Friday, March 30, 2007

Four For Friday

Within the last month I gave you a clue which will help you solve some of the blind items. One person commented that they did the work, but I don't think they did it right.

Nicole Eggert is correct. We don't have that many friends in common so it's hard to find out the exact details. I sent her an e-mail a few weeks ago because I wanted to ask her a favor and she never responded back which is really unusual. Then I noticed her MySpace page went down and then it came back up but still no word on her. I really do hope everything is ok with her and her family. Nicole is an incredible person.

OK, on with the show.

1. This B list movie actor who used to always be in A list movies but now, not so much has often been rumored to be gay. Everyone just kind of assumes it. What you maybe didn't know is that this actor doesn't like relationships because of the potential for getting caught. He also is very germaphobic so he specializes in one type of relationship. Most, if not all of the time, the only men he finds interesting or an attraction to, are those who are virgins. He likes to be their first.

2. You (B List actress) really have him fooled with that we're just friends thing don't you? Everyone knew the two of you were getting it on several months ago and you were really worried that your man might break off your relationship when he heard the news. Most people would deny and deny and never see the person again. You on the other hand play by your own rules and did the exact opposite. Bring him out in public again and really convince the world he is just your "friend." You've got your man convinced but someday he is going to wake up next to you. After screaming when he sees your unmade up face he will realize he's been had.

3. So are you so upset at the world because your mom and dad are getting it on again? What did you expect?

4. Do you ever write your own jokes? For someone who has been accused of stealing jokes so much recently, you think that maybe someone would be watching you more closely. Just because a guy is dead doesn't mean you can steal his jokes.


One of the hardest blind items ever was recently solved by a reader. I really can't believe you did it. Yes, there were clues, but it was still really obscure. They didn't just e-mail me the answer, they let all of you know also. Hopefully you will find it, and hopefully you will find out what Molly is trying to say also.

Ted C Blind Item From Yesterday

Yeah, well, Slurpa Pop-Off's hair extensions were just falling out the other night at a fancy-ass party—I'm so riveted by that one, aren't you all, my jaded nelly-jellies? Really, I am.

Nevertheless, I'm going to go with a new member of the Blind Vice family—though, I must say, what earns her a mention in these asshole annals of abhorrent Hell-Ay behavior among the rich and stupid, is, well, utterly stupidola (and nothing new)! Read on:

Apple Marvini has it all (and I mean all). She's loaded as s--t. She's fairly well dressed, still got a decent bod. She gives regularly to charity, she's not without talent and she's newly searching for a legalized mattress mate—such fun when money's no object, n'est-ce pas? But perhaps that's just the prob.

The only guys A.M. seems to attract (including her most promising current prospect for a union) are those who are also into the majorly moneyed habits, not so much activities involving multiple climaxes and cleaning up the sheets afterward.

Yes, like many a less well-off gal throughout the nation, Ms. Em has found herself hankering for a dude who cares more about having his undies starched than dirtying up hers. Why do women do this, time after time? Granted, making the help cry can be sickly fascinating (A. and her "man" do this equally adeptly), but isn't holding the one you love—and lust for—till the sun comes up worth anything? Not to A.M., apparently. As she has, after all, made it quite clear she's not overly fond of what that cuddling (and accompanying commotion) produced with her last man.

Details Magazine Celebrates 2007 Mavericks

I'm trying to be nice Ryan, but you make it very difficult.

Sanjaya looked better with the mohawk. Randy Jackson is doing is Hugh Hefner impression, and not well.

Do you think they will find the clue Molly?

Michelle Trachtenberg's eyes are mesmerizing. I swear I'm looking just at the eyes.

Damn. Damn. Damn. Laura Prepon gets better looking at each event.

You kind of went downhill since the whole Nikki thing huh Ian?

Dane Cook actually looks good.

I don't think Damon Dash wants to make a tape with you LC no matter how much you want to.

Chris Klein thought this was a high school dance. Ginnifer Goodwin wants to know why Adam Brody's hand is on her ass. Maybe he was reaching for Chris.

I'm not gay, but Amaury Nolasco is what I would look for in a man if I were. Damn I wish I could look that good.

Stacy Keibler is trying to be nice so I will too.

The Reaping World Premiere

I think I've said it all before. Just find some of my other comments and put them here. I just don't see the attraction. Obviously people do. I'm just not one of them. Maybe Chad did at first, and then needed a little help if you know what I mean.

Charlize Theron doesn't look very happy and doesn't really look like she spent much time getting ready either.

Honestly. This is about as good as Kimberly Stewart is ever going to look.

