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No blind items today. Sorry, but it is a lot of work to get ready for tomorrow. Looking at the initial numbers it looks like tomorrow will be the most reveals ever. Also tomorrow I will recap in one post all of the most recent reader photos. In addition, there will be some other surprises which I think you will find fun. Oh, and maybe a return of Verne one last time for 2008. The fun should start around 9am Pacific Time. New posts every fifteen minutes until they are all gone. At this point it looks as if the posts will run for a good 8 hours so there should be plenty for you to look at. Be safe tonight. I want all of you here in one piece tomorrow.

Random Photos Part One - With Lots Of Reader Photos

Gipsy Kings - Los Angeles

Never really see photos of Amy Adams when she is not on a red carpet so thought this would make a nice change.
Ashlee Simpson has transformed into someone completely unrecognizable. She probably enjoys that.
David Beckham training in Dubai.
Julie Benz doing some great charity work last night at an event she hosted for groups doing work in Burma/Myanmar.
Mystery Jets - Lorne, Australia
Reader Photo #1 -
Reader Photo #2
Reader Photo #3
Reader Photo #4
Reader Photo #5
Reader Photo #6
Reader Photo #7
I can't believe how big Samuel L Jackson is smiling. If someone tried to pass off an empty liquor bottle as an award to me, I would be pissed. Not at the idea, but the fact it should have been full.
For Sylvester Stallone, he really does not look that bad.
"Dad. Wait."
"Yeah, yeah, I will get you the money for some new pants if Valkyrie starts to make some money. Meanwhile, Suri needs a Chanel baby blanket."
The Dodos - Lorne, Australia

What Do You Think?

So imagine you are on an airplane flight with Jamie Lynn Spears. I know. Not exactly your holiday fantasy is it? Well imagine it anyway. Oh, and you are a woman who kind of looks like her or a man who doesn't mind putting on a wig and sunglasses. OK, got it?

Well according to Adessa Eskridge she was on a flight with Jamie Lynn Spears last September 11th. When she landed, she says in a complaint filed against the City of Los Angeles that cops surrounded her and told her she needed to help them. Apparently that is all they said and they led her though the airport acting as a decoy for Jamie Lynn who was making a break for it and headed off to the cement pond.

Adessa is now threatening to file suit against the City for false arrest and negligent infliction of emotional distress. Uh huh. I think why she is pissed is that she was not able to catapult her five seconds of fame into a reality show or Playboy or some other act she felt she was entitled to as a five second celebrity. I really find it hard to believe that a gaggle of cops did not explain what they were doing and why. I also find it hard to believe just as a matter of course that Jamie Lynn Spears needs that kind of ruse performed. She was on a middling tweener show and got pregnant at 16. Does she really deserve all those extra precautions?

So, what do you think? Do you think this woman was told the truth or is she just looking for a quick buck. TMZ has the entire story with quotes from the lawyer for you to make an informed decision.

Daily Mirror Blind Item

Which celebrity is so hygiene-conscious he insists female prey shower before jumping into the sack with him...?

Quick Hits

Charles Not In Charge - Charles Barkley was arrested last night in Arizona on suspicion of drunken driving. As is the custom in Arizona he was given a ticket and sent home in a cab. Don't you think part of the learning process is to actually be taken to a police station, and thrown in a cell for a little while? Otherwise it just feels too much like nothing. According to TMZ, the former NBA star and now big eater, was pulled over after he ran a stop sign. He was probably running it because he had been out partying with Jaleel White. Yep. Urkel. Probably wanted to rush home and relive the experience while watching Family Matters reruns.

Brothers - Apparently Dane Cook's brother was not happy with his 10% that he was getting from Dane and so he decided to allegedly forge a $3M check and deposit it into his own account. Of course you are going o get caught when you only have $1.89 in your account and do that. Plus the fact that he put a smiley face after his signature was a big give away to cops. Why? Because that would almost be considered funny and as we all know, Dane Cook is not funny.

