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Blind Items Revealed #48

June 26, 2020

Let me take you on a little journey back in time. Many years ago the father of the madam/procurer/serial sexual assaulter built his fortune not just on his media empire, but on information. That information was then used to blackmail people. Whether he did it for governments or for his own pocketbook, the operations were always ongoing. Over time the operations became larger and larger. Because his expenses far outweighed his income, he became greedy. Too greedy. He ended up dead.

Although his children might not have known he was out of money, they all did learn one thing from him. Blackmail. They also learned that if you could play on the inside, you would have knowledge. Knowledge is power. Knowledge is money. Also playing on the inside meant you can control who escapes and who is caught. Playing on the inside means you can make it impossible for someone to be found.

Two of the daughters focused on playing on the inside. What did they accomplish? A backdoor into the computers of various intelligence and border control agencies in countries throughout the world. How did they accomplish this? They designed the system. They built it. They sold it to one country at a time. One of the things the software is used for is border controls. If you have the ability to pretend someone is in a county or show them never entering or leaving a country, you can hide someone really well. It could also make it really easy to hide a family member. It is not a fail safe system for hiding someone, but it takes away one of the biggest tools governments have for finding someone who is trying to disappear.

Fast forward to the present day to the biggest blackmailing operation in the history of the world. A blackmailing operation that involves multiple state actors and one of the biggest accounting frauds since Enron. The accounting fraud was only possible because regulators in several countries were being pressured by other state actors. All of these directions lead to Asia. One of the state actors handled the banking and fraud aspect. They had a trial run last year with their successful hacking of international banks. That country does not have the wherewithal or ability to take on a large scale blackmail operation. You need someone larger for that. A very large country who also happens to be the sponsor/lifeline for the other company.

You have a missing executive of a company that processed thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of transactions for child porn. The executive has all of the information of who produced it, distributed it, and consumed it through these financial transactions. Meanwhile, why not steal some money while they were at it and cover that up too.

Now, what about the sisters I wrote about earlier? The ability to manipulate where someone went and where someone is going. The executive supposedly flew into a Southeast Asian country, at least according to the immigration arrival records in the country's computer system. However, he is not on any video. No one remembers him on the flight. The next day he supposedly leaves for the country behind all of this, but there were no flights to that country at that time that correspond with the immigration records. It sure makes it a lot easier to hide when you have someone on the inside.

Robert Maxwell/Ghislaine Maxwell/Isabel and Christine Maxwell/Chiliad/Wirecard/North Korea/China/Jan Marsalek

Blind Items Revealed #47

April 23, 2020

Come on down, because the cults are having a competition for recruits. I have already told you that the mainstay cult is having trouble finding lots of younger members to replace the ones who have already donated hundreds of millions of dollars. I have told you about the group that has done the best job replacing them by finding young people with huge social media followings and then giving them perks and percentages of offerings and VIP status. That has been working really well for that group.

Let us move beyond that. Let us look at the smaller more sex driven based cults where it is all about loyalty and finding the people who are willing to give up their lives to become a sex slave who is also willing to make you money. In both of the cults I am going to write about, the money thing has been removed. Neither of these cult leaders need money. They only want sex slaves. Loyal sex slaves to worship their egos and other parts of their anatomy.

One of the leaders who I have recently mentioned really has a leg up on recruiting. He is an actor/singer and convenient absentee from a recent reunion. Because of his following and what he does, he has people loyal to him, BUT doesn't know for quite some time after they join him whether they will be a sex slave. So, how did he get a few? He landed a few when his competition decided to quit for a bit.

This former A+ list mostly movie actor had a "religion." I wrote about it many years ago. He had a small group of followers. There were maybe a half dozen that lived with him and took care of him and gave up everything to be with him. When he ended up getting a girlfriend several years back, he reluctantly let them go. They drifted around together as a group for awhile. A couple left, but there were three that stuck together until about 18 months ago when they were discovered by the actor/singer. They became his base and he could have them help his recruiting. Interestingly enough, he doesn't have sex with those three because they are way over 20-21 which is kind of his cutoff, but they are good at finding the ages he does like.

When our former A+ list actor decided to get back in the game, he needed someone he could help find him young devoted female fans who would come flocking. Enter the A list singer who has been extremely valuable with getting the former A+ lister in front of an entirely new group of people. He has used those new fans to find two women to be his "starter" and help him recruit several more.

