Friday, February 05, 2010

Four For Friday - All A Listers

#1 & #2 - This married Academy Award winner/nominee actress is a big fan of Adderall. She hides it from her A list celebrity husband though because of his past addictions. She has given him so much crap but doesn't want to hear him give it back to her.

#3 - This aging A list Academy Award winner/nominee actor loves when his teen children have girls come over to the house. Our actor spends the entire time they are there in a bathrobe and Speedo. No matter the time of day or the time of year.

#4 & #5 - This A list comedy actor was having a party at his house. The intercom system was on so music could be listened to throughout the house. Unfortunately for our actor the music stopped just as he was berating his B- list actress wife for embarrassing him in front of his friends. He also called her worthless. Nice huh?

Random Photos Part Two

Carol Kane gets the top spot. I love her and she always makes me laugh.
Carlos Santana is a big supporter of Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf's school. He finally got to visit.
About a year and a half ago I referred to Amber Heard as death. She looked like it for sure. Now though she must have started eating and getting out in the sun because she looks great. Plus
look at the car she drives. How can you not love that about her?
It's a Sabrina reunion. Too bad Nick Bakay wasn't there.
The guy on the right is Dolly Parton's husband. The only known picture of Carl Dean. If I was a pap, I would stake out her house for a few days just to get another picture. I think everyone would be curious. Oh, and that is Dolly on the left.
Is that fur Ellen Pompeo is wearing? Whatever it is Lindsay Lohan wore the exact same thing last night. They either shop at the same place or Lindsay did a little two finger shopping off Ellen.
A very, very rare appearance on the red carpet for Janeane Garofalo.
Snoop Dogg getting some love from none other than Jimmie Johnson of NASCAR.
Sienna Miller and Jude Law on their first public date.
Keira Knightley in Elle.
Anna Paquin in Marie Claire.
Kim Kardashian shilling her new perfume line. She may need to sell some more. She is being sued by her former maid. This was the maid she had when she was married way back in the day.
Kevin McKidd this morning in New York.
And last night.
The first look at Katie Price's new ring. On her way to a Rocky & Bullwinkle festival? That joke may have been a stretch.
Leighton Meester and Kelly Rutherford.

Random Photos Part One

Two parts today although the physics involved in allowing Mary Kate Olsen to carry a bag which weighs more than her and not topple her is definitely top spot worthy.
Natalie Cole and her 60th birthday party. Her eyesight must be getting bad though because I think she bought the wrong size top. Goodness.
I haven't seen a picture of the Lachey brothers together in a long time.
Queen Latifah and Carrie Underwood will be on the pregame show of the Super Bowl while that child porn guy will be on at halftime.
Speaking of children. How much older is Rick Fox than Eliza Dushku.
Rihanna - Miami
Since when did Sandra Bullock start looking like Demi Moore?
Another dog walker is Orlando Bloom.
Scott Phillips of Creed shows off his love for Joey Fatone.
Then Joey takes his turn.
Randomness of the day. Raven Symone & Andy Milonakis.
First time appearances for Thomas Jay Ryan, Sam Breslin Wright, and Michael Urie.
Uma - Oprah, Oprah - Uma.
Vanessa Perroncel decided to not sell her story to the media. Apparently John Terry must have written a VERY large check.
Venus Williams looks incredible. The best she has ever looked.

Your Turn

Very simple today. SuperBowl Sunday is just two days away.

1. Saints
2. Colts
3. Biggest Loser Marathon

Oh, and when you make your pick, please consider the following. If New Orleans wins we will be inundated with pictures of Kim Kardashian. If the Colts win, we will be inundated with pictures of Kendra Wilkinson.

Banker Looking At Naked Photos Of Miranda Kerr Keeps His Job

Earlier this week I posted the photos above. They were of a guy who was looking at naked pictures of Miranda Kerr while at work. Probably not a big deal, but his computer was being seen all across Australia on television. As soon as his bosses found out they had security escort him from the building and he has been at home since.

Well, today he found out he will be allowed to keep his job. One of his biggest supporters was Miranda Kerr who came out in support of the banker and said he should get to keep his job. Apparently most people around Australia agreed also and finally the bank relented and let him keep his job. I mean I think it is pretty obvious the guy will probably never surf the internet at work again. In case you have never seen the video of the entire incident, it is below.

