Saturday, November 15, 2014

Blind Items Revealed #16

July 20, 2014

Despite this former A list “singer” paying a guy $2500 in advance for the night he didn't show up for the event she wanted him to attend. The now reality star was crushed and was crying most of the night. She is still good looking. I don't know why she is paying.

Paula Abdul

Blind Items Revealed #15 - Anniversary Month

August 8, 2008

Hotel in Las Vegas. Our B list actress from a hit network comedy who is usually friendly must have been extremely upset to pull this kind of diva behavior. Checks in to the hotel with her baby, a nanny and about 10 items of luggage. The hotel is packed, but she wants service right then. Gets up to her room. Says it faces the wrong direction, wants a new suite. Finds out there is nothing available for an hour or so. “Well you better find someone who can clean faster because if I don't have a room in the next five minutes, I am going to tell everyone I know, your hotel sucks. I don't care how many Mexicans you have to call, I want a new room. Now.”

Jaime Pressly

Blind Items Revealed #14

July 20, 2014

This B list mostly television actor from a very hit cable show who will probably be a movie star and had his big chance once has come back to his trailer the past few days on set to find this aging former A list singer who is a part-time actress stark naked and smoking. Apparently she thinks they met in a past life and wants to get close to him.

Charlie Hunnam/Courtney Love

Blind Items Revealed #13- Anniversary Month

July 22, 2008

A certain Southwest city – This male talk show host had just a few too many to drink or to smoke or to snort but was crazy out of his mind, and made his big eyes even bigger. Well the talk show host decided that at 2am he was going to make a raid on the lobby furniture because it was moving. Oh yeah, it was moving and trying to surround him. So, our talk show host spent about an hour taking a fire ax to various pieces of the furniture. When management was notified they said they didn't care since no other guests were awake and they would get paid for it anyway. After an hour, the talk show host said the furniture was dead and fell asleep right there in the middle of the lobby.

Carson Daly

Blind Items Revealed #12

July 19, 2014

This former A list singer when he was in his 80's hair band before becoming a reality star not only colors the remaining facial and head hair, but also his pubic hair.

Bret Michaels

Blind Items Revealed #11- Anniversary Month

June 17, 2008

Speaking of financial messes, this other celebrity couple is in even worse shape. Actually the male half of the couple is a celebrity in the sense that he is married to the female actress who was once at the very top of the world and has slowly, but steadily just about crashed to the bottom. In one more year, people will be “who?” It has got so bad financially with their raging drug habit and his legal problems that they have started making sex tapes which are going to be “stolen.” Outrage will follow and then hopefully enough money from the distributor to last until she can find someone willing to pay her what she used to get for acting.

Brittany Murphy

Blind Items Revealed #10

July 18, 2014

This former B+ list mostly movie actress is in the world of television now and owes it all to her ex. He is an A list mostly television actor who was surprised when his ex started hitting on him last year. They had grown to the point where they hated each other because he was always cheating on her and they got into some truly awful fights when they were married. Suddenly she was being really nice and one thing led to another and they started having sex again even though he is dating a B list television/movie actress. After a few months of the pick up the kids and have sex routine the former wife said she was hoping to get cast in a part and it just so happened that her ex-husband was on a show run by the guy. So, he made a few phone calls and got her the job. Right after it started filming she dumped her ex.

Tea Leoni/David Duchovny/Gillian Anderson

Blind Items Revealed #9 - Anniversary Month

June 13, 2008

At a recent party this celebrity chef was all lovey dovey to his no name girlfriend. Holding hands, kissing, everything. Really sweet. UNTIL, this celebrity with a famous body and famous ex boyfriend started flirting with him when the girlfriend was mingling with others. Quicker than you can say 30 minute meals, Bam!, Good Eats! or whatever the catch phrase that may or may not apply here, phone numbers were exchanged and plans to meet the next night when girlfriend was going to be out of town. This by the way is not the first time this has happened.

Rocco DiSpirito/Karina Smirnoff (worst description for her ever)

Blind Items Revealed #8

July 18, 2014

Apparently this recent brawl at a party was caused because this former C+ list television actor from a very hit show made a sex tape with this former A list reality star and he wanted her to sign a release so he could sell it. They both have done this kind of thing before.

Jeremy Jackson/Paris Hilton

Blind Items Revealed #7- Anniversary Month

June 9, 2008

This one is stranger than Slash's mom having sex with David Bowie while Bowie's wife and kid wait in the living room for them to finish.

This former B list television actor on one of the biggest network dramas ever, and now a C list actor with B+ name recognition has some strange rules in his home. He and his wife have kids.

1. Apparently both of the parents are obsessed with germs and bugs (the insect kind, not the germ kind.) Each child must inspect the other children for any ticks or fleas on the body of the other before they go to sleep each night.

2. Each child must wash and dry all their bed linens every day.

3. No sugar in the house. None.

4. The parents take turns sleeping on the floor of each child's bedroom once weekly to ensure the children are sleeping normally. (not sure how they do this if the parents themselves are asleep)

5. Despite the fact that all the children are in at least elementary school, they each have a baby monitor in their room so the parents know what they are doing at all times.

6. Because of the germ phobia, any guests of the kids who come over to play are confined to one room of the house, and one room only. No sleep overs.

Blair Underwood

Blind Items Revealed #6

July 18, 2014

This former A list tweener turned B list mostly movie actress who is in this space way too much for her own good but has very chatty friends thinks she is being super cool by wearing props ala Cruel Intentions to carry her coke.Most of the time she has some piece of jewelry which she uses to hide her stash.

Selena Gomez

Blind Items Revealed #5 - Anniversary Month

May 30, 2008

Know that show about teenagers in NY? Yes that one. Which one of the cuties on the show is going to be spending much of the time in between seasons in a little place we like to call rehab?

