Friday, July 23, 2010

Four For Friday - With An Old Hollywood Item

#1 & #2- Let us try for one more Old Hollywood blind item. As always, when it is Old Hollywood, at least one of the people is dead. This A++ movie actor was nominated for an Oscar but did not win. Everyone knows his name and the name of his partner. It turns out though, that like yesterdays actor, this actor also had a thing for little boys.

#1 - Actor
#2 - Partner

#3 - This married A+ list movie actor talks a lot about his work and what causes him to take one role over another. The fact is he takes roles which let him complete his game. The game is to sleep with one woman from at least every country in the world. He loves going to regions of the world where he can bring in women from countries he has not been with yet.

#4 - This 30 something B- list very attractive television actress on a hit network show is always seen with guys and has dated lots of men. The thing no one knows about her though is that she is still a virgin.

Random Photos Part Three

Daniel Schorr - RIP
Angelina Jolie and Liev Schreiber at Comic-Con.
I really do miss Party Down. Adam Scott was great on it.
Courteney Cox and the Scream mask.
I guess Carmen Electra could not decide between camouflage and tie dye.
Christina Milian working out yesterday. It turns out her husband filed for divorce a week before the baby was due. Great timing. Probably right after getting out of his assistant's bed.
David Duchovny has had better looking days.
Know who this is? Delilah. Yep. All those love songs every night all across the country. I swear if you turn that show on she keeps you hooked for a long time with those damn people calling in and telling their stories.
Long time no see Elisabeth Shue. Hanging out here with Eli Roth.
The fakiest air kiss ever from Adrienne Bailon to Fabolous.
The new Tron and the old Tron. Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde and Jeff Bridges.
It must be the angle right? Grace Park could not be that much taller than Daniel Dae Kim.
Love Helen Mirren even more now. Here she is with Karl Urban and some guy named Bruce Willis.

Random Photos Part Two

Jennifer Aniston leaving England after a very quick trip.
Joseph Gordon Levitt gets some sweat from a can.
Good news for all you Joe Manganiello fans. He got promoted and is going to be a regular next year on True Blood.
John Mayer - New York City
Jerry O'Connell and Paul Scheer realize they got their purses mixed up.
Kristin Davis looks great here.
"Mommy needs to get paid, so look happy."
Kate Hudson and the guy from Muse who will break up with her soon.
I wonder if someone really asked Kate Walsh for an over the shoulder pose.
Lindsay Price is very very shiny.
Glad to see Michael C Hall recovering well from his fight with cancer.
Meanwhile his wife, Jennifer Carpenter, hung out with James Remar.
There should be a rule that all Miss USA winners need to wear their sash. Otherwise they are unrecognizable.

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

Nick Cannon sure has been allowed to be alone a lot lately. This is Nick performing in Vegas. I am beginning to believe those Mariah pregnancy rumors because she has been really, really quiet lately.
Natalie Portman as a ballerina. Judging by her left hand, it looks like she was playing in the Gulf Of Mexico.
Portia and Ellen look really happy don't they?
All these people at Comic-Con were there to see
Scott Bakula and talk about Quantum Leap. It was a great show.
Robin Thicke on a red carpet for the first time in awhile.
Sheryl Crow - New York City
Shakira attempts to do the entire YMCA dance in one move.
Simon Pegg at the Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World event yesterday at Comic-Con. It had the biggest buzz of any of the events.
Seth Rogen does not look much like a super hero.
See, this way even Sylvester Stallone can look tall.
The Situation when he was 17 in a family photo. Is there a website of bad family photos?
Vanessa Hudgens in a poster for Sucker Punch.

Your Turn

It has been about two years and countless television shows and movies since the last time I asked who you think are the hottest male and female actors. I think it is time to see if the same two winners show up, or if we have brand new winners. There are no publicists involved in this. No one is going to win based on what movie they have coming out or a favor some magazine wants to do for someone. These are the two people you think are the sexiest.

The National Enquirer Got This One Wrong - Kind Of

The National Enquirer is reporting that Benny Hinn is having an affair with a woman and that he was spotted in Rome with a woman who is not his wife. I have no doubts he was with someone who is not his wife. I also have no doubts he would have an affair because I did a blind item that I need to find about him having an affair.