Tila Self Medicates - Bodyguards Tried To Stage An Intervention

Have you ever heard of The Bodyguard Group? Probably not but you have seen pictures of their employees everywhere. It is a company that specializes in providing bodyguards to celebrities but what makes them special is they try and only hire armed forces veterans. They never say anything about anyone. Ever. Until now. Because it is such a great release I am posting it in its entirety. Try and ignore the nice things they say about Paris Hilton and her family. Think of it as kissing the ass of your employer. The rest of it though is gold. Pay special attention to the fact that Tila's jewelry was all fake and the self-medication and the whole baby daddy issue.

For 43 years our Company The Bodyguard Group has never given an interview about any current or former client or written a letter such as in this instance, this is our first and ONLY press release, in fact 99% of our members work has NEVER been posted on our web site.

However, at this juncture we felt it necessary to set the record straight about our dealings with Tila Tequila and her comments about us and the Hilton family and other Celebrities for the following reasons:

Tila has serious self medication & emotional problems that we pray that she can get professional treatment and help with. The Bodyguard Group has tried a brief intervention with her once but failed to get through to her.

As Combat Veterans we have seen our friends tragically die in combat before their time; Therefore we have a very high respect for life and for this reason we truly pray Tila can get help before it is too late.

Although we felt and still do feel very sorry for her, when we saw the types of self medication she was taking and many other things we cannot talk about in this press release, we decided could we could NOT perform any work for her, but we did try and help by explaining to her she was going to overdose and die much too young like Heath, Anna, River and so many others who tragically died before their time, unless she changed her current self-medicating practices.

When Tila told us she was broke and could not pay us, we gave her our services for free, we even arranged to take her to a high end jewelry & watch Pawn Shop so she could sell her extra rings and watches, to raise money for her family. We were deeply saddened to learn from the owner & head jeweler that her rings were not diamonds.

She gave our company her word, no press, no paparazzi while we were there to give her a ride, she lied to us and had the paparazzi waiting for us when we walked out.

We do not ever accept being lied to by a client, even if we are not getting paid, so that ended our relationship with Tila Tequila.

We were NEVER aware of Tila tweeting negative things about The Hiltons and other Celebrities, until yesterday, that is why we are releasing this information today.

The father of Tila's baby

We deny that our owner or any member of The Bodyguard Group is the father of Tila's baby, Tila told us the father of her baby is her high school sweetheart, a U.S. Army Combat Veteran, who served in Afghanistan and now lives in Texas.

As for what Tila said that we said about Paris Hilton, Nikki Hilton, David Katzenberg, Bijou Phillips and several other Celebrities:

The Hiltons have ALWAYS treated The Bodyguard Group members with 100% respect, every word Tila alleges that we have said about the Hilton's is 100% FALSE, Tila Tequila has been tweeting and saying we said negative things about Paris & Nikki Hilton, David Katzenberg, Bijou Phillips and several other Celebrities.

We have NEVER said anything negative about Paris, Nikki or anyone else that our group has ever protected, met or known period.

The fact is Paris Hilton, Nikki Hilton, the Hilton family, David Katzenberg, Bijou Phillips, Jon Voight, Jack Nicholson, Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Alba, Keanu Reeves, Eva Longoria, Conan O' Brien and hundreds of other Celebrities we have had any contact with have ALL been OUTSTANDING supporters of the U.S. Combat Veteran members of The Bodyguard Group and we are grateful for their support.

All of these celebrities and more have been kind enough to have taken photos with our U.S. Veteran members of The Bodyguard Group and have always treated our U.S. Veteran members extremely well, We will never forget your acts of kindness towards our members and friends.

Snooki Flips The Bird To Philadelphia

Always keeping it classy, Snooki was judging a wing eating contest this morning in Philadelphia. Apparently some of the crowd were booing Snooki. Hmmmm, I wonder what Snooki decided to do. How about laughing at it all and flipping the city the bird. Way to keep it classy Snooki. A lot of credit goes to the reporter who didn't even break rhythm, but just pushed Snooki's finger down and kept talking.

Howard Stern To Replace Simon Cowell?

