Friday, May 01, 2009

Five For Friday

This B list television actress on a very hit network drama has A list name recognition. She was paid to be at an event for two consecutive weekends for teens and was expected to be a good example for those in attendance. Strict? Yeah, but she was getting paid big bucks and could have skipped it if she didn't want to follow the rules. She chain-smoked her way through the thing, refusing to do most of the stuff she was being paid to do. (this included an argument over her check which she opened up and argued through most of a show she was in the audience for. Apparently she thought she was being paid less than what had been agreed on.)Don't ask me why the check didn't go straight to her agent, but I wonder if she did this on her own without coughing up the 10%.

She didn't want to do opening remarks for a C list male R&B singer with one huge monster hit, and not much else because she thought his people were "ogling her too much" She lied about her age and drank two bottles of wine the first night and ended up drunk off her ass with people pushing her in the right direction of where to go and what to do. If any of the audience tried for an autograph or picture of her while she was walking around, she would put up her hand to block her face and ignore them. These same kids that paid to be at an event she was HOSTING.

Her first weekend there she was with her family. The next weekend, she brought her friends, including this D list movie actor who was in one of the biggest franchise movies of all-time and has really done nothing since, and looked like he was on crack the entire night. She was required to get approval for her outfits beforehand and when the event organizers came to check on it, she ignored them.

On the other hand, this annoying female A list singer (for now), but probably just a one year wonder who we will hopefully never hear from again was headlining the event, was sweet and appreciative. There was bad blood between her and our hostess because they apparently got into it over this A list movie actor who starred in a failing television show before starring in one of the biggest movies of all-time. Our A list singer refused to be drawn into an argument while our hostess tried to bring it up several times by telling everyone that she was dating the A list actor now and that it was a secret. Uh huh. He does so much better than her.

#1 - Hostess/B list actress
#2 - C list R&B singer
#3 - D list movie actor
#4 - A list female singer
#5 - A list actor

Random Photos Part One

Kind of a tossup today, but I put Francis Ford Coppola and George Lucas on top.
It really was a tie with Jane Fonda, Dolly Parton & Lily Tomlin as the original 9 to 5 cast reunited for the Broadway musical.
Amanda Bynes in the same outfit she wears everytime she goes out.
Christian Slater in his own unique Spock attempt.
The first ever Miley Cyrus lips and Vulcan salute was accomplished by Hayden Panettiere.
Simon Pegg did it, and I am really hoping I run into him this weekend.
Anne Hathaway looks very nice. See, I can be pleasant towards her.
One of my favorites, Amy Sedaris.
The randomness of the day goes to Jermaine Dupri and Bai Ling.
A frequent guest to FFF is Christopher Atkins.
This is by David Hockney. He created it on his iPhone. My fingers are so fat, I can't even hit the right button.
The one and only George Takei.
I think Bill Clinton is asking Adrian Grenier if he has ever hooked up with Jessica Alba.
I need Harold & Kumar again.
Julie Hagerty. Best role choice. Airplane or What About Bob?
The always lovely Jamie Pressly.

Is Kate Hudson's hair like four colors?
Kendra Wilkinson seems to have her face locked in that position. Must make talking difficult.
Lindsay looks 60 and Ali 40. A poster for clean living.
I'm not sure why Lisa Rinna feels it necessary to lean like that. Did someone tell her she looked good posing like that?
Martha Stewart looks like that is not her first or second glass of wine.
It has been a long time since I have seen Natalie Maines.
I'm thinking about making Neil Patrick Harris the new CDAN mascot.
Nicolette Sheridan and her new temporary boyfriend.
Perrey Reeves shows what happens when the photographer says, "hang on the flash is almost ready," for about 30 seconds.
Wouldn't you like to see what Rosie Perez sounds like when she is drunk. It probably would be a bunch of fun.

Robert Redford and a really bad hair piece.

I'm not so sure it is a good idea for Samaire Armstrong to be drinking.

