Saturday, July 06, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #6

June 26, 2019

This A- list actor/writer who is probably going to drop to B+ list soon is someone all of you know. He recently threw a swapping party but he didn't bring anyone to swap with and made a rule that he got first choice of the women that were in attendance.

Justin Theroux

Blind Items Revealed #5

June 26, 2019

This former A+ list mostly movie actor is probably A/A- now with the big name recognition still. He has been hitting on an A list singer who is much much younger than him and offering her the best drugs if she wants to party with him. If you ever agree to go out with this guy, NEVER accept his drugs. They are going to be something that is nothing near what he says it is.

Jim Carrey/Ariana Grande

Blind Item #8

The manager spending time with the accused rapist of multiple women seems like a fitting way to top off the week. Will someone who interviews have the guts to not only ask him about that, but so many financial questions too.

Blind Item #7

The ruler who is in the news for his awful divorce and kidnapping is a back in the day one time six figure suitor for one evening with the A+ list reality star. 

Blind Item #6

The next time this A+ list news anchor goes to a sex club will be his first. The late night talk show host just likes to make it seem as if they did it as a friend thing, but the anchor left long before the sex club, leaving the late night talk show host to do the sex club thing on his own. More of his type speed thing too.

Blind Item #5

There is a never ending stream of women who are hell bent on saying awful things about this foreign born A- list director who has multiple Oscar wins/nominations. The thing is though, every single woman has been coached to the point they are saying exactly the same thing. It is almost like they are being coached by the organization to which they all belong and are being paid for their appearance. Anything to discredit a former member who has trashed the organization. 

Blind Items Revealed #4

June 25, 2019

I have always called this show exploitative. Now, it is enabling/complicit in underage human trafficking. The producers know that one of the female stars of the show was not even quite 17, when she started dating the guy twice her age who got her into the country to marry her. Yes, she was legal when she finally moved to the country, but they just bury their head in the sand when it comes to the fuzzy math in the relationship, all for the sake of a show.

Fernanda Flores/Jonathan Rivera ("90 Day Fiancé"/TLC)

Blind Items Revealed #3

June 25, 2019

What does it say when this former A/A- list mostly television actor gets you a six figure gift for your "anniversary" and your supposed husband just gets you a card? I guess you need to ask the former A/A- list mostly television actress that directly.

Tony Goldwyn/Kerry Washington

Blind Items Revealed #2

June 25, 2019

This foreign born singer was A list back in the day for her first record. Then, she was ticked off that her secret was revealed. That secret being she didn't write any of her hits even though she had claimed she wrote them all. That led to a falling out with the people who did which is why she has never had a hit since. Probably also the reason people think she was replaced with a body double.

Avril Lavigne

Blind Items Revealed #1

June 25, 2019

Considering this foreign born former A- list actress has been tending to the needs of this infamous celebrity for years, I'm not sure how she can play the victim when she accuses her on and off again boyfriend of cheating on her.

Pamela Anderson/Julian Assange/Adil Rami (as to the abuse claims, for those she can be the victim)

Blind Item #4

At least two tabloids are fully on board the use words that make it seem like these two singers are having sex. Intimate, loving, sexy, late nights together are just a few of the words and phrases. The tabloids know none of it is not true, but are happy to spread the false information because it serves their own agendas. Meanwhile, it leaves the fans of the two foreign born singers really confused. No need to be. The female is thirsty and the male is insecure in who he is so wants a beard.

Blind Item #3

This foreign born former A+ list rapper has not received a paycheck this big in a long time. She has been unable to sell out gigs so there is no way she is going to pass up a huge check, no matter where the concert is located.

Blind Item #2

This permanent A list singer agreed to record several originals as well as classics for this live action reboot. In return, she got first say in who was cast in the lead role.

Blind Item #1

You'll recall that earlier this year the former child actor disavowed his past support for the famous child molester. What you may not know is that subsequently he appeared at a fan event dressed as him. 

Friday, July 05, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #35 - Old Hollywood

June 25, 2019

This permanent A list actor was A list on television and even sold tons of records even though his contribution to the records was minimal despite what he might actually have said. He has actually been in a blind a long time ago for one of his main interests. A researcher going through his library though discovered some personal correspondence which alludes to something that happened long ago though that is much more sinister.

Our actor believed in life after death. He also believed someone could be resurrected. He wanted that for himself, but wanted to see how it would work and if it would be possible. So, our actor who was probably the most well known television actor in the world at one point in his career set up a ceremony at his home where he followed the instructions in a book. The person he sacrificed was the daughter of his long long time housekeeper who the actor had also had a long running sexual relationship with. It is unknown whether the daughter of the housekeeper was also his daughter. Despite following all of the instructions, the girl could not be brought back to life. When the housekeeper discovered what had happened and the experiment, she was hysterical and tried to call the police. Even if the police had come, it is doubtful they would have done anything to the actor considering just how powerful he was and the favors he could call in. Instead of allowing the housekeeper/long time lover to call though, our actor decided to kill her too. He then called the police and told them the mother/daughter deaths were a murder suicide and that is what went down in the official records. A five minute investigation would have shown it all to be ridiculous but everyone wanted to meet the actor and just hang around him.

Jackie Gleason

Blind Items Revealed #34

June 24, 2019

At first, the whole thing seemed accidental. Coincidental. Yes, it was a death. A possible murder? It didn't look like it at the time. It looked like an accident. Yes, it was a victim who had a lot of information about an A list actor. Some information she had shared, but the vast majority she had not. Victims came to her all the time to share their stories. She was the point person. Originally the suspect was very cooperative with police. No issues at all. He provided a driver's license and answered questions. What no one is saying is that no followup interview has ever been done. The license was a real name, but someone who died decades ago. The address was not where the suspect lived. No one has been able to find the person to speak to them. They just vanished. Does that change the working theory of accident to something more? No one even knows who to charge or who to investigate. No fingerprints. Literally nothing. They played it perfectly.

Linda Culkin/Kevin Spacey

Blind Items Revealed #33

April 16, 2019

Apparently there is a group of A+ listers out there who have worked behind the scenes to make sure they keep earning as much money as possible while the people they call "family" suffer. The A+ listers pay lip service to the fight, but that is all it is, lip service. They put a hyphen between their job descriptions and get the union they control to make a ruling. Therefor they classify themselves as the side of the hyphenate they want rather than the other which would cause them to possibly forgo tens of millions of dollars.

This former A+ list child mostly television actor turned A+ list mostly television teen actor turned A+ list director/producer is the main leader of this movement. It is the places he has created which are really what the fight is all about. He likes to talk the talk and say he is a writer and wishes he could so something, but dangit, the other union says he should keep things as they are so he is going to go with them even though he sure wishes he could go with everyone else.

On board with him is the permanent A++ list director who "feels for everyone else," but hey, "I have a different set of circumstances." Yeah, however if he did change his mind, then the whole thing would work out for the writers. All he cares about is making sure the empire stays in place.

That former actor turned A+ list writer/director current horror king was saying one thing two years ago, but now is using that hyphen to make sure he keeps those millions rolling in.

Even people who have done as instructed by their union and made a big deal of it are not being completely upfront. They are now more actors than writers so it is no skin off their back to show the public hand while at the same time doing things business as usual when it comes to acting. That A list comedian/voice over actor comes to mind.

Ron Howard/Steven Spielberg/Jordan Peele/Patton Oswalt

Blind Items Revealed #32

April 1, 2019

It has always been assumed that this former significant other of a foreign born permanent A list celebrity went missing to avoid debts. Well, it turns out that is not the case. Apparently he was doing some work for a cartel and tried to embezzle from them. He was killed by the cartel and dumped at sea. Apparently one of the people that did the killing has a son. That son is the one who has dated some high profile celebrities like the former A+ list reality star that everyone likes to hate.

Patrick McDermott/Olivia Newton-John/Paris Hilton

Blind Items Revealed #31

April 12, 2019

The same DA that gave the disgraced producer leniency and ignored lots of charges against him was even more blatant in his money for looking the other way justice for the billionaire pedophile.