Scientology/Hillsong/Jared Leto/My So Called Life/Jim Carrey/Ariana Grande

Blind Items Revealed #46

March 17, 2020

Everyone knows about the disgraced director of mostly superhero movies by now, but somehow this very close associate and partner in crime of his seems to skate under the radar.

He is a foreign-born director known for doing big-budget movies of a certain genre. He has been present and complicit in many of the events the disgraced director, as well as the disgraced A-list actor, took part in. He and the disgraced director would often hold private “casting sessions” with party guests at his house, which he apparently decorates with highly grotesque and offensive art to make them as uncomfortable as possible.

If you ever wondered why his former composer, who created some iconic scores for his films, suddenly stopped working with him, it’s a good bet he found out some things.

Bryan Singer/Roland Emmerich/Kevin Spacey/David Arnold

Blind Items Revealed #45

June 8, 2020

There is no doubt this massive monopoly launders money. It is one of the largest money laundering operations on the planet. It also isn't just for criminals, although, they do make up the vast majority of the people who use it. The crazy thing is banks are involved it which seems odd, considering the front of the business. It is a very murky world of companies and fronts and shell companies, but every single one of you reading this, knows its most famous brand. You may not have watched their content, but you know who it is, and this is not about Netflix. The murkiness of this company's business practices have long been known. The money laundering is a fairly recent turn of events. The origins of the money used to swallow up competitors around the world was facilitated by the dead billionaire, which, if you think about it, makes a lot of sense he would want to be involved.

Anyway, there is a new offshoot of this company that is supposed to empower women. It even portends to have a woman running the operation. It doesn't. All it does do is to add another layer of murkiness to the company and another outlet to launder even more money while pretending it is an advocate for change by making micro donations to charities and causes. Because of the empowerment message, a group of celebrities including a rapper who is best friends with the north of the border one namer who had a recent life event get paid to say nice things about the company. The celebrity significant other of this long time network star of a long long running network show is also a big supporter. The list is endless, but all they are doing is helping to legitimize the laundering of criminal proceeds or money being hidden from the taxing authorities. It is the new version of the Panama Papers.


Blind Items Revealed #44

June 17, 2020

Just because this blind originates from the other side of the world doesn't lessen its importance, especially when demand is only going to make this kind of thing happen more. I had the opportunity in the past week to have a long online call with the best friend of this now deceased one named foreign born A list singer/actress in her own country. I previously had met our subject several years ago at a music festival.

In the past I have written about stars in this country who are routinely forced to have sex with their managers or agents that is recorded and will be used against them if they attempt to get out of their contracts with the agent or manager. There was an A list actress singer who moved to LA and quit her career just to get out from the constant sexual demands. She was shamed when she first moved here, but the furor quickly died. She had to be willing to give up her career though to make that happen.

The subject of our blind was constantly molested and groped from the time she became a teen. Even though she was in the business prior to that, the molesting started two days after her 13th birthday. By the time she was almost old enough to drive she landed a spot in a group that made her a star. To do that of course, she slept with multiple men who then decided she would be a good fit in the group. One of those men permanently rid himself of a person in his life who was going to call him out on his sexual assaults of underage girls.

The subject of our blind was forced at least once or twice a week to entertain men. She would have to go to dinner or have drinks with men and then have sex with them afterwards. This allowed her to not only thrive in the group she was in, but also to make herself an individual brand. One of her sexual relationships with a man got her a huge break because he owns roughly 7% of a beauty conglomerate. Suddenly she became their spokesperson. Out of the public eye she was having a relationship with another woman and something she was always having to keep hidden because no matter how many executives she was sleeping with, they wouldn't cover for her if that was discovered. All of this hiding and secrecy and being used from the time she was 13 was just too much for her and she took her own life.

Sulli/K-Pop group "f(x)" 

Blind Items Revealed #43

June 19, 2020

#1 - This Housewife "friend" was the person offered up by a Los Angeles mobster back in the day when he needed someone for a threesome. She would do anything for him because he provided her coke for free and she was a huge addict.

#2 - One of the best friends of the "friend" in #1 also participated in threesomes when needed and also had a massive coke addiction. This best friend is someone all of you know.