The one and only Tippi Hedren.
She just seems to be wanting to form the word, "Duh."

Winona Ryder looking lovely. Not.

Your Turn

We did this topic a few months ago, and it is one of the very few I would bother repeating, just because I think answers change, more people come to the site, and it gets everyone in a damn good mood before the weekend. It is probably my favorite topic to discuss with people other than if you could only have one order of french fries ever for the rest of your life, from where would you order them? That isn't the question today, although you are free to answer it as well.

The reason I specifically brought the topic back is because the last time I spoke to someone about it, they told me that there is such a thing as shame Karaoke. Apparently this is not where failed American Idol contestants go to sing songs by Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton, but rather where one gets up in front of a crowd of people and sings those songs that you love so damn much but don't want anyone to know.

For example. I know all of you love Wilson Phillips. Don't deny that. Yeah, you might be the biggest damn Kanye fan in the world or think Metallica is the second coming, but when you hear "Hold On" you turn up the radio. Don't lie.

So, please list all of those secret songs you are afraid to admit you love. Also, feel free to link to YouTube so that everyone can click back and forth all weekend.

Ted C Blind Item

Judas Jack-Off may not be Toothy Tile's only homo closeted contender for barely concealed, borderline same-sex man activity here in H-town. And I don't mean Crotch Uh-Lastic (who's getting a bit bored with all that water-sport play-acting, I hear).

Nope, I'm talkin' somebody else, somebody younger, somebody who's now a fabulous repeat Blind Vice offender! Do you remember…

Crescent Kumquat, the absolutely beautiful dude whose sexuality seems to be as up in the air as is his career?

See, last time we met C.K., the mainstream hottie had a dirty little habit of waking up after nights out in his male "friends' " beds, instead of with the girls he would occasionally bring home. But we never heard of much more than just some heavy petting going on—cuddling, spooning, real Taylor Lautner kinda stuff—which you can usually blame on the alc.

Well, Kumquat has taken it to the next level. Good bad boy!

Very PG folks, but telling nonetheless. C.K. has been caught getting hot and heavy, jamming his tongue down—way, way down—myriad willing dude's throat around when he parties privately. And I don't mean the bedroom, either. Out in the open, in the friggin' living, dining and family rooms of these get-togethers!

That said, C.K.'s no John Mayer and out in the open about it (relatively speaking). Cres-babe's still in the "experimental phase," I'm told, and he's attempting to keep it all at least somewhat private, but we know where this kinda secret-party fooling around usually leads. To this very blolumn for more installments!

Also, an important thing to note is that C.K. isn't publicly playing the bearded card (like most of this closeted celeb group does). We hardly ever see this amazingly pretty guy with girls. Like ever. And it's superweird, too, 'cause Kum could have loads of babes with his heartthrob status rising—or leveled out, at least.

If Crescent's mediocre talent and hot looks keep getting him better gigs, we bet a fauxmance will follow, no question.

And It Ain't: John Mayer, Corbin Bleu, Taylor Kitsch

Mooshki - Movie Review - Star Trek

Since this screening was so early, they don’t want us to say much about it, so I’ll sum it up in three words: SO FREAKING GOOD!!! Okay, maybe a few more.

I was worried from the previews and commercials that it was going to be too much of an action movie. It wasn’t. There was humor, drama, romance, and yes, plenty of action with great special effects. Some of the group I was with were Star Trek fans and some weren’t, but everyone seemed to enjoy it equally. There’s some stuff guaranteed to piss off the hard-core Trekkies, but I thought they did a great job of staying true to the “heart and soul” of the series, including a couple of logical implausibilities, without which you wouldn’t really have a Star Trek plot. Even so, since this is a semi-reboot, you don’t need to have any prior Star Trek knowledge to get the movie.

