Friday, February 08, 2008

Four For Friday - Fashion Week

Don't forget that Monday is a really big day. Grammy recap and our BAFTA insider will be doing her salacious inside scoop from the awards there, with photos I might add.

From Fashion Week

#1 This celebutard/reality female was spotted not, once, not twice, but three times this past week with different aging men who had paid a substantial sum to "spend some time" with her. Considering she hasn't been able to get a new tv gig, this is probably not a bad way for her to make a living.

#2 This barely 20's male B list television actor who is the "in" person right now was great in the afternoons, but was a complete ass by midnight because of his 12 hour a day constant coke habit. That's two from this group now.

#3 This couple consisting of a guy and his B list quickly dropping to C list actress wife with the B+ name recognition spent their first time together in months as a couple. She is not the nicest person to her husband or to their child, and so he had walked out. She made the rounds quietly with a couple of guys, but realized she missed her husband's money so has been kissing his ass in attempt to get him back. The thing is she had never really been nice to him in public before, and this week was acting like a Stepford Wife, so it was pretty obvious what was going on.

#4 How do you describe this guy without giving it away? Actor, barely. Oh, he thinks he is, but in reality is known for one particular role. Spooky? You bet. Arrogant? Absolutely. Straight? 100%, or so we all thought. Seems though that his fondness for a certain act is not limited to women as he was spotted in a restroom getting some attention from a guy.

Random Photos Part One

Adrian Young of No Doubt gets the top spot today for a little favor he did me. Plus, I really like his sweater. I could never pull it off, but it looks good on him.
Aaron Paul has never been on here before, so I figure that today is as good as any.
When is the last time Anne Meara and Jerry Stiller were in a gossip blog? How long have they been married? Like 50 -60 years?
I bet the guy didn't even eat one bite.
John Legend - Los Angeles
Hammer - Los Angeles
Slash and Axl Rose reunited.
Hey Eva. You know we are all pulling for you. Now get your ass back to rehab.
Boyz II Men - Los Angeles
The incomparable Noa Tishby. Well that is a pretty strong word, but I like her so I can call her what I want.
Mary Kate Olsen at 17 getting hammered at a prom with Spencer Pratt.
I didn't think there was anything uglier than the current state of Lindsay Lohan's face, but I was wrong. This photo was taken as she was going TO a James Blunt concert. After the show he told her that he wrote Beautiful just for her. He probably didn't even need to use that line. She would have f**ked him anyway.
I like Kat von D, but I really don't like that neck tattoo. I can handle the rest, although the Mike Tyson tribute tattoo above the eyebrow is a little odd as well.
Wow. Did I miss the memo where orange is the new "it" color to have?
No one from That 70's Show went to Wilmer Valderrama's birthday party despite two of the cast also being in New York at the same time. Tell you something?
Slash,, and Snoop Dogg - Los Angeles
Shane West is another first timer. Which West is the porn star dude?
I think I like Rihanna's outfit, but I could be persuaded to hate it if enough of you do. I'm a sheep.
Ne-Yo - Los Angeles

Eat Away My Good Man

Val Kilmer has found some more acting work which will not involve him actually having to get in front of the cameras. This is good news for all of the restaurants in LA who would go out of business if Val had to drop any weight. Instead, he can now continue to become this generation's Marlon Brando. Val Kilmer is stepping in for Will Arnett as the voice of KITT in the new Knight Rider film. Will Arnett had to drop out because GM was none to pleased that the voice over person they have been using for ten years was going to be coming out of a Ford Mustang in a feature film.

Will agreed that perhaps he wasn't quite ready to give up the new Chevy Aveo they give him every year and so the gig went instead to Kilmer. Val who has unsurprisingly been doing a great deal of voice over work as his weight reaches epic proportions was happy to get the role. He of course had no comment because he is still a surly bastard despite his happy go lucky Santa features.

Oh, and in case you didn't see it in the news this week, Jason Bateman confirmed that an Arrested Development film is in the pipeline. Just as long as it has Liza naked I'm there. Anyoung.