Puerto Rico bound - Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are headed to Puerto Rico for the rest of the holiday season. There they can fight in peace and not have to read tabloids. Some tabloids would have you believe they will be going there to hammer out their divorce agreement. Whatever. He will find someone 18 and she will find another guy willing to shell out big bucks on her. Hello Sean Combs. Is that a wad of cash or are you just happy to see me?

It's A Rental

Matt Dillon was arrested last night in Vermont. He was arrested for speeding. I guess I should say allegedly speeding. I mean they gave him a citation, but by signing it, he is not pleading guilty. I mean it could have been that he was filming something for a movie, or had bees in his car or was trying o get up to a certain speed so he could go back in time and find his career. It must be really strange for him to find himself looking up at his brother now as the most popular in the family.

Of course, I think the most logical explanation for why Matt Dillon was clocked at 106mph in a 65 zone and then hauled off to jail to get photographed and fingerprinted was that he was driving a rental. Everyone knows you don't care about a rental. Never smoked in a car before? Do it in a rental. Don't eat food in your car? You will in a rental. Hell, you don't even mind spilling your drink or half your Whopper down the front of the passenger seat. Can't fit in that tight spot in the parking lot? In a rental you will give it a shot. Never been to a crack house? You will in a rental. A rental car gives you a freedom you have never had before when it comes to a car because you honestly don't give a crap about it because you would have never bought it for yourself and you can't get the damn radio to work and so you are pissed.

I think Matt Dillon was just pissed he was driving a Chevy and decided to see if he could burn the engine or he just didn't want anyone to see him. Unfortunately some Vermont policemen did. But, hey no drinking or drugs. I'm happy about that.

Mischa Barton Will Lie Right To Your Face

You should know by now that I am a sucker for all things Mischa Barton. If there is any kind of story or photo I can post about her, of her, or where I can reference her, I will do so. Therefore, it goes without saying that I read her blog. I mean, it is where she probably delivers to the world her insights and thought and shares all of her knowledge with the world to her fans. Uh huh. It is also makes me laugh so hard I sometimes can't see the screen because I am crying so hard.

In her latest entry, Mischa takes us all with her on her journey to India where some financier has decided she is actually worth paying as an actress. I know, I know. But he thought Mischa could introduce him to Rachel Bilson so he thought it was worth it. Let's take a look at the very first paragraph of what Mischa filed in this post shall we? (Now close your eyes and imagine Eddie Murphy in Mr. Robinson's neighborhood inviting you in with his hand)

So guys India has been amazing. A little frenetic, as they do things a little different here! So it's been tough with the long shoot days to check in much! But the people are amazing, so eager to please and I've learned so much from them.

OK, well as you can probably guess, when I first read this part I thought I was going to write about how Mischa is lazy and complaining when she is lucky to even have a damn job. You do realize that even on the longest day imaginable, she probably only actually works an hour of those days right? OK, and she is telling her fans that because of these incredibly long work days she can't write. She makes it seem as if she would love nothing more than to write to her fans, but damn this Bollywood they won't even give her five minutes to catch her breath. But you see, that is not the whole truth and nothing but the truth, because Mischa spends all of the rest of the post explaining what things are more important than her fans.

1. Visiting as many temples as possible. She has seen plenty.
2. Eating and drinking - ok. I will give her a break there.
3. Playing the sitar and trying to have a lesson each day.
4. Coming up with as many references as she can in one post to remind people she is British and not American. I don't think the UK is actually raising their hand and saying "yes please" to having her. I think they would prefer she stays in the US.
5. Goa for her vacation.
6. Para sailing
7. Jet skiing
8. Swimming in the ocean for ages everyday.

With all of that I'm just wondering when she even has time to film, let alone post for her readers. As always, the comments on the fan sites are truly what makes it gold.

