Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone. I think it is Halloween. I just went to a store where they were taking down all the Halloween items already and putting up Christmas lights and stocking candy cane. Oh, and the Halloween candy suddenly became Christmas candy. Yeah, like that is going to taste fresh in a few months.

Anyway, judging from some of the e-mails I have received in the past hour or so many of you are already drinking. I am right behind you, but please remember to be safe and if you have kids, be a good parent and wait until they fall asleep before stealing all the good candy.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Four For Friday - Halloween Version

This is the scariest blind I have and I actually first posted it way back in June of 2007. It took me forever to find it amongst the blinds, but it is one of my favorites and very appropriate for Halloween.

June 20, 2007

I've heard this before, and allegedly Very Bad Things is loosely based on it to some extent. However, I always thought of it as a Hollywood legend until I recently met someone in the producer's family. When I say family, there is one widow and one child. No other family. None.

A fairly minor producer died within the past month or so. It wasn't really noteworthy for the most part, but there were three or four very happy actors to see him pass. All of the actors are aging, but not George Burns old or anything. In fact, they are still A list at least by reputation. Could they carry a movie OR television show on their own anymore? Probably not. Are they regularly in movies AND television? Yes. See, back in the day there was a party like you could only have in Hollywood's glory days. Martinis, cigars and lots of beautiful women. Well it turns out that one of the beautiful women didn't go home at the end of the night. There was some incident involving either five or six actors. Two have died. Not knowing what to do, these actors got a studio gofer, now our dead producer and told him to get rid of the body and not tell anyone about it or tell anyone where the body was buried. Throughout the remainder of the producer's life, these actors took care of him, but were always afraid he would spill the secret because he was the only one who knew where the body was buried. No body, no case. Now, they are just worried that something will show up in the estate sale and some person will stumble onto a letter or some other evidence hidden in a desk drawer which will come back to haunt them. Maybe that's why one of the actors offered to buy the house with everything in it at a price that is twice what the place is worth. Still waiting to see if it will be accepted, but there won't be an estate sale yet for sure. The actors think they are being careful and that their true motives are unknown. Not at all the case, but the producer's widow is happy to take their money and be done with it. One hint is they have all been in at least one western. Although it could be on television OR in a movie.

Random Photos Part One

Dennis Hopper announced he has prostate cancer. I know we all wish him the best.
A wax figure of Antonio Banderas. You can tell it is a fake and it really doesn't look like him because it is missing one very crucial ingredient. A leash and Melanie Griffith desperately holding on to it.
Angela Lansbury and Catherine Zeta Jones who is slowly transforming into another person.

This is Dree Hemmingway. I'm too lazy to look it up but I presume she is one of the M Hemmingway children. Looks like it right?
Best. Costume. Ever.
Jessica Alba and the always serious Honor.
Jim Carrey gets his fiber any way that he can.
I really thought Julianne Moore would be above the whole knock kneed thing.
Especially with her husband there.
Great performance by Jay Z and Alicia Keys last night.
I guess there really is no doubt that Sean Preston is Kevin's son.
Do you think Kylie Minogue stays up late at night and asks why she is popular all over the world except for North America? I mean it isn't just us, the Canadians don't like her either. I don't think she is all that great myself.
Someone who is great is Martin Scorcese. Love him.
This is another reason to love Neil Patrick Harris. He went to this haunted house as a favor. How many other actors of his stature would go? The only other one who agreed was David Faustino. Neil though is a guy who will do anything and be happy doing it.
Well, at least Penn Badgley can dream of being a guitar player.
Mandatory Twilight picture. Robert Pattinson leaving Vancouver.
The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Show was last night. Lots of great combinations.

Bruce Springsteen & Billy Joel
Simon & Garfunkel.
David Crosby & Bonnie Raitt
Little Anthony & The Imperials
And BB King.
The woman behind Sarah Silverman looks like she might be a bit of a screamer.
Ving Rhames on the set of his new movie
which also stars Rachel Hunter. Really? She is an actress now?
Woody looks to be all out of wine. Somehow I think he managed to get a refill. Here he is with Oren Moverman.

Miley Cyrus And Quickies

The people over at People who are the people in charge of making headlines really need to look at what the people at People who are typing the headlines are writing, or at least the way they space things. I was paging through People because I was waiting for some people and I saw this headline that some people at People had made.

Miley Cyrus Dishes on Her Quickie Sex and the City Shoot

There doesn't appear to be anything wrong with that headline as is right? Well this is how it appeared on their site.

Miley Cyrus Dishes on Her Quickie Sex
and the City

I was like whoa. She is talking about quickie sex? Really? I mean I know she is dating teenagers and perhaps they can't pull off the full three minutes like I can, but still, is this appropriate for a 16 year old to be talking about. All this came rushing through my head and then I saw the next line. Then I hit my hand to my head, and said, well maybe I can write something about it anyway and use the word people a lot and then use a bunch of innuendo at the end to make it even more dirty and inappropriate.

