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Blind Items Revealed

March 2, 2011

So, this recovering former A list tweener was out the other night and this is what her boyfriend said to her. "One drink is not going to hurt you baby." Yeah, her celebrity boyfriend has always been a sleaze and always will be.

Former A list Tweener - Demi Lovato (who did not drink)

Woman Gives Birth To Baby Of Her Daughter's Boyfriend

A California woman is in jail right now after giving birth six weeks ago to a baby. She told investigators that the boy was the son of her daughter's boyfriend. The woman is 32 and the boyfriend is 16. The woman says she is in love with her daughter's boyfriend and has been charged with six felony counts of unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor and two felony counts of oral copulation with a minor. Apparently in one of those six times they had sex she also got pregnant. Apparently everyone knew the affair was going on except the woman's daughter.

Jessica Simpson Gets $800K For Baby Photos

Jessica Simpson must not make as much as we thought selling her fashion line. She was offered 20% less money than Nicole Richie received but still sold her photos to Kneepads for $800K. If Jessica had a bunch of money you would think she would either give them away for free or give the entire sum to charity. If she is keeping the $800K then she must not make hundreds of millions from her fashion line. The thing about Brangelina is they were given $10M for photos and every penny went to charity. No one else has ever done that. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony and their $6M? Kept every dime. I mean not even a 10% tithe to any charity or a buck to a homeless guy on the street. They just kept it all. So, this means that Jessica is perfectly willing to exploit her kid for money and I have no doubts it will not be the last time. She learned from a master exploiting parent.

Peninsula Hotel In Manhattan Banned John Travolta

According to a masseur (above) at the Peninsula Hotel in Manhattan, John Travolta was banned for three years from the hotel spa because of all the complaints the staff generated against John.

John always asked for a man and was banned after he kept trying to get the men to pleasure him. Apparently no massage therapist at the hotel was willing to massage him and people were quitting after the experiences with him so the spa just finally banned John. For three years. You know if it was someone other than John it probably would have been a lifetime ban and the police would have been called. If I'm a hotel guest and do the same thing to a therapist and try and pressure them to have sex and grope them and rub against them, you don't think the police will be called?

Ben Affleck Talks About Jennifer Garner

Not content to get her a card, Ben Affleck made a video which he posted for the world to see about what makes Jennifer Garner such a great mom. You think he got her something or was this it?

Jennifer Hudson's Ex Brother-In-Law Convicted Of Murder

A jury in Chicago found William Balfour guilty of three counts of murder yesterday after deliberating for about 18 hours. The jury found him guilty of the deaths of Jennifer's mother, brother, and nephew. Balfour is expected to be sentenced to life in prison. In a statement, Jennifer and her sister said, "It is our prayer that the Lord will forgive Mr. Balfour of these heinous acts and bring his heart into repentance someday." That is pretty forgiving. If he killed my family I don't think I would be quite as forgiving. I don't think I would forgive him at all.

Reese Witherspoon Went To Court Yesterday

Reese Witherspoon and her mom were in a Tennessee courtroom yesterday to try and have the wedding of Reese's father annulled and to have him placed in a conservatorship. Yep, the same thing Britney Spears is under. Did you know Reese's parents have been separated for 16 years? That is a really long time. Her mom says the couple still talk to each other several times a week and they go to events together like Reese's wedding. No one knows what happened in court because it was a closed session and the judge sealed the record, but I'm guessing that Reese's family got everything they want and probably gave the woman who married Reese's dad something to go away forever. She is pretty firmly entrenched in that condo that Reese bought her dad.

The Houston Family Wants To Get Famous

Have you ever heard of Pat Houston? Surprisingly it is not the name of a restaurant, but it kind of has that feel to it doesn't it? Like a restaurant that can't decide if it wants to be a steak place or a pub. It is actually the name of Whitney Houston's sister-in-law. Not her sister, but her sister-in-law. She also managed Whitney Houston and as we can all see that did not turn out that great. Well, after years of being stuck behind the scenes Pat wants to be famous so she got a reality deal on Lifetime. Don't be fooled by the promise of Bobbi Kristina and her brother making out. They will show up in episode one and won't probably grace your screen unless its sweeps. Nope, this new reality show on Lifetime is going to be focused on Pat. Why? I have no idea. Who cares about her. Lifetime says the show will have Dionne Warwick in it sometimes and Cissy Houston. Great. Should be interesting. Cissy thinks this will help launch the career of Bobbi Kristina. Nope. Maybe Pat though. Maybe when it is over she will open up a restaurant.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Random Photos Part Three

Lionel Richie gets the top spot today. I think its great that he has made such a huge comeback.
Alyson Hannigan must be getting close to giving birth.
Rihanna at the Battleship premiere and not wearing much at all.
Malin Akerman is my favorite, but I'm not a fan of the whole blowing a kiss thing.
Alexander Skarsgard is looking for someone special. Interested?
Liam Neeson is just kind of looking for someone for a weekend. Interested?
Connie Britton and Taylor Kitsch have a Friday Night Lights reunion.
Carey Mulligan and Marcus Mumford look like honeymooners.
Charlize Theron shows Jackson what his life will be like.