#3 - Both #1 and #2 were introduced to the mobster/hitman in #1 because a relative of #2 was hooking up with him too.

#4 - This A list reality star from a reality family hooked up with a man, who two nights later was with some other women when he was murdered by the mobster in #1.

#1 - Faye Resnick/Anthony Fiato
#2 - Nicole Brown Simpson
#3 - Denise Brown
#4 - Kris Jenner/Casimir "Butch Casey" Sucharski

Blind Items Revealed #42

July 2, 2020

Every year I am hopeful that someone will finally face charges for killing this permanent A list director. The reason he chose to cast the two leads in his final movie is because he assumed they would do everything to protect the director. It is why he shared his story to the female lead of the film. His story was the story that people have been hearing more and more the past couple of decades. The director had recordings both audio and video from dinners and parties he attended or hosted. He had hundreds of pages of notes. All of those were used to make his final movie. The female lead of the film said the director often told her there were a group of hundreds of men around the globe who all know each other's secrets. There is no way out for any of them. You are in it until you die. The director wanted to expose it. He wanted to expose the life of those men. He wanted to show the world what was happening. What he showed was a very watered down version of it. He couldn't make it any more powerful if he wanted to get the movie released. Oh, he shot a lot more scenes that really shone a light on things, but he was forced to make cut after cut. He was killed because of that movie. Too many secrets exposed. Too much knowledge in the hands of one person who was not in the group.

Stanley Kubrik/Tom Cruise/Nicole Kidman/Scientology To Protect Him/Eyes Wide Shut

Blind Items Revealed #41

May 29, 2020

The madam/procurer already had the A++ lister blackmailed, so she didn't really need to sleep with him. Now, ask about the one who keeps changing her name, and there you will get a much different answer. The A++ lister definitely hooked up with her.

Ghislaine Maxwell/Bill Clinton/Sarah Kellen

Blind Items Revealed #40

May 27, 2020

This director is married. He is foreign born and has children. He is a dual threat director and is an Oscar nominee/winner. Much like this other A+ list director became infatuated with the A+ list mostly movie actress with whom he always worked, our foreign born director has an even more creepy vibe about him. It is one thing to work with a particular foreign born actress in almost every one of your projects. It is quite another to fly many thousands of miles to visit her on a set of a movie she is shooting. The people who witnessed him that day assumed the pair were dating because of how close he was to the actress all the time and all the touching he did. He followed the actress around all day and he definitely seemed much more into her than she was into him. Of course it could also be because she was working and he is married and she didn't want everyone to know her business. Apparently he makes this a habit of showing up on sets where she is shooting and checks up on her. He hates not being able to see her every day which is why he casts her in almost everything he does. I wonder what his wife thinks about the whole thing.

David O Russell/Jennifer Lawrence - Alex Garland/Sonoya Mizuno/Crazy Rich Asians

Blind Items Revealed #39

April 8, 2020

At the time it occurred, it was a huge deal. An actor being charged with attempted murder. An actor who had long been in the public eye. He had a lawyer who was well known, but not as well known as he would be a few years later. During the first trial, the actor said he couldn't remember anything from the night. It was not a great acting performance and a couple of the jurors were enticed to make sure things went the right way for the actor. It worked. Not to be deterred, prosecutors tried a different tack. This time the actor was told in no uncertain terms he wouldn't be testifying. Despite the prosecution once again having multiple people testify that the actor was the shooter, many witnesses for the defense were brought in who said they had a party and saw the actor leave long before any shooting. They were all paid. It worked though and the actor walked away a free man.

Todd Bridges (shot Kenneth Clay)/Johnnie Cochran

Blind Items Revealed #38

March 19, 2020

Last month, while in Russia, this former actress turned singer was given an envelope to do with what she wanted. In the envelope were several dozen pictures of this foreign born permanent A list model and a much younger woman. The pictures always showed the pair together. It also showed the younger one kissing different men. The implication was the foreign born model was pimping out the woman. This is not a stretch because she has done that on and off for years and of course makes the vast majority of her income now from very wealthy men who can afford her inflated fees. She learned a lot from her procurer/madam/sex assaulter friend. This is all interesting, but not blind item worthy really. Until you see two other photos. One of the younger woman kissing what looks like, but not 100% convincing, this deceased singer. Much more convincing is a copy of an immigration card when she visited Russia and listed her home address as a condo in Miami. The singer gave this all to the investigator who previously interviewed her.