Taylor Momsen

Blind Items Revealed #4

July 17, 2014

This east coast Housewife had to spend an entire day in a hotel conference room memorizing a back story about how she created a new line she is selling. She had nothing to do with it or the design but the company wants people to think she did.

Countess LuAnn

Blind Items Revealed #3- Anniversary Month

May 16, 2008

This one hurts because I would have never thought of this B list film actress as a home wrecker. She has always been a favorite. B list film actress sounds so generic now doesn't it? How about we make (#1) gorgeous and aging, but not old. How about someone who is taken seriously as an actress but is definitely not shy about showing off her body. OK, so on the set of her new film she and her female co-star (#2)who was once a B list actress and is now closer to C, but is well known and made her reputation from basically one television show and one serious boyfriend, were bonding and talking smack about the other cast members. At some point they both started talking about our B-/C+ actor (#3) who is doing this film but is known much more for two great television roles on two great television shows. OK, they were both good shows, but I only liked one. Turns out that #3 had hit on both #1 and #2 and #2 was discussing how she would never do anything with him because #3 has a long term girlfriend (#4) who used to be A list and just kind of wanders from role to role now. #2 was looking to #1 for agreement that it was wrong to sleep with #3, and #1 confessed that she had been sleeping with #3 since the third day of filming and that #3 was going to leave #4 for #1. #2 and #1 haven't spoken to each other since.

Heather Graham/Lara Flynn Boyle/John Corbett/Bo Derek

Blind Items Revealed #2

July 17, 2014

This A- list celebrity might do some work for the parent company but that doesn't mean that anyone from ESPN actually likes her except for the two or three guys in a position to give her jobs. The rest of the employees can't stand her and were thrilled when she left the network. She was probably the most whispered about person last night. Evil was about the nicest thing anyone said about her. Oh, she does show up for work on time. I guess that is more of a positive.

Erin Andrews

Blind Items Revealed #1- Anniversary Month

May 15, 2008

This is the funniest one I have ever got from the accountant. This celebutard is engaged to a B list film actress with A+ name recognition. He spent $34,000 on porn last year, and tried to claim it as a deduction for business purposes. He had each and every receipt for all the porn. All of it. He claimed that he needed it to see the proper way to act in a love scene. When the accountant reminded him he wasn't even an actor, our celebutard said something to the effect of, “I've got my girlfriend believing I'm the best guy in the world. I'm a great actor.” They chose not to try and deduct the porn.

Cash Warren/Jessica Alba

Friday, November 14, 2014

Blind Item #3

This married A+ list mostly movie actor got away with a warning and an instruction to change drivers the other night after he was pulled over for DUI. I guess the police officer is a fan.

Blind Item #2

This married foreign born B list singer not named Rita Ora is telling friends she slept with this foreign born A list singer who is technically still married. I can't see him with her though. Not his type.

Blind Items Revealed #6

July 16, 2014

This A- list mostly movie actress tried to recreate the subway sex scene from Risky Business with her now ex celebrity girlfriend but could never end up having an empty subway car long enough to finish. They even had a guy there to photograph it for them.

Michelle Rodriguez/Cara Delevingne

Today's Blind Items - MV And The Annual Clue - Anniversary Month

It is Friday and a very special Friday at that because it is time for the annual MV clue. This is one of my favorite days of the year. Right up there with the free all you can eat buffet on my birthday. A quick note on the site and its progress. By Tuesday I am told there will be the most glorious mobile and iPad site the world has ever seen. So, fingers crossed for that. Many of you have asked about the "companion site." I am letting lawyers handle it all but I will say that you can't blatantly steal and then promote your stealing and not expect consequences. They wouldn't copy and paste TMZ because they didn't like a background color or post a Harry Potter book because they didn't like the font, but apparently they consider it ok to do it to me. It is not ok. It is theft and is being treated as such. If you would like a healthy dose of reveals and blinds this weekend then I will be here posting and if you would like to follow me on Twitter, I am @entylawyer

The clue is at the bottom of the post.

November 21, 2006

Let me preface this post, by saying that if this story ever comes out, it would blow the music world up and shake it to its core..This would put the Milli Vanilli scandal and Ashlee Simpson SNL situation so far down the ladder it would be crazy..

Towards the end of last year I had a woman come into my office and she began to explain what she had done and had been doing for several years and it was one of the very few times that I just could not believe what I was hearing..I know the music industry inside and out, and I had never heard of something so extensive and pervasive as this..

This woman (S) came into my office because the payments she had been receiving had stopped and she wanted to either get the money that was owed to her, or expose what she had been doing to the light of day..

S is a sessions/studio/backup singer and is very good..Prior to her involvement in what I am going to describe, she made a very good living singing on commercials and being a backup singer for groups and other solo acts, etc..Like I said she is very good, but she does not really have that “look” which would make her a star, so record companies did not put her out front, but just used her talents..

In late 2000, a man came to her one day and said he needed someone to record some demos because he had written a lot of songs, but wanted a demo to shop the songs to singers and record labels..This is not unusual at all and she had done this type of work before and it paid pretty well so she agreed. What was unusual about her recording of the demos was how much work was put into the actual recordings..It was extensive..Generally there is not much time put into the recordings because you never really know if the song will even sell, and the money spent on recording could be put to better uses..These demos she was recording were actually being treated as if they were going to be released on a CD or to radio..They even did some mixing which was REALLY unusual..

After a few weeks she had recorded about over a dozen songs and she went on her way and was really oblivious to anything else pertaining to it, UNTIL several months later she was in her car and heard her voice coming from the radio, only it was another singer being given credit..(We will call this other singer MV for Milli Vanilli) She could not believe what she was hearing and did not know whether to be excited to hear herself on the radio, confused about the credit given to another singer or just pissed off for the same reasons..

