Friday, February 01, 2008

Four For Friday

I don't really have any comment on the Eva Mendes rehab situation except for the fact that I am glad she is getting the help she needs.

Full Frontal Friday will be later this afternoon. Have some very special things (no pun intended) for you to enjoy.

While going through the entire blog last week looking at old blind items, I noticed that there are approximately 5,000 photos that I have posted. Blogger and Picasa have made it possible for me to show these photos in a slideshow format over on the right side of the blog. The problem is they are in groups of 500. So, over the next ten weeks I will put a different group of 500 over there. It isn't an ad, and if you click on it, it will take you to the entire 500 photos in all of their hugeness. The first group I put up there is from April and May of last year. It includes the infamous pool photo. There are no NSFW images in the group so feel free to enjoy.

#1 This B list maybe C list now primarily television actor was mainly famous for who he was with rather than his acting talent. Although publicly straight and with definite heterosexual relationships in his past, it is odd now to see that he is more than willing to play the casting couch game with male producers if it will get him a part. It seems to be working.

#2 Another B list actor, this time a former television actor who only works in films now. He is B list by virtue of his work, but definitely does not have the name recognition of #1. You would recognize our actor, but would be hard pressed to come up with his name. His recent marriage ended in a quick divorce because of domestic abuse. Never hit his wife until after they were married. No signs at all until after the wedding. After he got done beating her for the third time she decided to leave. Now for fun he is trying to work his way through every woman he can find in LA.

#3 For this one we are going to have to go to the other side of the world. Not to India this time, but to Australia. There was already the infamous sex tape or not of Kate Ritchie. I don't think anyone can really tell who that is in that video. This time though there can be no doubt as to the identity of the actress. No, not Kate Ritchie again, but instead a sex tape featuring a different female Logie nominee.

#4 Although she has been an actress for what seems like forever, our aging, still very attractive B list/C list everything actress made her fame and fortune from one television role. Seems as if she and her 17 year old neighbor have a hot little thing going on. Luckily for her, the age of consent in her state is 17. But what if this all started when he was 16?

Random Photos Part One

If you have ever wanted to know what Jenna Fischer is like as a person, this photo says it all.
Although she is not sporting a smile, I think we all know how kind Eliza Dushku can be, so I'll let it pass this time.
Looky, looky. Although she does seem to be saying, "don't get too close."
Molly Sims back on the runway for a good cause.
Wow, it must be Friday because I am actually going to type the words that Jessica Alba looks good.
Even Heidi Klum got back on the runway, and looks amazing as usual.
This shirt is so sheer, I can almost guess what sex the baby is.
I wasn't going to post this photo of Gwyneth Paltrow because it really isn't all that great, but then I saw her leg. Look at how skinny this woman is. Her legs are like twigs.
Rufus Wainwright in Melbourne.
Rosario Dawson looks so much better now that she doesn't always have to be with Rose McGowan in every photo.
Nicole Kidman has the baby of baby bumps.
Liza. Kind of says it all. She is one of the first people who you could just say the first name and everyone would know who you were referring to. She looks fabulous. Did I ever tell you the one about how I accidentally had her credit card for like a week? We were eating at the same place and the waiters switched cards. Neither of us noticed. When I think about it now, I am more shocked that she actually had to pay for a meal. Liza should never have to pay.
I am not a big fan of posting celebrity kids unless they are with the celebrity and then only rarely unless it is Suri, but I think one post of Michael Jackson's children is newsworthy. Do they even look like him? He did donate the sperm right?

Scientology Has Lots Of Lawyers

Over at Defamer they got their hands on the letter above sent to US Weekly from Kirstie Alley's lawyers. It seems that Ms. Alley's attorneys took exception to a one line joke that was written in the magazine when Nicole Kidman wore that awful silver pants number. You can click on the Defamer link above and then scroll down to see the photo and comment.

The attorney who wrote the letter makes some good points, but the fact is they are not accurate. The first problem I have is that he immediately throws out the race card. What do Scientology and race have to do with each other? I thought the fact that he even raised that issue is noteworthy in itself.

The second problem I have is that he compares Scientology to the big three religions. I think that most people don't think of Scientology as a religion, but rather more like a lodge like the Elks or some secret society. I don't need a bunch of Elks members e-mailing me. It is just the first thing that came out of my head. It can be the lodge in the Flinstones for all I care.