However, Benny and his wife filed for divorce a long time ago. I think it was in January or February. The only reason it is not finalized is because they are fighting over money very quietly. So, while their story is technically true, it is not the "blockbuster world exclusive" they want everyone to think it is.

Elizabeth Taylor Stays Feisty

You have to love that Elizabeth Taylor uses Twitter. I don't really care about anyone else, but I love that she has embraced it and uses it and tells the world what is on her mind. In her latest message she addresses the rumors that Angelina Jolie or Catherine Zeta Jones is set to play Elizabeth in a story about herself and Richard Burton.

"Hold your horses world. I've been hearing all kinds of rumors about someone being cast to play me in a film about Richard and myself. No one is going to play Elizabeth Taylor, but Elizabeth Taylor herself. Not at least until I'm dead, and at the moment I'm having too much fun being alive...and I plan on staying that way. Happiness to all."

I love this woman. I would love for her to play herself or one more role in a movie. You know the sad thing? She only has about 220 thousand followers while someone from Jersey Shore probably has a million. This is Elizabeth Taylor. She is the gossip queen. She is a living legend and it sucks that people do not know who she is or what she did.

Drugs Found On Bret Michaels' Tour Buses

I know this must come as a shock to all of you, so I will break it to you gently. There were drugs found on Bret Michaels' tour buses. I know, I know who would ever think that rock stars and the people who travel with rock stars would ever use drugs. What is this world coming to? Late Wednesday night, both of the buses in Bret's caravan were pulled over because of a lack of trailer tag lights. That just sounds to me like some kind of contrived reason to pull over a tour bus and hope for a big flashy arrest.

Oh, and just by coincidence, the police happened to have their drug dogs with them. The dogs sniffed out some pot on Bret's bus and he let the officers search the other bus where some Schedule II drugs were found. In Indiana, where this occurred, drugs on that list include coke and meth.

Surprisingly no one was arrested. Just tickets issued and prosecutors will decide later what to do about it all.

Eric Roberts Heads To Celebrity Rehab

It doesn't look like there will be a sequel to one of the best Entourage episodes ever. In that episode, Eric Roberts travels with the group to Joshua Tree where they spend the night high on Eric's home grown mushrooms. Well, now the father of Emma and brother of Julia is hanging out with Dr. Drew in Celebrity Rehab.

There is no word on what his addiction is, but he is roommates with Jeremy London so that should be interesting. I think Eric's participation was supposed to be a secret until the show aired, but Jeremy probably could not resist picking up a couple of bucks so spilled the secret to the tabloids.

Billy Corgan Knocks Himself Unconscious - Finishes The Show

It has been a rough week for singers. Earlier in the week Pink took a header in Germany and had to go to the hospital. Last night, Billy Corgan collapsed and fainted and was briefly unconscious. Despite this, and feeling like a rat in a cage, he was revived and then finished the show.

It happens about 20 seconds in. In case you can't watch the video, let me describe it for you.

People singing along to Bullet With Butterfly Wings. Then the music kicks in, the lights go crazy, your eyes feel like they are on overload and you begin to shake uncontrollably. Just when you say to yourself that Billy better get to the collapsing soon, you see him playing his guitar, take a step back, and then go boom.

Lindsay Lohan To Serve Just 9 Days Total

You know how we are all so happy when the judge said Lindsay was sentenced to 90 days? And then our mood was deflated when we realized she would only have to serve 23 days? But, I mean at least that is almost a month right? And then when she actually reported to jail, officials said it would more likely be 14 days. Oh, and then they changed their mind and said 12 or 13. Well, now because of the hour she served before, her sentence will probably be cut down to about 9 days which means she will be out next Thursday just after midnight.

I don't even understand the point of sending her to jail. I'm not sure that a week in jail is much of a deterrent. The only good news is that by next weekend she will be in rehab. Hopefully a real rehab where people don't get to come over constantly and spend the night and hang out and treat it like a hotel.

In other Lohan news, Michael is still an a-hole. Besides selling stories about Lindsay to FOX News, he has also threatened Kate Major that she needs to stop talking about Michael and that if she does not then he is going to start releasing photos and stories daily to pick up a few bucks and to smear her name. All because he allegedly beat her, kicked her in the face and called her a c**t. So, basically it sounds like he is extorting her.