Taylor Momsen/Naomi Campbell/Ghislaine Maxwell/Chris Cornell

Blind Items Revealed #37

May 19, 2020

Back in the day, this permanent A+ list musician had to pay a lot of money to several women who accused him of filming them in various states of undress without them being aware. Those settlements were made public. The settlements which were not made public were those he made with parents of teens he sexually assaulted. Sometimes they were not even in their teens. The musician said it was just "the cost of doing business." He always picked tweens/teens from poor backgrounds. They were most susceptible to his charm and 90% of the time never told anyone what he had done to them. When he did get called out, often it was because he impregnated one of the tweens/teens. He would give the family $1,000 or sometimes a new car and they would go away happy. I bet there must be a hundred people out there that are his direct offspring, if not more. This was not a one time a week thing. He did this dozens of times a week and would often take a handful of them on the road with him when he toured.

Chuck Berry

Blind Items Revealed #36

May 5, 2020

You think what is going on behind the scenes at NBC is bad, there is a much bigger fight going on between two family members. Apparently the daughter of the permanent A+ lister named names of those who abused her and for some reason, instead of just going public with the video she made, she reached out to those named that she could find and asked them to comment for her video and told some of them she was naming them as an abuser. It is a list of a dozen or so names and unlike with Corey Feldman, these are not names people already knew or knew he would not get sued for spilling because their lives are already messed up. Anyway, they all went running to the A+ lister which shows they all have a personal connection with him. The A+ lister reached out and convinced the daughter not to release anything. He doesn't have the file though. It is still in the cloud and ready to go.

Mikaela Spielberg/Steven Spielberg

Blind Items Revealed #35

May 1, 2020

This A++ list celebrity is under a lot of pressure right now. People are attacking her from the right and left about things she has done and things she has not said. It is about to get much worse. In some producer's notes from 2010, there are at least a dozen different references to women who had come forward to claim this foreign born former A+ lister had raped them. There are also two separate notations that several of the women were as young as 12 and that he spent five years raping his own daughter. This was common knowledge to the producers of the show. They knew in advance what a horrible human being he was. The A++ lister wanted no part of any of that talk. The A++ lister was on a mission to make sure tens, if not hundreds of thousands of new followers would be offered up. They were. So, many people have come forward and said they only became aware of him after the A++ lister introduced him. They took the pilgrimage because the A++ lister urged it. They were raped when they went. The A++ lister likes to pretend none of this ever happened.

Oprah Winfrey/"John of God," Joao Teixeira de Faria/"Oprah

Blind Items Revealed #34

April 28, 2020

This back in the day one shot actress who made her fame off that role as a singer, skyrocketed to fame. She enjoyed that for about a year or two and then was told the things she would need to do to stay at the top. She decided she wanted no part of it and walked away from it to do her own thing. Since then, the government has been constantly on her and they have done so because the people that wanted to control her career keep requesting investigations in hopes she will come back to the fold. She doesn't. Now, do I wish she would show up on time and not cancel shows? Yes. But, more power to her for not being a sheep.

Lauryn Hill

Blind Items Revealed #33

April 29, 2020

Meth is what brought them together. I mean here was this really rich guy who always had great meth and gave it away. Usually to get it, you had to sleep with him, but he made an exception for the former tween singer turned adult meth head. The singer had other uses. The singer could bring in a better quality of guy that the rich man could have sex with. The singer could make sure to keep offering drugs to the party goers until they would pass out. That is when the rich man liked to do his dirty work. He only truly loved having sex with someone when they were passed out. He certainly didn't mind if the singer dangle some money and drugs to get someone to his liking too. It was worth it to have him be the middleman, especially when word started getting around that partying with the rich man didn't always turn out so well.