What she did do, was to call the man who had originally come to her and had her record the songs..The man agreed to meet her and gave her a substantial sum of money and promised to keep giving her money every month as long as she kept her mouth shut. MV was taking off..(MV has/had several Top 40 songs and CD's. They could have gone to #1 or languished in the 30's..I really cannot go into much more detail or else it would be too easy to discover) MV was everywhere..on television, radio, awards shows, commercials..EVERYWHERE..meanwhile, S continued to get money every month and kept her little secret to herself..The guy who picked S was VERY lucky..Most singers would have caused a fuss, but S has always been in the background and was resigned to the fact she always would be, and was very happy just taking the $$, and did not want that to stop..

About 9 months go by and S is called by the guy because MV is going on tour and they want S to record some extra mixes and such for the tour..She agrees and does not really do much, but money is money..

Fast forward another year or so and S stops receiving money and after a few months of missed payments, calls the guy who explains that they need S to do another CD and then the payments can continue, but there is no more money unless she does more recordings..

S agrees and records another CD worth of songs which is released several months later and does even better than the first CD. This same process is repeated (I am not going to tell you the number of CD's because again you may be able to deduce and so I will just say the process repeated itself several times)

Well everything goes well for the most part for all these years and then no more payments, and no more calls and she cannot even locate our mystery man..S has not received a payment in six months when she came into my office and related this story..She did not even know the guy's name, but when she described him, I knew who he was and was even more floored than I had been previously..This was just something I had really not heard before..

I had heard of really altering voices in the recording studios and bringing in hired hands for one song or a large portion of a song, but never CD after CD and even doing extra work so a live performance would not sound staged..I told her I needed some time to check into her story and then we could proceed..It took two calls before I got the guy on the phone and he was pissed, scared, angry, threatening, remorseful..everything..It turns out the reason he had stopped making payments was he had been playing some shell games with the money between the record company, MV's earnings and MV's investments and just did not have any additional money..In addition, MV was not sure she wanted to continue on with what had been happening and so our mystery guy might be completely out of the picture..

I actually think the record company to this day has no idea what went on as the Guy was very good at what he does/did and knew how to make sure the record company was always happy..He stayed under budget, toured, made MV available, and made the record company money..

So a meeting was arranged in my office and S and MV finally met face to face..they had never done so, even though it was S who made MV a star..MV was rude to say the least when she saw what S looked like and it really upset me although S being her normal classy self could have cared less..

What we agreed to do that day was to provide S with one lump sum rather than a monthly income which was easier for Guy to pull off and S also agreed to never disclose her role in this drama and MV was on her own for future recordings and tours..

This involved literally millions of CD's and hundreds of concerts all over the world..The one thing I did get out of this beside my fee of course is a Gold Record autographed by S and by MV..I know it is the only one in the world..

CLUE- MV has done or is contractually agreed to do a Las Vegas residency.

CLUE #2- MV broke up with a significant other this year.

Blind Items Revealed #5

July 16, 2014

This combined A list acting couple who are probably B+ individually are both foreign born. She focuses primarily on movies and he on television. They have been together forever but have gone through so many issues lately that they flew in their counselor for two quick sessions while they were out of LA together.

Diane Kruger/Joshua Jackson

Blind Items Revealed #4

July 16, 2014

Network executives had planned a week on how exactly to be able to discreetly pull this former almost A list mostly movie actress out of an event in front of press because they expected her to show up drunk for the event. To their surprise she was stone cold sober and was the life of the event and the press raved about her and was as charming as the days when she was popular for being something other than a train wreck.

Tara Reid

Blind Items Revealed #3

July 16, 2014

This C list mostly television actor who is giving reality a shot was drunk in a hotel bar two nights ago complaining about his celebrity wife and said he dreaded going back to their hotel room. Shortly thereafter she came and dragged him out of the bar and when he started to protest she gave him the meanest look and whispered something into his ear and he got up and left with her.

Eddie Cibrian/LeAnn Rimes

Blind Item #1

A huge screaming match at a hotel two nights ago when this closeted former A list franchise actress who is now an A-/B+ list indie queen got into it with her secret girlfriend. The girlfriend was not invited to the premiere or after party and was ok with that, but not with the actress apparently getting the phone numbers of two other women.

Blind Items Revealed #2- Anniversary Month

May 9, 2008

All the answers are mothers

Also from AP, but not in a bathroom. Nope, this one actually took place in a kitchen at a dinner party. This wife and mother who is also happens to be a C list aging actress with B+ name recognition was having an argument with her A-/B+ list husband. They started out alone in the kitchen but as the yelling and screaming got out of control, several guests went inside the kitchen to see if they could help. Our actress had a knife in her hands. No, not a great big cutting knife, just a little paring knife, but she had managed to cut her husband in the hand enough where there was blood doing a nice job of staining the floors. When she saw everyone standing there, she dropped the knife, went upstairs, and composed herself. Her husband followed a short time later and they came back down and acted as if nothing had happened.

Melanie Griffith/Antonio Banderas

Blind Items Revealed #1- Anniversary Month

May 9, 2008

All the answers are mothers.

This B+ film actress is married and as the first sentence suggests, is also a mother. Movies. Been in a bunch. Everyone knows her. Just not quite A list. She is also a jackass, or just has no manners. Picture this. It's a party and our actress is talking to someone and they are in the middle of a very important conversation when she spots someone who is more important. She grabs that person and starts talking to them leaving the other person standing there in mid sentence. But wait, it gets better. As our actress is involved in the second conversation, a third person even more important walks by and she grabs his arm and starts talking to her, leaving both the first and second person standing there. She turns her back to them and takes the other guy by the arm and walks away from the first two.

