Friday, June 11, 2010

Four For Friday

#1 & 2 - This A list (and it pains me to call him A list) movie actor was doing press work for his latest flop. Instead of doing what he could to try and get a few people to see it by being nice to the press, he berated them constantly, would not answer their questions and was as miserable as a person can be. He also made several interviews unusable by his actions which made the whole process a waste for at least one network.

#1 - actor
#2 - latest flop

#3 & #4 - This C+/B- primarily television actress was doing press for her hit almost network ensemble television show. She showed up to everything she was supposed to, but was so whacked out on drugs that it hardly even mattered. Forget about interviews, she could barely form words.

#3 - actress
#4 - show

Random Photos Part Five

Mike Nichols gets the top spot for his AFI Lifetime Achievement Award he received last night. Some great movies from this man.
Amanda Seyfried and her dog who looks like he is not ready to go home yet.
Bryan Ferry and his grand daughter. No actually, I think it is his girlfriend.
Delta Goodrem and Brian McFadden.
I didn't even recognize Bridget Moynahan.
I did recognize Brad Pitt and his scraggly beard.
How many coffee runs does Britney Spears make each day?
Bruce Willis and his wife Emma.
Calista Flockhart looks pretty good here.
Cher, well Cher looks like Cher. There is no other.
More randomness. Courtney Love and Marisa Tomei together.
Carrott Top is like his own CGI effect.
Dane Cook and Maria Menounos visiting patients at a Children's Hospital in Boston. So, no not funny joke this time.
Also volunteering, this time in Los Angeles, were some Twilight cast members.

Random Photos Part Four

Diane Sawyer looking lovely last night.
Donatella Versace, umm, not looking quite as lovely.
Apparently Erika Christensen never signed up for the Scientology class on how to dress yourself. I wonder how much it costs. She is standing next to Vanessa Prager who is an artist. Her sister was having an exhibit in London that a Masterson brother was at so this was probably some huge Scientology thing disguised as an art exhibition.
Lots of class. Emmylou Harris. Love her.
Ethan Hawke stares down the photographer while
his ex films her new movie.
I'm still wondering who keeps asking Emmy Rossum to come to events. All she does are Dragonball movies, and not very many of those.
Emma Thompson is getting some crap from other sites for wearing this dress more than once to an event. I say so what. Who says you need a new dress for every event.
Glenn and Jessica Close.
Glee love. Jenna Ushkowitz and Kevin McHale.
This is the Helena Bonham Carter I know and love.
Probably the most attentive celebrity dad.

Random Photos Part Three

It's the 50th anniversary of the Playboy Bunny so Holly Madison was happy to help out. For a fee.
If it is cloudy and rainy with a bunch of young people then it must be Isle Of Wight Festival time.
Randomness. Jason Bateman and Renee Zellweger. I actually think she just came as Bradley Cooper's date. They were there for the launch of Dumbdumb which is Jason and
Will Arnett's new company.
Also there was the aforementioned Bradley Cooper, Justin Long, and Zach Gallifavritreyihei-ei-o.
Oh, and Amanda Peet who said that having a baby at 41 is too old.
John Goodman back in the day.
John Goodman last night. Hope he got paid by a weight loss company.
Jamie Lee Curtis and her daughter.
Oprah and her new best friend Julia Roberts. Gayle is the one who has been pushed to the side there.
Yeah Jay Roach, you better keep a close hold on Susanna Hoffs. I am always ready to jump in.
The man who always makes me laugh, John C Reilly.
John Stamos needs a girlfriend. I'm tired of always seeing him alone.

Random Photos Part Two

Jason Segel must have just rolled out of bed prior to coming to this event.
Apparently this Karate Kid movie is not as bad as the idea sounded. It is supposed to be much more grim than the first one. Not as happy go lucky.
Kevin Spacey takes a bow, or he has a bad back.
The scene this morning in Los Angeles at an outdoor screening of the Mexico - South Africa match.
Bad fake tan? Check. Cigarette ready to go? Check. Look ridiculous? Check. Assistant? Nope. She quit.
Leelee Sobieski tries her smolder look.
Someone must have just told Mel B that Eddie Murphy wants to have another baby with her.
Megan Fox in Interview Magazine with an exact mannequin of Megan Fox.
If you have never seen Weeds you need to do so. Mary Louise Parker would probably like you to also.
Mira Sorvino probably doesn't care whether you watch it.
What is on Naomi Judd's arm? Did you see that she and Wynona are going on another tour?
Natalie Portman and a brand new hair color. Now she looks like everyone else.
A long overdue first time appearance for Nasim Pedrad.


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