Oh, and as a bonus, check out the photos of her Christmas from this year. They include two solely consisting of her dogs. The other photo is from when she is five and posing with her younger sister. Yeah, the sister that kept having to go to rehab thanks to you know who.

DNfromMN - Movie Review - Revolutionary Road And Many More

The Story: When they met in their early twenties, Frank and April (Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet) were bright, naïve, and full of dreams. Pregnancy happens, so they move to the suburbs; to Revolutionary Road. Kathy Bates sells them the perfect house, in the perfect neighborhood, with the perfect neighbors. After several years of feeling stifled, Frank and April plan an escape from the “hopeless endlessness”. This is not a happy movie.

Sam Mendes directed Kevin Spacey to an Academy Award for playing the role his real life wife Kate Winslet plays in this movie. She deserves it. She remains the most reliable excellent actress in every movie (even in fluff like The Holiday).

DiCaprio, on the other hand, did not do so well. It was a very stagey performance. Something that would work well projecting to the back of the theater but does not work in a two-shot. His frustration and anger come across like a childish temper tantrum, not as an adult.

To me, the second hour succeeds so much more than the first. All the tension comes to head, people face their issues, and makes the movie tolerable. However, it feels like the pitch line for this was: From the director of American Beauty, with the stars of Titanic: I give you – American Beauty 2: The Prequel (if Lester Burnham was a 1950s housewife).

What it’s worth: $5.00. Revolutionary Road showcases Kate Winslet’s great acting, and some very memorable supporting actors and actresses, but the second half really doesn’t pay off enough to sit through the first half in its entirety. Read the book, or wait for rental.

Australia: The first 2 hours are great. The last hour is a separate unnecessary movie (except for the last 5 minutes). The child actor who plays Nullah is so charismatic, watch the tourism ads with him in them that Baz Luhrmann directed. They’re worth your time. And yum, Hugh Jackman. $8.50, but leave early.

Doubt: See it. Amy Adams needs to stop playing naïve innocents though if she doesn’t want to stay typecast (she’s good, but it’s essentially her character from Enchanted as a 1960s nun). Meryl Streep and Phillip Seymour Hoffman in an acting battle to the death over suspected priest abuse of a minor. $15.

Rachel Getting Married: Anne Hathaway goes dark, playing a recently rehabbed sister-of-the bride. Emotionally this is a bit of a roller-coaster, but any even mildly dysfunctional family will have been witness to one of these scenes in real life. I didn’t understand the multi-cultural-uber-hipster wedding at all, but that’s the only thing I don’t recommend about this. Note: lots of shaky camera, take your Dramamine. $10

Benjamin Button: My pick for movie of the year. I love a good epic, and this did it. Seriously. See it. Just know you’ll be sitting there for 2.5 hours, fully engrossed. I blinked like four times, I was glad when I cried because my eyes were getting dry from staring at how beautiful and amazing this was. $25 – take a friend, buy popcorn, but only a small soda so you don’t have to leave to pee; then see it again.

Seven Pounds: It’s not bad, it’s just about an unlikeable guy. It is a mistake to have the first scene be your movie star verbally abusing a very kind blind man over the phone. It gets better, but more predictable after that. $5 – wait for rental.

The Spirit: Gabriel Macht is hot ,and the first scene of him walking around in his boxer shorts is quite uplifting (to my crotch). The rest of the movie would have made a good Sci-Fi channel TV pilot. It has that rushed, unfinished, not-quite-sure-what-we’re-doing quality that most TV pilots have, and it could have been a great campy TV series like Dark Angel. $2 – wait for cable, don’t spend any money on this.

Slumdog Millionaire: See it. The story of a man who grew up with nothing and only a self-made education goes on India’s Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. The story of his life and how it plays into how he answers questions is so worth seeing. (Note: I have loved all movies directed by Danny Boyle except for The Beach). $15 – buy popcorn, but eat it before the first flashback, you’ll thank me for that later.

Thailand Is The New Rehab?

