Saturday, June 08, 2013

Russian Kid At Club

Yeah, not sure why he is there either. He loves to dance. The next Billy Elliotski no doubt.

Blind Items Revealed

December 22, 2012

This A+ list all movie actor says that he is never getting divorced because he does not want to give half his money to someone who cheated on him.

Russell Crowe

Blind Items Revealed

December 20, 2012

This B+ list all movie actress has moved on from her A+ list all movie actor sometime boyfriend and has been seeing a barely 18 year old female college student who waited on her at a restaurant a few weeks ago. Probably will only last until our actress finishes filming.

Amber Heard

Blind Items Revealed

December 18, 2012

I guess this B- list television/movie actress who has hit it big thanks to television has not learned her lesson. Currently having sex with married director.

January Jones

Liberace's Boyfriend had Six Year Gay Relationship With Michael Jackson

When Scott Thorson and Liberace broke up in 1982, he started having sex with Michael Jackson. Liberace introduced the two and about the time Thriller was released, Michael and Scott began a six year sexual relationship. It was around the same time that Michael Jackson was hooking up with Brooke Shields. Yeah, no one believes that. If you are thinking this is only something he has said because Michael is dead, he also said in 2004 when Michael was very much alive. Michael denied it but never sued.

Blind Items Revealed

December 17, 2012

I wonder if this foreign born almost A list all television actress knows about her significant other taking two women back to his hotel room this weekend. They went in at midnight and the two women emerged about 7am.

Sofia Vergara

Lostprophets Singer Denies He Raped A Baby

It seems like everyday in the UK lately there is some kind of branch that leads to more people being accused of sex crimes with minors. Over the past year there has been one arrest after another after accusations that no one did anything to celebrated celebrity icon Jimmy Savile during his life and how he molested hundreds of kids and invited his friends to join in. The lead singer of Lostprophets, Ian Watkins has been arrested and charged with 24 sexual offenses including the rape of a baby. The group has sold over 3M records and their biggest hit was Last Train Home. Last year they released their most recent album which debuted at number 9 in the UK. Ian says he didn't rape the baby and has no idea how all the child and animal porn got on to his computers.

Blind Items Revealed - Bonus

I thought I had revealed this previously so we will call this a bonus just in case I had. I just can't find a note that I had.

December 16, 2012

This married B list all movie actress who has the talent of a C or D lister was in a store the other day and a woman in front of her tried to purchase $185 worth of clothes. The credit card got declined and our actress offered to pay for it and also paid for the items she was holding in her arms and the items our actress' friend had and the items our actress had. Nice gesture. She could have just ignored it. Love the holiday spirit.

Jessica Biel

Blind Items Revealed

December 10, 2012

That being faithful to his wife thing did not last for very long with this A-/B+ list country singer. The thing that makes it crazy is that he is talking to the person she caught him with before. He says they have unfinished business.

Jason Aldean

Walking Dead Actress Tried To Kill The President - Blame Her Husband

36 year old mother of five and soon to be six, Shannon Rogers Guess Richardson has been arrested for sending letters with ricin to the President and to the Mayor of New York City. Shannon has been in Walking Dead and vampire Diaries and apparently did not like her current husband very much. She mailed the letters just to set him up. She called the FBI and said her husband is the one who did it and then when the FBI visited the Texas woman they figured out it was her. Yeah, so six children all under the age of 16 with a bunch of different fathers are going to be scattered among a lot of relatives because she decided framing was better than divorce. Oh, and could have killed someone too.

Friday, June 07, 2013

Random Photos Part Four

Cindy Crawford and her first magazine cover.

Colin Farrell picks up his son from school.
Chris Martin goes for the perm look.
Elizabeth Berkley visits the set of Extra hosted by her ex boyfriend at least on Saved By The Bell.
Not sure if this is safe Edie Falco. I do see some kind of seatbelt.
Halle Berry covers up her bump. About to sell some photos of it. Naked.
Hugh Jackman and his wife take a walk without kids which is rare.
Hayden P says hello to London - wonders if HP sauce is named after her.

Random Photos Part Three - Mel Brooks Tribute

Mel Brooks was given an award by The American Film Institute last night. Here are some of his grandchildren.

Cloris Leachman is not his granddaughter, but was there.
Amy Poehler was there.
Martin Scorcese
Martin Short
Sarah Silverman
Dick Van Patten
David Lynch and Emily Stofle
Carl Reiner

Random Photos Part Two

Kelly Ripa gets caught eating - has instant shame.

Leonardo DiCaprio drags along his latest model as he tours Versailles.
Miley Cyrus Tweeted this photo yesterday. Classy!
Melanie Griffith bought her son lunch at a vegan place. Yeah, no bacon served.
Naya Rivera and Dianna Agron head out shopping and make fun of Lea Michele all day.
Prince Harry doing some discount shopping.
Pink is a two fisted coffee drinker.
Prince Jackson does some shopping while his sister is in the hospital.
Rihanna hanging out in Belgium.