Christine Taylor

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Mr. X Blind Item #5

Which A list actor/comedian is contemplating not promoting his latest movie because he knows it will probably continue his losing streak at the box office?

Mr. X Blind Item #4

What legendary diva has a son she never talks about who is currently in a psych ward? She does pay all his medical bills though.

Mr. X Blind Item #3

Which female singer who is currently topping the charts and will become a one hit wonder if she doesn't have another hit is dreading that video of her performance at a Tea Party rally during the last presidential election will be leaked?

Mr. X Blind Item #2

What A list actor and new dad hasn't seen the mother of his child (I'm using that term very loosely) at all after the kid's birth because the bisexual actor has moved on and spending some time with another man?

Mr. X Blind Item #1

What soon to be divorced couple had a screaming match over the phone because she used his private jet, which he's currently getting restored, without his permission? This isn't the first time she's done it either and she knows it sends him into orbit.

Blind Items #8

This B+ list celebrity/reality star is off the friends list after doing drugs on her night out with this A+ list celebrity. It is a big no no. Drink as much as you want, but no drugs.

Blind Item #7

This married B+ list mostly movie actress who had a nice recurring role on a long running network hit not that long ago has split from her husband. well, I hope she has because she had her boyfriend with her as she did press for her new movie.

Blind Items Revealed #6

July 16, 2014

This B list mostly movie actress is clinging to B list fame. She didn't even bother bringing her boyfriend to a recent premiere because she knew the actor/director of the movie would end up wanting to hook up with her like he did when they were filming.

Ashley Greene

Today's Blind Items - Quick And Dirty

#1- This C list mostly movie actress offspring of an A lister knows who her mother is but told a person at a party the other night that the big secret in the family is who is her dad.

#2- This A list comedian/part-time actress is blaming other women for her actor boyfriend always cheating. She refuses to put any blame on him and says it is the fault of the women.

#3 - This soon to be maybe A list mostly movie actress/offspring was wasted out of her mind the other night at a bar. So much for her sobriety. Her boyfriend is a really bad influence.

Blind Items Revealed #5

July 16, 2014

This former A list singer who still has A list name recognition thanks to his music and past dating life had a pair of binoculars while sitting at a hotel pool in Vegas. He also had an employee of the pool at his side who would go up to women our singer thought was interesting and ask them to spend a few minutes alone with the singer in his cabana. He did this until he found someone willing to go back to his room.

John Mayer

Blind Items Revealed #4

July 15, 2014

This A- list mostly television actor on a hit almost network show lives paycheck to paycheck because he spends all of his money on women and partying and he says he doesn't care because he always finds a new hit to be on.

Ian Somerhalder

Blind Items Revealed #3

July 15, 2014

This B list reality star from an A list network reality show had her boyfriend spend about $50K on her shopping a few weeks ago, but the next night went to an event with another man who took her shopping the following morning to the same exact stores she went to previously with the other guy and the new guy dropped about $35K on the star.

Karina Smirnoff

Blind Item #6

This part-time reality star who has an offspring who is an A list celebrity after her reality stint has signed up to make a sex tape. Her daughter will not be in it.

Blind Items Revealed #2- Anniversary Month

May 6, 2008

I don't know about you, but I just can't get enough of celebrity hooker items. Although I love the items that were about celebrities being hookers before they became famous, I especially adore the ones where it is a celebrity who used to be the star of movies, and was and actually is a household name. I guess she is C list now, although she does still have A list name recognition. She isn't cheap, but she sure does cost less than some of those hookers who have been in the news. From what I understand if you would like to have this woman who used to be fairly good looking but now is just a washed up mess be your companion, you do need to hire her for at least a week. You need to spend your entire time with her outside the United States and provide her airfare to and from the States. There are no guarantees she will even come close to remaining sober throughout your time together, but she does only charge $50,000 for the week. She also claims she is drug and disease free but I think she is referring to drugs of the injectable variety.

Tara Reid

Blind Items Revealed #1 - Anniversary Month

February 29, 2014

This foreign born A list actress in her own country and probably C list here in the US. English is not her first language and her only chance at an American film came as a result of her first language. The film was a blockbuster. She wanted to go to LA as she got lots of offers after that first film, but her boyfriend wouldn't let her. He has become so controlling and so jealous of her career that she is not allowed to own a cell phone, and he goes with her everywhere. No one understands why she stays with him, but she doesn't allow anyone to speak bad about him. Of course he has alienated most of her friends anyway.

Zhang Ziyi


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Blind Item #5

This former A list mostly movie actor turned almost A list mostly television actor who is recently married won't ever stop talking smack about this B+ list mostly movie actor who is well endowed and is not afraid to show it. Apparently the B+ lister hit on the A list actor's girlfriend right in front of the actor and there is a lot of bad blood.

Blind Item #4

This permanent A list singer/part-time actress/director might be one of the biggest stars on the planet but she won't be invited back to this talk show after the cameras constantly had to shoot different angles of her and cut away from her because she wouldn't stop texting on her phone even while being asked questions during the interview. When our singer wanted to hug after, the talk show host told her to f**k off.

Blind Item #3

The only reason this B list celebrity couple are still together is because she is pregnant. He cheated and she wants nothing to do with him. They live completely separate lives and only see each other when he sees their other kid(s).

Blind Item #2

She is supposedly on and off again with an A list singer/musician. He is supposedly hiding a relationship with a former A+ list tweener. Now though the A list mostly movie actress and the foreign born B list mostly movie actor have been hooking up. Two different times just last week while promoting a movie.