While reading the humorous account in the NY Daily News about Jeremy Piven and how he picks up women, I was reminded of a blind item I wrote about him which I can't seem to find anymore. OK, I could find it, but I'm lazy, but it was basically about a guy who texts multiple women to meet him at a restaurant and if they show up, then he chooses which one he is going to have sex with. It's nice to know that he is still up to his old tricks. If you can find it in the list, consider it an early reveal because I don't think I have revealed it before.

But what really interested me in the article was the fact that somehow I must have missed Bangkok becoming the world's leading authority on mercury poisoning. Yeah, I know. All of the specialists in the world go there. The best doctors in the mercury research field are there. Out of all the doctors in the world, we are expected to believe that Jeremy was sent to Bangkok on the advice of his doctor to get treatment for his mercury. Uh huh. And did you know that due to the wonders of science and medicine that he will be fully treated by January 10th and the Golden Globes. Oh yeah, those Thai doctors will have him cured by then.

This is by far the biggest bunch of crap on the planet and no one seems to care. Everyone just nods their head and prints the crap. I have nothing against Thai doctors or Thailand, and it is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. They do cheap plastic surgery with great doctors. However, as far as I know they do not have a monopoly on the world's best mercury poisoning doctors.

Have you noticed this latest strategy by celebrities? First it was Taylor Momsen and now Jeremy Piven. They throw a doctor out there who makes some kind of pronouncement and then all the reporters say to themselves, "well a doctor said it so it must be true." How does that make it true? A doctor's oath is to his or her patients, not to the media. Last I checked a doctor's oath does not have a section about how to deal with The Enquirer.

I think it is a great idea someone came up with because it just quiets all questions and speculation. Not with me.

NY Daily News Blind Item

Which quiet TV starlet proclaims to the world that she's a teensy-weensy size when, in fact, she's actually an average-sized 6?

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Today's Blind Items - Old Hollywood Blind Item

This one is out there for you to discover. I just thought you might have fun trying to dig this one up because it does have a holiday connection and it has some pseudo incest which I know is always intriguing.

What we have here is an actress who was definitely considered A list at the height of her fame. Academy Award nominated and in one of the most popular films of all time. Has a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. Married to a director who, although, not as big as his actress wife, still happened to direct one of the most famous films of all time. Our director had been previously married and had children from that marriage. One of those children was a son. Well things happen as they say and the step mom actress and her step son just could not control what happened and eventually wound up in bed together. One day, the dad/husband/director came home to find his son and his wife having, umm relations. Well it turns out that the wife during the course of this marriage had children both from her director husband and also from her stepson.

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos Sure To Make Someone Jealous

And then Tiffany came and knocked it to the floor.

Eva Longoria in Glamour. OK, I will admit she looks pretty good here. They have some good airbrushing people over in their art department.
Ahh yes. Cash needs that cell phone just in case, well, umm, he wants to know what time it is.
There was not a lot to choose from today so you are going to have to make do with Kristin Cavallari who looks upset at the intrusion. Please. A few years from now she will be begging anyone to take her photo.
Apparently Kristy Hinze has discovered that you can indeed make money just by ringing bells in Australia.
Oh please, oh please to everything that is holy, let Katie Holmes say these jeans belong to Tom Cruise.
I swear I thought this photo of Kate Hudson was actually a guy at first.
Oh please, oh please to everything that is holy, let the UPS driver not see Kim Kardashian standing there. OK, that would be wrong. It is the holiday season after all. Notice the guy way in the background running to get a photo. Relax pal. No need to run. Kim is not going anywhere as long as there are cameras around and a chance to get free stuff from Burberry.
You know what? No snark for Keanu Reeves today. He went to the play of one of his friends and that was pretty decent of him.
Yes, Nicole Richie needs that cell phone at all times because you never know when her career may call. Seriously, it is ok to let your voice mail pick up a call. It was invented for just that purpose.
I preferred the shot of Carmen Electra in the rain in Scary Movie over this one of Owen Wilson. But hey, to each his own.
And what exactly is Prince Harry licking off his fingers?
Reader Photo #1
And yes, that is Viggo with Reader #2
Obviously during his retirement from acting, grooming has not been on the top of Joaquin Phoenix's to do list.
The Drones - Lorne, Australia
TZU - Lorne, Australia
Congratulations to Woody who finally got married.

