Friday, December 10, 2010

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

Three parts today.

Oprah continues her Australia trip.
Apparently someone did not hear the news that Oprah is not a lesbian.
Lots and lots of Australian fans.
Owen Wilson promoting all his December movies.
Yes, it is true. A stuffed Garfield is more real than Ashlee Simpson.
Long time no see Rene Auberjonois.
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2 (She has lost 50 pounds since last year's photo!!)
I guess when you have sex scenes like Ryan Gosling & Michelle Williams did, you will always be close.
Sam Trammell goes for the scruffy look.
Taylor Momsen - Paris
Taylor Swift and Jake G going for a drive. Probably for coffee.
Meanwhile, Jake's sister Maggie hangs out with her daughter.

Your Turn

This week, Anna Faris, said she stopped sexting her husband because she accidentally sent one to her dad. She also alluded to an incident involving her 9 year old nephew but would not elaborate. My question for you today is do you sext and have you ever had any embarrassing incidents regarding them?

Elizabeth Smart's Kidnapper Found Guilty

Today is a great day. The man who kidnapped Elizabeth Smart was found guilty in a federal court in Utah. Brian David Mitchell was convicted of kidnapping and transporting a child across state lines for sexual purposes. I think he is disturbed but never understood why no one thought he could stand trial or understand his defense. He certainly knew what he was doing when he planned the kidnapping and convinced his wife to go along with him. He had no problems sexually assaulting an raping Elizabeth and keeping her prisoner. The guy is scheduled to be sentenced in May and faces life in prison.

I am amazed that Elizabeth was able to testify and the composure she showed having to face the guy who did not stop singing or humming almost through the entire trial. She stared the guy down and did what had to be done. It was probably so incredibly hard, but she did it and now hopefully she can get some closure.

Fashion Designer Identified As Murder Victim Found In Hotel Bathtub

The woman who was found in a New York hotel room bathtub, apparently strangled to death has been identified as fashion designer, Sylvie Cachay. Sylvie had recently broken up with Nicholas Brooks, but the pair of them checked into the hotel together that night. Friends of Sylvie have said that Nicholas was awful to Sylvie and that he was messed up. It is unclear why they would check into a hotel room together, but other reports have said there may have been smoke in her apartment building that night so she wanted to stay in a hotel.

The police did finally track down Nicholas and have spoken to him, but he was released without being charged. Yesterday I said she had been found fully clothed in the bathtub, but today, it is being reported she was found in a shirt and panties and several bottles of prescription pills were also found in the room. They were full though. Also, the reason the body was discovered was not because of a maid, but because there was water leaking in the room below.

Jillian Michaels Leaving Biggest Loser To Have Babies

Earlier this week, Jillian Michaels announced that the upcoming season of Biggest Loser will be her last. Apparently she wanted to leave sooner but the producers wanted to make sure she fulfilled her entire contract which runs out after season 11. I can't believe there have been that many seasons of the show. I have not really watched the past few seasons that much. Do they ever update how people are doing from the earlier seasons? I would be interested to see how many of the contestants have managed to keep all their weight off.

Anyway, Jillian explained that she is leaving the show because she wants to take a year off and have kids. "I want to take a year off TV and focus on becoming a mommy and doing more charity work." I think she wants some time to try and repair her image which has taken a huge nose dive in the past year with all of the controversies about whether she is a good trainer and also about all those lawsuits involving products she endorses. My prediction is that a year from now, she will have done some charity work, lined up a new show and will still have no children.

The Hoff Has Been Canceled

I know I did not watch either of the first two episodes of the reality show starring David Hasselhoff and his two daughters. Judging by the ratings no one else in the world watched it either and A&E has canceled the show. Only 500,000 people tuned into to watch the second episode which might be the reason. Also, dealing with The Hoff and his demands did not really endear himself to the network either. Not to worry though, The Hoff got a new job at Britain's Got Talent. He is replacing Simon Cowell.

Ted C Blind Item

Before you start feeling too sorry for poor, mixed-up, closeted celeb Butter Pussy and how the babe's scared coming out will affect her and her loved ones' incomes, listen up. Butter's hardly a saint.

Far from it.

Sometime ago, Ms. Pussy, who's really fabulous at her very celebrated career, came home from a hard day's work and her man happened to be home. But he wasn't alone:

Butter found the partner she genuinely cared for—but whom she also conveniently used (a lot) to help sell her fake heterosexuality to the gullible public—in bed. With company. And it wasn't another chick, either!

Butter's man was in bed of Ms. Pussy's employee's. How awful! How humiliating! How déclassé!

So, Butter-babe did what any megastar worth her very butch reputation would do: She got a knife and threatened to "cut" the philandering partner. And guess what?

She did! Badly. So much so, the sliced-up dude had to be taken to the hospital—and his recovery took some time.

Now, to make up for things, the cheating dude who got knifed by the always well-coiffed and formidable Butter Pussy gets regular paychecks, per their postknifing financial arrangement.

And some folks think the guy's sticking around (and getting to enjoy the fancy life), just to help Butter parlay that straight-chick image.

Well, maybe a little—and maybe a little because both players here do still care for each other. But trust, those aren't the emotional ties than bind them.

