Friday, December 19, 2008

Four For Friday

#1 - Let's start off with a kindness. This B list actor, who does more than act with a name everyone recognizes, but maybe not always from his films spent several hours visiting wounded military despite the fact he had an event that night. Plus he chose not to let anyone know he was doing it, and just did it to do it.

#2 - This B list film actress who was once the "it" actress is married with child but that marriage is in trouble. Seems she is not a fan of her husband or the child and would rather focus on her career and being famous again.

#3 - This B list actor on an ensemble show which is not Grey's Anatomy thinks he is the star of stars and the reason everyone watches. Yeah, right. Well anyway, he has decreed that he wants to only be filmed from the waist up because he wants to be able to wear shorts everyday on the set. When producers started giving him a hard time about it, he decided that he would just start dropping his pants during every scene. It is a standoff basically until after the Christmas holidays.

#4 - This idiot of a person who is a Golden Globe winning actress/supporting actress knew one of her friends was allergic to peanuts, but wanted to see what would happen if her friend ate them. So, she made a cake with ground up peanuts in it, and watched her friend swell up like a balloon before deciding that maybe the friend did need to go to the hospital. So far the friend has not called the cops or sued.

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

So, you may be asking yourself why are The Beckhams at the top of the photos? They have done nothing special. Well, you may think that, but what you are looking at in this photo is a Christmas miracle. The kind of miracle that all parents all over the world will stare at in awe over this holiday season. Can't figure out what it is? The Beckhams are getting off a commercial flight from Los Angeles to London with three boys. A flight of about 11 hours or so. The kids have no bags, no toys in their hands, no games, and the parents are remarkably not loaded down either. As far as I know they did not travel with any help, so explain to me how it is that two parents can manage three boys on an 11 hour flight with nothing but presumably a crapload of Benadryl in Victoria's bag? I'm telling you it is a Christmas miracle of epic proportions.

The funny thing is, this is how they usually dress at home.

Now, if US Weekly follows their same procedure, Courtney Cox will be on the cover of US next week saying she is getting a divorce because she went to this premiere without David Arquette. Now, I'm not saying she isn't getting divorced, I'm just saying that lets see if US runs with it on the cover like they did with the Jennifer Lopez thing.

For some reason I just keep expecting Spade to get into an Elvis pose or something.
Just because I love Emmy Rossum and so should you. OK, you can do what you like. But you should.

It has been awhile since Guy Pearce graced the photos. Glad to see him back.

"What's that Jen? Did you say we need to pose all close because the paps found us?"
Jordin Sparks arriving in Perth. No, it wasn't a mass of paps. It was a friend of Jordin's I think who then gave it to wire services.

Another person long absent from the photos is Kelly Hu.

So, I thought Katie Price had started some new bondage line now but it turns out it is the same horse stuff she was selling before.

Keri Russell all glammed up. Nice.

The random photo of the day. Kanye West and Spike Jonze.

This was a children's toy party. Apparently Maria Conchita Alonso thought it was a whole different kind of toy party.

Nikki Reed seems to get so little attention from Twilight compared to everyone else, but I like her.

The scariest hand picture we have had yet. Look at it reaching out to Olivia Wilde.

Russell Brand was actually pretty funny on Jimmy Kimmel last night.

Rachel McAdams on the set of her new film.

Reader Photo #1

And Reader Photo #2 - with Sister Hazel

Think Shannen Doherty might be headed back to her old ways.


Obviously a staged photo of Shakira, but I think the dog is cute, and hey Shakira is not bad looking either.

I'm guessing the kids got new cars out of this.

Wow. He even has pulled Ron Kovic out of the publicity machine.

Teresa Palmer and yes, Lucy Lawless.

Your Turn

I promised you something completely trivial this week. Something totally non-sensical, but really a very important part of our lives and a pet peeve for millions of people throughout the world. What is it you ask? What could be more trivial than the way we eat our oreos which we discussed a couple of weeks ago. By the way, I really had no idea there were so many possible variations on them, but in order to practice what I preach I did go through about 10 packs of oreos that weekend and tried all of your ideas out.

