind Item #4

First it was her birthday then it was going to be Christmas. Now, to give themselves some more room, but to keep people talking about, the people behind the A+ list singer says she will get engaged this summer. That will not happen.

Blind Item #3

The people behind the AI version of the legendary standup comic, did his legacy no favors with that mashed up mess they put together.

Blind Item #2

Many directors who were once vocal in their support of Roman Polanski have since done a 180. Not this A list director who just announced a new movie with many of the same cast he uses every movie. The director has actually doubled and tripled down on his support for the horrible director.

Blind Item #1

This pro sports league keeps on saying they're turning a new leaf and fixing their toxic culture, but that's not stopping them from allowing this disgraced athlete to return.

Thursday, January 11, 2024

Blind Item #13 - Reader Blind

This British female rapper is trying her best to hide the fact that her brother is still targeting underage girls. She’s playing up her current feud to hide what is about to emerge.

Blind Item #12

This married A list singer who has also worked a lot of reality television might consider a fling with the married A- list celebrity from a family of celebrities, but that would be so messy and painful to watch. I think our singer needs to stop drinking again.

Blind Item #11

So, what we are saying is that the former A+ list athlete did a cash grab and is keeping all the money she didn't really need.

Blind Item #10

At an event promoting his flop of a movie, this A list superhero was asked to sign a photo. The actor looked at the photo and then looked up at the fan and asked where he got it. The fan's uncle was a photographer back in the day and took the photos that our actor used in his escorting days to attract clients.

Blind Item #9

As I told you two months ago, when the book was released, the permanent A list singer/actress who also directed, waited too long to write her memoir. The sales have not been good. They have only generated 20% of what the "singer" sold. The sales that are going to be epic though is the book of the three named singer who recently died. There is dirt piled on top of dirt followed by even more dirt in it. 

Blind Items Revealed #5

January 4, 2024

The remarks from the founder of this athletic company are not shocking considering he named the company specifically so one group of people he believed would have a very difficult time pronouncing the name of it.

Chip Wilson/Lululemon/Asian

Today's Blind Items - The Favor

For many years, this almost A- list actress precariously balanced herself between dating and yachting. She thought of it as dating upward and there are perks such as lifestyle and glamor and gifts of dating upward rather than yachting in the traditional sense. It was through  her willingness to straddle the line that she fit right in with an organization that has locations all over the world to facilitate meetings between the wealthy and the attractive people who are drawn to the wealthy. Our actress made it a point to befriend someone who worked for the organization and could put you in a position to be in front of someone wealthy and looking, or this person could could also keep you from any possible interaction with their patrons. I have discussed this relationship between the actress and the person in the organization. What I didn't know until very recently, is that to facilitate a meeting she really desperately wanted and the inside information of what buttons to push, she slept with the higher up in the organization. He didn't and doesn't normally work on a quid pro quo basis, but he did that day and the next day and for nearly two weeks. Our actress was fully on board and got her meeting.

Your Turn

 Favorite movie that was released more than three decades ago.

Blind Items Revealed #4

January 3, 2024

The daytime talk show host still won't admit to taking the weight loss shot. She thinks people will think less of her. Plus, she thinks she can get some endorsement deals with the other things she has been doing alongside the shot.

Kelly Clarkson

Blind Items Revealed #3

January 3, 2024

This former one-fifth could not get over her stage fright or the pushback to her career from this one named permanent A list singer. So, now the former one-fifth has turned to acting. She is a much better actress than the first from her group to do it.

Normani/Fifth Harmony/Beyonce/Camila Cabello

Blind Items Revealed #2

January 3, 2024

Our favorite alliterate former talk show host is writing a tell all book on the wannabe rapper/mogul. She should hire security.

Wendy Williams/Sean Combs

Blind Item #8

This standup comic is A list. He is back to hitting on college students so apparently he and the actress are done, or maybe she doesn't care.

Blind Item #7

This former A- list singer who has focused on other entertainment ventures over the past several years, needs rehab again. She also needs to stop trying to use her meds the way she wants rather than the way they are prescribed. 

Blind Items Revealed #1

January 3, 2024

The alliterate one has been trying to snag Vanity Fair Oscar tickets. The thing is, her demands are through the roof and nothing that even the biggest of big A++ listers have asked for through the years. Not even close. Plus, she wants extra tickets for hangers on and publicists and they just don't do that. Finally, the buzz is her husband has no desire to attend at all. 