Cyrus Vance/Harvey Weinstein/Jeffrey Epstein

Blind Items Revealed #30

March 29, 2019

With all apologies to Ross and Rachel, this also happened while a couple was "on a break." I'm sure it is all coincidence and strange timing, but there is a lot of coincidence and strange timing to not at least bring it up. There is a B- list celebrity who got his fame in one of the most unusual ways I can think of in the past decade. He has never been exactly what one could call faithful and his serial cheating sent him on this little break until his foreign born celebrity girlfriend forgave him and got him away from what would probably be at least a few questions. See, while he was on this break, our celebrity hooked up with a woman or two, but one in particular stands out. She has a history with our celebrity dating back at least six or seven years. They have hooked up numerous times and have not always played fairly with others. Anyway, they recently hooked up multiple times over the course of several weeks. Then, abruptly our celebrity went back to his girlfriend and the woman he hooked up with is now in jail. For murder.

Jeremy Meeks/Chloe Green/Kelsey Turner

Blind Items Revealed #29

March 25, 2019

I always thought Blame It On Rio was the movie which really took the whole get them out of the country so we can have sex with the underage stars to a next level. The thing is though, a producer told me of one that happened several years prior to that which was just as bad, if not worse. There was a movie which just had a one word title and there were plenty of roles for underage females. The more, the merrier as far as the director was concerned. The producer told me it was one big underage orgy with teens flown from the US halfway around the world with no supervision and a bunch of guys who just did everything they could to sleep with the actresses. One of the actresses was off limits to everyone but the director. That actress was also way underage and couldn't even drive yet. The married director was well over 30 years her senior, but it is what he wanted from the time he first conceived the idea in his head. The movie would have no chance of getting made today. Anyway, he was so enamored with this underage actress that he fled the US and lived overseas with her to avoid going to jail. They only returned when she became legal.

Fantasies/Bo Derek/John Derek

Blind Items Revealed #28

January 23, 2019

In order to keep his deal hosting that end of the year special, this frequent host/mogul had to agree to a commitment of several million dollars of fake calls that he uses for various segments that the parent company of the show he hosts at the end of the year, owns. Those fake calls are generally the ones where there are jilted lovers or fake adultery or anything else that is well outside the norm of what you expect from morning shows.

Ryan Seacrest/Dick Clark Productions (Ryan's Roses, etc.)

Blind Items Revealed #27

January 12, 2019

This sizable gaming company is not publicly traded, but has a couple big hits which are brand names.  The CEO participated in interactive child porn, and held parties where adults would expose themselves to the minors present.

Randy Pitchford/Gearbox

Blind Items Revealed #26

January 10, 2019

This permanent A list singer every single one of you knows who usually sings in a foreign language managed to get a woman and her barely legal daughter pregnant at roughly the same time.

Marc Anthony

Blind Items Revealed #25

March 14, 2019

They used to be a super close father/offspring duo. Not any longer. The actor, who is permanently A-/B+ list is someone all of you know. He has been in hit movies and hit television shows. He is an Emmy nominee/winner. His list of credits might be longer than just about anyone. Several years ago he cheated on his long time wife with someone much younger. That someone much younger got pregnant. The wife found out and filed for divorce. It crushed her. She died soon after and the sole offspring of the pair blames the actor/dad for the death.

Gary Cole

Blind Items Revealed #24

March 22, 2019

This retired band has been in the news lately. It isn't just that they deny the incident basically took place after previously volunteering that it had, it's that it wasn't the only time. In the early days, they kept a running tally. That all came to an end a few months later because none of them could count above a hundred.

Motley Crue/Sexual Assaults

Blind Items Revealed #23

March 20, 2019

That southern street recently had a fire, but that was not the first one to cover up secrets. There was one back in the day that still reverberates today. The thing is though, that fire was intentionally set to cover up for a murder that happened offsite before bringing the dead body back to the street where more wounds were inflicted to make it look like a crazed killer before setting the body and bed on fire. What did this victim do for a living? She was one of the top doctors in the world working on viruses and how to use them as a weapon. An accident at work occurred. It would have shed unnecessary light on the work being done in a top secret facility, so she was killed.

Mary Stults Sherman (Dr. Mary's monkey)

Blind Items Revealed #22

March 20, 2019

This really rich MLB type guy might have got off the hook in a recent criminal case, but he is still cheating on his wife.

Larry Baer

Blind Items Revealed #21

February 15, 2019

They were supposed to make a movie about the cause of her death. They didn't. Apparently the few surviving people who were going to speak to this A list writer/director/producer mostly horror team were warned off. Why warned off after so many years? I mean it has been decades since this A list celebrity/writer/game show fixture was killed. It is because of who did it and their connection to powers that be who are alive today and don't want to be exposed.

The A lister who was killed was very respected at her job. She wasn't a quack. She might have done gossip, but she dug deep and unearthed coverups. She was responsible for the release of a suspected murderer in one of the most famous cases of all time. When she got him out, she focused all of her attention on proving that an entire government commission had been bought off/paid off/blackmailed into saying one thing when it was an entirely different thing. Now, when she died, our A lister was not killed by a bunch of guys who stormed her apartment. Her husband and son were home, but in another room. The couple rarely slept together. Our A lister was known for drinking the same thing every night and filling her pill prescription the same day of each month at the same pharmacy. That is how it was done. They gave her the same pills as usual, but just jacked up in effectiveness. The day night she picked up her new altered prescription is the night she died.

Her death was so suspicious that the federal government and Congress investigated. The word was put out to let it go and so it was. I was really hoping the filmmakers were going to, with the help of their A+ list sometime partner/writer/director/producer the initialed one who just had an installment of his franchise released, but they all backed down.

A list celebrity/writer/game show: Dorothy Kilgallen
A list writer/director/producer mostly horror team: Erick Dowdle and Drew Dowdle
Release of suspected murderer in one of the most famous cases: Dr. Sam Sheppard
Government Commission: Warren Commission/John F. Kennedy assassination 
A+ list sometime partner/writer/director/producer: M. Night Shyamalan

Blind Items Revealed #20 - Old Hollywood - Mr. X

January 27, 2019

Hollywood stars and moguls meeting and performing for dictators isn't a new thing. The first ones to do so were this acting power couple, considered to be the first of such, and co-founders of a movie studio wined and dined with Mussolini pre WWII.

Among the others:

1. The newspaper magnate and his actress mistress/possible wife dined with Hitler and Joseph Goebbels.

2. That comedy producer/mogul whose films still get played on TV had a signed picture of Mussolini in his office . He even brought two of his biggest stars who are the subject of a recent biopic for a photo op. A deal with the Cinecitta Studios, then under fascist control, eventually fell through.

3. It has been debated whether that mogul whose last name and creations you see everywhere met with Mussolini for a photo op! but most evidence points to yes, he did. But he did not support fascism, as many people want you to believe

4. This A++ list Oscar winning director, who many people forget is foreign born, met with Mussolini numerous times and had a big oil painting commissioned of Il Duce to hang on the wall of his living room. That painting mysteriously disappeared once the US entered WWII and the director went on to direct propaganda films for the US government.

5. This mogul badly wanted to meet Mussolini and Hitler, but he did get a visit at his studio from Mussolini's son Vittorio who did a photo op with the mogul and his biggest star of the studio's first decade. Vittorio was also friends with #2 and #3

Mary Pickford & Douglas Fairbanks
#1 - William Randolph Hearst/Marion Davies
#2 - Hal Roach/Laurel & Hardy
#3 - Walt Disney
#4 - Frank Capra
#5 - Daryl Zanuck/20th Century Fox/Shirley Temple

Blind Items Revealed #19

January 3, 2019

I don't know how much money this former A list singer/permanent child molester paid the parents of this one named former A- list singer, but it must have been a big check to have them spew what they know are untruths. Everyone who was around back in the day knows the one named singer was way underage when she started having sex with the child molester. For them to deny it, just shows they have been bought off or have the biggest pair of blinders on ever.

R. Kelly/Aaliyah

Blind Items Revealed #18

January 2, 2019

This former A+ list reality star who I think wants her old fame back and wants to be on network television again did her best to hook up with the significant other of this A-/B+ list mostly movie actress who is a celebrity offspring of a former A+ lister and close enough to an offspring of this other former A+ lister who is still probably A- list after many many many decades in the business.

Paris Hilton/Kate Hudson/Goldie Hawn/Kurt Russell

Blind Items Revealed #17

January 29, 2019

I was a small town girl, naive, and parent-less when I went off to college.  My mom died when I was 14 years old, and my father remarried less than a year later to a woman who didn’t want me or my brother and made my father choose between her and us.  My father chose her.   I couldn’t wait to get the hell out of there.