Here is what galls me the most about the letter. Wow, I used gall in a sentence. That word a day thing is paying off. The last two paragraphs are accusing US Weekly of being narrow minded. Has this guy seen the Tom Cruise video? Has he listened to the attacks leveled against everyone else in the world who is not a Scientologist? Against people who have a different set of beliefs? If Tom Cruise is the #2 at Scientology then it must also follow that his views represent the view of the "church" itself. Therefore it would follow that Kirstie Alley has those same beliefs and I think it is fair to return fire with the same amount of criticism.

I didn't see the Scientology lawyers rushing to apologize for anything Tom Cruise said. All they did was try and get the offending comments out of the public eye. I didn't see them "discharge" Tom Cruise from the church for what he said. Maybe they need to look at themselves before they look at others.

Farrah Fawcett Is 60

Farrah Fawcett is going to be 60 tomorrow. I thought instead of my birthday wishes letter, I would instead pass along my best wishes. I adore Farrah Fawcett and I don't use the word adore very often. Tomorrow this cultural icon will be 60, and honestly I don't think she is going to make it to 61. Oh, she will try and she is a fighter like no other, but I really wanted to take a second and say I can't believe this woman is 60. She is funny and intelligent. She is ditzy and determined. She makes mistakes like all of us, but unlike all of us she tries to correct her mistakes and to never make them again. She was a star and a celebrity when it actually meant something. To me she was almost the last big star. She was everywhere and on everything. When the 80's came along it ushered in a new wave of celebrity and tabloid that has only intensified with the internet. I would wager that almost every guy on the planet of a certain age has seen that poster which is the fifth photo in this lineup.

She has lived a life that has been incredible and has stories to match. She is one of maybe five celebrities I was actually excited to meet, and she lived up to my expectations then, and has ever since. She is currently getting a variety a of experimental treatments outside the US for a cancer that was supposed to be gone but has now returned. I wish her the very best. I do hope she enjoys this birthday, and realizes how much joy she has brought the world. Below are some photos and then her interview with Letterman. All three parts of it. She stayed on almost 20 minutes.

Daily Mirror Blind Item

Which celeb is way over the Primrose Hill, but keeps lying about her age?

She's becoming the laughing stock of the whole gang.

Lindsay vs. Keira

Although I would prefer to see the fight between Lindsay Lohan and Keira Knightly settled between them in a pool full of pudding, it doesn't look like it is going to happen that way. Well, there is always my imagination. Apparently they are making the film Wuthering Heights because there is a great deal of demand for mid 19th century literature being turned into films, and they have pretty much beaten the crap and ringed any possible story out of any Jane Austen book or idea or thought she ever conceived. This of course compares to the 15 versions of Wuthering Heights that have been released since film was invented. Hell that is only like once every 6 or 7 years. How many times can you make the same film? Come on. Have some imagination. Does a producer go in and pitch Wuthering Heights and say, "Its been 5 years. Time for another one. It's only going to cost you $40-50M." At least with the Jane Austen books they used their imagination and came up with different versions of her books.

Anyway, Lindsay and Keira are the two finalists for the role of Catherine Earnshaw. The director of the film is John Maybury who cast Lindsay in the Dylan Thomas biopic The Edge Of Love, but Lindsay dropped out. It seems as if he is willing to give her a second chance. This is something that Lindsay could really use. A real movie that will be seen by everyone and if done well will receive lots of nominations. Throw on a corset and speak in an accent from a different century and the awards just come rolling in.

The problem is that the British public is firmly against Lindsay starring in the film. A recent poll said that only British actresses should portray the part. When asked why this was the case, Maybury told the Daily Mail, "It can be slightly annoying having American actresses in British parts. They may be able to do brilliant British accents but that can be off putting if their accent is too perfect."

Well then it seems to me that your job as a director would be to make it so her accent isn't perfect. The producers aren't paying you just to sit around and bark at people. I think the idea of a director is to direct the actors, and it seems to me that direction would include whether or not an accent is good or not as well as directing your staff that you only want non-fat soy in your latte.

What Would You Do?

Have you been following the Cheryl Tweedy story over in the UK? In case you haven't, here is the deal. Cheryl is in the group Girls Aloud. Think Pussycat Dolls, but these women can actually sing. So, she is married to Ashly Cole. Think David Beckham-lite. Ashley is a soccer player for Chelsea and England as well.

So last week a story came out that said Ashley had cheated on his wife with a woman named Aimee Walton. He apparently got her pregnant and offered her money to get an abortion. When Cheryl heard about this, she said publicly she would stay with her husband anyway and that they would then work things out.