Ed Buck/Aaron Carter

Blind Items Revealed #32

April 17, 2020

This legendary producer did a couple of things in his life well. He made hit movies and snorted a lot of cocaine. So much so that he was always coming up short on the financing of his projects. So, he got into drug dealing. A lot of it. When he was busted for dealing, he lost his house. It didn't stop him from dealing or using or needing money. Enter our arms dealer who always seems to show up in the most shady of shady times in Hollywood. If there is some type of scandal or underage sex parties from back in the day, he was involved. He would circulate girls and women to the west and people like our producer would send women his way by the dozens, usually under the guise of some type of overseas film production. This was the times of the coke wars and when they would get tired of one, if she knew too much, they would fly her to Miami and kill her to make it look drug related. It was easy. Was our producer ever involved in any of these murders? Hard to prove, except for one, but that wasn't a transient, it was one of his drug dealers.

Robert Evans/Adnan Khashoggi

Blind Items Revealed #31

April 16, 2020

Yes, this scientist was known to be friendly with the billionaire pedophile, but that is not what this is about. It is much more than that. It is about this scientist contributing to the worldwide pandemic we have now. A scientist who was arrested by the FBI, but not for his role, but rather for lying. He is one of the most prestigious scientists in the world. The university that employed him had no idea he was also a "strategic scientist" at Wuhan University Of Technology and had been doing so for nearly a decade. These talent programs seek to lure Chinese overseas talent and foreign experts to bring their knowledge and experience to China and reward individuals for stealing proprietary information. The scientist did top secret work for the NIH and the DOD. He didn't tell them about his side gig either. So, what is all the fuss about? One of the people arrested in December of last year who worked with our scientist was a Chinese national charged with attempting to smuggle 21 vials of biological research to China. They didn't charge him with the ones he smuggled out the previous month. The ones that were compromised.

Dr. Charles Lieber/Jeffrey Epstein/Harvard University

Blind Items Revealed #30

April 14, 2020

This massive corporation that all of you know and the entire world knows was trying to promote its new mixed reality device. How they chose to do this was to hook up with the "most legendary performance artist working now." In reality, she makes her money putting herself into as many Satanic images as she can and even had 666 in her social media profile for a long time.

The ad that emerged was people wearing the device to witness a ghostly version of the artist appearing out of nowhere while walking around while wearing a symbolic red dress. This was released on Good Friday, which was certainly unusual.

The video was not well received at all. After a flood of negative comments and about 90% thumbs down, the company set the video to private and also removed all traces of the campaign from its official website – although it still appears in Google search results.

Microsoft/Marina Abramovic

Blind Items Revealed #29

April 14, 2020

During the height of news coverage on the opiate crisis, the Vancouver Island production set of a streaming service show was rife with hard drug use. The project attracted a large pool of Vancouver local crew with promise of huge budgets, expectations of being the next TV event (i.e. "the next Game of Thrones"), and opportunity for individual and departmental technical/artistic recognition (huge budgets for sets, costumes, makeup, etc).

The remote location also facilitated rampant (untested) hard drug use. At least two department heads were supplying cocaine to the set. Three separate crew members asked about recourse when they were fired for NOT partaking with their department head.

Crew members were advised still on the show to acquire naloxone kits, and it's a good thing those kits were present. Early during what was to be a long shooting day the director who has been in this space before pertaining his sexual assaults went MIA. The director was gone for hours and the first assistant director took over before the director was found in the bathroom unconscious from an overdose.

No news regarding this has been published, and conversations with local union reps made it clear no action would be taken.

Apple TV/"See"

Blind Items Revealed #28 - Old Hollywood

March 11, 2020

The first time this back in the day A++ list celebrity had sex with this permanent A++ list actress, was not the first time that day the actress had sex. The owner of the house, an A+ list singer said the sex was a rental fee.

JFK/Marilyn Monroe/Frank Sinatra

Blind Items Revealed #27 - Old Hollywood

April 15, 2020

I have written and spoken about this actress and her death and being curse by the founder of a church. The thing is, her boyfriend at the time had also been cursed because in a drunken rage had destroyed figurines and other items belonging to the founder. One actress who avoided the curse by offering up animals for sacrifice was this former A list actress who has two generations on the list who are more famous than she. She has lived a long and healthy life.

Jayne Mansfield/Anton LeVay founder of Church of Satan/Sam Brody/Tippi Hedren/daughter Melanie Griffith/granddaughter Dakota Johnson

Blind Items Revealed #26 - Old Hollywood

May 8, 2020

This beloved director who made a permanent A++ list movie all of you know also made a movie pre-code that featured sex between tweens and teens and adults who liked them.