Meghan Markle

Blind Item #6

The permanent A list "singer" and her manager had another huge fight. This one was about the "new music" which she doesn't want. Apparently, the fight was epic. 

Blind Item #5

Another thing that has also has been in the making for much of the past year is this showrunner/executive producer getting fired from the city franchises he runs. It might be too late to save one of the franchises, but the other has had a lot of good seasons in its past, and has the potential again to be great.

Blind Item #4

The coke loving A list singer/songwriter splitting with his long time significant other was a given considering her huge fallout with a family member of the singer.

Blind Item #3

This A- list model who has been in the sports magazine, has lots of photographer friends. So, it shouldn't be shocker she had one waiting to take her photo with the foreign born former superhero.

Blind Item #2

Apparently the movement to free the sometime boy bander/sometime solo singer from his actress wife is being met by her having accounts on social media supporting the movement, banned.

Blind Item #1

Not sure if there is some kind of monthly newsletters that goes out to all psychics, but there have been four in the past two days who all say they are receiving messages through the dead body of this child molesting former A+ list singer. 

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Blind Item #13

Even when she makes her weekly announcement that she is taking a social media break, the A- list singer/actress has so many Finsta accounts that she never really takes a break. She just uses the time to go trash people she hates online.

Blind Item #12

This A list model who is barely old enough to drink was at a premiere this week. Apparently, a much much older A lister who you would think would know better made some really nasty remarks directed at the model and the model's appearance. Then again, the A lister has made other problematic recent remarks too.

Blind Item #11

This former A+/A list mostly television actress is on a big press tour right now and is hoping no one discovers she isn't living with her husband any longer.

Blind Item #10

This alliterate celebrity and her ex, who also happens to be a new dad, are not quite so ex any longer.

Blind Item #9

This Housewife used to be a moderator on a popular gossip forum and would use the platform to attack one of her love rivals. All of you know who this rival is because she is a prominent actress. The husband found out and hasn’t respected her since.

Blind Items Revealed #5

January 3, 2024

The former singer turned reality star turned host turned celebrity has crashed her career so hard to the bottom that she is hanging out with people and partying with people she wouldn't have given the time of day to a decade ago.

Tamar Braxton

Today's Blind Items - A Suspect

There is an A- list singer who embraces his home region even though he has not lived there since he was a boy. One of the reasons he embraces it is because he is far more popular there and the surrounding countries then he is here, in his adopted home. Because of that fame, there are many women who want to hook up with him. He prefers hooking up with women who are not all that into him. He also prefers porn stars that he has seen online before. One of those women was murdered this week. He had been trying to see her all throughout Christmas and she kept saying no and then no again. Apparently, he was really frustrated and was telling friends that he would get her. Did he mean get her as in finally get to sleep with her or get her as in do her harm. 

Your Turn

Does anyone still own any crypto? 

Blind Items Revealed #4

January 3, 2024

This You Tube star/boxer wants everyone to think he owns a yacht. His is a rental and he even asked for a discount because of his fame. He ended up paying full price.

Jake Paul

Blind Items Revealed #3 - Kindness

January 3, 2024

SNL is regarded as one of the toughest gigs in the industry. Every season sees a huge turnover of staff and it is not uncommon to see new hires and interns holding back tears in their cubicles.

This 90s cast member and current B actor mentored new staff and regularly provided support during dark times. While most cast members were fighting for screen time or demanding invites to the hottest Manhattan parties, this cast member regularly mingled with staff, considered their pitches for sketches, and provided guidance for their careers. When a young writer's job was at risk with few of his sketches making the air, the cast member lied to the writers' room by attributing a sketch he came up with to the writer. The sketch made the air and the writer was hired for the next season.

Tim Meadows

Blind Items Revealed #2

January 3, 2024

The cult adjacent A list actor who is desperate for an Oscar is not talented enough to be this insufferable about it. He won't get one though because he has burned too many bridges.

Adam Driver

Blind Item #8

No matter how many times she loses her entire investment, this A- list actress, who is an Oscar winner/nominee, continues to throw money at a chef she loves. 

Blind Item #7

For six months, I have been telling you that this state A++ lister wants a shot at the big A++ list job and wants it now. It looks like he is about to make his move.

