Friday, April 20, 2007

Four For Friday

1. This C list television actress on a hit network show tells one of her boyfriends she still lives at home which is why she can't spend the night. She does live at home, BUT actually she is staying over each night at her male co-star's house instead. At least when his wife isn't home.

2. This former A list television star from the early 90's hasn't done much lately but still seems to have all his cash. Is he a spendthrift or does he make his money selling drugs when he visits friends at studios all over town?

3. This celebutante/barely a celebrity just moved to LA and has already put the word out that she wants to do a reality show with her boyfriend. Ummm. You might want to tell him first because he doesn't want anything to do with reality television.

4. This A list aging movie actor keeps buying the lots next to his home as they become available. So far the total is four. He doesn't need the room, but his goal is to have the largest house in LA to show he is still the King.

ZX Reads Some Scripts While Her Dog Eats The House

**First, a clue. ZX wears a size 8 shoe. With all the discussion about shoe size, I just had to ask her. Also, when her identity is revealed she is inviting all the people who live in LA and elsewhere to come stand at the f**king pool and see what direction it faces. Finally, next week ZX is going to document a whole day of her life with photos. To make it even more special, I will be tagging along and we will have the post next Friday at this time. Don't worry. If she gives me up, I'll post directions to her house.**

Spent the day reading scripts- the first is from a director I've previously worked with- he kept telling me that the script was too light for me, what am I, Gothic? It's a very cute romantic comedy and it turns out that he met a financier whose absolute favorite movie of all time is the one that we did together years ago. So tomorrow I'm going to dinner with the two of them to attempt to make this happen. The second was a hideous movie about vampire chicks for Jesus. If that had been the title, I would have understood the tongue in cheek vibe but it was totally absurd and I can comprehend neither how this kind of drivel gets made, nor how it gets to my doorstep. On the other hand, I find crappy scripts to be totally inspiring because as a fledgling screenwriter, it makes me think that I am the next William Goldman.

So while I was revisiting my material, my dog was on the warpath and ate my camera charger, my shoe, and my purse, which is particularly annoying because I thought she was anorexic and she just sits there looking stupid with her tongue hanging out of her mouth when I try to discipline her.

Rose McGowan in Venice Magazine

More Links And ZX Later Today

It's always fun when a lawsuit pertaining to a movie gets some traction. It's at that point you can see all the accounting methods studios use in detail. Here is a breakdown of Sahara.

Spider-Man the Musical. At least we know Kirsten Dunst will always get some kind of work. It might be on the cruise ship version of the musical, but it will still be work. Oh, don't take that the wrong way. I don't think she'll actually be good enough to be in the musical. I just think she'll be able to find work signing souvenirs at the shows.

Ummm. Victoria Beckham just spent $4000 on bras and panties. What exactly does she do with the bras? Does she figure she needs to buy the pair even if she is only going to use the bottoms? Is it realistic to assume that a woman who never wears a bra actually wears panties? Did she buy these just because it's the one thing she has never bought before?

Ted C Blind Item

Thelma Turnip is looking rather like, well, a turnip these days.
Hardly the secret, really, as T2's puss-ravaging lifestyle has left her cover-ready looks a little worse for the wear these past few years. Not even my Aunt Martha in Texas is surprised to see T.T. looking like a slightly younger version of Barbara Bush at myriad H-town events.

But Thelma-doll's looks ain't exactly the point of this item—it's her career, which everyone from the fruit sprayer at Gelson's to CAA honchos is debating whether or not is salvageable. My guess? No way.

Why? Because the top spinmeisters in town (ya know, the crowd that's known for darling little campaigns such as convincing the American public that Eddie Murphy is a "Good Samaritan" because he gave a peeyem ride to a transvestite) are turning down T.T. right 'n' leery left. Jeez, that says somethin', I'm tellin' ya.

"She's not ready," one of T-town's premier Machiavellian types told me after she had been asked to raise Ms. Turnip's chances for a professional resurgence. When pressed, the wizard at reinventing fallen entertainment idols told me Ms. Turnip is still—you guessed it—not exactly cleaned up, as everyone currently thinks.