Right after she said that, a model named Brooke Healy said she also had slept with Ashley. Now, even with all of this in front of her Cheryl still has not decided what she is going to do about the situation. The only thing she has done is move out. She says she still needs time to decide.

The thing is this. I am sure you have all been in a similar situation or know someone who has. It is very trying and very hard, but can you imagine if you had to deal with it while the entire population of a nation was watching your every move and will criticize you no matter whether you decide to stay with your husband or leave him.

Every article I have read focuses on if Cheryl has made a decision. None of them seem to really focus on the fact that Ashley was a jackass and that he was even when he came over to LA for that friendly last year. So my question is what would you do in this situation? All the female celebrities in the UK have given their opinion whether it was solicited or not, so I thought you should be given your chance as well.

Naveen Andrews Thinks Lost Sucks

During an interview with Jonathon Ross on BBC One, Naveen Andrews who plays Sayid on Lost, admitted that he has no plans to leave the show. This is probably because he is getting paid really well, and there is this little thing called a contract that kind of precludes him from just walking away. He says that he loved the first season but thinks the show has pretty much sucked since then. "The writing has been poor but I’m definitely doing two more years.”

I think that after those comments the writers might find that Naveen is doing his two years as a ghost, because you don't piss off the writers like that. I will give the guy credit for being honest and candid. In the interview he also talked about how his heroin habit used to be so bad that when he was filming The English Patient he would be shooting up so often that he could only manage to function enough to just do his scene. As soon as his scene was shot he would collapse until the next scene.

Those kind of things are gold because honestly I didn't see The English Patient and had no desire to ever see it, but now might watch for his scenes just to see if I can tell how f**ked up he is.

Kirsten Dunst - Breakdown? Drugs? Just Being Kirsten?

Things must be pretty serious when your spokespeople have to respond to a Page Six story that says you were acting "erratic." So what if the NY Post put that in the gossip section? Lots of stars act erratic. So, when you come out and have to issue a statement to the effect that Kirsten is fine, then you as a reader know there must be something to the "erratic" after all.

Kirsten Dunst was in Sundance last week and was supposed to attend a number of screenings and just do the schmoozing and boozing that is so common there. While she was in town, she managed to attend on screening and that was for a very short amount of time. While she was at the screening she was behaving very oddly, left early and caused all of her friends to apologize on her behalf.

In my experience, and this is only my experience, I doubt it was a breakdown. I know everyone wants to call everything a breakdown now. My guess is that Kirsten was probably just drunk off her ass. Yes, it could have been drugs, but my guess is that she was simply drunk. Oh, I think Kirsten does a little extra something on the side, but in this case it was probably the altitude and being drunk played crazy with her mind. She is the kind of drunk that can get a little crazy, and not that it is a bad thing, but it is in front of a bunch of people you have come to schmooze, and who think it is odd to see someone smashed off their ass during the middle of the day. Hey, not defending Kirsten, but if you don't ski or snowboard, drinking is about the only thing to do in Park City.

Heath Ledger Vanity Fair - August 2000

Back in August of 2000, Vanity Fair put Heath Ledger on their cover and had an in-depth interview with him. At the time, he was filming A Knight's Tale in Prague.

Here is the introduction to the article. If you would like to read the very lengthy interview, click here.

We’re Havin’ a Heath Wave

After watching Heath Ledger play Mel Gibson’s son in The Patriot, Hollywood veterans pegged him as that rare phenomenon—an actor with the effortlessly seductive masculinity of a classic screen idol. In the Czech Republic, where the 21-year-old Australian is starring in his second historical epic, A Knight’s Tale, the author learns about Ledger’s youth in the racetrack pits of Perth, the reason he walked out of the audition for his breakthrough role, and why he has never bothered with an acting lesson.

Ted C Blind Item

Über-Cool Unzipped is a feted filmmaker, romancer and Hollywood figure whose film finesse, more often than not, figures out how to please the critics and crowds alike—not to mention the college set. Way to score every demographic, dude! Now, don’t you know, just to keep it cute ‘n’ collegiatelike, Über likes to spend the successful movie weekends of his trademark flicks (not to mention other, less celebratory windows of horny opportunity) not by sipping a champagne flute with the Hollywood elite, but by throwing back a plethora of red plastic cups at a mostly frosh beer bash or three.