Stay Classy San Diego

I love San Diego. It is by far one of my favorite cities, but I'm thinking the House of Blues down there is jinxed. If you remember, last year Britney Spears made her "return" to performing live at the HOB in San Diego complete with an OJ like chain of cars following her down there. Now, comes word that the Velvet Revolver show scheduled for the HOB in San Diego tonight has been canceled because Scott Weiland checked himself into rehab last night. The reason? According to some people I know who went to their show in LA last night it was one of the worst they had ever seen.

This bad performance was followed by his no show a couple weeks ago in Sundance where everyone else had to fill in for him. I honestly don't think that Velvet Revolver is going to get back together again. I think last night was it for them, and thus San Diego is going to miss out on seeing what used to be a pretty cool band and will be left instead with the memories of Britney pounding out Karaoke and doing some really crappy dance moves.

Weiland has struggled with his sobriety over the years and has been convicted in the past for DUI and also for buying crack cocaine. He faces additional charges for a DUI from this past November.

Here is the band's official statement. ""Following Velvet Revolver's performance last night in Los Angeles, lead singer Scott Weiland voluntarily entered a rehab facility. Tonight's San Diego show at the House of Blues has been postponed; the rescheduled date for San Diego is (to be announced). Velvet Revolver deeply apologize to their fans and thank them for sticking by the group."

To me Scott has always been an amazing talent who has let it go to crap with his drug and alcohol abuse. I hope he gets better and gets back to being what he used to be and what he has the potential still to be. Below is an early song from his STP days.

Daily Mirror Blind Item

Which gobby TV star is such a diva she blagged a bevy of extra mates on an all-expenses paid holiday and refused to leave a tip for hotel staff?

Lindsay Lohan In Glamour UK

From the look of these photos it appears that Lindsay Lohan may have been a last minute replacement for some other cover shoot gone horribly wrong. Either that or no matter how much you airbrush Lindsay now, she still doesn't look good. Maybe it is just me but she looks really puffy and even bad for my low expectations.

Pete Doherty Has Found His Asking Price

Last week Pete Doherty performed at a girl's birthday party for $200. Since then he has been bombarded with offers from other girls also wishing to have him perform at their parties. Over 500 people have asked him to perform for the fee said his manager. This of course represents an increase of 500 from the previous week when no one asked him to play anywhere, except of course for the various judges who keep letting him out of jail. I'm sure he gave them a very special performance.

Apparently the father of the little girl approached Pete on the street. No word on whether Pete was asleep at the time, and said his girl was a big fan. After assuring him that Pete could do all the drugs he wanted at the little girl's party, Pete accepted the gig and was a big hit. Some partygoers thought he was the clown sent to blow up balloons and turn them into dogs, but Pete took it in stride.

The girl was a big hero to her classmates because they had never got to see a strung out junkie perform live for them ever before.

Cousin Eddie Really Is Crazy

I'm guessing that maybe Randy Quaid does have a plastic plate in his head, much like his character in the Vacation movies. What I am about to tell you is extraordinary because it almost never happens. Randy Quaid was kicked out of the Actor's Equity Union for life. Now, this isn't SAG, but it is pretty big. Do you know how bad you have to f**k up to be kicked out? And then to take it a step further, to be kicked out for life. Here is what happened.

Lone Star Love was a Broadway bound show having its test runs in Seattle to make sure it really was Broadway worthy. Cry Baby will be doing the same thing later this year in La Jolla, CA by the way. Johnny Depp will be showing up a few times to watch in case you want to get close and rub his head or something else for luck.

Anyway during the show's Seattle run, here is what happened as reported by the NY Post.

  • Quaid hit an actor on the back of the head four times during performances. When the stage manager told him to stop, he smacked the actor again.
  • Another actor was warned that if he made direct eye contact with Quaid onstage, he'd be fired.
  • Quaid made "sexually inappropriate" comments onstage, repeatedly referring to an actress' musical instruments as her "gynecological instruments."
  • The couple tried to rewrite the script, to eliminate characters.
  • Randy "felt free" to change blocking, lyrics and lines during performances, and repeatedly failed to show up for note sessions and rehearsals.
Now, the couple that is referred to in the bullet points is Evi Quaid. She is Randy's wife and former limo driver. Quaid’s wife Evi turned up at the Equity hearing for Quaid and “berated several Equity staff members, including a 76-year-old receptionist whom she allegedly kicked in the shins, drawing blood.” Evi says Equity staffers broke her finger while trying to bar her from the meeting; others say she was a screaming lunatic raving about a “Nazi plot” against her husband.