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

Well, the first week of Reader Photos is now coming to an end. If you would like to have your photo posted in advance of Reveal Day on July 4th, then e-mail me at I will keep posting them everyday in the order I receive them and on July 4th will combine them all into a massive photo post or two.

Four parts today.

Amanda Seyfried's dress looks like it could fit two of her inside.

Sandra Bullock has been looking amazing lately.
Sarah Jessica Parker takes out one of her twin daughters and leaves the other at home where she will be forced to watch Project X repeatedly.
Shia LaBeouf and his girlfriend make a coffee run.
Toni Collette in Sydney promoting her new movie.
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2
Reader Photo #3
Reader Photo #4
Reader Photo #5
Reader Photo #6

Mister Rogers Remix

Blind Item #7

After an event a couple of years ago, this A list comedian and B list mostly movie actor made a move on an actress who is probably C list at best, but is married to a man with very high name recognition. Our comedian expected to be rebuffed, but surprisingly she said it was fine with her, but that her husband would have to watch. Only watch. Our comedian agreed. There are some who say her child is his.

A Bunny Takes A Bath

This is the first time I have ever seen a rabbit get a bath. Are they always this calm?

Blind Item #6

This A list celebrity/singer made a deal with her husband. She says that she was really wanting to be with another person again and they agreed that she could see women as long as she was not caught. No men this time though.

Man With 22 Kids By 14 Women Doesn't Pay Child Support

Yesterday in Nashville, a man named Orlando Shaw was in court. He had been brought to court by 12 of the 14 women he has fathered children with. All told, Orlando has at least 22 children by 14 different women. He has obviously never heard of the word condom or seen a photo of one. You would think the women, after getting pregnant by him once and knowing he had fathered other kids would take matters into their own hands or realize what a deadbeat he is and not have sex with him again.

Despite having all of these kids, Orlando does not pay child support and currently the state of Tennessee pays about $7000 a month to the women to help support their kids. For his part, Orlando blames his youth and love of women.

"I was young and ambitious and I love women. You can't knock no man for loving women." He says that he can't get a job because of his criminal record but he does "play the hell out of the lottery though."

Four For Friday - He Likes Hookers More Than Charlie Sheen

It's Friday today. Just one more week to buy those Father's Day gifts. Come on now, you need to visit at least two or three garage sales to find that perfect tie to give to the old man. As usual, I will be here all weekend and blogging my greasy fingers to the bone. Reveals tomorrow from the archives and probably Sunday too. I would love for you to follow me on Twitter. I am @entylawyer

This actor is mostly television at this point. Well, actually he will do a movie if he can get it. It seems that no one really wants to hire him for acting roles because he has burned some bridges including one very important one of an A list mostly movie actress who has a lot of power. She stuck up for him when it was inconvenient, and he repaid her by having sex with one of her assistants and then dumping her right after. That is kind of his exception to the rule. He quite possibly spends more time with hookers than any other celebrity. Yes, Charlie spends a ton and has way more money than this C+ list actor with A list name recognition, but our actor is not picky about how the women look and is not willing to spend a lot. He told one of his friends that since the lights are off anyway, what does he care what they look like. Our actor just can't get enough of hookers. he is addicted to them. He calls them several times a day and spends hours online looking at escort sites. His one go to way of making money is taking a hit because he would much rather be with hookers or look for them online then do any work.

Your Turn

Favorite John Cusack movie.

Blind Item #5

This almost A list mostly movie actor said that when he was filming one of his latest movies with this A list tweener turned actress that she would shake with fear when she knew her A list celebrity boyfriend was going to turn up on set. "Literally shake and tremble and start crying."

Blind Item #4

This recent reality show contestant made a name for herself by announcing she is a virgin. Apparently her definition of virgin is different from mine or the guys she had sex with in the past year. Oh, and that guy in high school.

When Celebrities Get Frustrated

Blind Item #3

This C list celebrity with B list name recognition has been blackmailing his much higher ranked celebrity sister. She has to do what he wants or he has said he will sell her story about her affair to the tabloids. Mostly what he has wanted from her is some money and some support for his latest project.

Vladimir Putin Divorcing His Wife

Russian President Vladimir Putin is divorcing his wife of 30 years. Considering all the rumors about him seeing tons of other women, I guess he is doing this now because it would look unseemly to get caught in a photograph with one of them. Of course, since he does pretty much have absolute power in his country, I would not want to be the photographer who took the photo or be the one who posts it or publishes it. Look at what happened to Pussy Riot and all they did was sing. His wife was by his side when he made the announcement and she said she was grateful to him for everything and that he is a great guy, but she does not like to be seen in public or take airplane rides. Umm, yeah, that last one makes sense.