Jessica Simpson Pays For Everything For Her Unemployed Boyfriend

Apparently Jessica Simpson's friends have been telling tales to the tabloids. Either that or the tabloids decided that someone who once went to a Jessica Simpson concert 5 years ago and has an active imagination could be a friend. Hey, it happens. When they don't use their imagination like that, the tabloids just say a source and not a friend.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah. So, this new boyfriend of hers, Eric Johnson does not have a job and has not had a steady job since he quit playing football. His wife is living in the marital home so Eric moved in with Jessica and lives at her place. Despite having no job, he did go to Italy with her where she paid for their $3,000 a night hotel suite and $5,000 a day yacht. And all their meals, shopping, etc. He probably did buy her a card for her birthday though so that's nice. Maybe a gelato too.

The whole point of the article is that her friends think he is using her for her money and fame. Wow, who would have guessed? I say she can do whatever she wants. If the situation was reversed no one would care. It happens all the time. The reason I care is that I think Jessica is a very nice person and she will probably get dumped eventually and then have to go through this whole process again. Or, she could just call John Mayer.

Mel Gibson Goes On Another Rant - The Hollywood Reporter Tkaes His Side

Radar does not have a new tape, but what they do have are some statements Oksana made to police during the investigation of Mel Gibson for domestic violence. Apparently Mel says he was humiliated by a Jewish man so he put the man under surveillance by a team of investigators to get dirt on the guy. He also said, "I want Jew blood on my hands. I want him taken to the desert, stripped naked, knee capped and left in the heat.”

It turns out the Jewish man to which Mel is referring is Harvey Levin at TMZ. Harvey says it is not true and that Oksana is just saying this to get TMZ on her side.

Meanwhile, The Hollywood Reporter has also come down on the side of Mel. Knowing they will not get any ad revenue from Oksana, THR has decided that Mel is a great guy. They don't say it directly, but they bring up every negative thing they have discovered about Oksana and blame her sister for leaking the tapes. I have no doubts it was someone close to Oksana who leaked the tapes. Duh. But, THR tries to make the case that Oksana gave them to the sister who gave them to Radar. Therefore, Oksana is in violation of the gag order and should be held in contempt by the judge. That is a big stretch to go.

Oh, and I want you to click to their site about the story and read the comments. When I looked I would say they were about 80% pro Mel Gibson. I don't know how that is possible. Even if Oksana is the biggest gold digger on the planet, she is not the one who said those things. He said them. The only people he has not personally offended are straight, white, non Jewish men yet people are sticking up for him. I just don't get it.

BuzzFoto Blind Item

This very wealthy celeb that is really only famous for being famous, just blew twenty grand in one night of her parent’s money on drugs and partying. Her parents found out and were upset, so they’ve temporarily put a hold on her credit cards. Even though this behavior is outrageous, we think it’s even more crazy she’s still on mommy and daddy’s meal ticket.

Not Nicky Hilton.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Today's Blind Items - Old Hollywood Blind Item

This Academy Award winning actor was always portrayed as Mr. Tough Guy. Later in life he managed to irritate a great number of people by some things he said and did. Earlier in life he probably made some other people upset with his fondness for sleeping with underage boys and girls. Often at the same time.

Random Photos Part Four

Robert Duvall and Sissy Spacek get the top spot, although
Stan Lee was a close second.
Adrian Grenier must still have some feelings for Isabel Lucas. He went all the way to Australia just to go to the premiere of her new movie.
Ali Larter shopping for baby clothes and making some tourists happy.
Amy Winehouse and Nas go out for the second straight night.
Bryan Abrams of Color Me Badd was arrested over the weekend for allegedly shoving his wife.
Bill Murray takes a dive on Letterman.
If Chelsea Clinton does not end up getting married in Rhinebeck, NY, there are going to be a lot of people who are going to be upset.
Cindy Crawford and her look a like daughter.
Catherine Keener and Jeffrey Dean Morgan film their new movie.
In case you were wondering what Carlos Leon looked like now.
Dick Cavett does a dance on the red carpet.


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