Blind Items Revealed #1

January 3, 2024

If you thought the probable now former NFL QB was going to apologize to the late night talk show host, you would be wrong. Apparently he is doubling down on his Epstein accusations and the host. That is a good way to lose a lot of retirement money.

Aaron Rodgers/Jimmy Kimmel (he finally backed down a little)

Blind Item #6

While documents are released daily with her name right in the thick of things, this foreign born permanent A list model is in yachting country, recruiting.

Blind Item #5

I sure hope the former Disney actress turned singer knows what she is getting herself into with the foreign born A- list actor. Some of his fights at pubs in his country are legendary. Her team keep leaking stuff about them as a couple. It is really making her look bad though.

Blind Item #4

Speaking of the company in #3, the head of the company was spotted partying with all his other rich friends while the company slowly burns to the ground. I hope he is very proud.

Blind Item #3

Why would "Max" cancel a show with stellar ratings, a ravenous fan following, and a bright future?  The company wants to keep cutting costs and the show was expensive to produce. So, even though a third season was all laid out, it will not happen.

Blind Item #2

Because thee court doesn't want to inadvertently out anyone, it doesn't look like we will get documents related to the boys the dead billionaire slept with. Those were also the favorite of his biggest benefactor.

Blind Item #1

This A list killer rapper with big legal debts had to make the difficult decision to slash ticket prices for his struggling arena tour. 

Tuesday, January 09, 2024

Blind Item #13

This A+ list mostly movie actor had a few night fling with this foreign born A- list model from a modeling family, but the drug use scared him away.

Blind Item #12

Why yes, that was the ginger haired one at a bar drinking a beer and chatting up a woman.

Blind Item #11

At this point, the morning anchor couple sound a lot like Will & Jada and we know how that turned out. 

Blind Item #10

This former almost A- list actress has been nonstop arguing with her husband because he doesn't want her to take on any acting roles and she wants to act all the time.

Blind Item #9 - Reader Blind

The evening of the Golden Globes there was a reunion of four actors of a TV series, everyone is talking about how the two actors who were the fictional couple were detached. It is so strange since these two have known each other for 30 years and are best friends (or maybe they were). In the video and in the photo taken after the ceremony he is not there with the other three actors but he made them separately. Everyone noticed that their vibes were so off, even those who do not know their whole story. There are no pictures of the two of them and this is also strange since they were best friends as long as they were shooting _____ and that’s weird too, isn’t it?

I just think this is something worth talking about since you had written a blind item about them back in 2017.

Blind Items Revealed #5

December 25, 2023

Now that she is legal, this celebrity offspring wants to start an OnlyFans page next week.

Alabama Barker

Today's Blind Items - The Arrangement

There was an extremely popular network drama a few decades ago that starred an A list actor who was super cranky. He also became the face and voice of a massive company. The network loved him and wanted to keep him happy. There were some things that were easy like a car and driver and a personal chef while on set. Then, there was the hard, which was our actor wanted to have sex with a new person every day. Every single day he was filming. The women couldn't be repeated. The network started flying women in and keeping them in a hotel room until it was their turn. The network never wanted to film more than twelve days in any given month, just to make it easier on them to procure women. This went on for the entire run of the show. Our actor tried the same thing with the massive company. They told him no and if he asked again he would lose his multi million dollar deal. He never asked again.

Your Turn

From a reader

Have you taken your Christmas decorations down? Are you superstitious about leaving them up after twelfth night?

Blind Items Revealed #4

January 2, 2024

Was the musical husband of this foreign born model driving drunk in her IG stories? People seemed to think so.

Tom Kaulitz/Heidi Klum

Blind Items Revealed #3

January 2, 2024

This barely there celebrity in a family filled to the brim with barely there celebrities was not proposed to by a wealthy Prince. 

Bella Hadid/Prince of Qatar

Blind Items Revealed #2

January 2, 2024

Apparently, the cable bosses decided booze was a much better idea than anything else this late night talk show host might come up with as an alternative.

CNN/Andy Cohen

Blind Item #8 - Reader Blind

A social media family's Bahamian bliss takes an unexpected turn as whispers of heartache and nostalgia ripple through their tropical escape.

While the family's Instagram feed showcased sun-soaked smiles and oceanfront extravagance, a hidden drama unfolded within the confines of their resort. One of the daughters, typically the life of the party, mysteriously withdrew from the sunlit festivities, spending an entire day sequestered in her hotel room. The reason? A cloud of memories from a past romance, with an ex-boyfriend who had once shared those very walls.