Quick Hits

Tara Reid Is Paying For Rehab - Want to know when a tabloid is going to get sued? When the post a story about Tara Reid getting rehab for free and not having to follow the rules of a facility. When the story is blasted by the rehab facility as in this case, Promises and the story is pulled from the website, in this case Star in about two minutes. Star had claimed that Tara Reid was taking advantage of a free offer from Promises for any celebrity to come do some rehab at their place in order to get some free advertising. Star also alleged that Tara was allowed to bring in to the facility whatever she wanted, i.e drugs and that Promises didn't care. Yeah. Call those lawyers.

Beyonce - I know, I know but it is quick. Apparently Beyonce doesn't like going to parties because people stare at her. She wishes they would stop looking at her and that she feels like she is in a cage whenever she goes out. Uh huh. If it's a cage it's gilded with 24k gold and the people doing the staring are the ones who paid for that 24k cage so shut your mouth and if you don't like it then stop performing or just do everything for free. Wouldn't like that huh? What was she signing up for? She wanted to make money. To do that people have to buy your product. You want them to pay and then not look at you? Get a damn life. Be grateful.

Mickey Says His Mind - Some guy decided to share a text message that Mickey Rourke had sent him which I kind of find surprising because I am not 100% sure Mickey even texts at all. Anyway the text message basically says that Sean Penn is an average actor at best and that he is the biggest homophobe he knows so he did ok in Milk. Oh, and Sean is a friend of his. I'm just not buying this story. Mickey is self-destructive, but I just don't see him doing this one.

Just Collecting Luggage - This is the time of the year I always feel sorry for my Australian readers. No, not because you have to celebrate Christmas at the beach and use a BBQ to cook dinner because it's so warm, but because this is the time of the year when someone is actually dumb enough in Australia to pay Paris Hilton a huge sum of money to show up at some event and utter words of two syllables. When Paris landed in Sydney she thought hundreds of fans were there to meet her. Turns out it was a bunch of senior citizens who were waiting for their luggage to come off an airplane.

Daily Mirror Blind Item

Which chart-topping star is hiding a Santa secret from his model girlfriend? He's already put her presents to him up for sale on eBay.

Greenlight That Quicksilver Sequel

If you think Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgewick worked a lot in the past, I don't think you have seen anything yet. Reports are swirling that Kevin and Kyra lost all of their money in the Bernard Madoff ponzi scheme. Apparently Kyra and Kevin lost everything except for their checking accounts and the land they own. Their publicist refused to confirm or deny this to The Huffington Post but if true would certainly crush them. Not crush them as if they were people who couldn't go out and work and make a few million each year for the next few years, but still, crush them in the sense they probably had to drink themselves to sleep for a few nights until they realized they can make more money in a few months than most people make in their whole lives.

See, it is their story that is going to make headlines because they are the celebrities, but lets face it. They can and will make a ton of money still in their lifetime. Sure, they might have to cut back on private jets for a few months until the paychecks start rolling back in, but the sad fact is they are not going to really struggle. It makes for great headlines but chooses to ignore all the people in the world who don't have the luxury of being able to get $1M for six weeks work.

It does show that even when you are decent couple as Kyra and Kevin are, that even they can fall victim to certain acts and hopefully their situation will throw some light on people who are not as fortunate as they are and are just hoping everyday they get that minimum wage job at the mall to try and support their family.