Your Turn

It is the day before Halloween so what I want today are either real life ghost stories, or worst candy you have had or best Halloween ever, favorite costume or the costume you wore two years in a row thinking that no one would notice, or anything that is Halloween related or scary, like me at a buffet.

Ryan Seacrest's Stalker Arrested Again

If Ryan Seacrest's stalker wasn't so stupid this would really be scary. For the second time in about a month, Chidi Uzomah was arrested while trying to get at Ryan Seacrest. Last month he was arrested and sentenced to 15 days in jail and given three years probation after attacking Ryan's security detail and attempting to go after Ryan with a knife.

This morning he was arrested on what E! calls the E! campus which is nothing but a big office building and nothing like a campus. I mean they don't even have cheerleaders. Uzomah walked up to security and asked to see Ryan. Security knew who the guy was and called the police. Uzomah was arrested and he had a knife on him again.

This guy is dangerous. He proved that before. Hopefully he will get his probation yanked and sent to jail for awhile. I like to make fun of Ryan and call him out when he does something wrong or idiotic but I never want anyone to get hurt. Plus, despite all the crap I have thrown Ryan's way he has helped out the site numerous times which shows he can take the grief, but no one should have to take a stalker with a knife.

Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

There you are sitting at work on a Friday wishing it was already Saturday and Halloween. Well, since you are not doing anything anyway, feel free to watch Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. I can't believe this thing is 43 years old. Crazy.

I Love Mary J Blige

Yesterday Mary J Blige opened a domestic violence shelter for women in New York. Domestic violence has always been at the forefront of Mary J Blige's life. She has always said that her dad used to beat her mom regularly before one day the father just walked out and abandoned the family.

In an interview with CNN yesterday she said, "All age ranges will be able to come to this center. Women from all walks of life, not just women from poverty-stricken areas. Whatever it is, they'll be able to come here. There are gonna be psychologists here, doctors here, day care centers here. Anything that you need or they need to be able to better themselves is here for them."

It sounds like a place that every city should have and hopefully this will inspire other celebrities and people with money to do the same thing.

"That's why I think as celebrities we're given this job. We're not given this job to just hold onto this stuff and die with it. We're given this job to be able to touch someone and say, 'me, too,' because they look up to us and look to us for help and guidance and want to be able to relate to us."

Unfortunately Mary most celebrities don't think the way you do and their main in goal is to try and show us they are better than the rest of us because they happen to sing or be on television.

$900 Worth Of Jewelry?

I feel sorry for Amanda Peet today. According to Page Six her house was burglarized on Wednesday and the burglar made off with Amanda's jewels. It all happened on Wednesday morning when Amanda's assistant walked into Amanda's house and saw a man who was holding Amanda's jewelry box. When he saw the assistant he said, "What's up bitch? I live here." He then ran away.

Now although it must have been horrible for the assistant and I'm sure Amanda hates the fact her house was broken into, I'm sad because Amanda has been on television and in movies and only had $900 worth of jewelry to take. How is it that she only had $900 worth of stuff and all these reality stars out in LA had hundreds of thousands of dollars in jewels worth taking?

Brad Paisley Turned Down Playgirl

I'm guessing that most of you would much rather see Brad Paisley naked in Playgirl rather than Levi Johnston, but unfortunately it isn't going to happen. Brad told B93 in Michigan that Playgirl has asked him numerous times to appear for them and he has turned them down every time.

"They've asked a few times, and no. They can forget it ... They ask everybody. They ask every male country singer. Trust me. No way. Not in a million years. That's just not what I'm about."

Why doesn't he want to be in it?

"I've got a lot of fans that are teenage girls here and there, and I don't want them buying that magazine just because I'm in it," he says. "I'm not going to promote that magazine. It's garbage. I'm sure there are fantastic articles, but that's not what I'm about. Some things are better left to the imagination, and that's one of them!"

Khloe & Lamar Can't Get Their Stories Straight

While walking the red carpet earlier this week at Lamar Odom's horrible fashion line, Khloe and Lamar got separated. What that means is that reporters asked both of the same questions but they weren't together to get their answers straight. It is kind of like Newlyweds, but with no prizes at the end and Bob Eubanks isn't hitting on your wife during commercial breaks.

Anyway, Khloe Kardashian told reporters that she didn't think of herself as a mom to Lamar's two kids but was more of a big sister. She likes to take them shopping and they have fun together.

Lamar on the other hand told one reporter that Khloe has never met his kids which would confirm what their mother has said. Lamar does say that his kids look up to Khloe which is not surprising given how tall she is, but how can you look up to someone you have never met and probably only seen on television hiding coke in her purse. Excellent role model. Oh, or the drunk driving or the jail time. Someone I would want my kids to look up to for sure. Still drinking? Come on over kids and watch her put that liquor away.

Maybe when Khloe said she takes them shopping she meant that she wants to? Maybe she meant that she gets online with them and shops? I'm really confused about that. I will tell you that if she lies about a tiny thing like that then she lies and lies about everything. Hey, like how the coke got in the purse.