I attended a college in the  area, on a full theatrical scholarship, with dreams of stardom and my virginity still intact.  Two short months and one college party later and I would find myself pushed down onto a bed and raped by a Brazilian soccer player who I secretly had a crush on.  Like many women, I blamed myself.  It didn’t matter that I kept saying no, and was too drunk to say my own name.  It was my fault and I had asked for it.

I would drop out of college after this, terrified that I would run into him again on campus.  Everything went downhill from there.

I tell you all of this because it was at this time in my life when I would meet a man I will call J.  J was twice my age.  J would groom me and then use me, turning me out to his music industry buddies and later… M.   It’s girls like me that become easy prey for sexual predators.

I met J the beginning of 1989.  I was 19 years old.  He was twice my age, physically unattractive but charismatic and confident.   I would soon find out that he was the owner of a rehearsal studio, whose name was an homage to Elvis, J’s idol.

Studio    was a magnificent concert rehearsal facility, unlike any other rehearsal studio in      , designed to cater to both local and international talent.  The likes of Jimmy Miller, Dick Scott of Dick Scott Entertainment, New Kids On The Block and Stevie Nicks (just to name a few) all rehearsed there.

I told J my story and he pretended to care.  In between the time that I was raped and quit school, to the time I met him, I had dated a woman.  He seemed to like hearing about these things.  I didn’t understand it at the time why.

J went from making me feel like I was special and beautiful to putting me in uncomfortable situations where I was left alone at parties with men or sent off on car rides only to be brought back to their homes where i was told they could make me famous and then in the blink of an eye their hands were all over me.  Some people would say, why didn’t you push them off of you, tell you no, and insist they drive you home?  I don’t have an answer for that.  I think I began to feel on some level that this was all I was good for. 

Nearly one year into the relationship, in October 1989, my “boyfriend” J would ask me if I would sleep with M.

I swear to you on my mother’s grave I didn’t know who M was.  J laughed in disbelief, letting me know he was lead singer of the band          .

Okay, now we were getting somewhere.

I wasn’t a fan. I knew some of their music.  I couldn’t remember what M looked like.  I didn’t want to do it. I loved J.

This is exactly how it was presented to me.

M wanted to see two girls “make love” before he left the country to launch their      tour.  J was only happy to hook him up.  I imagine this was something he did more often than not, for these celebrities that rehearsed at his studio to ensure their continued patronage.

When I asked J who I would potentially be making love to in this scenario he asked ME to find someone.

I called my ex-girlfriend and she said NO.  She was involved in a relationship with another woman at this time and she was not having any of it.

I thought of another woman who i had met at the studio, whose name I won’t reveal.  She went on to became a big Hollywood talent agent.  She couldn’t do it because she had a date that night.  But she did make a brief appearance for the opportunity to meet M, whose baby she told him, half jokingly, he wanted to have.

Long story short I showed up at that night.  M greets me at the door.  He tells me J had told him all about me. (I’m sure he did).  He wastes no time and begins to kiss me. (I’m not going to lie I was attracted to him).  But it turns out we’re not going to be able to get down to business right now because the entire band is there rehearsing … Now let’s not forget M  and the band, now represented by manager       , are now on the sober path.  One thing I haven’t told you yet is that J was big time in to cocaine.  BIG TIME.  If their manager       knew this I doubt very much he would have approved of their being there. Drugs were never my thing, thank god, in fact I was terrified of them.

Anyway, I digress.

Next thing I know I’m being escorted into the large room with a stage and there’s the band. I sit on a stool.  M pours me champagne and I begin to realize that I’m in a situation that many girls would have killed to be in.  IT still doesn’t feel right to me.  Where’s J??

All I could think about was J.  I loved J.  I wanted to be with J.  Where was he?

After playing a set, M  takes me into the back room, a suite with a large TV, sauna and jacuzzi.  There are two other YOUNG girls there talking, and they grow giddy and nervous when he enters the room.  I feel immediately uncomfortable, I don’t know who these girls are.

I’m very relaxed around M.  We sit there watching roller derby and discussing the possibility that aliens exist.  The two girls sit back on the love sofa, they have grown quiet.  They’re waiting excitedly for him to make his move.

Where’s J?

It suddenly hits me that I don’t want to do this.  I love J.

I got up to leave, M asked me where I was going.  I told him to find J.  He asked me if I was coming back.  I said I didn’t think so but it was nice to meet him.  Then he asked me if he would see me again. I said I’d like that.  And he said he would “arrange” for it to happen when he got back from tour.

And that was that.

BUT… then end of the year J was hooked up with tickets to M's band's Concert at the      , this of New Years Eve 1989 into 90.  I remember when he was on the phone with someone about these tickets and then he hung up he was PISSED.  He starting ranting about how he’d hooked M up with tons of women, and that he’d “even accommodated him with dildos up his ass”.

That never left me because there were certain things J would tell me when he got high, about fantasies he had about getting it on with the same sex.  I began to wonder if him and M didn’t have threesomes and foursomes together, and if J didn’t oblige him sexually as well.

I’ll never know this.

I went on to meet another man, just like J who turned me out.  When I tried to run away from him and that life he came after me.  It was a dark road in and out of the sex industry, for years until I met my husband.  I was literally raised by wolves.

J = A list engineer
M = Permanent A+/A list singer from a permanent A+/A list band

Jack Douglas/Steven Tyler

Blind Items Revealed #16

January 11, 2019

Apparently the best friend of this recently deceased singer thinks the killer of the singer is a recent customer/client of the openly gay singer. Apparently the client was closeted and thought the singer was set to out him if he did not give the singer some money.

Kevin Fret

Blind Items Revealed #15

January 8, 2019

This former A- list mostly movie actor from a franchise that is no longer has really let himself go in the year since it ended. He was on a talk show recently and hadn't showered for what seemed like weeks judging from the smell emanating from his body.

Josh Hutcherson

Blind Items Revealed #14

January 8, 2019

This former manager to a permanent A lister settled one lawsuit but still thinks she is owed more and is threatening to reveal a bunch of secrets unless she gets more.

Mariah Carey (and since January, there have been increasingly scandalous secrets leaked)

Blind Items Revealed #13

January 18, 2019

How come some celebrity brands of perfume succeeded beyond anyone's wildest dreams despite not being sold by a big celebrity, while others crashed and burned despite the backing of an A+ lister? Well, believe it or not, it all comes down to the formula. If it smells like crap, no matter who is selling it, no one will be buying it. The thing is though, that celebrity and his team thinks it smells just fine. They don't know about the little extra that manufacturers know about that drives big sales and not just a pleasant smell.

So, who gets the magic formulas? Well, when the celebrity perfume craze came along there was a rush to get the best formulas. All of a sudden you had these lab geeks being wined and dined by celebrities to let them have the best. Some were just outright purchased with astonishing sums of money. Hello Beyonce. Others though, were acquired the old fashioned way. Perfume casting couch? You bet.

So, who are the biggest?

A list everything in her mind spent a weekend with the decision maker and she got a massively big hit.

Permanent A+ list "singer" was happy to spend a night with a decision maker and she got tens of millions of dollars in return.

This former A list singer/international box office star/cheater on her first husband hooked up with the guy in charge a couple of times and also had a huge hit.

Someone you might not expect. This permanent A list solo singer and in a group.

As a bonus, this former back in the day A+ list reality star hit the casting couch, but apparently didn't give it her best effort so the decision maker didn't give a very good product.

A list everything in her mind: Jennifer Lopez
Permanent A+ list "singer": Britney Spears
Former A list singer/international box office star/cheater on her first husband: Jessica Simpson
Permanent A list solo singer and in a group: Gwen Stefani
Former back in the day A+ list reality star: Paris Hilton

Blind Items Revealed #12

January 23, 2019

This celebrity none of you have ever heard of even though she is married to a permanent A list musician from a permanent A- list band that doesn't play any longer got a present from her still skeptical baby daddy. She wants fame in the biggest way since Kate Gosselin. So, our musician paid for some paps to take her photo. Our barely there celebrity spent three hours deciding what to wear and in hair and makeup for the 30 minute shoot which was predictably painful to watch as she tried to look as if it was all random.