Blind Item #2

This B list mostly television actress who tries to make movies during breaks is pregnant. I'm not sure she will share the baby daddy, so let me tell you it is an almost A list mostly movie actor who has been involved in a long term relationship during part of the time with our B list actress.

Kim Kardashian Does Not Want Publicity - Posts Selfies An Hour Later

Kim Kardashian has told the paps who take photos of her to leave her alone and that when the cameras are turned off she would like to be left alone. Umm, what? Yes, apparently this being famous thing has gone too far and she would like to be left alone and no photos taken of her except when she wants them to take photos of her which is probably 30 seconds after she said she didn't want them anymore. I say leave her alone. Paps take a week off. Don't photograph her and don't follow her. You know what would happen? She would be begging you to come back. She would walk down every street in West Hollywood and Beverly Hills until you took her photo. Do you remember when she agreed to some stupid charity thing where she would stay off Twitter until a certain amount of money was raised? After three days the amount had not been met but she had to go back on Twitter because she owed it to her fans. Best three days ever.

Shortly after Kim made her proclamation she posted selfies to Twitter and Instagram.

Blind Item #1

This former almost A list mix of movies and television actress who has had a rough year and is out of the business, spent much of last week having phone sex with an A-/B+ list celebrity and sending him photos and then he said she was not that great and refused to meet her. She then made the actress who has a crush on her do the same thing she had been forced to do for the celebrity.

Rock Hudson & His Wife

The Hollywood Reporter has something very special this week. It is an actual transcript between Rock Hudson and his wife Phyllis Gates. She had hired a private detective to record a conversation she had with Rock about his homosexuality and the transcript of the recording was in his files. It is some really interesting stuff.

She starts her talk with Rock by saying that he should be able to grow out of it and that he is just freezing emotionally. She then discusses how she and Rock have sex. She said that when the two of them have sex he does it with great speed. Rock replied, "Well, it's a physical conjunction [SIC]. Boys don't fit. So this is why it lasts longer."

She then said she knows he has been picking up boys from off the street and bars and Rock denied it, but it is probably true since the private detective had seen him do it.

Everyone Speculates About Paris Jackson

No two tabloids can agree what caused Paris Jackson to attempt suicide. They do all agree that it was not the first time. Some of the tabloids say it was bullying at school and others say there were fights between Prince and Paris which had turned into a feud because of their mother. Other stories have said she did not want to testify in the wrongful death trial or that she is still upset about her grandmother being kidnapped last year. The reason none of the tabloids can agree what caused it all is because they all are calling their Jackson family contacts and each of those family members is perfectly willing to sell a story and will make sure it is different so that way all the tabloids can scream exclusive. There have been at least six different explanations and as long as the tabloids continue to pay and find a new family member there will continue to be even more explanations.

David Beckham Does Some Canoodling In New York City With Another Woman

While Victoria Beckham has been in London, David Beckham has been shuttling around the country. last week in Miami and this week in NYC. According to the New York Daily News, David was out partying alone at some clubs this week when he ran into a woman who looked like Victoria Beckham from the 90's. So, yeah big hair, big breasts and no bra. The two spent several hours just chatting and drinking and they were not joined by others. I'm sure it is completely innocent. You know, because he has never cheated. Well, not actually been caught with cameras cheating. I wonder now that he is retired and has all this free time where he does not have to practice might be spent doing other things. I also think it is strange that he went out alone to various spots.

Bristol Palin Gets Another Chance - Wife Swapping With Joan Rivers

Apparently Celebrity Wife Swap ran out of wives to swap because for their premiere this season, they have chosen to swap Melissa and Joan Rivers with Bristol and Willow Palin. They are going to live in each other's houses. Just when you think there is no possible way Bristol Palin will ever be seen on television again she pops up. Basically each year she pops up on some network reality show and collects her fee which runs between $200K-$250K. She does not need to do anything else all year. I was actually surprised she did not show up on Splash this year, but the money was way easier for Wife Swap. Next year maybe she will do Splash.

Esther Williams Has Died

Esther Williams, a teenage swimming champion who became an enormous Hollywood star in a decade of watery MGM extravaganzas, died on Thursday in Beverly Hills, Calif. She was 91.

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Random Photos Part Four

Tina Turner gets the top spot. Who else would you give it to?

I'm not giving it to Alec Baldwin and his Christmas card preview. Here he is with his wife and daughter and Stephen's daughter.
Cher at the airport looks pretty good for pushing 70.
David Beckham listening to Spiceworld.
I think Eve was smoking Spiceworld to be wearing this.
George Clooney looks at the legend that is Bill Murray.
Hilary Duff has a date night with Mike Comrie.
Jenna Fischer is now doing Broadway. In her pajamas.
Jennie Garth takes her kids to a buffet. Next time invite me.


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