So, for this week. Do you put your toilet paper on the roll so the paper comes off the top or from the bottom or does it even matter to you? I have to say for me personally it has to come off the top. Has to. Non negotiable. Which is why I live at home now with the parents. Need to compromise more.

NY Daily News Blind Item

Which small-screen Lothario received oral satisfaction in plain view at a NYC hotspot, and was then caught making out with a waitress just minutes later? And he did it all while wearing a bowler hat!

Lock The Windows And Doors - Courtney's Off Her Meds

Normally I would have titled this post something like, "This Can't Be Good" or "This Won't Turn Out Well." Both of those would have fit, but I think that as a public service announcement to you, my readers that you needed to be warned and to take steps to protect your family which you can now do simply by reading the headline. But this really won't turn out well. Of course Courtney could just be lying.

Courtney has decided that she has not had success on her most recent albums, not because Kurt is not around anymore to write the lyrics and music for her, but because of her ant-depressants. So, she has stopped taking them. Yep, Courtney is done taking them until she finishes recording her new album. Courtney says "I'm off antidepressants for the moment because my album producer wants me to feel the rage, wants me to be really angry, wants me to face the demons. And I am so f***ing angry!

Yeah, I'm wondering if she perhaps was off her meds when Kurt died. Just saying. Not contributing to the conspiracy theory and in no way would I ever imply or insinuate that Courtney Love had anything to do with the death of Kurt Cobain. I'm just saying.

Considering that I think the last time Courtney had an album come out was about 100 years ago, I'm not sure the world is prepared for Courtney to be off her meds and trying to do things on her own. The one great thing about will be her blog posts should be works of art over the next several months.

Be Careful Emma

I like Emma Watson. I like the way her parents have raised her and whenever she has taken a step out of line they manage to reign her back in. She seems fairly normal. So, I am hoping that what she said in a recent interview with USA Today is actually what she means and is not some fanciful thing that makes me want to call her out. In the interview she said that even though she is worth about $20M she has no need for money and really doesn't care about it.

OK, she is 18 and she does still live at home and so any 18 year old would probably say the same thing. I get that part. Fine. But, also I don't think she is asking her parents for $10, or since is British, a tenner to go out with her friends to the pub that night. She doesn't have a need for money because whenever she would probably need some for a new dress or evening gown or clothes or products that most 18 year old kids would beg their parents for or work 40 hours a week to pay for, she gets for free. Oh, and most 18 year old kids are not shopping at Kitson either.

I always find it very funny when rich people say they have no need for money. It's ridiculous. There is always a need for money. I much prefer rich people who are honest and say something like, "money isn't the most important thing, but it's much nicer than not having any." See, that is honest.

So, because of who she is and her past behavior, I am going to give Emma a break on this one and give her the benefit of the doubt. But, I am keeping my eye on you Miss Watson. I don't want to see you get all Lindsay on me when you leave home because that would be really disappointing.

I Feel Bad For Jermaine Dupri

There are lots of reasons I feel bad for Jermaine Dupri. I think first and foremost is that he has to interact with Michale Jackson. I think that would be uncomfortable for most people. I mean think about if you were to meet him. The first five seconds would be ok, but then after that, all of these things would start flashing through your head and I think that would be awkward. That and the burka and him peering at your kid through the eye part would be a bit unsettling as well.

Apparently this thing called the internet and all the blogs decided last week that Janet Jackson was pregnant. While I will admit there is a group e-mail list of about the top 100 blogs and celebrity sites, I will say that none of us have ever conspired to make Janet Jackson pregnant. Oh sure, Jesus over at Drunken Stepfather has wanted to make Janet pregnant, but I don't think he really shared his plans with all of us. So, last week Jermaine was telling the world that Janet was not pregnant.

This week, the rumors have all been that he and Janet split up after four years together. So, again he got onto his blog and denied all of those reports. Next week the plan is to say that Michael and Janet are having a baby in order to create the perfect singing and dancing specimen. At that point Jermaine will probably just give up denying everything and just give in to all of the celebrity bloggers and tabloids and let us just say whatever the hell we want.