Random Photos Part Two

Elizabeth banks headed into Letterman. It was great to see her back on 30 Rock last night.
Denise Richards shows off her new bikini.
And Lisa Rinna would also like you to look at hers. Now I can feel bad about myself all day.
Isla Fisher at the London premiere of The Dictator.
Jessica Alba getting some mother of the year award.
Janet Jackson's weight fluctuates more than any other celebrity.
Jennifer Love Hewitt arrives home from New York.
Katy Perry goes more goth than usual.
At the same event and looking like she is feeling no pain is Lisa Marie Presley.
I knew the air smelled fresher the past two days. Kim Kardashian was in Canada. Kanye looks thrilled to be there. I think Kanye subscribes to the Billy Bob Thornton school of Canadian relations.

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

Chris Hemsworth hangs out in London while his
very sunburned brother Liam hangs out with Miley Cyrus in Los Angeles.
Lady GaGa and Terry Richardson.
Mariah Carey actually partied with commoners this week and B Scott at The Abbey.
My two favorite Mother's day photos from Awkward Family Photos.

Nina Dobrev shows Conan a new way to have fun in the bedroom.
Natalie Portman at the ballet. Yes, every question was about Black Swan.
Robert Pattinson, a pregnant woman and Robert Pattinson. It's like one of those double identity movies.

Joan Rivers & 50 Cent

It is a commercial, but it is pretty funny. Joan Rivers is having a rebirth for the fifth or sixth time in her career.

Denver Nuggets Player Has House Raided Over Child Porn Accusations

Chris Birdman Anderson is a player for the Denver Nuggets. he has also been a big part of children's charities wherever he has played. Yesterday, police raided his home as part of an investigation into child pornography and child prostitution. The NBA player was suspended from the team until the investigation is complete. Why is that all these guys who get busted for this crazy obscene stuff regarding children always seem to have often been involved with children through charities and other things. It really scares you when you wonder how many people who work with children through charities have ulterior motives and how many truly want to help kids. How many people are out there that are not caught?

Amber Portwood Is Back In Jail

One way to keep yourself relevant and in the news is to go to jail frequently. Amber Portwood is the Dean of that school of thought. Between herself and Jenelle Evans they must have at least ten arrests between them. Amber is back in jail after lying to the court about why she could not attend drug court. Amber said her doctor told to rest for two to three weeks after surgery. The court called the doctor who said he never said that so Amber is back in jail for the next few weeks. Always a bright idea to lie to the court.

Four For Friday - The Clinger

As is the case most weeks, I like to take this time to remind you that you can follow me on Twitter. The little follow thing is over to the right somewhere. ------------------------>

You should come on over and follow me because I do talk about things on there that I don't here and have blind items that have never been on the site too. Speaking of blind items, every Saturday I dig through the archives and try to find a blind item to reveal. Last week it took me a few days to find one and ended up going back to early 2011.

Today I wanted to tell you the history of this A list movie actress. She would never do television. Wait. She would never do scripted television. Anyway, our actress has had lots of high profile boyfriends and every one of them has said they have never felt as free as the day they were finally free of the actress. One actor said it was quite possibly the happiest day of his life and he had to act sad at some premiere and all he wanted to do was shout and scream. Our actress is a clinger. A big clinger. As in if she decides to date you then you are going to be with her until you do something so egregious that she has not choice but to leave you. You can't break up with her. It does not work that way. One boyfriend tried to break up and then went and shot some movie on the other side of the world. Third day there, the actress showed up at his hotel room door with a suitcase saying she was there for a visit. One actor wanted to break up with the actress so much that he cheated on her. She got upset but the actress was not going to leave. He then got the idea of getting caught while cheating. She broke up with him after that but would still call him everyday and talk to him. That one was before caller i.d.