Blind Item #1

This A list actor who usually provides comic relief and is generally considered over sized compared to his peers brought back four women to his place the other night and thought he was going to have an orgy. Instead, they took all his coke and drank all his booze and when he started wandering through the house naked touching them, they decided to leave because no one was willing to have sex with him. He was a mess.

Blind Item #5

This longtime married aging Academy Award winning actor was overheard talking to his wife and said that he had cheated on her before but never would disrespect her by getting caught and he was very disappointed in their son for getting caught cheating on his significant other.

Blind Items Revealed #7 - Anniversary Month

February 25, 2008

This female singer who was featured in this space once before who paid for songs with sex was at it again this weekend. She thought she was done with it all, but an executive from her label made it very clear that she needed to take care of not just one but two very important investors in the label. Oh, and she had to take care of them at the same time. The smile on her face at the parties was definitely all for show.


Blind Items Revealed #6

July 14, 2014

This A list mostly television actor has been driving his assistants crazy while in Europe scouring the tiny town they were in for coke. The actor finally had to have some delivered by private jet from a city an hour away.

Charlie Sheen

Today's Blind Items - Some Kindness Items

#1 - This singer is probably B list in her portion of the singing world. She started out on reality television and would be great on it in a different format or the same show but no one will give her a chance. Anyway, she is a big fan of organ donation and bone marrow testing and when her record label signed her made everyone at the label sign organ donation cards and had them promise to be available for bone marrow testing.

#2 - This A- list mostly movie actress who is still in a franchise while she does other things that are not in front of a camera granted a make A Wish wish a few years ago and talks to the little girl three times each week at the exact same time of the day those three days. She has not only granted a wish, but made the girl a part of her life and family.

#3 - This now openly gay news anchor raised several hundred thousand dollars last year to stop cyber bullying and has about 25 gay high school students that he has made himself available to over the past year via e-mail and Skype.

Blind Items Revealed #5 - Kindness

July 15, 2014

This almost A list mostly movie actor is an incredible actor and very easy on the eyes. He is in a new indie type movie with a foreign born actress who seems to always be in period costume. Anyway, our actor was spotted over the weekend with two special needs kids he spends as much time with as possible and who don't have fathers in their lives. He has been in their lives for several years and his commitment to them is amazing.

Mark Ruffalo

Blind Items Revealed #4

July 14, 2014

This B list mostly television actress who has one big role in the past decade to her name, but it is a big show, hooked up with a much younger female than her long time significant other. The coupling occurred when the actress spent some time apart from her significant other.

Portia de Rossi

Blind Items Revealed #3

July 14, 2014

Part of the problem when you start demanding gifts from your suitor is that sometimes the suitor will end up wanting the gifts back, especially when you start trash talking him in front of his business associates. Such is the case of this list reality star from an A list reality cable franchise. She was flaunting all of her gifts that she had received from her suitor and it was an impressive haul. Missing from the haul though was actual cash. Most of the really expensive gifts were still in his name. Sure, there was some jewelry he gave her, but she is not desperate enough to sell it yet. She will be though because she thinks her new boyfriend is going to be able to give her the same life she had with her husband and her suitor, but they are worlds apart in income, despite the profession of her current boyfriend.

Anyway, while at a gathering with her suitor, our reality star began complaining about who her new suitor was not man enough because he wasn't also giving her cash and that she should find someone who would also take care of her financially and started hitting on the suitor's friends in front of the suitor himself and made it perfectly clear that she would be willing to start something with one of them or all of them if they would also provide cash to go with the gifts. That was enough for the suitor to start having all the possessions he could repossessed from our reality star and shutting down lines of credit he opened for her and just making her life even worse than what it was. She also had taken out some loans from people using the name of her suitor, but now will be forced to get money from family or her new boyfriend to make good on those debts.

Porsha Williams

Blind Items Revealed #2


September 2, 2014

This couple is taking a break now after this B list mostly movie actress with A list name recognition and a very high profile relationship in her past discovered that her B list mostly movie actor was having a fling with his co-star in something that is not on television or in a movie. On a slow week this split might get a cover of a tabloid. They will probably cite schedule issues as the reason for their split.

Robin Wright/Ben Foster

Blind Items Revealed #1- Anniversary Month

February 12, 2008

This aging Academy Award winning actor was seen doing shots of tequila with a female who couldn't have been more than 21 and possibly younger. He met her at the bar of his hotel, got her drunk and then took her back to his room. When she started getting sick in his room, he called the concierge, asked to be moved and left her in there to be sick. When told that our actor would be charged for two rooms if she stayed in one room and he was in a separate room, our actor told the staff to give her the equivalent of $20 and send her on her way. Our actor didn't actually provide the $20 either, but made the staff provide her with cab fare home. He also said he would not be responsible for any damage she did when being sick on the bed.

Benicio Del Toro

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Blind Item #4

This married still A list rapper who hates the media was at a party this week and made sure to invite two gossip columnists. They are both gay and know all about his relationship with another man so he takes them out every so often to make sure they stay quiet.

Blind Item #3

This married B- list mostly television actress from a soon to be ended former hit network show knows she needs a new job and also knows she wants the most fame and money possible for the least amount of work. She played it beautifully. She threw the former front runner for the position under a bus and stole the executive she was having sex with from her and lo and behold our married B lister got herself an audition. Now she is waiting to hear back about whether she got the job. A very big job.

Mr. X Blind Item

Which talk show has hired a staffer whose job it is to write made-up stories for the tabloids saying that none of the co-hosts get along, old co-hosts are being sought to return, ratings are in the toilet, etc.? The reality couldn't be more opposite than what is being reported in the press, the producers just want to generate interest in the show plain and simple.

Blind Item #2

The team doctor for this NBA team's cheerleaders had three different cheerleaders come to him with the same STD. Apparently at different times in the past few weeks they all have slept with this foreign born A list rapper.