Frank Capra/It's A Wonderful Life

Blind Items Revealed #25 - Old Hollywood

June 4, 2020

This permanent A+ list director is known for being dark and macabre. He is also known for the way he sexually assaulted women or forced himself on them. Sometimes he would combine the two. In the middle of World War 2, our married director invited an aspiring actress back to his home. At his house, things got out of hand and the woman was killed. The director had to tell his wife what happened and she said he needed to take care of the problem. Apparently his way to take care of the problem was to dig a hole and bury the body in the backyard. One week later on his wife's birthday he bought her a purse and inside the purse was a key and a note. The note said he took care of the problem and the key was to their new house without a dead body buried in the backyard.

Alfred Hitchcock

Blind Items Revealed #24

April 8, 2020

This infamous former CEO awaiting trial this year is cheating on her husband. Considering he is footing the bill for everything, that is a pretty bold move.

Elizabeth Holmes/Theranos

Blind Items Revealed #23

April 7, 2020

With all of the controversy about the singing of a certain song by celebrities, I was also shocked by how many people thing the person who sang it was some kind of saint. There was a recent movie that made it seem as if he were too. The foreign born permanent A list singer was a serial woman beater and even admitted he had never been in a relationship where he didn't beat the women he was with on a regular basis. He also beat his kids. Not a spanking, but full on hitting them. He was a serial cheater who took advantage of every opportunity that came his way. The first wife got cheated on with the woman who became the second wife who watched helplessly as he had a years long affair while also sleeping with other woman. When the wife would say something about it, he would beat her.

"Yesterday"/John Lennon/Julian and Sean Lennon/Cynthia Lennon/Yoko Ono/May Pang

Blind Items Revealed #22

April 6, 2020

After two massive bombs this past year, this studio is really desperate for a hit. They have a franchise that is solid gold but has run into big issues while filming in Europe. They got shut down in Rome and had to rebuild part of Rome on a soundstage which was ridiculously expensive. The head of the studio's European division hired two "producers," one of whom is the mistress of the President of a country. Yes, he calls her his stylist, but please. The studio and the producers want to blow up a bridge. These two "producers" with the connection to the President of the country are supposed to help. The bridge is 100 years old. The town where it is located told the studio to go to hell and gave it a higher conservation level just to make sure it couldn't be blown up. So, the studio threw even more money at the federal government and President of the country. They want to blow up the bridge. The President gave permission to blow up the bridge and work has begun to blow it up. The head prosecutor in the country is investigating the bribes and corruption but will probably be bribed themselves. The studio also paid to make sure no negative stories about the bridge or even stories about the bridge show up in the media. When the A list mostly movie actor makes his rounds of the the talk show circuit to promote it, do you think anyone will ask him about it? Nope. They are all cowards.

Paramount/Mission Impossible/Poland/Tom Cruise

Blind Items Revealed #21

March 31, 2020

Over the past few months after she claims there were attempts on her life and forced to yacht more than she has in decades, I asked myself what brought all this on for the foreign born permanent A list model. Oh sure, there is the stigma of the pedophile, but that wasn't enough. That had been in her hip pocket for decades along with her role in all of it. For many years this family with the long and storied history considered the model much like they would an art gallery or museum. They were patrons. It didn't hurt that many young men and women in the family had their first sexual experience with the model. One female member was especially close to the model because they had each been with underage teens with the pedophile, and apparently at least once had been together with an underage girl.

Could it have something to do with recent royal marriages? I looked at the biggest recent one and everything seemed in order until I realized it wasn't. This is where it gets a little more complicated but essentially the next one in line who will actually get to spend a long long time at the top married his first cousin. The last name of the wife was always front and center so you didn't look too far back. Honestly, you only need to go back one. That wouldn't be a problem at all until you you look back at the real grandfather of the one in the line of succession. Yeah, the one who had the affair with the grandmother of the one in line. Now all of a sudden, husband and wife are related. Back in the annals of the history of the family, this kind of thing happened and was encouraged. That long running family I mentioned earlier, often volunteered a tribute to the gene pooling.