I do think that it is kind of interesting that Janet herself has never said anything. How come she never gets on the internet or talks to her fans. Maybe Jermaine is protesting a little too much. Maybe Janet is pregnant, but not by him and that is the reason they broke up. That is a good story. OK, I'm sticking with that one.

The Reinvention Of Tara Reid

That didn't take long, now did it. Kneepads Magazine has already started their little campaign to get Tara Reid back in the real world. Oh, and when I mean Real World I don't mean the tv show although seeing Tara's career as of late, a stint on The Real World would probably be a step up. Of course being on the show they do a lot of drinking and partying and don't usually have jobs. Oh, so it would be perfect for Tara actually.

Anyway, People of course reported that Tara was in rehab and honestly since then, no one really cares what she does until she gets out. Then of course the paps will be following her everywhere to get photos of her drinking. In order to prep Tara for her cover story when she gets out, People started laying the groundwork this morning. In an article they have on their site, they quote unnamed sources which sound very unfriend like and more publicist like. Look at some of these quotes.

"Tara has a problem with alcohol. It’s been at the root of much discomfort between herself and her family and friends."

Umm, sure. I think all of us talk just like that when we are talking about a friend with a problem that needs rehab. I especially love how they throw alcohol in right away and ignore every other possibility. It's just alcohol people. You can still love her. She is not doing the evil meth. What would have been even better is prescription drugs which she could blame on some on set accident.

Her relationship with her family and friends "has become strained."

If the publicist could only come up with that, then you know that her family must have basically told her to get out of their lives. There were no quotes that said her family loves that she is getting help so things must be really messed up. I actually like Colleen who is Tara's sister quite a lot, but you know, there is just no way to ask someone, "hey, so why is your sister so effed up? Do you and your family hate her?" Just does not really give off that warm and fuzzy feeling I like to leave after all my encounters with people. OK, let's face it. Not really anyone has that feeling after meeting me. Instead they usually vow to lose 20 pounds, give up smoking and drinking and thank god their parents live 2,000 miles away.

"She finally made the decision to do something positive for herself and her loved ones."

Yep, that's a winner. Yeah, it's a win/win. I want Tara to get better. I'm not that much of an ass. I think addiction is something that is awful and is a disease and I want her to get better. I sincerely do. I just hate the fact that as part of her getting better, she is going to manipulate the rest of us and get something out of it besides getting sober.

That Would Have Been Embarrassing

Talk about embarrassment. Oh, I guess you can't, because right now you have no idea what in the hell I am talking about. So, let me tell you. Do you remember Sarah Palin? Yeah, the woman who was running for Vice President. Yeah, yeah, the beauty queen contestant from Alaska. Yeah, yeah. The one Hustler made a spoof porn film of which was quite good. Very good plot. The story kept me riveted. Anyway, as you may recall, Sarah's daughter is pregnant by some other kid. Well that kid's mom was busted yesterday for allegedly manufacturing and delivering drugs as well as simple possession also. That last one though is such a crock charge. I mean what kind of business person would Sherry Johnston be if she didn't sample the product she was allegedly making and selling. You have to stand by what you sell. I mean we want the people who make our beer and food and viagra to try it out first to make sure everything works ok. So, I think it should be a crime if a drug dealer doesn't try their own stuff.

Anyway, Sherry was charged six felony counts. Since she was arrested by Alaska State Troopers which are under the purview of the Governor, I'm guessing that maybe Sherry and Sarah got into an argument about who was going to pay for the flowers for the wedding.

Thought Pot Makes You Mellow

Apparently Cisco Adler does not follow the maxim that huge quantities of pot makes you mellow. Cisco was arrested the other night after he punched a security guy at a club. His band performed, and just like in The Blues Brothers they decided not to pay the bar tab. Guess they thought drinks were free since one was given to them at the beginning of the show. Umm, they weren't. I would have never guessed Cisco was much of a fighter. I mean all he is really known for his having a huge d**k and having sex with Paris Hilton and Mischa Barton. Oh, maybe that's why he has all the pent up anger. I would be pissed as well if everyday when I Googled myself to look at my c**k, I had to look at pictures of myself with Mischa or Paris. OK, I wouldn't have much anger. I would just be really disappointed in myself and ashamed, and probably having to visit a doctor once a week because my once prized member would probably be falling off.