"Look honey, you can't sing, but if you get naked I will let you go to Hollywood." I don't think you would ever hear that sentence from Simon Cowell, but if the reports from the NY Post are true, you may hear it from Howard Stern. According to sources from The Post, Howard Stern is the first choice of Idol producers to replace Simon Cowell. Really? You have replaced Paula Abdul with a talk show host and now you want to replace a record executive with a shock jock. This is quite possibly the worst idea I have ever heard. If Idol wants to kill itself then by all means keep hiring people who have nothing to do with the music industry.

I rarely watch Idol, but even I know this would totally destroy whatever fabric they have remaining. Who thinks of these ideas? What I think they should do is to have a reality show amongst A&R people from various labels. They go through various challenges and America votes. That way people would have a vested interest in the new judge. I think you need to have at least one person on the show who knows what to look for in talent and not just be curious about what breast size a contestant has.

John Mayer & Taylor Swift Spent The Night Together

I have seen a lot of stories that say John Mayer and Taylor Swift are dating, but In Touch takes it a step further and says they "hooked up" and spent the night together in John's suite before having mid-morning room service together and Taylor leaving.

Yes, this is In Touch which I take with a grain of salt. Well, actually an entire shaker of salt, but if it is true, then it shows that John Mayer only dates people that bring him more publicity and that Taylor Swift has some horrible taste in guys.

Ted C Blind Item

Secretia Ohio and Chester Shorts-Off are as horny as they are famous—just don't think they're so hot for each other, that's all. Hmmm. Certainly explains some very tabloid-messy love sitches the two have been caught in, more than once.

But let's back up:

Secretia, an impressively put-together gal of verve, good looks and surprising steeliness, has long gotten it on with tons o' guys, even though the public pretty much doesn't know. And some folks were a bit surprised when she married Chester, an incredibly talented dude who's always so busy keeping his gorgeous face smiling, no one's really stopped to think what a slut he is.

But major STD-alert? Man, is he ever:

Chester sleeps with guys as often as his career provides him with huge-ass checks. This was a little known fact when Chesty and Secretia married, to much public pronouncement. How wonderful the pretty charmer hooked the quieter, chiseled-jaw type. What a celebrity fairy-tale romance everybody thought it would be!

The public couldn't have been more wrong—or uninformed.

The deliciously kinky arrangement Secretia and Chester have is this: She gets to hook up with all the guys she pleases—usually by picking their names out of bowls at classy swingers parties. (Is that sorta like calling an alcoholic who guzzles only Grey Goose a "classy drunk"?) And Chester gets to boink all the boys he wants.

That is their secret arrangement.

And, yes, the couple does—on occasion—have sex the old-fashioned married way (meaning, with each other). But hey, how long is that gonna last, I wonder? 'Cause sooner or later, one of these beautiful couple's myriad outside lovers is gonna blow the whistle. Or worse: Watch one of Secretia or Chester's affairs fall in love with them, and then go hire Gloria Allred and call a press conference because they can't have Ohio or Shorts-Off all to themselves!

Either way, it's a precarious love sitch that's just bound to pop—and how. What else do you expect when you pick your partner like he's a piece of popcorn?

It Ain't: Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller, John Travolta and Kelly Preston, Tiger and Elin Woods

Aspen Gets Tough On Charlie Sheen

If Charlie Sheen is going to walk away from his alleged Christmas morning knife attack on his wife it is going to take a little more effort than he probably planned. While someone was busy stealing his SUV this morning and driving it into a ravine, Charlie was contemplating the fact that not only was he going to have stop watching so much porn when his wife comes home, but that he is going to be charged with a felony and a misdemeanor for the alleged attack on his wife.

According to TMZ, when Charlie shows up in court on Monday he will get the good news about the possibility of doing time. I'm just glad the district attorney had the guts to charge Charlie with a felony. I was afraid that with Brooke recanting and saying she doesn't remember what happened because of the booze that Charlie was going to not even get charged.

Dina Lohan Cracks Me Up

You know whenever Lindsay Lohan gets even the slightest smidge of publicity either her mom or dad has to jump in and get some of the spotlight for themselves. It never ever fails. So, of course after Lindsay was on The Insider with all of her stuff, Dina Lohan just had to call up Kneepads and give them a couple of paragraphs so that she could be quoted and feel important and while she was at it plug a bunch of things that will never happen for herself or her daughter.