It's blood. Literally.

AND IT AIN'T: Jada Pinkett-Smith, Dolly Parton, Diane Lane

That Joe Jonas Story

This is not much of a story, but just thought I would share a little eyewitness account of the photo above. Earlier this week I shared with you my Kyle Richards encounter on Tuesday. Because I took the day off from work and was hanging out with the parents, after The Grove we took a turn over to BevMo which just happens to share the same parking garage as a Target where this Joe Jonas photo was taken.

Despite the number of photos I have seen taken at this Target parking garage of celebrities, my encounters in the parking garage and in the stores above have been limited to people who could not even score a gig on Surreal Life if they had a cast of 300.

But, then again, I do not usually go to The Grove or Target during the day during the week. So, shortly after the Kyle Richards run in at The Grove, the family and I were coming back down from BevMo and headed to the mini-van when I saw Senor Jonas hanging out of his truck. I say hanging out because he had the window rolled down and his arm hanging out and I pointed him out to my mom. She has a thing for the Jonas Brothers. I don't know why. She also knows I suck at identifying celebrities when I am out. I either don't pay any attention and don't notice them, or I assume everyone is one because they all dress and look the same. But, because I have some weird connection with actresses with minor roles in Twilight, it did not surprise me at all to see him and knew who he was. The only celebrities I ever seem to see anywhere or run into are Ashley Greene and Nikki Reed. I could go anywhere in this city and run into them. I have run into ihop at 4am in a shady part of town and there was Nikki Reed. Public Library? Saw Ashley Greene. At least once a month or so I see one of them and it is really starting to freak out. I don't sleep well at night and I still don't know what Ashley Greene was doing at a public library. She does not seem like a big reader. It is like they follow me. So, seeing the guy she is dating was not a big shocker.

When my mom turned to stare at him, he seemed to perk up and get excited that someone recognized him even if it was a woman who is older than his grandfather. Apparently he needs to be recognized every few minutes to keep his mojo. Whoever took the picture of him must have come about a minute or two later but they took the picture right from where we had parked. When I saw him in the truck he was wearing more than a t-shirt so he must have decided to strip down before moving the tree box.

Miley Cysrus Loves Her Salvia

Where does one even purchase salvia? Apparently the friends of Miley Cyrus know because according to someone, the stuff in that bong is salvia. It is legal, but even if it was pot, it really would not bother me that much. Yes, there are millions of little girls all over the world who still love Hannah Montana and would be shocked if she was underage drinking or smoking pot or salvia or saliva or anything else. But, the fact is she is 18, a teenager and she is going to get wild. The thing she should try and do is to stop hanging out with people who are shooting video and then selling it to tabloids. I just have the picture above, but TMZ has a video. That means someone was consciously shooting a video while she was smoking and she was doing nothing and did not care at all.

BuzzFoto Blind Item

This singer started on a children’s television show that is no longer on TV. He found fame and has straightened his life out, but claims he used to do cocaine on the set of the show with the cast, crew and producers.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Today's Blind Items

I don't know if this overrated B list actress is this former A list singer and now B list actor's girlfriend or friend or beard or just a f**k buddy. I do know though that she bought him a $25,000 c**k ring for Christmas. It has diamonds. Those might leave a mark. Just sayin'.

Random Photos Part Three

A huge gathering of fans yesterday in Strawberry Fields, remembering the death of John Lennon 30 years ago.
Ben Affleck wears the stripes well.
Cheryl Cole in tight leather and heavy makeup. Not sure about this.
Charlotte Church - New York City
Celine Dion debuts the twins.
Christina Aguilera pretends Cher is her friend.
Charlize Theron.
David Beckham takes the kids for a bike ride at the beach.
This is what you get when The Hoff runs into an open bar.
Apparently Duffy floats and does not walk.
Gabriel Aubry in Vancouver.
Jasmes Franco making out with himself.

Random Photos Part Two

Remind me tomorrow and I will share a story about this Joe Jonas picture.
Jennifer Lopez getting ready for Hollywood week.
Jeremy Sisto joining forces with other bearded men to rule the world.
Jay Z checks out his wife in Australia.
Kate Gosselin always looks so much happier when it is just her and her bodyguard.
Katie Price looks like she is ready for a blizzard in Moscow, but she was in 75 degree weather in Los Angeles.
Lady GaGa wax figures were unveiled yesterday.

Does Lindsay Lohan have a wax figure? Is it doing drugs?
I have no idea what Liv Tyler was thinking here. I guess layers.
Natalie Portman hanging out with John Galliano.
Snow in Paris. Looks great!

Also in Paris were Christoph Waltz, Seth Rogen and Cameron Diaz.

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

Three parts today.

Paul Bettany wearing some kind of tie? under his collar. Scarf? Apron?
Hello Miss Jones. We should get something to eat very soon. Or drink.
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2
Shannen Doherty turns into biker chick.
A Samantha Ronson photo where she is not actually giving anyone the bird. Rare.
The always lovely Sofia Vergara.
Brandy getting close with Terrence J.
Taylor Swift's first Covergirl ad.
This woman simultaneously breast feeds her six year old and her newborn.
Randomness. Vera Wang and Evan Lysacek at a Knicks game.


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