This is how our guy unwinds when off set. Although, for the tautly toned and well-bosomed record, Ü.C. always seems to surround himself with a like-minded staff. Appropriately, Mr. Ü knows his way around one California campus in particular—he’s been patrolling the hallways there for quite some time. Jeez, who needs H-town patting you on the back when you can pat the backs of two 18-year-old students in a ménage à trois? And myriad other such barely legal, delicious, salacious delights!

In fact, Unzipped’s so supersuave (and still rather semistudly) no one seems to mind his taste in ingenue gentlemen.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Today's Blind Items

#1 This aging, but not old, former Academy Award nominated actor and serious award winner who has been known to do theatre left his wife to be with his girlfriend. No big deal, but it is when he broke up with the girlfriend to be with her daughter. He now lives with the daughter of the girlfriend and has done so on the sly for sometime. It does make sense in a way.

#2 This current Academy Award nominated actress/supporting actress is cheating on her significant other. If she wins will she thank them both? Not Ruby Dee.

Random Photos Part One

I think someone who reads and comments on the blog almost everyday gets top spot. Schneefloeckli took a bunch of photos of Linkin Park last week in Basel. Yes, she had lots of photos which were in focus, but for some reason I really liked this photo. I don't know if it was an accident or not, but I really like it.
You can probably tell that it was a little windy yesterday in LA. Still doesn't excuse Kate Hudson's dress though.
Now that Christina Aguilera has reduced her lipstick volume, Hayden Panettiere does her best to keep lipstick makers employed.
I think Chace Crawford is wearing everything that Old Navy sells all at one time.
Ummmm. Sandra Bernhard.
Rihanna does her part as the spokesperson for Fashion against AIDS.
Nine Black Alps last night in Manchester.
I think this having a girlfriend and becoming a dad is really a good thing for Matthew McConaughey. He actually looks really good. Did he actually get a hair cut? Camilla Alves is a miracle worker I tell you. Next thing you know there won't be anymore naked bongo playing and Frank The Tank will be married and there won't be anymore streaking at the Quad.
Theo. It kind of sucks for Malcolm Jamal Warner that even though he had a really successful show after Cosby, that he will always and forever be remembered for being Theo. Even if he goes out and kills 20 people, the first line will mention he was Theo.
It has been awhile, if ever since I had Todd Oldham on here, so I thought I would give everyone a look at him. Lots of NY Fashion Week posts next week.
Susan Sarandon and her daughter Eva Amurri. You know that I am not a big fan of Eva, and am less so now that she is calling herself an actress and director. What the hell has she directed?
Sean Lennon looks more and more like his dad everyday.
Gerard Depardieu goes in for a look at Sophia Loren's cleavage.
A really close look.

The World Of WD

The difference a week can make...

I really loved reading your responses to my question. Sad that some of you were having tough weeks but you can learn so much about people by their responses. Who's charming and who's not. Who's a trouble maker and who's a peacemaker. And it makes me wonder how much of who you are in your online life is who you are in your real life. Are your comments a true reflection of who you are or who you wish you were? Are you really a quick witted, clever, malicous person in real life or shy quiet guy who always comes up with the perfect response 5 minutes too late? And
whoever is making peace, do you do that in real life? Do you often find yourself minimizing your emotions to end a fight faster or find yourself in the middle of two extremely emotional people that you are always trying to calm? Or is it the opposite, do you start the fights?

I'm not asking because I'm probing or trying to be all deep. It just occured to me, while reading your comments, that blogging, online chats, comments are not that different from the acting profession. They are a side of you that you wish you could show in your real life but are afraid to.

Alison Janney, almost always plays characters who are brash, or low class, or superficial. In real life however, she's the sweetest most geniune person. Lisa Kudrow made a career of playing a ditz but in real life she's really bright. And so on. I mean it's not always true. Some people just aren't acting. I mean Eva L plays a self centered bitch on DH and many reports so far have confirmed that. I haven't met her personally but I trust the people I've heard it from.

My best characters that I play are ditzy (I'm smart but I can be a dingbat at times), and tough ass kicking types (I'm a peacemaker in actuality). I also get cast as bitches (Again a peacemaker). And MAN I wish I was all of that more in my life. I'd love to turn my brain off and get taken care of for a while. I'd love to tell a few people just what I thought of them! And while I didn't love the movie, there's a scene in Domino when Ian Z is giving Domino a hard time about being a scared little girl with daddy issues and she just turns to him and punches him in the nose. Breaks it. MAN I WISH I COULD DO THAT! I guess with my training I could do that. So what I mean is "Man, I wish I WOULD do that!!!"