It just shows that the Nazis didn't really care much for Caddyshack 2 like the rest of us. In addition to being banned for life, Quaid was also fined $81,572 and forced the cancellation of the show before Broadway and the loss of the $6.5M producers spent on financing the show. I'm thinking Randy isn't going to be on their Christmas card list. I think it was probably doomed from the start. Any production called Lone Star Love who throws Randy Quaid in the lead is kind of asking for it. Maybe a Dennis Quaid, yes, but Randy Quaid, I don't think so. Plus, it just sounds cheesy. Better to go down in flames in Seatlle than have the NY Times laugh at you when you open on Broadway.

Tom Cruise Lives Gay Man's Dream

Now that I think about it, dating David Beckham would probably be more of a gay man's dream than dating Cher, but honestly, you just never know. If there was no sex involved, then Cher might stand a little chance. Anyway, yesterday as Cher was doing her rounds for her 300th annual comeback tour. Yes, I do believe it is 300. Lets see, if she was born in the 1700's, and, then carry the one, yep it would fit. This is Cher's 300th comeback, this time in Las Vegas, and during her media blitz she confirmed that she once in fact had dated Tom Cruise.

Yes, back in the early 80's before Bagel Boy there was Tom Cruise spending the night and borrowing the car. I doubt they were friends with benefits because Cher isn't shy about saying what is what and she didn't go that far with her pronouncement. She instead limited her answer to they dated, and that Tom was "just the most adorable man you can imagine".

Well actually my imagination is filled with a drool flying rant aimed at me and you and you and you and even you Cher. But I will take your word for it that he must have done something to you or for you to make you call him adorable. Perhaps you held your car keys above your head and made him jump up and down for them until you laughed and laughed. I like to think that since this was the early 80's that maybe he did his Risky Business dance for you while you and your friends ate popcorn in your living room and threw him dollar bills. Considering that you were pushing 40 when you dated him and he was just starting out, that you practiced that really awkward love scene he has with Shelley Long in Losin' It. Yes, it had no "g" because it was hip and now and kind of resembled real life as Tom Cruise was doing it with a woman in her 40's and didn't really know what he was doing. Unfortunately it just looked stupid in real life, but to Cher, it definitely could have been adorable. I mean she was married to Sonny Bono.

Ted C Blind Item

Furrowed Frank is such a mainstay in contemporary entertainment, visible everywhere on screens big and small. ‘Course, many a pop culture aficionado insists what F2 does is definitely not entertainment, but it is. Indeed, the dude’s whole life is as meticulously written as his hair is coiffed. And that ain’t just my big-hair Texas exaggeration shootin’ off, trust.
Here’s how F2’s love life plays out, for ince. Oh, and need you even guess? Yes, bien sûr, F.F. is a closeted gay man, do they not make any other kind in this biz any more? I swear, I really do think we’re regressing since the time of Rock Hudson and that ersatz marriage to his secretary. I mean, get real. Andy Dick and his dubious hangers-on are practically the only friggin’ tier of boy-swingin’ guys to come clean, save a few souls like T.R. Knight, who was forced outta the closet, anyway.

Look, Furrowed had a b-f for a while, all fairly discreet 'n' stuff, never really got out there that much in the gay-sniffing zeitgeist that’s so increasingly prevalent...our apologies if this Vice department’s only expedited that dynamic, but I think it would have happened anyway. Now, F2 and his man have busted up. And since since Frank is under such tremendous pressure to perform before his mouthwatering public, Franky-poo’s needs must not go unmet, correct?

Furrowed’s trainer sure seems to think so. The big ol’ cut and ab-perf hunk has taken it upon himself to procure dates for Furrowed. And the damn guy’s straight! But that doesn’t stop him from interviewing potential exquisitely muscled men on the floor of the gym where he trains F.F., usually beginning with a query such as, “How would you feel if a big celebrity found you attractive and wanted to go out with you?”