I suspect that through the royal who is trying to save his name and who has spent lots and lots of money over the years bedding our model and her "friends," that he spilled the beans. Those pregnancies were, indeed fake. Oh, sure the babies are real, but no way did they want to take a chance and get some crazy genes going. So, you get an egg donor or sperm donor and then a surrogate. The model probably found out and started talking, as she does. The long storied family with money got wind and cut her off financially, forcing her into her current life.

Naomi Campbell/Lynn Forester de Rothschild/Prince Andrew/Prince William/Kate Middleton

Blind Items Revealed #20

April 2, 2020

When I was watching the highlights last night of the battle between Scott Storch (still alive and bloated) and Mannie Fresh, I was reminded that Mannie wrote and produced and did everything for those hits. He was putting the words into the mouths of others to rap. If they didn't want to, he would find someone else who would. Originally, rappers and hip hop artists wrote their own lyrics. That changed though. It changed when the people who felt threatened by words, decided to take over and decide who said what and who heard it. They decided who would be a star and who wouldn't. They also needed some huge names to make sure that happened. So, the mogul brought in another mogul in the same line of work and got the alliterate king of the west coast scene involved. After decades of playing ball, that west coast king got paid a few years back with that monster payoff. On the east coast, they got the the permanent A+ list rapper. He is also the person in charge of a lot of the laundering which is why he never seems to have as much cash as he probably should and why there are well over 150 companies that have some association with him and his "partners." Through these two rappers, they were able to control levels beneath them like a multi level marketing deal. New people brought in were under the leadership of someone else until the group beneath got too big and then a new leader would be chosen and they would be in charge of others and so on.

You kick back up the ladder and the record companies would do even more screwing over leaving artists with not a lot of cash flow, but a lot of cool stuff. In return for the fame and the money and the stuff, you were told what to sing or rap and you just do it. If not, someone else can be brought in and you can go work a real job. Or you could also end up dead.

Meanwhile, the two moguls that started this whole thing continue to have money pouring in and the messages they want sent to the listeners are filtered down through all the levels. It is not mind control. It is however messaging and a way to exert control and a way to make a ton of money and deprive artists as much as possible from what they are owed, so they will always have to keep working and obeying.

David Geffen/Jimmy Iovine/Dr. Dre/"Beats"/Jay Z

Blind Items Revealed #19

April 6, 2020

This actor is a superhero. He is set to star in his own full length feature on a hero that has only been seen in movie bit parts. The coke bender and hatred towards fan rant, is probably going to change that.

Ezra Miller/The Flash

Blind Items Revealed #18

March 26, 2020

This is short, but sweet. There was a recent royal not named Prince Charles or anyone from England who tested positive for COVID-19. When pressed about who he came into contact with the previous couple of weeks, he rattled off a bunch of names to his doctor. Later, his wife saw the list and asked why a 15 year old friend of the family was on the list. And that is how she found out her husband has yet another secret child he hadn't discussed with her. She later also found out that he also had been sleeping with multiple women who were also on the list.

Prince Albert/Charlene, Princess of Monaco

Blind Items Revealed #17

January 16, 2020

Most of the materials of a long time retired professor are at his archive here in Los Angeles. However, that is not the only place he taught. Last summer at a Southwestern university, a treasure trove of documents were discovered. Many of those had also previously been seen. What had not been seen were several letters between the professor and his handler at the CIA. Even though the professor had long denied working for the CIA, other letters have been found over time, proving that to be a lie. The CIA also funded one of his most famous studies.

In this series of letters, the CIA is asking for his help. They wanted him to take a sabbatical from school for a year and offered to pay his salary plus expenses. The reason they wanted him to go on sabbatical? Several months earlier they had contracted out some work in San Francisco to a group who were conducting tests on people taking LSD that were designed to look like parties. Their experiment had two groups that were essentially divided in the room. One half was involved in more of a hands on kind of listening experience/spoken word performances and the other half would listen to a band. More often than not, the band was this permanent A list band that had been formed specifically for these experiments.

Apparently the groups listening to the bands had the kinds of results that made the CIA want more like that, so they sent this professor out there for a year to take charge of the experiments and look for further applications. Meanwhile, the CIA would continue passing out free LSD to concert goers to not only the permanent A list band but dozens of others at that time.

