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Clint Eastwood Vs Chairs

Blind Items Revealed

November 24, 2006

What former A list actress has in her prenup the amount of times she is required to have sex each week with her husband?

There was a clue provided later which said, The actress with the sex and pre-nup has had a very long career and is over 40. (Regardless of the age she claims).

Catherine Zeta Jones & Michael Douglas

Blind Items Revealed

December 21, 2006

Talk about freaky. This young actress just cannot get an invitation to anyone’s house. If she wants to party, it has to be at her place. The reason? Whenever she visits other people’s homes, she just cannot leave the valuables alone. More than once she has been confronted by her hosts or other guests as she takes whatever items will fit into her purse. If it were just little things, no one would mind because she does bring the supplies for the party. However, she has a bit more expensive taste than just the odd knick knack. She has a fondness for diamonds and other fine jewelry.

Lindsay Lohan

Don't Speed In Your Boat

Tony Scott Death Might Not Be Suicide

Apparently when Top Gun director Tony Scott jumped off the bridge in full view of lots of people, it might not have been a suicide. The coroner has refused to rule his death a suicide and is deferring the cause of death until after the toxicology report is returned. Apparently Tony's suicide note had not motive listed and he had no incurable diseases. So, if the toxicology report comes back negative do they think he was pushed? Ordered to jump? Could he not handle working on Top Gun 2 any longer? Does there need to be a specific reason for a suicide? Will this be its very own movie?

Blind Item #1

What A+ list movie actor decided to handle negotiations directly for his B list movie actress wife. The result? She was passed over for someone who made far fewer demands which makes her actor husband ecstatic. He does not want her working at all. He wants her available to him at all times. The only way she will work is if it suits his needs and fits his time schedule. He just has not told her that though.

Seal Says Heidi Klum Cheated During Their Marriage

Apparently Seal started putting some pieces together when he saw photos of Heidi Klum and her bodyguard holding hands and canoodling on the beaches of Sardinia last week. This is the same bodyguard that Seal used to hug and called a great guy when Seal thought all he was doing was keeping the family safe. Apparently he was doing more to Heidi than just keeping her safe. Looks like at least according to Seal that Heidi is not as squeaky clean and good as she would like everyone to know. If you think about her career, and if it really comes out she was cheating, I think people are going to have a very different impression of her than they do right now.

Blind Items Revealed

Don't worry, there will be another later. This is just relevant because she announced it yesterday.

July 13, 2012

#2 - This top female tennis player is scrapping her marriage plans after she caught her celebrity boyfriend cheating.

Maria Sharapova

Friday, August 31, 2012

Random Photos Part Three

Backstreet Boys on national television. Who would have thought that would ever happen again?
This is Burning Man.
This is a woman who counts down the days to Burning Man.
Britney Spears goes for the bikini wearing librarian look.
In other bikini news, Lisa Vanderpump and her husband look pretty damn good.
Jennifer Lopez would like to compete as would
Naomi Campbell. Naomi won after she started throwing cell phones at everyone.
David Arquette takes his daughter clubbing. Seriously.

Random Photos Part Two

Only David Beckham can make a Mazda Protege and this footwear choice look cool.
Are you Eastwooding?
Gisele Bundchen is actually showing a bump. Probably quads in their 9th month.
Heidi Klum and her new boyfriend who also happens to be her bodyguard and worked for Heidi for years. Hmmm. Guess they managed to keep it contained until right after Seal left.

Kristin Chenoweth takes off her brace for the paps.
I found some skinnier than Miley Cyrus. Her mom.
I found someone skinnier than Miley's mom. Kelly Osbourne's boyfriend.
Mila Kunis gets a jump from a guy who has no idea what friends with benefits even means, let alone saw the movie.
Flowers being laid at Kensington Palace.