Blind Item #1

This former A list tweener is playing a very difficult game. She tries to hide the two relationships she is involved in from her estranged husband because he will stop paying all of the bills if he finds out that he doesn't really have a chance at a reunion. He doesn't, but hasn't figured it out yet and keeps shelling out serious money every month.

Blind Item #8

Producers are trying to keep the parents of this B list mid teens actress from calling the police because they think she is having a relationship on set with an A list actor over twice her age. She denies it, but her parents think they have proof they saw on her phone.

Blind Item #7

This B list singer who seems to make a living from reality television now rather than singing had a botched operation to remove some stretch marks and is suing the doctor. She has been unable to get the operation fixed until after her legal issue is settled and it has cost her work doing some modeling.

Blind Items Revealed #6

July 14, 2014

This former cable reality star from a show that seems to go on forever was hosting a party over the weekend and kept wanting to get naked because she thought it would help things get exciting. The more she drank, the more insistent she became until the reality star/mother was asked to leave her own event.

Farrah Abraham

Today's Blind Items- Her First Day On Set

An actress reached out to me several weeks ago and told me she read all of the blinds on the site and was especially interested in the ones that dealt with on set abuse because she is a survivor of it herself. Our actress was on a very hit show back in the 70's. Very hit show. A family values type show.She was in almost every episode of the show and had some episodes where the story focused on her. She was probably B list at the time but has not really worked since. When we spoke she said she wanted people to know what it was like on the set for a female teen and how things were completely different if you were a male teen or a man on the set. It was an ensemble show and there were lots of parts for both men and women and lots of roles for teens. She said that the first day she walked on the set she could feel a million eyes on her. She had just started to develop and she had men in their 30's and 40's and older telling this 14 year old how hot she looked and they couldn't wait to get to know her better. You would be in school on set but if you had a scene you would leave and shoot and come back. The guys never had to come back if they didn't want to. If you were a girl in the class the only way you would not have to come back is if you were with an actor on the set. And by with they meant having sex with him in his trailer and after that you would go back to class unless he really liked you. Lead actors and producers and some other crew members could sign you out of class so you would end up staying with them all day and not doing any work. Drug and alcohol abuse were common because you had these people with no parental controls and these older men taking advantage. She said that she lost her virginity on set to an A list actor who always got first pick of virgins. She though she was different and that he liked her, but the next month he found someone else and he found someone every month for the entire run of the show. Pregnancy and abortions were common among the teens because the guys refused to use condoms and parents couldn't be told what was going on so there was no birth control pill usage or very little. If you got pregnant you would be given a week off with pay but your parents were not told. You would go to work on Monday and have the procedure and then spend the night at a friend's house and then show up at work the rest of the week, but not have to work. One teen was bleeding really heavily the second night when she went home to her parent's house after shooting and the parent's complained and were given some money but the girl was written off the show.

Blind Items Revealed #5

July 13, 2014

This B list celebrity/former actress/former host is in a big hurry to get married so she can stop making appearances to support herself. She wants her soon to be husband to do that.

Jenny McCarthy

Blind Items Revealed #4

July 12, 2014

This B list reality star on an A list reality show lost about $250K gambling two weeks ago on credit and doesn't have that much cash and will need to ask his significant other to help him out which she may or may not do. The war will be crazy.

Scott Disick/Kourtney Kardashian

Blind Items Revealed #3

July 13, 2014

Considering her first experience with coke was less than a year ago, this former A list tweener turned awful B list mostly movie actress was snorting lines like a pro at a hotel pool two nights ago.

Selena Gomez

Blind Item #6

While his foreign born B+ list mostly movie actress wife gets another round of awards season praise our actor sat quietly in a corner and got drunk at a party honoring his wife the other night. He put on a brave face, but apparently the drinking and lack of success is really tearing them apart.

Blind Items Revealed #2- Anniversary Month

February 11, 2008

This A list director has come full circle. Unable to find anyone he hasn't screwed, our director managed to convince his old flame and very in shape celebrity to go home with him. Obviously she has some extreme self esteem issues to go back to this well again. It also goes against everything she presents to the public.

Brett Ratner/Serena Williams

Blind Items Revealed #1 - Anniversary Month

February 4, 2008

You definitely go to rehab when your addiction costs you your baby.

Eva Mendes

Monday, November 10, 2014

Blind Item #5

This former A+ list singer turned A-/B+ in the past year to eighteen months suffered a miscarriage late last month which would have been right at the three month point in her pregnancy. Her on again off again boyfriend blames it on her travel and drug use.

Blind Item #4

This A list singer who has been A list for over two decades now says he has a girlfriend and that it is serious. Very serious. Maybe not marrying serious like with his ex, but serious. The other night though she was nowhere to be found as our singer had one guy after another come up to him in some strange version of 30 second dating before our singer picked someone and they loved on each other all evening and left the club together.

Blind Item #3

This soon to be probable A list mostly movie actress who is also an offspring is discovering how it feels to come in third or fourth best on a guy's list. She wants love and marriage and he had to start calling her baby in bed after the second time he called her a different name in as many days.

Blind Item #2

Before agreeing to do a new reality show, this married multiple reality show star negotiated that the company that shoots her show could have footage of the new show because she is going to find a guy to hook up with and start "dating" for a new season of her own show. The ratings are in and her husband has to go.

Blind Item #1

This former A list mostly television actor from a very hit, very long running network show has had bad luck with movies and television since despite his A list name recognition of two decades. He is not just back on drugs, he is on meth and is dating someone who has been convicted of selling meth and prostitution so that sounds like someone you would take home to mom.