As for my week.. more exciting promises and more waiting for them to be real. Had a meeting with Paul Rudd and Brad Pitt's manager. They might be interested in repping me. Which would be CRAZY cool! But they need to see what the strike is doing before they take anyone on.

Still no word on Gentleman Bronco's. Think it's going to be a while on that.

Still no word on the Ad Campaign. They are still auditioning people for all the roles (including the one I want).

Ran into the lead actor in a pilot I did stunts for at Vons (grocery store). I talked to him for a while. He's so nice. But found out that the pilot will not be picked up. So that's a bummer.

And I'm going to Pauly Shore's birthday party tonight. So that'll be an experience!

Daily Mirror Blind Item

Which British actress, who recently went on TV to declare her love for her fiance, is unaware that he is cheating on her left, right and centre?

Obama Must Wear His Seatbelt

Even though no one asked him, Hulk Hogan found someone yesterday who would listen to him rant about who he wanted to be President. I'm guessing Hulk picked Obama because Obama wears his seatbelt and doesn't complain about being crippled for life or some other kind of trivial thing like that.

Not much of a story, but it allows me to get to my point. I get 20-30 e-mails a day from people who want me to remind people to go to a rally or an event for one candidate or the other, but the thing is I really don't do politics. I don't want you to think that I am ignoring you if I don't write you back, but I just tire of saying the same thing repeatedly in an e-mail so figured this would cover it. This is gossip and fun and not about politics. The only thing that is important to me is that you actually get out and vote. I honestly don't care who you vote for. Democrat, Republican, Green, whatever. It really doesn't matter to me. What is important though is that no matter what country you are reading this blog from, that you exercise the privilege of voting. In the US, barely 50% of eligible voters actually take the time to vote in a Presidential Election. In many countries the number of people who vote is in the upper 90% range.

In the US, we have grown so used to only half the people voting that if everyone decided to show up and vote, the entire system would collapse. Our apathy as a voting public is taken into account and there are only enough machines and workers, and supplies for a 50% turnout. How sad is that? The government knows you don't care about what happens in this country. Oh, you might speak up or bitch or whine, but they know you won't actually go out, wait in line and vote. They are so confident that you won't go out an exercise your vote that they don't have any way for you to vote if you do show up.

100% turnout would excite me and I think it would excite the country. People would truly know who they wanted as their leader. Right now we are just letting the 50% of the people who are willing to make the effort decide, and letting 100% of the people bitch and moan about the result.

If 100% of the eligible voters voted, I think there would be more unity in the country, because it would show that everyone wanted to have a stake in its future and actually took the time to make that clear.

Seriously this was just going to be another rant about Hulk Hogan and what an ass he is. I thought about telling everyone not to watch American Gladiators but figured if it becomes even more popular and Hogan makes a bunch of money off of it, then that is more money that John can get when he sues the family.

Have An Affair And Go To Jail

South Korean actress Ok So-Ri was indicted this month for cheating on her producer husband back in 2006. In South Korea it is illegal for a married person to have an affair. The person that Ok So-Ri was cheating with won't be charged, not because he is a man, but because he was not married and so it is perfectly fine for him to have an affair.

Although the law has been on the books forever, the cheated upon rarely ever file a criminal complaint because, lets face it, it is a stupid law, and if the government enforced it half of any country, not just South Korea would be in jail. The actress faces two years in jail for her side action.

Ok So-Ri is appealing the actual indictment and filed a petition with the government to scrap the law. In a statement about the appeal, her lawyers had this to say. "The adultery law constitutes a serious breach of the individual's rights to make decisions concerning sex and privacy under the constitution. "Adultery cases must be handled in civil courts, not in criminal courts."

I personally think they just need to get rid of any mention of adultery and go straight to the irreconcilable differences route. This is the fourth time in the last 20 years, but first since 2001 that the law has been challenged. Each time in the past, the Korean Supreme Court refused to hear any of the cases because it would weaken social morality.

What I think weakens social morality is that the guy who who was 50% responsible in this gets away with it because he was single. In fact, he would also get away with it if his wife did not file a criminal complaint. A law that is not equally enforced is a law that should never be enforced.