As someone said afterward, “this is a much prettier cast.” It’s also a very talented cast, and they really captured the original characters while taking them in a new direction. And, sorry Shatner, but I can’t imagine any actor I would rather have had in this film than Leonard Nimoy. He was wonderful. And, although I’m a big fan of most of these actors and think they were all very good, (even Winona Ryder wasn’t that annoying!) Zachary Quinto was the star of the movie for me. Go Spock(s)!

Aaargh, there are so many things I want to say about the story, but I can’t. One funny thing -- J.J. Abrams pulled a certain concept straight out of Alias and plopped it right in the middle of his Star Trek movie. My friend found it distracting, but I was very amused.

I can’t wait for this to be released – I want to see it again NOW! Preferably on an IMAX screen. And I really hope they signed every single one of the actors to a multi-film contract. DN Scale: Well worth your ten bucks, maybe even a couple of times. Thanks so much to for the special screening!

NY Daily News Blind Item

Which closeted TV icon should be more careful about whom he dates? He has been squiring an infamous gay bartender around town, and everyone’s noticing.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Today's Blind Items

This actor is C list. He probably used to be B list. Not a very recognizable name, but you would definitely know the face. He has done a mixture of both television and movies. Every few years he gets a really great lead in a movie or television show, but nothing long lasting. He got his big break and the lead in his first movie because he blackmailed the producer of the movie, who was also an actor in the same movie and has a good guy reputation. The blackmail in question consisted of some photos our actor had taken at the party of the good guy producer/actor snorting coke. It doesn't seem like a big deal, but this producer/actor's entire career is based around his good guy reputation.

Random Photos Part One ***Warning*** One Disturbing Photo

They almost look like twins so an effort like that deserves the top spot for Alan Cumming and Christian Siriano.
The Gossip Girl cast member who is never mentioned anywhere is Amanda Setton. You always see the photos of everyone else from the cast, but rarely one of her. So, today Amanda, the spotlight is yours, at least until the Chace Crawford picture later. You look lovely.
Brad Pitt filming a Japanese bank commercial.
Which is being directed by Spike Jonze.
Not only is Brandon Davis greasy, he apparently needs to check in with his dealer even when roller skating.
Chace Crawford and 50 Cent on the set of their new film.
Just friends. I wonder if Justin thinks of it like that.
This is a photo taken of a car as it intentionally tried to run over people in a parade in The Netherlands. You can see how fast it happened by looking at the policeman on either side of the accident who have not even turned at all to see what is happening.
"So, there I was, bent over in my bikini, and the next thing you know a picture of my ass is being posted all over the internet."
The very lovely Eva Mendes.
This is Gretchen Rossi from Housewives/ Orange County. Apparently she was cheating on the guy who was dying of leukemia and has his name tattooed under that ring of hers. Oh, but she is racing for charity this week so don't think poorly of her. Nice.
Jennifer Garner looks much better than yesterday in this photo.
Hell, Jane Krakowski looks so good, she even got Michael Kors to smile.
Hmmm. Which one of these two came out today? Yeah, it was Kelly McGillis. I wonder if this photo will ever be 2 for 2?
And then hopefully they all fell down.
Lance Bass and Emmanuelle Chriqui at a charity benefit. I wouldn't mind some charity from her. Oh, she was just contributing her time. Well, I would accept that as well.
And Ali Lohan still isn't in school.
I'm glad to see that Sasha's visit to the hospital was short and that he is back at home with dad, Liev Schreiber.
It is always good to see Nick Verreos.
Pink, filming a T-Mobile commercial in London. It doesn't look like they had a hard time finding people who wanted to be in it. Of course she did it outside in Trafalgar Square during the middle of the day which helps.
One thing about expecting twins from a surrogate is no weight gain. She could go a size higher on those jeans though.
Sharon Stone has had a bunch of work done lately. She does seem to have a good surgeon though.
For an electric car, Tesla makes them look very cool.
And a 14 year old Danish kid has started calling himself Tilda Swinton. Oh, wait. Oh, it is her. My bad. I love her as an actress, but she makes some very odd fashion and hairstyle choices.


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