The intrigue deepened as the matriarch, amidst the vibrant cabana area, was overheard acknowledging the daughter's emotional turmoil. Sharing with a confidante, the mother revealed that her daughter was grappling with the ghosts of relationships past and that the family had anticipated this emotional storm.

As the sun dipped below the Bahamian horizon, casting shadows on the picturesque surroundings, the daughter emerged from her cocoon of contemplation only to embark on an unexpected departure the next day. Witnesses spotted her leaving the resort in a discreet private car, leaving the question hanging in the air - was this a fleeting escape from emotional echoes, or the beginning of a chapter yet untold?

The tropical breeze carries the secrets of this social media family's island adventure, leaving followers to wonder if the paradise they portray is truly as flawless as the filtered images on their screens.

Blind Items Revealed #1

December 31, 2023

Somehow the alliterate one managed to get a doctor to sign off on her getting the weight loss shot. Well, she got that and more. The collapsed area between the eye and cheek is not a good look. Is she going to be appearing on camera soon, because there really is zero reason she would want the shot other than she thinks she looks to heavy for a camera.

Meghan Markle

Blind Item #6

That painting the hard to spell model she made a big deal about in a magazine? Where she claimed the artist stole her likeness from her? "Buying myself back"? She actually commissioned the painting she claims was so violatory.

Blind Item #5

When you are drinking more than everyone else at your table and then you end up losing your award and have a few more drinks, someone taps you on your shoulder and says it is a good idea to leave early. So, the A+ lister did just that.

Blind Item #4

Now that he knows he has no chance of winning, the A+ list actor showed himself in public with the barely there celebrity.

Blind Item #3

This married A list musician from a former A list group got hammered drunk last week and was groping a pair of college students who seemed to be enjoying the attention. All three of them left together.

Blind Item #2

To protect the family, the public announcement of a cause of death was natural causes instead of the drug overdose it was. 

Blind Item #1

This foreign born A- list actor essentially made his debut with his boyfriend without actually finally coming out of the closet.

Monday, January 08, 2024

Blind Item #35 - Golden Globes

Speaking of sharing, one of the oddest combinations at an after party was this A list mostly television actress/fan fic star and this A list comedian sharing a joint and chatting away.

Blind Item #34 - Golden Globes

This A list actress is an actress winner/nominee. At an after party, she was very much hitting on this foreign born former host and they even shared several cigarettes together.

Blind Item #33 - Golden Globes

This actress winner from last night was really doing her best to find some coke. Apparently, she forgot hers at her hote.

Blind Item #32 - Golden Globes

A marriage that seems to be going swimmingly well, especially with the make out session in the smoking area that everyone enjoyed watching, these former co-stars who couldn't stay apart even when he was previously married to his second wife, not the first wife. The first wife was a co-star too though, so I can see how you might get confused.

Blind Item #31 - Golden Globes

If last night's arguments and fighting is any indication, the marriage between this A list music producer and the actress offspring is not long for this world. Considering she dumped her last husband for the producer, there was not much of a foundation.

Blind Item #30 - Golden Globes

This foreign born A- list actor was solo at the parties last night and was having the time of his life with as many women as possible while his higher on the list significant other was nowhere to be seen.

Blind Item #29 - Golden Globes

Everyone who saw this former A+/A list singer and this foreign born A- list actress from a massive streaming hit together, thought for sure they were going to just have sex in front of everyone. There was some kind of chemistry that made them inseparable.

Blind Item #28 - Golden Globes

This former A+ list mostly movie actress is trying for a comeback. The still very young, former Oscar winner/nominee took a huge step with that as she networked with everyone and was kind to everyone and you can tell she really wants another chance at decent roles.

Blind Item #27 - Golden Globes

The buzzing was pretty loud that this actress/singer who is an Oscar winner/nominee is pregnant. No one actually saw her drinking and she didn't look like she wanted to even be there.

Blind Item #26 - Golden Globes

This A- list actress refused several times to take any kind of photos with her higher on the list former streaming co-star. Apparently, there is some bad blood because he tried to keep her from getting a role. He wanted one of his wife's friends to get the role.

Blind Item #25 - Golden Globes

When the producers told the meme actor and the reality star to kiss for the cameras, you expected more than you would get from second cousins asked to do the same. Once again, he didn't let her walk the red carpet with him.