Nikki Sixx/Courtney Bingham

Blind Items Revealed #11

January 17, 2019

This actor is probably A- list. He is dual threat for sure. He has a big movie coming out this year and has been on a pay cable show for a bit. All of you know who he is. Apparently there is a female billionaire who was attending a worldwide gathering of equally rich people. She invited the actor to join her. Now, he is good looking guy, but no one had ever invited him to come spend time with him like that. The woman then offered $100K a night before increasing it to to $250K a night. So, there was our actor right by her side for several days as she showed him off. Part of that deal included the entire night. Our actor did his duty with the 60 something woman and said afterwards that each night got easier, but doing it in the movies is so much easier.

James Marsden

Blind Items Revealed #10

January 28, 2019

SAG Awards

Proving once again, he just isn't that nice, this A- list mostly movie actor told a reporter "F**k you," when the reporter asked about not getting an Oscar nomination.

Timothee Chalamet

Blind Items Revealed #9

April 19, 2019

I don't think people realize just how much money the federal government contributes to the financing of movies. It can be in the tens of millions of dollars in direct aid and then a priceless amount of indirect aid such as being allowed to film permit and cost free on government lands and in buildings owned by the government. Often times that access comes with a price. Such was the case a few years ago when it came to Oscar time. There was a movie which had been raking up awards at every award show. It was an unstoppable force. The thing is though, when it came to the Academy Awards, the fix was in. No, no one at the accounting firm did anything shady, although, now that I think about it, that would probably be the easiest way to make sure things went according to plan and would require much less work.

Instead, what happened was a group of politicians who chaired committees that are the biggest givers of money to movie and television productions sent out a missive to studio heads and several hundred top directors and producers. Pass the word. Make sure you and the people who work for you do not vote for this movie to win. Apparently, because the movie cast a certain governmental department in a bad light, the politicians were not happy. They also believed that insiders from the department that was portrayed so poorly were the ones who leaked all the details. The message was clear. If the movie wins any awards we will blame you for the win and the money tree will dry up. Now, obviously it would not be just one company or producer or director at fault, but the message was clear and the word spread. A movie which had been hauling in awards, won just one minor Oscar despite all their nominations. Business in Hollywood continued as usual.

Zero Dark Thirty

Blind Items Revealed #8

April 18, 2019

This permanent A list producer/genius/murderer has been using an intermediary to pass messages to a further intermediary who has a decipher to a code the A lister invented. I guess when you are in jail, you have some time. Apparently the code is based on records produced by the A lister and the lyrics within those songs. The A lister thinks his now former significant other stole millions of dollars from him and also cheated on him repeatedly while they were married. The producer is telling his people to hide the rest of his assets and is seemingly wanting to exact some kind of harmful revenge against his ex. It is getting to the point where the one who is deciphering the messages is ready to go to the police so they don't end up being charged with a crime.

Phil Spector

Blind Items Revealed #7

April 3, 2019

Apparently the donations have dried up and the former A list teen mostly movie actor is actually going to have to hit the convention circuit to make some money and find some new donations. Do not donate.

Corey Feldman

Blind Items Revealed #6

April 20, 2019

This celebrity offspring who has been making the rounds of celebrity moguls here in the States took her talents overseas to see if someone would like to be with her permanently. The married one here kind of made her persona non grata around other married moguls. Not that they didn't want to meet up, but their wives had issues with it.

Lori Harvey/Jay Z (came back though and managed to hook up with Sean Combs, which I'm sure will turn out horribly)

Blind Items Revealed #5

April 5, 2019

I wouldn't go over to her house at night. I have been to it during the day and it is lovely. At night, all I can think of is some type of "Get Out" situation. You have a foreign born A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee who is a completely different person at home. The interactions she has with her family are crazy. They make everyone uncomfortable. Whether it is dealing with a parent or dealing with her kids. The discipline is crazy and it just feels dark and like a horror movie. The terror is real and punishments are swift and harsh. The thing is, our actress is trying to find a mate who wants to be involved in this house of horrors and I am not just talking hyperbole right now when I say that person has a good chance of ending up dead, most likely under very strange circumstances.

Charlize Theron

Blind Items Revealed #4

May 18, 2019

The widow is doing everything in her power to keep the truth from being told. One of those ways is by trying to shut down a family member who is just trying to look out for the interest they were promised. Depositions in this case would open a can of worms which could never be closed.

Vicky Cornell/Susan Silver/Divorce agreements

Blind Items Revealed #3

May 30, 2019

The relationship track for this swimsuit model is dizzying. She first popped up on my blind item radar almost exactly a half dozen years ago. There she was in a reveal and all having to do with an A+ list mostly movie actor who had at that time yet to win an Oscar. Her strategy was bold even then. It was all about publicity and getting ahead and nothing was going to stop her. She was into acting then. That didn't really work so she switched her focus to music. That she decided was her path to stardom. She modeled herself off the network reality star who did acting and singing but ended up just doing judging.

She thought dating an A list mostly movie actor from an acting family might be the way to go, but his way never really usually goes that way. Then, when he couldn't help her career she bounced over to an actor/musician with big Hollywood connections. She called him her soulmate. The thing is though when he didn't advance her career, she was gone.

This time she moved straight to music, but also made sure to keep that celebrity thing going with the offspring of a permanent A++ lister. She called him her soulmate, but again, things didn't work out quite as planned. No career help. The thing is though, the A++ lister actually gave her a break, but she didn't call him her soulmate.

So, moving on she thought she had found the one. I mean this guy was a solo artist and a member of an A list group. Hey guess what? He was her soulmate. This time she even got married. The thing is though, there was no helping her career so she crashed and burned out of that marriage to someone who she is calling her soulmate and he actually looks like he might be helping her career. She does finally have music out. One song, but hey it is a start.

I would have named the song Soulmate, but she chose a different name.

Model - Alyssa Miller
A+ lister - Leonardo DiCaprio
Following Career Of:Julianne Hough
A list from acting family - Jake Gyllenhaal
Actor/musician with Hollywood connections - Mark Wystrach
Celebrity offspring - Lukas Nelson
Solo artist/member of group/guy she married - Cam Avery/Arctic Monkeys
New soulmate to finally help release one of her songs - Korey Dane

Blind Items Revealed #2

May 6, 2019

There is a group of victims who were not victims of Jeffrey Epstein, but were victims of another sex predator. What they share in common with the victims of Epstein though, is an inability to speak about their own experiences at the hands of the predator. From the time of the predator's arrest, they have been trying to speak, but have been shut down by federal law enforcement and threatened with deportation if they speak. You see, the victims of this former A+ list celebrity in his corner of the entertainment world were children of primarily undocumented workers. These workers performed the tasks necessary to keeping the resort where the A+ lister performed open and clean. They thought he was being nice when he would invite their children to shows. They would be his guest while their parents toiled for minimum wage or sometimes even less. What happened though was rape and sexual assault of the children all filmed and shared with like minded child pornographers all over the world.

So, why keep quiet about it? Why would the feds care about keeping that part quiet? Well, our A+ lister had financial backers. There were hugely expensive servers and encrypted cloud resources that were beyond what the A+ lister could do or had knowledge about. Much like with Epstein, you had the rich and powerful who would be exposed. Several of the rich and powerful are some of the largest political donors to campaigns for almost every office on the state and federal level. It would hurt the pocketbooks of politicians to have those people in jail or compromised. So, you keep everyone quiet and ignore what happened in person and focus on what happened everywhere else. The bad guy goes to jail and everyone was supposed to be satisfied with it. The thing is though, lots were not and wanted more justice and also money and to give their statements. Nope. Threatened with deportation, they all have stayed quiet and they are expected to stay quiet about it forever.

Jan Rouven Fuechtener ("Tropicana")

Blind Items Revealed #1

June 18, 2019

I think it goes without saying that in Hollywood, life and art are interchangeable with one
another, especially when you consider Quentin Tarantino’s latest effort. Although, I think
even he would have a hard time concocting a story such as this one. The main subject of this
blind is someone we will refer to as BK.

Back in the day, BK got a part in a movie, a movie that was quite a big deal when it came
out. He was bought onto the film by a former A list director thanks to a particular skill he
had. The A list director felt that having him on set would lend more authenticity to a certain
scene and it’s fair to say that he was right on the money. The scene, while not overtly
explicit made a lot of people very uncomfortable when the movie came out and I think to
this day it still does.