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

Ray Liotta grabs a handful of Winona Ryder butt and
she doesn't seem that upset.
Paris Jackson throws out the first pitch at a baseball game.
I think Sofia Vergara is asking Nick Loeb the best angle to make sure paps capture the size of her ring.
Tori Spelling gave birth to a boy named Finn yesterday. If the name sounds familiar, it is also the name of Amanda Seyfried's dog. Yes, I know there is another Finn, but Tori Spelling and Mark Twain? You want to make that argument?
Speaking of pregnant women, here are Megan Fox and
Holly Madison who has decided pregnancy means pajamas in public.
This was a t-shirt on sale at some music festivals in England. (front)

Blind Item #3

What former A list tweener and now B- list movie actor who will drop to C or D if he doesn't get a hit soon, told his co-star he would get her kicked off his movie if she did not sleep with him. So, she did. The actor thought she would be clingy and want to be his girlfriend. She said it was all business and would get him back someday when his career completed its tanking and she was at the top.

Burning Man

In case you have nothing to do and really want the three day weekend to happen quickly, why not watch people doing nothing while being really really hot. Burning Man. Live.

Live video from your iPhone using Ustream

Blind Item #2

What former A list celebrity and now a C+ actress/singer has her boy toy hooked up to GPS through his phone. Now she knows wherever he is at all times. He does not have to check in with her when he goes out, but he is required to always answer when she calls and to reply to her texts within 5 minutes. Hey, but at least she gives good presents.

Kate Hudson Hates Lea Michele Too

No matter how hard she tries, it appears that the only person who actually likes Lea Michele is Lea Michele. OK, OK, Cory Monteith likes her too sometimes. Kate Hudson has apparently been telling friends that Lea is a diva and can't stand working with her on Glee. According to US Weekly, Kate has been saying that Lea is a nightmare and that she is impatient and that everything is way more important than being on the set which of course earns her a paycheck and fame and she better hold on to it forever because all she has left to do after is Broadway and hopes that she can get a big check and fight off Idina Menzel when they finally make Wicked into a movie. I miss Idina Menzel. I wish she lived next door to me.

Four For Friday - Inside Their Marriage

Three day weekend for North America this weekend so please everyone be safe. If you are not going anywhere and need something to fill your time this weekend that college football won't fill, then come on by. When I was writing those last few words all I could think of was Jeremy Piven in PCU. I like the movie, but if you ever get the DVD listen to his commentary and how he trashes the director. Anyway, I will be posting all weekend and on Labor Day too. Tomorrow will be a blind item reveal from the archives. If you would like to follow me on Twitter, please do so, I am @entylawyer or you can just click that big blue bird over there -------->

At this point I am not sure what keeps this couple together. They don't get along and can't stand to be in the same room as each other. They rarely go out together, and if they do it is because of some obligation where it would look funny if they were apart. The couple is A list all the way through. As for them individually, an A for the wife and a B+ actor for the husband in their respective professions. He wants kids. She keeps promising him kids but then something always comes up and there are excuses and missed doctor appointments and she really does not want a child. She does not tell our actor that though because she knows he would leave instantly. He brings home things on adoptions and she always promises to look but never does. For his part she is tired of finding receipts for hotel rooms when he has been in town. The way he will have sex with everyone but her. He says that he would love to have sex with her but that she needs to be home more often for that to happen and that when she is home all she does is sit in front of the television or work and that she has not said one nice word to him in a year. She thinks about cheating because she wants people to find her attractive. Men do find her attractive. She is more afraid of getting caught then anything. There have been some make out sessions with one particular guy. He is married too so it makes it a little easier. Our actor sits at home everyday waiting for his wife to get home. Although he has messed around a lot, he does want the marriage to work he says, although there is someone he has been seeing more than just his regular nooner flings. He found someone who runs a charity and would love to have lots of kids and our actor is seriously considering making the move to end it so he can be with this woman. The person who listens to them both complain thinks they both stay in the marriage because they are stubborn and don't want weeks of headlines and speculation about their divorce if it should happen and the seeing the other person with other people after the split. There is also the question of money. No prenup and the wife is worth way way more than the husband and doesn't want to give up half the money she made during the marriage because it is a ton.

Your Turn

15 years ago today, Princess Diana died in Paris. Where were you that day? How did you hear?