Initial response is key here. If the boy’s dark eyes (as they almost always are, as Mr. F loves him some Latino lovin’) light up instantly, that’s usually a signal to go to the next step, which is either making the intro right there on the gym floor, or an almost immediate dinner or coffee setup. See, F ain’t got much time.

We could blame it on his pressing and highly visible work schedule, s'pose, but that wouldn’t really be accurate. More to the nooky-crazed point would be that Frank is much more interested in moving on to the next bulging find his trainer procures for him—rather than getting to know any of the fixed-up fellas, at all.

How long will it be before one of the quickly discarded dudes gets supersteamed and goes to the tabs, we wonder? Not very.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Today's Blind Items

#1 This A list couple consisting of a B list film actor and B list film actress were spotted in a corner each taking one pill last night. No, they weren't vitamins, because if they were, why all the secrecy and trying to find a place where they wouldn't be seen. Also, vitamins don;t usually glaze your eyes over 30 minutes later.

#2 How much does a wife cost? No, not in spending and shopping and food, but rather, how much would you pay someone to be your wife? Whatever this former teen A lister, and now has been is paying, it must not be enough because his wife keeps threatening to walk out unless he comes up with more dough each month.

Random Photos Part One

You think Chris Rock slipped her the tongue? It would have been kind of cool.
Alicia Keys in New York.
Heidi Klum at 6am. 6am! This woman amazes me.
What would have been really great about Gwen Stefani's outfit, and probably what Demi Moore is looking for are the darts that must come with the dress.
When your bow is bigger than your head, you know you must be wearing something horrible. Kind of read that last line like the redneck jokes. It works better in your head.
Honestly. Swear I thought it was Jaleel White at first. But, instead it is Fantasia doing her best Corey Glover impersonation.
Do you think Drew Barrymore owns a PC just to sometimes piss off Justin Long?
The most disinterested product pose ever. Hope the woman who showed the shoe to Kim Kardashian guarded her credit card #.
The medications seem to be kicking in nicely for Katie Holmes.
The comedian and the plagiarizer. New show on NBC thhis fall. Fabulous stuff. She steals the jokes and he tells them.
John Legend on the set of Soul Plane 2. No, not really but I liked the first one. I am ashamed to admit I have even seen it more than once.
Hilary Swank just looks so old. Between Hilary and Katie and some others it just seems like they all want to look older then they actually are and I just don't understand it.
Well we know Tom Cruise didn't knock her up.
You might not know Silvio Muccino but he looks like a guy you might like to see more of so I put him here.
Wow. I know Melissa Joan Hart is pregnant and all, but she looks kind of rough.
Madonna suprisingly, looks amazing. Like better than in years. She must haave got to set the lighting for herself or something.
Kate Walsh. Another Grey's marriage that is really, really odd.

What Are You Doing March 2nd?

Well, I don't know what your plans were, but honestly, it is a Sunday, and what I am asking you to do is at night. 930pm at night actually East and West. What is anyone doing on a Sunday night at 930p? I will tell you what you are doing. You are sitting there on the couch, dreading the thought of your alarm going off in the morning forcing you back to work. You are savoring every last second of the end of your weekend and don't want it to end. You don't want to go have sex with your significant other unless it is out of the bedroom sex because you are afraid if you go in the bedroom you will fall asleep and it will be Monday morning.

Perhaps you spent all day at in-laws or other relatives you would rather not see. At 930pm on a Sunday night you are trying to erase the memories by easing into a bottle of Scotch. OK, at 930p if you are still drinking Scotch it probably is not really about easing into the bottle, but more about escaping the memories of your mother-in-law liking the other daughter-in-law better or criticizing your child raising skills.

If you have kids, Sunday night at 930pm is when you find out they had a report due in some class which requires you to make a quick trip to the drug store for paste and chocolate. I know, I know, but it is outrageous what teachers ask for. If you are lucky enough to have kids who didn't have an impossible assignment due, or forgot to tell you that you had to bake 200 cookies for the morning, then perhaps they are asleep and you are savoring that 30 seconds of quiet time you are allotted each weekend.

With all of that going on, why not spend it in front of the television watching Unhitched. It is a new romantic comedy from the Farrelly Brothers and it is on Fox at 930pm Sunday nights. Below is a behind the scenes look at the cast photo session. OK, I did it. Someone owes me a freaking dinner now.