Fast forward a few years after the movie’s release and BK had gotten into a lot of trouble.
The trouble came when he met a person who we’ll call MC. Both BK and MC had a lot of
things in common and hit it off pretty well, MC was actually known in a certain corner of the
entertainment world and this impressed BK. They also shared a love of drugs and booze. On
the night they met they both kicked things along by doing all sorts of drugs and drinking
heavily into the early morning. Eventually, they ended up back at MC’s apartment and
continued to drink and party some more before BK ended up having sex with MC.

Later on, MC made it clear to BK that they didn’t have a future together and that he should
just go home. Now BK had a lot of personal issues, mostly bought on by alcohol and drug
use. Being in the condition that he was in & hearing that from MC caused him to fly into a
rage. So right then and there he brutally bashed and stabbed MC to death before fleeing the
apartment and going into hiding. A week or so had passed after the killing and BK continued
drinking very heavily. During this time MC’s body had been found by the police and the story
was in the media. BK decided that it would be a good idea to contact someone known to MC
and recompense for his latest sin, albeit with the privilege of anonymity.

What BK didn’t know was that someone else would eventually give him up, someone who
wasn’t known to the police or the person BK contacted. In turn, BK was identified as MC’s
killer and promptly arrested. When police found him in his apartment he was drunk out of
his mind and incoherent, but still protesting his innocence. He would spend the next two
decades in prison for the murder of MC but early in his sentence, he got an unexpected visit
from an old friend, the A list director. At the time, the director was going through a few
troubles of his own and was coming off a massive bomb. He was working on a new movie
and wanted to speak with BK regarding the content of the script.

They got talking and eventually the conversation turned to MC, BK admitted that he did, in
fact, kill MC in cold blood despite his pleas to the contrary. Not only did he confess to that
murder, but he went into detail about several other ones, some that dated back to the time
they worked together on the movie. These murders were well known and the director has
never really spoken at length about what BK told him, but sources say that he knows a lot
more than he is letting on. As for BK, he was eventually released from prison, but he has
since vanished and no one really knows what happened to him afterward. When you
consider the movie that he was in, he wouldn’t be the only one to meet a mysterious fate.

BK: Paul Bateson
MC: film critic Addison Verrill
Movie: "The Exorcist" 
Director: William Friedkin
Particular skill: radiographer
Massive bomb: "Sorcerer"
New movie: "Cruising"

Thursday, July 04, 2019

Happy Fourth Everyone

As usual, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for sticking through, not only today, but also the past 12.5 years. There is not a day that goes by that I am not thankful for all of you, the best readers on the internet. I also would like to thank Mr. X for always coming through with great gossip, and all of the contributors to the blog who check in from time to time to spin liquid hot tea. Thanks to those that run the Facebook fan page because it is a crazy amount of work.

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Blind Items Revealed #48

May 29, 2019

While doing press for a new movie, this permanent A list mostly movie actor sat down for what is probably his longest interview ever. What was going to just be a long piece in a monthly magazine may turn out to be a book or a limited series. The actor finally opened up about his past and laid out a series of points as to why he thinks one of his exes was killed. He also told the reporter, who wouldn't share the final answer (saving it for article/book/show??), who he suspects murdered his ex. The thing is though, the reporter did say it is not the guess you would expect. I guess I would expect the alliterate drug using horrible person/singer. Was it the former girlfriend who was suddenly the girlfriend right after the death. That same girlfriend who was bff with the actress significant other of the alliterate drug using horrible person/singer. If you believe the story of the alliterate drug using horrible person/singer, why would the ex come back? Did someone ask her to come back? Did someone tell her to come back. Someone who knew what a likely result would be.

Keanu Reeves/Jenifer Syme/Marilyn Manson/Amanda  de Cadenet/Rose McGowan

Blind Items Revealed #47

May 31, 2019

When you are dealing with Hollywood, it seems that many of the ideas they have for scripts are not very original. It is the same thing all of the time. This is not always the case and three decades ago a movie was made which showed the premise of how the government could use people who worked in the movies to make things look real when they weren't. The idea wasn't just a thought plucked out of the air, it was happening.  It has been shown in the movies several times since, usually based on real life incidents. This is not about that though.

The owners of the House On St. Charles saw a benefit to having someone who had experience in movies, and specifically in production design make things look real or to set things up in a way to make things seem like something they were not. So, with a ton of money in their pocket, they went out and found one of the very best that has been.

An offer was made and from time to time this A list production designer would help out with projects. He knew what he was doing, but didn't know what was being done with what he was doing. That was his version anyway. Over the years, he managed to steer a lot of high profile celebrities to the people who owned the house. They, in turn made further introductions. It was a huge network and the owners always were looking for every advantage they could get.

At some point, this A+ list mostly movie actor was introduced by our designer to someone involved with ownership. That apparently led to many adventures in the house and elsewhere where the A+ lister was filmed doing things which would cause great damage to his career. In fact, it was at this time that the A+ lister pulled back.

The A+ lister discovered the recordings when he was asked for some special favors. Our actor completed those tasks but wanted out. He contacted the designer who had been the source of the introduction and asked for help. The designer agreed to help and had a meeting with some of the decision makers. He got angry and huffed and puffed and said he didn't sign up for the kind of thing that the actor had to do favor wise. Our designer threatened to go public. He was killed that same night.

J. Michael Riva/F/X/Leonardo DiCaprio

Blind Items Revealed #46

May 2, 2019

"My turn." That was all anyone heard that night. Hell, it was all anyone heard that week. My turn was the catch phrase of at that time an A- list-ish actor. Television. He was a comic actor. I guess he still act now but is just more well known as one of the world's biggest celebrity trainwrecks. That week he was hosting an event and when there was coke to be had here he was with his, "My turn." When there were multiple naked women in a trailer used by this never seen again group, suddenly there would be our actor screaming, "My turn." When he felt someone had too many lines, he would shout it out. When people were telling a story, there he would be saying it. It was so annoying. I had never seen anything like it. It was my first time being at the event.

I was there because of this one hit wonder that I had been working with. Their song is still played today and is still catchy for not being very upbeat at all. I always found the song kind of depressing, but hey, it was a paycheck. This was supposed to be the year of the competing foreign born A+ list singers at that time, one of whom is permanently such. It turned out to be though this orgy like week with the aforementioned never to be seen again group living life as stars like they were never going to have another chance. It turns out they were right. They had coke and women and all kinds of drugs. They even managed to drag women away from the still today permanent A+ list rapper. He had my favorite song that year. Probably still my favorite song by him.

I wonder if this former A list country singer remembers the pawing and hitting on she got from a still today permanent A+ list singer in the same genre. She might have been old enough to drive. Maybe.

Event: 1998 Billboard Music Awards
A- list-ish actor: Andy Dick
Never seen again group: Next
One hit wonder: Marcy Playground
Foreign born A+ list singers: Celine Dion; Shania Twain; Natalie Imbruglia
Permanent A+ list rapper: Jay Z (Vol. 2–Hard Knock Life)
Former A list country singer: LeAnn Rimes
Permanent A+ list singer: Garth Brooks

Blind Items Revealed #45

May 28, 2019

This comedian is not just a comedian. He is an actor too. Also does voices. Foreign born. Several movie franchises. A hit television show in which he starred is in his past too. Married. He is probably A-/B+ list.

A former adult dancer was telling about some of her past clients and said this celebrity was for sure in the most strange behavior of anyone she had encountered, celebrity or otherwise. Six or seven years ago this comic actor visited her club. She didn't recognize him at first because his hair was gray and he looked older than he did on the show he was most known for. He made eye contact with her while she was performing and wouldn't break it. It wasn't normal ogling. She said it felt more like a predator stalking his prey.

Then one of the other dancers told her who he was. Being a fan, she went over to him and they talked for a while. She mentioned wanting to be an illustrator and he said his child liked drawing too, and he showed her toddler sketches of monsters on his phone. Bragging about his child made him seem less creepy to her.

After she got off for the night, they went back to her apartment and he orally serviced her. She was going to reciprocate when he asked her if she had a dildo. She grabbed a dildo and lube thinking he was going to use it on her. Instead he used it on himself and had her watch. He asked her to verbally abuse him because he gets off on humiliation. After he was done, he put the dirty dildo in his mouth and sucked on it while making her shout more insults at him as he masturbated with his other hand.

She said she never was able to watch anything else he has done since because of the images stuck in her head.

Jemaine Clement ("Flight of the Conchords")

Blind Items Revealed #44

February 16, 2019

This celebrity offspring with the A list singer boyfriend invited some people over two weeks ago for what any outsider would probably call a Satanic ritual. I mean it isn't shocking of you go back and look at what she was doing before she got famous.

