Friday, April 08, 2011

Four For Friday

#1 & #2 - This A list married couple with A+ name recognition is going through big problems right now. The reason? The husband has started drinking again (which his wife knows about), doing drugs (his wife does not know), and sleeping with random women (his wife knows about one).

#3 & #4 - Speaking of A list celebrity couples. Well, not really, because only the woman is. The guy is a hanger on. Anyway, earlier this week they visited her lawyer to talk about a pre-nup. Apparently the yelling got so loud, there was a crowd around the conference room where the meeting was being held. This went on for an hour. Now I wonder whether the wedding will even take place.

Random Photos Part Three

Mark Harmon gets the top spot today. If you think about how steadily he has worked for the past 30 years and how classy he is, he deserves the top spot.
Michael Weatherly agrees by flashing the NCIS gang sign.
Alexa Chung does a Katie Holmes squat next to Jessica Szohr.
It's Ashlee's day for the photo op with the kid.
Busy Phillips is a seat hoarder.
Brittany Snow tries to stay modest.
Don't you think that all Thor press ops should involve Chris Hemsworth shirtless?
Michael C Hall wants us all to look away from his drink, or he has spotted someone he wants to be with more than Chloe Sevigny.
Some random Hills people. I would tell you their names, but I don't want to embarrass myself. It is bad enough that
I have them in back to back photos. Do you think Audrina has been in Sears or kmart?

Random Photos Part Two

A room full of photos of nothing but Holly Madison. It is her heaven.
Jon Stewart plays pull my finger with Jimmy Fallon.
Keegan Allen warps himself around Carmen Electra.
Kim Kardashian showing off her backside. Makes sure the photographers get a good look.
That Kate Middleton sure does get around. She and the Travelocity gnome have a thing.

I think Miley Cyrus is wearing some type of pants or shorts, but I can never be sure with her.
Michelle Trachtenberg wins the fake smile of the day award, while
Selma Blair shows off her baby bump.

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

Mario Lopez kissing his daughter. Who thinks he has her on a diet already?
Nicki Minaj shows what can go wrong when you stick your head in a cotton candy machine.
Have you noticed that since awards season ended, there are not more photos of Natalie Portman and her baby daddy?
I hate to admit it, but Paula Abdul looks pretty damn good here next to Adam Lambert.
Speaking of American Idol, here is Kara standing next to Pete Wentz.
Russell Brand looking a little forlorn and sad. Probably saw the reviews for his movie Arthur.
Sienna Miller looks sad. No married guys at the bar she was at.
Yesterday it was The Beckhams who ate the all you can eat meat and last night it was Taylor Swift. Apparently meat is now cool. Well, then I am going to be the coolest m-effer in the world!
Umm, what is Stella holding? Did she go in mommy and daddy's night stand?

Your Turn

Not meant to be dark or depressing, but just an interesting question. Someone yesterday commented in the Manhattan apartment story about how they don't even want a coffin for their funeral because it is so tight. So, it got me to thinking about what you believe happens to you after you die, and how you want your funeral service. I want to be cremated and definitely want people to have a big party and celebration and get absolutely hammered. Oh, and there has to be a buffet. And one last question as a part of this. If someone could predict your date of death, would you want to know? Answer for me is no way.

Amanda Seyfried Has A Pleasing Personality

As much as I hate parking tickets and I have definitely received my share of them, I know that I would never throw one at the person writing it. I just could not do that. Amanda Seyfried apparently does not have that same self censor. After her premiere for Little Red Riding Hood, Amanda got in the passenger seat of the car. She then noticed a parking officer placing a ticket on the windshield. Amanda promptly got out of the car threw the ticket at the officer and said, "thank you but no thank you." Oh wow. Talk about some diva behavior. It is not like she is the one who was going to have to pay it. Learning life lessons on attitude from Ryan Phillippe perhaps? Way to make the people of London love you and want to see your movie.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt In Hesher

This is not how I am used to seeing Joseph Gordon-Levitt but the movie looks really good.