Kim & Kourtney Sell Clothes But Refuse To Give All Money To Charity

Apparently when you spend $1.2M on cars since the beginning of this year you need to pick up a little scratch wherever you can. What better way than to tie in a big garage sale with an ad on your weekly show. Last week, Kanye West told Kim Kardashian her closet looked ghetto and made her throw it all away. Imagine your shock to discover that instead of throwing it away she used the pre-planned tossing to announce she was selling it all on ebay. You would think that someone who makes as much as Kim Kardashian does would give all the money to charity she receives from the sale. Nope. Just a portion. They won't say how big the portion is but it's probably really small. If it was half, they would say half. It is probably like 10% and the other 90% will go into Kim & Kourtney's pocket after Kris takes her cut.

Andy Roddick Is Retiring

Andy Roddick announced that he is retiring from professional tennis so he can focus more on seeing his wife, Brooklyn Decker naked. Oh, wait, that is what I said, not him. It probably does suck being gone for half the year and when you are in town your wife is off making another movie where her only role is to say a few lines every fifteen minutes while wearing a bikini and having men gawk at her. Andy turned 30 yesterday and told reporters he just is not healthy enough or committed enough anymore to keep on playing at this level. Plus, all he really needs to do is play an exhibition or two a year and he could probably still make $1M a year. Plus, there is Brooklyn's acting career.

Marine Wife Killed Because She Would Not Participate In S&M

New documents have been released which show that Brittany Kilgore was killed because she refused to participate in S&M activities with the man and two women accused of killing her. Louis Perez got Brittany to go to dinner with him in exchange for helping him do some moving. He bragged to friends he was going to get Brittany to participate in bondage. She refused and it ultimately cost her life. Previously Lopez and his two female companions had kidnapped someone and held her hostage until she agreed to play. I guess they thought this time would work too. It didn't.

Blind Item #1

So, this foreign born A list(barely) movie actor is foreign born and also will sleep with anything that has a pulse. He has been seeing a woman(#1) for almost 3 months now which she thinks is a world record. It would be if he was not also sleeping with one of the other women(#2) from the same commercial in which the three of them starred. He has told #1 that they need to keep their relationship secret because he is known for being a ladies man and if women thought he was unavailable then it would be bad for his career. It is so #2 does not find out because he loves having both women think they are the only ones in his life. He says the sex has never been better and if he had known this before he would have always had 2 or 3 women who thought they were the only ones.

If Lindsay Lohan Had $1B Would She Still Steal

There is always a lot of joking about Lindsay Lohan and her ability to always give herself a five finger discount, but wonder if she does because she has to or because she thinks she is entitled or just because she has an addiction to theft and it gives her a high. Yesterday CNN reported that on the set of Liz & Dick the producers had rented a trailer that had been especially built for Elizabeth Taylor for the filming of Cleopatra. At the time it was built it cost $75,000 which works out to about $500K now. Instead of just recreating the trailer, the producers rented the actual one for filming. You know, because the viewers of made for tv movies on Lifetime really clamor for that authenticity. As with most things involved in Lindsay's life the trailer got trashed and suffered about $100K worth of damage. of course Lindsay denied she had anything to do with it although she and her friends were the only ones to have access to it overnight. Yes, the producers let Lindsay in there 24/7. Cigarette burns were everywhere, mirrors broken, furniture destroyed. Hmmm, who smokes like a chimney 24/7? Yeah. The one thing the owner of the trailer really cared about too were the three items that were stolen. A theft? From somewhere Lindsay had access to 24/7? How strange. A rocking chair that Taylor used every night was taken and the personal hair brush of Elizabeth Taylor and a French phone. Lindsay pleads ignorance.

National Enquirer Blind Item

WHICH former TV bombshell and “DWTS” hoofer is boozing and partying so much that she’s decided to get a quickie nip/tuck to smooth out her puffy face and deep wrinkles before she’s in front of the cameras again? The actress is concerned about her appearance in this HD age when she should be more concerned about her performance skills!

Honey Boo Boo Beats The Republican national Convention

It turns out that the official ratings for Wednesday night confirmed what was suspected early yesterday. Honey Boo and her show on TLC crushed the Republican National Convention in the ratings. So, basically people were way more interested in the life and times of Honey Boo Boo then a bunch of people all talking about politics on national television for what seems like 8 straight hours a night. On Wednesday night I actually had to DVR Honey Boo Boo because I had already recorded MasterChef because I had been watching Teen Mom and needed to watch MasterChef so then last night became Honey Boo Boo night which means I am always a day behind in my shows. I think I am a day behind because I am not a big fan of sitting through commercials and when I got wrapped up in that whole Teen Mom marathon the other night on MTV. The trick to watching any marathon on MTV if you are going to do it live is to pause the show for as long as your DVR will let you pause and then start watching. That way you can fast forward through the commercials. When you finally do catch up, take a 30 minute break and let your DVR get ahead again. I did that twice and managed to watch 6 hours of Teen Mom and no commercials and without wasting DVR space.