Bella Hadid/The Weeknd

Blind Items Revealed #43

January 29, 2019

This A- list mostly television actor who has starred on two hit television shows in addition to the middling streaming show he is on now decided to throw his full support behind his rapist best friend. The best friend, who has been accused by multiple women of multiple rapes was hanging out all weekend with the television actor. Maybe someone should go up to the actor's actress wife and ask her thoughts on the matter.

Ashton Kutcher/Danny Masterson/Mila Kunis

Blind Items Revealed #42 - Kindness

January 23, 2019

The tipster said it best, so I will leave it as is. Unfortunately they didn't provide any type of description for the kindhearted person, so I shall tell you the person was a foreign born permanent A list singer who was a multiple Grammy winner and has an iconic song all of you know.

When I was younger than I am now... There was a festival. I guess you would call it a foreign festival. But it was THE festival. My Dad and I went. The weather was great. We were camping. There were loads of activities, drumming, crafts etc it was crowded. I was old enough to wander off on my own but clearly not old enough to find my way back.

So I lost my Dad. We had arranged a meeting place if we got separated. Problem was I couldn't find the place. Because I was a chronic daydreamer. So there I was, in the biggest crowd I'd ever seen, surrounded by hippies. No dad in sight. I wandered around for what felt like hours but was probably minutes before bursting into tears.

Someone tapped my shoulder. Asked if I was ok. It was a nice old man. I'm snot crying and can barely speak at this point. I said I'm lost, can't find dad. He said 'It's ok we'll find him together.'  We looked for our meeting spot which I barely remember.

While we were walking he told me about the time he lost his mom at the park and how scary it was. Trying to help me feel less embarrassed. "We've all been there. Everyone's had this experience at least once. We all found our parents again." Etc. It was a while before we found it. He probably had better things to do than babysitting me.

Anyway Dad was waiting for me. I hugged him and started crying again. Meanwhile he shook the man's hand and thanked him etc. He seemed unusually taken with the guy. I thanked him. He said I was most welcome. Tipped his hat at me and away he went.

Dad. Starstruck says " DO YOU KNOW WHO THAT WAS?"

Leonard Cohen

Blind Items Revealed #41 - Kindness

June 19, 2019

It started out at a ski resort at least a decade ago, if not longer. Our actor, who is a comic actor and hovers between A and A- depending on how often he is working was at a party at a resort. He was doing what he did then which is party a lot. A whole lot. As in passed out. As in woke up the next morning on the floor at the party. On the couch above him was a woman who was wide awake and doing lines of coke. He said something about it being a little early and she said it was better than a cup of coffee.

They both hung out and talked and exchanged phone numbers. After they left, they didn't talk again. It was probably six weeks or so before our actor got a phone call. A hospital was going through the woman's phone looking for people who knew her because she had overdosed and someone had dropped her off at the emergency room entrance. Our actor was the first person who answered the phone. He barely remembered who she was but said he would go to the hospital and help them find someone who knew her better or a family member.

Our actor went to the emergency room and went through her phone until he found a cousin who knew someone who would come stay with the woman. The person arrived and our actor went back home. A few days later, the woman called the actor and thanked him for what he had done and invited him to lunch to thank him. Our actor met up with the woman and over the course of the afternoon got absolutely blitzed to the point of incapacity. The woman led our actor to her car and managed to get him inside. She didn't know where he lived so took him to her place and let him sleep it off.

The next day, they both decided to go to a meeting. They did this every week for years and years. Even when they slipped, they still went. They were the first call each other made when they had slipped or in a bad spot. It was probably five or six years before the woman even knew our actor was a pretty big star. She didn't have a television and rarely went to the movies. It was when she was laid up in a hospital and saw a marathon of a show he was in that she finally saw how famous he was.

Our actor has had some really big missteps, but the woman was there for him. She nearly died multiple times and he was there for her. Always pushing each other to be sober, but never judging. Apparently, earlier this year, the woman died of an overdose. Our actor, always the supporter, paid for the funeral and started a scholarship in her name and also created a foundation to help people pay for rehab who couldn't otherwise afford to.

Jason Segel

Blind Items Revealed #40

June 28, 2019

By my count, there are at least four A listers who contributed to the serial woman beating A lister's record. This is in addition to the two other A listers who made a music video with him.They say they care about women, but this doesn't really show it. They also know that the media is too scared to ever ask them about it because all those reporters just want backstage passes and to feel cool rather than holding their feet to the fire and making them justify their actions.

1. Foreign born former A+ list tweener
2. Foreign born former A list female rapper
3. Foreign born A+ list singer/rapper
4. Former A+ list rapper who makes a lot of kids and a lot of music.
5. A/A- list reality star from a reality family.
6. Foreign born A+ list singer.

1. Justin Bieber
2. Nicki Minaj
3. Drake
4. Lil Wayne
5. Kendall Jenner
6. Ed Sheeran

Blind Items Revealed #39

June 21, 2019

The whole narrative sounds pleasant and the whole experience in the photo shoot was a win/win for all involved. The thing is though, we already know the documented history of one of the band members who thought the shoot was a great idea. He is also one of the few band members who was there to watch the shoot. He is the only band member who still has every single photo from that shoot plus videos. He is also the only band member who knows what happened to the other tweens who auditioned for the shoot and then didn't get the gig after their one on one meeting with the band member. They don't have any good recollections of the process. You can trot out the two stars and they can say it was all rainbows and unicorns even though they are not telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth. What about the barely a teen who got pregnant by the musician? What happened to her? This was his idea and his vision and was the epicenter of all his fantasies. The fact he was an A list musician in an A list group made it all happen.

Band: Led Zeppelin 
Album: "Houses of the Holy" 
Pedophile: Jimmy Page 

Blind Items Revealed #38 - Old Hollywood

June 7, 2019

Not too long ago, a studio changed hands. A long established studio with a library dating back to the studio system years of Old Hollywood. Several archivists were brought in to see if anything could be found that was uncatalogued and to make sure everything was cataloged correctly. Sporadically they found new films or different versions of films. They found some interesting clips taken from behind the scenes of several movies shot by an A+ list director that are actually being turned into a documentary. One of the most interesting finds was of a movie that people knew existed at one point, but was always assumed to have been destroyed.

It starred a permanent A list mostly movie actress who was almost as well known after her death as she was during her death. All of you know who she is. She has always been at the top of the list of Old Hollywood scandals. My favorite is the dumping of the secret husband because she was not allowed to be married and be an actress at that time. Prior to her hitting it big while she was with her secret husband, the actress was introduced to some friends of the husband. Her husband was also in the entertainment industry, but in a different capacity. He had run into some guys who were producing a movie and thought our actress would be wonderful for it. The husband talked her into it and our actress made what today would be soft porn, but back then was something which would get her immediately fired from the studio and never get a chance to work for another. This was especially true when her main rival, who was having sex with the studio head would love to see the actress out the door.

Anyway, the studio did find out about the movie. How? The producers made it specifically thinking the actress would be a big star and held on to it until she was A list. They threatened to release it unless the studio coughed up some money. About $1M in today's dollars. The studio paid the ransom and supposedly the film was destroyed. The archivists found it though. Like I said, it is tame by today's standards and the thought is they might try to release the movie to a classic cable channel.

Studio: MGM
Permanent A list mostly movie actress: Joan Crawford
Movie: "Velvet Lips" 
Secret husband: James Welton 
Main Rival: Norma Shearer 
Studio head: Irving Thalberg

Blind Items Revealed #37

June 4, 2019

He doesn't go there as much as he did in the past. He still owns it through one of his companies, but the building in downtown is primarily inhabited just by squatters and drug users who have no idea that the owner is also one of them and was a frequent guest. The building is an old office building. Five stories. In one of the corners of the third floor is a locked door. Steel. No one is getting in there except for the owner. It is his personal sanctuary when he is there shooting up with the regulars. It is a place he can escape and enjoy his high without fear of something happening to him. That fear is real. Prior to buying the building, our actor would be with the masses and was repeatedly robbed or beaten up while wasted. He bought the building because he envisioned it as a place where users could go and feel safe. For a long time he even had a security guard there to make sure people could do their thing without being bothered. Our actor is a former A+ lister although he has not been that high in decades. Technically he is probably no higher than C list on the acting side of things, but I promise that every single one of you knows who he is. His new girlfriend is really trying to stay close to him and act as a sober coach. Since she has been in his life, the trips to the building are a once every other month thing. There is no longer a security guard and the place has turned into a dump. Our actor, once known for paying for everyone's fix multiple times a day is a forgotten figure with people being replaced by other people and so on. The one thing that remains though is that door. Impenetrable to the most concerted efforts. It is waiting there for the actor to return, although his actress girlfriend hopes he never does.