Cisco was arrested and only had to pay $500 bail. By the time the security guard's lawyers get done with Cisco he is really going to be wishing he had paid that bar tab because it is not going to come close to the $20K or so he is going to have to pay for that punch. But hey, at least his mug shot doesn't look so bad.

Ted C Blind Item

Toothy Tile, we hardly knew ya. Last week it was signed confidentiality agreements with your male paramours (other than your main man); this week it's far, far, far worse: pretend, horrible sex with a member of the opposite sex, in hopes that your studly reputation will somehow be fixed. Ain't gonnna work—here's why:

Repeat Blind Vice offender Toothy has a former fling running her (yes, her) mouth around town about a drug-infested hookup with Mr. Tile. Do tell, babes! Apparently, T.T. banged said blabber to try to prove to himself—or more importantly, the powers that be (managers, publicists, the public) that he isn't gay. See, the more chicks he hooks, the farther back in the closet he goes; just how his handlers want it.

Eh, not really the best plan, as Tooth's last female "lover," if you could call her that, has been yapping away about her evening with the now A-list famous type. But it wasn't exactly candles and cuddles like you'd think.

Try tons of coke. Toothy would make this lady blow lines all over his tight bod until he was “numb,” bitched the gal who did the blowing. Then they could get down to business in what we're told were very "interesting" positions, i.e., painfully unnatural and not exactly enjoyable.

As disturbing as this news is, we must say we feel a bit sorry for our beloved Tooth (not to mention the used honey). This all took place, we're told, before Tile hooked up with his current beard, right when he was adamantly told not to come out, so it's no wonder he turned to drugs.

What's next? Meth with Morgan Mayhem? Pray not.

And It Ain't: All 3 Jonas Bros.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Today's Blind Items

What Academy Award winning actress/supporting actress recently cut open her husband's face when she threw her statue at him? It's a shocker.

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

No one was really just totally deserving of the top spot, so by random chance it goes to Alyssa Milano who with that new hair style looks like she is trying to channel Leah Remini.

A nice little gaggle of celebrities lining up behind Amanda Peet.
Not the greatest photo of Cameron Diaz ever, but it's better than the bright red lipstick look she had earlier in the week.
Since Eric Balfour was such a good sport about the hat thing, I thought I would put him in without the hat this time.
Just because as cold as it was last night, Eva sucked it up and went with something that I know she must have been freezing in.
Probably my favorite photo of the day. Jacinda Barrett and Gabriel Macht.
Well I will say that Jenny McCarthy goes all out for Jim Carrey's premieres. Now she just needs some of her own.
It has been a long time since I have seen a photo of Jennie Garth where she was not wearing makeup. Still really pretty.
Reader Photo #1 - I will let her explain why she is dressed like that. Great story.
And reader photo #2.
Honestly, when I first saw this photo late last night, I thought it was Amy Adams and not Scarlett J. What did Scarlett change?
It's the Zooey. Hey, I just saw Elf so I had to put her in.
But, to give equal time I also put in Emily Deschanel as well.

Daily Mirror Blind Item

Which reality TV star has a odd deal with his girlfriend? He helps her with her career and in return he can have sex with a chesty blonde at weekends.

Mindy McCready Attempts Suicide

Yesterday morning Mindy McCready tried to commit suicide. Apparently the mother of her roommate and Mindy were talking on the phone and Mindy said some disturbing things and the next thing you know Mindy is in a Nashville hospital getting some wrist wounds treated.

I have posted about Mindy before and she really is like our version of Amy Winehouse except for the fact that Amy had more hits, and has made more money. But, on the bright side, Mindy does have better teeth and doesn't have Blaaaaaake. That would be something though right? Amy and Blaaaaaaaake get divorced and he moves over here and starts squiring and courting Mindy around Nashville. Oh, I'm sure the people in Nashville would love Blaaaaake. It would take about a day before he would get his ass kicked.