Hey, I used to be addicted to that crap, I know how tough it is—good luck, Thelma! We're prayin' for ya, you gonzo g-friend!

The New Speedy Collection

I can't decide if Mario Lopez wants us to see his Speedy Gonzales shirt or the socks he stuffed down his pants.
Mena Suvari finally manages a smile. Judging by the way she looks, I'm guessing she needs the free clothes. Even the guy behind her is saying, "Damn. That's the girl from American Beauty? Give me some Spacey instead. Hell, I'll even take Thora Birch and her dad."

Due to brain damage and damage to every other part of his body, Steve-O had to tattoo his two favorite cuss words to his fingers. He could also be using them as some type of code for what hand he uses for what function. Just a guess.

Go ahead and cop a feel Speedy. Kristin Cavallari isn't going to smack a mouse.

Tom And Katie At That NYC Detox Thing-a-ma-jib

Maybe Tom wanted to try out the place, but actually looks like he could use some detox. Lately it looks like he's trying to resurrect his Risky Business persona and make believe he is as young as his wife. I love where he has his left hand. Reminds me of another vertically challenged man who wanted to conquer the world.
Tom is getting better at this. This is the only picture I could find where you can see that Katie is in fact 7'4" or Tom could be 4'11". Take your pick.

Michael Pena's girlfriend looks like she beats the hell out of him everyday.

Katie with about 8 inch heels to compensate for the duck walking she is forced to do. I wonder if she has to practice at home or can just save it for game days.

Milla Jovovich in Italian GQ

Whoops. How did that photo from last week get in there?

Pete Doherty Stays Out of Jail And Dumps Water on Pap

So, as you know the role model for drug users throughout the world stayed out of jail yesterday and was even praised by a London judge. I don't know if the judges over there are all former tricks of Pete, or if Kate is throwing out some freebies but there is something going on. Pete of course decided to celebrate by strumming his guitar for the press. Does he take it everywhere? Is it some type of blankie for him or does it just have his drugs in it? Does he strum his guitar while he is sitting on the toilet? It's everywhere.

Anyway, when Pete got home and was waiting for the Missus to come home with her paycheck, he got angry at a pap and decided to throw some water on him. Hopefully it didn't damage the camera because Pete will have to ask Kate for the money. Pete's about out of money.

Morning Links

The world of herpes expands one victim at a time as Paris Hilton sets her sights on James Blunt.
First Lady is living in a hotel because George is drinking again.

Interview with Amanda Peet.

Virgie has a child with her step-brother. I really can't type anymore. I didn't even want to read the article. In case it was too subtle before, Virgie got knocked up by her step-brother. Now, I'm sure she isn't the first or even the hundredth person to get knocked up by their step-brother, but I do know that Dannilynn shouldn't have to be next in that category.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Today's Blind Items

A couple of things before the blind item. Yesterday's comments in the ZX post are incredible. I love the discussion about the time of day the photos were taken and the various landmarks and where they would be in relation to the photo. I will say that some of you take the fiction disclaimer a bit too literally. Whenever I start off a post with "Hi. I'm ________." it's fiction or at least I hope that it's fiction. In addition things like the MV post where I change the dates makes it fiction to an extent. That is really all you should read into that portion of the disclaimer. As far as the photo shoot ZX went to. I have no idea what it was for and she didn't offer an explanation. Someone commented that the photos gave away her identity. I know her identity and I can't find it when I look. I wouldn't put it past her but I can't figure it out either. The only way I can figure it out would be if the person who said that also knows ZX and knows about the photo shoot. ZX has lots of friends and we are not the only ones to hear these things.

So, do you remember the blind item of the year post?

November 29, 2006

DEVELOPING -- BLIND ITEM OF THE YEAR -- I keep trying to type this and I just cannot believe what the caller said. They definitely would know, but it is still unbelievable. When this female celebrity (#1) is arguing with another female celebrity or two it has always been assumed that the argument pertained to boyfriends or some trivial matter. As one of the female celebrities (#2) continues to go through personal problems, she is reaching out to friends with the story that she is involved in an on again and off again relationship with the other female celebrity (#1) and that what started out as a laugh became love for celeb #2 while celeb #1 preys on those emotions and treats #2 as a plaything when she needs someone which is causing #2 to spiral out of control. -- STAY TUNED --

***Well it turns out that one of the people (#2) in this scenario has found a new love and it's a woman. It doesn't exactly reveal the blind item, but it sure goes a very long way to helping you figure it out.***

Video Dating Highlights From College Humor

If the video doesn't show up just click here.