Macaulay Culkin

Blind Items Revealed #36

July 2, 2019

It has long been one of the great mysteries of music. The thing is, it is about to be solved. There have been a string of fairly popular hits in music over the past decade. Nothing to number one or anything, but nice solid charting songs. They all have one thing in common. A mystery songwriter. He is given credit for the songs, but no one has actually done any digging into who he is. Only his lawyer knows his true identity. The writer is someone who went missing two decades ago. He no longer wanted to be on the stage. He couldn't handle the pressure to perform and always come up with the group's lyrics. He was going to end up dead if he continued. So, he took a decade off, hidden away from the world. When he felt ready to make music, he had a decade's worth of lyrics and set out trying to sell them and music through an attorney. He loves being able to do what he wants to do with no one knowing who it is. I'm sure his family though, would love to know he is alive. He is foreign born and his group was probably A- at its peak.

Richey Edwards/Manic Street Preachers

Blind Items Revealed #35

June 10, 2019

The blind version is followed by the filled in version.

THIS is what I have been upset about for the past 6 months. This is what really got to me. I’ve never felt more betrayed by anyone in my entire life and I will never forgive them and I will never forgive myself.

I’m jumping back into so many things, I don’t have a “plan” per se, just getting back to what I was doing before I was rudely interrupted, tbh I was actually approached first last year to revive _________, I asked them if they could please wait a year until I was out of my c-ship, they said absolutely but instead went to _________ behind my back and that’s what actually put me over the edge. I’ve never felt more betrayed in my entire life by anyone in the world. That will come out soon though.

Instead, __________ approached ___________ and asked HIM to run the show instead. I had to hear about it in the press.

They screwed me out of a $2million dollar project & lied to me.

I’m hoping a movement similar to #FreeBritney will spark some concern with my situation. I have not received a dime from my parents in 5 months which is highly illegal because it is court ordered. My mother tried to fight my early release and tried to fight with my doctors to get my discharge annulled. Most of my income comes from a beautiful house that I purchased in 2011, I just do not have direct access to MY own money and it’s starting to take a toll on me again. My mother is getting ready to have my c-ship extended FAR BEYOND 2020 and she is going to use my recent stay at the facility the main reason for the extension. My mother refuses to give me funds for school or daily necessities but had no issue buying a new home in Leander TX with MY money. I literally just have one semester to finish and I will officially be a FIDM graduate. This is absolutely insane and something needs to happen. MOST things aren’t always as they appear. I cannot afford anymore negative PR but I have no other choice. It’s been extremely hard to move on and move forward with the limited resources that are being made available to me. I cannot even afford the school supplies that I desperately need for my last semester. My mother wants nothing more than to see me fail and I’m scared that she might succeed, permanently.

I’m just VERY upset with what ___________ did to me.

I was literally PRAYING for that job with  ___________. I’ve never prayed so much in my entire life. I just wanted them to wait a year until my conservatorship was over and was free, and I feel I would have looked MY BEST EVER considering the amount of work I would have put into myself and into my talent and craft, + countless hours in the gym, etc especially knowing that I could have been the face & name of a show that I helped become a hit success. I literally thought that ___________ would have waited & gave me that opportunity, I was skeptical but they assured me that they would wait, but instead I had to heard about it in the press, like most things. I’ve never wanted anything more in my life. But hey, time is money I guess and they wanted to rush something that should have definitely not been rushed. I'm not even sure if _________ is aware of what they did to me and what we had planned, but I met with ___________ last year and there are photos of me leaving one of our meetings with them.

THIS was the actual reason for everything. This was what caused me to just sort of give up and felt that I may have needed professional help. It sounded SO ridiculous when people were told that it was “the stress from my ________ photoshoot.” Huh? WHAT STRESS? I loved the _______ shoot so much, and it was shot over the summer, I just don’t understand TA!

Completed version

THIS is what I have been upset about for the past 6 months. This is what really got to me. I’ve never felt more betrayed by anyone in my entire life and I will never forgive them and I will never forgive myself.

I’m jumping back into so many things, I don’t have a “plan” per se, just getting back to what I was doing before I was rudely interrupted, tbh I was actually approached first last year to revive All That, I asked them if they could please wait a year until I was out of my c-ship, they said absolutely but instead went to Kenan behind my back and that’s what actually put me over the edge. I’ve never felt more betrayed in my entire life by anyone in the world. That will come out soon though.

Instead, All That approached Kenan and asked HIM to run the show instead. I had to hear about it in the press.

They screwed me out of a $2million dollar project & lied to me.

I’m hoping a movement similar to #FreeBritney will spark some concern with my situation. I have not received a dime from my parents in 5 months which is highly illegal because it is court ordered. My mother tried to fight my early release and tried to fight with my doctors to get my discharge annulled. Most of my income comes from a beautiful house that I purchased in 2011, I just do not have direct access to MY own money and it’s starting to take a toll on me again. My mother is getting ready to have my c-ship extended FAR BEYOND 2020 and she is going to use my recent stay at the facility the main reason for the extension. My mother refuses to give me funds for school or daily necessities but had no issue buying a new home in Leander TX with MY money. I literally just have one semester to finish and I will officially be a FIDM graduate. This is absolutely insane and something needs to happen. MOST things aren’t always as they appear. I cannot afford anymore negative PR but I have no other choice. It’s been extremely hard to move on and move forward with the limited resources that are being made available to me. I cannot even afford the school supplies that I desperately need for my last semester. My mother wants nothing more than to see me fail and I’m scared that she might succeed, permanently.

I’m just VERY upset with what Viacom did to me.

I was literally PRAYING for that job with  Viacom. I’ve never prayed so much in my entire life. I just wanted them to wait a year until my conservatorship was over and was free, and I feel I would have looked MY BEST EVER considering the amount of work I would have put into myself and into my talent and craft, + countless hours in the gym, etc especially knowing that I could have been the face & name of a show that I helped become a hit success. I literally thought that Viacom would have waited & gave me that opportunity, I was skeptical but they assured me that they would wait, but instead I had to heard about it in the press, like most things. I’ve never wanted anything more in my life. But hey, time is money I guess and they wanted to rush something that should have definitely not been rushed. I'm not even sure if Kenan is aware of what they did to me and what we had planned, but I met with Viacom last year and there are photos of me leaving one of our meetings with them.

THIS was the actual reason for everything. This was what caused me to just sort of give up and felt that I may have needed professional help. It sounded SO ridiculous when people were told that it was “the stress from my PAPER photoshoot.” Huh? WHAT STRESS? I loved the PAPER shoot so much, and it was shot over the summer, I just don’t understand TA!

Blind Items Revealed #34

June 14, 2019

I know they thought they got away with it. When they threw that long time A list celebrity in his country under the bus after his death with planned leaks and a parade of victims, they raised a toast with a bottle of wine that cost $25K while they watched child porn they had filmed and collected. Most of it they had filmed. One is a foreign born permanent A list musician who has briefly touched the third rail of child porn but got away with his lame excuse because of his fame.

The other, a foreign born permanent A list socialite type who has been in this space before because of his banishment from multiple countries for similar offenses. Not so much child porn. Authorities and law enforcement wouldn't cal it that because of the international incident it would create. It is what it is of course. Tweens and teens being forced into sex acts with the men while they were filmed. The men obscured either with mask or not shown at all. Their voices altered. Our socialite type would buy the tweens and teens while the dead celebrity and the musician used their fame to attract underage groupies who then would be put through ten minutes to ten hours of sex and filming in as many situations as possible, all the while being filmed. Usually with the celebrities, it was unknown filming. With our socialite type, the victims all knew they were being filmed and what would happen if they protested.

Now, with some recent court filings, some of the socialite type's actions are coming to light and he will make sure to take down as many as possible if needed. He knows because of his stature he is safe. This would not be true for any of the others.