When Naked Cell Phone Photos Go Bad

What started out as a girlfriend taking some nude cell phone photos and steaming up some sex by letting a boyfriend take some more photos of the act has turned ugly. Who would have thunk it? I know, I know because everyone knows these stories always have a happy ending. Way down at the far end of celebrity are some women who play in the lingerie football league. No, I swear it's a real league in different cities and everything. Apparently the starting linebacker for the Tampa team (yes, I said linebacker) was dating a guy who had started a dating site which prided itself on being a safe dating site. I know, the story keeps getting better. He is 45 and she was 24. I think he probably took the photos just to show everyone he was actually dating someone young enough to be his daughter.

Actually Melissa Berry was the one who took the photos of herself but on the guy's phone. He then later took photos of her performing "a particularly private, intimate sexual act." I'm guessing that it was not something Archie ever got from Edith but I could be wrong on that.

At some point, the guy decided to show a couple of his friends the pictures. Melissa found out about it. I'm guessing when one of the friends called her and asked how come he didn't have any photos as well. Melissa got ticked off, took her boyfriend's phone and smashed it into the ground. Thinking that everything was done she felt happy. But, of course her boyfriend had already downloaded them to his computer.

He then asked her for $500 to replace his phone or threatened to release the photos. Melissa declined to pay so the guy e-mailed all of the photos to Melissa's mom. Yeah, so much for posting them online.So, Melissa is suing the guy now. In response, this is what the guy had to say, and become the nominee for ass of the year.

“I could have had her arrested and I didn’t. All I wanted was this phone back. I am a decent guy … It’s girls like this I fight against in the work that I do.”

Umm yeah. He's decent. Anyone want to go out with him?

Well They Are Just "Everyday People"

In what will probably be the only post I ever write about the new Hills spinoff show The City, I found it humorous that "everyday people" seem to resent the "star" that is Whitney Port. According to the NY Post, the people who toil and sweat each day in the offices of Diane von Furstenberg are not actually allowed to do any work. The reason? Well, Whitney is supposed to be working at Diane's office but barely shows up and when she does show up she flubs her lines on a fairly regular basis. Who knew there were lines on a reality show? Wow. The next thing you will tell me is that Rock Of Love is fixed.

Because MTV has so many reshoots they need to do each day they have instructed the people at Diane's office to not change anything on their desks. As a result, no work is actually getting done at the office because nothing can shift positions until a scene has actually been shot. Hey, here's a thought. Why not actually show a reality show that is reality and have people wander up to Whitney and ask her who the hell she is, how she got a job at Diane's at the first place and wtf they should care she is ruining their life. Then we could have them crank call her, send her porn filled e-mails and wait for the inevitable tears as they send her back to LA where she came from.

Too harsh? I just think that reality television was at its best when it actually was reality. Sure there was lots of editing involved but at least what the cameras picked up was actual reality and not some scripted show. At this point, if what the NY Post says is true, at the very least MTV should be paying all of the people in the office as extras and buying them lunch everyday. If not, I would just say f**k it if I were an employee there and do everything I could to make the filming even more laborious and I guarantee you if everyone joined in, MTV would decide that Whitney really didn't need to be at the office "working" very much at all.


I feel like I fell asleep and woke up after a three week nap or something. That would be a first for me. I have managed to pass out for an entire three day weekend before on a combination of NyQuil( which is the greatest invention known to man) and a bottle of tequila. That is one President's Day weekend I will never get back. I wake up this morning and saw that apparently Britney Spears flew to Jodphur for a three day fling with a Bollywood dance instructor who she fell in love with when he directed her Womanizer video.

Wow. I really need to pay attention more. Apparently they have been dating for three weeks which is how long anyone should date before flying around the world to see their prospective partner. According to the Daily Mirror the pair exchanged homemade Christmas presents. Yeah, when I think of homemade, I think of some crudely drawn stick figure with a huge cartoon balloon saying, "Mery Chrismass."