So, I had a great AP story ready to go, but I have never been more happy to not post something. So, AP has been missing from the blog but not from my life. She still uses my car but we have come to an understanding and so she always buys the gas and tries to avoid the midnight borrowing. We are only friends and will always be friends. She has a very distinct life from mine. She is like a sister. A very good looking sister, but still a sister. Last night she listened to me jabber for an hour about something that had me utterly crushed and she acted like there was nothing more important. She offered to take me out last night anywhere I wanted to go but I didn't want to go. She even offered to pay which almost stopped my heart. She NEVER pays. She makes twenty times what I make at least and the only thing she ever pays for is gas, and that was only done kicking and screaming. I've decided she likes using my car because if she bought or leased one it would mean that she had to make a commitment, and that's not going to happen.

More Links-And A Very Frightening Photo

Kelly Clarkson looks about hundred times better than this.

Lindsay Lohan accused of flooding ex-boyfriend's apartment. Honestly, I don't care if the story is true or not, I just think it's actually really cool. The burning of the clothes and shredding them into little pieces has got stale. This was ingenious. Lindsay, dear, this was impressive.

The Daily Mail seems to be worried about Britney losing her big breasts due to weight loss. Sure, that's an important topic. I will say though that no matter how much weight I lose, I still have huge man boobs.

Heidi Klum is the third celebrity this week to be photographed at Target. When I go to Target, I just find people who don't know where the closest Wal-Mart is. Actually I enjoy Target and right now I'm just enjoying life. I had the crappiest day ever yesterday and even was about to post about it today, but something happened which makes it unnecessary, but also deprives you of a good AP story.

Kelly Clarkson At The ASCAP Pop Music Awards

I think I would be remiss in my duties if I didn't allow everyone to have a chance to comment on this outfit.

Oscar De La Renta Boutique Opening

Did you seriously think anyone else would be at the top of this photo spread? Do you also think I would dare say anything bad about Lauren Graham? If you think either of those things then you haven't been reading this blog for very long. I can say without fear of violence that I like when her hair is down better than when it's up.
The only reason to watch Full House re-runs is Lori Loughlin.

Kristin Davis has looked exactly the same for ten years. Not a bad thing, just an observation.

This was the best picture I could find of Jennifer Garner. When I see this picture, I don't see the pretty dress. What I see is Ben Affleck and Violet home alone and utter chaos. I see Ben chain smoking cigarettes and wondering if he can get away with putting his daughter to bed at 5pm.
I think Cindy Crawford looks great. I'm a little confused why she brought her suitcase.
Let's imagine that her hair was pulled back, what would Brooke Shields look like?
Amber Valletta looks amazing.

"Hi Amanda. Half the people on here think you're AP. Well I talked to AP last night for about an hour so the question is what time did I talk to her?"

I have to admit that I'm not the biggest Angie Harmon fan. I do like her dress the best which means all of you probably hate it. I think it's because it just seems to be the perfect fit for her. She does have some really long legs and it looks like fairly large feet.

NY Daily News Blind Item

Which "American Idol" hottie was observed entering a bathroom stall with four guy friends at an L.A. nightspot Saturday night? Maybe they were having a meeting of the No Girls Allowed club.

Morning Links

Bye Sanjaya. We will miss the way you almost brought the show down. We will also miss you because your presence assured more pictures of your sister in her Hooters outfit would surface.

50 Cent doesn't like metal detectors and also has a huge monthly child support bill.

Bye Joan. It just wasn't the same with you on TV Guide Channel anyway. Face it, no one wants to watch that channel because you are always distracted by the scrolling screen, and then you get caught up in actually watching the screen. Then, when you turn away for a second or respond to Joan's shrieks you miss the channel you were interested in and have to watch the scroll for another 10 minutes before it pops up again. You need to find some work soon Joan because I'm not sure Melissa has ever got a job on her own and she has a child to feed.