Jeffrey Epstein/Jimmy Savile/Pete Townshend/Prince Andrew

Blind Items Revealed #33

May 13, 2019

Nothing real scandalous here, but maybe you sleuths will have a bit of fun guessing this one. Having said that, the consequences of this movie did do some damage to at least one career.

Let’s go back a little while shall we, we have a director who I’d consider permanent A list  (academy award winner/nominee) but would probably not be on many peoples usual suspect list. He had just released his latest movie. At the time of the movie’s release he had already been around for a long time and directed some much acclaimed movies that were in the running for the top award. One movie in particular is still a beloved classic with a terrific ensemble cast and it essentially put the director on the map. Not to mention his involvement in those movies that you all know and know well.

Anyway, our director had fallen off the radar for a number of years until he jumped at the opportunity to direct this movie which was based on a book. He still had a bit of clout in the industry and his production company managed to secure the rights to this novel and get a pretty big budget from a major studio. Perhaps this could be his comeback into the mainstream after a long absence. Along the way a permanent A+ list writer got involved in the project and partnered with the director to bring the story to the big screen. After watching the movie it’s boggles the mind wondering what they actually saw in the material. It was hardly the kind of material that both the director and the writer had much, if anything, to do with in the past.

All things aside, shooting of the movie got under way with a number of good actors signing on for rolls, probably just to work under the A list director with a script written by the A+ list writer, based on a novel by an acclaimed author, how could they go wrong? They all did their best with the script and direction they were given but playing it serious was arguably not the way to go about the material. The director was treating the movie like he would have normally done in the past and it just didn’t weave together this time round.

The permanent A+ list actor (academy award winner/nominee) played against type in the movie and even he couldn’t save it or bring it any credibility, but hey, he was still responsible for delivering the best line so I guess that counts for something. The B+ actor who was on a recently axed almost network show seemed to recognize the silliness of what they were doing, but he made his scenes count and chewed through the scenery like no tomorrow. His scenes were some of the more “intentionally” humorous ones and at least he seemed to enjoy himself filming them.

Eventually the movie was released and quickly became a laughing stock. I doubt that anyone in the audience was prepared for how ludicrous this film would be. It was jaw dropping how bad it was considering the caliber of the people involved. You’d be forgiven for not expecting this type of movie to come from the A list director. Looking at the credits there a number of award winning cast and crew members across the board and somehow they caught up in the net. It’s not like they did a bad job, far from it, the film is actually pretty well made on a technical level, but the story and plot make no sense what so ever.

For those who have seen the movie I’m sure they would only remember the one aspect that when spoken out loud, would either deter people, or encourage them to watch it just to see how ridiculous it plays out. And this is coming from a movie that has one ridiculous and awkward scene
after another. Suffice to say the movie was a bomb, and it wasn’t hard to see why. It quickly fell into obscurity and was forgotten. The timing of its release was probably not going to do it any favors either, considering a major world event had just taken place that everyone knew was a bad idea, but was powerless to stop from happening. This movie channeled a few things that were going on at the time.

Surprisingly it doesn’t appear on many “worst of all time lists” which maybe a good thing for the multiple A list talent involved. As for the director, well, he will probably always be A list considering his track record & prior achievements, but even he admitted that this film screwed his career a bunch. He had other projects that he wanted to work on but because this movie was a disaster he never got the chance to do them. It was another decade before he got a chance to direct again and he went back to his comfort zone, albeit without any major studio backing this time. That film also bombed and after that he didn’t have anything to go on, at least until not until he got another chance to be involved in the movies that made his name.

Movie: Dreamcatcher 
A list director: Lawrence Kasdan 
Permanent A+ list writer: William Goldman 
Author: Stephen King 
Acclaimed movie: The Big Chill 
Permanent A+ list actor: Morgan Freeman 
B+ list actor: Timothy Olyphant
Major world event: Invasion of Iraq   

Blind Items Revealed #32

April 25, 2019

One day when he was about 30, this foreign born former B+ list mostly movie actor learned the truth. He had the double whammy of discovering who is mother was and his grandmother was all in the same day. The actor, who had a franchise that was way better than the US version inherited a large sum of money that had been in trust for him for quite some time. He met his mother only once. The occasion was the death of his grandmother. The grandmother who always claimed she never had any children. The grandmother who did provide for her daughter, but only through her will. She wanted no part of her daughter during life because her daughter was conceived with a man who forced himself on to the actress after a date when she turned down his advances.  The daughter was raised by relatives of the grandmother, but with little to no financial assistance. The daughter wandered aimlessly through life and gave birth to our actor before giving him up for adoption. The only time our actor ever met his mother was to discuss the death of the grandmother and to talk about the disposition of assets. Through a series of private detectives, the grandmother kept track of the grandson and also helped him in his burgeoning career until she passed. So, just who is this grandmother? A foreign born alliterate permanent A list mostly movie actress who was the epitome of being reclusive. She was also a multiple Oscar winner/nominee and was one of the most savvy art collectors in the world when she died.

Actor: Michael Nyqvist
Franchise: "The Girl ____________"
Mother: Gray Gustafson Reisfield
Grandmother: Greta Garbo 

Blind Items Revealed #31 - Old Hollywood

May 10, 2019

Lost was how she put it. Lost as a person and lost to history. Her career in film no one would ever see again because of tragedy that cost hundreds if not thousands of careers to be lost to history. Lost to history as one of the creators of a part of one of film's greatest trilogies. Her story was set to be told. She wanted it told. She wrote a manuscript. Apparently the manuscript still exists in a library at that northern California castle.

The manuscript was initially discarded as the ravings of someone who had lost her mind. In it though, she also talks about the early days of Hollywood and in great detail discusses one of the greatest directors of all time. I mean everyone knows his name even though you might not have known he was a director. Permanent A++ list. Also, the center of every dispute she had. He stole many of her ideas but only managed to have to admit it once. After that time, he had her blacklisted. So, she wrote down everything he had ever done to anyone. She wrote about the rapes and assaults. She wrote about his drug use and his part in arranging violence and even killings of those he considered rivals.

The list of misdeeds is extensive. The original editors thought she was discussing Jesus or God, but she was using it as symbolism in regards to some of his greatest known works of the time. Several people in the last decade have read the manuscript and it is a masterpiece. The problem is no one knows how to sell it or market it. So, it stays there with all of its glorious gossip waiting to be seen.

Valeska Suratt/Cecil B. DeMille/William Randolph Hearst Castle

Blind Items Revealed #30 - Old Hollywood

April 8, 2019

There were a lot of tragedies back in old Hollywood. Many of them happened to the actors and actresses that were trying and mostly failing to transition from silent movies to talkies. One of those was the subject of our blind. She was foreign born and worked for some of the biggest directors of the time, including ones still known today. She was always known as someone who would definitely hit the casting couch to get work and she got a lot of work. She even worked a lot via the casting couch even while she was married to an at that time A list actor. The thing is though, he didn't know she was doing that and when he found out, he left her and then started talking publicly about what she had done. This caused her to start losing out on a bunch of work. The husband was not finished with his revenge though. He knew she was an alcoholic who was trying to quit and he would send over producers to her place with booze knowing she would drink it because she wouldn't say no to them for fear of missing out on a job. Soon, her drinking was so bad she couldn't work at all and spent her life trading sex for booze. She didn't even care about money. It was just a procession of men all day and night.

The ex came over one night and got his final revenge by killing her. Her corpse was found several days later, but she was in such bad shape from the abuse her body had taken and what her dog had done to the body that no one even suspected she had been killed and probably wouldn't have done anything about it anyway.

Marie Prevost/Kenneth Harlan

Blind Items Revealed #29

January 9, 2019

There is going to come a time in the next few years that this nanny will not be needed any longer. The children the nanny watches are already to the point where they don't need anyone to really be with them. In fact, one is already out of the house and in two or three years, the other will follow. The nanny has been around since the birth of the first child. The permanent A list actor father of the children is the one who hired the nanny. At the time she was very young and the actress mother of the children really thought the actor would try and hit on the nanny. There were lots of arguments before the actor said they were hiring the nanny and his mind wouldn't be changed. For the first decade, especially when the actress mom was going through some issues, she was convinced the actor was going to have an affair with the nanny. He didn't. He has never done one thing out of place or improper with her. What the actress doesn't know and our actor has no plans to tell her while he is alive is that the nanny is his daughter. The nanny was the result of an affair the actor had while married to his previous wife. No one but the nanny and the actor know the truth.

Michael Douglas/Catherine Zeta Jones


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