I'm Sure This Will Set 30 Million Readers After Me, BUT I Need To Do It

If Perez wants to be a celebrity then he will need to take the heat when he dresses like absolute crap. This outfit doesn't match and doesn't fit. He gets his clothes for free. The least he could do is pick some ones that don't make him look like Kazoo from the Flinstones. If they are going to give away crap clothes, then go buy some. You make enough money. BTW, Kathy Griffin just looks pretty good. Not I want to sleep with her good, but would go over to her house and drink with her parents kind of good. Thanks to flynet for the pics.


Christina made fans angry by lip-syncing during a recent concert in NYC. I guess they would have been happier if she canceled the concert.

Hey Ashlee Simpson believes John and Jessica are a couple. Of course Ashlee is with Pete Wentz so she probably has a very broad definition of couple. I just wanted Ashlee to say something in the article like, "I know they are a real couple because my dad watched them do it." Of course it isn't in the article. It is in People, so Joe probably wrote it himself. So have you heard the rumor that Joe and Tina have been divorced for over a year? Interesting rumor.

Isla Fisher with a baby? Mel, you're supposed to be first with Aussie news. I'm disappointed. I'm also disappointed that Isla made this announcement in one of CDAN's top five places to get sloshed. No offense Suk. Everyone likes Mood, but to get your drink on you really need to visit the animal and musical instrument bars.

Becks and Posh get matching haircuts. No word on whether Becks is going to get his nipples enlarged as well.

This Is The News Of The Day

I know I asked and asked you all to send your best wishes and we all have done our very best. It is getting closer now. I think we can all feel the possibility that Paris Hilton may go to jail. When we started this campaign we were at about a 20% chance, and now I would say we are at 50%. I don't think she will ever get 90 days in jail. In LA you don't even get 90 days for shooting someone. Honestly if this were you or I, we probably wouldn't go to jail. BUT we would be in the middle of suing the LAPD because they would have treated us much different when we got pulled over. Paris flashes tit and the officers ask if they can give her a ride home and maybe stop for some Valtrex on the way.

So April 17th is the big day. I just want her to spend 3 or 4 days in jail. Just enough to get a taste. A taste of her cell mate, a taste of getting harassed by the women who didn't appreciate the remarks she made. A taste of what it's like to have your hair extensions forcibly removed.

Speaking of hair extensions popsugar talks about Paris going to jail with the following lead in:

Paris, wearing some of the least believable extensions I've ever seen...(I love it. They also talk about her chest as well.)
I just want you all to close your eyes and imagine Paris in jail. Gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling doesn't it?

Yes, Britney and K-Fed Settled, BUT That Is NOT The News Of The Day

So everyone knows about Britney and K-Fed settling up which is nice. If K-Fed is smart he can take his $1M and get $60K-80K a year forever from the interest and go start his new job at Burger King to help pay for incidentals. If you want to read the TMZ version, People version, or the MTV version, it doesn't matter. Well, the MTV picture is the only cool looking one. Plus, they have a bonus 24 photos which takes you through the entire two year marriage. If you decide to look through the 24, please take the time to count the different number of dogs Britney is holding. Where are they now?

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Today's Blind Items

I'm not saying if you got this one right or wrong. I'm just saying that the whispers are now full on murmurs. Going to have to decide what to do VERY soon. Playboy wants you. Are you going to do it or wait for the offers that aren't really going to come in, or are you going to make a public announcement about the murmurs or keep it private?

March 26, 2007

Wow. A description is hard for this person because it would just give it right away. Not actress or singer, but probably wants to be one now that she will have time. Of course if she is pregnant like everyone is whispering, maybe that will delay things quite a bit. No word on the father. Hopefully she knows.

You know. Quite awhile ago, I gave you some advice on how to solve some of the blind items. I don't think you took it seriously. Too bad.

The pin-up blind item. You remember it don't you? OK, so here's an update. The MySpace page is back up, but that is the only thing people have heard from her. No website. No nothing. When you finally figure it out and go to the MySpace page, read her blog to see if you can understand her disappearance. The Goonies provides such a big clue. I know you can do it.

March 23, 2007

This pin-up B list television actress from the 80's and early 90's has disappeared from public view. Within the last week she has shut down her website and MySpace page. After a long dry spell she was resurrecting her career and her personal life, but now she seems to be pulling the plug on all of it. There is a rumor floating around that she has cancer and another that she just doesn't want to be bothered with the business anymore and is going to hide in a far corner of the world for several years.

So this female actress thinks she is A list. She has been the subject of at least a few blind items on this blog and she allegedly has a new boyfriend. What they really have is a shared secret. She has a BIG movie coming out this summer and knows she needs to behave. They have been friends for a long time and he knows all her secrets. She knows his secret too. His career has not been going so great in the music business lately so you think it would be ok for him to say he plays for the same team. They will play kissy-poo for the cameras until after the publicity is done for the movie. She tried to make a deal with someone else recently but he didn't bite.