John Edwards Says Suicide Is Better Than Jail

The Enquirer won't give up on printing John Edwards stories. I think the public has pretty much lost their appetite for the stories by now. There has really been nothing new, and unless the sex tapes show John Edwards riding an elephant naked screaming, "I love riding Republicans," I don't think there is much juice left. But, since they have reporters to pay, stories must be dug and in the latest installment of the continuing saga, Edwards allegedly said he would kill himself rather than go to jail. Talk about someone selfish. He would leave behind his two kids who lost their mother and his latest child who will have to grow up solo with Rielle? I mean how much prison time in a luxury federal prison is Edwards looking at? A couple of years? Please. He could do that and it is not like he would be poor when he gets out struggling to find a job. Hire a publicist, confess all to Oprah and go make millions speaking about how he did terrible things. I love the wedding ring pose in this photo. Please.

Michaele Salahi Shows Off Her Ego

Now that the official cancellation of Real Housewives of DC has been confirmed for about the 5th time, Michaele Salahi told Kneepads that it was canceled because she was not going to be a part of the show. Uh huh. How about that even with her in it, the show was a snoozefest. Michaele says that Andy told her after recess that the show would only work with Michaele and since she was not going to be in it that the show would be canceled. This is how I imagine the actual conversation went down. It probably involved begging Andy to have her own show and when he said hell no, she bluffed and said she would not do RHDC. Since the show sucked, Andy said it would be canceled. So, at least we will have the benefit of not having to watch Michaele and hopefully she will fade away quickly.

Wynona & Naomi Sexually Abused Too

Appearing on The View this morning, Naomi & Wynona Judd were asked about Ashley Judd's recent memoir detailing her sexual abuse allegations and Naomi & Wynona said they had both been abused. Naomi says it happened to her when she was a child and as for Wynona,, it sounded like hers happened when she was older because she says she has still not confronted the person who did the abusing. Oh, and she also said that if you want more details about it you have to buy her book. As much as I like people talking about sexual abuse and bringing it out into the open, I always dislike when it appears they are doing so for a profit. Why does it always have to be in a book? Why can't they just talk about it and express themselves without also trying to make a profit from the experience?

Robert Pattinson Wants To Beat Up Paps

Most of the time when celebrities say derogatory comments about the paps, I think it is just snoke blowing out of their ass. Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears may say they hate it, but come on, they both go out hoping the paps will take their pictures, and in the case of Lindsay, it is the only thing that keeps her in the news. Tell me the last time Lindsay acted in anything. Machete? Didn't she film that like two years ago and it was a tiny part. I can tell you this too, that if Lindsay did actually get clean and sober and boring, the paps would go away and that drives her nuts.

Now where was I? Oh yeah Robert Pattinson. In an interview with Elle this month, Robert says he would like to beat the s**t out of the paps, and for once, I actually believe someone. Robert is not a fame addicted guy. I think he would be perfectly happy shooting a few movies a year and being in hiding the rest of the year. It is why I can't hate him. Do I dislike the Twilight movies? Very much so, but I don't dislike him. Plus, he looks good in a suit and did a great job as Cedric.

I think that is why he is probably counting down the days until Twilight is done and gone from his life and unless he blows all of his money I don't think you will ever see him at some Twilight convention in 20 years.

Ted C Blind Item

We're gonna do something completely different today. We've got a whole group of naughties we're gonna blab about, instead of our usual one or two scandalous contenders. Besides, last week's Vice was so depressing, I think we all need something a little a little sillier to gasp about.

Like this extremely popular TV show's bitchy little cast, not to mention the dumbest season finale we've ever heard:

Mulholland Estates is wildly popular, we really don't see why. Granted, the highly rated oddball series has a couple of super-talented celebs, but every time we tune in to watch them, we're usually so horrified by the plotlines they're forced to play out, it's impossible to make it through a full episode.

Could this be why several big names on the show are beyond bitchy over the upcoming shooting schedule for the show's finale, which is being filmed later this month?

"Everyone wants a different day off," says a reliable source on the show, "and they're all being told no, and they're very unhappy about it."

Apparently, this finale is such a grand denouement and so intricately planned, all hands on deck are required during the whole operation—with none of the cushy wrap-around shooting windows that have been permitted for the cast's varying outside projects in the past.

"They're raising hell about it," snapped the Mulholland vet.

