Saturday, May 24, 2014

Blind Item #2

This very much a minor, who is a sometime actor offspring of A listers managed to buy a bottle of duty free liquor at the airport and then sipped from it the entire flight while sitting in First Class alone.

Blind Items Revealed

February 4, 2014

This A list stylist and designer wannabe had a collection so horrid that people told her it would be career suicide to show it. Excuses made and back to the drawing board or wherever she can buy her designs for next time.

Rachel Zoe

Blind Item #1

With the holiday weekend, I'm surprised this B list mostly television actor from a middling cable show which co-stars someone who is way more famous because of his past show than his current one didn't announce a separation from his wife. It would have been the perfect time. He has been hooking up with this sometime B list television and movie actress with the really long name and the even longer reputation. Never let it be said that she doesn't date married guys. I can't believe she convinced someone to leave their wife.

Blind Items Revealed

October 18, 2013

This A list celebrity/singer/reality star doesn't seem to care if anyone notices him cheating on his A list celebrity/singer wife. Well maybe a little since in public this week the affection was confined to hand holding and hugging with his latest mistress before they headed back to her place that night. He never takes anyone to his place.

Blake Shelton

Blind Items Revealed

October 29, 2013

I always think it is funny when this former A list mostly movie actress/Academy Award winner gets some comeuppance. She had no idea that she was talking to a woman the other night at a party who has sex with the celebrity husband of our actress on a very frequent basis.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Blind Items Revealed

March 2, 2014

This A+ list mostly television actor who would drop down to a B if you threw him in some movies is on a hot cable show. He also has a girlfriend who is more like a wife. That was him the other night with a multitude of women all sitting on his lap seeing if the legends are true. The good news for his girlfriend is that out of the ten women who gave his lap a try he only took home two. It's like winning the bronze. You made the podium.

Jon Hamm

Blind Items Revealed

October 29, 2013

This former B list mostly movie actress who brought new meaning to the words drunken mess lost her career but now has it back thanks to a lucky break. She is doing her best to lose it again after she threw a drink in a waiter's face after she says he brought her the wrong one and then started screaming at him. Making matters worse for the future is that she wasn't kicked out of the place.

Natasha Lyonne

Blind Items Revealed

October 17, 2013

This former B list funny actress who now just focuses on keeping her show on the air long enough to hit syndication split with her boyfriend because he has been cheating on her with this B list mostly television actress/singer from a hit network show who loves people to think she is single now and was madly in love before. Not so much as it turns out.

Whitney Cummings/Peter Berg/Lea Michele

Blind Items Revealed

October 28, 2013

This former A+ list tween celebrity was one of the very few tweeners back in the day. Now he is just a celebrity/singer living off that past fame. Apparently he is also willing to do anything to secure what he thinks would be the perfect job. It is the host of a network reality show and our former tweener trashes the current host every chance he gets and buys the producers of the show weekly gifts to try and land the not vacant job.

David Cassidy

Blind Items Revealed

March 1, 2014

This boozing former A list tweener who is still an A list celebrity/singer thought it would be love and unicorns when she hooked up with this A list band member last week. She flew halfway around the world and after spending a few hours with him he wanted no part of her. He said she is shallow and wanted to go out so they could be seen together and started making plans for the next few months together. It was too much for him.

Selena Gomez/Niall Horan "One Direction"

Blind Items Almost Revealed

October 20, 2013

This former indie queen who was the first indie queen and has made some truly amazing movies with "that guy" continues heading off the deep end which is why "that guy" has been avoiding her calls to put her in his new thing. The other night she was at an event and was walking up to men and asking if they thought her breasts were sagging and if she needed a boob job and was encouraging men to touch them.

The show she wanted to be on was canceled.

Blind Items Revealed

October 16, 2013

I have joked previously about how brain impaired this A list mostly movie actor is who is known for his good looks and one successful franchise. All his other movies bomb but he gets that tag of A as long as he keeps pumping out the franchise. Anyway, his actress wife has more creative ways than Walter White of explaining why she needs to do something and can't be home for a few hours. Does she just not want to get divorced? Is he that stupid to not know what's going on? How many different guys does she need to cheat with before he gets it? She was at it again this week while he just went through the motions of his day. Alone.

Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz

Blind Items Almost Revealed

October 15, 2013

This C+ list mostly television actress who used to be on a hit show for an almost network never has said anything about being gay or bi-sexual but she sure was doing a good job of sneaking in two quick makeout grope sessions with this very attached female A list celebrity who found a way to ditch her partner a couple of times. What will this lead to?

The A lister is a talk show host.

Blind Items Revealed

October 15, 2013

This former A list reality star and talk show host and reality show star again and a million other descriptions is foreign born. She was also wasted out of her mind the other night and when no one could be found to help support her out to a waiting cab she had to crawl to the front entrance before some guys took pity on her and led her out to the waiting cab. Her makeup and wig were all crazy. It was a horrific sight.

Sharon Osbourne

Blind Items Almost Revealed

October 14, 2013

Just because he was recently married doesn't mean this A list celebrity/athlete has given up on his celebrity mistress. The opposite has happened. He has been sexting her twice as much as he used to so she doesn't go off and find someone else. Yeah, I don't think he realizes how illogical that sounds.

His team is still in the playoffs.

Blind Items Revealed

October 14, 2013

The reason for the split is not quite so cut and dry. This A list celebrity/singer in every country in the world but here was having second thoughts about having a kept man on the payroll. For his part he has been seeing a 19 year old model and that little secret was becoming more and more open which our singer thought people would see as a sign of her aging and didn't want her paid for boyfriend accused of being a cheater.

Kylie Minogue

Friday, May 23, 2014

Random Photos Part Six

Hello Bo Derek.

It's great to have my buddy Bai Ling back in town after being gone months. Here she is with William Macy last night.
William then sucked face with his wife, the amazing Felicity Huffman.
Jennifer Grey was there to support her husband who stars in, and directs the movie.

Dakota Fanning needs a PUH.
Dear Dubai,

You might want to lock the doors to the roofs of your tallest skyscrapers to keep random Russians from climbing out and taking selfies. These are crazy.

Random Photos Part Five - Cannes Photos Part Two

Kylie Minogue

Rosario Dawson
Dita von Teese
Jane Fonda
Paris Hilton
Bar Refaeli
Jessica Chastain
Adrien Brody and Irina Shayk
Models turned zombies.
Juliette Binoche and Chloe Moretz

Random Photos Part Four

Eva Longoria's new boyfriend might be cheating on her, but ever since they started dating she has looked really good. This coming from me, so you know she looks good.

Emmy Rossum continues her daily pap payout.
Andrew Garfield sandwiched by Emma Stone and a friend.
The Goopster and Chris Martin ride together yesterday.
Jennifer Garner wearing one of Ben Affleck's shirts. Or he borrows from her.
Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill at the London premiere of their movie.
Ashton Kutcher wanted to do this in public. You know, because he used to be a model.
Down goes Kylie Jenner.
Keri Russell practices yoga in NYC.

Random Photos Part Three

Lisa Kudrow filming her show.

Mel B about to appear on Extra.
Melanie Griffith looking good out to dinner last night.
Michael Jace being charged with murder.
The cast of Of Mice And Men getting Sardis drawings. The only one who looks happy is Chris O'Dowd. Leighton Meester and James Franco just seem meh about it.
Mena Suvari at an event last night with
Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen.
Jamie Lee Curtis and
the amazing Lyle Lovett were there too.

Random Photos Part Two - Cannes Photos Part One

Justin Bieber grabs one of Heidi Klum's breasts.

Somehow Harvey Weinstein let himself take a photo with Justin Bieber. Lana Del Rey was also there.
Barbara Palvin
Marion Cotillard, Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger.
What is the deal in Cannes with all the face stroking. Here is Marion giving one to Leo before going off to smoke.
Sharon Stone
Robin Thicke focusing on Rosario Dawson while Leo tries to look down her dress.
John Travolta and Kelly Preston witness a proposal.
Rosie Huntington Whiteley
Michelle Rodriguez

Random Photos Part One

Six parts today.

Zach Braff and Neil Patrick Harris go matchy matchy last night.

At the same party was Vincent Pastore who chose to wear the same colors, but in reverse.
Naya Rivera goes out shopping. Probably headed to Dash.
Amy Poehler makes her way through LAX.
Rihanna out looking for Charlie Sheen.
Amanda Seyfried has work to do and Justin Long tags along.
Sienna Miller wishes Bradley Cooper was married so they could hook up.
Sharon and a dazed looking Ozzy Osbourne at the airport.
Long time no see in the photos for Usher.


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