At this point I think Mindy just needs to get right. I can't even begin to understand her personal demons but I'm sure there are plenty. I really would like to know what happened to her in the year or two prior to when she hooked up with Roger Clemens. I would think that would provide some clues.

It Sounds Worse Than It Is

You know my unexplained fascination with the whole Jodie Sweetin divorce. I just can't get enough. Last night I was reading all the reports on various websites. Most of them said something like Jodie loses custody of her child which of course is wrong. The rest basically said she has to be supervised when she visits her daughter. That is the part that is a little misleading. Normally a supervised visit is something that happens when a parent has some issue which needs to be watched. Want to know a celebrity couple like that? Charlie and Denise. So, when Charlie wants to see the children he needs to do so with someone supervising which means present during the entire visit. In many cases the supervisor is someone hired by the parent who has been approved by the court.

So, when I first read the headline I thought Cody or Codeine or whatever his name is had won custody and Jodie could only see their daughter with a supervisor present. That is when I said, "wow she must have really relapsed." Then if you read what the judge said, you realize that nothing has really changed at all.

Jodie has to see her daughter at her parent's house or in front of her parents. Ummm. Jodie lives at her parent's house so that first condition isn't actually going to pose a problem. The only thing that is different is that if she goes out of the house with the daughter she needs to have a parent with her. Jodie has no money so of course that is great for her because now if she goes out, chances are the parent will pick up the tab. It is a win/win.

Cody says Jodie relapsed and has been drinking and alleges meth use. Jodie's lawyer said Jodie had a couple glasses of wine over dinner and immediately went to AA because she felt guilty.

I think the judge thought both parents were messed up and ordered them both to have drug tests before the next hearing.


Jeremy Piven walked out of the play Speed The Plow. The problem was when he walked out he was not a guest in the theatre, but actually the star of the play. Piven just abruptly left prior to his performance on Tuesday and also decided to skip yesterday's matinee performance as well.

The reason? Well, Piven said that he had a high mercury count and so couldn't do the performances. Instead, Piven decided to just fly back to LA leaving David Mamet in the lurch and causing at least 300 people to ask for their money back when they heard Piven had abandoned the play. Ummm, I am writing his a couple of hours before you are actually going to see it. I would not be surprised when this actually does show up on the internet that Jeremy has not landed himself a little spot in what we like to call rehab.

It has to be something like that. Mercury? WTF is that about? You know you are messed up on something when the excuse of a high mercury count actually sounds good to you. David Mamet actually despite being totally screwed over by Piven had a sense of humor about the whole thing.

"I talked to Jeremy on the phone, and he told me that he discovered that he had a very high level of mercury," Mamet told Daily Variety. "So my understanding is that he is leaving show business to pursue a career as a thermometer."

That is some funny stuff from a guy who is probably wondering if he can handle 300 refunds a day. Jeremy Piven has got some explaining to do.

SAG Awards Nominations

Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role

RICHARD JENKINS / Walter Vale - "THE VISITOR" (Overture Films)
FRANK LANGELLA / Richard Nixon - "FROST/NIXON" (Universal Pictures)
SEAN PENN / Harvey Milk - "MILK" (Focus Features)
BRAD PITT / Benjamin Button - "THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON" (Paramount Pictures)
MICKEY ROURKE / Randy - "THE WRESTLER" (Fox Searchlight Pictures)

Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role

ANGELINA JOLIE / Christine Collins - "CHANGELING" (Universal Pictures)
MELISSA LEO / Ray Eddy - "FROZEN RIVER" (Sony Pictures Classics)
MERYL STREEP / Sister Aloysius Beauvier - "DOUBT" (Miramax Films)
KATE WINSLET / April Wheeler - "REVOLUTIONARY ROAD" (Paramount Vantage)

Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role

JOSH BROLIN / Dan White - "MILK" (Focus Features)
ROBERT DOWNEY, JR. / Kirk Lazarus - "TROPIC THUNDER" (Paramount Pictures)
PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN / Father Brendan Flynn - "DOUBT" (Miramax Films)
HEATH LEDGER / Joker - "THE DARK KNIGHT" (Warner Bros. Pictures)
DEV PATEL / Older Jamal - "SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE" (Fox Searchlight Pictures)

Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role

AMY ADAMS / Sister James - "DOUBT" (Miramax Flms)
PENÉLOPE CRUZ / Maria Elena - "VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA" (The Weinstein Company)
VIOLA DAVIS / Mrs. Miller - "DOUBT" (Miramax Films)
KATE WINSLET / Hanna Schmitz - "THE READER" (The Weinstein Company)

Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture

DOUBT (Miramax)
FROST/NIXON (Universal Pictures)
MILK (Focus Features)
SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE (Fox Searchlight Pictures)


Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Television Movie or Miniseries

TOM WILKINSON / Benjamin Franklin - "JOHN ADAMS" (HBO)

Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Television Movie or Miniseries

LAURA DERN / Katherine Harris - "RECOUNT" (HBO)
SHIRLEY MacLAINE / Coco Chanel - "COCO CHANEL" (Lifetime)
PHYLICIA RASHAD / Lena Younger - "A RAISIN IN THE SUN" (Lifetime)

Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series

MICHAEL C. HALL / Dexter Morgan - "DEXTER" (Showtime)
JON HAMM / Don Draper - "MAD MEN" (AMC)
HUGH LAURIE / Gregory House - "HOUSE" (FOX)

Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series

KYRA SEDGWICK / Dep. Chief Brenda Johnson - "THE CLOSER" (TNT)

Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Comedy Series

ALEC BALDWIN / Jack Donaghy - "30 ROCK" (NBC)
TONY SHALHOUB / Adrian Monk - "MONK" (USA)

Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Comedy Series

TINA FEY / Liz Lemon - "30 ROCK" (NBC)
MARY-LOUISE PARKER / Nancy Botwin - "WEEDS" (Showtime)

Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series

DEXTER (Showtime)

Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series

WEEDS (Showtime)

Khloe Kardashian Is Full Of Crap

When Khloe Kardashian was busted for wearing fur not too long before her naked PETA ad came out, instead of just saying that she was doing the PETA thing in order to stay in the public eye and try and be relevant for something other than being the sister of someone who got famous for making a sex tape with Brandy's brother, she decided to go ahead and spin a bunch of crap.

Apparently the same people that let Mischa Barton have a website have also decided to allow Khloe to have a website. I guess the criteria for getting a celebrity website is that at some point you had to have your photo taken at an event and not be a caterer. So, here is what Khloe had to say about her fur wearing not so distant past.

She says that there are tons of photos of her wearing fur and that she was a real fur fan. Then PETA approached her and she said, "hell yeah I will give up fur if you do one of those naked things of me and I can have my own red carpet event where my sister is not the star."

She actually said something more along the lines of she saw a video PETA showed her and immediately swore off fur. Uh huh. If some furrier said here is $1M to wear one of our furs and be on television everyday Khloe would be on her "blog" talking about how the animal was killed humanely or something like that. Now, if I could just find someone who would pay her more than $20 for anything.

NY Daily News Blind Item

Which has-been TV star can’t keep it in his pants? He has two-timed a gaggle of girlfriends and fiancées, and despite his recent nuptials, we hear he’s still making booty calls to exes.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Today's Blind Items

I guess she is a C list actress now but with A list name recognition. Anyway, she had her "people" lie to news outlets about her recent trip to rehab. Instead, her "people" gave an exclusive about her rehab visit so she could get a cover story when she gets out of rehab in the hopes of jump starting her career.

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

A reader photo of an event or a celebrity always gets the top spot, except of course when I deem otherwise. It's my blog. I can make the rules. Sorry for the outburst. I'm fine. Thanks to Lupe for the photo.