Blind Item #24 - Golden Globes

This three named A- list actor was a walking hot box last night. You have never seen someone take so many "smoke breaks."

Blind Item #23 - Golden Globes

This former A+ list singer who is a celebrity offspring and has celebrity offspring, nearly came to blows with this singer/actor at an event. The singer/actor was once really creepy with an offspring of the former A+ lister and no one outside of those involved and the family even know exactly what happened.

Blind Item #22 - Golden Globes

At a different pre party than the one mentioned in the previous two blinds, this former A+ list social media star was flat out annoying as she kept trying to make content and become relevant again.

Blind Item #21 - Golden Globes

At the same pre party on Saturday, this actor offspring not named Quaid was hit on by this celebrity/reality star/athlete entertainer who is twice his age. That same actor offspring probably got fifty new female friends/phone numbers last night. 

Blind Item #20 - Golden Globes

At a pre-party Saturday night, this permanent A list actress who seemingly executive produces a dozen shows got drunk in public for the first time in forever. She did have to convince a photographer to delete a photo of her holding champagne. She hates those kinds of pictures.

Blind Item #19 - Golden Globes

Speaking of the actor in #18, an actress ex of this A+ list mostly movie actor whispered to the actor that if he had picked her to be with all award season she could have swayed some voters. It is how her ex cleans up at the Globes whenever he wants.

Blind Item #18 - Golden Globes

Bringing the mom was to get the A+/A list actor publicity for the voting that kicks off this week. To the big show, he will probably take the ex.

Blind Item #17 - Golden Globes

This A/A- list actress from an acting family says she was pressured by a former co-star who is an A lister, to take one of the A lister's children as a date. Our acting family actress said the pressure was texts and emails and even calls.

Blind Item #16 - Golden Globes

By making sure this actress won yet another award for this royal streaming show, the voters are sending a message that the show needs to keep being produced and they will make sure people attention to it by giving it big awards.

Blind Item #15 - Golden Globes

It would not have been all that long ago that this A- list actress with at least one movie franchise in her past would have got wasted drunk at the show and maybe even peed herself. After years of being the brunt of jokes and a castoff, everyone who comes into contact with the actress comes away thinking how great she is. While you are talking to her, it is as if you are the only person in the world and all her attention is focused on you. She is very very good.

Blind Item #14 - Golden Globes

You could tell this permanent A list actor/sometime director didn't want to be there. The only reason he was there was to make sure his stuff being released this year gets love from the voters next year. Back in the day he would have been obnoxious about appearing as a presenter, but would have laughed. Now, he is just cranky and arrogant.

Blind Item #13 - Golden Globes

Speaking of franchises, this actor has at least one movie franchise. He also had a hit streaming show where he played himself. The success of that show has made him truly miserable to be around. He is basically a caricature of himself now and I'm surprised he doesn't have a mirror with him at all times.

Blind Item #12 - Golden Globes

After all the bad press and people laughing about the heavy handed pairing, it was not a shocker that the former Disney actress turned singer was a no show on the red carpet with the foreign born actor.

Blind Item #11 - Golden Globes

Up close and personal it was scary to see what this permanent A/A- list actress from at least one movie franchise and an iconic television show, has done to her face. Back in the day she was so subtle about her procedures. They were perfection. Now, she won't be able to fix what she has done.

Blind Item #10 - Golden Globes

The same model in #9, was asked about her appearance in some recently released documents and gave a death stare which silenced anyone else asking the question. 

Blind Item #9 - Golden Globes

This foreign born permanent A list model said she has a huge front slit in most of her evening gowns sso she can have quickies with her significant other without making a huge production or ripping her dress.

Blind Item #8 - Golden Globes

Speaking of co-stars, a long long time co-star of the alliterate one didn't trash the alliterate one. I mean, they were invited to the wedding, so that was not going to happen. Probably. However, the co-star did say that no one in town wants anything to do with the alliterate one right now and that the brand was oversaturated and the alliterate one should disappear for a year and try and start over.

Blind Item #7 - Golden Globes

This permanent A list actress who lost last night, admonished her television co-star from the most recent season of the show, to stop drinking so fast because she would make a fool of herself on worldwide television. The actress/singer listened but did get drunk later.

Blind Item #6 - Golden Globes

This A+/A list director/writer was genuinely happy to lose in the writing category and was gushing over the winners and told everyone he had seen the movie a half dozen times.