Jeez, all we have to say is that the spoiled cast's bitching about totally the wrong thing.

You see, the grand final show that's being planned will be...are you ready?

A floating dinner party.

Whereas each cast member hosts a course for said dinner in his or her home.

This is what's supposed to leave Mullholland Estates' massive audience in cliff-hanger type suspense until the show comes back next season?

Well, maybe if one of the hosts had an orgy to go with her lemon meringue pie, then, maybe, we'd watch.

But trust, that ain't happenin', and, for that, we say this bland drivel is what the performers should be in a near-riot about, not some silly day off here and there.

And It Ain't: Modern Family, The Real Housewives of Orange County, Parks and Recreation

Jersey Shore Stuff

It looks like MTV is doing what E! did for the Kardashians. Basically everyone gets a show. In fact, I fully expect E! within the next year or so to give Bruce Jenner a show on model helicopters and the twins their own show too. Well, MTV has decided that Snooki & Jwoww should have their own show and that Pauly D should have his own show and if they can figure out a way, I am sure MTV would love to give every cast member their own show. So, basically what this means is that anytime you turn on your television you are guaranteed to see either the Kardashians or Jersey Shore 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The good news in all of this end of the world stuff is that the wonderful and amazing people in Italy have really given MTV a hard time about shooting Jersey Shore in their country. Oh sure, the actual permits for shooting outside have been granted, but nightclubs and other businesses are balking at having the stars filming in their country. Love it.

I don't even know why the cast is bothering to go to Italy. Yes, I get the Italian connection and all, but all the show will still be is everyone waking up and then sitting around all day until it is time to go to a club and then coming home and having sex with random strangers.

BuzzFoto Blind Item

This is an quirky sort of blind that we’ve been sitting on for a while, but why not? An A List actor in the 90′s was once told by a specialist hired as a joke by his friends that if he mixed crushed-up butterfinger candy bars with buttermilk and made it into a paste it would take away acne scars and blemishes. He put it on his face every day for a year until his friends finally confessed the joke.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Today's Blind Items

A little something different today. Somewhere within Random Photos is today's blind item. There are a few teasers within them but only one is the real blind item. Who does it involve?

Random Photos Part Three

Top spot goes to Tracy Pollan and Michael J Fox because you never hear anything bad about either of them and it seems like they are always out busting their humps for Parkinsons.
I know I am going to hell, but even after reading the excerpts from Ashley Judd's book, I still don't like her.
Ashton Kutcher takes photos of...
Whenever I see ads for this version of Little Red Riding Hood, it reminds me of porn. Maybe it is the bright red in the ads. I don't know. Anyway, Amanda was in London promoting it with her co-stars
and photo newcomers, Max Irons and Shiloh Fernandez.
Big Audio Dynamite - Nottingham
Bela as a vampire and her wedding dress in the new illustrated Twilight. You know, to keep cashing in.
Photos from the last Beatles tour.

Bai Ling, new hair, new lips, wearing clothes, and her mom.
Courteney Cox back in Los Angeles after vacationing with her guy friend then her soon to be ex. No, Coco is not confused at all.
Alex Rodriguez explains why he is so good to Cameron Diaz. She just loves this guy.
The cast of Ceremony on the top of the Empire State Building.
Victoria Beckham and David Beckham after eating some Brazilian food. Victoria thought it was a Brazilian wax which is why she went.

Random Photos Part Two

Dylan McDermott's look is the male equivalent to that squinty eyed thing Jennifer Lopez always does.
Long time no see Eric Bana who was promoting his latest movie with
Keri Russell. Wait, she might have just been there. You know, for a good time.
Just in case you did not this is Gary Cole, he provides clues.
Gloria Estefan and a bunch of women who want to look like Katy Perry or Oompa Loompas.
What the world needs is a Weekend At Bernies 3. What is the deal with Jonathan Silverman and Andrew McCarthy both looking so damn young? That is Jennifer Finnigan with him.
I get the feeling that Jennifer Garner would actually love to play beer pong with you.
Actual exercise or photo op? I go with photo op.
Lindsay Lohan and the worst looking hair extensions this side of Britney Spears.


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