Unlike his previous big experiment, it is unknown if there is a report he wrote to the CIA after the year. He definitely went and definitely lied to his contemporaries and even to his bosses at the university about what he was doing there. Those lies were discovered many years later, but no one knew exactly what he was doing there or this band's involvement until the letters were found this past summer.

Louis Jolyon West/University Of Oklahoma/Grateful Dead

Blind Items Revealed #16 - Old Hollywood

April 13, 2020

This alliterate actress was foreign born. She was A list at her peak and was a multiple Oscar winner/nominee. She was amazing at fake relationships and often was willing to be known as a woman who slept around with lots of actors at a time where it was best to be known as monogamous. She supposedly had an ongoing thing with this A list actor who starred in that war time period piece that is still beloved by so many. Our actress was married a couple of times and even let the gossip columnists think she had an abortion to keep her story going. After she passed away, any writer that came snooping around was introduced to the woman who was her companion the final two decades of life. This female companion has made it her mission to make sure that authors never refer to the actress as gay. She will say things like the actress never slept with a female in her life which is total crap. The problem is there is no one left alive to dispute the fact.

Claudette Colbert/Clark Gable/Helen O' Hagan (who passed away about three weeks ago)

Blind Items Revealed #15 - Old Hollywood

April 9, 2020

I have written about this actress before and her accomplishments. It is a very impressive list. One thing that is less known about her is something that happened prior to many of her non acting accomplishments. I often wonder if she wasn't even more motivated after what she was forced to do by her husband. Her husband was a wealthy businessman and prior to emigrating to the United States, our actress lived with him in Europe. They were known for having fabulous parties where they would entertain the rich and powerful and the people that could make sure there was no red tape for his very red tape heavy business. It was at one of these parties that our actress was introduced to one of the most evil people that has ever walked this planet. Our actress was then told by her husband to sleep with the evil man or he would lose his business. Our actress did it and even was presented with a special souvenir he gave out only to those women he slept with.

Hedy Lamarr/Friedrich Mandl/Hitler

Blind Items Revealed #14 - Old Hollywood

March 25, 2020

Considering her father started making her sleep with men who could advance her career from the time she was 13 or 14, I don't think people would find it shocking she didn't really enjoy her life. There was the time she was 16 and essentially was at the beck and call of a 50 year old man who kept promising our teen and the teen's dad that he would help her career. He never did. He just kept sleeping with the teen.

When our actress, who would become A++ list, did finally make it she had to sleep with a director, but he cast her. When she stopped sleeping with him, he cut her out of the movie.

Pretty soon our actress didn't have to sleep with anyone to get parts. Her problem was a bad contract she signed. She was the biggest movie star in the world, but was getting paid like she was an extra. Her studio would loan her out and give her a pittance. So, she found ways to get more and more money. She would be dared to do things for money. She rarely said no. Whether it was taking on three or four men or women or even having sex with animals, if there was enough money being offered, she would do it. After just a few short years, her mental health was so messed up, she quit the business and went into seclusion for 35 years. During that time, she tried to kill herself multiple times.

Clara Bow

Blind Items Revealed #13

January 24, 2020

He turned down the chance to play James Bond. This real life English aristocrat was offered the role, and said no. He had been previously burned by a screen test and wanted nothing more to do with Hollywood. If he had accepted the role, would he have still been involved in a murder that still touches things many decades later. The names of those that assisted him escape accountability litter the black book of the billionaire pedophile. They gave him money and new identities. Apparently our wood be actor hired a hit man to kill his wife. He didn't want a divorce, he wanted a fresh start with a very young wife who would do as he said. How did he know a hit man? Well, our would be actor was a titleholder who enjoyed gambling a great deal. He gambled every night. When one gambles every night and is not that great at it, one needs loans from time to time. He would get loans from unsavory types and do favors for them. He also did favors for the head of a news conglomerate who was probably also a spy. The head of that conglomerate was the one responsible for the various "sightings" of our would be actor over the years. This led to police forces chasing all over the globe and wasting their time. So, when the hit on our would be actor's wife went all wrong and the wrong woman was killed, he was sent into hiding by those closest to him. Not so much to protect him, but to protect all the secrets he knew about them after years of paying back his loans from intelligence agencies, mafia and media publishers.

John Bingham aka Lord Lucan/Robert Maxwell

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