Katie Finally Issues A Denial

Two weeks after the National Enquirer brought forth a totally unreliable witness to corroborate the long held rumor that the father of Suri Cruise is Chris Klein, her reps have denied the story as "false." Wow. It took them two weeks to come up with that? I guess you can tell they must generally must be spokespeople for Tom Cruise and for the Scientology folks. For the past two weeks they have been a bit busy repairing the earthquake like damage their number two has caused to Scientology throughout the world. Tom has been trying to hold onto power while Leah Remini and Nancy Cartwright nip at his heels, and John Travolta cackles to himself while adjusting his wig, and waiting for Tom to fall.

So, when Katie duck walks in to the room and says, "The Enquirer thinks Suri is Chris' baby. What are we going to do?" she was probably ignored. Ignore and ignored, until finally some guy made a call to MSNBC and said the story is false.

Meanwhile no one from the folks over at Scientology has denied the whole L. Ron story yet. They have evaded it, and gone around it, and lumped it in with other accusations made in the book, but no one has said that Suri is definitively not L. Ron's baby. The thing is that Tom and the Scientology folks better have Suri completely within their fold at all times for the rest of her life. Because, if she does decide they are nutjobs, all she has to do to make millions and millions of dollars is to agree to a DNA test on live television. All three networks. It would be like a Presidential address. Wouldn't you watch it? I know it would make for some damn good television. I wonder how long they could tease it. An hour long show or could they drag it into a three hour biography with a little countdown clock in the corner.

Selma Blair Wants An Old, Tom Cruise Loving Sugar Daddy

If I cut my hair and people came up to me thinking I was Tom Cruise, those people would walk away from me thinking Tom Cruise is crazier than he actually is. He does seem really crazy doesn't he? Do you ever worry though that maybe he knows everything and that he is totally right and that we are the crazy ones? Maybe there were volcanoes and aliens and psychology is destroying the world. I need something more simple to think about. Like Selma Blair. Who, according to the latest issue of Elle magazine gets frequently stopped by people who think she is Tom Cruise.

I know we all want Tom Cruise to be walking down the street wearing a purse, and high heels and the occasional skirt, but wanting it to be so and the reality of it happening are slim for now. So, I worry about people when they see Selma Blair and think she is Tom Cruise. Then I saw the photo above, and stopped worrying for them, and wonder how many people I have tapped on the shoulder thinking they were a woman, but were really a man, or if that woman with the big adam's apple was really a woman, and if I go back to sleep can I forget about the whole crazy night.

Selma says it happens when people come up from behind her because her hair is shorter in the back and she struts around a little like Napoleon. Since it has begun to happen she does wear more high heels now, but apparently that still doesn't stop the taps on the shoulders.

Well if one of those people is an old, wealthy investment banker, she will dress up like Tom Cruise if that is what they want. Seems as if Selma is done with the hippie and hippie offspring thing and instead wants to find some retired investment banker, preferably from Europe, and obviously with a strong Tom Cruise fetish to fill.

Mo'Nique A Coke Dealer?

Mo'nique is being accused of being a regular user of marijuana and cocaine, as well as dealing cocaine and evading her taxes. The accusations are made by an ex-boyfriend and detailed in this week's National Enquirer. That is what I love about the Enquirer. No matter the list you are on whether it be A-D, if they find something good, they are all over it.

I actually think this story is more interesting than whether Heath Ledger used cocaine at a party two years ago. Who gives a crap whether he did or not. It was two years ago, after he got crushed at the SAGs, and he was having some alone time for the first time in 3 months.

So back to Mo'nique. Her ex-boyfriend is Marvin Dawson who she broke up with way back in 2003. She broke up with him because of his criminal record that included theft, gun and drug possession charges. Why? Because she didn't know, or because he was ruining her little party?

Dawson says Mo'nique is a big hypocrite and that she is guilty of far more serious crimes than he ever was. "Mo'nique threatened my life. She said if I ever told anyone about her lifestyle, she'd hire someone to kill me."

Dawson claims he is planning to write a book about his life with the star.

Mo'nique's lawyer had this to say about the accusations. "Marvin Dawson has no credibility - he's a nut. If she was dealing in kilos of cocaine, the DEA (drugs enforcement agency) should have her on their suspects list. See if they have anything on her. That's dumb."

No one said she was dealing kilos of cocaine. Does her attorney know something we don't? It didn't sound to me like Mo'nique was buying kilos, and then selling them to people on the street. I got the feeling from reading it that she has a really good connection and that she sells to her friends, and to people she runs into , and maybe isn't as careful about her record keeping on these transactions as she should be. Somehow I can't imagine Mo'nique meeting some guy and buying a couple kilos at a time. But, I can see her buying enough to make a few thousand every week.


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