Blind Item #8

This former B list mostly television actress who turned her role into a movie role was telling men at an event the other night that she doesn't have any kids. She does. She just was trying to land a very big rich fish who don't like fuss and muss.

Blind Item #7

This former A-/B+ list mostly television actress who no longer acts much thanks to a controlling A list husband has some control issues of her own. Her husband got sent a screener of a movie starring his almost A list ex and apparently he didn't throw it away fast enough. Our actress went ballistic and screamed at him and accused him of still wanting to sleep with his ex and was so out of control that she was spitting and hyperventilating.

Blind Items Revealed #6

July 12, 2014

This B+ list reality star from multiple cable shows. Three I can think of at the time is being cheated on by her significant other. He loves that stripper who is best friends with a family member.

Khloe Kardashian/French Montana/Blac Chyna

Today's Blind Items - Passed Around

This celebrity/reality/star/part-time actress has been in this space before. Others close to her have too. In one of the few ventures left that she has not tried in Hollywood, our B list celebrity has written a book. Well, a ghostwriter did. A few of them actually because the first two could not face listening to any more stories from the celebrity. Not that they were boring. There was nothing boring about them. Basically from the time she can remember she was passed around from one family member to the next. If you thought the sex ring in Alabama was perverse, this was even worse. This ring also involved videos and not just family members but also friends of the family and sometimes strangers too if the money offer was high enough. This is why our celebrity has no problems selling herself for fame or money because she has been doing it her entire life. It is the only thing she knows. She trusts one person in her life and that is all. The fact she sometimes sleeps with that person is another blind for another day. Although the book talks a lot about her history, it also names a ton of names in Hollywood and the things she did for them and to them and it is no holds barred and has dates and photos. If this was 50 years ago, our celebrity would probably find herself at the base of a cliff for what she is set to say.

Blind Items Revealed #5

July 11, 2014

This is strange even for this married A+list singer/diva. She went into a rage and screamed and yelled for an hour because she apparently put too much perfume on and couldn't decide whether to take another bath or change clothes or just leave it the way it was. This woman seriously needs some help.

Mariah Carey

Blind Items Revealed #4

July 11, 2014

This A list magazine editor once fired one of her very flamboyant editors for two days after he was found having sex with someone in her private restroom.

Anna Wintour/Andre Leon Talley

Blind Items Revealed #3

July 11, 2014

A very messy scene at a hotel two nights ago when this B list mostly television actress who does other things since her hit show left the air confronted her boyfriend at his hotel room. She didn't even know he was in town until a friend of the actress spotted him at a hotel bar with another woman. Our actress rushed over and the confrontation was loud and messy.

Eva Longoria

Blind Item #6

PR move to help with awards season or the new fiance' is already pregnant. Both are being discussed as reasons for a sudden engagement for this foreign born A- list film and television actor. No one expects it to last long enough to get to an actual wedding ceremony.

Blind Items Revealed #2- Anniversary Month

January 28, 2008

This C/B- film actress and only film. Big films at that. Is not quite of the legal age of consent. This might explain her father's concern when she brought home her 35 year old boyfriend she met on her most recently completed film.

Emma Watson (I probably wouldn't call her that low now, even though it is probably a more accurate reflection of now rather than in early 2008.)

Blind Items Revealed #1 - Anniversary Month

December 28, 2007

Which singer will not be invited back for Christmas anytime soon? Seems the prospective in-laws dislike diva behavior. Our singer was not a very gracious guest.

Jessica Simpson/Tony Romo

Sunday, November 09, 2014

Blind Item #5

This former A list celebrity is still making a lot of money with the same venture that earned him A list status. The problem he is going to face in the future is that his wife controls all of the money. All of it and he should probably wonder why she was so quick to agree to a pre-nup.

Blind Item #4

With all of the attention focused on her lately, this B- list celebrity turned A list reality star with multiple reality shows has not been able to supplement her income hooking up with men out of town. Usually Miami. Money is running tight so look for her to announce some news this week or next to boost her income.

Blind Item #3

The A+ lister he is currently dating is not gay. The A list celebrity he was dating previously is gay though so apparently he is willing to date for money. Not shocking at all because that is how our A+ lister gets dates. The good thing is he won't cheat unless someone offers him more money.

Blind Item #2

This B list actor/director is recently married. Everyone knows his face even though they don't always know what he directed. He was telling some friends this past week that he learned he is the biological father to a celebrity offspring who was also a celebrity in her own right but isn't going to do anything about it.

Blind Item #1

This foreign born soon to be probable A lister when his big movie is really good at cheating on his wife. She travels with him and yet somehow he manages to find a woman to film with who will sleep with him. Same city, new movie and new co-star to hook up with while his wife was back at the hotel.

Blind Items Revealed #16- Anniversary Month

December 5, 2007

This married with children A list film actor is having real problems with his marriage. Seems as if he finally discovered that maybe he didn't have all that much in common with his wife, and he is also having trouble figuring out how one woman can spend almost $100,000 each month on shopping. His last “wife” would go months without going to shop for clothes. Our actor also has been cheating up a storm with not only several of his co-stars on a recent film, but also anyone, anyplace who will give him the time of day.

Nicolas Cage

Blind Items Revealed #15 - Kindness

July 10, 2014

This B list mostly television actress from a very hit cable show who is in this space frequently did something really nice. She was grocery shopping and the woman behind her was with two kids, one of whom was screaming and the woman just decided to abandon her cart at the checkout line and take her child outside. Our actress paid for the woman's groceries and brought them all outside to her.

January Jones

Blind Items Revealed #14 - Anniversary Month

November 30, 2007

Do you remember the female singer who beats the crap out of her husband? Well, lately she has been spending almost $1000 a day on coke and refusing to give her husband any money. He makes money, but not our singer's kind of money. The only good thing that can be said about the coke habit is that it takes up so much of her time she has stopped kicking his ass.