One actor who lived with the actress said that he never asked her to move in but that she just kept bringing stuff over and he never noticed and then one day he realized she was there all the time. It took him years to get away from her. Even in her current long term relationship, her significant other knows he can do anything he wants and that she is never going to leave him. He has done a lot and even been caught, but she just will not go anywhere. They can go weeks without seeing each other but she calls. All the time. All day. Texts all day too. Hundreds of times a day. Her significant other hired an assistant just to respond to the texts. Apparently his life is so much easier since he thought of it. One week of telling the assistant what to say in the texts and now one year later, the actress is none the wiser. Of course the assistant has got to see plenty of naked photos of the actress. She is big photo sender. She is also a big hypochondriac. She wonders aloud about everything she eats and how it will affect her and would like your opinion too. She has very few friends because they are subject to the same type of clingy. Not very many people can deal with that kind of constant barrage of attention and neediness.

Your Turn

Time Magazine cover. Your reaction?

Nancy Grace Movie Headed To Lifetime

For those of you who just can't get enough of Nancy Grace, well you will get more of her very soon. Her book, The Eleventh Victim, was just picked up by Lifetime and Jennie Garth will star as the character who seems a whole lot like Nancy Grace in the book. So, when you hear about Lindsay Lohan playing Elizabeth Taylor in a Lifetime movie, I want you to not take it that personally. This is the network that is going to keep renewing the show Client List whether you watch it or not. This is the show that would LOVE to have Tori Spelling to do a series of made for tv movies with her husband. This is the network that will show anything to fill up the 24 hours of programming they need to fill everyday. Nancy is also going to be executive producing the movie which means she will be talking about it constantly.

Ted C Blind Item

Oh, what a tangled website we weave, when at first we practice to deceive. That's what one of those crusty writer guys said, right?

OK, maybe not exactly, but conniving, breasty Harriet Talons sure had that in mind when she backstabbed so many people on her current hit show, her own network's New York website is currently weighing whether or not to write a scathing exposé on Harriet's behind-the-scenes shenanigans—they're that damn impressive.

Back in Hollywood, but equally as stealth—and to far more sexy results—would be an Oscar-nominated star's party behavior. Want to hear what Freddie Friction picked up along with his cocktail?

A date!

And it's weird on so many levels: Just like Harriet, who tells the world constantly (mostly in women's magazines) how down-to-earth and shy and humble she is, Jeremy's been busy spinning a similar ersatz media presence. For instance, he often talks about how "straight" he is. Like, a lot.

Isn't it fascinating how very unlike Crescent Cumquat and Topher Hairy-Tuchus—who often depend on extravagant online shenanigans to hook up with guys they fancy—Freddie is. He just asked a guy home at a recent N.Y. party! Right in front of everybody!

And even though the party dude who Freddie asked back to his place was completely shocked, he did manage to say yes, in case you were wondering.

Yeah, maybe it was kinda stupid for Freddie (who we hear is a tad on the old-fashioned side) to let this all go down in the open, but hey, makes more sense than Craigslist, huh? Less of a trail…

I think Freddie's gonna be a crafty one, just like Harriet. In fact, I'm sure of it!

AND IT AIN'T: Felicity Huffman and Chord Overstreet, Joan Rivers and Zac Efron, Betty White and Robert Pattinson

Zooey Deschanel To Play Loretta Lynn On Broadway

Back in 1979, Loretta Lynn brought Sissy Spacek up on stage at the Grand Ole Opry and announced to the crowd that Sissy would be playing Loretta in the movie version of her life. Last night, Loretta brought Zooey Deschanel up on stage at the Grand Ole Opry and announced that Zooey would be playing Loretta in the Broadway version of Loretta's life. You kind of get the feeling that Loretta could probably still do a great job of playing herself in either one of those mediums. Coal Miner's Daughter is headed to Broadway.

Hilary Duff Says Her Baby Sleeps Through The Night And Giving Birth Was Easy

Just seven weeks ago Hilary Duff gave birth to her son and she says that he already sleeps through the entire night. She says she does not want to brag, but that he sleeps from 11p to at least 6 in the morning every night and has done so since he was four weeks old. For some reason I thought you were supposed to feed babies, especially those that are just seven weeks old, every two or three hours. Is this just an old wives tale? I can't tell you how often my mom reminds me, especially around Mother's Day how she had to get up every two hours forever to feed me and that I didn't sleep through the night for a long time. I have always had a big appetite.

To make you also feel worse, Hilary said that giving birth was really easy.

Jennifer Lopez & Carrie Underwood Are Trying Way Too Hard

Whenever I see celebrities really making a point of something I start getting really skeptical. They have never done it before so why are they doing it now. Think about Jada Pinkett Smith and her sex talk. All the time she wanted the world to know that she and Will Smith were having sex everywhere and anywhere. Now it turns out they probably don't even live together. When Jennifer Love Hewitt starts going ring and wedding crazy and gushing then you know her relationship is in trouble and likely to end soon. Over the past two weeks Carrie Underwood can't stop mentioning Mike Fisher. Every interview she somehow brings him into it. But, at the same time she doesn't actually come across as saying anything meaningful. It is like she is talking herself into the relationship. They never see each other. I think that is the only reason that relationship is still kicking. Jennifer Lopez wants us to know that she and Casper are great. On American Idol last night she was all over him. See, look everyone. I think he is great and he loves me and we are together forever. Nahh. Not buying it. Jennifer realizes the kid is a kid but if she dumps him she is going to look stupid so she overcompensates and will probably marry the guy and divorce him six months from now. She would rather take it to the very end then just end it now like a normal person.