Why does Lindsay have so much stuff? Surprisingly enough Dina didn't say it was because of God or God's plan. She said it was because Lindsay has been through a lot and is trying to move forward but for the most part it is because Lindsay is so busy working that she hasn't had any time to do anything but work. Umm, show of hands. When is the last time anyone saw Lindsay work? When is the last time anyone saw Lindsay during the daylight hours? Oh, and get this. The best part was when Dina said that Lindsay is the executive producer for a new television talk show. Whatever.

And, not to be out shined by her daughter, Dina says that in addition to being the best mom on the planet and making sure Ali gets home from the nightclubs by 4 a.m. she is also producing a movie. And of course the ever present new reality show which will probably exploit whatever members of her family she has not got around to yet. And if you think Lindsay should give all that stuff to charity, they will give the stuff that was gifted to them to charity. However some of the gifts and all of the stuff that Lindsay bought or ahem, acquired through other means will be sold on Lindsay's website. You know, just in case that executive producing thing doesn't work out.

Tiger Woods To Play Golf Tournament Again In Two Weeks

Apparently Tiger Woods left rehab this morning. Sex rehab that is. Although he might want to get that whole Ambien thing looked into because he seems to love those little pills. From what I understand, and honestly, I don't know a lot of people within the golf world, Tiger is going to return to golf in two weeks at the Accenture Match Play Championship. It is a tournament Tiger has won previously, he wants to kiss the ass of the Accenture people so they will start wanting to pay him again and the format of the tournament means that if he sucks he can leave after one day and not have to stick it out through the entire weekend.

Meanwhile he has two weeks to spend time with his wife and kids. Should be a jolly Valentine's Day next week at the Woods household. I am still shocked that Elin is going to stay married to him. It isn't so much the 20 women he cheated on her with, although if you multiply the number of partners they each had that Tiger then brought home to Elin that is pretty staggering. What must kill her is that forever she will be known as the woman who stood by the guy who cheated and cheated and cheated and cheated. People will point her out and whisper. I liked her original plan better. Buy a house in Sweden and go there. If Tiger wants to see the kids make him fly in his private jet there. Would you take the guy back?

Daily Mirror Blind Item

Which sleazy footballer enjoyed a raucous trip to a lapdancing club recently and is now terrified of CCTV? No, NOT John Terry.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Today's Blind Items

I guess this actress is B- list. It's tough. She has been in some big movies and was the lead actress and has been in some big television shows too. But, she just doesn't feel like a B. Anyway, she has had some very public alcohol problems in the past. She told everyone she was clean now. Well, she isn't. She is drinking again and this is just after she and her girlfriend decided to have a baby. So, our actress is pregnant and drinking again. Not a great combination.

Random Photos Part Two

Frances Reid - RIP
Brigitte Nielsen in her first fashion shoot in a very long time. Yes, I know it is airbrushed, photoshopped and in fact, might not even be her, but she looks good.

Reggie Bush was supposed to host a party for Red Bull today, but at last check he hadn't showed up. It could be because of the presence of such huge stars as Bonnie Jill Laflin who as all of you probably know was on Deal Or No Deal as a model. How do you even find someone like that to invite?
The picture I never thought I would see. Ever. Did I say ever? Donavan McNabb and Terrell Owens. Oh, and they are smiling.
Dennis Quaid preparing for his new surfing movie.
It just shows that you can have a great body and smoke. See, I should start smoking.
No offense to Emily Blunt and Benicio del Toro, but when is Anthony Hopkins going to start showing up at some of these Wolfman premieres.
Gino. I am sure you are a great cook and all, but if I am sucking down plates of pasta and loaves of garlic bread, I'm not going to be losing weight.
Really? Joe Jonas doing the pop and lock?
"Hi my name is Jesus. What's yours?"
Jeremy Renner everyone. Please no more e-mails.
Jordin Sparks and that little David guy from American Idol have a great idea. I really should follow it. I text too much in the car. Illegally. I am just grateful no one has made any laws restricting my ability to eat in the car. Oh, or play on my laptop. Oh, or play video games. Oh, or distract me at night with the porn people are watching in their SUV while I am driving two inches behind them.


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