Chris Lighty Has Died

Chris Lighty, a hip-hop mogul who helped the likes of Sean Combs, 50 Cent and Mariah Carey attain not only hit records, but also careers outside music, was found dead in his New York City apartment Thursday in an apparent suicide. He was 44. Chris had been divorced from his wife for about a year and friends and family say he had not been the same since.

LeAnn Rimes Sues Woman Who Recorded Conversation Of LeAnn Being Nasty

LeAnn Rimes is hiding out in a treatment facility but still seems to have plenty of time to communicate with all of her people and find the time to call this site and Celebitchy "hate" sites. Umm, you cheated on your husband with another married man with kids. You go on vacation 24/7 and do nothing at all except post photos of yourself in bikinis and cling to your husband desperately hoping he won't cheat on you like he did his ex. Where is the hate? I am all about the love. I sing that Coke commercial from the 70's in my sleep. Kumbaya is my ring tone. Anyway, LeAnn is suing the school teacher who recorded a phone conversation which I posted here last week. In that call, LeAnn said some really nasty things and she would have denied everything if it had not been recorded. The teacher is being sued along with her daughter and LeAnn wants the police involved. Although it is a crime in California to record a phone conversation without both parties being aware of it, LeAnn was in a restaurant when she made the call and was surrounded by people at a table, all of whom who could also have recorded the call if it was on speaker and for sure LeAnn's portion of it so her expectation of privacy was none, so I think LeAnn is going to be out of luck. LeAnn says the recording of the call basically put her in treatment. Huh? How is some school teacher in Northern California who posts comments about you on her Twitter causing you stress and anxiety? Here is what LeAnn should do. Spend 30 days in treatment and then get off Twitter and the world would soon forget her. There would be no more bikini snaps posted for millions. No more showing off the cheating couple and people would go on with their lives.

Randy Jackson Is Leaving American Idol

The only original piece of American Idol that is going to still be standing when the next season starts is Ryan Seacrest's hair. Randy Jackson will not return as a judge for the next season of American Idol. This is kind of the end of an era and I guess that Idol is fully committed to making this a show about judges rather than about the talent. Apparently there is talk about keeping Randy as a mentor, but that is not his thing. He was the calming middle ground between the too nice Paula and the tell it like it is Simon Cowell. TMZ is reporting there will be four judges again because that worked out so well in the past. You know what that does? Further cuts down on the time for the performers on the show because each judge takes about 30 seconds. It might not seem like a lot but four judges equals 120 seconds which is longer than each performer gets to sing. All about the judges. I will miss you dawg.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Random Photos Part Three

Salma Hayek gets the top spot just so people can take the time to look at the hideousness of this dress.
Bradley Cooper in New York.
I love Carrie Fisher.
Speaking of Carrie, Chloe Moretz is still filming the remake.
Drew Barrymore probably wonders if the heat will ever relent in LA.
Derek Hough shows off his diet.
Elizabeth Olsen looking very Britney-esque.
Emma Stone after getting her hair styled.

Random Photos Part Two

Anna Faris and Chris Pratt take some time away from the hospital where their infant is admitted.
Zosia Mamet and Alison Williams filming the new season of Girls.
Georgia Jagger dry humps her boyfriend while her sister pretends nothing is happening.
Kate Hudson gives her husband a very slight peck in Venice.
Meanwhile, Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber attended the same premiere, but with no kissing.
I love the girl taking the photo of Leonardo DiCaprio. Trying to get them both in.
Lindsay Lohan in New York.
Lea Michele after celebrating her birthday with dinner.
Liberty Ross wearing the West Hollywood uniform.
Mel Gibson's girlfriend points to where she wants him to take her shopping next.


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