Lost VS. Britney

Damn you ABC. Damn you. You didn't show anything new in your trailer for season 6 of Lost. All you did was fast forward through the characters. All you did was make me excited to watch the show. Oooooh, that is what you wanted isn't it? You sneaky little bastards. Well, you did it, but just to spite you I am going to watch every episode on my DVR and skip through the commercials. Last season huh? No movies? This is it huh? Oh, now every time I say that I will bethinking of Michael Jackson. I need to come up with a new phrase.

Today is also the day that Britney Spears' video for 3 comes out. I'm not sure why she needed a video as the song seems to be doing pretty well without the added expense of a video, but hey it is her money and if she wants to spend a few days rubbing up against background dancers, then who I am to say no. I just think you could have hired some people to come over to the house for much cheaper.

Hugh Jackman Not Hosting The Oscars This Year

If you were counting down the days until March 7th so you could watch Hugh Jackman host them again, you are out of luck. The rumor where he was planning on hosting them in a black ties and Speedo just isn't true and in fact he isn't going to host them at all. It seems that Hugh is open to at some point hosting them in the future but doesn't want to be known as a permanent Oscar host and feels like hosting it two consecutive years would do just that.

So, does Oscar go and do something traditional like get Ellen or Jon Stewart or are they going to sacrifice every bit of high ground and go for some kind of Twilight or Miley Cyrus or Jonas Brothers audience grab? Oh, maybe Jon and Hailey could do it?

I am throwing my vote in for Craig Ferguson.

Ted C Blind Item

It seems like Lloyd Boy-Toyed is just one example of an über-famous celeb playing the I-dare-you-to-out-me gay dance.

We're bringin' back an oldie, ladies and gentlemen: Remember Seymour Plow-Me-More? The multitalented, married dude who had a guy service him in a public steam room?

Well, it seems Seymour is back and finding himself in crazier situations than he's used to...

Like the possibility of love. Oh, jeez, can it get any more horrifying than that?

See, this A-list actor was once daringly handsome but has suddenly let age start to get the best of him. Although with the ups and downs in Seymour's life, we can imagine how some of his secrets have taken a toll on his dark features.

Well, it turns out Seymour's getting guy-on-guy frisky again...with a reporter, no less! (Guess Lloyd really started something last time he went hornin' all over a journalist, huh?)

Seymour's companion works for a mediocre outlet, but thanks to his famous partner, said journo just so happens to swoop all the exclusive stuff Seymour and his family have to offer.

Yes, S's wife knows what's going on. In fact, the whole Business knows what's going on. Even the movie studios that employ Plow-Me know about—and approve of—the boy baggage Seymour insists on carrying with him.

S has tried various methods to ungay himself, but the fact remains: He can't keep himself away from this par-tick tabloid type...and no one in this town seems to give a damn. Really?

And It Ain't: Kevin Costner, Nicolas Cage, Will Smith

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Today's Blind Items - Easy

This past weekend this C list cable reality star who had his own show spoke at an event addressing tattoos, taboos and Jews but he did talk a bit about his TV show a bit as well. As an admittedly non-practicing Jew he was asked if he had any Jewish tattoos. His reply? “I have a dollar sign on my hand.” Some in the audience laughed, most did not. Know your audience dude. He recognized how reality TV had changed his life financially for the better and that it opened many doors for him, but he also spent considerable time complaining about the show. He did not enjoy it and never wanted to do subsequent season(s) but was tied to obligations in his contract. He complained about how the producers wanted to make each episode about death. He felt less like an artist and more like he was playing psychiatrist to the customers. He seemed very bitter about the experience.

Random Photos Part Two

Taylor Mitchell - RIP
I will be really impressed if Alan Cumming can get his other leg off the floor as well.
All Angelica Huston needs is a tip jar and some off key Barry Manilow tunes and she is ready for a new career.
Phone - Check
Bag - Check
Cigarettes - Check
Bra - Damn I knew I forgot something.
Can't beat this pairing. Clifton Collins Jr. and Slash.
Chelsea Handler and her Playboy cover. And yes, she takes it all off inside.
Diana Krall - London
Apparently this whole crepe paper look is now in after seeing Brooke Shields wearing some yesterday and now Demi Moore. It really is like a party to go. Pull it off your clothes and hang it from the ceiling.
Deanna Pappas in the posed candid photo of the day. It is her attempt to remain relevant. Yeah, I think we can move on.
Eva Mendes tells her dog that he can't go with her.
Your random Spanish guy of the day. Gonzalo Miro.
So do you think Hugh Jackman is going to take his kids trick or treating? How would you like him to talk up to your door Saturday night?
Somehow I don't think this is actually a costume for Holly Madison.
JJ Abrams and Katie McGrath.
Josh Lucas wins the holding your breath contest for the 3rd consecutive year.
You won't guess. Seriously. I didn't even recognize Judd Nelson.
I did recognize Kevin McKidd though.
After getting out a bunch of money, Mischa Barton checks her phone for directions where to drop it off.


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