Blogs Worth Reading and The Media Gets Punk'd By The Phoenix New Times

The first blog worth reading is written by Bryanboy. Bryan describes himself as "Planet Earth's Favorite Third World Fag." He also says he is "the gayest gay that ever gayed." He is without a doubt one of the best bloggers ever. Besides being a fan of this blog he was nominated for Best Asian Blog and will make you laugh and laugh. I love the photos his fans send in. He is worth your time.

The second blog is written by a self described SAHM. This stay at home mom blogs on life as a stay at home mom and is part of the Happy Housewives network. She has tons of tips on budgeting, her kids, her life, knitting, and even a blind item or two. She doesn't blog everyday, but when she does I think you will enjoy what she says.

Finally. The Phoenix New Times had this great story about ANS's secret love child. It turns out the story was a hoax. The newspaper came clean and showed how they fooled the world in this followup.

Blades Of Glory Premiere

Molly Sims

"Yea. I got a "date."
Do you think Nancy Kerrigan just laughs when she reads about Tonya Harding?

Sasha Cohen"Hey. I was on American Idol."

Random Photos

Satirically speaking, Al Reynolds has this to say about Star Jones.

1."Damn. I guess I'll just close my eyes again and pretend she's a man."
2. "Just keep thinking about the money. "
3. "Her arms really do look like chicken wings. I just thought that was an expression."
4. "Ooh that bartender is cute."
5. "Damn. Did she just fart?"
6. "I wonder who I can get to sponsor our divorce."
7. "Everyone thought the David Gest/Liza Minelli marriage was bad."

Keanu Reeves tries to impress his date by showing that he does actually own something.

"You do realize that after our date, I'm going to wander the streets looking homeless."

No headband. No Jessica. All is right with the world.

Get Me Some Links--Did You Know Your Name Is An Adverb?

45 pounds in four months. Sure, I guess it could be the diet shakes. it could be something else that gives you the shakes also. Look at this photo and know that she wants to lose 10 more pounds.

Sure take the album Nevermind and make it into some kind of interpretive dance thing. WTF?

Sopranos odds are:, an Internet casino, is laying odds on which of "The Sopranos" crew will get whacked first in the final season. While Tony (James Gandolfini) himself is a long shot (17-2), the site pegs his nephew Christopher Moltisanti (Michael Imperioli) as the 2-1 favorite. Considering the many production hands on the show, Imperioli tells us, "Somebody could cash in." But never underestimate "Sopranos" creator David Chase. Imperioli warns: "He shot a lot of scenes that are not going to be used."

Natasha Lyonne is back and I must warn you that she is looking R-O-U-G-H. I will just send you over to D-Listed because I really don't want you or anyone else to have to view these photos without warning. And remember, these photos are from a premiere. She was trying to look good.

May 22 Is The Day For Pumpkins and Some Fugees News

On May 22nd Smashing Pumpkins reunites for the first time in forever. Of course it will be in Paris. Since the band is from Chicago it makes sense for them to reunite in Paris. I see the connection.?? Of course they could know they are going to suck for a few shows and so why not suck in France? Last time I checked I only had a few readers in France so it's ok. The only confirmed US date is August 5th in Washington DC for the V Festival. They will also play in Toronto on September 8th for their V Festival.

You know how everyone though the Fugees were going to get back together and they did Chappelle's Block Party movie and so everyone got real excited. Well you better hang on to that Block Party DVD because it's going to be the last time you see them together. Why can't they just get along?

Tonight On Broadway--Goonies, The Musical

Aaah. How many times have you seen The Goonies? I lost count somewhere in the teens. Obviously not the best movie ever, but definitely is one I loved. So basically you had a Steven Spielberg story which was adapted by Chris Columbus and directed by Richard Donner. Those are some good people right there. Richard Donner says they have thought about a 2nd movie but just could not find the right script. However, he and Steven are pretty passionate about a musical adaptation of the movie. Just show me where to buy the tickets.

In case you have never read the 20 year reunion article about where the cast is now, you have to read it now. Also, it will give you a HUGE clue to the missing actress.
Three clips. Make sure you turn up the sound on the last one.

At Least I Believe Halle Berry and Diddy Says He Goes For 30 Hours

Halle Berry says she tried to kill herself. I don't know if she went that far, but I bet she thought about it. She has been in some messed up relationships which means she probably was severely affected by them and could have tried to commit suicide. She is not trying to pull a Mandy Moore here talking about some imagined depression from a few years ago or some other celebrity who make up things for People and Parade to get pub for their new project. Yes, Halle has a new movie which gave rise to the interview, BUT, you have to admit she has been in some F-R-E-A-K-Y relationships and has been beaten and cheated on and god knows what else.

Diddy, Diddy, Diddy. 30 hours having sex with Kim Porter huh? Tantric huh?