National Enquirer Blind Item

Which hunky prime-time star of a new hit show, who plays the loyal love interest, is actually gay? The actor was spotted at a gay watering hole in Los Feliz, Calif., carrying on with his buddies and one special guy in particular who kept rubbing his back?

Third John Travolta Accuser Steps Forward - Says John Offered Him $12K For Sex

We finally have an accuser who has gone public. Fabian Zanzi, who is a cruise ship worker says that John Travolta offered him $12K for sex. That is a whole lot of money for sex. I think when you get rich you lose all sense of what sex is worth and you throw out numbers you think will make the other person do what you want. At the opposite end of the spectrum I think the Secret Service agent only offering $31 was ridiculous and he deserved what he got.

Back in 2009, Travolta was on the cruise ship where Fabian worked and came up to him and took off his robe and was naked and Fabian said that Travolta wanted Fabian to give him a massage. Then when Fabian said no, John offered him $12K for sex. Fabian has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Travolta.

Matthew Fox Needs Rehab

At some point you know that Matthew Fox is going to have to go to rehab. Who wants to hire a guy who has a booze problem. Late Wednesday, he was officially charged with DUI and driving without a license for his adventures in Oregon last week. This comes on the heels of his adventures in Cleveland where he got so drunk that he assaulted a bus driver. When you are so drunk that you randomly assault people and shove them and are drinking and driving and you know he is doing it way more than he has been caught, then you need help. He has always managed to keep all his demons inside, but as he gets older and gets less work they are starting to escape. Go talk to the cast of Party of Five. The guy was losing it even back then. I get the feeling he will publicly say he is going to rehab but he does not believe he needs it so it will not stick. This is going to end up in tragedy.

Courtney Love To Chant With Lindsay Lohan

Back in the day when Courtney Love was fairly sober and trying to straighten her life around she used to chant. I believe she followed Nichiren Daishonin which is what Eric Erlandson follows so that would make sense. He learned from her when they were sleeping together and then he passed it on to Drew Barrymore when they were sleeping together. Anyway, you sit around and chanyt really fast for a few hours and then you supposedly feel better. Courtney who was interviewed by Access Hollywood. Wait, I need to stop right there. Why on earth would Access Hollywood interview Courtney Love? Seriously? You have nothing better to do? No other person or celebrity? Anyway, on the show, Courtney says that today supposedly seven women are coming to her place, including Lindsay Lohan and they are going to chant. I don't see Lindsay chanting. I don't even see her hanging out with Courtney. This is like the time Courtney told everyone that she is Lindsay's sober coach. How can you be a sober coach if you are whacked out of your mind on drugs everyday?

Rihanna & Chris Brown Unfollow Each Other

This is what the world has come to. It used to be you telling the person who sat next you in class who would tell someone else who would tell someone else who would pass a note to someone at lunch to let some final person know that you either liked them or didn't like them anymore. Over the years, technology has not made it any more personal and the same things happen via text messages, wall posts, or something as trivial as following or unfollowing someone on Twitter.

In the past day or so, Rihanna finally unfollowed Chris Brown after he released a remix of a song which accused Rihanna of sleeping with everyone in the industry and that he was going to smash her. So, Rihanna who had refollow Chris last year and defended it by saying it was Twitter and not the altar, unfollowed him. Chris Brown followed suit and took a dig at Rihanna by saying he did not name names so someone must be feeling guilty. Hmmm. If only he would feel guilty for beating her when he was the one cheating. Was that a bruise on his current girlfriend's arm I saw the other day?

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Random Photos Part Three

It's good to have Ben Affleck at the top of the photos. Feels like he is taking his rightful place as the original mascot of the site.
Bethenny Frankel looks a little loopy considering it was a morning show.
Eva Green at the Dark Shadows premiere in London.
Helena Bonham Carter was there.
Ditto Chloe Moretz and
Johnny Depp.
Eva Mendes promoting her new movie Girl In Progress. Never a good sign when Groupon is selling buy one get one free tickets to it before it opens though.
Isabella Cruise and her boyfriend discuss the pros and cons of eating at 7-11.
Jessica Biel and her new longer wig.


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