Enanitos Verdes - San Francisco

The Adam Walsh case was finally closed after 27 years. The guy that police are convinced committed the crime has now been dead for several years.
It is kind of hard to make any kind of light hearted comment after Adam Walsh, so I'm sorry about that Benjamin McKenzie. But on the bright side, at least your last name isn't Button.
Barry Pepper is a really great actor, but he always looks like he is so close to death.
Speaking of death. No, Deborah Gibson is not about to die. I was just talking about her career. Look at the smile on her face. The photographer must have recognized her or something.
In some serious WTF news. Drew Peterson is now engaged to a 23 year old woman. Yes, the same Drew Peterson whose past few wives have disappeared under very strange circumstances. What in the hell would posses someone to marry this guy? I desperately want to see a photo of the woman he is engaged to. Thanks Audrey.
You might be wondering what Eric Balfour and his red hat are doing back in the photos for a second consecutive day. Well, Eric sent me an e-mail yesterday with a response to my comment joking that everyone is wearing red hats now to formal events. "Nobodies wearing them buddy... That's why she's got that look on her face. LOL. Oh, and it was pink. I like doing things that go against the norm. Life's short, might as well have a little fun!" Thanks for the e-mail Eric. I stand corrected. The hat is pink.
Two Rachels. Well really one is an Evan Rachel, but it was the only thing I could think of right this second to introduce Evan Rachel Wood and Rachel Weisz. Not that they really need introductions. I mean it isn't like we can step through the photo and say, "Hi, I'm Enty, and you are?"
Not a huge 50 Cent fan, but there are very few times that I don't just love what he wears on red carpets.
It's a Fresh Prince Reunion. Or as we like to say in this economy. Job, No Job, No Job. Kind of like duck duck goose.
And what Fresh Prince reunion would not be complete without DJ Jazzy Jeff.
OK. I didn't notice it last week when Jennifer Connelly was wearing a dress, but something has to be done. When your size minus 4 pants are baggy then it is time to eat some food.
I guess this is Jamie Foxx dancing. It was his birthday party, but I swear this is like his fourth birthday party in the last six months.
No real reason, just Jennifer Garner is about the most hands on celebrity parent that I can think of today.
So, according to court papers filed by Jodie Sweetin's soon to be ex, he alleges that she is abusing alcohol and also meth. This just gets more interesting.
Not a big fan of either Kate Moss or Jamie Hince, but I actually like the photo. So kudos to the photographer.
It's not that I'm opposed to Katie Price dry humping a stuffed animal. The UK is a free country, she can hump whatever she wants. What I find disturbing is that she is dry humping the bear while the bear is holding a cub.
Everytime I see photos of Keanu Reeves lately, I just want to yell, "makeup," and get someone to fill in the spots of his beard. It literally is driving me nuts.
I'm pretty sure Mickey Rourke is the only human who could pull this look off.
Here he is again with from L to R. Rowdy Roddy Piper, Greg The Hammer Valentine and Brutus The Barber Beefcake.
Marisa Tomei actually looks really pretty here. That's it. No snark. She just looks nice.
Every Wednesday I am forced to look at photos of Rachida Dati. She is something akin to the Attorney General in France. Every week there are about 500 photographs taken of her when she leaves the weekly cabinet meeting. She is very pretty and I am hoping pregnant, but I don't know what the fascination is of her by the French media so if you are in France, please tell me.
Rosario Dawson standing out in the rain and cold (for LA) signing autographs. It was really nice on her part.
Reader Photo #1. She says it is from the 80's. I don't think I would have guessed that.
And Reader Photo #2.
Gallup released a poll today. Totally true. Look on Huffington Post if you think I'm joking. If you do read it though it is even worse than what I am about to tell you. 1,400 Americans were shown this picture in person and were asked to identify where the United States was on this map. 37% of the people got it wrong. The four most popular wrong answers are marked with the little red thing.
Not saying they are. But, it looks like Viggo Mortensen and Jason Isaacs are sharing a dirty little secret.
I think Woody Harrelson is under appreciated as an actor. Woody. I appreciate you.
I still don't like Wentworth Miller though.
Zac Efron seems to be saying "Dude. Those mushrooms must be kicking in because I'm actually attracted to girls."

Vanessa Hudgens is saying. Oh who the hell knows what she is saying or thinking or doing.


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