Apparently though the couple found this charming as they hand fed each other Indian food. In my head I just keep hearing Britney saying, "When do we eat the grits?" I know, I know. The southern stereotype. I'm wrong and I should be punished. I promise, I will watch Mother May I Sleep With Danger later today.

Has anyone seen any photos from this intimate dinner the two spent together? I can't believe no one has tried to make a buck off this thing yet. The Mirror has quotes from sources about the dinner, not that having quotes makes the story actually real, but they were fairly inventive so I'm assuming some kind of dinner actually occurred. I mean the whispering and giggling could have been Britney trying to explain how the credit crisis destroyed the economy of Iceland and it's chain reaction effect on the citizens of Europe and Asia.

Forget The Cigars - OxyContin For Everyone

Joe Simpson must be screaming in his sleep right now. No, it's not because he looked in a mirror, it's because Bristol Palin and her brand new baby are the subject of a bidding war unlike anything see in the tabloids since, well, in a while. While Pete and Ashlee had a few nibbles at $50,000 for the first photos of Manhattan Jungle Book, the starting price for photos of Bristol's new baby started at $100,000 with any additional bids also in 100K increments. The winner was of course People who loves to spend money to show babies. They spent $300,000 for the privilege of showing photos of the baby and presumably will get a permanent discount on OxyContin from Bristol's future mother-in-law. Or as she likes to call it, "coffee."

In the case of celebrities, sometimes there is the question of whether the money will go to charity or not. In the case here, I think the question is whether it might be scooped up by a respective parent either for their legal defense or to pay their Saks bill.

NY Daily News Blind Item

Which TV actress has a new boyfriend with a temper? Her hipster beau is known for smacking around girls if they don’t put out. Luckily for him, she does.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Today's Blind Items

Before we get started today, I need to make a correction. Even in the blind items I strive to be 100% accurate. I know I don't have to, because you would never really know, but it is important to me. On Friday's blind item I accused someone of having an affair. It was based on a tip from a photo the source had seen. I went with the item without seeing the photo. I saw the photo this weekend and it was not the woman that had been originally claimed to be. Instead it is, as far as I know a single woman who is just an "everyday person." Therefore it is just a new relationship and not a scandal tainted relationship. I apologize.

Now for today's item.

This former hugely popular B list television star and now really in absolutely nothing happens to be married with child/ren. She has been in this space before. She has never had what one would describe as a quiet sex life despite what her image was when she was younger. Well at this point it is getting out of hand. Seems that she and her husband have always done swinging in a very exclusive club where anonymity is guaranteed. But now, she is branching out and with that branching she is losing some of her anonymity. In fact she is seriously looking for work because of a situation she got herself into about six months ago that involved several men at once. One of them threatened to expose it all and she has had to pay hush money since. She would turn the guy into the cops for extortion but feels the aftermath would be more than any attempt at a comeback could take. Meanwhile she needs to make money to keep paying out all the hush money.

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

I had to put them on top. Seriously. I didn't think anything could be more ridiculous than the matching red outfits, but I was wrong. I actually think Mariah Carey or Nick Cannon went and bought the dog because it is white also. For a second I thought the dog was stuffed.

Augie March - Lorne, Australia
British India - Lorne, Australia
Gone is the smiling Baz Luhrman from the pre-opening days of Australia. Now is the look of a man who directed a bomb.
Why the hell not right?
Heather Graham celebrates the world of cross-stitching
Hugh Jackman is obviously standing because he is enjoying the Knicks game.
Or it could be because of the cheerleaders.
Especially that one.
Even required a little adjustment.
Actually it is one of my favorite Jessica Alba photos.
Lindsay Lohan looking at bikinis because obviously she needs a vacation with all the hard work she has done lately.
Wow. Madonna is not looking so good.
Paul Young on the other hand looks fabulous.
As does Robert Davi who is one of my favorites.
Reader Photo #1
And Reader Photo #2
Happy Birthday to The Veronicas


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