I Love When Readers Are Spies

Readers who are spies are the best spies because you know who and what I care about and who the hell I could really give a rat's ass about. A reader weighed in about who he saw hanging out in NY at Fashion Week, and I will add my stuff in the italics.

Hey Ent-

I was at the Gramercy Park Hotel bar last night and saw a bunch of celebrities, though no one did anything foolish. Ellen Pompeo, her husband, (see and you thought no one did anything foolish. Well, Ellen might not have done anything foolish last night, but really every night she stays married to this guy is another night of foolishness so in all actuality, there is never a time for now that Ellen is not acting foolish. ) Rebecca Gayheart and Eric Dane were on a married couple double-date. (Did you get up close to Eric and check for any kind of scarring on the lips? I keep looking at photos and can't see anything. I mean I know he is not making it up, but you would think you would be able to see something. I think we are all just grateful he doesn't have a Joaquin Phoenix scar. The last thing I need in this world is to have dodge the films of two actors, three if you count Hugh Grant's teeth just because I can't concentrate because I can't stop staring at the scar or teeth. Did Rebecca eat? See, that would be big news. I would love to know if she ate a little and said she was full after a saltine, or if she is doing her In-N-Out type regimen some more and really gaining some weight. Go back to Ellen for a second. Did she look pregnant?) At one point Sean Combs came in wearing a tux (with one bodyguard) and hung out with them, and then Andre Benjamin came in and hung out with Combs. (I bet Sean doesn't like Andre hanging out with him because even though Sean wears a tux 24/7, Andre is such a better dresser. Sean is a guy who has the money to spend as much on fashion as any person alive and it shows. The problem is that Andre can wear anything and it just looks better on him, no matter what it is. ) Dylan McDermott was there wearing a suit and got the number of a pretty blond girl. (This is why Shiva needs to call me and just give up on the whole getting back with Dylan thing. Can't you see that he is just playing you when he needs a little loving?) The weird sighting was the alleged John Krasinski, who had the height, hair, and weird plaid jacket you would expect, along with girls introducing themselves to him, but...if it was him he is a lot stockier than he seems on TV. Perhaps he has gained a little weight? (Oh, that reminds me of something I need to post)

The World Of WD -- With Photos


The only semi interesting thing to happen last week was the Pauly Shore Birthday party... kind of a sad state of affairs. I was able to snap some pics but sadly, there wasn't too much to shoot. I was expecting something wild and weird, a party that only the Weasel could throw but
it was just your typical LA party.

Having a margarita for Jewels.
One of the girls I was there with had met Jeremy Piven before. At that time, Jeremy had walked up to her and said that she looked like his friend Janeane Garofalo. So when she saw Jeremy at Pauly's party she wanted to get a picture with him. When we walked up with the camera, his friend insisted that I get in too. He was actually really cool about it. She reminded him of the story and he looked at her and said, "well, you look better now." Ouch Janeane. Personally I think she looks more like Julia Louis-Dreyfus.
Pauly blowing out candles. He insisted that all the beautiful women come up on the stage. I don't know if Gentleman Prefer Blondes but Pauly clearly does, lucky for me.
Pauly tries to kiss actress Steffany Huckabee. She was sweet about it but totally dodged him.
Close up on the birthday cake.

And that's the party. There was lots of 80's music which I love to dance to.

The highlight of my week was a baby shower for my friend who is expecting twins. It was a small gathering but it was at a lovely home. There were only 7 women and each one seemed to be in a different stage of life. Me, single and nowhere close to having a family; a girl, a little older who JUST got engaged; my friend who is due any minute; a woman who has 7 month twin boys; a woman who has two girls 6 and 4; a woman with one boy in high school and a girl in her first year of college; and, a woman who has 5 grandkids. It was so lovely to sit, swap stories and share with these women. Oh, and the food was to die for. I took 5 bags home.

Something Mooshki said last week really got me thinking. But more on that next week.

Oh, one last thing, since I'm working on producing this webseries I have been keeping on eye out for possible places to showcase it or competitions where I can enter it. Found this site, that just launched, and thought it was funny and really well done so wanted to share it with all of you. Hope you enjoy.


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