Avril Lavigne

Blind Items Revealed #13

July 10, 2014

This Lady Of London isn't acting like a lady. One of the Americans is two timing her significant other with someone she thinks will take better care of her financially.

Noelle Reno

Blind Items Revealed #12 - Anniversary Month

November 26, 2007

This male A list television star could be indicted by a federal grand jury within the next two weeks as it investigates the actor for alleged child pornography crimes.

Charlie Sheen

Blind Items Revealed #11

July 9, 2014

This former A+ list mostly movie actor who will always have A list name recognition and is in an acting family has been shacking up with a woman a quarter of his age while his actress wife lives in their home.

Michael Douglas

Blind Items Revealed #10- Anniversary Month

November 2, 2007

This openly gay, male, pop singer must be thinking of changing teams because he was spotted making out, and groping a female fan on Wednesday night.

Lance Bass

Blind Items Revealed #9

July 9, 2014

There are just not that many A listers who regularly participate in orgies. This A lister is into orgies and threesomes and swapping. Whatever it takes to keep her drive under control. She is an A lister when you out her with her singing group and she is just about an A lister when it comes to reality show appearances. Throw in the A list name recognition two different ways and she is an A lister. There is not a sexual situation she has not encountered or participated in, but one of her exes really pushed those boundaries. Even married with some kids, has not slowed her down. There is rarely a night that goes by that she is not spending time with people other than her husband. Lots of people. In all kinds of ways and in a lot of different situations. I'm sure there must be hours of video out there of her so if she ever does go bankrupt, she could probably make her fortune back by selling the videos because there would be lots of people wanting to see. Of course this will be revealed. A sex life like this can't be hidden.

Mel B

Blind Items Revealed #8- Anniversary Month

January 30, 2007

This B list television actress is a new relationship with a guy only she could love. The problem is that the the guy really thinks he is God's gift to women. She wants this relationship to work out so much that she is looking past his blatant flirting with other women, while she is standing there. She thinks it is love and he is just using her as a free ticket for award show season. He has no interest in her outside of being that extra ticket, and has acted accordingly. Whether her back is turned or not, he is always looking for the next one. Her friends are appalled, but know it has been awhile since anyone cared and are just hoping things turn out for the best.

Teri Hatcher

Blind Items Revealed #7

July 8, 2014

This A list celebrity/former A list reality star/does other things is married with kids and got a breast enlargement on her very skinny frame to pose for Playboy. She says she is natural. Ha.

Nicole Richie

Blind Items Revealed #6- Anniversary Month

January 17, 2007

This singer is out of his mind. His model girlfriend was not beautiful enough for him or he thought he could do better. Somehow he thought his aging, one hit wonder self could get him someone better. What he got was a lesson in how the grass is not always greener on the other side. After bedding a series of 18 year old girls and acting like the wannabe rock star he thinks he is, his ex was seen in public with a collection of men befitting her beauty. Our singer broke and is begging for her to take him back. So far she just keeps laughing at him.

James Blunt/Petra Nemcova

Blind Items Revealed #5

July 9, 2014

It is kind of awkward when you are backstage at a fashion show and one of the models comes up to you and asks for a second time with you because they could use some more money and you are with your A+ list mostly movie actress girlfriend.

Sean Penn/Charlize Theron

Blind Items Revealed #4- Anniversary Month

January 12, 2007

Lots of actors make the leap from daytime soaps to primetime television or the movies. This young actor made that jump and more. Coming out of nowhere he made it to the top. However, he might be headed right back to the bottom. Since his big role, our actor has got an enormous head and as a result has a list of demands a mile long for any future employer. Most execs did not think he was that great to begin with and have a grudge against the soon to be in-laws. The demands are just a way of saying no. Despite no new roles, the demands have yet to go and so our actor has yet to go back to any kind of work.

Brandon Routh

Blind Items Revealed #3

July 8, 2014

This celebrity offspring yelled at his former A list celebrity wife to be when she started to lay out by the pool this weekend in a bikini. He told her that her body was for him only so she covered back up and sat there humiliated because he did it in front of a crowd.

Evan Ross/Ashlee Simpson

Blind Items Revealed #2- Anniversary Month

January 5, 2007

This rockstar’s divorce was recently finalized so he could bring on the next wife. Everyone assumed she walked away with HMM money, but it was not to be. He has a long history of wives and girlfriends who think they are going to take him to the cleaners. What they don’t realize until it is too late is that he has all the ammunition. During their time together he records every incriminating moment whether it be drugs or drinking or another man. When the time comes for parting and they are looking for money, he invites them into his room and shows them why they will not be getting a penny above what he wants to give them.

Rod Stewart

Blind Items Revealed #1

July 8, 2014

This actor used to be A list. Actually, if you include his franchise, which is all he really did, he was probably A+ list. Movies. On top of the world. Started spending money and doing drugs like crazy. He blew millions of dollars on women and booze and drugs and ended up having a stroke. A bad one. Drug related. The story has always been that he just didn't want to act any longer. Nope. He couldn't. He couldn't remember lines and he had a speech issue and he had trouble with his physical movements. When he was all set to make a comeback in another installment of his franchise he did physical therapy for almost a year before they started shooting, but it just wasn't quite the same. He looked ok, but his timing was off and he couldn't do the same things he did before. He did get a huge paycheck though. Monstrous and blew a lot of it on drugs again and had another stroke. This time he vowed to never use drugs again and is slowly regaining his old form. He has a new woman in his life who also is his sober coach. Our actor is still really young, so hopefully he can get it all together and be back on top like he used to be.

Chris Tucker


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