Chris Rock wants to know if he's the baby's daddy. I want to know why she waited until the child was 13 to file something. Chris Rock has been famous for awhile now. I don't think it's his unless maybe he told his wife he didn't have any other kids, then was paying the mother on the side. His wife notices some money is missing from the cookie jar and so Chris stops paying the mother. Mother gets pissed and files the action which leads to all the Chris Rock marriage on the rocks rumors. Nice little circle. Glad that's solved. Oh, and if that little scenario is true, the IRS would like to have a chat with both parties.

Lindsay says she's not an addict. I thought she went to AA meetings. You know the first thing everyone does is go around the circle and say, "Hi, I'm Lindsay and I'm an alcoholic." So anyway, I'm confused. Of course I'm confused about lots of things especially when they involve Lindsay.

Fashion Pages From Life and Style

TREND ALERT: Stars are crazy for LEAF ACCENTS
Hillary Duff, Angie Harmon and Nikki Hilton… add a little nature to their style

This Week's Best-Selling: TEES
TEN adorable tees for spring
Plus: Lindsay Lohan

HOT RIGHT NOW: Baggy jeans
Penelope Cruz, Katie Holmes, Gwyneth Paltrow & Jessica Alba
Plus: FOUR new pairs of wide leg jeans …and where to get them.

7 Trends in 7 Days
Jamie-Lynn Sigler in a LEATHER BOMBER JACKET
Sienna Miller’s cute ANKLE-STRAP FLATS
Lindsay Lohan in chic EQUESTRIAN BOOTS
Reese looks charming in her CARDIGAN
Kelly Rowland LAYERS her NECKLACES
LeAnne Rimes is classy in her PENCIL SKIRT
Paris Hilton is ready for spring in BRIGHT GREEN

STYLEWEEK: Sexy Babydoll Dresses
Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jennifer Lopez, Sarah Jessica Parker, Mandy Moore and Petra Nemcova
Plus: FOUR sexy heels make legs look toned

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Today's Blind Items

So this B list television actress who just can't get enough publicity for herself called several companies about sponsoring her event ala Star Jones. As far as I know, each company contacted was happy to contribute something here and there and was really quite nice about the whole thing. That was not enough for our publicity hungry actress though. In addition to the freebies from all the companies she ALSO wanted them to pay her for the privilege of getting the stuff for free and even more money if she allowed their brands to be in the photos of her event. Needless to say, she doesn't have any sponsors now for her event.

ZX--Two Combined Posts, Three Photos

**Originally, ZX wrote the name of the photographer and the make-up artist, but I deleted them because it would make it too easy to guess ZX. If you recognize them, then please send me an e-mail before you post ZX's identity in the comments section much like the woman did from ABC. ZX and I are trying to keep her identity a secret at least through May. I will say that one specific guess made ZX really hysterical. It seems that one person guessed Miss No-Pants. **

If only I had not been crazed and on my way to a photo shoot, I would have been more specific about the fact that Frankie said to a birthday party WITH Ryan Gosling, not Ryan Gosling's birthday party, but it doesn't matter because we confused Parc with Mood and never ended up at the party anyway. I was wondering why Frankie and crew never showed up... Found all this out later when my best friend was telling someone this story and he claimed to be Ryan G's close friend. Anyway, to all you doubters, you should know by now that I have trouble being organized with almost every element of my life. I just thought this particular snafu was so funny I wanted to share it.

Photo shoot was lots of fun although I think the engineering of Mulholland Drive is a conspiracy. Why did they make it so difficult to simply stay on the same street. One minute you're merrily on Mulholland talking on the phone and cursing zen drivers and the next you're rudely dumped in Hollywood or the Valley. I have to read two scripts tonight but I'll use my handy dandy fact checker next time I want to relate a night on the town.

Here are the photos from the shoot. The first is of the view on the Hollywood side of Mulholland. The second is the sumptuous clothes I wore. The third is the photographer and the makeup artist.