Blind Item #5 - Golden Globes

This losing director went on a tirade against the voters that bordered on racist after not winning what they thought was going to be an easy win on their way to Oscar.

Blind Item #4 - Golden Globes

This A+ list singer was told if she showed up, she would win. She showed up and didn't win and will never return.

Blind Item #3 - Golden Globes

One of the winners speeches was actually written by their publicist in such a way that Academy voters would take interest and vote for the winner again.

Blind Item #2 - Golden Globes

This songwriter/producer/performer was consuming so many edibles at his table he could barely get up from his seat.

Blind Item #1 - Golden Globes

It took this A- list actor who is a multiple Globe winner, getting everyone at his table and the next table to take shots, that the audience finally warmed up to things.

Golden Globes Winners



Best Performance by a Male Actor in a Television Series – Musical or Comedy

Bill Hader, “Barry”
Steve Martin, “Only Murders in the Building”
Jason Segel, “Shrinking”
Martin Short, “Only Murders in the Building”
Jason Sudeikis, “Ted Lasso”
Jeremy Allen White, “The Bear” *WINNER

Best Performance by a Female Actor in a Television Series – Musical or Comedy

Ayo Edebiri, “The Bear” *WINNER
Natasha Lyonne, “Poker Face”
Quinta Brunson, “Abbott Elementary”
Rachel Brosnahan, “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”
Selena Gomez, “Only Murders in the Building”
Elle Fanning, “The Great”

Best Performance by a Male Actor in a Television Series – Drama

Pedro Pascal, “The Last of Us”
Kieran Culkin, “Succession” *WINNER
Jeremy Strong, “Succession”
Brian Cox, “Succession”
Gary Oldman, “Slow Horses”
Dominic West, “The Crown”

Best Performance by a Female Actor in a Television Series – Drama

Helen Mirren, “1923”
Bella Ramsey, “The Last of Us”
Keri Russell, “The Diplomat”
Sarah Snook, “Succession” *WINNER
Imelda Staunton, “The Crown”
Emma Stone, “The Curse”

Best Performance by a Male Actor in a Limited Series, Anthology Series or Motion Picture Made for Television

Matt Bomer, “Fellow Travelers”
Sam Claflin, “Daisy Jones & the Six”
Jon Hamm, “Fargo”
Woody Harrelson, “White House Plumbers”
David Oyelowo, “Lawmen: Bass Reeves”
Steven Yeun, “Beef” *WINNER

Best Performance by an Female Actor in a Limited Series, Anthology Series or Motion Picture Made for Television

Riley Keough, “Daisy Jones & the Six”
Brie Larson, “Lessons in Chemistry”
Elizabeth Olsen, “Love and Death”
Juno Temple, “Fargo”
Rachel Weisz, “Dead Ringers”
Ali Wong, “Beef” *WINNER

Best Television Series Drama

“The Crown”
“The Diplomat”
“The Last of Us”
“The Morning Show”
“Succession” *WINNER

Best Television Limited Series, Anthology Series or Motion Picture Made for Television

“Beef” *WINNER
“Lessons in Chemistry”
“Daisy Jones & the Six”
“All the Light We Cannot See”
“Fellow Travelers”

Best Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role - Television

Billy Crudup, “The Morning Show”
Matthew Macfadyen, “Succession” *WINNER
James Marsden, “Jury Duty”
Ebon Moss-Bachrach, “The Bear”
Alan Ruck, “Succession”
Alexander Skarsgård, “Succession”

Best Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role - Television

Elizabeth Debicki, “The Crown” *WINNER
Abby Elliott, “The Bear”
Christina Ricci, “Yellowjackets”
J. Smith-Cameron, “Succession”
Meryl Streep, “Only Murders in the Building”
Hannah Waddingham, “Ted Lasso”

Best Television Series – Musical or Comedy

“The Bear” *WINNER
“Ted Lasso”
“Abbott Elementary”
“Jury Duty”
“Only Murders in the Building”

Best Performance in Stand-up Comedy on Television

Ricky Gervais, “Ricky Gervais: Armageddon” *WINNER
Trevor Noah, “Trevor Noah: Where Was I”
Chris Rock, “Chris Rock: Selective Outrage”
Amy Schumer, “Amy Schumer: Emergency Contact”
Sarah Silverman, “Sarah Silverman: Someone You Love”
Wanda Sykes, “Wanda Sykes: I’m an Entertainer”


Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy

“Poor Things” *WINNER
“American Fiction”
“The Holdovers”
“May December”

Best Motion Picture – Drama

“Oppenheimer” *WINNER
“Killers of the Flower Moon”
“Past Lives”
“The Zone of Interest”
“Anatomy of a Fall”

Best Motion Picture – Non-English Language

“Anatomy of a Fall” *WINNER
“Io Capitano”
“Past Lives”
“Society of the Snow”
“The Zone of Interest”

Best Screenplay – Motion Picture

“Poor Things”
“Killers of the Flower Moon”
“Past Lives”
“Anatomy of a Fall” *WINNER

Best Original Song – Motion Picture

“Addicted to Romance,” Bruce Springsteen, “She Came to Me”
“Dance the Night,” Caroline Ailin, Dua Lipa, Mark Ronson and Andrew Wyatt, “Barbie”
“I’m Just Ken,” Mark Ronson and Andrew Wyatt, “Barbie”
“Peaches,” Jack Black, Aaron Horvath, Michael Jelenic, Eric Osmond and John Spiker “The Super Mario Bros. Move”
“Road to Freedom,” Lenny Kravitz, “Rustin”
“What Was I Made For?” Billie Eilish & Finneas, “Barbie” *WINNER

Best Male Actor in a Supporting Role in Any Motion Picture

Willem Dafoe, “Poor Things”
Robert DeNiro, “Killers of the Flower Moon”
Robert Downey Jr., “Oppenheimer” *WINNER
Ryan Gosling, “Barbie”
Charles Melton, “May December”
Mark Ruffalo, “Poor Things”

Best Female Actor in a Supporting Role in Any Motion Picture

Emily Blunt, “Oppenheimer”
Danielle Brooks, “The Color Purple”
Jodie Foster, “Nyad”
Julianne Moore, “May December”
Rosamund Pike, “Saltburn”
Da’Vine Joy Randolph, “The Holdovers” *WINNER

Best Male Actor in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy

Nicolas Cage, “Dream Scenario”
Timothée Chalamet, “Wonka”
Matt Damon, “Air”
Paul Giamatti, “The Holdovers” *WINNER
Joaquin Phoenix, “Beau Is Afraid”
Jeffrey Wright, “American Fiction”

Best Motion Picture – Animated

“The Boy and the Heron” *WINNER
“Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse”
“The Super Mario Bros. Movie”

Best Male Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama

Bradley Cooper, “Maestro”
Leonardo DiCaprio, “Killers of the Flower Moon”
Colman Domingo, “Rustin”
Barry Keoghan, “Saltburn”
Cillian Murphy, “Oppenheimer” *WINNER
Andrew Scott, “All of Us Strangers”

Best Female Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama

Lily Gladstone, “Killers of the Flower Moon” *WINNER
Carey Mulligan, “Maestro”
Sandra Hüller, “Anatomy of a Fall”
Annette Bening, “Nyad”
Greta Lee, “Past Lives”
Cailee Spaeny, “Priscilla”

Best Female Actor in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy

Fantasia Barrino, “The Color Purple”
Jennifer Lawrence, “No Hard Feelings”
Natalie Portman, “May December”
Margot Robbie, “Barbie”
Emma Stone, “Poor Things” *WINNER

Best Director – Motion Picture

Bradley Cooper, “Maestro”
Greta Gerwig, “Barbie”
Yorgos Lanthimos, “Poor Things”
Christopher Nolan, “Oppenheimer” *WINNER
Martin Scorsese, “Killers of the Flower Moon”
Celine Song, “Past Lives”

Best Original Score

Jerskin Fendrix, “Poor Things”
Ludwig Göransson, “Oppenheimer” *WINNER
Mica Levi, “The Zone of Interest”
Daniel Pemberton, “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse”
Robbie Robertson, “Killers of the Flower Moon”
“The Boy and the Heron”

Cinematic and Box Office Achievement

“Barbie” *WINNER
“Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3”
“John Wick: Chapter 4”
“Mission: Impossible — Dead Reckoning Part One”
“Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse”
“The Super Mario Bros. Movie”
“Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour”

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Blind Item #8 - Reader Blind

The touring company would prefer it if this rapper’s husband did not join her on tour. They don’t want every headline about the show to focus on the sexual assault or “manslaughter”. She’s a superstar, but he’s a violent liability .


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