1. I don't think Diddy has stayed in one place for 30 hours.
2. It's possible if the 30 hours includes him taking 3 hours to get dressed and undressed while he puts on music and has four or five women helping him.
3. It could be 30 hours if it includes time to answer his phone a million times.
4. Ummm. How many kids do they have? Have your kids ever left you alone for 30 hours?
5. Yes, they could've got a babysitter for the kids and gone to a hotel, but I think Diddy saves those for his other ladies.
6. 30 hours? Does that include naps?
7. He does know that often Tantric sex involves worshipping the woman right? Do you see Diddy doing that?
8. Can he go without a toothpick for 30 hours?
9. Notice he didn't say he and J-Lo went 30 hours.

Can I Get An Actor To Get Caught With A Tranny On Sunset Please?

There is really nothing going on today at all.
Britney went to the dentist again. I guess no one has heard of a followup appointment. When she decides to go dancing again or to Starbucks, let me know. It really is ridiculous. Including this blog, at least 8 blogs as of now are talking about Britney going to the dentist.

Let's take a look at what X17 wrote on their blog.

----X17 just witnessed, approximately 45 minutes ago, Britney Spears being driven by her bodyguard in her black Escalade SUV to the Century City hospital she visited on Sunday. We're awaiting details from our photographers on the scene and we'll be updating you as soon as possible.----

They make it sound like it's a life threatening emergency. Hey, maybe she got a dry socket. Those hurt really bad I guess. I know that I prayed every night that I wouldn't get one. You know what? Maybe Britney's dentist is really hot and so she will be going back there once a week and then people can talk about she needs help or is seeing someone for all her problems.
I went to the dentist a few weeks ago but didn't see X17 or the guys from TMZ there. I was a little disappointed that I didn't have 50 cameras stuck in my face just after I got that really troublesome wisdom tooth pulled.

I think Britney is doing much better, and slowly the paps will pull away. The problem in the gossip world is that it seems we only concentrate on a group of twenty-thirty people. I think the paps should find a bunch of B listers and just start following them. New people, new problems, new relationships. It would be like starting a brand new show. We could cancel Lindsay and Paris and Sienna (speaking of which, why does anyone care about her?) and just come up with a bunch of new faces.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Today's Blind Items

So, I'm in a really bad mood today. I have a client who has been involved in a case for awhile. There is a bunch of stress involved for her and her family. Since the case began, one person has been institutionalized and another has committed suicide. My client has a bleeding ulcer and just wants the case to end. It should have ended four months ago, but the other attorney keeps making excuses why he can't go to trial yet. So continuance after continuance and I have to keep calling my client and tell her another week and another week and now I have to call her and tell her it will be at least another two weeks. I just don't want to make that call. She goes to work in a couple of hours and part of me just wants to say ignore it for today and wait until tomorrow. It is so tough to make that call and I have done it so many times. I hate judges that are afraid to make a simple decision and show some balls. Stop worrying about trying to make everyone happy and just do something. Anything. The client is no one famous, just a client. Anyway, I know you want some blind items.

So at this talk show a few weeks ago, there was this band. Although she is not a solo act she might as well be because no one even knows who the hell any of the rest of the band are anyway. Well she trashed her dressing room at the show and said she needed her own room and that she needed to prepare alone. I think everyone knows what she wanted to do alone which is why they wanted her in the same room with the rest of the band. She yelled at the producers and crew and it took the host to calm her down and convince her to come out and perform.

So when celebs are out of the country they can get away with acting really strange. Usually. This A list film actor decided to take advantage of his recent foray to another country. (This wouldn't work in the UK, so skip it when thinking about it) The actor went to a shop that catered to the plus sized woman and walked out about 30 minutes later in women's clothing. Apparently someone tried to take a cell phone pic of the actor but only caught him from behind. When the person tried to catch up with the actor, he turned around and advised her to mind her own business and she was too shocked to just hold up the damn phone and take the pic. No word on where the actor went.

Ted C Made Someone Mad With A Blind Item--E Building Evacuated Due To A Bomb Threat--and Some Links

E Online building evacuated due to a bomb threat. The employees were outside about an hour. Wonder if there are any pics of Ryan without makeup. I heard Ted C was screaming for toothy tile to come give him mouth to mouth.

Mary Kate looking absolutely normal and well, she is dressed normal. It's a start. This is the MK I remember. Thanks to popsugar for the photo. They have more.

Does Lindsay Lohan even know who the Dead Kennedys are?

Joel Madden talks about Hilary Duff. Actually it was written by People so it was probably just a letter from a publicist they are passing off as an interview.

MTV TRL Photos

They look more like sisters than Haylie and Hilary.
She really does seem to be saying, "Get away from me you skinny ass skeleton."

"Lap dances are just $25."

The Sopranos Final Season World Premiere


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