Will Ferrell vs. The Landlord

Larry Birkhead's Secret Gay Lover Tells All

From the new issue of The National Enquirer.

"I was Larry Birkhead's secret gay lover!" That's the sensational revelation of Kerrick Ross, a handsome male model who carried on a torrid two-month sexual affair with the man who won the blockbuster paternity battle for Anna Nicole Smith's baby girl.

In a bombshell world exclusive, The new issue of the NATIONAL ENQUIRER publishes the stunning truth about the secret gay life of the world's most famous out-of-wedlock father. "America doesn't know the whole story about Larry Birkhead," Kerrick, who's 38 and lives in Louisville, Ky., told The ENQUIRER. "He apparently had sex with Anna Nicole and fathered her baby, but there is no question: He also had sex with me!"

The two met at a cocktail party in Louisville around mid-2000 when Birkhead was a struggling real estate agent and writer, angling for a show business career in Hollywood. "We were together for about two months and had sex eight to 10 times, always at my apartment. He often spent the whole night with me."

But Birkhead insisted on keeping their romance a secret. "I had been 'out' for a long time, but Larry was not out of the closet and he was terrified about his family, who were devout Southern Baptists, finding out he was having a gay relationship," revealed Kerrick. "He was especially afraid of his father finding out. He said, 'If my Dad knew about this, he would kill me!'

Birkhead's lawyers deny that he had a gay relationship with Kerrick, but Kerrick passed a rigorous polygraph test administered by a top-notch examiner. And Kerrick says Larry didn't consider himself gay. "He was more comfortable saying he was bi-sexual," Kerrick told The ENQUIRER. "I never knew him to go out with women when we were together, but I found out after we broke up that he had been seeing women. "

While Kerrick says Birkhead was inexperienced at gay sex, he found out later that he'd stolen Larry from another man!

More Links and ZX Later Today With Photos

Cindy Adams says Bruce Willis and Courtney Love are sort of seeing each other. That is the weakest statement on the face of the planet. That is the biggest hedge ever. Sort of is 100% libel proof because sort of could mean ANYTHING. If you don't have anything to say, then just wait until the next day. Don't just fill up space knowing that people read really quickly and will skip the sort of and say, "did you hear that Bruce Willis and Courtney Love are seeing each other? It started with that birthday kiss."

It wasn't Diddy going for 30 hours with Kim Porter, but Dave Chappelle did set a Laugh Factory record by doing just over six hours of stand-up on Sunday.

If you like Jenna Jameson anorexic, then here are some more photos of her looking just that.

Survivor will shoot its next edition in China.

Paula Abdul shows those Southwest Airlines passengers who the diva really is.

NY Daily News Blind Item

Which blond bombshell, on a recent visit to Rome, became ill and soiled her bedsheets so badly that the hotel mattress had to be replaced? "Also, she and [her boyfriend] have a reputation for really dirty sex," says a snitch.

June 2007 Cosmopolitan Preview--Ashlee Simpson

Morning Links

Every time I type in morning links or links I always start thinking about sausage, and say, "I should go get some sausage after work or right now, or whenever. I've yet to do it, but every morning I just see them frying in a pan and think how good they would taste right now."

Harrison Ford engaged. At 64, he realizes that he might as well stick with what he's got now because with his winning personality it's going to be tough to find someone else who's 24 years younger and can actually put up with him.

Joe Pesci goes off on Robbie Williams. So you know I just had to find a Joe Pesci clip from Goodfellas.

No one ever said Kristin Cavallari was dumb. She's also tons more palatable than Parasite.

Angelina Jolie Says She Was Sexual In Kindergarten

When I first saw the headline I said to myself that this would explain a great deal about Ms. Jolie. However, when I read it I thought it really didn't sound all that different from what many children do when they are that age. Kissing boys and touching each other is not unusual. I don't know how that is perceived to be sexual by her. Maybe that is her problem or maybe that is a headline which is designed to get people like me to go OMG, I have to read this.
When I read the headline I imagined the article would talk about she and boys had full on sex next to the cubbys and that a first grader taught her how to give a proper lap dance. Playing doctor is nothing.


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